Friday, 31 October 2014

Frontline News

The “The McCann Hunting Party 11”, one of the most expensive “games” ever to have taken place is reaching a decisive phase.

The battle is raging.

There aren’t any cavalry charges yet or even artillery fire. Outside, the battlefield appears to be calm. Only troop movement breaks the stillness.

Pieces on the board are being moved, placed where they progressively eliminate the opponent’s possibilities, tightening the circle.

The quiet battleground contrasts with the noise and confusion that we’re certain must be going on inside the walls of the respective HQs.

Now is the time to guess where the enemy will attack. To guess what forces he’ll use. To try to determine when the D-Day is, and when the H-Hour will come. Now is the time to decide which manoeuvres are diversion and which ones aren’t.

Tension is in the air. One can feel it.

Every move the opponent makes that is missed is a mistake unable to be rectified. Every reaction to a distraction is an unforgivable revelation that will not go unnoticed.

The way the hate-campaign ended abruptly with Brenda Leyland’s death, has given the Government BHs the upper-hand. Not only that, it has taken away completely the initiative from the Swinging BHs.

Their September counter-offensive was to stall. Now they fight desperately for the same objective. The difference? They no longer control timelines. The initiative has passed completely to the other side and SY is clearly showing that.

For example, one telling sign, in our opinion, is how SY suddenly started to show very little interest concerning the pending decision on its 5th rogatory letter. The “burglar” story has been put on hold for now.

It has advanced straight towards the 6th rogatory letter even before it is written. What is the 6th about? FORENSICS.

This month SY has “surprisingly” doorstepped the INML and blurted out for all who could hear that they wanted to review all the 2007 forensic evidence on the Maddie case. Not the one eventually found in the 2014 Praia da Luz Humiliation Week.

No, they want new results from “old” evidence that was collected in 2007.

Forensics. The word that scares most BHs. Not because it may incriminate the McCanns, as it may, but because that incrimination and subsequent charging of the couple will open wide, as we have explained, the MADDIE’s PANDORA’s BOX. Forensics is the key to that box.

Forensics was the word we highlighted back in our “SY’s Significant Moves”. And we narrowed that word down to “curtains” in our “Sweet 16” post.

Since then curtains and DNA on curtains have filled the MSM headlines on the issue.

DNA in hairs, hairs on curtains, curtains of the kids’ bedroom it’s been said. Curtains that are supposedly currently stored in INML it’s also said.

Much has been mystified in this case. For example, all blonde little girls can be confused with Maddie. Apparently, every little blonde 3/4 yr old girl looks alike. One cannot tell one aprt from the other. Even if one has taken care of them for 3 or 4 days in a row, one was still unable to tell them apart. I’m sure when Gerry or Kate went to pick Maddie up from the crèche, the nanny on the front desk asked if they could point her out because, you know, for us they all look the same. But that is not for this post.

Another myth in this case is that the samples with DNA are microscopic in size. We debunked that in our “Does Size Matter?” post.

The sample may be small, tiny or even minuscule but is never microscopic.

DNA itself is invisible. Stains producing it may or may not be visible. Some stains may only be visible with a light source, but if illuminated by light source, they become visible.

The result (DNA) is of microscopic proportions but the sample from which it originates from is not.

Some samples due to their composition and/or the kind of material on which they are may become invisible to the naked eye. Others may be invisible to the human eye because of human action.  Stain #3 is an example of that. It couldn’t be seen but was there all the time. If the dogs had not signalled that particular location, other means of testing would not have been used and that stain probably would never have been detected to this day.

A sample has to be able to be physically collected. A fingerprint leaves a mark. So do palm-prints. Is it possible to extract DNA from fingerprints? “To answer this question, consider this: when people touch things, they may leave behind DNA from cells sloughed off upon contact. How many cells are sloughed off depends on various factors, including how much they sweat. A number of scientific investigators have observed that DNA can be obtained from a wide array of fingerprints, but not all fingerprints give DNA profiles. The amount of DNA associated with a fingerprint will vary from person to person and can vary within the same person.”

The files show there was no searching for fingerprints or palm-prints on the living-room walls around the couches. And the stains and smudges that were found there do not look anything like finger or palm-prints, as we showed in our “Does Size Matter?” post.

A hair may be caught on the fabric of a curtain. Could a burglar, carrying Maddie have left a hair clinging to the curtain because he was a sweaty man wearing a short-sleeve shirt on a chilly night? Before you go and say Bundleman was wearing a coat, for SY he doesn’t exist. We’re speaking about second man, Burgundyman, at the same location and around the same time carrying a blonde little girl.

Revelation: The Met previously released an image of the shirt which witnesses said the suspect could have been wearing

But Burgundy man, according to the Daily Mail, wore a long-sleeved shirt. Maybe he didn't wear gloves which isn't reasonable for a pre-planned burglary but one is not looking for his reason just his DNA on the kids' bedroom curtains.

Maybe he brushed his head against the curtains and left some hair there. A hair that went undetected by the LPC forensic experts who combed that room the next day.

A hair SY thinks may have been left because a man passed, allegedly, ONCE through that window carrying a child and MAY have brushed against the curtains. Yet the fact 3 little children dressed and undressed in that room for days in a row and have left only small quantities of their hair there is not thought by the Met to be suspicious.

The first question one has to ask is, from where did SY get the idea there may be overlooked DNA from the abductor on those curtains? After all, that window area was looked at with a very, very fine tooth comb by LPC .

And if the curtains are supposedly at the INML, how does SY know of this? Has someone been fiddling with them there and leaked this to the Met?

We can’t see what possible new information could lead to having SY suspecting that the kids’ bedroom curtains may contain a hair, undetected up to now, that may prove to be the crucial clue. So it must be a hair collected in 2007.

CdM article says 444 hair-strands were found. Cutting to the chase, 98 had no correspondence with any DNA profile and in 19 partial results were obtained. That means we have 117 unidentified hair-strands.

Where is the link between these 117 hair-strands and the curtains from the kids’ bedroom? We haven’t seen anything that may suggest that.

Is SY throwing around wild cards in the hope one of them turns out to be an ace?

But the biggest problem this “hair-in-curtain-of kids' bedroom curtains” presents to SY is the curtains themselves.

They are not at the INML. In fact , if they haven’t been replaced, they are where they’ve always been, in apartment 5A.

The files detail every single item that was collected on 04MAY2007 from the kids' bedroom. Every single sample. The kids’ bedroom curtains are not among them:

“In this search the following was recovered:
- various hairs from the floor in the area of the doorway of the bedroom with two single beds from where the minor disappeared, they being placed inside a paper envelope in accordance with instructions issued by the Biology Section of the LPC and referenced as trace evidence #1;

- various hairs from the floor area next to the bed where the missing child was sleeping, they being placed inside a paper envelope in accordance with instructions issued by the Biology Section of the LPC and referenced as trace evidence #2;

- various hairs from the top of the bed where the missing child was sleeping, they being placed inside a paper envelope in accordance with instructions issued by the Biology Section of the LPC and referenced as trace evidence #3;

- various hairs from the floor area next to the bed opposite to the bed from which the sleeping child disappeared, they being placed inside a paper envelope in accordance with instructions issued by the Biology Section of the LPC and referenced as trace evidence #4;


On the single bed opposite to that from which the child disappeared, despite it being impregnated the red-coloured chemical product referred to, the search for hairs proceeded,that search having been negative.

After the recovery of hairs described above there proceeded the search for possible traces of semen, using a variable-wave light source appropriate for the task, there being identified various [several] areas where fluorescence characteristic of this type of trace evidence was seen.

The areas where the fluorescence was seen were submitted to a "Phosphatise test" search there being a slightly positive reaction (purplish colour) only in area of the bed-cover of the single bed opposite to the bed from where the minor disappeared, a piece of that bed-cover being collected and placed inside a paper envelope in accordance with instructions issued by the Biology Section of the LPC, it being referenced as trace evidence #5;

A search was also made for possible biological traces and fibres on the single bed from where the minor disappeared, using a variable-wave light source appropriate for the task, the result obtained having been negative.”

In the first INML report of  09JUL2007, there's the description of material received from kid's bedroom:

Relating to Apartment no. 5-A in the tourist resort "The Ocean Club" Praia da Luz-Lagos:

- 32 hairs in envelope no. 1 recovered from the floor at the entrance to the children's bedroom.

- 28 hairs in envelope no. 2 recovered from the floor next to the bed from which the child disappeared.

- 4 hairs in envelope no. 3 recovered from the top of the bed from which the child disappeared.

- 15 hairs in envelope no. 4 recovered from the floor next to the bed that was next to the window in the children's bedroom.

- 1 piece of cloth in envelope no. 5 recovered from the bedspread of the bed next to the window in the children's bedroom.
Fragment of cloth, mauve/violet in colour with square motifs, circular in form about 10cm in diameter. A small fluorescent spot is observed under a Crime-light.The only curtains collected were the living-room curtains, and that was after the dogs signalled that area.”

All vestiges from the kids’ bedroom were collected back in May 2007. And the curtains weren't included. They were not collected. They remained where they were.

If now these curtains appear at the INML, someone has some serious explaining to do as to why their collection wasn’t mentioned

But all this isn't ridiculous. It may appear to be, but in our opinion is very far from being ridiculous.

To understand its importance, one must understand the communication systems being used. These articles, or better said, these information leaks, are NOT written for you and me. We are simply stokers who keep the fire alive.

The war, let us be very clear, is between Government BHs and Swinging BHs. Only between them. PJ is a passive player. Not the submissive, subservient one of 2007 but a passive one nonetheless.

So the communication is between the 2 players. Let’s recap on the communications between them:

On 01SEPT2014, with the Sky News Report, the Swinging BHs told the Government BHs, we want to infilitrate the SY investigation.

On 09SEPT2014 and 11SEPT2014, with the handing over of the “Tr*ll Dossier” and the publication of the Summers and Swan book, the Swinging BHs told the Government BHs, we will launch a hate-campaign that will make anyone opposing the McCanns a hater, so we will be “controlling” the internet and facilitating the maintainance of things as they are, or if you really do need to present something, let's work on the whitewashing. Please jump on board.

On 16SEPT2014, the Government BHs told the Swinging BHs, we’re not interested, thank you.

On 02OCT2014, the Swinging BHs told the Government BHs, we don’t care if you’re not interested. We are going to continue with the hater-campaign and if you so much as lift a finger against the McCanns we will assure you will be considered a hater yourselves.

On 04OCT2014, with Brenda Leyland's death the hater-campaign collapsed.

On 16OCT2014, when SY doorstepped the INML, the Government BHs told the Swinging BHs, we’re going for the kill, we’re dropping burglar and going after forensics.

This was all between them. We were just spectators. Some more attentive then others but all of us nothing but spectators.

Now you may understand the importance of this most recent communications from GBH to the SBH, the 28OCT2014 CdM article: 

Image from Mercedes
“Maddie: DNA of 444 hair-strands was subjected to analysis

In 2007, partial tests were done on 25 samples of blood and saliva.

By Rui Gomes Pando

Experts from the Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal (INML) analysed 444 hair-strands that were collected by the PJ in following months after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in 2007, in Praia da Luz, Lagos. According to what CdM found, also subject to forensic testing were 25 samples of blood and saliva and three other vestiges found in the room from where the child disappeared and in the boot of a car. It’s some of these vestiges that Scotland Yard now wants to take to England to analyse again, in a British private laboratory.

The English, as CdM reported yesterday, still want to re-do examinations to a curtain from the room where Maddie slept, which was target of testing in the INML in 2007, and in which nothing relevant was found. The collection of the vestiges was made in homes, cars and couches by experts of PJ’s Laboratório de Polícia Científica (LPC). Among the vestiges there are also samples of hair and saliva from several people who were deemed relevant to the investigation. In the list of the 444 hair-strands subject to be tested, are 432 human and 12 nonhuman, 98 had no correspondence with any DNA profile and 19 partial results were obtained. The request for the re-evaluation of the vestiges will be part of a 6th rogatory letter. This despite a decision doesn't yet exist from the new prosecutor of the Public Ministry of Portimão, Inês Sequeira, for the 5th letter, sent by the British to Portugal.”

It contains, in our opinion, 3 very clear and damning messages to the Swinging BHs.

First message is the word BLOOD.

25 samples of blood and saliva. Now it's about DNA from blood. Not hairs but blood.

Blood, a word that sends shivers down the BH spines. If the majority of samples were of saliva, then the word order would have been “25 samples of saliva and blood”.

Outside the diligences that were done as result of the signalling done by the dogs, the PJ Files speak of blood in 2 places: Burgau and Quinta dos Figos.

In the Report of forensic examination carried out in an apartment situated in Aparthotel Sol e Mar, Apartment 2C, Burgau done on 05MAY2007: 

“The search for eventual haematic vestiges resulted in the detection of various brownish red stains that appeared to be of haematic origin, these were submitted to tests to search for the presence of peroxide existing in blood by means of the Kastle-Mayer test, only one stain, situated on a cupboard door in the kitchen reacted positively.

The stain in question was submitted to testing to determine the animal species of the blood and reacted positively as being human blood.

Given the results obtained it was proceeded to collect the haematic stain, by means of a slightly moistened cotton swab and this vestige was referenced as vestige 1 A.”

Blood was also found in Quinta dos Figos as per Scientific Police Laboratory Report about examination done on 06MAY2007:

“Upon the team's arrival at the scene it was reported to us by the inspectors present that the supposed blood stains were found on a wall and on the ground close to the wall, next to main entrance of Quinta dos Figos


From the observation made of the wall and its proximities various stains were detected with a brownish red colour which suggested that they could be of haematic origin. These were submitted to tests to detect peroxide existing in the blood using the Kastle-Mayer test, in both cases the reactions were positive.

The stain referred to as vestige no. 3 was further submitted for testing to determine whether the blood was of animal origin, but reacted positively as being human blood.

The blood stains mentioned previously were separated by zones and referenced as vestige no. 1 those being the stains found on the gravel ground, vestiges no. 2 being the blood stains that were found on top of the wall and vestige no. 3 as being the stains that were found on the ground in the area where there cobblestones.


Upon the request of the Portimao DIC present at the site, collection was made of 3 swabs containing blood vestiges, referred to in this report as vestiges nos. 1, 2 and 3, which were delivered to the Biology Area, by means of delivery guide no. 189/2007 - CR/L, copy of which is annexed, in order to be preserved for further/eventual forensic examinations.”

These 4 swabs were thoroughly examined on: 08NOV2007:

“Material for examination

1. One swab referenced as Vestige number 1 from the floor next to the wall.
2. One swab referenced as Vestige number 2 from the top of the wall.
3. One swab referenced as Vestige number 3 from the floor next to the wall.
4. One swab references as Vestige number 1A from the door of the kitchen cupboard.


The examination of the haematic material received for examination is requested with respect to the DNA analysis and a comparative study with the profiles sent via email on 8th November and in letter number 034308 of 4th October 2007.



- In the swabs described in lines 1, 2 and 3, blood vestiges were found.
- In the swab described in line 4 very slight traces of blood were found.
- In the DNA analysis of the haematic vestiges detected in the swabs described in lines 1 and 2 a profile was obtained belonging to an individual of the male sex.
- In the DNA analysis of the swab described in line 3 only some results were obtained from the loci that were studied. According to the results obtained a mixture of biological traces belonging to more than one individual were found, it only being possible to indicate the profile of the main contributor who presented an identity of polymorphisms for a set of loci studied with the profile described in the previous line.
- There is no identity of polymorphisms of the haematic vestiges detected in the swabs described in lines 1, 2 and 3 with the profiles sent by email on 8th November 2007 and in the letter number 034308 of the 4th October 2007.
- In the DNA analysis of the haematic vestiges detected in the swab described in line 4 results were only obtained from some of the loci studied, corresponding to the profile of an individual of the female sex. According to the results obtained, there is no polymorphism identity with the profiles sent by email on 8th November 2007 and in the letter number 034308 of the 4th October 2007.”

4 samples hardly account for “25 samples of saliva and blood”. From apartment in Burgau and Quinta dos Figos. None from Apartment 5A.

Note the CdM article abandons “generic” forensics. Now it's about blood. Government BH answering the question we have put in our “DNA is… DNA” post: what are the stains made of? It’s blood.

Second message are the words CAR and BOOT.

The magical word “car” appears in the “collection of vestiges was made in homes, cars, and couches”.

Two cars had forensic evidence collected from them:

- The INML Report of 09JUL2007 speaks about vestiges collected from Volkswagen 44-77-KD: 15 hairs front-right seat,  2 hairs from the front-left seat, 12 hairs from the floor in front of the front seats, 7 hairs from the floor in front of the rear seat, 4 hairs from the rear seat, 5 hairs from the rear part of the vehicle and 4 hairs from the internal covering of the roof.

- From Paulo Rebelo's undated doc:

“d) Samples collected in the metallic grey Renault Scenic vehicle, number plate 59-DA-27, on August 6th, 2007, following the second examination carried out by a British specialist dog team (Delivery note no. 286C/2007-CR/L):

1A. Head hair collected from the driver - s seat.
2A. Head hair collected to the right of passenger - s seat.
2B. Head hair collected from the floor next to the right front passenger - s seat.
3. Head hair collected between the front seats.
4A. Head hair collected from the left area of the back seat.
5A. Head hair collected from the middle area of the back seat.
6A. Head hair collected from the right area of the back seat.
7A. Head hair collected from the left seat of the luggage area.
8A. Head hair collected from the right seat of the luggage area.
9. Head hair collected from the vehicle luggage area.

1D. Nail fragment collected in the floor in front of the driver - s seat.
2E. Nail fragment collected in the floor in front of the driver - s seat.

1B. Fibres and possible head hair from the back of the driver - s seat.
1C. Fibres and possible head hair from the bottom of the driver - s seat.
2C. Fibres and possible head hair from the back of the right front passenger - s seat.
2D. Fibres and possible head hair from the bottom of the right front passenger - s seat.
4B. Fibres and possible head hair from the back in the left area of the back seat.
4C. Fibres and possible head hair from the bottom in the left area of the back seat.
5B. Fibres and possible head hair from the back in the middle area of the back seat.
5C. Fibres and possible head hair from the bottom in the middle area of the back seat.
6B. Fibres and possible head hair from the back in the right area of the back seat.
6C. Fibres and possible head hair from the bottom in the right area of the back seat.
7B. Fibres and possible head hair from the back of the left seat in the vehicle luggage area.
7C. Fibres and possible head hair from the bottom in the left area of the back seat.
8B. Fibres and possible head hair from the back of the right seat in the vehicle luggage area.
8C. Fibres and possible head hair from the bottom of the right seat in the vehicle luggage area.
11. Fibres and possible head hair in the rear shelf/luggage cover.
13. Pattern sample of the fabric covering the vehicle seats.”

No other cars, in 2007, had forensic samples taken from them. And from these two only fibres and hairs or possible hairs.

But for the Renault Scenic the CSI Dog “Keela”, the blood-searching dog, signals the car: “this vehicle was then subjected to a full physical examination by the PJ and no human remains were found. The CSI dog was then tasked to screen the vehicle. An alert indication was forthcoming from the rear driver's side of the boot area. Forensic samples were taken by the PJ and forwarded to a
forensic laboratory in the U.K.

This is mentioned in Paulo Rebelo's undated doc:
“Material identified during the inspection carried out by the specialist dog team:
10. Parts of the vehicle luggage area.
12. Vehicle ignition key. ”

And was reported on 27SEPT2007 by LPC on the evidence collected in Renault Scenic on 06AUG2007: 

“After the examination of the vehicle was complete the human blood specialist sniffer dog was introduced along with Martin Grime of the British police who coordinated the dog?s movements. After a few moments Mr Grime informed the team that they should collect the key and other materials from zone M or from the interior of the luggage compartment given the fact that the dog in reference had identified these materials as places where eventual blood vestiges existed. The undersigned gathered these materials placing them in paper envelopes with the following references:

10. Parts of the vehicle luggage area.
12. Vehicle ignition key.”

Photos 29- 30: Detail of materials referred to as vestige 10 taken from the area marked by the sniffer dog and sent for analysis.
Photo 31: Detail of the key referred to as vestige no. 12.”


In the examination carried out on the vehicle Renault Scenic number plate 59-DA-27 parked in the underground car park opposite the Portimao Municipal Chambers the following vestiges were referenced and collected:

1A. Head hair collected from the driver's seat.

10. Parts of the vehicle luggage area.
11. Fibres and possible head hair in the rear shelf/luggage cover.
12. Vehicle ignition key.
13. Pattern sample of the fabric covering the vehicle seats. ”

The same boot where cellular material was recovered and John Lowe had this to say on mail to Stuart Prior on 03SEPT2007:

“A complex LCN DNA result which appeared to have originated from at least three people was obtained from cellular material recovered from the luggage compartment section 286C 2007 CRL10 (2) area 2. Within the DNA profile of Madeline McCann there are 20 DNA components represented by 19 peaks on a chart. At one of the areas of DNA we routinely examine Madeleine has inherited the same DNA component from both parents; this appears therefore as 1 peak rather than 2, hence 19 rather than 20. Of these 19 components 15 are present within the result from this item; there are 37 components in total. There are 37 components because there are at least 3 contributors; but there could be up to five contributors. In my opinion therefore this result is too complex for meaningful interpretation/inclusion.

Why - ...

Well lets look at the question that is being asked

"Is there DNA from Madeline on the swab "

It would be very simple to say "yes" simply because of the number of components within the result that are also in her reference sample.”

So there is a link to be made between “blood”, “boot of car” and “forensics 2007”. And CdM has made it.

CdM is very clear “also subject to forensic testing were 25 samples of blood and saliva and three other vestiges found in the room child disappeared and boot of car.

The main focus of this CdM sentence for target audience (once again be reminded, it’s not us) is exactly that: “blood” and “boot of car”.

Third message is LIVING-ROOM CURTAINS.

It's in this sentence “The English, as CdM reported yesterday, still want to re-do examinations to a curtain from the room where Maddie slept, which was target of testing in the INML in 2007, and in which nothing relevant was found.

If the curtains from the room where Maddie slept never left Luz, then they couldn’t possibly be the target of any tests in Coimbra, where the INML is.

But what matters is, there were curtains that were indeed tested at LPC and in which nothing relevant was found: the white curtains of the living-room, that we spoke of in our “Sweet 16” post:

This is what the report had to say:

Report of Forensic Examination

No. 200712288-BG

Requesting Party: Portimao DIC - PJ

Process No.: 201/07.OGALGS
2936 of 28 August 2007
731 of 28 September 2007
034308 of 4 October 2007
619 of 2 November 2007
Email message with annex sent on 8 November 2007.

Examination initiated on 8 November 2007

Material for Examination

1. Piece of cloth in a white tone, referred to in the Report on Collection of Vestiges No. 254-07 as 'taken from the large window on the eastern side' (Photo on page two).


It is requested that a search be made of the biological vestiges on the material received for examination, respective DNA analysis and comparative study with the profiles sent, via email on 8th November 2007 and by means of correspondence no. 034308 of 4th October 2007.

Observations and Tests Carried Out.

Preliminary Tests

- Search for peroxide existing in blood using the Kastle-Mayer test.
- Observation using the SL-450 Lamp (AG Projection).
- Search for phosphate existing in semen using the Acid-Phosphate test.


On the piece of cloth described in line 1 no vestiges of blood or semen were detected.
On the piece of cloth described in line 1 no hairs were detected.

Return of material: Return the material received for examination.

Lisbon, 14th November 2007


Scientific Police Laboratory.
Biology Area
Lisbon ”

The 29OCT2014 article from Express speaks only of “curtains hanging in the Algarve apartment where she vanished”. It doesn’t say the bedroom.

Tested curtains without any relevant results, only from the living room.

The CdM article speaks of hairs but we think it's really speaking about blood, car boot and living room curtains. All from 2007 forensics on the Maddie case.

Add all of the above and make of it what you will.


There seems to be some doubt as to what white curtains are being referred to in the 14NOV2007 Report (the one that says curtain tested with no vestiges found). To clarify to which piece of cloth (curtain) we think is being referred to:


  1. Another brilliant post, helping we spectators to keep our eyes on the ball! Thanks for all the continuing hard work. Your succinct reference to the collapse of the hater campaign is a sound epitaph for poor Brenda Leyland. RIP.

  2. Your post unread as yet, but this old graphic may be of use to you? Delete this comment if you should so wish, it adds nothing to your post.

    1. Himself,

      You chose to show the anguish of Gerry. We, to show the anguish of the BH.

      It just shows the obvious: a picture will always say what words cannot fully express. Letters are digital but image will always be analogic.

  3. Hi Textusa
    I was researching last week the definitions of white hats and the different categories of white hats. I was able to find one of your posts which described them in details. Are you able to point me to a post describing the different categories of black hats. I just want to know precisely who fall into the GBH category - government black hats. Thanks in advance

    1. The reason I ask is that I am trying to understand what Black hat actually means. I am understanding that for instance, David Cameron is a GBH - in that he wants to control which truth is exposed.... but not part of the SBHs. If there was a Government official who wanted the full truth exposed and justice served - what would he be? Just want to get this straight in my head

    2. Anonymous 31 Oct 2014 12:44:00 / 15:00:00

      We have defined Black Hat in our “Truth as a Clue” post as “someone who has consciously manipulated truth, by distortion or omission, with the intent of having Factual Truth remain unknown.”

      The keyword here, is intent. The intent of stopping the factual truth to be known.

      The UK Government was definitely Black Hat in 2007.

      Is current Government a BH? That’s a complex question to answer and the reason is that we believe that it has been caught in the current situation rather than having taken the initiative to rectify the wrong.

      We believe that David Cameron was convinced that charging the McCanns, or partial truth, was a “slam-dunk” case. Once he was shown, much to his displeasure, that things would not be neither easy nor simple, the path chosen to tread is not the one to be expected if Government wanted factual truth revealed.

      We believe Government is heading for the truth not out of “own will” but because it has no other option. It has come to realise that any partial truth or whitewashing will make things even worse.

      Also, it cannot side with the Swinging BH because these do not want any truth to be known and Government has to present some sort of result to the review it launched.

      The Swinging BH are much harder to define. Hopefully one day I will take the time to re-write something that I wrote a long time ago, called “The Thing”.

      But to be simplistic, we would say the Swinging BH are all those who will do all in their power to avoid that the swinging that was happening in Luz is not known. They are from all layers of society and you find many of them disguised as White Hats, genuinely wanting the McCanns to be charged as long as the swinging is left out.

      However, in this post, we’re talking about Deciders. Both on the Government and Swinging side of things.

      The answer to your question about Government official who wanted the full truth exposed and justice served, then we are before a White Hat. The key word here being “full”.

    3. Thanks Textusa
      I wanted to make sure I was interpreting meanings correctly so that has clarified everything - thanks a lot!

    4. Corregida mi definición en la traducción. Gracias por esta aclaración. :-)

      Corrected my definition in translation. Thank you for this clarification. :-)

  4. Not having read your article as yet, I have no point of reference. No doubt it will become clearer when I do. Long posts require quiet times to fully appreciate. Later then.

  5. On the ball... David Steel

  6. When and if the search for the Truth and Madeleine is concluded will Textusa please write a definitive Book.

  7. Hello Textusa

    Só um apontamento para deixar esta notícia que acabei de ver.
    Pode ser que o video, inserido na notícia,tenha alguma utilidade.
    Obrigada pela sua contínua e inteligente luta em nome da verdade e justiça.

    "Madeleine as a little pumpkin... in the most poignant image this Halloween: Never-before-seen picture shows beaming toddler just months before she vanished"

    1. ...ah yes, the never before published photo of Madeleine as a pumpkin (alleged in Feb 2007) except when it was published in 2008 of course, more MSM drivel...

  8. Hi Textusa,

    Thank you for all the work you put into your articles, we enjoy reading them. They are very analytical and thought provoking and also, we suspect, very close to the truth.
    I am posting because I checked on that other website 'not textusa' and we believe whoever runs that site looks upon you as someone who speaks the truth and they are afraid of you.
    It is evident that the McCann team monitors the web and for them to make such an effort to attempt to discredit you just reinforces what a good, excellent job you girls are doing. Thank you Textusa team, you've had over a million hits and you are read by more people than you imagine, Ironside would be proud. Justice for Madeleine.

  9. Textusa. Jill Havern's site has been whooshed by Google.
    Thank you for your posts.
    So thought provoking and so inspirational.
    I have read every post and will conyinue to do so.
    One hopes that this site will not suffer the same fate.
    I would be very interested to hear your take on links to Jill Havern's site being removed by Google.
    Somewhere, someone is very, very scared.

    1. We don't know what is going on. We do find strange that an international giant like Google would concede to any sort of censorship.

      We don't want to jump to conclusions. We will follow situation and wait for forum owners' comment.

      What we think we could do, we have done: give a higher visibility to the JH Forum links on the blog's front page.

    2. I think someone has fooled Google and asked for the right to be forgotten in the name of JH.

    3. If it was intentional, it has backfired massively. JH is getting 4/5 times more readers than it usually has and people are bookmarking the forum. To those who haven't yet, I say start bookmarking the sites you enjoy reading about this case.

  10. Hi JH Forum has had approx 800 guests this morning. I check the no. of guests most morning and usually it ranges from 200 - 300 absolute max. Currently 793!

  11. Gosh ! You all gave me a scare! Jill Havern's forum is still there, alive and kicking, it's the search results or it in Google that is down!
    Ufa! (portuguese sigh of relief)

  12. Thank you textusa for such an insightful blog obviously you are very experienced at reading the indicators about whats is going on. It is so wonderful to have you here intrepreting them for us. Ordinary people like myself have no chance against them. These as you say are skilled PR people skilled in the art of manipulation. I personally was never convinced of the mccanns innocience as a result of their work, from the day the dogs and forensic work was reported i believed they were responsible. However for a long time i would not have let anyone know my views for fear of being branded a hater or nut. Its only after reading your blog that i realised i was manipulated into thinking this way. Thank you again


    More McCann spin!

    Now 10 witnesses! And being heard for the first time so nothing to do with the 4 arguidos fo July
    "JN was able to establish that there are about ten witnesses and that all of them are going to be questioned for the first time within the scope of the English investigation. Some of them are, however, already known to the Portuguese investigation and they had nothing relevant to say regarding the English child who disappeared seven years ago in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve."

    1. Anonymous 4 Nov 2014 08:49:00,

      Please note the subtle differentiation between hairs and curtains. It’s clear from the text that one thing is the re-analysis of hair samples and another the one to done on the fabric:

      "Last time they were in Portugal, on the 14th October, the English police expressed their desire to make a new letter rogatory (the sixth) requesting for the re-analyses of the samples that had been collected in the apartment from where Madeleine disappeared, namely hair samples and the fabric belonging to a curtain."

  15. Maddie McCann: British police to return to Portugal for fresh interviews

    BRITISH police are preparing to return to Portugal after getting the green light for fresh Madeleine McCann interviews.

    By: Levi Winchester & Gerard Couzens
    Published: Tue, November 4, 2014

    Scotland Yard detectives have been given permission to instigate a new set of probes by new prosecutor Ines Sequeira, who has finally approved a fifth international letter of request that was received by the state in August.

    After being given the go-ahead, officers in Faro, Portugal, are now arranging interviews for British police, which will take place at the same police station where four suspects were probed in July.

    These interviews are said to include re-quizzing three of these four suspects.

    However, it is understood that Mrs Sequeira only authorised interviews with witnesses whom British police have never questioned directly.

    In their fifth letter of request, Scotland Yard opted out of asking for permission to reinterview the suspects, according to Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Noticias.

    British cops will also interview ten unnamed witnesses - some of whom were questioned by Portuguese police more than seven years ago when Madeleine first disappeared in Praia da Luz.

    As happened when Operation Grange quizzed suspects and witnesses in July, Scotland Yard detectives will sit in on the interviews but they will be led by Portuguese officers who will ask questions on their behalf.

    Operation Grange, an investigative review by Met Police into the circumstances surrounding Madeleine's disappearance, was last in Portugal three weeks ago.

    A small team of three officers, including DCI Andy Redwood who is in charge of Operation Grange, met Policia Judiciaria bosses in Faro for an update meeting before visiting a lab where DNA samples collected after Madeleine's disappearance are held.

    British police told Portugal's Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences that they now want to retest some of the samples after it was found previous DNA tests carried out during the original investigation were incomplete.

    Last week it emerged that nearly 100 of the 444 strands of hair tested during the original Madeleine McCann investigation were never DNA-matched

    The investigation found 432 hairs were human and 12 non-human, while they were unable to DNA-match 98 of them and only obtained partial results from 19 of them.

    In order to retest the hairs, British police will need to send a sixth letter of request to Mrs Sequeira, who will then have to give permission for forensic experts to take samples to Britain for analysis.

    Institute president Francisco Brizida, said after the October 14 meeting: "I have the certainty they went away very happy.

    "The tonic of the meeting was about the possibility of the tests on samples collected in 2007 being re-done.

    "The British police wanted clarification on the examinations the institute had carried out during the early stages of the inquiry in the areas of genetics and biology.

    "We talked about non-identified material that was collected in Madeleine's apartment.

    "I can't say for sure new DNA tests that didn't yield a conclusive result in 2007 could now yield an objective result.

    "But technology nowadays allows us to go further than years ago in areas like genetic markers."

    Last month it was revealed that the cost of the British police search for Madeleine will soon reach £10million.

    However, the Home Office has defended the cost of the probe, insisting: "The Government believes it is right that it does all it can to support the search for Madeleine McCann."

    1. Forgot link, sorry

  16. Correio da Manhã, paper edition, 05NOV2014, pg 15

    Top of Page – MADDIE: PJ is going to fulfill 5th rogatory letter


    Nee prosecutor from Portimão authorised diligences requested by English police

    - Rui Pando Gomes

    Some of the people who will soon be interviewed by the PJ, at the request of the British police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, will be heard as arguidos, CdM found out. The new diligences have been authorized by the new prosecutor from Portimão’s Public Ministry, Inês Sequeira, and are part of the fifth rogatory letter sent by the British authorities to Portugal.

    In the list for questioning, as CdM found out, there are about ten people, between Portuguese and British. Most will be heard as a witnesses, but some will be made arguidos before the interrogation happens. All will be formally heard for the first time after the green light by the MP magistrate. The inquiries will be carried out by elements of Faro’s PJ, who are collaborating with the British authorities, and should happen until the end of this month. British investigators will be able to suggest questions in advance, but will still have to ask permission to attend the interrogations.

    Among the new SY suspects, as CdM found out, there are former Ocean Club employees, the place from where the child disappeared in May 2007, and residents of Praia da Luz, Lagos. These are people who British investigators consider suspect of involvement in the disappearance of Maddie, following the theory that the child was abducted during a failed burglary.

    These new suspects will only be made arguidos in the UK process and will join the four arguidos already questioned in June, also in the context of a request for judicial cooperation. At the time, eleven witnesses were also heard.

    Insert 1:
    Portuguese and British are part of list for interrogation

    Insert 2:
    Vestige Analysis: The English investigators want to analyse again the vestiges collected in 2007.
    Private Laboratory: The British want to take the vestiges to England to be analysed in a private laboratory.


      05.11.2014 08:01

      Caso Maddie com mais interrogatórios e novos arguidos

      Nova procuradora de Portimão autorizou as diligências solicitadas pela polícia inglesa.

      Por Rui Pando Gomes
      Algumas das pessoas que vão ser interrogadas pela Polícia Judiciária (PJ) em breve, a pedido da polícia inglesa que investiga o desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann, vão ser ouvidas na qualidade de arguidas, apurou o CM. As novas diligências foram autorizadas pela nova procuradora do Ministério Público (MP) de Portimão, Inês Sequeira, e constam da quinta carta rogatória enviada pelas autoridades britânicas para Portugal.

      Na lista para interrogatório, ao que o CM apurou, estão cerca de dez pessoas, entre portugueses e britânicos. A maioria vai ser ouvida na qualidade de testemunha, mas alguns serão constituídos arguidos antes do interrogatório acontecer. Vão todos ser ouvidos formalmente pela primeira depois da luz verde da magistrada do MP. As inquirições serão realizadas por elementos da PJ de Faro, que estão a colaborar com as autoridades britânicas, e deverão acontecer até ao final deste mês. Os investigadores britânicos vão poder sugerir antecipadamente perguntas, mas ainda terão de pedir autorização para assistir aos interrogatórios.

      Entre os novos suspeitos da Scotland Yard, ao que o CM apurou, estão ex-funcionários do Ocean Club, local de onde a criança desapareceu em maio de 2007, e residentes na Praia da Luz, em Lagos. São pessoas que os investigadores britânicos consideram suspeitas de envolvimento no desaparecimento de Maddie, seguindo a tese de que a criança foi raptada durante um roubo falhado.

  17. Pela primeira vez (que eu me lembre) o Correio da Manhã retirou a possibilidade aos leitores em geral de comentar as notícias sobre o caso Maddie! Só link para o Facebook.

    For the first time ever (as far as I recall) Correio da Manhã has disabled the comments facility for the readers in general. Only a link to Facebook.

    In the "best" british rags style!


    "Download the McApp and leave your phone at home to babysit your kids. #mccann"



    O facebook aceita comentários......

    1. Boa noite, cara Maria! Pois, eu sei, mas eu não estou registada no Facebook. O que me irrita mesmo é eles impedirem os leitores de comentarem no site do jornal. Mandei um mail de protesto e pedindo explicações para o endereço de mail geral do CM e recebi um mail de aviso ( creio que do servidor?) de que foi impossível entregar a mensagem porque a caixa de correio do CM estava cheia! Aliás, todos os mails de todos os jornalistas do CM estavam cheios, o mail que recebi trazia uma listagem dos mails dos jornalistas do CM, e nem um, nem um para amostra, tinha espaço na caixa de entrada para receber o meu mail! Curioso, não...?
      Os meus cumprimentos para si,


    2. Bom dia a Todos !

      Na ligação acima, Cara Amélia, estão 170 comentários e nenhum é a favor do casal.

    3. Obrigada, Maria. Nâo me tinha apercebido que se conseguia ler os comentários, mesmo sem estar no Facebook. Realmente são de arrasar, à excepção de um ou dois "cucos" que andam por lá a defender o parzinho de pais negligentes e seus comparsas.Aliás, era precisamente o que eu dizia no meu mail, perguntava se o CM tinha medo da opinião da esmagadora maioria dos portugueses relativamente a este caso, que não engole a versão mal-cozinhada de rapto.


  20. [photo caption: Paula, Euclides’ sister, always claimed his innocence]

    Jornal de Notícias - paper edition/e-paper

    (Translated by Astro)

    DNA clears crucial suspect in Maddie case

    by Marisa Rodrigues

    Euclides, already deceased, was the reason for the reopening of the investigation into the disappearance

    The investigation line that had Euclides Monteiro as a suspect, which led to the reopening of the “Madeleine McCann case” has fallen down. The Polícia Judiciária (PJ) bet strongly on [the thesis of] abduction at the hands of a sexual predator that attacked British children in the Algarve. But DNA tests dismiss the participation of the already deceased man.

    At the location of one of the alleged sexual abuses, a sample of semen was collected, which the PJ already knows does not belong to the former Ocean Club worker. Euclides’ DNA also wasn’t found in the apartment in Praia da Luz where the child disappeared from, seven years ago.

    The sexual predator thesis started to be drawn out when the PJ inspectors collected five cases of alleged abuse involving British children on holidays in the Algarve between 2004 and 2006, one year before the disappearance. Euclides matched the description that was given by some of the victims and had already been imprisoned over theft, employing the same method of home intrusion – without a break-in. Furthermore, he worked at the Ocean Club, and on the day of the disappearance, he used his phone in that area. He was the man who matched the suspect’s profile. Convinced that the identification of cases with the same “modus operandi” allowed to admit the possibility that they had been performed by the same person and that this person could be related Madeleine’s disappearance, the PJ requested the reopening of the case, in 2013.

    The investigators knew that, in one of the cases of alleged sexual abuse, there was a sample of semen. They compared it with a biological sample that had been collected from Euclides, which was in possession of the National Institute for Legal Medicine. The man, we recall, died a victim of an accident with a tractor, in 2009, and he was subject to an autopsy, as determined by law. The tests set Euclides apart from the abuse and from the Ocean Club apartment. The investigation remains open, in the hands of the PJ in Oporto, without any further known developments.

    The Polícia Judiciária will question approximately ten persons at Scotland Yard’s request, within the British investigation. The list includes former Ocean Club workers. All of these persons are being summoned for the first time, some as witnesses and others will be made arguidos, adding to the four suspects that were already questioned in July. The diligences are to be concluded by the end of the current month.

    1. But, in the meanwhile this man's memory was tarnished and dragged through the mud, causing his family great pain and distress.
      I think a public apology from SY and the PJ is in order! Even monetary compensation!

  21. Brenda and Euclides met in heaven a few weeks ago. They have a common cause now and eternity at their side to set things right. The late Madeleine McCann will be their guardian angel.


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