Friday, 9 October 2015


After 5 years of exchanging mails, the Textusa sisters have finally decided to meet.

Yes, it finally happened!

We decided it was more than enough time to be just letters on a screen to one another and that the time to get to know each other personally had come.

That’s what happened this week.

We met somewhere in the Algarve, the region we thought would be best for the sisters to meet for the first time.

That way we would all be visitors, no one burdened with hosting. We all had to travel by sea, air or land.

This is the reason why this week’s post will be just this.

The experience was just too overwhelming for us to keep to our routines.

The first day was for us three to overuse our grins. There still has to be invented something more delicious, magical or wonderful than a genuine giggle between friends.

We all regretted it having happened only now.

The second day was sisters’ day out.

We travelled to Praia da Luz and Sagres but about that we will speak in more detail in future posts.

We had a wonderful lunch in Lagos. Of the three sisters, one hadn’t eaten sardines yet.

She is proud to say she’s now a full-fledged sardine-muncher. 

She’s now as disgusting and repulsive as the rest of us and found this typical Portuguese fish so delicious that she wishes to repeat the degrading experience over and over again as many times as possible.

We do have to meet again soon because we forgot that we should have had a bottle of wine each for the meal. Or was it whisky? Best bet is to have both. Take no chances.

“Vamos fazer um brinde?” 



  1. Congratulations to the Team by the happy Friendship!

  2. Wow. There's some toothy grins right there. It's like the female version of the Osmonds. The one on the right has already necked her champagne.

    I'm trying to imagine the top of your heads; the eyes, the window of the soul, but I just keep seeing sunglasses (hopefully not purchased at the beach on a rainy day).

    Well I must say you did the right thing by going to that area of the Algarve as a threesome, sort of safety in numbers, seeing as how lawless the place is, burglars, paedos, bogus charity collectors. Hope you stayed safe and avoided the 38 drunken UK coppers. (pizza-gobblers).

  3. Happy times Textusa.
    Friendship and love, soo important.
    Enjoyed the underlying stab at the British Media as seen by title of your post and various references within the blog!
    Oh how, in just a few simple words, you convey your message so succinctly.

  4. I am confused ! the lady in the picture with plate of luscious-looking food does not seem to be in the photo lower down. So, I am seeing 4 different ladies.. or maybe I am wrong.
    Glad you have managed to meet up and thanks again for wonderful work you produce

  5. After reading comments we think we should say we have taken some liberties with the pictures as we are rather less glamorous! Lol

    We picked random photos from the internet, and censored the faces as we have no right to expose individuals completely out of context of what the pictures were published originally for.

    1. Did you have their permission to use the photos?
      I would imagine that anyone who knows them would still be able to identify them, especially as presumably the original photo is still out there.

    2. Anonymous 9 Oct 2015, 11:55:00,

      We consider that anything that is published publicly on the internet (that includes our work) is public and can be used publicly.

      If there is a commercial interest in conflict, then it's up to the hindered party to contact us and we'll shall act accordingly.

    3. How dare you take time out to do a Tapas night out,only hope you did not neglect any childrens welfare?
      Keep up the good work and hopefully one day we will have the Truth!

    4. Anonymous 9 Oct 2015, 12:49:00,

      None of us have left our children unattended. It's not a custom where any of us live.

      Nor was it customary for the McCanns and their friends. It was an invention to allow for the possibility of abduction.

      Without it, how could an abductor be blamed?

      The Narrative of Neglect has been successfully implanted into the consciousness of many - both sceptics and supporters. Like a folk myth, it has been repeated by word of mouth and in written versions.

      The word is almost synonymous with McCann.

      Never take a myth at face value.


      I have never believed the myth that the mccanns left their children while the went out drinkinking. As you say textusa. It was created to allow for the abduction. However the fact that the like of the BBC who did believe it yet went on to hail them as the second coming just defys believe and shows the level of protection these 2 nobody's were afforded. Just look at how the BBC treat people who they feel are negligent

  6. Comment received which we have censored:

    "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sardine-munching":

    What? It's not you? Damn it!!!

    And there I was, about to send off dinner invitations to all three, especially the one in the middle wearing the 1970s-wallpaper dress.

    I wonder if these girls are (censored)? (censored)?

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 9 Oct 2015, 13:32:00"

    Reason for censoring: It's no one's business who these women are and what they do.

    In the posts they only represent smiling women. That's why we censored their faces.

    To find out who they are, one has to go significantly and intentionally out of one's way and try to guess what keywords we used to find these random pictures.

    The first picture illustrates a smiling woman eating sardines. Common with the Textusa sisters is the smile and the sardines.

    The second pictures illustrates 3 women having a toast. Common with the Textusa sisters are only the smiles. Our first toast was in a nice balcony overlooking one really fantastic view and it involved 2 gin and tonics and one beer. Draft. Super-bock.

    1. Textusa - Dear Lord there are some eejits about who will find any excuse to nitpick. Looking forward to your future posts now that you have been to PDL. Glad you enjoyed your break

  7. It's so lovely to hear you have all finally met. Go team Textusa, go! xx

  8. I can imagine how exciting it is to meet up face to face.
    I can't imagine what it was like to actually be in PDL with all that you know.
    Have an amazing connected, expansive, formative break.

  9. Textusa Sisters Have a good time

  10. Does anyone know what's happened to Go Fund Me Amaral page. Seems to have been whooshed?

  11. Not at all:

  12. In today's Sunday Times mag there was an article by David Walsh, the Sunday Times journalist who cracked open the scandal about Lance Armstrong (He spent 13 years pursuing the story). Anyway, in the article David refers to how Lance gave him the name of 'the little fxxxxxx troll' and David was known affectionately by his friend as 'the troll' thereafter. As we know, the truth emerged about Lance eventually.

    Certain key words made me think of this case.. how great it would be there was a 'Sunday Times journalist hellbent on cracking open this case...but no, its too close to home

    1. It's unlikely any journalist/ editor would publish a story implying or alleging the McCanns involvement in the disappearance of M, given there are 2 ongoing investigations by SY and Portugal.

    2. Any sensible journalist would stay under the radar at this juncture and say nothing.

  13. Have a great time, Sisters! Pity about the weather though...
    On the sardines matter, well, I'm afraid I am a "portuguesa desnaturada", because I just cannot stand the sight and smell of the poor creatures! Sorry...

  14. : ) And while you have been holy-daying, the boycott of Gonçalo Amaral Defence Fund goes on both by Google Inc. and GoFundMe.

    I have just sent the following message to GoFundMe:

    "Could you kindly explain why this account can no longer be found through an internal search in your website even assuming the same is "live"?

    If at all possible, can you kindly explain why Google has omitted it as well? Anything to do with "tags". Any idea?

    Have you been threatened with legal action by the McCanns' global reputation management team? On which grounds?

    That is about it for now. Full kudos to Microsoft for not (so far) giving in to the McCanns' demands. Gonçalo Amaral page can still be found through their search engine Bing...

    All for now. Thank you for your time and attention."

    Those wishing to contact GoFundMe can do so through the following link:

  15. I am pleased that you have met each other and also that you chose the Algarve.

    I can imagine your smiles.

    It must have been an incredible meeting!

    Enjoy x.

  16. Instead of continuous game playing, it would be nice and grown-up if the movers and shakers would take a second and consider S and A's feelings in this protracted mess.

    They are no less important than Madeleine, please take note!

  17. Indeed and I have no doubt that when SY make their move they will have greater consideration to the welfare of these 2 children than either the Mother and Father or any of the Tapas bunch had. The legacy that these 2 and their friends have left all these children with defies belief. Was your name reputations and future aspirations worth it?

    1. Sorry. We agree to disagree.

      Scotland Yard's move was dictated by David Cameron - UKGB prime-minister - after Rebekha Brooks published the Macs' appeal in The Sun newspaper.

      Rebekha Brooks, Murdoch's right-hand (sort of) is married with Charlie Brooks - David Cameron's chum since their Eton days.

      Clarence Mitchell - the McCanns spokesperson is a member of the Conservative Party (...)

      Scotland Yard's "blockbuster productions" in Portugal - with the apparent subservience of the Portuguese authorities bound by EU protocols - is nothing but a reputation management operation on behalf of the McCanns'. Their ultimate goal to frame a patsy.


    2. How does any of that prove that if arrests are to be made that consideration won't be given to protect 2 children?

    3. The proof of the pudding is in the eating ...

    4. Now your just quoting sayings "pigs might fly" but it doesn't address the point I made that if or when Scotland Yard makes their move consideration will be given to the welfare of those 2 children. Infact since this whole carry on started 8 years ago social services will have continually sought assurrance of those childrens welfare. Thats why Textusa is right that YM arriving on the scene to play detective is a load of nonsense. I have enough experience of social services to know that their priority would have been for the safety and well being of those children regardless of whether the parents were wrongly accussed or mass murders

  18. Unpublished Anonymous to Textusa at 13 Oct 2015, 11:13:00,

    Thank you for your comment.

    We are obviously aware and following what you mention but don't want to pour petrol on the flames and we would strongly recommend others do the same.

    We will see how it develops.

  19. ": ) And while you have been holy-daying, the boycott of Gonçalo Amaral Defence Fund goes on both by Google Inc. and GoFundMe."

    It may well turn out (no allegations made) that it was the PJGA who overlooked the following.

    "Users are required to display their authentic identities when using GoFundMe.

    This helps ensure that donors understand who is collecting the money. GoFundMe helps communicate account authenticity while protecting users’ personal contact information by leveraging Facebook.

    Each GoFundMe user may connect a single Facebook account to their online donation page. In doing so, the user’s name, photo and number of friends is displayed. However, the link to a user’s Facebook profile remains private.

    GoFundMe accounts that fail to meet the above requirement, or attempt to use Facebook accounts that don’t appear authentic (no photo or low friend count) will not be approved for inclusion within the GoFundMe Search Directory." (quote/unquote)

  20. I'm beginning to notice swinging is now becoming widespread, your detractors don't know what to do.
    What isn't sinking in is - it wasn't just them. That's why they got help from people they barely knew.
    Looking at home videos, she wasn't an abused child. Would any government cover-up allow paedos to kill one child and allow them to have custody of twins?


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