Sunday, 14 February 2016

Double standards

Yes, we said we were on the half-term break. We also said we would only return next Friday. But about that we also said “we, will be back next week if there aren’t any surprises”.

The surprise was an email within the translated Chapter 13 of the book “La Cortina de Humo” by Julian Peribanez and Antonio Tamarit that the CMOMM Forum published this last Friday, February 12.

We won’t comment about the content of something that makes Brian Kennedy look like a naïve tycoon and that concurs with the McCann innocence.

But there was a pearl to be found in this chapter. The mail from Edward Smethurst to Julian Perinabez, supposedly written in December 2013 or little after:

“Dear Julián,

I’ve just finished in a telephone conference with our advisors. As you are probably aware, the Metropolitan Police is currently responsible for the investigation. Therefore, the Trust (the Madeleine Fund) has decided neither to meet with you, nor to discuss the investigation with any private investigators whilst the MET (Metropolitan Police) are carrying out their investigation. We will therefore not be able to meet with you.

However, if you have any information which may assist the Trust (the Madeleine Fund) or the investigation, please feel free to send it to us by email and we would welcome this.”

So, if true, according to this mail, the Fund would not speak to a private investigator because a legitimate police, the Metropolitan Police was “currently responsible for the investigation”.

In fact, because of that they wouldn’t speak to any private investigator.

We do think that was the proper and correct thing to do.

However, it seems that in 2007 when a legitimate police was currently responsible for the investigation, the Polícia Judiciária (PJ), they had no problem in speaking to, even hiring, Metodo 3.

And according to the chapter, it was tycoon Brian Kennedy who hired them.

Same tycoon who was, together with another 2, Stephen Winyard and Richard Branson, according to press reports, responsible for the “independent” forensic testing done to the Scenic, in the property of John Geraghty by alleged scientists, a privately funded criminal investigation venture that sidelined who was then responsible for the investigation, the PJ, as we showed in our “A triumph of tycoons” post.

Why wasn’t the 2013 standard to rightfully respect the legitimate authorities applied in 2007?


  1. Indeed! Huge double-standards and lies. Not to mention an in-built UK arrogance. Well spotted, again, Textusa.

  2. Obviously because these people pick and choose when it suits them to rightfully respect the legitimate authorities

  3. So Edward Smethurst has been in touch with Mr Julian Perembez who was willing to disclose information of person's defrauding a fund and Mr Smethusrt failed to alert the Police of the fraudsters who supposedly obtained money by deception of£500,000.00 that had been donated by honest innocent public forwarded to the"Find Madeleine Fund"!
    It is just like Mr Goncalo Amaral had concluded, the fund was set up in the UK and the UK Police Service have "Responsibility" for monitoring the probaty of this directive?

  4. Why does Mr Smethurst call the Madeleine Fund a Trust? It's never been a Trust, it's a Private Limited Company.

    From the Find Madeleine website:

    "Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, 10 Queen Street Place, London, EC4R 1BE."

    And also:

    "There are six directors of the Fund. They are:

    Brian Kennedy - Retired head teacher;
    Edward Smethurst - A Commercial lawyer;
    Jon Corner – Director of a media company;
    Michael Linett - Retired accountant
    Kate McCann - General Practitioner
    Gerry McCann - Consultant Cardiologist"

    As one of the directors of the Fund, Mr Smethurst would know it's not a Trust.

    So that's very strange.



    From the the Sun's FB page:
    The Sun
    Here's your first look at tomorrow's front page...

    Kate McCann: Maddie is still somewhere in the Algarve
    1 hour ago · Public · in Timeline Photos
    View Full Size · Send as message · Report"

    What the... ???

    1. That's unbelievable! After all the trips to Morocco, accusing the PJ of not sealing the borders..!!!
      And why Kate, not The McCanns believe?

    2. If anyone normal believed they knew the vicinity of their missing child, they would be scouring every nook and cranny,knocking on doors...
      What has brought about this entire change?
      Why was HTFM set up with representatives in Greece, France?
      If anything makes fence-sitters doubt the McCanns, this headline should be it!

  6. "However, if you have any information which may assist the Trust (the Madeleine Fund) or the investigation, please feel free to send it to us by email and we would welcome this."

    "Send it to US"?! US?! NOT to the police force "responsible for the investigation"?!...

  7. Maybe we should have a sweepstake for the reasons for that headline! An excuse for K to be going back to Portugal as required by PJ, or the start of K allowing death to be a possibility if M never left the Algarve but has never been seen.
    If K does have to go back to be interviewed would G then be required to go another time so the twins are not left without both parents, or K is going to take the blame? If both went at the same time without this preamble it would be obvious they were called to go back to be interviewed, this way it would look like K has chosen to go. It’s intended to show K as a pilgrim not an arguido?

  8. Parents of blonde, teenage girls, living in the PdL area should take care. Next thing will be M sightings and DNA tests to establish whether they are M!

    This is not in newspaper edition, only online.
    Near is a telling word.
    She says she wants an end to this in this Guardian article.
    Would you use those words if you thought she was alive in PDL area?
    No! You would say we have real hope that she will be found if she's still in the area.

    1. Anonymous 15 Feb 2016, 14:02:00

      Thank you.

      "I want an end, an answer. Whatever that it is.”

      Very interesting choice of words indeed.

      Also not to be disregarded the use of "I" instead of "we".

  10. Kate McCann on the "Daily Telegraph" today too - a Conservative broadsheet(...)

    We have to bear in mind media guru Clarence Mitchell is a close associate of Conservative PM David Cameron (...)

    Anyway, the Telegraph says basically the same: "She believes her daughter Madeleine is still in the Algarve because her kidnapper did not take her "a million miles" from their holiday apartment."

    What does this (may) mean?

    It could mean, the McCann's' Reputation Management Department may be expecting a decision from the appeal court in Portugal (Isabel Duarte thinks) and hoping the Portuguese media will (naively) pick this up - and help spread the news (...)

    The judges then (hopefully) may be led to think: "Poor mother! Still missing her lovely blonde child! If only our stupid police had done their job properly... stupid Amaral!"

    There you have it! Madeleine is alive and well (or dead and buried) in the Algarve. Kate ought to know!

  11. Near Luz?
    So she was right under SY's nose when they were there on their hands and knees and they missed her??
    Was she there watching them looking for her?

  12. I feel sorry for those who invested in this Child Rescue Alerts and also for the people who developed this thing.
    Having Kate publicise it will ruin it for the market. It's a dud.
    Would like to tell Kate that if it's true there wasn't a something like a Child Rescue Alerts in 2007, she had a much better system in place: the media from the whole world from day 1, so please shut up.

  13. There's no explanation as to why she now thinks M is in Algarve.
    So all those people working for HTFM in different countries are wasting time and money?


    Nation stops pretending McCanns didn’t kill their daughter
    Gareth ArnoultFebruary 15, 2016

    26,822 people like this. Be the first of your friends.

    Kate and Gerry McCann, of losing-their-daughter fame, have finally fallen out of public favour with the nation coyly confessing they think the couple are responsible for the death of the child by extreme negligence.

    Amateur forensics experts and tea drinkers have slowly come to the damning conclusion after years of intense thumbing of news clippings glossing over the story. People everywhere have called for Kate and Gerry to be prosecuted under Portuguese courts for negligence.

    The famously litigation-happy couple have previously brushed off accusations in the past with intense legal threats and polite cease and desists.

    Mums everywhere have said: “If you leave your children in a hotel room for a few hours and one of them goes ‘missing’, surely that is still your fault?”

    The McCanns could not be reached for comment (especially Maddie).

    1. Anonymous 15 Feb 2016, 18:34:00,

      As all readers of our blog know, we disagree about the negligence but accept that it is what the majority of the general public perceives was what happened.

      We find last sentence distasteful.

      Agree fully that the nation has stopped pretending. But not because of today's articles. We would says as of... 2007.

  15. I think we can all be assured the MCcann's are prempting something?? Getting the "first word in"!! Perhaps an Archival? I expect something is in the "pipeline",via THE MET,and so on,and so on!!


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