Friday, 9 January 2015


With festivities over, we picked up our pens so we could return to our readers.

But life is what life is and usually not what one wants it to be.

This to say that a friend of ours hit a bump in life that required our full attention during the past week.

As personal business always takes precedence, we inform our readers that the publication of post we were working on to post this Friday, marking our return, has been postponed.

We apologise and hope readers will understand.


  1. No apologies needed Textusa, we are the ones who must apologize to you, because we take you for granted!
    All the best for you and your friend, I sincerely hope the life "bump" is soon over-passed with success. Your loved ones are blessed indeed to have someone like you, on whom they can depend on to always "come to the rescue", God bless you!
    "Que Deus te dê o dobro do que me dás a mim"

  2. O Meu total respeito e solidariedade.

    All my respect and solidarity.


  4. As said already by the first Anon, no need to apologise Textusa.

    Of course we understand, and hope things work out well for your friend :)

    Nuala x

  5. Hope all goes well for your friend Tex - looking forward to reading your blog again..... I pray this is the year that Maddie finally finds justice, peace and closure x

  6. As a mum going through a child,s marriage break-up with 3 wonderful little boys involved, xx I so,so understand where loyalties "belong" xx I wish your family a good outcome xxLynn


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