Friday, 7 October 2016

Team meeting

We apologize to our readers but this week there will be no post.

Reason for this is that team met again just like we did a year ago.

This year we didn’t go to Praia da Luz, as the 40 to 45 minutes we spent there last year were more than enough to fully understand the terrain related to the Maddie case.

We chose this year just to spend time together.

Next week, we hope to address the news about the ghoul tours and about the fact that Mr Amaral is about to publish his second book. Both quite interesting.

And about the case, the first deadline set by the Daily Mail for Operation Grange to have closed, Oct 5, has passed and, as far as we know, it continues. Just like the Home Office and Whitehall said it would.



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    Maddie ‘ghouls tour’ causes outrage
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    Controversy has exploded over free customised ‘ghouls tours’ being offered by a British expat, incorporating key locations in Praia da Luz that are linked to the Madeleine McCann case.
    According to the unidentified individual’s blog, three tours have already been carried out since March this year and a fourth is in the planning, with options for wet and dry weather.
    Locations that can be visited on the tailored tours include Ocean Club apartment 5A, from where Madeleine McCann vanished on the night of her disappearance, the Tapas restaurant area, the spots of reported sightings of children being carried, Luz beachfront, the Bravura dam, and the scrubland where Operation Grange police digs took place in 2014.
    Tour number four will, according to the blog, “start from a smallish, well kept Portuguese home in the centre of Burgau” with the possibility of visiting “one of the local hostelries.”
    A report in The Mirror published this past weekend broke news of the tours and claimed the “gruesome” visits are organised by a “British grandfather in his 60s” with an “obsession with Madeleine McCann.”
    According to the tabloid, the parents of missing Madeleine, Kate and Gerry McCann, are said to be “distressed” at the free tour.
    News of the tours has been received with a barrage of criticism and a backlash against the “appalling” idea.
    According to The Mirror, an expat who lives in the area told them: “This is in appalling taste. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.
    “This is totally uncalled for. A little girl going missing should not be made into a game or a challenge.”
    In comments to the tabloid, another of the Mirror’s sources described the anonymous guide as being “hung up” on the case; “The guide is obsessed with Maddie. He’s written thousands of words about the case and pored over maps, photographs and police transcripts”, they elaborated.
    Speaking to The Portugal News, David Thomas, founder of crime prevention and awareness association, Safe Communities Portugal, commented: “Unfortunately for some people the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has become an uncontrollable addiction (...) Of all the twists and turns in this case, this is undoubtedly the most sickening and the ultimate in bad taste.
    “Whoever the person is should reflect on how distasteful his actions are, and the lack of respect to the family, friends as well as the community in Praia da Luz. I am not surprised that he acts under a cloak of anonymity - at least at present!”
    In response, writing on his blog, the organiser has dismissed The Mirror’s piece, deeming it “sloppy” and “pathetically cheap journalism.”
    Regarding an “obsession with the case” and choice to remain anonymous, in the recent blog post the unnamed guide states “anyone can read my blog and make up their own mind as to whether I am putting myself before Madeleine or whether Madeleine is the priority. Those who know me well will also know that I publish on one of the more popular forums devoted to finding out what happened to her. Between my blog and that forum, a considerable amount of progress has been made. That progress would increase if these findings were read by the McCanns, serious UK media reporters, and Operation Grange.”
    Madeleine McCann went missing from the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, Lagos, on 3 May, 2007, shortly before her fourth birthday.

    1. Evaluate the UKforum's so-called "devotion to finding out what happened to MMC" in the light of facts and you'll have an idea of what the so-called ghouls tours really are. Absolutely innocuous !

    2. AnneGuedes,

      On the contrary, we find that the so called ghoul tours are really quite important. Hope to show that tomorrow.


    Ben Thompson
    3 mins

    We now have evidence of the McCanns' appeal being looked at by a judge from the Supreme Court in Lisbon. Debbie Bennett posted the following link earlier from the court, which shows the date considerations began. I am told deliberations could take 6 weeks, at which point a further two judges will go over the case, and all three will make a decision.…/civel.pdf

    Some of you may be surprised that an appeal was granted, and take that as a bad sign. The legal system in Portugal is different to ours in many ways; the appeal system is one of those areas that is a lot different, as explained in the following post from my friend at HDH:

    "The Supreme Court of Justice can only reject appeals in precise circumstances. Namely, in some occasions where the principle of “Double Concur” takes place. In simple terms, let’s imagine that the first instance court and the Relação Court had the same legal decision. Then an appeal could, in theory, be rejected. Such is not the case here. We have two decisions that are diverse. First Instance for the McCanns, Relação for GA.

    Then an appeal can be rejected if a mistake is there, I doubt that a good lawyer like ID will make any mistakes or misjudge the possibility for an appeal.

    Then we have cases where the STJ may refuse appeals since these are not within the scope of its competence, which is not the case here.

    The Appeals Court may confirm the decision of the lower instance court, it may alter that decision or send the case for a new trial (this last option being only in rare and very specific circumstances.

    Since only in very rare cases can the STJ (Supreme Court of Justice) introduce new evidence, the evidence given as proved / not proved in the first instance court is the one that prevails."

    1. To clarify, this just means things are moving forward as expected they would be with the McCann appeal.


    Link doesn't appear to work..,.can you provide another?

    1. Anonymous 10 Oct 2016, 20:53:00,

      It's a table listing the distribution of processes done in that court on Oct 4. A normal procedure as far as we have been able to gather.

      It's an 80 page document. Coincidence would have it, the McCann appeal is the first one listed.

      The only relevant information is that we get to know the process entered that court on Sept 12. And that on Oct 4, the date of document, it was distributed to a judge for analysis.

      This link works for me


    by TVI journalist ANA LEAL
    (one of the best investigative journalists in Portugal, if not in the world, I dare say!)

    Portuguese mothers, living in the UK, experiencing the full might of the british social services.
    Worth watching, reflecting and compare with the action (or lack of it) the UK S. Services regarding the McCanns.


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