Thursday, 7 May 2015

Elections 2015

We inform our readers that because of today's UK elections we will NOT be publishing tomorrow as we usually do on Fridays at 09.00 am.

We consider our next post “Definite Proof” to be of significant importance and so have decided to delay its publication to Saturday, May 9 at 11.00 am.

Thank you for understanding.

Please be reminded that this is not a political blog so we will not be accepting any political comments.

We will take this opportunity to talk about the support shown to Mr Amaral these past few days. 

We HATE injustice and will TROLL it relentlessly!

We have to congratulate the impressive solidarity shown by all those who have donated in support of Mr Amaral's legal expenses.

Words cannot express our gratitude to Leanne Baulch for her courage in organising this online fundraiser (where all the donated funds are transferred to the main Fund).

In doing so we have proved two things, the first being that “to put the money where one’s mouth is” are not mere words when action is required and the second is that the words coming out of our different and diverse but collective mouths are indeed echoing and producing results.

We know the media is closely watching all comments made together with the donations.

The trial decision was a blow. But we took it and have come back fists flying.

The spontaneity and enthusiasm shown by all who contributed speaks for itself.

In one word, fantastic!

(the page as it was today at 08:30 GMT)

To donate, please go to the Legal Defence for Goncalo Amaral page.

But, as today democracy is being (or should be) celebrated we will also provide in this space the same visibility to all those wishing to support our opposing side.

Here are Kate McCann's words of motivation to convince people to donate, so history won't lose them:

“Despite being relatively new to road-cycling (eek!), I’m really looking forward to this challenge. It’s been good making myself ‘be brave’ and get out there…..and on a positive note, the brakes are no longer on quite as fully during the downhills!

Blood, sweat and tears (with a few too many hours in the saddle) ……………but if it makes a difference - which with your support I know it will - it’ll be worth it.”

We are sure that all those who have suffered an unexplained loss of a close and loved family member will find in these words the solace they seek and feel the comfort they need to help them cope with the anguished turmoil their life has become suddenly.

Blood, sweat and tears on an eek of a bike saddle are indeed inspirational words capable of convincing any Scrooge to donate money even before the arrival of the Ghost of Christmas Past.

(the page as it was today at 08:30 GMT)

To donate, please go to Kate's 500 Mile Cycle Challenge page.

Until Saturday.


  1. Just to emphasize to not believe their statements and Tapas friends doe's not make you a Troll nor a Monster, good luck Goncalo Amaral in the seeking of the Truth with regard to the missing Madeleine McCann.
    I suggest people look at the discretions carried out by the MSM, Austrailian proprietor and the control of the media,phone hacking, underhand exchange of money,corruption?

  2. And in the interests of true democracy, there are also minor parties standing. One can find Fiona Payne (registered under her maiden name of Fiona Webster) also taking part in this challenge. She set herself a much lower target to raise and consequently got to 50% quickly where she now appears to have stalled.

    Perhaps it is my English, but Fiona's page also says in memory of Madeleine McCann. I thought that expression is used for dead people.

    1. I wonder if they have invited former and present Police officers from Operation Grange along, just like Sir Bernard Hogan Howe has done on previous charity events for the infamous couple?
      Is Gerry riding a tandem with Kate on this event,wonder if Fiona's husband will be at the event along with special Tapas group or is he too busy?
      How doe's the song go,"Riding along on a push bike Honey when I noticed You"!?

    2. Perhaps Textusa might care to donate some Yellow Jersey's,similar to the one's in this post or would that inflame the bike ride?

    3. Lance Armstrong may be available with his yellow jersey!?

  3. anon 13:44
    Sir Bernard HH
    I understand he deputised someone else to attend the balloon launch.

  4. Omg my friend I so love this post it's made me beam thank you
    Roll on Saturday

  5. I have just read all the comments on the just giving page and feel incredibly proud of all mr amaral's supporters. No matter how hard they try the msm cannot tell us what to think ! The mcanns have scored a massive own goal in doing what they have to goncalo , more and more people are waking up to the truth of this case

  6. So after your" courageous" bike ride Mrs Mcann,will you ,go home to spend some quality time with your two remaining children??please ,get your priorities right whilst you have the chance,they must be so confused,I know I am.

  7. And how respectful the comments are not bad eh for "hateful Trolls"

  8. .......seems 'her' fund has some catching up to do..........

  9. I do not wish to be a bad sport but, I am under the impression that any event triggered, every single move made by Mr. Amaral that may reflect negatively on the McCanns' immaculate image - or perceived as such, is immediately counter-acted by their reputation management team at Burson-Marsteller. This may or may not explain Kate's cycling stunt. I could be biased.

    By the way, what happen to their Lift Consulting connection in Lisbon?

    On a less conspirational note, you may like to know I have just donated another $15 to the Legal Defence of GA. Not much but - that was my food budget for tomorrow. Sandwiches will have to do.

    Look forward to read "Definite Proof".

  10. The only political comment we will make about the election is this:

    Brighton Pavilion

    Green hold with a 14.6% majority, 71% turnout
    candidates votes %
    Caroline Lucas 22,871 41.8%
    Purna Sen 14,904 27.3%
    Clarence Mitchell 12,448 22.8%
    Nigel Carter 2,724 5.0%
    Chris Bowers 1,525 2.8%
    Nick Yeomans 116 0.2%
    Howard Pilott 88 0.2%

    Thank you Brighton Pavilion voters.


      Única deputada Verde reeleita derrota porta-voz da família McCann
      Hoje às 10:09

      A única deputada do partido Verde britânico, Caroline Lucas, manteve o lugar no parlamento britânico, numa eleição onde concorreu contra o porta-voz dos pais de Madeleine McCann, Clarence Mitchell.

    2. only 1 more lol just as a wee gloat .......McVey in an election when the Torys cleaned up she is dumped. The only way is down for those that come in contact......


      Posted by portugalpress on May 09, 2015

      Maddie spin-doctor fails to secure Conservative victory in UK elections

      Clarence Mitchell - perhaps best known as the media spokesman for the parents of Madeleine McCann - lost his bid last night to morph into a Conservative Party MP.

      Mitchell, who used to be a PR advisor to the Labour Party, was pushed into third place behind the UK’s only Green Party MP Caroline Lucas - who held comfortably on to the Brighton Pavilion seat, even increasing her majority - and Labour’s Purna Sen.

      With a total of 12,448 votes, Mitchell nonetheless managed to scoop 23% of the vote on a pledge to “work tirelessly to make Brighton a better place”.

      Intriguingly, in his “About Clarence” bio, as well as the section entitled “More About Me”, Mitchell failed to make any mention at all about the years he has spent as a spokesman for the McCann family.

      He did however cite various media roles and that as a trustee of Swanswell, the national charity that helps tackle problem alcohol and drug abuse, he brought “special insight and awareness” to some of Brighton’s “most important social issues”.

  11. In the meantime bloggers, forums and other truth seekers on the internet have chosen to vote for legal justice. Stay united.

  12. Textusa,
    Very wise to delay your post which I am really looking forward to reading tomorrow. Especially since the quality of your posts are a combo of Shakespeare and Agatha Christie. With the exception that sadly, this is a true story.

    1 of 18,314

    Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral: Matéria de Facto: Documento Original. Pdf


    Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral: Proven Facts in the Civil Trial: English Translation

    1. From my very limited experience with legal matters it seems that the recent judgement is full of contradictions. On one hand it seems to be saying that it's not proven that Amaral's book caused Kate and Gerry Mc Cann distress/grief, etc. But then it seems to be saying that the book's assertion that the parents hid the cadaver caused them distress/grief, etc! I don't get it. Sorry.

    2. The possible hiding is potentially more embarrassing and distressing than the actual terrible tragedy?

    3. Exactly. Quite bizarre.


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