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All the world's a stage (2/3)

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Foreword: As this post is lengthy, it will be posted in 3 parts. Today, we are publishing the second third.

4. The Murat plot.

We have shown in our “Planting a spy” post quite clearly that the Carpenter – Murat encounter of the morning on May 4, 2007, in the cul-de-sac in front of Murat’s Casa Liliana never happened, much less the way both say it happened.

Unfortunately for both, their statements tally up about the “chance” encounter that never happened between them: Murat inside property and Carpenter in the cul-de-sac, Murat asking a question and Carpenter answering it, Murat coming out of his property to talk to Carpenter, Murat following Carpenter to be introduced to Gerry and Carpenter introducing Murat to Gerry McCann as a translator.

Mainly their statements tally up on what matters: Murat being a translator in the case was because and only because he was taken by Carpenter to be introduced to Gerry.

As we have shown the idea behind Carpenter's statement is to alleviate the pressure on Murat. To yank him briefly from the water.

The plot was quite simple. A guest encountered by chance an ex-pat and convinced him to be a translator [regardless of not knowing if the PJ officers did, or didn’t, speak English] to help in the case.

The guest takes ex-pat to Gerry McCann who approves his services. Based on what authority, we don’t know.

As we said, based on Carpenter’s words, Murat comes across as timid man, “holed” up in his property, who and from what Carpenter describes, it wouldn’t have crossed his mind to offer his help.

But, again trusting Carpenter’s version, Murat’s shyness suddenly disappears the moment he’s introduced:

DC Ferguson: and I explained that Robert spoke fluently Portuguese, he [Murat] told Gerry that it was important to have someone who spoke the language so that nothing would be lost in translation. And that was how Robert Murat was presented as translator”

Carpenter: Yes.

DC Ferguson: After he [Murat]  left, he explained that Gerry was frustrated with the way in which the process was running and they went to talk to John Hill.

Carpenter: Yes.

DC Ferguson: In Mark Warner and he [Murat] demanded that he [John Hill] open up all the Mark Warner rooms so that he [Murat] could check them and he [John Hill] called the cleaning ladies etc. to help and open all the empty apartments that were not necessarily in the Mark Warner complex, but for which they could have the key. At this time you also met an English man called Dave who lived in the area and helped the Ocean Club give you the authority to enter in all possible apartments, some of the apartments in Gerry's block belonged to local owners and Dave helped to get the key to these same apartments so that you could search them, and then and then began the search, searching all in general.

Carpenter: Mmm mmm.”

First, Gerry, confides in a total stranger that he isn’t happy with the way the process was going.

In the first hours of the first morning Gerry has already formulated a negative opinion about how PJ were doing things. He hasn’t given his first statement but is already critical and says this to a total stranger.

Then we are in the Wild West. Gerry McCann is the sheriff and he deputises Murat. Murat with the deputy’s star pinned on his chest, demands that the Ocean Club manager open up all doors so that he could check inside apartments. And, apparently, the Ocean Club manager complies.

Carpenter and Murat are even given authority by the Ocean Club to enter all apartments possible. We do wonder about the legality of this.

If we add "Dave“ and John Hill, we are taken back to Tombstone with the Earp Brothers and ‘Doc’ Holiday’, walking side by side to the gunfight at the O.K. Corral with Murat playing the role of Wyatt Earp!

Now, that is clearly doing translating. Not!

Then, for no reason other than tracking dogs having arrived, Murat and Carpenter stop this apartment searching and head towards the beach.

DC Ferguson:’But Robert and I searched the terrains near the beach’.


Carpenter: They had a team of tracking dogs on site, from Lisbon according to what I was told, and afterwards we walked to the beach in the attempt to find the scent, whether she had strayed alone or had fallen into the sea, and it was just him and me and the dog handlers, so there was no big theme of conversation, simply walking the path and taking it to return”

Excuse me?

We have Portuguese dog handlers doing searches in Portuguese territory, what is a translator needed for?

In case the dogs found Maddie’s scent on a tourist? Because if they found it on an ex-pat, that ex-pat has the obligation to identify himself and make himself understood in the language of the country he is residing in to its authorities .

And shouldn’t Murat be doing some translating instead of following Maddie's scent?

On May 4, SIC made a report for the evening news and filmed the dogs and the dog handlers:

(images captured from video at gerrymccannsblogs)

They seem to be accompanied, correctly so, only by GNR officers. No civilians walking with them. No sign of Murat or of Carpenter.

The reader may say that Murat led the apartment searching because there wasn’t any sort of Portuguese police present [not true, as Murat does speaks of the presence of the GNR during the apartment searching] and decided to go with the tracking dogs because they were the first ones to arrive and so he accompanied them.

The problem with that reasoning is that Murat has been, in theory, accepted as a translator, so his job would be to stay put until the appropriate investigative authorities arrived and used his services.

And Carpenter proves us right, because when they return, the PJ is there and Murat had, according to Carpenter, been wandering about and wasn't where he was needed:

Carpenter: …when we arrived we talked with different Portuguese police officers and after with the one who appeared to be leading the operation, an individual more of Forensic look, but as I now say it doesn’t appear very clear.

DC Ferguson: Yes.

Carpenter: Humm... where Robert presents himself as being capable of speaking both languages and they no; they tried to use him to withdraw the maximum information from the English side, so that the Portuguese could understand what the people were saying and up to what state they were, humm… in that involvement with the police and then we tried to enter all the apartments that had a view to where Gerry and Kate were lodged.

DC Ferguson: Yes..

Carpenter: And it was just talking about, you know...trying to access the possible and trying to open the maximum of doors in the surroundings, and I think that was all.

DC Ferguson: You go on describing with a little more detail the searches in the apartments neighbouring Gerry and Kate's…”

From Carpenter’s words, Murat’s translating abilities are not gleefully welcomed by the PJ. They prefer to get information from him than to use him to interview people.

And it seems that there was someone else also doing translations, one Dave Shelton from Manchester, who now lives in the village, has been co-ordinating volunteer searchers.”

The Daily Express reports:

“Search co-ordinator Dave Shelton, 38, from Manchester, who has lived in the village for more than 16 years running an air conditioning company, said: “I came here first on Friday morning, I speak a little Portuguese and was helping police knock on the doors of all the apartments. Then people just started coming out of the woodwork saying, ‘We’ve heard, what can we do to help’.”

In spite of his involvement in searches there is no statement from Shelton.

And Carpenter confirms that Shelton did translate:

Carpenter: Who had supposedly acquired a property, because of it I strongly suggested that we open the maximum possible number of doors, the... I can't remember the name of the individual, who I also met by chance, and who was doing a bit as a translator, what was his name again, who helped to open the doors.

DC Ferguson: Was it John HILL?

Carpenter: No, John Hill was a Mark Warner employee, I forgot his name, but he...humm also knew the local Estate Agent and different people who helped to get the keys of the owners or potential renters, some of whom were on holiday.”

Another fascinating memory phenomenon afflicting those involved in the Maddie case, as Carpenter has forgotten he has just said “at this time you also met an English man called Dave who lived in the area and helped the Ocean Club give you the authority to enter in all possible apartments”.

Carpenter as we will describe will continue to search apartments and garages with Dave Shelton [yes, the same man he has difficulty remembering his name].

From Carpenters words, we’re not sure if Murat accompanied him in the apartment searches involving the Greyhairman episode.

However, Carpenter makes it clear that some sort of relationship developed between the 2, that there was some proximity between both. He says he speaks to Murat about Greyhairman:

Carpenter: Hummm.. then it would just a question of asking who he was, where he was and could be eliminated from the list of suspects, becoming one less person to raise concern.

DC Ferguson: And did you talk about this to Robert as well about the person [Greyhairman] well in the scenario [best translation possible for: lá bem dentro do cenário]?

Carpenter: Ah ah”

The proximity between them is confirmed by Carpenter when he says Murat has explained to him how unhappy the Portuguese Police was with the British Media, this already on Saturday:

Carpenter: Yes.

DC Ferguson: And you go on to say that you spoke to Robert on that day [Saturday, May 5] about how the Portuguese Police were unhappy with the incomprehensible way in which the British press treated them.

Carpenter: That was what he said. What he explained to me.

DC Ferguson: Yes.

Carpenter: Yes.”

Good friends they seemed to be.

However this is Murat’s version of the same events:

“…and then they saw an English passer-by on the outside, he does not know the identity. When asked about this, he was told that the child had disappeared. Accompanied by that person, he went to the place of the disappearance, and was introduced to the parents of the child, as he spoke the two languages, Portuguese and English. Assumes that the passer-by would be staying at the Luz Ocean Club, in the block opposite the home of the respondent. This individual already knew the parents of MADELEINE, or met them at the time. He started a conversation with the family of the child, offering to help. Together with an officer of the GNR and an employee of the resort with several keys, entered several apartments, opened with the keys or by the tenants in order to locate the child. Some of the apartments were closed and there were no keys, these sites were flagged by the GNR man.

At that time he met John Hill, manager of MARK WARNER, who supplied them with more keys to other apartments.

Prior to this occasion, he did not know the interior of the "Ocean Club", only entering the resort after the disappearance.

In the meantime the tracker dogs arrived that undertook a more rigorous form of search.

Then, having told several of the present people, including officers of the GNR, that he spoke two languages, he was taken to some places to make verbal translations for people who wanted to testify, remaining in that role during the afternoon. On the evening of that day by 19:00-19:30 went to see Michaela, returning to Luz about 23:00-23:30.

On Saturday he continued the verbal translations next to the GNR mobile police station, making various contacts with the press, and that night went again to Lagos.

When asked he said the relationship with the press was somewhat troubled.”

Murat doesn’t know Carpenter’s name. He speaks of him as “that person” (credit to our reader Nuala for spotting this).

Murat does confirm he went apartment searching. He speaks of being accompanied by an officer of the GNR and an employee of the resort and then later meets John Hill who supplies more keys.

No talk of Carpenter being present.

We don’t know who the “employee of the resort” is. It’s not Dave Shelton [we do wonder from where Carpenter got the idea Dave had access to Ocean Club keys] as he's not on the Ocean Club employee list.

But whoever it was, had to speak Portuguese. So what was the need for Murat’s presence in this searching?

It makes sense that he participates in verbal translations with the PJ or with GNR. As an example of this, we have been told by Jez Wilkins that he was visited by Murat and a PJ Inspector and that makes perfect sense.

What doesn’t make any sense is for Murat to be going inside apartments with the GNR like a police investigator.

Note that he does this searching before telling “several of the present people, including officers of the GNR, that he spoke two languages”.

It’s not as a translator that he accompanies the GNR officer and whoever the Ocean Club employee is into apartments.

So why does he do it? Maybe because he’s on a mission, and that mission is not exactly to translate but to use his bilingual skills to be able to provide a permanently updated situational awareness upstream.

What matters is that what Carpenter has to say about Murat, harms him more than it helps.

He gets the message across that it was him who brings Murat into the case, and then spoils it all by saying a little too much.

If he had “left” Murat after introducing him to Gerry and gone back to his apartment as he was going to when he allegedly heard Murat's first call [that bit also had to be completely rewritten] then all would have sounded more credible.

Carpenter spoils it all by not recognising when he should have left the stage. He should have but doesn't.

5. The Greyhairman plot

This plot was to prove that Raj Balu and Neil Berry have credibility in their statements. To stock up on ammo for the fight for credibility they supposed they were going to have against Mário Marreiros, the Laundyman, because he saw Neil in the hole in the stais of block 5 early evening of May 3.

Berry and Balu are linked to each other about what they did on the night of May 3 so neither provide proof or an alibi for the other.

Note that when the discussion goes around Greyhairman it is deflected completely away from the one questioning if Balu and Berry did indeed take part in the searches on the night of May 3.

Other than themselves, we only have Carpenter, with the Greyhairman tale, saying that Berry and Balu participated in that searching. And he says that using the FOAF (Friend-of-a-friend) technique, which we saw being used by Murat's pseudo-friend Carlos Costa.

Carpenter, Balu and Berry only search together on May 5:

DC Ferguson: Neil and Raj, two Mark Warner tourists who I saw in the in the Tapas bar who searched for Maddie with me”

Carpenter, apparently meets Berry and Balu at Tapas Bar, during his dinner:

DC Ferguson: Another couple whose names I do not remember, sat at the table in front of us. The other man [singular] was sitting on the esplanade having a drink while they [plural] waited for the ‘takeaway’, I talked to them briefly, I hadn't realised that the Tapas bar had ‘takeaway’. At this time I didn't know their names yet.”

The Carpenters with a baby and a toddler certainly calling for attention are surrounded by people at Tapas (he says, as we’ll see later, his daughter is playing with Philip Edmonds' sons) and he takes notice of two men sitting at a table not near them (from what Carpenter describes, near them are Edmonds and his 3 sons, an unknown couple and the Tapas Big Round Table, empty because the T9 had not yet arrived) who are just having a drink.

Being Tapas bar fully booked, as queueing up for reservations indicates, we imagine that Balu and Berry were sitting having their drink at the table reserved for Balu and that he gave up that afternoon, because all others, we imagine, would be set up for dinner.

Shouldn't Carpenter be paying more attention to his family? After all, this would be the second night (the first was when they arrived on Saturday) the family was having dinner together. So shouldn't he be focused on them instead of other guests?

So why does he get up to talk, however briefly, to the two men who are just sitting and having a drink? Or, did he from his chair, shout out across the esplanade “hey, you guys, what are you doing there?” or hey, you guys over there, enjoying your drinks?”

Even if he got up to see what his daughter was up to, what’s the reason to start a conversation with 2 men who are just sitting enjoying a drink?

If one was able to get a dinner reservation at Tapas, did that imply one had to talk to everyone? Did one have to sign some sort of document obliging oneself to talk to everyone that was there?

If I was sitting with Fred enjoying a drink and a total stranger came up to me and asked us “are you enjoying your drink?”, the natural reaction would be “sorry, what?” and if he insisted, I would politely respond, “yes, thank you”. And avoid any further conversation with the person. Conversations happen naturally, not just because one is sitting down enjoying a drink.

It's none of Carpenter’s business what Berry and Balu are doing. Why the need to tell a stranger about the take-away?

In our opinion, this “casual take-away banter” is to provide credibility to what Berry and Balu have stated about going to Tapas to get a take-away for their dinner in Berry’s apartment.

By chance Carpenter meets Murat and by chance he learns of the take-away from Balu and Berry. It wasn't enough for him to say he saw 2 men drinking and then they left, or even he saw them leave with some bags that would appear to be a take-away. No, he had to get across, so you wouldn't miss it, that they were there for the take-away. He heard this from them. The 2 total strangers he had never seen before in his life.

Then the Greyhairman episode begins.

It starts when Carpenter has apparently parted ways with Murat when he starts the second phase of apartment searching:

DC Ferguson: You go on describing with a little more detail the searches in the apartments neighbouring Gerry and Kate's, and then you found Neil and Raj who started talking and told you that they had collaborated in the searches the night before.”

Carpenter: Yes. .

DC Ferguson: And they explained to you that they had seen a man with torches [a torch?] and they felt something suspicious about him, that they were not at all satisfied with him.

Carpenter: Yes, yes.

DC Ferguson: Then he introduced himself saying that he lived in Portugal and that he had just bought a block of apartments.

Carpenter: Yes.

DC Ferguson: These were in front of Gerry's block, which made them concentrate more in that area.

Carpenter: Yes, because Raj in particular said that he felt something unusual and that it wasn’t right, and the fact they [apartments of supposedly bought block of apartments] were where they were, the fact that the back of the apartment block was in front of Kate and Gerry's apartment, humm...and that they even discussed the purchase price and how much he paid, but the following morning there were not even signs, even knocking on all the doors of the apartments that were occupied and of those that were unoccupied, we didn’t find anyone, he said, and that is why we thought it was unusual for someone who was available and collaborated in the searches and who lived nearby, was not found the following morning, because as you know, we were not contactable.

DC Ferguson: Not even signs of him and you remember that you were worried about this man who was described as being in his fifties and with grey hair.

Carpenter: Ah ha.

DC Ferguson: And it seems strange, as you referred, that a person who helped so much on the previous night, disappeared the following morning.

Carpenter: Yes, I suppose there was something that even the Portuguese locals would be incapable of identifying (inaudible) or recognising by the description of a poster in particular.

DC Ferguson: Who he was.

Carpenter: Hummm.. then it would just a question of asking who he was, where he was and could be eliminated from the list of suspects, becoming one less person to raise concern.

DC Ferguson: And did you talk about this to Robert as well about the person well in the scenario [best translation of: lá bem dentro do cenário]?

Carpenter: Ah ha.”

So, apparently Berry and Balu had met a man the night before who had bought, recently, or very recently, a block of apartments.

The block referred to is the one opposite and above block 5 where apartment 5A is:

Carpenter: Yes, yes, well what happened was that, Gerry's apartment was here because it was not a flat area, it was more or less like this and that is why the opposing apartments were higher up.

DC Ferguson: Correct.

Carpenter: Because of that it can obviously be seen, can be seen from above these apartments and all the others in the lower area and where we, hum... this is where the individual with the grey hair was.”

So Greyhairman has bought block 2 of the Ocean Club:

He must be a very rich man.

But is there any reason to find Greyhairman suspicious just because he's rich?

The fact that he doesn’t appear the next morning only confirms the suspicions but what started them, we don't know.

Balu finds a man suspicious because the stranger tells him he has bought a block of apartments and those apartments overlook block 5.

That’s the only reason we're told why this man has become a suspect.

As if a rich abductor, having bought a block of apartments to stakeout block 5 (we won’t go as far as having him buy the whole lot of apartments just to keep an eye on apartment 5A) and the first thing he does after abducting Maddie is to come back and confide that same fact to a pair of complete strangers.

To imply that the abductor has dumped Maddie somewhere (supposedly nearby) and returned to tell 2 men he knows from nowhere that his investment on a block of apartments has paid off is beyond ridiculous.

Them having him talking about the purchase price to create further suspicion backfires.

If the man had indeed bought block 2 and the three of them are searching around block 2 as Carpenter says they were, then it would be perfectly natural for Greyhairman to say something like “I just bought this block for X amount of euros and I really hope the little girl is found because it may hurt the investment I just made…”

Having him with a torch is a detail that serves only to confirm their “suspicion” that he lived nearby. Only a local would have a torch at that time.

Him not being found the next morning is suspicious? Why?

First, we would think highly unlikely for an investor to live in the building of apartments he has just bought as a block. He would have been a man of wealth and most likely live in a big villa nearby.

Then, who knows what this man had to do on that day? He could be in his office working. It was a Friday and people do work on Fridays. Or he could have gone on a business trip.

Do note the description of the man: he's fifty and he has grey hair. No mention of clothing. What kind of trousers was he wearing? T-shirt or a shirt? Was he fat, or was he thin? Did he have any particular facial characteristics that could help identify him? A beard? A moustache? Was he short or was he tall?

When one finds a person suspicious and one has time, as Balu and Berry had (as they did converse with him) to observe these things, then one does.

Instead, all we have is a man in his fifties with grey hair, holding a torch. How many 50 yr old men have grey hair? That many?

Fascinating though is that it’s Carpenter, not Berry or Balu, who becomes really obsessed with Greyhairman.

We don’t have access to the original statements of either, only to their rogatory statements of 2008. In neither of these does PJ ask any question about Greyhairman nor do they find it necessary to talk about the character.

We don't believe any diligences were made by PJ to find Greyhairman, which would be expected if either Berry or Balu had mentioned him, but are open to correction.

Carpenter really gets fixated with the man.

First, it’s because of Greyhairman that he strongly suggests to open as many apartments as possible:

Carpenter: Who had supposedly acquired a property, because of it I strongly suggested that we open the maximum possible number of doors, the... I can't remember the name of the individual, who I also met by chance, and who was doing a little of translator, what was his name again, who helped to open the doors.”

Now, please take note of something here because it’s important for the next plot, the Laundryman: Balu and Berry disappear from the story from this moment on.

It’s like they planted the seed in Carpenter’s brain about this Greyhairman and trusted Carpenter to go and look for him, They threw him a bone, told him to go and fetch it and exit stage.

Why? Because from here, as you’ll see, the Greyhairman plot will link up with the Laundryman one, so Balu and Berry cannot be anywhere near the latter, for obvious reasons.

So Balu and Berry leave the stage and let Carpenter continue the search with the help of a man whose name he cannot remember, as we'll see.

The fixation on Greyhairman goes to the point that when he enters the “Laundryman garage” filled with children’s toys out of context, he doesn’t fully realise [strange, neither does Dave, the nameless man] what he’s looking at because his mind is totally focused on the Greyhairman:

Carpenter: And while we entered there [the garage] I asked who lived there, he replied that his son lived there and then there were toys because I was concentrated on the fifty year old English man, this one is Portuguese, it was only afterwards when I later thought about what we were searching for”

Was Carpenter searching for Maddie or not? Apparently he was searching for a filthy rich fifty year old grey haired man with a torch who could possibly be living alone in a garage.

But he takes his fixation further. When he returns home, on the day he gives his statement, just before giving it (otherwise it wouldn’t be part of it), he sends an e-mail to Sky News about… Greyhairman:

DC Ferguson: Certainly you followed the development of the events on TV.

Carpenter: Yes.

DC Ferguson: Humm... then you say that on the 17th May you sent an email to Sky News about the description of an individual with about fifty of age, humm.... on the May 14 you caught the end of a report on the news which mentioned that Robert Murat had been referenced as a suspect.

Carpenter: Yes (inaudible) I spoke to the Sky reporter, I think Ian Woods, humm...did I put that there?

DC Ferguson: It's here, yes.”

But the most fascinating thing that Carpenter has to say about Greyhairman is when he involves Gerry McCann:

DC Ferguson: Yes, you found Gerry in the swimming pool area on Saturday afternoon, he told you that the fifty year old man had not been taken into consideration, that the Leicestershire Police were on their way and you gave him your phone number and returned to England that night.”

On Saturday, May 5, Gerry is unhappy that Greyhairman has not been taken into consideration.

One must really, really question Gerry’s unhappiness. We cannot see why he is unhappy. Or better said, we see no reason for him to be unhappy. Not about Greyhairman.

Because, at this point in time the PJ hasn’t been told about Greyhairman.

So how could they not take something into consideration that they don’t know anything about?

Gerry, if he already knew about Greyhairman, on Friday May 4, says nothing about him to the PJ.

Gerry is unhappy about Greyhairman not being taken into consideration on Saturday, May 5, but the only ones that had seen the man, Balu and Berry had not yet given their statements. Balu gives his statement only on Sunday, May 6, and Berry only on Monday, May 7.

What one cannot understand is why neither Berry nor Balu speak to GNR on May 4. They are both filmed near GNR officers and Balu is even filmed talking to them:

(images captured from video at gerrymccannsblogs)

But, apparently, they didn't.

Carpenter only speaks on May 17, so it can't be by him the PJ has disregarded Greyhairman by May 5.

Could it be Dave? No, there’s no statement from Dave.

Could it be Murat? No, Murat only speaks on May 14.

Fascinating stuff this Gerry unhappiness. Unhappy about something he couldn't possibly be unhappy about.

All Carpenter had to do was to say that he talked to Balu and Berry that morning, and they told him they had seen a suspicious person. That would be enough for an “independent” witness to have spoken about Balu and Berry being out and about searching for Maddie.

Carpenter has, in our opinion, ingrained the mission that he has to get Murat off the hook, so decides on his own to say that Greyhairman is more suspicious than Murat. It's Greyhairman they should be looking for, not Murat.

Once again, over-eggs the pudding, and spoils the dessert.

But, is there a Greyhairman? We think there is. A man in his fifties is filmed by SIC on May 4 2007 talking to Raj Balu. He's wearing a light green t-shirt and appears to be accompanied by a blonde woman:

(images captured from video at gerrymccannsblogs)

This man, in his fifties, hasn't been identified till this day.

Exactly a month before, on April 4, 2007 (by coincidence Carpenter's birthday), the Comet online, published an article called “Planning protest”. In it it says:

“But one BXXXXXXX LXXX resident, Stephen Carpenter, 51, says he feels that the development is "over densely populated" as he believes that...”

And then has this picture showing the Carpenter family:

Making a comparison, be the reader the judge:

Comet's Stephen Carpenter shares the same address as the Stephen Carpenter in the PJ Files.

It seems to us that when Carpenter says he spoke to Balu on May 4, he is indeed telling the truth.

However, he appears accompanied by his wife, who he doesn't mention being present in his searches, nor does he seem to be doing any searching in fact.

Could it be that Carpenter was describing himself when he speaks of Greyhairman?

Another thing, could it be Carpenter who was the 50 yr old man who lured Cecília Pires into trespassing a villa so that Jenny Murat could get her siren story out to an independent witness?

“In her walk she approached a scrubland which is located to the north and a few metres from the resort, when at this time a man approached, about 50 years old, who addressed the deponent in English, asking her if she was involved in the searches for the missing child.

The deponent told him no, although having affirmed that she was also looking, partly to appease her conscience.

In this context the man proposed to the deponent that he and she went to an villa, apparently uninhabited, but not abandoned, with the intention of looking for the child and so that it wouldn’t be only one person trespassing.

After they entered the parking area of the residence, where they called out to confirm if there was anyone there, they saw that, on the outside, a woman approached, appearing to be elderly, with about 70 years, about 1,5 or 1,6 metres tall, greying hair pinned back in a "banana" style, so the man mentioned before took the initiative to approach the lady inviting her to enter the residence together with him and the deponent with the intention of locating the missing child, to which the lady agreed.”

Unfortunately for Jenny Murat she said “being it then that she realised of the disappearance of a girl from the "Ocean Club"” instead of saying what she should have said: “but only this morning did she realise those sirens were about the disappearance of the girl from the "Ocean Club"”

Sometimes when actors don't remember their lines correctly.they change the plot completely.

Next chapters:

6. The Laundryman plot

7. Miscellaneous Feet-in-the-mouth

Post Scriptum (Feb 27, 2015 13:45):

We have received the following comment:

“Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "All the world's a stage (2/3)":

Look at the photos...

Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 27 Feb 2015, 10:51:00”

Clicking up on the link we can see the following picture:

Robert Murat, Neil Berry and Raj Balu walking alongside the GNR tracking dogs. This seems to contradict what we said in the post:

“On May 4, SIC made a report for the evening news and filmed the dogs and the dog handlers:

They seem to be accompanied, correctly so, only by GNR officers. No civilians walking with them. No sign of Murat or of Carpenter.”

What was shown in the SIC news report is valid, the dog handlers appear only to be accompanied by GNR officers.

However we each picked up a newspaper and proceeded do beat each other up.

Why? Obviously because we failed to see the pictures that were right before our eyes:

In the page where we took the screengrabs from the video, shows these photos quite clearly. They didn't bite us because they don't have teeth, otherwise we're sure they would!

Not having seen these pictures meant that we had missed further evidence to prove our point. That’s unforgivable and it will be a long time before we let this one go between ourselves.

These pictures are further proof that it’s false what Carpenter has said about his outing with Murat: “and it was just him and me and the dog handlers”

Note the dog handler is accompanied by a GNR officer:

There’s Murat in the picture but no Carpenter. And Carpenter makes no mention of Balu or Berry and they appear in the pictures instead of him.

Murat mentions the dogs in his statements to say: “In the meantime the tracker dogs arrived that undertook a more rigorous form of search.”

He doesn’t say he participates in the searches with the dogs but he doesn’t say he doesn’t. For that reason we have only pointed out, now further confirmed, that “no talk of Carpenter being present” in whatever he, Murat, did.

But what this is beginning to show is that, we have been told that around 60 people (John Hill speaks of around 100) participated in the searches in those first moments. We consider Friday as “first moments” as the media hype was still being built and the McCanns first press conference was on the early evening of that day.

But of these 60 people, events seem to gravitate around the same few people: Robert Murat, Raj Balu, Neil Berry, Stephen Carpenter, John Hill and the Jensen sisters.

For example, besides the T3 (Rachael, Russell and Fiona) having recognised Murat near apartment 5A on the night

The Mirror on Dec 29, 2007, report that

“Sisters Jayne Jensen and Annie Wiltshire say they are 100 per cent sure they saw Robert Murat nearby minutes after Madeleine McCann vanished.”

A friend said last night: "Jayne and Annie know what they saw and that is that."

Annie, 58, and Jayne, 54, holidayed at the same resort complex and got to know Kate and Gerry McCann and their three children.

They say they saw Murat, 34 - the first person made an official suspect over four-year-old Madeleine's disappearance - smoking near the entrance 30 minutes after Kate McCann reported her daughter missing.

They told Leicestershire police about it when they returned home to Ayelsford in Kent.”

The same Jensen sisters with whom Neil and Raj spent the afternoon of May 3 chatting with at Tapas bar.

The same sisters who just happen to find 2 men suspicious just because they were standing on a balcony of an apartment that wasn’t even in their building.

Just like with Greyhairman, no reason to be suspected of anything yet found suspicious. Greyhairman by Balu and the 2 blond men by the Jensen sisters.

The Telegraph reports on Dec 31, 2007 reports that:

“But it has emerged that the British barrister who gave a statement to officers told them he saw Mr Murat on a street corner opposite the McCanns' Ocean Club apartment 30 minutes after Madeleine was reported missing.

The barrister shared a drink with Mr Murat the following evening, together with Jayne Jensen, a British holidaymaker. He described Mr Murat's behaviour as "odd", saying he went to change his clothes because it had been a long day, even though the barrister was sure Mr Murat had changed his clothes earlier. Mrs Jensen, a 54-year-old businesswoman, has told police she saw Mr Murat smoking a cigarette on the street corner at the time he was seen by the barrister.”

Could the unidentified barrister be Raj Balu? Balu makes no mention of Murat in what he’s said that is in the files (we don’t have his first statement).

Now look at who also just happens to see Murat on that night as the Telegraphs says in the following paragraph:

“Charlotte Pennington, a nanny working at the Ocean Club resort, also claims to have seen Mr Murat in the hours after Madeleine vanished.”



    Look at the photos...

  2. Hi Textusa,really good interesting instalment, so Stephen Carpenter aka step forward (grey haired man) or has he got a doppel ganger who just happened to be in Portugal walking around buying block 2 apartments, or did Stephen Carpenter actually buy the apartments block,because he certainly wanted every one else to buy his elaborate scenarios.?
    What a good job two camera persons had done and Textusa capturing a suspect who has eliminated them self or corrupted their involvement in this case, may be you should pass on the photographs of grey hair man to DCI Nicola Wall, she could do with a break through in finding EX-DCI Redwoods Abductor Operation Grange.

  3. Very very interesting and great work as usual - looking forward to next one, too. Very good readership numbers too - SY / DC /PJ have certainly been informed of your analysis so hopefully they are tuning in frequently.

  4. Thank you for the mention Textusa :) and as to the rest, wow!

    Great catch identifying SC in that photo with RB. I don't think that's his wife though. No offence to Mrs C but she's heavier than the blond lady with paper in her hand, also Mrs C is a head shorter than SC and the blond lady is only half a head shorter. That blond lady is also in the photo above the SC ones walking with NB towards RB and the GNR officers.

    As always I will have to read all again when I have more time later, but this:

    Another thing, could it be Carpenter who was the 50 yr old man who lured Cecília Pires into trespassing a villa so that Jenny Murat could get her siren story out to an independent witness?

    That was a real wow! moment, because after your update to your previous post I was rereading Cecília Pires statement and there's something not quite right about it, so I will have to read through all again.

    Thanks for another great post :)

    Nuala x

    1. Nuala, I think it's the same woman. Only using her hair differently

    2. Anonymous 27 Feb 2015, 13:39:00

      Actually the blond hair is the only thing I see as being the same :)

      I'm wondering if the blond lady with NB and then SC is Donna Hill. I think the papers in her hand are printed out photos of Maddie and there are more papers in her bag, it's a see through bag and they can be seen in it.

      John and Donna Hill were instrumental in having hundreds of colour copies of a photo of Maddie printed out on 4th May 2007.

      Nuala x

  5. Looking at Berry in his TV interview,i should think he would shout from the Hills if he were to be PROPERLY asked some questions.

    1. IMO, so would many of them if they had half a chance of doing a deal with the British police. It's easy being brave when you're in a gang and Sky News is seemingly happy to shore up the official narrative.

      Long before there was this level of analysis, Philomena McCann said the media had been terrific, Mrs Healy said there's a lot of people involved in this, her husband declared it a farce and Gerald said everyone is acting.

      Go figure!

  6. Goodness,those "guests"/"Witness" definitley took the PJ and LE police for Fools!!
    Absolutely Incredible! It seems to be a theme with all those giving "accounts"!!
    Berry and Balu need loking at more.What in this world was Berry doing in that stairwell??
    I should think the PJ should give Mr Berry and Mr Balu an all expences paid visit to a Portomao Interview room. Thank you again,Textusa!!

    1. What in this world was Berry doing in that stairwell??

      I believe he was just waiting for a phone call or text inviting him into 5A for some 'swinging activity.'

    2. I wonder about how the swinging activity was organised.. did it occur mainly in the daytimes when the kids were taken care of (e.g. tennis sessions) ? Or after evening drinking sessions - in individual aparments or empty apartments dedicated ... this intrigues me.

  7. We inform readers that we have just added a Post Scriptum to the current post.

  8. I am fairly new to this Blog,and i must say it is Fantasticly presented. I have a lot of catching up to do,with my reading,but this is the most detailed Blog and,along with The Mccann Files,it is truely Informative!! I started with taking with a pinch of salt,regarding the Innocence of Kate and Gerry Mccann!! However,upon reading lots of Blogs,and doing my own"Research",i am truley convinced of their Guilt!! I dread to think what the Truth really is!!

  9. Funny how no one ever talks about the ownership of apartments/villas at the Ocean Club.

      Paula Jones managed the apartments according to this article:
      "Paula Jones, 34, who manages the apartments where the McCann family were staying said the properties were a hot spot for burglaries. She said: "We have a real problem with break-ins at the apartments because lots of holiday makers don't double lock the patio doors. "Burglars wait and watch the apartments so they know who is coming and going and they strike when tourists are out at the beach or in the restaurants.""

      She didn't exactly promote the apartments she was renting! Did she warn prospective renters of the risks of burglary?

  10. A Little girl goes missing in portugal and the jensen sisters wait till they are home and report their suspicions to leicester police ,obviously no sense of urgency there then

    1. They stand by their statement :

    2. thanyou, just read that x. Soon as i read "a source close to the investigation .." or " metodo 3" , i know its a load of tripe!

    3. Because of all the silly stories told by the lot of them, the PJ had sussed them early on.

      After all, the experts said the answer must lie elsewhere, I wholeheartedly agree.

      The PJ were right on the money from the very beginning, and now they have the opportunity to work in silence instead of being stifled and thwarted and led down the wrong garden path.

      They constructed it, someone else will destroy it. Following the evidence, the real evidence, there can be no other solution.

      All in my opinion, and thank you Textusa for your relentlessly pedantic nature, guidance and enlightenment.

      Says here where the Jensen sisters were.
      Recovering from an op and playing tennis!

    5. The Jensen sisters were on the scene early!!!! So where were the sisters when they heard what had happened?

      "It was then that both the friend and Jayne Jensen remembered seeing him the night before at the scene.

      "Jayne remembers seeing him outside the entrance, smoking cigarettes, between 10.30pm and 11pm.""

    6. These Jensen sisters claim to have got to know the McCanns and the three children during the holiday.


      How the hell could they 'get to know' them when we are led to believe the (poor) kids practically lived in the creche throughout the week, and the selfish parents seemed to do little else but 'play tennis,' (code word for 'swinging?').

      Unless the Jensens 'partook' of the adult fun. Then they would certainly have 'got to know' the McCanns.


    Swinging AND paedophilia.

    1. Anonymous 27 Feb 2015, 21:19:00,

      Let us ask, before providing any opinion on this, how many people would side with Alexander McCracken and Sharon Campbell?

      How many have or would go out of their way to lie for this couple?

      What press has or would come flying to create a media barrier so that the truth about this couple would not be known?

      What police/government agency has or would come to offer their services and reputation to help McCracken and Campbell?

      Very easy answer: none and no one.

      That’s what we explained in our post “Paedo v Nepio”

      Now to this article. This is a typical case that tests to the limit our humanity because the sickness and depravity we see is beyond comprehension.

      Our first instinct is to want to inflict them pain, to wish them the worst harm possible.

      The only way, we think, for us to continue to feel human is not to allow ourselves to go down to THEIR animalistic level.

      Answer those who show no humanity with humanity.

      All we can do is assure they don’t hurt people anymore, and assure that those who they’ve hurt get the best possible help to overcome their suffering.

      McCracken, apparently started as a swinger.

      To connect that fact to him being a paedo makes as much sense as saying a smoker is destined to go on and use drugs.

      A paedophilia is an aberration. Calling swinging an aberration is an aberration.

      Just a final word to those who say because swinging is legal it’s accepted and doesn’t raise an eyebrow anymore. We would like to quote just one phrase from the article: “spent nine years with Strathclyde Police before being exposed in 2010 as a swinger”

      To be exposed has ALWAYS a negative connotation. If it was something positive or even neutral, the expression usually used is “to reveal”.

      X was revealed himself as an excellent author or Y revealed she didn’t like strawberries.

      If swinging is so accepted, why the negative connotation?

  12. Thank you for the wow! moment with this Textusa because Cecilia Pires statement just didn't seem quite right before and as usual you shed light into dark places. So this:

    Another thing, could it be Carpenter who was the 50 yr old man who lured Cecília Pires into trespassing a villa so that Jenny Murat could get her siren story out to an independent witness?

    The 50 year old man that Cecilia Pires meets proposes they search a property "apparently uninhabited". How he knows the property is "apparently uninhabited" we don't know. Has he been watching the property? Does he live nearby so is aware the owners aren't there?

    Anyway he couldn't have been THAT sure no-one was there because as they enter the parking area of the property they call out to see if anyone is there, at which point, as if ON CUE, Jenny Murat appears outside of the property. The man takes the initiative to approach JM and invites her to join them in the search.


    You have two able bodied individuals who are going to have a quick look round the pool and garden and they certainly don't need a 70 year old lady who "could walk only very slowly" to help them.

    So clearly it's important to the man to have JM there but despite having invited her to search with them he zooms on ahead leaving a slow JM with CP, which is handy because then they can have a little chat about the missing child and how JM heard the news about it.

    A neighbour then appears asking what they're doing and during the ensuing conversation CP reveals she's a journalist.

    Now that could be handy, but on the other hand it could also be awkward. Could it be that SC becomes somewhat camera shy after he finds out the person he's "arranged" should be introduced to JM works for the press?

    After all NB and RB are clearly seen joining in the searches with RM and the police and dogs. But not Mr Carpenter.

    Nuala x

    1. Nuala,

      Spot on as usual.

      From our analysis we think the house "trespassed" is the one that is exactly North at the T-crossing between Rua Dr Agostinho da Silva (on which we think C Pires wandered when she walked around) and Rua do Ramalhete.

      Two houses and a street North of Casa Liliana.

      To retain for the future is the fact that both Carpenter and C Pires notice the very little activity happening that particular morning in Luz.

      This is a very important detail when we will speak about a very important character of this tale. In due time.

    2. Nuala, it just doesn't make sense, does it? They walk in and because they see someone on the street the man comes back out? Why? Either he's familiar with the woman and asked her as a friend to join but Pires would have noticed that or all is a set up!

    3. Yes I can see which house you mean, thanks for that Textusa, very interesting, and I will bear in mind the rest of what you said for future reference :)

      Nuala x

  13. Something that is puzzling me is this:
    Cecilia Pires says she arrived in PDL at 9-10am had a chat with GNR and then some journalists. She then goes on a walk around the area. Let's say she sees the 50 year old man between 11-12am and they then meet Jenny Murat who tells Cecilia that her son is assisting the police.

    Given that RM left home with Stephen Carpenter earlier and is supposedly at that time searching apartments etc. how does JM already know that he is helping police?

    Also, how can the 50 year old man she meet be Stephen Carpenter if Stephen is, at around that time, supposed to be searching apartments and walking to and fro from the main reception, going down to search the beach etc. etc. anyway, JM would have already known about him if the calling over the fence story is true?

    Your posts are always amazing. Thank you.

  14. Just for info/update, UK Dail Star Sat 28Feb is reporting that Brenda Leyland had died of a helium overdose! If that's not suspicious I don't know what is!

    1. Anonymous 28 Feb 2015, 10:31:00,

      We aren't sure how reliable this report is. Daily Star not exactly a reliable one.

    2. Jerry Lawton said the story is nothing to do with him and came from the news agency. If it was suicide by helium then the equipment would have been found. If she had been assisted/killed then the person would be seen on cctv leaving with the items. It sounds very strange revealing the cause of death regardless of truth.

    3. Anonymous 28 Feb 2015, 15:13:00,

      States clearly "to be ascertained". No ref to helium.

  15. Hi Textusa,,quite a bit sceptical about the Daily Star item,it is a disgrace to be still Labelling the late Mrs Brenda Leyland in such a disgraceful manner and an added insult to the relatives and friends of the deceased person!
    I know how you have to choose your words in respect of not to "Antagonise" or suppress the truth, but I for one would not "Trust the afore mentioned Police Force" with their track record of anything to do with the disappearance of Madeline McCann,FSS results, suppression of Gasper statements and various Superintendents in charge of that case leave a lot to be desired?

  16. I just wanted to say, two out of three ain't bad.

    Well done Textusa and sisters, that onion you are peeling is making me cry from here.

    What a bunch!

    1. 17:06
      Please include the spy post. It's three out of four!

  17. Sorry, my confusion. I read the top and it said 2/3.

    Thanks for your consideration anyway, will have to read again and make sure I haven't
    missed anything.


    Rebekah Brooks about to be rehired by Rupert Murdoch for US operation

    Sources say deal imminent as Brooks returns to News Corp to head up media mogul’s quest for online investments, eight months after acquittal from phone-hacking charges

    Rebekah Brooks is close to being rehired by Rupert Murdoch in a permanent position heading up his search for new online investments.

    Brooks, who was cleared of being involved in a phone-hacking plot last summer, has taken an apartment in New York and moved from Oxfordshire with her husband Charlie and their daughter, Scarlett.

    It is understood her husband, who was also acquitted of charges linked to Brooks’s arrest, is hoping to relaunch his career in the horse-racing business in the US.

    Brooks’s return to Murdoch’s side follows eight months out of the public eye following her acquittal last June. She was found not guilty of charges related to the police investigation into hacking at the News of the World and payments to public officials at the Sun.

    In an emotional statement after the verdict Brooks said she felt vindicated by the unanimous verdicts, repeating that she was innocent of the crimes with which she had been charged.

    Her husband accused police of treating Brooks like a terrorist and said the nightmare of the arrest, charge, and ordeal had stripped her, in her early 40s, of a lifetime career.

    It emerged during the hacking trial that Brooks struck a severance deal of £16.1m in compensation for future loss of earnings.

    Despite her acquittal, it was widely agreed it was near impossible for her to return to work at Murdoch’s British publishing empire, where she had been chief executive.

    This was partly because the company was still the centre of an investigation with 18 current or former Sun journalists so far taken to court over allegations that they requested or authorised payments to public officials for stories.

    While a job in the UK was out of the question, friends said Brooks was never going to fade into the shadows. Murdoch remained loyal to her throughout the trial, often phoning her to give his support.

    Brooks was first spotted in Murdoch’s New York headquarters in October and last month was spotted with a large Murdoch delegation at at the recent Consumer Electronics Show tech trade fair in Las Vegas.

    One source said that a deal had yet to be signed, but it was imminent. “She is catching up and learning the ropes of the business after three years concentrating on clearing her name.”

    News Corp declined to comment.

    1. In her early 40s, and stripped of a lifetime career, according to her husband - yet, the article goes on to reveal that she had struck a severance deal to the tune of 16.1 million quid in compensation for future loss of earnings!

      What? Absolutely staggering.

      Yet if she is in Murdoch's employ over in the States, she will be earning mega-bucks once again. Maybe she could donate that 16.1 million quid to charity as she obviously doesn't need it.

      Some of these people should try living on £53 per week Job Seekers Allowance like my sons have to! They probably spend twice that amount on a bottle of wine with their dinner! Grrrrrr.

      Okay, rant over. (for now).



    1. Great article, thank you for the link!

  20. Seems the more corrupt you are, the further you climb up the greasy poll. Murdoch/Brooks, again.

    Ex-tabloid editor Brooks linked with Dublin role:

  21. Hi Textusa, with regard to 10.11 post, Dear Rupert has had the dirt on multiple Governments,MP's over the years and has played them all like a game of chess to achieve what is in Rupert's best interest, his empire and will do what ever to protect it.

    If you listen to some of the taped recordings, this confirms his interest only and should there be so called casualty's on the journey that it is the way it is!
    He had to sacrifice Andy Coulson over the phone hacking scandal along with Cameron, but for some reasoning their was no way Rebecca Brooks was to be sacrificed!
    Remember the quote of "Persuasion" Leveson inquiry of how she would put the "Home Secretary"on the front page of the Scum until David agreed to re-opening the missing Madeline McCann investigation? Why didn't Rebecca tell Gerry and Kate to write to the Portugal PJ about them wanting the case re-opened? Rebecca had agreed a deal on the McCann's new book deal for £425,000.for a Scum exclusive.
    I have read a lot of information about the little girl missing Madeline and when you look at the people from the establishment involved in some way it doe's beggar belief if it is true!
    Blair God Father to one of Rupert's now adult children?
    The McCanns had an intimate private meeting with the Grandfather of EM in Portugal whose son went on to marriage into the Murdoch empire, not forgetting, Brown, Clarence, McGuinnus etc.



      New investigation sees ex-cop and Maddie author arrested for armed robbery

      News that former PJ inspector Paulo Pereira Cristóvão has been arrested for armed robbery - suspected of being part of a gang which raided people’s homes, posing as policemen in order to steal gold and valuables - has raised more questions than it answers.

      Cristóvão, author of the “Star of Madeleine” - a book into the three-year-old’s disappearance that urged readers to “think” - is a former president of the association of missing children.

      He is also a former vice-president of Sporting Football Club - where in 2012 his name was dragged into the mud because of a case known as “Cardinal” in which Cristóvão was cited for seven crimes involving qualified fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, IT intrusion, “illegitimate access” and aggravated malicious accusation.

      Professing his innocence throughout, Cristóvão was finally given a suspended 15-month ban from sporting activity (October 2014) and fined €3,000.

      At the time, he told Público the decision had been “rushed” as there were civil actions awaiting hearing that could see the proof against him overturned.

      Now, four months on, comes the new ‘bombshell’ that Cristóvão - who left the PJ shortly after Madeleine went missing to head the APCD, Portugal’s association for missing children - was allegedly involved in a 13-strong gang that raided the homes of wealthy people, purportedly gaining access by pretending to be policemen.

      According to Público, Cristóvão - a firm friend of PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral, whose own book on Madeleine’s disappearance sparked a €1.2 million defamation trial, lodged by the child’s parents - was responsible for marking out victims for the gang and “furnishing information”.

      Press reports say the 45-year-old was arrested in Lisbon this morning by the national anti-terrorism unit and that he is due to appear before super-judge Carlos Alexandre - the same judge in charge of the convoluted investigation into alleged dirty dealings of former prime minister José Sócrates.

      As Público continues, Cristóvão is under suspicion of having been involved in “armed robbery, kidnappings and criminal association” - in a number of assaults understood to have taken place in the Greater Lisbon/Setúbal areas.
      What is puzzling those who know his background is whether this latest arrest has anything to do with timing.

      The decision on whether or not his long-term friend Amaral defamed Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann in his book “The Truth of the Lie” is due any day now, after five years of legal to-ing and fro-ing - and the judge’s “reading of the proven facts” which showed strong likelihood that Amaral would not be found guilty of defamation, certainly not to any degree that could possibly require the paying of over a million euros in damages.

      Thus, for now, all eyes are on the upshot of Cristóvão’s interrogation tomorrow at the hands of super-judge Carlos Alexandre.



      UPDATE: Ex-PJ accused of being “spy” for armed gang may end up sharing cell block with Sócrates

      As the nation’s press focuses on the shock of yet another corruption scandal, bets now are on whether disgraced former cop Paulo Pereira Cristóvão will end up sharing a cell-block in Évora with disgraced former prime minister José Sócrates.

      Cristóvão is today reported to be going before super judge Carlos Alexandre to answer detailed questions over his alleged involvement in a criminal network which centred on raiding the homes of wealthy businesspeople in and around Lisbon, posing as policemen.

      According to reports, the targets were all picked after detailed “espionage” mounted by Pereira, in to how much in gold and valuables could expect to be found on their premises.

      National tabloid Correio da Manhã claims that “businessmen, who as a result of their activity, could be targets of judicial searches”, did not doubt for a moment when men purporting to be police turned up on their doorsteps - particularly as in many occasions, these men actually wore standard police uniforms.

      CM and other news sources stress that the investigation has taken months to gather the evidence that is expected to be put before Cristóvão at 2pm this afternoon.

      The first major break came last summer when 12 men were rounded up by DCIAP, the department of penal investigation - accused of being responsible for a series of armed raids on luxury homes in the Greater Lisbon and Setúbal areas.
      Among these men were three PSP police officers. As the men remain in preventive custody to answer varying charges, ranging from criminal association to qualified robbery, kidnap and possession of illegal weapons, the details of how their ring operated have gradually emerged.

      Among others ‘fingered’ as being organisational within the network is Nuno Vieira - well-known to Cristóvão during his years as vice-president of Sporting Football Club.

      Vieira is the leader of Sporting’s youth league “Juventude Leonina” and, according to reports, Cristóvão is suspected of having passed key information to Vieira which he then passed on to the rest of the group.

      Cristóvão’s arrest by counter-terrorism police on Tuesday morning has sparked an out-pouring of shock, particularly from Sporting’s hierarchy.

      Isabel Trigo Mira - considered the symbol of the club - described herself as “shocked and taken aback” by the arrest. “I never thought this could be possible,” she said.

      But Cristóvão’s past is not squeaky-clean. Another criminal investigation forced him to step-down as vice-president of Sporting, and there are still aspects of that case due to go to trial next month.

      Thus, bets are on as to whether the 45-year-old who even spent two years as president of the country’s association for missing children will be allowed home on bail today.

      If he isn’t, the most likely jail is Évora (as this is reserved for the country’s security personnel and high-risk prisoners) - and that would make him a new ‘fellow inmate’ for Portugal’s most current VIP prisoner José Sócrates, still detained without charge suspected of corruption and malpractice to the tune of millions of euros.


  23. Hi Textusa, just to clarify my post 13.32. Clement freud's son (Mathew) married Elisabeth Murdoch, therefore EM, is not his grand daughter.
    Clement Freud, did have a private meeting in Portugal 2007 with Kate and Gerry, not insinuating any thing untoward at that meeting.
    Mathew Freud has a close connection somewhere to Bel Pottinger Media control for Mark Warner complex, association to Conservative party connections.
    Tony Blair is the God Father to Grace, daughter of Wendi (nee Deng) Murdoch.

  24. is today the day GA knows the sentence of trial?
    picked this up on twitter:

    anyone know anything?

    1. Anonymous 5 Mar 2015, 11:17:00,

      We have been reminded by a good FB friend that today was supposed to be "Wear Yellow, Stay Mellow" day organised by the McCann supporters.

      Those on the other side of the fence struggled to find a reason to celebrate March 5 and came up with the idea that it would be a manoeuvre to counter the reading of the sentence of the McCann v Amaral Damages trial.

      According to our FB, and we agree with her, the March 5 idea was simply for them to have a public show of support to their cause in these critical times, and they chose Kate’s birthday to do that.

      That celebration was “postponed” (read cancelled) in the early hours of today, around 2 am:

      Saying they cancelled because of threats is ridiculous. All of them threatened for wearing yellow. An appropriate colour for cowards

      In our opinion someone has told someone else “Just don’t do it, it’s over”.

      But, on this side of the fence, the idea that it was about the trial seems to have stuck. And there are some who think that today is the reading of the sentence.

      Up to this moment we have no confirmation of such.

    2. Thanks Textusa
      I think the Yellow day was cancelled because of lack of participation. Now isn't a good time to be seen supporting publicly the couple.

  25. I keep having a thought about tennis raquets. It seems that the Mc Canns and friends went out to PdL with no thoughts of playing golf and that tennis quickly became the game of choice. It featured heavily in all of their statements - many referring to paying and watching tennis on a daily basis. The Ocean Club must have had many tennis raquets available to use or did the guests take their own? Just wondering. Of course it is possible that the Ocean Club hired / loaned out raquets, but there is no mention of 'raquets' - e.g. 'went to collect our raquets and balls...'

  26. I revise my previous comment re tennis - to say - oh yes, there is a mention of a raquet - DP mentioned a raquet when he refers to the sports bag of Gerry, that it wasn't large enough to carry a raquet or something..

  27. Hi Textusa,reference ATWAS,it would seem is true with regard to missing Madeline McCann.
    Rebecca Brookes represented by none other than the Prime Ministers Brother,phone "Hacking" case, found not guilty ma Lord?
    Clarence Mitchell,media role in deaths of school girls (Holli, Jessica,) Soham Murders and also reported on Jill Dando's murder, lead detective one Hameish Campbell,allegedly framed Barry George for the crime. Hameish Campbell was the boss over DCI Redwood, Operation Grange (cover up), remit Abduction! CM, Prospective Conservative MP for Brighton, do the right thing for once!
    Lori Campbell's husband partner, (Phill Hall) became editor of the now defunct NOTW(sr**ws) before darling Rebecca, £16.1 Million severance deal when Rupe's had to close the afore mentioned paper for Phone Hacking scandal. Alex Cameron could not represent the convicted Andy Coulson at the same trial, could one, must have had to flip a coin!?
    Rebecca, LOL knew David Cameron and Samantha from the Chippen Norton liaison association, may be had enjoyed each others company on one of the Fox hunts?
    Tally Ho, Goncalo Amaral, you know what it's like when you hunt out of season?

    1. PS 16.46, apparently the metropolitan Police force of London lent a horse named "Raisa"to Rebecca Brooks,her husband Charlie and the Prime Minister(DC) rode the horse for several years and when returning Raisa"to the Police force, it was in a precarious condition and the Police force had to have the Animal humanely destroyed!?Dear Dave denied to the "house of commons" any connection to the horse!

  28. I was curious to revisit Stephen Carpenters Rogatory Statement again by your post. It's a long time since I read it but I was drawn to a part where he mentions members. Is he referring to the ocean Club or a Club with "members.

    "DCF. And I imagine that your attention was directed towards your family and (inaudible)

    SC. Yes, because we obviously had our two with us and we were on this side of the table, the single man with three small children was here and l**** was playing with them, so we were more or less a group if you would like to call it that, of which they were a part, I think that all the ten members were there and some of us with others here would speak to others here and on the other side of the table."

    Is he talking about a "Club" or the Ocean Club. I can't make up my mind. But if it is the Ocean Club there were more than ten holiday makers there at that time.


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