Friday, 25 September 2015

The saint of Salem I

01. Introduction

It has now come the time to start to debunk what is without question the clutter best implanted in the Maddie case: paedophilia.

Why best implanted? Because it’s a clutter destined for connoisseurs only. Gourmet clutter so to speak.

This case has 2 kinds of clutter that are so good that they have been able to keep up the wall between us and the truth: negligence and paedophilia.

Before you say that no one seriously interested in the case believes in negligence any more, which we think is true, please do take into account that negligence clutter isn’t directed at people who are seriously interested in the case.

One is not simultaneous with the other. Paedophilia follows negligence.

Negligence clutter is for the general public. It’s the McDonalds of clutter in this case (sorry Burger King and Wendy’s).

Paedophilia is for “internal” use.

02. The negligence v paedophilia clutter

One has to take interest in the case to get to know the possible paedophiliac angle of it.

When we say “take interest” we don’t mean to investigate. Just to take enough interest in the case to research it on the internet.

The regular Jane and Joe Does of the world were and are fed by the media with the message of negligence that they left their kids alone even though it was perfectly alright. The words “left their kids alone” always jumps up and bite them on their brain. That’s why they are there, to be noticed.

The MSM never speak of paedophilia in the case.

Mr Amaral did speak of it in his book and I believe he mentioned paedophilia publicly in the documentary aired by CMTV in 2013 when he points all his firepower towards David Payne.

But the book has to be bought/downloaded and read. For that one has to have interest in the case.

CMTV broadcast was simply a program in a cable channel. And is only provided by one operator, MEO. CMTV isn’t held by the other two TV cable providers in Portugal – NETCABO/ZON/NOS and Vodafone.

Paedophilia within the Maddie case is only “available” on the internet.

The way it has been spread is hardly comparable with how widespread the negligence message was by the MSM from day one.

In a supermarket or in any other place where one can hear people talking about the case, whatever their opinion the message underlined in the conversations about Maddie is always the same: the parents left their kids alone.

Even those who are convinced that the parents “did it” will say somewhere along the line “the #%&#% who left their poor kids alone”. The others will say “those poor parents, but they did leave their poor kids alone, what a misfortune.”

It shows how effectively the negligence clutter was implanted and spread so well and so widely.

To those who did NOT find the case to be interesting enough to look about it any further than what the MSM had to say think to this day that the couple and their friends left their kids in the apartments and went out to have dinner. Some think it was to get drunk.

Paedophilia does not enter one’s horizon until one decides, out of curiosity, to look a little further into the case.

And when one does that what is there to meet one at the front door? Paedophilia.

It welcomes us, makes us feel we’re finally discovering the true secret behind the case. It makes one feel one knows more about the case than the ignorant general public. It draws us in, elated with the sensation that one is treading forbidden ground.

One then feels that one is now finally part of the chosen few who truly knows who did it and why he did it: it was David Payne who killed Maddie and he did it because he’s a revolting paedophile.        .

Plus, as one reads about child abuse cases being protected by the Establishment in the UK, one can only come to the conclusion that one logically comes to: paedophilia explains why “High Powers” are involved in protecting the case.

This overlooks that this “High Power” protection indeed exists but is exclusive to “High Power people” and not for anyone who simply asks for a cover-up. Being a urologist does not qualify one as a “High Power person”. But that’s a topic for another time.

Only an elephant can lift up an elephant. The myth that a mouse makes an elephant jump is just that, a myth.

In the Maddie case, the jumping elephant was the entire UK. To make an elephant that size jump whoever was on the other side of the lever had to have enough “weight” to make it happen.

This was not favour pulling. This was pure and simple the making others obey. Orders were given, orders were followed. As they are being followed as we speak. No buts or ifs but many, many or elses. 

Negligence is the first layer of clutter, paedophilia the second.

Why? Because it makes it extremely hard for anyone to find the right path after having made previously 2 wrong choice at these y-turns.

The reader didn’t exactly make the wrong choice but rather was enticed, convinced to make them both.

As part of the general public the reader went down “Negligence lane” and a person interested in the case, has gone down “Paedophilia alley”.

But the choice on where one is to be is never made by the convincer but by the convinced, so on what lane, alley, road or highway one is right now on this case is entirely one’s responsibility and doing.

03. Protecting a nepiophile

Paedophilia is vile and absolutely disgusting. We think it is a very serious problem in the UK as it seems to have infiltrated in the midst of the British corridors of power and of influence and that gives it a protection hard to overcome even if everyone agrees how loathsome it is.

The hypothesis of a paedophile Payne abusing little Maddie and her dying because of it is seems to many a very plausible reason to justify the gigantic cover-up and information shackling.

We fully agree that the seriousness of the crime and the repulsion it rightfully provokes is such that it makes the criminal want to do all he can to cover it up.

But one thing is the criminal desiring, or even needing a cover-up, another completely different thing is him getting one.

Any criminal is limited to what others are willing to do for him, and a paedophile much more so. Not many are willing to go out a limb for a paedophile. One only helps a paedophile because one has to. Because one is a stakeholder and the stakes in question really make one help such a disgusting person.

No one helps a paedophile out of good-will. Some do help taking into account what the paedophile can offer back. But the paedophile has to offer a very significant something in return for that to be the case.

As we said in our “Paedo v Nepio” post, to protect an infant rapist goes beyond all reasons to help. To make one do that the stakes of what one can lose must be so high that they must be called something else other than stakes which we don’t know what.

Even if one lacks morals, ethics and decencies that any common human being should possess, it is of self-interest to NOT help an infant-rapist.

It baffles us how people claim that is simply impossible for so many to cover-up for the swinging (when they are stakeholders) but are comfortable with the thought that there is an all-round lack of conscience in these same people helping an infant-rapist.

We cannot give any opinion on behalf of the Ocean Club nor of Mark Warner but if we were them we would much rather go down in history for supporting many swingers trying to get away with their reputation unscathed than being forever known for and linked to protecting one infant abuser and killer.

And this also goes to all those who invented bogus sightings, people who went out of their way to help this hoax.

If one was to protect a child-rapist out of fear wouldn’t the expected action/response be one of silence and utmost discretion? So the helping of a monster would go as unnoticed as possible? To avoid being linked or involved in a sordid killing of a toddler?

Instead, what we have seen is people stepping up to the plate to help. And with enthusiasm. People who seem really proud in helping perpetuate the hoax.

If one is being forced by blackmail into helping such a vile creature, then it’s more than understandable for one to try one’s best to lie really, really low and so one tends to be economical with the truth only when asked a question and certainly one will not volunteer to go to the authorities to lie unasked. If one has to, then one goes but unless forced one doesn't.

With such a predicament one prays one isn’t asked anything so one doesn’t have to lie. If authorities don’t come come to them then they won’t go to the authorities, that’s common sense, that’s simply not being stupid.

That’s not what we have witnessed happening and as we’ve said often, we’re not up against stupid people. We have seen people outside the T9 coming forward to the police to deliberately lie and boast about it on the MSM.

The victims of this so effective clutter, those who believe in the paedophile theory, maybe have not realised that they agree that they find it reasonable to have people who are helping an infant-rapist to show publicly their pride in having done so.

That alone completely baffles one’s mind.

Or as our Facebook friend Vikki Scott has told us: “but are they too stupid to see that if paedophilia was the reason for her death the easiest thing in the world would be to find a culprit. Blimey, they could even pin it on Payne, how could he fight the security services and govt?”

But most important is what people are really failing to understand and is outside the Maddie case. It concerns their lives and their freedom of speech. The more passionately people bite this “paedophilia bait” the more it makes the other side really happy.

Paedophilia will come in really handy to them when the times comes, and it will come, they will want to limit your access to information. From the TruePublica, in their Sept 22 2015 article “How Britain’s Propaganda Machine Controls What You Think” (thank you Shaherazade for the link):

“Using the supposed threat of paedophiles as a pretext to attack basic democratic rights and bring in broader censorship, PM David Cameron declared , “The actions we’re taking today come back to that basic idea: protecting the most vulnerable in our society, protecting innocence, protecting childhood itself. That is what is at stake, and I will do whatever it takes to keep our children safe.”

According to the civil liberties organisation Open Rights Group, the filters don’t just block pornography but “also restrict access to sites deemed unsuitable for under 18’s including information on alcohol and other drugs, forums, YouTube and controversial political views.””

In the Maddie context it helps explain why people have paedophilia in their brain as the root of all crimes. People have been media trained to do so. And all this training has to produce some results some time. 

04. The basis for the paedophile theory

The paedophile theory is based on 5 things:

#1 – The discrepancies between what David Payne and Kate McCann about what they each say happened when he visited the apartment late afternoon on May 3rd, the biggest one being he says it lasted 30 minutes and she says it was only 3. Allegedly, Payne is the last person to have seen Maddie standing and awake outside her family;

#2 – The statement of Mrs Fenn, an elderly woman allegedly living above the McCanns who says she heard a child (who she’s certain could only have been Maddie) crying for 75 minutes on Wednesday, May 1st.

#3 – The statements of Yvonne Martin, a British social services senior worker, who in 3 written statements raises the possibility, or strong possibility, that she MAY have crossed paths with David Payne in her career and raises suspicions about him being a paedophile;

#4 – The statements of the Gaspars, Katerina and Arul, a couple, both doctors who spent a previous holiday with both the Paynes and the McCanns. Katerina says that during these holidays while the 3 of them were sitting at a table she saw David simulate fellatio with his finger and Gerry playing with his nipples while both were talking about Maddie;

#5 – An empty CATS file in the name of Gerry McCann.

05. The Paedophile Theory with and without a before

There are those who firmly believe that Maddie died before the 3rd of May. Including people who believe in the swinging theory.

We disagree with them about the time, or better said day, of death as we don’t believe there could be a space of days in which people were convinced to participate in the hoax before it was reported to authorities around 22:40 of May 3rd and if they all had that time basic things wouldn’t have gone wrong, such as having the shutter up and the apartment presenting signs of a break-in.

That is not missing a cue, that is opening up a play to the public before any rehearsal. Besides, to have one or another actor miss this or that cue it would be acceptable but to have the entire cast not know their lines properly is a clear indication that there was no preparation.

What was done, was done under the pressure of time, which wasn’t much as shows the amount of errors made.

But this part of the post is not about our disagreement about time of death. It’s about it “dividing” people into different camps, those who believe Maddie died before the 3rd and those, like us, who don’t.

Divide into those who believe like we do that she died on May 3 at around 18:30 at the hands of Payne during his visit to the apartment, as per #1; and those who believe she died at his hands a day or days before.

Some of the latter go as far as to determine that it was on Sunday. This is because of the infamous “last photo”. They say was taken on Sunday and that is the last proof Maddie was alive, so she was killed that day.

Not wanting to get into this too much, one must ask if Maddie was killed right after that photo. If she wasn’t their theory falls to the ground.

Because if she wasn’t, there would be a time interval between the moment the photo was taken - let’s say noon Sunday - and the time she was killed according to them - let's say, 19:00 of Sunday. Where is the photographic registry (or proof according to them) that Maddie had been alive between noon and 19:00, the times we have just invented?

No photo to cover that interval, means, according to them, she couldn’t have been alive then. If she could, then why say she was only alive a few hours more after that photo? Why not go for the moon and say it was a day? Or 2 days?

There were also no photos of Amelie showing her alive after that photo before her sister was said to have disappeared and fortunately is alive and we hope happy and well.

Plus this photo, to be genuine and taken on Sunday, has this amazing characteristic: it took more than 20 days and for it to be taken to the UK to have its date supposedly changed. Something that can be easily done in minutes on any computer. Apparently in 2007 Portugal was such a backward country that it didn’t have electricity to plug in a computer. Either that or the CEOP people who were sent over didn't understand a thing about computers.

No wonder the Ocean Club computer malfunctioned the way it did with the booking sheets. 

Others say she died on Sunday because discrepancies start only on Monday. Well, as far as we know, the discrepancies start on Saturday immediately after they arrive when the McCanns say the tennis conference is on that day and the  Carpenters say it’s Sunday.

The discrepancies do not start on Sunday. If one thing can be said about this case is that it’s “coherence-free” from beginning to end. Discrepancy is its middle name.

Some of the paedophile theory believers who think she died before May 3 seem to think that the girl died at the hands of Payne as per #2, meaning that the cries Mrs Fenn alleged having heard were that of the little girl in her last moments of life.

We have given our opinion about the crying episode, #2, in our post “All paths lead to Rome” which was to say that that we think Mrs Fenn only came forward in August to tell of something we think she never witnessed just to make blossom that particular seed of the negligence clutter that had been planted by the McCanns in their statements in May.

We, on the other hand, firmly believe that Maddie died on the 3rd when Payne visited the apartment so we reject any scenario that places death before that.

So we will only deal with the paedophile theory that states Maddie died on the 3rd.

With that theory we agree that Maddie died as per #1 and that the crying Mrs Fenn allegedly heard, independent of having happened or not and the reader knows we don’t think it did, is only related to negligence and has nothing to do with paedophilia.

The only difference between us and these paedophile theory believers concerning this visit is that they think it was for Payne to abuse Maddie sexually – with Kate, Sean and Amelie inside the apartment – while we think it was purely for adult and consensual sexual fun between Kate and David – with Maddie, Sean and Amelie inside the apartment.

In our scenario, we place the McCann children as mere witnesses to a heated argument which resulted in Maddie’s accidental death. But this is pure speculation as it’s our opinion that only Kate McCann and David Payne know the exact details of what really happened and why.

06. The saint from Salem

Our rebuttal of the paedophile theory is not based on any sort of inside information – which we have repeatedly denied having and will now deny again. It’s based on us reading the files and seeing in them what substantiates the paedophile theory is not questionable but is in our opinion false and then it’s as irrelevant as the CATS file is.

We subscribe fully what Vikki Scott has said in her Facebook post “CONFUSION HAS NOW MADE HIS MASTERPIECE - MACBETH”: “The above 'clues' [CATS, Gaspar, Ms Martin], just a small part of the deception are nothing more than a distraction, a very successful distraction. Whoever decided to muddy the waters with this one must pat themselves on the back every time they visit the internet.”

Yes, indeed they must. As we said it’s “gourmet clutter”. Not the everyday kind such as the COMARE clutter or the one that questions if Gerry was Maddie’s biological father. Those are for beginners. Paedophilia is serious, serious clutter.

In our last post, “TRUTH” we showed how people had put on a costume of a saint so they could, and in our opinion did, distort truth so that truth would never be known.

A façade of being seen to be doing the right thing when the purpose was exactly to do the opposite which was to assure that the right thing never gets done.

Yvonne Martin is in our opinion such a character.

The British senior social worker who many see as someone wanting to do the right thing by pointing the finger at evil David Payne, the paedophile.

Finger pointing was once the favourite pastime of a little town in Massachusetts called Salem.

Strangely enough in her 3 statements that appear in the PJ files the social worker only in her last one does she raise the possibility of Payne being a paedophile or child abuser, and then as we will see not in very clear terms.

She raises the possibility he may be a paedophile in the exact same statement in which she also raises the possibility of him being a colleague, a social services worker like herself.

In the other 2 statements made 5 months before, she couldn’t determine if she recognised Payne as a suspect/arguido or as a witness in “the course of performing her duties”.

As Vikki Scott has said in her Facebook post: “but do we really think a veteran of child protection cannot recall whether a face she is familiar with from the course of her work is a dangerous child abuser or a protector ? Ridiculous ! That she was so adamant in impressing the P word on the PJ should also ring alarm bells. A professional, however subtle she thinks she was being, does not condemn such vile suspicions on anyone without proof positive. If this is how she works I fear for those she comes into professional contact with.”

Vikki is absolutely spot on. She’s only wrong on one thing and that is saying that Yvonne Martin tries to impress the P word on the PJ.

She doesn’t. She runs circles around it until we’re dizzy and she almost gets a cramp on her eyelids and neck from so much winking and tilting of her head in trying so hard for the  PJ to pick up on that clue.

Because a liar knows he’s lying he’s usually afraid to speak openly and brazenly about what he intends the other side to capture.

Yvonne instead of saying, “I’m about 80% sure that man next to the McCanns is a paedophile, please check as soon as you can the UK paedophile registers because although not sure exactly where I came across him, I’m remembering that face from somewhere in all the cases I’ve handled and if my hunch is right, he may be the key as to what happened to the little girl” she instead decides to play cluedo about it with the police.

Was there any consequence if she was falsely accusing him without intent? No, if she was doing it out of pure heart. The police would check all registers and find nothing and that would be the end of it as the claim would be empty. She would have her conscience appeased and the police could cross out another lead.

So instead of clearly helping the police she decides to sing some sort of song with lyrics going like: “he may but then he may not, I don’t remember from where but then again I do but then I really don't, oh so much I wish I could or then maybe not”.

But the claim she made of paedophilia against David Payne, however vague it was it has stuck like a needle to a magnet. And like said needle, it just won’t drop.

07. Yvonne Martin’s and her interactions

To understand fully the role played by Yvonne Martin in this case let’s start by asking the following question: how many interactions did Yvonne Martin have with the authorities pertaining the Maddie case?

Most of you will say, 3 times: the 3 statements made by her that are on files.

And most of you would be wrong. She interacted with the authorities 9 times and only 2 of them happened without her knowledge. Of those 9 times, 4 were of her initiative:

i – When she arrived in Luz and says she approaches a GNR officer to ask directions and is escorted by that GNR officer to near apartment 5A (her initiative approaching officer);

ii – When two weeks later she writes an anonymous letter to the British police, finger-pointing Payne (her initiative);

iii – When she calls the PJ saying that she wants to speak to them (her initiative);

iv – When she speaks to PJ at her residence – 1st statement (her initiative);

v – When she speaks to PJ at PJ – 2nd statement;

vi – When PJ “archives” both of her statements (she's unaware of this);

vii – When PJ “unarchives” her statements (she's unaware of this);

viii – When she’s notified to come to PJ to give a statement;

ix – When she’s heard for the 3rd statement.

Of these 9 times we only consider #viii as of no relevance as it was a mere procedure.

We shall look at each one of these events and see how they are relevant to the case.

i – Escorted by GNR

We will do like Yvonne Martin did with the anonymous letter and leave this for last. We think that the reader will better understand why we consider this event having some importance but which has gone unnoticed.

Please note that this is not about her visit to Luz. It’s about what happened when she arrived and her contact with that particular GNR officer. But, as said, we will deal with this later.

ii – The anonymous letter

This letter waves so many red flags that one may be led to think that one has found oneself racing behind the wheel of a formula 1 car  watching the marshalls waiving them about frantically.

Almost everything said about it by Yvonne Martin is, to say the least, just wrong.

As per Wikipedia a red flag in formula 1 means “indicates that the race, practice session, or qualifying session has been suspended. All marshal stations will signal this. Drivers may not leave the pits. All drivers on the track must proceed cautiously to the pit lane and stop.”

This anonymous letter is really the equivalent of ALL stations around the circuit waving those red pieces of cloth frantically.

It starts with the fact that we only get to know of it at the very end of her last statement.

Yvonne Martin goes to Luz in the very early hours (08.00/08.30) of May 4 as we will see and, according to her words, she sees Payne finds his behaviour strange and seems to remember she may have crossed paths with him.

On May 4 David Payne makes all the alarm bells of a senior social worker ring.

But only two weeks later does this worker decide to write this letter.

First conclusion one must take is that during 2 weeks this senior social worker disregarded completely the ringing of all her alarm bells about a possible paedophile in the world’s most high profile media case at the time.

She simply went on with her life as usual during 2 weeks. Saw Maddie’s face on the news every single day but decided that her hunch wasn’t serious enough so stayed put.

She only decides to act when she hears the description by PJ of a male carrying a child and what he was wearing. The description is quite generic physically and she certainly didn’t see Payne carrying a child, so it must have been something in the clothes described that made her remember Payne.

She confirms this when she explains why she was prompted into action “at a time when the police made an appeal for information about a man, who might have been seen in the Luz area, taking a child with him and about whom they described the clothes he was wearing”.

It HAD to be the clothing. Only it wasn’t.

These were the reasons she tells PJ the above prompted her into action. They are listed by the order she refers them:

- “Being attentive to the details she observed in the contact she had with the McCanns it’s her opinion that they may in some way be involved in Madeleine’s disappearance”;

- “First she found them aggressive, then the parents’ reaction when the deponent showed her ceredentials also seemed strange to her”:

- “Then she was informed that there were no sign of break in in the apartment”:

- “Knowing they were doctors she thought absolutely abnormal that they would have left their kids alone at home”:

- “Associating all of this to her professional experience, which tells her that 99,99% of child disappearance cases the parents or other close family members are involved she thought it was her duty to inform the police of this”.

And these were the main reasons why she wrote the letter.

The police speak of a man taking a child and she, apparently connects that to a couple, their attitude, the apartment and her professional expertise and these “evident” connections are what makes her write an anonymous letter.

No David Payne referred to at any point of her explanation of the main reasons why she wrote that anonymous letter.

The police speak of a man with a child and she immediately thinks that man could be a couple she supposedly saw only after child was missing so best warn the police.

In her statements we get to know her mind was bothered by David Payne but when it comes to saying what her MAIN reasons were to write the anonymous letter, David is not part of them, only the McCanns.

Then, before bringing up Payne, she explains why she wrote the letter anonymously: it was because she “didn’t want to be bothered by the main stream media”.

Ok, let’s stop for a moment and breath.

So, apparently Yvonne Martin thinks the British police are a media outlet. They basically investigate crime on the side.

Not a very high opinion of the force we must say. She seems to think that if she asks police for anonymity they would sell her out to the first tabloid that made the first offer.

How credible is this?

Why was letter addressed to the British police? Wasn’t she in Portugal and wasn’t it all over the news that very clearly it was the Portuguese police taking care of matters? Didn’t she have a house in Portugal, so not there as a tourist but was familiar with the country and its authorities?

If she thought that Payne could be a possible paedophile shouldn’t she have contacted immediately the Portuguese authorities there and then in Luz and report this so they could ACT on this as quickly as possible?

If she was such a busybody, as she seems to have been, shouldn’t she have asked someone there and then for the name of that man in glasses so that she could check up on her own files and to contact colleagues in the UK to see if they could find anything about him?

To have first contacted the local authorities who were in Luz and then use her professional contacts to help them with this information?

Because as any social worker would know, one thing would be for the authorities to question Payne knowing that hanging over him were the suspicions of a social worker another completely different one would be to question him without knowing it.

She sees Payne together with the McCanns being taken away for questioning and does nothing to help the authorities. Where were her work ethics when they were really needed?

Because she did go to the “manager of the resort” (statement of June 13) to ask him if there had been a break-in to the apartment. Wouldn’t it have been more logical for this social worker to ask about the name of Payne instead?

No, instead she decides to play Mrs Marple around Luz. What for? To assess what if in the next 2 weeks she does absolutely nothing about it?

Maybe she decided to play a game with the PJ: let’s see if you can spot the paedophile all by yourself and if at the end of the first 2 weeks you haven’t been able to, then I’ll start feeding you with clues  anonymously?

Ok, let’s stop and breath again.

Since when do social workers write anonymous letters?

Are we to believe that a senior social worker writes anonymous letters to the authorities to denounce a possible paedophile instead of taking pride in her job and stepping up to the plate right away?

The British social services must be really proud of this senior social worker!

Rest assured British citizens if there’s a child near you in peril don’t worry, your nearest social worker will write very quickly an anonymous letter to the local police station so that they in turn can contact the social services to look into it.

If about a possible paedophile, please allow 2 weeks for that anonymous letter to be written. Why the hurry?

For a person with the mission to protect children is there any greater danger to them than a paedophile? Shouldn’t she have acted professionally immediately after her contact with Payne?

Is this credible?

And then she lets two weeks go by before doing anything and when she does this social worker is only worried about the press.

Is this credible?

To recap, PJ describes a man carrying a child, she says she writes anonymous letter because that reminded her of a couple, an intact apartment and her professional experience. Then she explains why she wrote the letter anonymously.

And then, ONLY then, does she have her “oh, wait a minute, now that I’m here I do recall there was something else…” moment.

That one moment she FINALLY decides to speak of Payne. But even then though she describes him in detail, she doesn’t isolate him. She puts him together with the McCanns. Note how nonchalantly she brings him into the picture “more refers that according with what she remembers, when she met Madeleine’s parents, the David Payne, as she has already said was near them”.

The police have spoken of a man but she first brings in the couple, the apartment and her professional experience and only then, en passant, speaks of a man.

But even then as we have just said, she doesn’t isolate him: “All these coincidences made the deponent think that eventually the parents and/or Madeleine’s friends [note the plural, so not referring specifically to Payne] could be involved in the disappearance of the girl.”

Note, we’re hearing of this on Nov 12. She has written an anonymous letter, has made 2 statements in June and only now, 5 months later does she decide to inform the authorities about that letter.

And what else does she reveal in November that she has kept a secret from everyone including the authorities?

Reader, please sit down because this one is really quite unbelievable. As in not to be believed.

Only in November does she utter the “P” word!

She’s “smacked” by the idea Payne may be a paedophile on May 4, writes a letter 2 weeks later, is heard twice by the PJ a month later but only in November and ONLY in the last sentence of her last statement she speak of paedophilia: “She further declares that one of her main intentions when she wrote the anonymous letter was for the British police to check the paedophile or child abusers registers to see if David Payne was on them.”

Sorry, but are we really talking about a social worker? It seems we are and one who is taken very, very seriously by many.

If this isn’t beating around the bush we don’t know what this is.

We hope you now understand now why we said she got cramps on her eyelids and neck for such tiresome winking and head tilting to point towards the P word that finally comes out of her as if it was a tooth being extracted without anaesthesia.

08. Perfect matches

Now let’s back off a bit. Remember we said that it MUST have been because of the clothes described by the PJ that made Yvonne Martin connect Payne with the man the police were looking for?

We said this because in terms of physiognomy the man was not described as having any noticeable peculiarity that would make him stand out and we know she couldn’t have seen Payne carrying a child the night before. So it had to be the clothing that made her match the description to Payne.

Now, let’s then see what the PJ said exactly:

“Part 4: The PJ make the first public appeal, 25 May 2007

Detectives issued a description of a man seen on the night the four-year-old went missing in the resort of Praia Da Luz in the Algarve. Officers said the man was "carrying a child or an object that could have been taken as a child".

The man is said to be white, aged 35-40, 5ft 10in tall, medium build with hair that was short on top. He was wearing a dark jacket, beige or golden long trousers and dark shoes. At a news conference, Ch Insp Olegario de Sousa urged the man or anyone who had seen him to come forward.”

The above is from here:

This, by the way, is 21 days later, not the two weeks she alleges. That is getting timelines somewhat wrong to say the least. This means that for 3 weeks she did nothing. Not 2 but 3.

And if we are to be precise and stick to her words then she wrote the anonymous letter one week before she was prompted to do so.

But let’s imagine that she confused the number of weeks and that it was 21 days after that she hears this and says to herself “that’s the man, that’s the man I saw!! I have to warn authorities, let me do something!”

Three weeks for her, a concerned social worker, to travel from the other side of Lagos because Maddie’s story touched her the moment she heard it, for her to meet Payne and find him highly suspicious and then to, well, return home to prune her roses if she has them. Three weeks to have the “wait a minute” moment about Payne, the paedophile, after hearing the PJ describing the man.

So PJ must have said something about the man’s clothes that she HAD to link to what Payne was wearing when she saw him.

We have seen what PJ said, now let’s see how she describes Payne:

On June 12:

“Is about 35 yrs, has about 1,80 metres in height, is of normal built, having short and dark hair, using graduated glasses of small dimensions and rectangular lenses, having a round face, presenting a scar above his eyebrow and left cheek, speaking in English with a South of England accent, wearing clear colour trousers, cream or beige colour, and a polo of a dark colour.”

On June 13:

“Describes him as being tall man, with about 1,80 m, with about 35 yrs, of normal physical appearance, with short, dark hair, round face and with a scar on the left side of his face that catches the eyebrow and cheek, using graduated glasses of small dimensions with rectangular lenses, spoke with a South of England accent and wore cream coloured trousers and polo of a dark colour.”

On Nov 12:

“Was wearing a dark polo, blue or black coloured, cream coloured trousers, of linen or cotton, and dark shoes of the sandal kind [tipo chinelos] or tennis shoes open at the back [sapatilhas sem presilhas atrás]and then adds, as we have seen “in her opinion this clothing matches perfectly with the clothing described by the Police relatively to the man they were looking for at the time.”

Please see how the 3 descriptions above fit with the below from the PJ: The man is said to be white, aged 35-40, 5ft 10in tall, medium build with hair that was short on top. He was wearing a dark jacket, beige or golden long trousers and dark shoes.”

To be able to determine that, let’s point out the commonalities between her descriptions of Payne with the one by the PJ.

The descriptions share the following 6 items:

1. PJ says he’s “white” – we shall accept that by omission Yvonne Martin is saying the same. If other ethnicity she would have mentioned it and doesn’t.

2. PJ says he’s “aged 35-40” – Yvonne Martin on June 12: no age ref, on June 13: “with about 35 yrs” and on Nov 12: no age ref;

3. PJ says he’s “5ft 10in tall” – Yvonne Martin on June 12: “has about 1,80 metres in height”, on June 13: “with about 1,80 m” and on Nov 12: no height ref;

4. PJ says he’s “medium build” – Yvonne Martin on June 12: “is of normal built”, on June 13: of normal physical appearance” and on Nov 12: no built ref;

5. PJ says he has “hair that was short on top” – Yvonne Martin on June 12: “having short and dark hair”, on June 13: “with short, dark hair” and on Nov 12: no hair ref;

6. PJ says he was wearing “beige or golden long trousers” – Yvonne Martin on June 12: “wearing clear colour trousers, cream or beige colour”, on June 13: “wore cream coloured trousers” and on Nov 12: cream coloured trousers, of linen or cotton”;

Note, we have been generous with the hair and the trousers.

About the hair, having seen David Payne, we wouldn’t describe his hair as short and dark but dark with a receding hair line and the tendency to become bald, as it is slightly more than short on top.

About the trousers we were also not picky about the colour, as golden is a much darker shade of cream and Yvonne Martin only speaks of light shades.

We have then considered there was a match between the hair and the trousers worn by both the man described by the PJ and the one by Yvonne Martin.

All other details are different as we shall see next.

So in common between the 2 descriptions is that both are “male, white, aged 35-40, 5ft 10in tall, medium build, with hair that was short on top and beige or golden long trousers”.

Isn’t it this the equivalent in words to what the eggman is to drawing?

How much more generic can one get? Only if one took out the “or golden” from the trousers!

How many millions of men does the above describe? Many, we are certain.

So it can’t be based on this very generic description of a man that Yvonne Martin hears and says to herself: “it’s Payne, they’re talking about Payne!”

It must be something about the other details.

But the problem Yvonne Martin has with the other details is that what PJ has said doesn’t fit with what she has.

No reference to round face by the police.

No reference of any scar by the police.

Yvonne says he wears glasses and police say nothing about any glasses.

The police talk about a generic “dark shoes” while she’s very specific and detailed: “dark shoes of the sandal kind [tipo chinelos] or tennis shoes open at the back [sapatilhas sem presilhas atrás].

The police talk about a jacket and she says Payne is wearing a polo.

Yet, she says that “in her opinion this clothing [the one described by her] matches perfectly with the clothing described by the Police relatively to the man they were looking for at the time.”

So what in the police’s description has made Yvonne Martin think of Payne? That is a question that has a very easy answer: nothing.

It was nothing because there was nothing to remind her specifically of Payne.

But, let’s imagine that by a fluke the clothing would be the same. Would that mean anything? No. Only someone making things up by picking things up from the sky would think a criminal would wear the exact same clothes he wore the day before when committing a crime.

To say one is prompted into action because clothing was similar or even identical is ridiculous. There’s no other word to describe it.

09. Grizzly bear v polo bear


We are aware that in some corners of the internet there is a fierce attempt to say that one grizzly bear is “near-identical” to one polo bear just because both are bears, both have fur, both have similar built and both are similar in age.

But no matter how much they do try we’re not buying it. Even if they also point out that both bears growl.

True, they do share all of the above characteristics but a grizzly bear is a grizzly bear and polar one is a polar one. One is brown, the other white. Saying they’re “near-identical” is to say that Mona Lisa’s smile is a sulk just because her lips curve slightly.

A man is not “near-identical” to another just because both are male. If that were so then, as we showed above there would be millions of near-identical males, white, aged 35-40, 5ft 10in tall, medium build, with hair that was short on top and wearing beige trousers to make Yvonne Martin report millions of Paynes to the police.

That doesn't qualify as “near-identical” as far as we know.

Even if in this case both the 2 men described are dressed in dark clothes on their torso – which doesn’t happen to be so in the “near-identical” grizzly v polar bear analogy as one is wearing a cream jacket and the other a dark one – in this case the difference is between one wearing a jacket and the other a polo.

That is a difference of incontrovertible importance. One that rules out any possibility of anything  “near-identical” between the two.

The human head is a camera. The eyes the lenses and the brain the SD card.

It’s permanently registering images. We are not aware we’re doing that all the time but the fact is that we are and this is the reason why we’re able to recollect details (usually very generic) of things we saw but paid no attention to.

When we meet a person, however fleetingly, the first thing we do is to capture an image of him/her.

If that person who we saw for a fleeting moment doesn’t have any relevance whatsoever in our lives then is quickly forgotten. This is not conscious, we do it without we knowing we’re doing it.

Let us give you an example. A man walks into a subway and bumps into a man walking out. Inside the subway and as he is departing our man suddenly realises his wallet has gone. He realises at once it has been stolen and connects that fact with the man he bumped into when entering the carriage.

His brain quickly brings up the “mental photograph” he took of the man even though when the encounter happened he didn’t pay any particular attention to the man. But now he’s able to say to himself “it was that bloke with the blue jacket who I bumped into just now!!”.

One can say the memory was fresh so he could recollect it but the point we are making is to show the memory was there, it was created and could be recollected.

Obviously this “photograph” has no great detail.

It captures instantly (please note the word instantly) generic features such as:

- How the torso is dressed in broad terms, such as if a jacket, shirt, dress or a jersey;

- The hair if it’s out of the norm, such as rasta or a ponytail or if its colour is out of the norm, such as being blond or red. If the hair is normal we will resort to the “normal” dark brown.

- The use of glasses. If none are worn, we don’t notice that fact but if they’re present then it’s something that doesn’t escape the attention;

- Facial hair, beard and/or moustache. Like the glasses, if there it's noticed;

- Strong colours if present;

- Sometimes we may capture if man is wearing trousers or shorts, or trousers or a skirt if a woman.

It doesn’t take a second to capture all of the above. It’s all in an instant. The kind and colour of jacket/shirt/dress, the hair and outstanding characteristics of face.

Not enough to provide any sort of detail for an accurate e-fit but enough to also capture age, height and built if contact lasts one or two seconds. Again in very generic and broad terms.

Before someone picks up our words to say that 2 certain e-fits couldn’t have possibly been made please re-read the word “accurate” before the word “e-fit”. But in the specific case of the 2 e-firs in question, 2 people seeing the same person from different angles and in different lighting circumstances will provide 2 different e-fits of that same person. It’s up to experts to determine the common ground between both.

Back to the instant capture of detail, if the face we suddenly meet is known, that recognition is done instantly as the brain matches it with one existing in our internal “database”.

One looks at a person and thinks “I know this person”, one doesn’t look at a person for 2 or 3 seconds and then say “oh, I know this person”.

When one looks at a person for more than a second to see if we know them, what we are asking ourselves is “no matter how much I think, where do I know this person from?”. That first instant was to acknowledge recognition and the rest of the time to struggle with our brain to pair up that face with one from our internal database.

We recognise others instantly, we don’t take time doing it.

So when the police say the man was wearing a dark jacket, no one reasonable can say “that’s near-identical to the man I saw with a dark polo!”

But that is exactly what Yvonne Martin says, that the man with a jacket is Payne with a polo.

And goes on to say that a man with a jacket is so similar to a man with a polo that it has prompted her to write an anonymous letter to the British police.

How credible is that?

Finally there is a question that must be asked: how many scar-faced paedophiles has Yvonne Martin encountered in her career?

Many, it seems. Because she is witnessing a possible one and is saying to herself “no matter how much I think, I don’t know from where I know this scar!”

They were certainly too many.

Plus, this woman must live surrounded by scar-faced men because she even raises the possibility that scar-faced man could have been one of her colleagues... only she can’t remember.

And about this anonymous letter all we know about it is she saying she wrote it. We haven’t seen it (and we should have as we’ll see in later posts) and all we have is her word, which, for us, doesn’t amount to much.

In fact, the fact that she only speaks of it in November makes us doubt very much its existence.


We have listed above the number of interactions Yvonne Martin had with the authorities:

i – In Luz with a GNR on May 4;

ii – Anonymous letter to the British police 3 weeks later (she says 2);

iii – Calls PJ, date uncertain but educated guess would say on June 12 or the day before;

iv – Speaks to PJ at her residence, June 12;

v – Speaks PJ at PJ, June 13;

vi – PJ “archives” both of her statements, date uncertain but we would guess soon after June 13;

vii – PJ “unarchives” her statements, date uncertain but we would guess around end of October, beginning of November;

viii – PJ notifies her come to PJ to give a statement, date uncertain but we would guess on Nov 13 or the the day before;

ix – Speaks to PJ at PJ, November 14.

In this post we have dealt only with ii (in blue). The others to be dealt with in future posts. There’s a whole lot more to be said and it’s not good for the paedophile theory believers.


  1. Yvonne Martin doesn't actually specify her job as being a social worker, having worked in the area of child protection for 25 years is as clear as it gets. Nor does she actually say she works for Social Services, it's all very oblique for something so serious.

    Regarding the paedophilia blarney, abused children look abused, there's no hiding the torment in the little one's faces. None of those children on that holiday looked abused, not one, it is in my honest opinion preposterous to think otherwise.

    Just my tuppence worth and general observations, thanks once again ladies. Telling the truth would be so much easier at this stage than living one's life as a veritable prisoner. Such a shame and a massive waste of valuable planet time. People will try to understand, I absolutely believe that with all my heart. For nothing is ever as bad as it seems and we are not unsympathetic ogres.

    1. Anonymous 25 Sep 2015, 09:57:00,

      Thank you for your comment and fully agree that peace can only be found in truth.

      Yvonne Martin is on social workers' register.

      She is a social worker but we don't know in what capacity or where she currently works.

    2. Sorry, last time I looked I couldn't find her, must admit it was years ago though. Still a seriously kookie story, IMO. All things considered, I feel sorry for David Payne, Robert Murat and their families, no label could be worse than that

    3. Just looking at her position at time of statement, courtesy of Joanne Morais site:
      Polícia Judiciária
      Witness Statement

      Date of the diligence: 2007.06.13 Time: 12H00 Place: CID of Portimão

      Name: Yvonne Warren Martin

      Profession: Social Services and Child Protection Manager

  2. OK, you have achieved more than a 1000 readers since yesterday at 11:00 am. Great work. Today's post is a delight in the pursuit of the truth. 8 years on you are still managing to extract the details from the bomb site.

  3. Great to read the last paragraph of this comment - feel the same way and sure others do too. The amount of planet resource and time being devoted to this case is phenomenal. Such resource could do wonders if spent on other projects. We are not ogres (how can we be ogres for simply wishing for the truth?) and we will try and understand - even at this late stage. Maybe though, our time spent here is useful... maybe it will prevent 10 more cover-ups in the future.

  4. Hi, I've always thought that the peadophile angle was a "look over here-not over there "ruse..
    None of if made much sense, From the very start it was pushed at us by the parents. I don't think any of its true. In fact the Cat file on GM could have been placed as a decoy, (to keep us on the path they want us to follow) and that's why there is nothing in it. This decoy is in place to throw us off what really happened. Why else would they never try to de-bunk it along with everything else written on the subject.

    1. Just look at the group and those on the periphery, not a paedophile in sight, it was someone's bright and cunning idea though. Too sick for mine and most people's blood, thankfully!

    2. Wow. You're good. You know a paedophile, just by looking. Take a bow.

  5. There are good people around Kate and Gerry, there are very clever people around them too. Unfortunately, there have been some thoughtless and oh so childish individuals as well. Long term, it has ultimately been unedifying and unhelpful to people of integrity and those from a caring culture.

    We need to find a way to raise our thoughts and collective empathy to find a healing solution which is respectful to all. The truth cannot be as bad as some of the abhorrent words already written, this is my opinion and not my intention to sway anyone's thinking beyond their own researched beliefs.

  6. Hi, I apologise if I've missed this, but is anyone able to say why Yvonne arrived in Luz in the early hours of May 4th 2007? Was she summoned to assist the Mc Canns? Did she arrive as part of a holiday? Why did she turn up there on this day? Thanks in advance.
    I note from her facebook public entries she has some friends in Lagos, so perhaps she was on holiday? Or wondering if she was indeed part of the gang of people at the Ocean Club?
    If she was helping push the agenda then she must have been asked by someone to help out..

    1. Anonymous 25 Sep 2015, 14:25:00,

      Yvonne Martin has a residence in Sargaçal. This is Northeast of Lagos, approximately the same distance Luz is from the city to the West.

      Yvonne Martin, says in her June 12 statement, that she took knowledge of the case at 07:00 from Sky News or BBC.

      She further says "for having performed functions during 25 years in the area of child protection, she felt obliged to provide aid to her countrymen, having gone to Praia da Luz."

      We will be visiting this when we will speak of interaction "iv – When she speaks to PJ at her residence – 1st statement".

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this Blog.
    To see Yvonne Martin so expertly debunked made for very interesting reading indeed.
    The post however, is much more complex than that.
    The 'hoax', shows the lengths that the puppet masters went to in order to plant seeds and manipulate and control the Media, that in itself is frightening enough, the fact that an innocent little girl died makes it all the more sad.
    Piece by piece, Textusa is assembling the jigsaw whether people like it or not or as they are doing now, quietly ignoring it owing to the fact that it doesn't fit into preconceived notions of paedophilia.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that is imperative but Textusa has been subject to some amazing vitriol at times and remains steadfast in belief.
    A great post and lots to think about indeed.
    Thank you .

  8. Maybe David Payne got his scare after Ms Martin met him and social workers these days especially senior workers have to be so careful in what they say and do and with all the media frenzy if I was her I would not have wanted to be in the lime light along with the Mccanns has you have said before this is your opinion ,would you volunteer to speak to media about this case and have your name,personal detail splashed all over the front pages hounded by the press not saying all your opinions cannot ring true but in Yvonne Martins case I think she was right not to get involved in the media scrum and she has not been on the internet spoating everything she nows to all and sundry my opinion

    1. Anonymous 26 Sep 2015, 08:22:00,

      At the time Yvonne Martin spoke, there was no need for press to know anything if she kept it to herself and nobody knew files would be released.

      She had no need to fear limelight unless she deliberately stepped into it.

      All could have been done without press knowing.

  9. I read your blog with interest. If I've understood your theory correctly, you're suggesting that Madeleine died while her mother and David Payne were involved in consensual 'adult fun' on the afternoon of her reported disappearance on 3 May. This doesn't seem very likely to me.
    The resort offered numerous clubs, creches and babysitting services, the alleged 'fun' was apparently with the approval of Gerry (so no jealous spouse to avoid), so why didn't they organise their tryst for a time when the children were either with the other parent or being baby-sat by Mark Warner staff? As a parent, I wouldn't have got frisky with my other half during the afternoon with three kids under the age of four wide awake in the house (it's hard enough to cook the dinner with three kids to look after). I certainly wouldn't have attempted a bit of afternoon delight with one of their friends' dads even if I'd been into that kind of thing! I realise we're not talking about me here, but with so many other childcare options available, why attempt something so risky and awkward?

    1. Anonymous 26 Sep 2015, 10:24:00,

      We have been clear. We think there was an argument. Why was there an argument? Because David wanted to have fun with Kate and she declined.

      From the words of the post this cannot be extrapolated: “you're suggesting that Madeleine died while her mother and David Payne were involved in consensual 'adult fun' on the afternoon"

      Because things are stupid and even unreasonable doesn’t in any way mean they don’t get done. Norm states they’re usually called “things we regret having done”.

      Sex in a house with children awake? It’s “risky and awkward” but it happens. Not once or twice but we’re certain in many, many households. It’s all about being discreet and taking precautions to not be surprised and making sure the kids are safe and entertained during the short time they’re away from sight.

      Maybe your “as a parent, I wouldn't have got frisky with my other half during the afternoon with three kids under the age of four wide awake in the house (it's hard enough to cook the dinner with three kids to look after)” explains why Kate declined the offer we think was made.

      Why try get frisky in risky and awkward circumstance when “so many other childcare options available” is because appetites happen when they happen and not by schedule. And it in this case happened, in our opinion, at a time in-between childcare taking care of children: dinner time. We think children were picked-up from childcare at around 17:30 and then handed over to night childcare around 19:30.

      As we said, we think the proposal was made at an inconvenient time but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t made nor see an absurdity in being made. We see it as inadequate and even inappropriate but totally realistic.

  10. Great post Textusa, thank you :)

    You said:

    It baffles us how people claim that is simply impossible for so many to cover-up for the swinging (when they are stakeholders) but are comfortable with the thought that there is an all-round lack of conscience in these same people helping an infant-rapist.

    This is something those who believe that Maddie died at the hands of a paedophile really need to think about, because to me it debunks the paedophile theory in an instant.

    That other holidaymakers, ex-pats, Ocean Club and Mark Warner staff were prepared to lie to try and cover for a paedophile who had killed a little girl just doesn't make sense, it would never happen. The British Establishment might have been covering up paedophilia for decades but a load of ordinary holidaymakers and resort staff aren't going to do it.

    They all colluded in the cover up of what happened to Maddie because, as you say, they were stakeholders. They themselves had something to lose, which in their eyes was their own reputations (or so they thought in the panic of the moment).

    Those people would not have lied, obstructed and misled the police to protect a paedophile, nor would they have done it to protect the McCanns, who they barely knew. There had to be another reason, a collective reason, such as swinging.

    Nuala x

    1. I completely accept the swinging, and the fact that the participants would not have wanted their colleagues and families to know why they were in Praia da Luz that week. What I find puzzling, and I might have missed something here, is why the pretence of abduction and "occultation of the cadaver" was felt to be the best solution if Maddie's death was an accident. Why was it not possible to allow a post mortem? If there was no negligence, which I also fully accept, there would have been no need for sedation, so surely it would have been better just to call the police and surrender the body. Even if one of the adults had hit her, if it was an accident there wouldn't have been anything to arouse suspicion - accidents do unfortunately happen to children, so why was this so different as to warrant the last 8 years of obfuscation? And at what level would the decision have been made? Hope you can help, Nuala.

    2. Hi, I'm not Nula but I hope you don't mind me butting in, perhaps it was fear, blind panic and lack of money prior to the fund campaign. Also, time and risk going through a possible trial, what would happen to the twins? Was there a possibility they would be lost forever? Maybe there was an element of post-traumatic stress disorder, it's possible, and can make people appear to act in an unexpected manner which can come across as rather strange.

      My gut tells me it was a simple but tragic accident, lots of people wanted to help and some just saw the money. I do wonder though how many people would turn the clock back if they could, in retrospect, there was an obvious lack of exacting leadership. Remember what Robert Murat said about being an ordinary guy who'd just been involved in the biggest bleep up on the planet?

    3. Comment received from Insane which we have censored:

      "Not Textusa has left a new comment on your post "The saint of Salem I":

      ''They all colluded in the cover up of what happened to Maddie because, as you say, they were stakeholders. They themselves had something to lose, which in their eyes was their own reputations (or so they thought in the panic of the moment).''

      So what would a restaurant worker or a nanny have to lose? Or a receptionist? Or Sky News? All people or organisations Textusa claims were involved. And please don't give me some nonsense about the threat of losing their job - there was a £2m reward up for grabs.

      While we are at it, according to this ridiculous theory all those many hundreds of people also know what actually happened to Madeleine, as you insist they would not cover up for a paedophile but would cover up, in your scenario, for a grown man hitting a child so hard that she died.

      Posted by Not Textusa to Textusa at 27 Sep 2015, 03:20:00 "

    4. Anonymous 26 Sep 2015, 23:11:00

      Whatever happened to Maddie there could be no post mortem. Whether she died from over sedation or she was hit and banged her head against a wall, or whatever happened, even though it wasn't intended to seriously harm her she still died at the hands of an adult and a post mortem would have revealed that.

      Those involved couldn't risk that, they stood to lose everything even if it was an accident, hence the decision to lie about Maddie being abducted.

      At what level would the decision have been made? I don't know. But it's clear from the official help sent so promptly to PdL to aid the cover up, that there were important people involved in decisions along the way.


    5. Ref;Insane and the £2 million reward, put up by the NoTW owned by Rupert, which I believe was withdrawn at the closing of the NoTW on phone hacking of an abducted girl Milly Dowler.
      Why would Sky news and Martin **nt harassed and caused extreme torture of torment, stating Police involved in the "Dossier"handed to Bernard Hogan Howe, in the vilification of Mrs Brenda Leyland, if they are all so innocent of criminal conduct?

    6. Thanks, Anon 27 Sep 3.05 and Nuala, I hadn't thought through it being an accident which couldn't be explained other than at the hands of an adult. I assumed most things could have been accounted for by a simple fall, maybe from a height onto a tiled floor. But maybe there were injuries that would have given rise to suspicions. We just don't know without knowing what happened.

    7. Not Textusa 27 Sep 2015, 03:20:00

      There is no question that a wide circle of people were involved in trying to cover up what happened to Maddie. That's not up for debate, that's what happened.

      The question we're then left with is why all those people would do that, what their motivation was.

      We all know what paedophiles do to children, so would they be prepared to help cover for a paedophile, that diverse circle of people all agree to do that? Absolutely not.

      But presented with a situation where a child wasn't killed intentionally but nonetheless had tragically died, and not only that it was as the result of a swinging event, because the two adults present when the child died were married to other people, would people be prepared to collude in a cover up in those circumstances? People who thought their own reputations would be ruined if the truth got out, and others because they were told what to do or else, would they collude in a cover up?

      The answer is yes, and they did.

      "you insist they would not cover up for a paedophile but would cover up, in your scenario, for a grown man hitting a child so hard that she died"

      That's equating the two situations. I hope I don't have to graphically describe what a paedophile does to a child for anyone to understand the difference between the two. It should be obvious to any decent person.


  11. Interesting that Kate, upon being taken to the police station for questioning by the PJ commented:
    "What would my mother think?"
    Is this what she feared?
    That the knowledge of her being part of a Swinging group would be made public?

    1. Kate's quote:
      "I know what happened is not due to the fact of us leaving the children asleep. I know it happened under other circumstances"
      So Kate knows what the circumstances were.
      And brother in law John spoke of the McCanns calling in favours. Which means they had done something for others and now it was the turn of others - in PdL?- to do something for them.
      Not to search, obviously. One shouldn't have to call in favours in order for people to agree to search.
      A warning that they needed to co-operate in whatever was required of them?

  12. Anonymous 13:59:00, Insane in his anger is trying to get a point over, think procrastination and imagine your whole world falling in around you. All you've strived for, put in extra hours to achieve and sacrificed. Gone, over in a second. What kind of foster family are your children potentially going to be raised by, will they fall by the wayside, will one wind up pregnant at 16 and the other become a criminal? All these thoughts would have raced through my mind, and I don't consider myself to be different from anyone else who gives a damn.

    Love and light to all x

  13. What were they thinking and why did Leicester Constabulary get involved with this in the first instance? Goncalo Amaral soon discovered he wasn't happy with them being there! Just ruminating a little and it feels more outrageous now, looking back, than it did then, and at the time it seemed strikingly unpopular and partisan. What a fiasco this has actually been, it's just way too sad for words.

    1. I think this sort of thing (e.g. interference / cover -up/ establishment sway) for ever. This case is surely a catalyst. It's the first time that, with the internet and social media available, we have been able to discover it properly and make a difference. We can now refuse to have the wool pulled over our eyes. Although a lot has to do with the Portugese making some of the original police files public.

  14. Watch closely as Establishment endeavours to stifle freedom of speech/ expression under the guise of child protection!

    1. During last years' dossier and media war, Chris Grayling stood on national TV and said he wanted 2 years imprisonment for internet trolls. Who yanked his chain?

      Now TV/production co's (it was singular yesterday, today its plural) are looking for doubters to answer questions.

      Interestingly, but not surprisingly, one of their frenzied trolls on Twitter said to JM, essentially, they are only looking for mentally ill and anonymous trolls.

      Well that counts me in then, I'll have my bodyguards ready and waiting!! Self-protection, is, after all, a human right intended for all of us.

  15. There was a huge web in this death cover up (guests, ex-pats, resort, institutions, governments, fraudulent funds, PJ leaks, SY damages control, the priest, the priest's wife...) This is a massive scandal!!! This is a mass! The smell is worse than the rotten corpse!!!

    From the standpoint of a serious and deep police investigation and consequent criminal process how to deal with this engrossment of crime levels? Did you ever wonder how many persons are involved in this crime? How many co-related crimes are inside de main crime?

    Has ever cross you mind that some in PJ might have been involved too? I wonder who was responsible for PJ leaks, specially that one, related with a witness that use to see the couple car opened during all day and all night, a statement that some how the couple had access before and come forward explaining the public about the rotten meat smell spread in the car! Was rotten alright! But was not that kind of meat!

    Looking in perspective and considering the lack of a heavy hand from justice, I am not surprised with the decision to turn the files public and pass the journalists the work the police has failed to do. Journalism has failed too. But you have done a great job! You've been succeeded to extract the juice from the grapes and from the empty grapes you still are able to make a great brandy! Cheers!

    1. There was talk in the British media about €100.000 turning up in a Portuguese police officer's account. And then days later all suspicion was dismissed as it had been determined to be from an inheritance.

    2. Anon 11:11:00, The car boot was allegedly left open night and day closest to the house on a short driveway, clearly visible to anyone who glances. Why, why (ostensibly) air it out there? Seems somewhat risky if one is trying to hide some disagreeable smells, which Wright found necessary to mention - on mainstream media.

  16. Ref: Not Textusa's reply at 27 Sep 2015, 03:20:00 (censored and published by us at 27 Sep 2015, 08:07:00) to Nuala at 26 Sep 2015, 21:00:00.

    Insane has given us an opportunity to debunk the reward supposedly given about Maddie. The amount in question is NOT of £2.0M but of £2.5M:

    “The News of the World and businessmen including Sir Richard Branson have jointly pledged £1.5m. Scottish tycoon Stephen Winyard has offered £1m.”

    However there are some problems around this reward to whoever was thinking of ever claiming it.

    To start with, the reason why this reward ever existed: “offered to anyone who can help with information leading to the SAFE RETURN of Madeleine McCann” (our caps).

    Any information that will lead to the case being solved but shows Maddie has been dead all these years does not fall under her “safe return” clause, so not rewardable.

    Insane need not even try because, as we all know, he believes Maddie is dead.

    Then, what is the current status of this reward?

    NOTW has closed down. Who has, if anyone, come forward to replace NOTW? If no one then the amount has changed and the public wasn’t informed?

    Continuing, where can one find information about it?

    Was the money deposited in an account (if so, which?) or is it in the hands of those who offered waiting for that precious piece of information and only then keep their respective word and pay?

    This is not a reward offered by any of the police of either country but by a group of private people: NOTW/Sir Richard Branson/Stephen Winyard.

    Ultimately they are the ones deciding who is to get the money.

    Based on what? Will the police give all the documents relative to the investigation and NOTW/Sir Richard Branson/Stephen Winyard name a jury to elect who has given the most important piece of information?

    Fact is no one knows. Not even anyone foolhardy enough who would be willing to sell their lives for £2.5M. It is a large amount of money but it doesn’t buy a life. The planet is just too small.

    You see, Insane overlooks one tiny detail when he asks the question he asks and that is the question assumes that we are right. IF there was swinging (meaning all our premises are right) the why haven’t any of the little fish come forward to claim the reward?

    With all our premises right means that anyone with the minimum common sense wouldn’t go blow the whistle against those who are handing out the money to get that money.

    It would be like an informer against Al Capone going to see him in prison and ask for him to give the reward that had him put him there. The informer could have many reasons to inform but getting that money wouldn't be one of them.

    Are we saying that NOTW/Sir Richard Branson/Stephen Winyard are involved in the cover-up? No, we’re not.

    But under our premises, and Insane must accept them as valid otherwise his question isn’t, the “little fish” have understood that there are sharks out there protecting the entire affair, sharks that move governments and polices around and certainly are not to be played around with. The “little fish” have no way of telling if NOTW/Sir Richard Branson/Stephen Winyard are or not involved so to be on the safe side they prefer not to risk, no matter how much any of them says they’re not and it’s perfectly safe to come to them. They don’t know if it’s genuine or a mermaid’s chant so prefer to stay put.


  17. Cont.

    Although we think all the “little fish” involved (why blow the whistle on themselves?) in the cover up know Maddie died in the apartment but very few IF ANY know the exact circumstances of what happened. To the question they could possibly have asked to know how did the little girl died they were probably told “she fell off the couch and hit her head on the floor but that doesn’t matter now, what matters now is that no one finds out what was going on here nor who was here, ok?”

    Lastly, thank you for helping us debunk the paedophilia. The more you holler that there wouldn’t be any silence around swinging the more reinforced is the idea that paedophile would not get such a widespread protection.

    1. Hi Textusa,
      When the NoTW closed,it was revealed to someone at Jillhavern forum, that monies were dispersed to charities and some went to the "find Madeleine Fund"as per a final payment, the amount to other Charities was about £22,000?
      don't know if Rcihard Branson/Steven Winyard are still offering a reward to find Madeleine McCann?

    2. Talking of money, article in todays Daily Mail of huge cuts to funding for UK Policing in the future.
      Sir Bernard Hogan Howe and officials held a meeting to warn the UK Government of imminent threat to the provision of Police being able to control society?

    3. Given the widespread knowledge of Leicester being involved from the outset in the biggest show on earth, one of the many mysteries surely has to be, why would BH-H hand the dossier of destruction over to LEICESTER?

    4. my post 16.48.
      The sum of£21,257+ was proposed and accepted by Mr &Mrs McCann and directors of the fund Find Madeleine Fund, payment from the News of the World, the three remaining charities that were supposed to obtain an equal share,GOT Nothing?
      Well done Gerry and Kate and the Directors of the fund who have obfuscated their openness of trust in finding out what happened to this payment?


    “What happened to the News of the World's 'Find Madeleine Reward Fund'?”

  19. Not so perplexing really, the power underpinning the official script!

  20. Hi Textusa, I know you have had disagreements with people from jilhavern site,CMoMM, but there are /is a lot of writing of time line events of the last picture, pool side supposed to be 3 May 2007 and confirmed sighting of Madeleine McCann,creche/Tennis day records as per their statements.
    Clarence will need to be busy next few days MrGoncalo Amarals appeal, sad death of Brenda Leyland 4 October 2014,may she rest in preace, she did not deserve the utter vile visit of Martin **nt and the repugnant Sky bosses, Rupert Murdoch, briber of Police in the UK

    1. Anonymous 30 Sep 2015, 16:29:00,

      We never have disagreements with people not on CMoMM nor anywhere else. We disagree with people's opinions only. Accept others disagree with ours. It's called debate.

      The problem we have is that people seem afraid to debate our ideas. We are criticised on style and form but on content the criticism is limited to the “oh, no, it’s not!” and the “I don’t agree, so it’s waffle” kind of arguments.

      If others wish to attack us personally, we cannot help it or do anything about it. The only thing we can do is not fuel it.

      Last picture – a completely meaningless object with an innocuous objective which has become a myth factory. WBM pales in comparison. The Portuguese call it a storm in a glass of water.

      Confirmed sightings of Maddie – we realise that many nannies have said they saw Maddie when they didn’t. That has nothing to do with pretending she was alive when she wasn’t. Those lies, which we call “teenage lies” (nothing to do with average age of the nannies as most of all those present in the resort that week – plus a few others – used that kind of lie) and has to do with the ratio nannies v supposed children present was such that they had to invent activities as the ones they were doing (taking care of many more kids than those we “know” used childcare”.

      Crêche / Tennis sheets, fictional pieces of paper, much like the Tapas reservation sheets and the booking ones, written up to materialise a script. Nothing on them can be taken as factual. They only serve to prove the hoax.

    2. Hi Textusa,thank you for the reply, but if the Tapas and creche sheets are not factual events, that there is a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice?
      The statements obtained given by people aren't they supposed to be the Truth?

  21. Textusa - I have a lot of respect for a lot of the people who write on CMOMM but I see the debate still rages over death before 3rd May. I don’t think any of them at this stage think this was a holiday with a group of families when the accident occurred, yourself thinks S and so do I, but others have other theories yet they fail to recognise that a lot of the incidents which they are analysing for proof of death before the third were said and reported to convince people that this was a group families holiday. There is no outright evidence of M being alive after Sunday because those who were directing operations did not think they needed this evidence because they were only trying to create the lie. Alive until the third was not a lie so no need to create it. I spent 2 weeks in a large complex in Spain in the summer with my children and other than photos at the pool (which can be photo shopped) there is nobody who could positively identify that it was me and my children there. K & G lack of inability to articulate any family time with M is because there was none and these eejits who were brought in afterwards to create it in their interviews did not have the objective of creating an alive M. If you read the articles these people claim to have had conversations with K, yet despite the fact she states that in the days after the “disappearance” that her and G searched their memories to remember every last detail, she fails to ever mention any of these in her statements or book. Some of the same people who use the Important people having been flown out early on 4th May as evidence of other events happening that week also believe in death before third. If it happened on Sunday wouldn’t the important people have been flown out early on the Monday? Besides the oblivious chaos of the third of May which is suggestive of panicked and rushed decisions does anyone believe that if it had happened on Sunday that by Thursday with all the resources that was available to them that somebody with a bit of wit would have said hang on here let’s not go down this route....I have another plan.

    Oh and well done to Mr Bennett on the sucess of his appeal to the IPSO

    1. Anonymous 1 Oct 2015, 12:22:00,

      A very good comment, thank you!

      Your "If it happened on Sunday wouldn’t the important people have been flown out early on the Monday?" is simply outstanding.

      But there's a whole lot more to be read in your comment. Thank you indeed.

  22. Yes thats a really good comment Anonymous 12:22:00- you made it clear in my head. It also made me think that Kate's appeal to find the woman by the pool was perhaps just another way of creating the myth that there had been family time by the pool. There was probably no woman by the pool - but it didn't matter if there was or wasn't - the appeal for her to come forward still created the illusion of 'family time'


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