Friday, 5 August 2016

Summer Break Update

It’s been a very busy few weeks for all of us here, but we have been keeping abreast with developments, both McCann and non-McCann and made a few notes on recent events.
We try to maintain the non-political nature of the blog, appreciating that people who strive for justice in this case cover the political spectrum and we don’t wish political arguments and debate to distract from our purpose. That’s not to say we haven’t had any debate or differences of opinion between ourselves regarding Brexit. We have discussed it in great detail and the one thing we do agree on is our great concern for the upsurge in racism and xenophobia which appears to be linked to the Brexit debate and its outcome. The legislation proposed by the British government’s hate crime action plan is to be welcomed.
The McCann case has been a case in point; the UK media and certain twitter users, Mr Twitter in particular, using every opportunity to insult Portugal, the PJ and the ordinary residents of Praia da Luz.
We don’t hate anybody connected with this case, including the McCann team but we certainly hate the injustices that have arisen from it, including the ongoing case against Mr Amaral.
We have seen one reference on twitter on July 16th, saying the appeal by the McCanns has been accepted, as we said it would be, and that Mr Amaral’s team has responded. Unfortunately, no confirmation or denial has been forthcoming from the PJGA blog or twitter. On balance, we decided it was probably accurate, given the timescale we have stated on our The “Friend” and the Appeal” post. As the Portuguese Judicial holiday started on July 15th, we don’t expect to hear the outcome this autumn.  As we said, more likely to be around December, given the usual delays in the system.
We also followed the Clement Freud story. We don’t believe his hospitality towards the McCanns in Praia da Luz was connected to any paedophile activity and Madeleine’s disappearance. Freud is accused by 3 women who were assaulted and raped by him as children below the age of consent; the youngest child assaulted reported as being 10 at the time.
However, we noted that out of the three alleged victims the one who really called attention onto herself, the 3rd victim coming forward, was at the time a 17 yr old girl who just happened to have a convenient nightgown to wear when alone with a 49 yr old man in his house.
Appalling as his activities were, there is no evidence to date of any interest in very young children. There’s absolutely no evidence that he was a nepiophile.
However, Freud had very powerful contacts, as can be seen from the attendance of politicians of all parties at his funeral in 2009.
Whether he used those contacts to help the McCanns seems likely, given that his son Matthew was married to the daughter of Rupert Murdoch at the time.  It was Murdoch’s  favourite, Rebekah Brooks who supposedly “persuaded” the PM, David Cameron to open the inquiry named Operation Grange Matthew  Freud subsequently employed the McCann’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, with his PR company.
The e-mails between Freud and the McCanns will now be investigated, but not by Operation Grange. Operation Hydrant, the investigation into historic child abuse by high profile people, including deceased politicians, will deal with this matter and will be headed by the Chief Constable of Norfolk.
But we would like to propose that our readers think for a minute about  the implications of the e-mail exchange between Freud and the McCanns REALLY being investigated. What sort of information would this exchange contain, if it happened?
Would it be about handing a 4 yr old to the hands of a nepiophile? We think it very unlikely.
Or would it be about the real goings on of the cover-up taking place? Suggestions, doubts, advice and orders about what had been done, what was being done and about what to do? With names and places?
Wouldn’t that be a find by Operation Hydrant that would interest Operation Grange very much? We think it would be and we think it will be on the day whoever is deciding finally decides to finally make Grange a real police operation instead of the ridiculous farce it has been to date. 

And yes, we do think there were e-mails between the McCanns and Freud.
After their association with Freud and the now reviled Sir Phillip Green, raider of BHS pension funds, it seems likely that the McCanns will no longer be the popular sofa-sitting television guests.
There are indications that the McCanns, or more specifically Kate, wish all of this to come to an end. On February 15th, we had the headline “Kate McCann believes missing daughter Madeleine ‘is not a million miles away from Algarve’” and that Praia da Luz is the place where she felt closest to her. Her research into similar cases had led her to believe abducted children are not usually taken far from the scene.
It’s taken her 9 years to research the subject? No further trips to Morocco required?  HTFM teams in various countries disbanded?
No age-progressed photograph or renewed appeals to people in the area to look out for her. No Crimewatch appeal ever shown in Portugal. No search activities in the Algarve paid for by the fund.
She goes on “I want an end, an answer. Whatever that is.”
Was Kate’s nightmare vision of Madeleine “lying cold and mottled, on a big stone slab” a tortured mind or something closer to reality? 
According to Hogan-Howe in the following month, Operation Grange had only one more line of inquiry to follow and expected to wind up in the next few months - unless the “source close to the family” (no, not Clarence… or if Clarence then continuing under the orders of that “friend of the family”) is correct in saying the McCanns have appealed to the new PM, Theresa May and she, in turn, responds to their appeal to extend Operation Grange beyond the expected few months timescale. When SY do eventually reach the end, there is no decision yet as to whether their results will be made public, according to a FOI response we have seen recently.
Hogan Howe, interviewed by LBC radio in April 2016, made this oddly worded statement in response to a caller. …. there’s been a lot of investigation time spent on this, it’s a terrible case isn’t it, of a child who went missing and everybody wants to know if she’s alive or if she is, where is she, and if sadly she is dead then we need to give some comfort to the family…”
He really doesn’t have a way with words, does he? He never once mentions Madeleine by name during the interview!
 We are of the opinion that the final line of inquiry mentioned in this interview is likely to be the outcome of the 6th rogatory letter,  which SY were said to have “expressed their desire to make a new letter rogatory (the sixth) requesting the re-analysis of the samples that had been collected from the apartment….  namely hair samples and the fabric belonging to a curtain”  in October 2014.
On November 4th, the 6th request had not yet been submitted, according to Jornal de Noticias.
This request was to re-test the curtains of the living room of apartment 5A, not the bedroom curtains as reported by the media. As the bedroom curtains were never tested in the first place, it stands to reason they cannot be re-tested.
The 5th rogatory related to potential suspects. Interviews have taken place, no arrests have been made and the “imminent arrest” of the car driver, rumoured in mid-July, hasn’t happened to our knowledge.
Supposing we are correct about the final line of inquiry and  also supposing that independent tests did prove the curtains had traces of Madeleine’s blood,  would that be all that was needed to bring a case against the McCanns? It would certainly indicate that the CSI dog Keela was accurate in her alert. The McCanns seem to have covered themselves on this one by Gerry’s PJ statement that M did have nosebleeds and Kate’s book, where she also says this was a possibility. However, it would add one more reason to doubt them, as children of Maddie’s age are usually very anxious about nosebleeds and would draw it to their parents’ attention. Not to be certain if she had a nosebleed in 5A is highly implausible, in our opinion.
And there would be Eddie’s markings, signalling the exact same locations where Maddie’s blood was found. Maddie missing plus Maddie’s blood plus cadaver scent is not a very complex mathematical equation to be solved very safely on this side of reasonable doubt.
The hairs from the Renault Scenic would be more likely to provide damning evidence - if they could be proved to be Maddie’s and showed post-mortem banding - a subject Paulo Rebelo was interested in. 4 hairs were preserved and sent to the Portuguese laboratory. Whether these hairs have ever been or will be re-tested, we have no idea.

We will now return to our holiday break, unless we hear of any important developments, so please excuse any delayed publication of or response to your comments.


  1. Hi Textusa,Operation Grange,DCI Andy Redwood last inquiry of Three Paedophile Burglars, before, Inick erm before they know ther're Nicked, DCI Nichola Wall, now DCS Mick Duthie in charge?
    In 2008,the Metropolitan Police Service alongside Interpol,investigated the possibility of a Paedophile ring having Abducted Madeleine McCann from apartment 5a Ocean Club 3 May 2007?
    I suppose they could not clarify as to Whether there was proof to either (Confirm or Deny) cop out answer, Police speak answer to the question,Non- answer in 2008?
    Yet Six years later, the new "Revelation" ticking clock 50 minutes abduction thesis by at least Three person's,noted not Tourists are the now Main suspects?
    Operation Grange Remit-Abduction?

  2. Textusa I wonder why Kate was allowed to mention their relationship with Freud in her book. Both of them heading straight to his villa after they were made suspects in their daughters disappearance is a huge red flag that he was involved pulling strings to assist them. Even people who read her book in good faith believing in her innocent would have translated that as them hoping he apply influence for them. She meant people to interpret it that way. The thing about the mccanns particularly Gerry his ego is such that he believed his own spin that charming intellegent and witty and because of this he could come out with statements that from other less charming and witty people would have been met with horror. An example of that would have been his remark to Sandra F when discussing the scent of death in a case where his baby daughter was missing " ask the dogs Sandra". I'm rambling a bit but what I'm trying to say is that Kate quotes a similar quote from Freud " what are they going to do put the dogs on the stand, one bark for yes..........". People found such a quote as equally horrendous as the as the ask the dogs quote and yet Freud and all his powerful connections appear not to have any power to stop her disclosing the fact that he assisted them against the Portuguese police and made such a discussing comment about their evidence.

  3. Has somebody been reading here I wonder?
    No more forensic work on Madeleine McCann case say British police
    6 Aug 2016n Updated 20:53
    By Nick Dorman

  4. I doubt the "source" is Martin-"I could have killed them all"-Brunt as he made a complete spectacle of himself when he walked into a church with a welcome sign and then walked out, uttering those immortal words in reference to the church not having a security guard to protect against a terrorist attack.
    He has since become the subject if mocking tweets and a spoof video.
    His credibility is completely shot

  5. Martin Brunt looks like a deeply troubled man to me, if only he'd listened to his own gut instinct perhaps much despair could have been avoided.


  7. This happened 3 months ago and we're only hearing about it now?! I noticed that all of the tabloids copied the same article, almost word for word. All of them quote 'a source' which means it's not an official announcement. One wonders if this 'source' was one of the 4 person team under DCI Wall's mandate - or someone else (working part time for the McCanns) spouting nonsense.


    Posted by portugalpress on August 08, 2016
    Met Police’s €14 million Maddie inquiry has “no plans for any further forensic work”

    Nine years since three-year-old Madeleine McCann went missing from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, a UK tabloid has revealed that Metropolitan Police have completed their final forensic work, and it did not take them forwards.

    “There are no plans for any further forensic work to take place,” reported the Mirror newspaper over the weekend - bizarrely weeks after the Resident heard from a reputable source in UK that an arrest was “imminent”.

    The source working with tabloids like the Mirror and Sun claimed that Grange was “desperate” and “has decided that a botched burglary is what happened” even though there has not been one scrap of forensic evidence to back this.

    Bearing in mind the description ‘botched’, critics’ contention has always been that the perpetrators of this burglary would have left some kind of trace evidence in their wake.

    But since the last contact to this office by our UK source, there has been absolutely no word about the case - not even any stories about potential Madeleine sightings around the world, which usually come during the summer season.

    Now, the Mirror’s story - picked up by other tabloids in the UK - suggests once again that the £12 million police probe launched in 2011 will be “scrapped” in the autumn, due to the fact that it has cost so much and resulted in so little.

    The announcement is described as a “new blow” to Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry who lost the latest round in their long-running court battle with former Portuguese detective Gonçalo Amaral in April and are understood to be pursuing the issue still in the Supreme Court.

    Amaral meantime has been busily writing a second book on the mystery (click here), and has told us that he is quietly confident that the civil battle will get to a point where the liens on his assets and property are finally removed.

    Through his court battle with the McCanns, Amaral has maintained that the intention behind it was to asphyxiate him both financially and as a human being.

    Indeed, without the help of a number of public appeals, the former PJ coordinator would not have been able to afford the legal help he has had so far.

    1. "The source working with tabloids like the Mirror and Sun claimed that Grange was “desperate” and “has decided that a botched burglary is what happened” even though there has not been one scrap of forensic evidence to back this."

      If "the source" (?) is correct, can't wait to hear the "botched burglary official story".

      If this be the case, we're really looking forward to read all the details and know all the names...

  9. When was Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe's name first introduced into the search campaign? What day during the first week, does anyone remember?

  10. I' m more intrigued by the line " bizarrely weeks after the Resident heard from a reputable source in UK that an arrest was “imminent”.

  11. It seems as though the Metropolitan Police's finest may have been Un-able to find any Criminals Involved with "Any Crimes"that have been committed in the still missing Madeleine McCann case,but any "Reference to Dogs" and what they may have determined to what may have happened is a load of tosh, to be ignored significantly?
    PS to the Metropolitan Police Service,"do you wish to have sardines for lunch to improve your neural functions"?

  12. At the end of all this, whatever it may be, I seriously and sincerely hope we can all find some peace.

    Sir Bernard should put his thinking cap on, or hire someone who can.

  13. Thought you might like to read what this Tweeter writes"

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  14. LoveTextusaBlog
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    1. Interesting to see the rather wet-biscuit interview with Kate McCann embedded in the article. She looks jaded (almost disgusted) from keeping up with her lies. Her 'tone' and voice sound odd, to say the least.

    2. If Mitchell is 'saddened' then who issued the press release? Gerry, perhaps? Or is it a well thought out (!) combined effort to get more money from the Government before the shutters (forgive the pun) come down? The timing is interesting: OG want to wind up the 'search'. G&K low on funds and Amaral case due in the Autumn.

  16. I'm guessing it's initiated from Mitchell trying to distance himself..

  17. Ever get the feeling everyone wants it over but no-one knows quite how to end it?

  18. Ahhhhhhh how disappointing I thought the summer break was over. Kids back to school, me back to work and some sort of normality back into our lives. Just settling down with my glass of wine to see what the sisters made of all the shenanigans over the summer. Hurry up back

  19. It was pointed out by a Twitter user that BHH says "sadly" instead of "suddenly" in the quote we have used in this post.

    We have now corrected the post.

    The paragraph "Hogan Howe, interviewed by LBC radio in April 2016, made this oddly worded statement in response to a caller. “ …. there’s been a lot of investigation time spent on this, it’s a terrible case isn’t it, of a child who went missing and everybody wants to know if she’s alive or if she is, where is she, and if suddenly (why suddenly?)she is dead then we need to give some comfort to the family…”" now reads: "Hogan Howe, interviewed by LBC radio in April 2016, made this oddly worded statement in response to a caller. “ …. there’s been a lot of investigation time spent on this, it’s a terrible case isn’t it, of a child who went missing and everybody wants to know if she’s alive or if she is, where is she, and if sadly she is dead then we need to give some comfort to the family…”"

    Our apologies to our readers.

  20. Hogan-Howe was very helpful during the first few days of the phenomenon back in 2007.


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