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(Transcript Joana Morais/Textusa)

CMTV News anchor - The questionings at the Judiciary Police headquarters in Faro, requested by the Scotland Yard within the scope of the investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, continue today. After the four arguidos, witnesses will give their statements as requested by the British police.

Unknown reporter [Voice Over] - Hairs found on Sergey Malinka's sofa had a very similar DNA with Madeleine McCann’s. This is the main argument that Scotland Yard has presented to the Public Ministry in order to constitute as arguido the man born in Russia but living for many years in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve.

With him, there are 3 other men, now also arguidos at the request of the English police: José Carlos Silva, Ocean Club driver in March [Sic, May] 2007, when Maddie disappeared from the resort; Pedro [sic, Paulo] Ribeiro, who the English classify as a drug-addict and schizophrenic and also Ricardo Rodrigues, a young man who at the time was close to Pedro [sic, Paulo] Ribeiro.

These three men made a series of phone calls regarded as suspicious on the night of March [sic, May] 3 2007, when Maddie disappeared.

Scotland Yard believes the three planned a burglary to the apartment and when surprised by the little girl, they murdered her and took away her body.

The arguidos were all questioned on Monday [sic, on Tuesday] at the Judiciary Police headquarters in Faro. This Tuesday [sic, this Wednesday] the questionings will continue, now of the 8 witnesses [sic, 11] requested by the Scotland Yard.

The English brought with them again to the Algarve the sniffer dogs specialised in detecting cadavers. The idea is for the animals to inspect the cars owned by the four arguidos back in 2007.

These proceedings are likely to go on until Friday.

This, dear readers, has now made things become SERIOUS. REALLY SERIOUS.

This is taking the game to a whole new level. A whole new dark and ignominious level.

With this latest show, in our opinion, Murat is thrown (back) into the frying pan as he is the only link Malinka has to this case, and the Ocean Club by implicating one of its drivers leaving the suggestion that’s how the body was moved that night from the first to the second location.

There are means to achieve an objective and those chosen by SY to achieve the above has two VERY SERIOUS implications.

One thing is to find a way to tell PJ that you are willing to throw Murat and the Ocean Club into the bonfire another, completely unacceptable on all counts, was to do it in the totally reckless manner in which SY did.

The first SERIOUS implication is the apparent invention of evidence.

If what is reported is true, it was the fact DNA in hairs found on Malinka’s sofas was very similar to Maddie’s that made him an arguido.

A status he was not given back in 2007.

The question that has to be asked is, what hairs? What hairs were found in Malinka’s sofas and when were they collected? When were they tested for DNA? Where are the “very similar” results?

We have in PJ Files that hairs were collected from 2 sofas outside apartment 5A and the Burgau apartment:

“Photos 6 to 10: Various views of the two-seat sofa referred to as evidence item no. 2

Photos 11 to 15: Various views of the single-seat sofa referred to as evidence item no. 3


In a first phase there proceeded the recovery of various hairs existing on the referred sofa pieces, using tweezers appropriate for the task, they [the hairs] having been placed in a paper envelope in accordance with procedures issued by the LPC Biology Section.

These recoveries were referenced as trace evidence numbers 1, 2 and 3 in accordance with the reference tags placed on the sofa.”


In the examination performed on the three pieces of sofa, in the garage of the Portimao DIC of the Policia Judiciaria, there were detected and collected various hairs, as better described in the body of this report, they having been referenced as trace evidence numbers 1, 2 and 3, which were delivered to the LPC Biology Section under delivery note 199/2007-CR/L, copy attached, for them to be preserved for future/possible expert examination.”

Nowhere does it say that these 2 sofas belong to Sergey Malinka. They are referred to only as Sofas located in in the garage of the CID Portimao.

We have read that Sergey had his computers seized for forensic investigation but haven’t read anywhere that his sofas has suffered the same fate, having ended up in a PJ garage.

It would be strange to have had Malinka’s 2 sofas hauled to a garage and leave the ones in apartment 5A where they were.

We don't know to who these sofas belong to but, as always, we will disregard logic and will suppose that the CID garage sofas are the property of Sergey Malinka.

The LPC [Laboratório de Polícia Criminal], on 31MAR2008, writes this about the hairs found in these particular sofas:

“…with respect to the sofas that are in the garage of the DIC Portimao:

- 3 labelled envelopes with delivery note no. 420B/2007-CR/L:


Vg1 - "Sundry head-hair collected from the sofa having one seat"- 7 hairs.

Vg2 - "Sundry head-hair collected from the sofa having two seats"- 2 hairs.

Vg3 - "Sundry head-hair collected from the sofa having one seat" - 2 hairs.


4- Study of mitochondrial DNA

The vestiges delivered on 08/11/2007 and on 14/12/2007:

Mitochondrial DNA results were obtained in 137 hairs (roots and/or stems) from the 187 analysed. It was not possible to obtain any results from 46 hairs, and in 4 cases incomplete sequences were obtained.

5- Total of the samples studied:

Since May 2007, the following samples were analysed in the GENETIC AND BIOLOGICAL FORENSIC SERVICES offices of the North, Central e South Delegations of the Instituto Nacional of Medicina Legal:

- 25 reference samples.

- 447 vestigios, comprising:

>> 444 hairs, of which 432 were human;

>> 1 mark on a counterpane;

>> 2 objects from a car boot.

Of the 432 human hairs (roots and/or stems), 315 provided the results reflected in Table 2.


Ea      1       1 Sofa 1-seat; CID garage(Vg1)


X           2       1 Bedroom entrance Ocean(Vgl) and 1 sofa 1-seat; garage(Vgl) (…)


15 Haplotypes different from each other and from those above:


1    Sofa of 1-seat; garage(Vgl)


1    Sofa of 2-seats; garage(Vg2)


1    Sofa of 2-seats; garage(Vg2)


- The Haplotypes identified by the letters B, E, Ea, V, V*, X, Y, Z, AA, AAa e AA* are different from those above and distinct from the reference samples, having the same Haplotype been found in distinct locations:

Haplotype B - apart. Ocean Club and apart. Burgau

Haplotypes E, Ea - apart. Ocean Club and sofa of 1-seat in the garage in Portimao

Haplotypes V, V* - apart. Ocean Club and vehicle Renault

Haplotype X - apart. Ocean Club e sofa of 1-seat in the garage in Portimao

Haplotype Y - apart. Ocean Club e sofa of 1-seat in the garage in Portimao

Haplotype Z - Residencia Liliana e sofa of 1-seat in the garage in Portimao

Haplotypes AA, AAa, AA* - apartment in Burgau and vehicle Passat”

It’s a lot of technical wording but it is very clear is that the hairs found in the “sofas located in in the garage of the CID Portimao were analysed for DNA by the LPC in 2007.

Nowhere does it refer a match of any of them to Maddie. Or of any similarity.

It’s not credible to think that a forensic police would overlook a potential match to the victim in question, Madeleine McCann.

John Lowe, in his FSS reports, does not mention these hairs.

He does however, in 03SEPT2007, go into elaborate detail to explain that 15 out of 19 DNA components cannot be considered safely “similar”:

“Firstly, here are the last three results you are expecting

An incomplete DNA result was obtained from cellular material on the swab 3a. The swab contained very little information and showed low level indications of DNA from more than one person. However, all of the confirmed DNA components within this result match the corresponding components in the DNA profile of Madeline McCann. LCN DNA profiling is highly sensitive it is not possible to attribute this DNA profile to a particular body fluid.

There is no evidence to support the view that Madeline MCCann contributed DNA to the swab 3B.

A complex LCN DNA result which appeared to have originated from at least three people was obtained from cellular material recovered from the luggage compartment section 286C 2007 CRL10 (2) area 2. Within the DNA profile of Madeline McCann there are 20 DNA components represented by 19 peaks on a chart. At one of the areas of DNA we routinely examine Madeleine has inherited the same DNA component from both parents; this appears therefore as 1 peak rather than 2, hence 19 rather than 20. Of these 19 components 15 are present within the result from this item; there are 37 components in total. There are 37 components because there are at least 3 contributors; but there could be up to five contributors. In my opinion therefore this result is too complex for meaningful interpretation/inclusion.

Why - ...

Well lets look at the question that is being asked

"Is there DNA from Madeline on the swab "

It would be very simple to say "yes" simply because of the number of components within the result that are also in her reference sample.

What we need to consider, as scientists, is whether the match is genuine and legitimate; because Madeline has deposited DNA as a result of being in the car or whether Madeline merely appears to match the result by chance. The individual components in Madeline's profile are not unique to her, it is the specific combination of 19 components that makes her profile unique above all others. Elements of Madeline's profile are also present within the the profiles of many of the scientists here in Birmingham, myself included. it's important to stress that 50% of Madeline's profile will be shared with each parent. It is not possible in a mixture of more than two people, to determine or evaluate which specific DNA components pair with each other. Namely, we cannot separate the components out into 3 individual DNA profiles.

Therefore, we cannot answer the question: is the match genuine or is it a chance match.”

So if any possible match was to have been found between Maddie’s DNA and the one found in the CID garage sofas it would have been reported and the similarities detailed and discussed.

Note that at least 1 of the CID garage sofas shares 3 haplotypes with those found in apartment 5A (haplotypes E,Ea, X and Y) and another with a haplotype found in Vivenda Liliana, Murat’s Villa (haplotype Z).

So for now SY to come and accuse Malinka of having hairs on his sofa with DNA similar to Maddie, it can ONLY mean that the CID garage sofas weren’t his and we MUST be talking about other sofas and about a new set of hairs.

Hairs that were not collected in 2007. Those were tested.

And most of all in UK were destroyed:

B - Non-Perishable Personal Samples

The destruction of other, non-perishable, personal samples is required by Section 64 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, (1984). These include:

- Control head hair samples

- Control pubic hair samples

- Finger nail samples

- Casts, e.g. of teeth or feet

Except as below these non-perishable, personal samples are returned to you as parts of exhibits for production at court etc. The laboratory is not responsible for their destruction.

The part of these samples, which were removed for examination, will be retained by the laboratory for the period of time as specified in the 'Memorandum of Understanding for Retained Materials' (3, 7 or 30 years) from the date of this notice to allow access to other legitimate parties. After this period, in the absence of written instruction to the contrary, the retained samples will be destroyed and a record made of their destruction.”

So only the samples with completely different haplotypes remain, if they remain, stored somewhere.

Remember, having been considered that 15 out 19 DNA components were not enough to charge the McCanns with anything, the DNA found in these “new” hairs MUST have more than 15 out 19 DNA components.

To say now that these are the hairs that now have DNA very similar to Maddie's is to state openly and brazenly that the Portuguese Forensic service and its professionals were absolutely incompetent in the most important case that has ever crossed their hands.

So they cannot be these hairs. They must be a new set of hairs that has now made Malinka to be an arguido.

When were they collected? In 2014? When? To go and search a house in Portugal one needs a warrant. We have never heard that Malinka’s place was searched lately.

In fact, we don’t think it hasn’t been searched since 2007.

So what hairs are these?

Malinka was made arguido on Monday, 01JUL14. His house couldn’t have been searched before that. On Tuesday we’re told that DNA is very similar. Impossible.

It can only be invented evidence. That’s the conclusion we have reached and, obviously, we stand corrected.

Let’s hope it stays invented and is not materialised in some document. Then it’s no longer invented evidence but a produced one.

For British authorities to invent evidence it can only be because of despair. Someone somewhere has lost sight of reason.

This, if true, is outrageous. A nation being morally and intellectually dishonest. This is so serious that we sincerily hope we can retract all said in present post for having been proven wrong. We will wait for such proof.

The second VERY SERIOUS implication about this episode is the constitution of the other 2 arguidos: Pedro Ribeiro and Ricardo Rodrigues.

Both poor and cannot afford lawyers. One apparently with mental issues and another 16 yrs old at the time.

Easy to pick on. Easy to guarantee their silence. After all, they’re only suspects. No one is accusing them of anything.

We cannot at this point in time see any relationship between these two and Maddie’s case. We seriously doubt we will ever see.

It seems that the British are poking an animal thinking it won’t respond. Taunting it with a xenophobic stick in its ribs until the sore infects.

Please do not later complain about its vicious bite.

Pic from JH Forum
 The graffiti on that Praia da Luz wall was a warning. Please continue at own risk.

A teacher once told me “do be very careful to let the dogs out, for they may turn on you and chew your own legs up.”

Stupidity is what drives people into stupidity.

We will now return to our holidays.

Post Scriptum:

To confirm the warning signs of a pressure pot that is threatening to explode:

(with thanks to Joana Morais)

Cell phone photo of road sign taken by a Praia da Luz resident

Second photo being used as profile avatar in protest

Two more #StopMcCannCircus photos from two other Luz residents fed up with Met Police show off

Another #StopMcCannCircus sign photo from an angry Luz resident

As pessoas na Praia da Luz dizem: #SomosTodosPedintes Pedimos Paz!

People in Praia da Luz say: #WeAreAllBeggars 
We ask for Peace!

And from the Mirror (Jul 06, 2014 21:00):



  2. Cover-up or breathtaking incompetence? The level of both has just been escalated to new and potentially dangerous heights. The life of these 4 Arguidos (assuming their innocence) will never be the same again. The UK press are already on them like a pack of wild dogs - faces plastered on the front pages and all over the internet.


    PJ de Faro interrogou quatro arguidos e começou a inquirir 11 testemunhas


    A Polícia Judiciária de Faro já concluiu o interrogatório aos quatro homens arguidos no processo judicial inglês sobre o desaparecimento de Madeline McCann, estando agora a inquirir 11 testemunhas, disse à Lusa fonte ligada ao processo.

    A fonte explicou hoje à agência Lusa que a PJ está a cumprir diligências de uma carta rogatória emitida pelas autoridades britânicas, na qual foi pedido para que a polícia portuguesa interrogue quatro arguidos e 11 testemunhas, no âmbito do processo inglês sobre o desaparecimento em 2007 da criança inglesa Madeleine McCann.

    A mesma fonte explicou que os elementos da Scotland Yard, que acompanham os interrogatórios, trouxeram para Portugal cães pisteiros para que fossem utilizados em buscas domiciliárias, nomeadamente à viatura de um dos suspeitos, mas que a diligência foi recusada por um juiz, por "falta de fundamento".

    Agência Lusa

  4. ** Police finish Madeleine questioning **
    Questioning of four suspects in the Madeleine McCann investigation concludes without any new developments, a source tells the BBC.
    < >

  5. Unbelievable. Another example of the incredible, dangerous arrogance of the SY.


    "Detectives also grilled a fourth man – a local computer expert – about a sofa he dumped which was later discovered to have DNA on it similar to that found in the McCanns’ apartment."

    So, it seems, unfortunately, it's a new set of hairs.

    Unfortunately for SY, their every single move in PdL in June in those scrublands were filmed. To the point of a recovery of a sock to be news.

    No one saw a discarded sofa. No one saw anyone handling a sofa. No one saw anyone carry a sofa.

    A sofa was not found in June in PdL by SY. Unfortunately for SY.

    One has to ask how were SY able to determine the discarded sofa was Malinka's.

    Have they been watching him for the last 7 years and when he walked out with a sofa, they went after him and saw exactly where he dumped it?

    Or did they go around every single sofa dumped in the Algarve, collect DNA from each and then compare it to Malinka's DNA to confirm?

    The problem with tending a wound with only sucessive patches just because one is scared of the pain it means treating it, it will makes it infect even further. Makes it worse with each patch.

    Disregarding how they came to the conclusion that particular dumped sofa belonged to Malinka, if this is true, it means that SY came to Portugal, and illegally collected evidence about an ongoing investigation.

    SY are no better than Steven Birch in Murat's yard.

    If the Public Ministry has taken Steven Birch to court, it has to do he same with SY.

    About the game having become stupidly serious, now, unfortunately, it's even more so.

    It seems, very unfortunately, we won't have to retract anything we have said in our post.

    1. Didin't "tick-tock" anon speak of a discarded item that SY were really looking for in June? Maybe TT knew about this sofa

    2. They ought to be concentrating on discarded items from the T9 and associates

  7. Last night during TVI news I couldn't help but burst laughing when I heard that the reason for these 4 to have killed Maddie was because they were afraid they would be recognised! As if a 4 yr old would be able to point out anyone in a line-up.
    Someone should get a video of last night's TVI 8 o'clock news.

    1. I also saw those news. But Marisa Rodrigues said very clearly that it was NOT a PJ thesis and PJ did NOT agree with it. She told the story like all was absurd (which it is!!!) but it was something the PJ had to do because the Brits had requested it.
      I think by accepting all SY is asking the Portuguese are being brilliant. This way SY shoots itself all over own feet and PJ just sits back and waits and lets foolishness speak for itself.

    2. I think not only the portuguese news but the British news also knows that the current thesis that appears to be presented is not the real one, and that they are waiting on further updates to get a clearer picture of where we are. There is no uproar in the press about these new suspects, the way there was about Robert Murat. I even heard one of the local radio guys saying to the outside reporter is this worth discussing since it just seems to be more of the same (Rubbish My words). The majority of negativity and making assumptions on the future direction of both investigations is coming from blogs which in the past were very informative and stuck to facts.

  8. This case is getting more ridiculous with each passing day. Trying to pin the disappearance of Madeleine on anyone other than the real culprits just beggars belief!! To my mind this case will have no successful outcome, and the REAL perpetrators will remain free to carry-on making even more money out of the gullible public. I wonder why the fund isn't frozen/closed until it's proved they had nothing to do with it?

  9. Invented evidence...of course they would dare, I have no doubts! Didn't they request the PJ to obtain fingerprints and DNA from the suspects AT ALL COSTS, even if DISHONEST and UNLAWFUL ones?!
    This screams DESPERATION, doesn't it? They want the case "solved" an closed for good, as soon as possible and no matter at what cost!

  10. A discarded sofa?! Well, what about a "certain" discarded fridge then...? Will the SY be looking for that broken fridge too...?

  11. I think the ridicule is not important to them. What gives to them is the pleasure , by the fact that they appear with studied regularity .
    Seems Portugal is a naughty boy and need the regular presence of the tutors.

    More like an overly childish behaviour! You do not want to give the ball to we play the same game then we'll do everything to you not play anymore.


    SMS vale em tribunal

    Mesmo que o destinatário revele conteúdo da mensagem, esta só é válida como prova após deliberação de um juiz

    Justiça - mensagens telefónicas válidas também para injúrias e ameaças

    As mensagens escritas, também conhecidas por SMS, servem como prova na Justiça. O Tribunal da Relação de Lisboa validou a apreensão pela PJ, sem recurso à autorização de um juiz, dos conteúdos das SMS. Na argumentação apresentada pelo Tribunal , a mensagem enviada por um indivíduo, na qual ameaçava de morte o destinatário e respectiva família, foi equiparada a uma carta escrita, aberta e arquivada pelo receptor, devendo receber tratamento [jurídico] semelhante.

    13 de Agosto 2008, 00h30
    Nº de votos (0)

    Por:André Pereira

    Fonte judicial, porém, explicou ao CM que poderá ter existido uma má interpretação da Lei por parte do Tribunal da Relação, uma vez que o artigo 189 do Código do Processo Penal não especifica se a mensagem já foi ou não aberta. "A decisão do Tribunal da Relação de Lisboa vai contra o contexto literal da lei, pois o artigo 189 do Código do Processo Penal não faz distinção sobre se já foi lida ou não. O artigo refere apenas que, desde que o conteúdo esteja guardado num registo electrónico, carece sempre de uma autorização de um juiz". De acordo com a mesma fonte, trata-se "de um erro do legislador por não ter feito distinção entre correspondência lida ou não lida, para efeitos de autorização judicial".

    Isto significa que qualquer mensagem escrita recebida e lida no telemóvel ou no correio electrónico, guardada em suporte digital, não pode servir de prova sem a expressa autorização de um juiz. "Mesmo esta autorização só é dada se o juiz entender que é indispensável para a prova de crime", afirmou a mesma fonte.

    No caso de a polícia apreender um telemóvel e abrir uma SMS para conhecer o conteúdo, "está a ter um comportamento ilegal, pois necessita da autorização do juiz.

    Se for o próprio receptor a exibir o conteúdo da mensagem, isso não altera em nada o que está escrito no artigo 189. Se for admissível como prova, acaba por se r uma forma enviesada de contornar a lei", concluiu.


    Durante o processo de investigação ao desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann do apartamento no Ocean Club na Praia da Luz, a Polícia Judiciária entendeu que seria útil para o processo aceder ao conteúdo das mensagens escritas enviadas e recebidas pelos telemóveis do casal nos momentos anteriores e posteriores ao desaparecimento da filha.

    Apesar de o Ministério Público ter validado o pedido feito pela equipa do inspector Gonçalo Amaral, o juiz Pedro Frias recusou o acesso ao conteúdo das SMS do casal McCann, justificando a decisão com o facto de se tratar de intercepções telefónicas e as necessárias autorizações não poderem ser feitas a posteriori. Ou seja, não ser possível autorizar a consulta de mensagens escritas enviadas e recebidas antes do pedido.


  13. cont


    O Tribunal da Relação de Lisboa considerou desnecessária a autorização de um juiz para a Polícia Judiciária recolher e registar o conteúdo de mensagens escritas por telemóvel. Na origem desta decisão estão várias SMS enviadas a ameaçar de morte um indivíduo. Ao apresentar queixa, o receptor exibiu-as à polícia, que transcreveu o conteúdo das mensagens e o juntou aos autos.

    Em causa está o recurso apresentado pelo arguido – após condenação no Tribunal da Boa-Hora, por crimes de injúrias e ameaças –, no qual alega existir nulidade qualificada da prova. A Defesa argumenta estar em causa "uma ingerência nas telecomunicações", justificada "por uma garantia de inviolabilidade e sigilo com consagração constitucional". Pode ler-se no acórdão escrito dos juízes-desembargadores que "a apreensão já recebida e aberta não terá mais protecção do que as cartas recebidas, abertas e guardadas pelo seu destinatário".


    N.º 1 do art. 187 do CPP

    "A intercepção e a gravação de conversações ou comunicações telefónicas só podem ser autorizadas durante o inquérito, se houver razões para crer que a diligência é indispensável para a descoberta da verdade ou que a prova seria, de outra forma, impossível ou muito difícil de obter, por despacho fundamentado do juiz de instrução e mediante requerimento do Ministério Público, quanto a crimes:[...] e) De injúria, de ameaça, de coacção, de devassa da vida privada e perturbação da paz e do sossego, quando cometidos através de telefone."

    N.º 1 do art. 189 do CPP

    "O disposto no artigo 187.º e artigo 188.º é correspondentemente aplicável às conversações ou comunicações transmitidas por qualquer meio técnico diferente do telefone, designadamente correio electrónico ou outras formas de transmissão de dados por via telemática, mesmo que se encontrem guardadas em suporte digital, e à intercepção das comunicações entre presentes."


    Juiz de instrução criminal não autorizou buscas domiciliárias a suspeitos do caso Maddie

    O juiz de instrução criminal que tem em mãos a reabertura do caso de Madeleine McCann, a menina inglesa que desapareceu na praia da Luz em Maio de 2007, não autorizou buscas domiciliárias às casas dos quatro homens que foram interrogados nesta terça-feira pela Polícia Judiciária a pedido das autoridades britânicas.

    Os quatro homens, entre os quais está Sergey Malinka, um russo que se naturalizou português, foram ouvidos na qualidade de arguidos, também por solicitação da polícia britânica. A Scotland Yard queria, porém, que também fossem levadas a cabo buscas nas respectivas casas – algo que o juiz de instrução criminal recusou, por entender que não existia fundamento para semelhante diligência.

    Depois deste interrogatório, foi a vez de, nesta quarta-feira, terem começado a ser ouvidas mais 11 pessoas, eventuais testemunhas dos factos ocorridos há sete anos. Pelo menos parte delas são familiares ou próximas dos suspeitos.

    As testemunhas que a policia britânica pediu às autoridades portuguesas para questionar já tinham, na sua maioria, sido ouvidas pela PJ. No entanto, o processo que colocava os pais da criança na situação de arguidos, - e que veio a ser mandado arquivar por falta de provas – reúne um vasto conjunto de informações que deixam campo aberto para outras abordagens e eventuais especulações.

    A vinda da Scotland Yard à praia da Luz, para efectuar escavações e colocar cães pisteiros no rasto de eventuais odores de cadáveres, nos mesmo locais onde já tinham andado aquando do desaparecimento, criou a expectativa, sobretudo junto da imprensa estrangeira, de que, finalmente, se iria saber o que aconteceu a Maddie. Os jornalistas britânicos voaram, de novo, até ao Algarve, sugerindo nos seus trabalhos que a descoberta do cadáver poderia estar iminente. Abriram buracos e utilizaram meios técnicos sofisticadas num descampado à beira da praia, mas nada de novo veio a público.

    Esta semana, em vez de assentar arraiais em Lagos, o circo mediático deslocou-se para as proximidades da directoria da PJ de Faro, onde estão a decorrer os interrogatórios. As questões são formuladas pelos ingleses, mas quem conduz as entrevistas é a Polícia Judiciária. A cooperação entre as duas polícias neste caso tem sido sempre realçada pelas autoridades portuguesas. De resto, os famosos cães super-polícias que, há sete anos, foram chamados a descobrir as pistas que conduziriam a um desfecho do caso, acabariam por mostrar que tinham bom olfacto. Detectaram odores de cadáver em vários locais, mas nunca se provou que se tratasse da menina desaparecida.

    O informático Sergey Malinka, agora constituído arguido, foi uma das várias testemunhas interpeladas pela PJ em 2007, chegando mesmo a existir uma mandado de revista ao apartamento onde morava na praia da Luz.

  15. Segunda opinião

    Ainda no caso Maddie

    O caso revela uma boa dose de subserviência, com prejuízo da nossa soberania penal.


    "Mas este sr. não era o min.da justiça na altura em que o caso foi arquivado??? E deixou arquivar! Cedeu à pressão política dos "bifes", deixou q a nossa polícia e o país fossem pisados pelos ingleses!"

    Anónimo Hoje, 15h11m

    exclusiva da edição em papel

    Ler mais em:


    Madeleine latest: British police “back to where they were seven years ago”

    British police are said to be “near the end” of their latest efforts ongoing in Faro to uncover the truth behind Madeleine McCann’s disappearance. And this end, like all the others, seems to have brought them right back to the beginning. “We’re back to where we were seven years ago,” a police source is quoted by British tabloid the Daily Mirror.

    The various “arguidos” (suspects) and witnesses interviewed over the last couple of days have not, apparently, revealed any new evidence - and have certainly not in any way corroborated the Metropolitan Police theory that Madeleine was taken in a botched burglary and then murdered, with her body buried close to the apartment in Praia da Luz from which she disappeared on May 3, 2007.

    As commentators point out, it is almost too much to expect that anyone who was involved in the child’s disappearance would have stayed in the area for seven long years. Less likely even that they would have kept hold of any vehicle used to transport a dead body.

    But if newspapers are to be believed, the arrival on Tuesday of Welsh sniffer dogs was designed to give the suspects’ cars a thorough sniffing.

    SIC TV news carries a short report today showing Met officers walking through the streets of Faro with their packed lunches in plastic bags on Wednesday, and reports that the British diligences took much less time than they had expected. Almost the entire 10-man team was reported to have returned to their hotel, with some officers already said to have returned to UK.

    The time allowed for this latest stage of the long-running Met investigation, which has so far spent at least €7 million, runs out tomorrow, and it is understood that a bid to get DNA from all four “arguidos” to match it with hairs found in the McCanns’ holiday apartment has run aground as it did not satisfy the requirements of Portuguese law.

    According to the Daily Mirror, Portuguese police “rejected the request because it had not been sanctioned by a judge”.

    Judicial issues were highlighted in Portugal’s popular tabloid, Correio da Manhã, today which claimed that the country’s authorities have been “used and abused” by British police.

    “From chartered Air Force helicopter flights (to unveil graves dug seven years ago) to the return of the famous sniffer dogs and interrogation of ‘arguidos’ and witnesses… Can this all be justified?” queries university professor Rui Pereira, who adds that it is almost impossible to believe that the British police would do the same for Portuguese counterparts if the situation was reversed.

    Pereira concluded that the whole case “shows a large dose of subservience” on the part of Portuguese authorities, with resulting “damage to our penal sovereignty”.

    And as the Daily Mirror points out: A Portuguese source close to the investigation has claimed the interviews have produced no new leads.

    He added: “We’re back where we were seven years ago.”


  17. Anonymous3 Jul 2014 19:11:00

    Rui Pereira foi ministro da administração interna, e não da justiça, o que ainda é mais grave neste caso...pois o Min. Adm. Interna tutela as polícias, a PJ eo Min.Público incluidos!
    Como M. da justiça, até acredito que não teria tido grande poder de intervenção no caso, mas como min. da adm. interna, aí sim , o caso muda de não interveio, não impediu o arquivamento, não defendeu a honra e eindependência do M. Publico nem da PJ, então tem as sua quota-parte nos ultrajes e nas pouca-vergonhas que se têm sucedido desde 2007!

  18. Everything happens for a reason - the Levison enquiry involved Gerry McCann was for a reason, Gerry cannot undo his involvement with Levison. Levison is very political but the Mccanns PR team misjudged it, and it has backfired on them. When guilty people chose to keep talking instead of staying silent they eventually face justice due to their own arrogance and this is what is happening here, the Mccanns are arrogant, Gerry cannot stay silent, nor can they accept that the public no longer support them, they are desperate.
    I have followed this case from the beginning because I like so many others did not believe the version of lies and inconsistencies the Mccanns presented us with, or the rubbish the tabloids printed. Time is always a great healer. Eventually the truth surfaces, sometimes it takes years but we are all here to the end and we all read these posts and many others because we know Madeleie was given a bad injustice by her 'parents' - one day the truth will come out we live in times when eventually the truth is known, MP's know how important transparency is, (its become a vote puller)we only have to look at recent cases Jimmy Savillle and Rolf Harris and the many others that have not yet been revealed but in time they will be named and they live in fear. This is their legacy to their families' that they leave to their families wherever they are, and whoever they are they will be revealed for what they are and for what they did because the internet is powerful and cannot be silenced.
    Thank you to TEXTUSA many people worldwide read yours and others comments you are the eyes of justice and cannot silenced whatever the outcome of the SY investigation all we want is justice for a 3 years old baby that was so badly let down by her so called
    ' parents.'
    Justice and peace for Madeleine Beth McCann .

  19. Thanks Textusa another great article - you knew from the beginning what was happening here, when this case finally properly hits the courts you and your sisters will go down in history you have said it how it is. SY must have read these comments and acted upon them. Thanks Tex you have helped Maddie and Amaral you are fantastic xx


    "The Maddie case reveals a good deal of subservience, much to the detriment of our penal sovereignty"

  21. Think back to the early / mid 1980s. If anyone had told you that by the end of the decade, the Berlin Wall would be smashed down, who would have believed it?

    Same for the collapse of the Communist Soviet Union. An impregnable tyrant of a giant. But come 1991, and it all fell apart over a very short space of time.

    I view the McCanns in a similar way to these former bastions of power - but dishonest and deceitful power - which were ultimately exposed and torn down and dealt with by 'people power.'

    The power behind the people in the McCann case is the internet.
    Back in 2007, they reckoned without Twitter (which had only just sprung up that year), Facebook which was only in its infancy, Blogs such as Textusa, Jill Havern, etc, etc. Even the comments section on online newspaper sites and Yahoo News are filled with people angry and dismayed by the continued lies and deceit from those involved.
    Without these modern electronic mediums, all we would have is the 'old guard,' the BBC, and the Mainstream Media and with the scandalous drivel they churn out, none of us would be any the wiser. We would all still be pitying those poor McCanns whose child was abducted by a paedophile while on holiday!

    But, IMO, the cracks in the McCann's 'Berlin Wall' are growing wider and wider by the day as the angry populace gather at its crumbling buttresses, chipping away at the ageing concrete, while those who once defended the ramparts now are conspicuous by their silent absence.

    Once the end comes, it will be swift, like a thief in the night (and that is certainly no reference to 3 fictitious drug-addled SY-esque burglars).

    As with the break-up of the Soviet Union, and the likes of Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Turkmenistan etc, etc, all desired their independence, once the real culprits are apprehended, the individual Tapas 7 members will quickly want to break away from the McCann binds. Their public supporters and backers (Branson, Grant, Kelly, Rowling, etc,etc) will not be seen for dust in the rush for the Exit. And as for the £75k per-year Mr Blobby, Clarry Mitch, he'll resemble the Roadrunner fleeing the Coyote.
    (Meep-meep ..... whooooosh).

    The time is certainly at hand.


    Maddie: arguidos responderam a 250 perguntas
    Scotland Yard mantém tese de assalto, mas novas diligências não deram em nada até ao momento nem houve detenções
    Por: tvi24 / MR/CF | 2014-07-03 20:57

    As novas diligências da polícia britânica para descobrir o que aconteceu a Maddie McCann continuam em Faro.

    Quatro arguidos e onze testemunhas interrogadas no âmbito da investigação da Scotland Yard.

    A TVI sabe que os arguidos aceitaram falar para negar as suspeitas de envolvimento no desaparecimento da criança. Responderam a mais de 250 perguntas. Entre estas, foi-lhes perguntado se mataram a criança ou se assaltaram o apartamento.

    Até agora, nada de relevante resultou desta nova fase da investigação da Scotland Yard nem houve detenções.

    Já os cães que vieram do Reino Unido foram usados numa inspeção à viatura de um dos familiares de um dos arguidos, mas sem sucesso.

    Madeleine McCann desapareceu do apartamento na Praia da Luz, no Algarve, há sete, poucos dias antes do quarto aniversário.

  23. Unpublished (published and then deleted) Anonymous 4 Jul 2014 05:32:00
    Unpublished Anonymous 4 Jul 2014 08:07:00

    We would like to sincerely thank you for your comments.

    Our policy is not to get into any inter-blog fighting that only benefits those cluttering the access to truth.

    We prefer to let readers make up their own mind about who on one day criticises those who have criticised SY, when giving their reasons as to why they think what they’re doing is a farce, and on the next criticise whatever SY is doing and even calling it a farse.

    The Maddie case is far too complex and that, on one hand, is very good: only intelligent and passionate people seeking truth and justice follow it. People who do take notice of “changes” of opinions, of changes in thesis defended, sometimes going from one to another that conflicts totally with the one before.

    We trust in people’s capability in making up their own minds.

    And like we have said, misinformation always has a reason, a motive.

    Don’t ever stop feeling outraged when witnessing an injustice. It’s people like you we want to reach.

    Hope you understand our decision.

  24. If 'misinformation always has a reason' I'd like to know what those reasons are? It's obvious they're looking everywhere other than where they should be looking, the whole investigation has been to cover-up for the parents at the detriment of JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE!!!!!

    I'm so fed-up of all the false leads in this case, blaming all and sundry, and turning a blind eye to where the arrows are pointing. It really does make you wonder what exactly IS being covered up.

    1. Anonymous 4 Jul 2014 10:25:00

      We’re supposing that you are Unpublished (published and then deleted) Anonymous 4 Jul 2014 05:32:00 / Unpublished Anonymous 4 Jul 2014 08:07:00.

      Let’s break down your comment into 2: misinformation by the Establishment and misinformation by bloggers.

      The first is done both via official institutions of states, such as courts (e.g. WoC), judicial entities (e.g. archiving dispatch) and police forces (e.g. SY), and MSM, its voice.

      The latter, is in the internet.

      About the first, we covered the reasons for misinformation in our post “Covering-up the Cover-up” (31JAN14)

      The Establishment doing all it can to avoid admitting there’s an elephant in the room: the huge issue that a rather unimportant one snowballed into. It is now gigantic, it’s now of a size that has even its creators flabbergasted. And embarrassed. And living a nightmare they created and don’t know how to get out of.

      Thus the sick, disgusting, horrible game that is being played at state level. It’s a game not to win but to find a way to lose with the littlest damage possible. Mind you, the littlest will always be enormous, mind you.

      Disagree with you when speak of “false leads”. They are not false. They are ridiculous. Ludicrous. Obviously and transparently contemptible. Some, like the hair Malinka’s couch, are even criminal. But they aren’t false as so transparently fake they are.

      Their reason? Negotiation. Trying to avoid PJ investigation going into areas in which damages will be indeed significant.

      But, to our advantage, slowly, these absurdities have come to the point where it’s taken as fact that Maddie is dead, that the Ocean Club is involved, that there was a collective participation in the moving/disposal of body and, with this latest that Murat is involved.

      Just go back a year ago. Go back to the beginning of Summer of 2013 and make an effort to remember what was said then, who said what then, and what could one say then.

      Besides the consensual acceptance amongst all bloggers that Maddie was dead, only our blog spoke of the rest in the terms that now are considered “fact”. And for many years we took a beating for saying it. A real beating. But we did not exasperate, we did not get fed up, we just continued in our path.

      To get fed up by their “false leads” is playing their game. Our posture is one of who knows has the on their side when the court session was delayed: you may run but you can’t hide, you can try to tire us out, you can try to push us away, but we will keep coming back and coming back as many times as needed until we feel our quest for the truth has reached its final destination.

      About misinformation on the internet, we think we covered the issue in our post “The Great Maddie War” (25JAN13)

      People who know exactly what happened and have sold their souls to save their own necks and/or of those they care for.

      Intellectual honesty and integrity are not called for when it comes to attain objectives. We call them “White Hats”.

      The reason for their misinformation is to keep the issue mystified. Each has their personal reasons for doing so and sometimes interests collide. That’s why we witness many fall-outs through time.

      As we have spotted their game, we don’t get mentioned. Textusa doesn’t exist or is recommended not to be read.

      Apparently many are those who do not follow these recommendations.

      Many of those who speak against the McCanns are really against them. They may hate and loath them for what happened to Maddie and for how they have behaved after, but first comes their own skin.

      To speak against the McCanns while throwing sand into our eyes is helping to hide truth from us.

    2. Great post Textusa ..................I know currently its not what SY is doing that depress's me the most that we will never get to the truth, its such negativity coming from the bloggers. Its almost as if criticism of this negativity and false assumptions from one corner promotes even greater negativity and false assumptions from other corners.

    3. Our apologies about our comment at 4 Jul 2014 12:07:00.

      The paragraph that reads:

      "To get fed up by their “false leads” is playing their game. Our posture is one of who knows has the on their side when the court session was delayed: you may run but you can’t hide, you can try to tire us out, you can try to push us away, but we will keep coming back and coming back as many times as needed until we feel our quest for the truth has reached its final destination."

      Should read:

      "To get fed up by their “false leads” is playing their game. Our posture is one of who knows has reason on its side: you may run but you can’t hide, you can try to tire us out, you can try to push us away, but we will keep coming back and coming back as many times as needed until we feel our quest for the truth has reached its final destination."

      The comment box is small and sometimes the brain is naughty and is 2 steps ahead of the hands typing.

      Our apologies.


    Madeleine McCann cops to send sniffer dogs into shop where suspect was seen with child

    Jul 04, 2014 12:14
    By Paul Byrne

    Detectives are prepared to fight for a Portuguese court order which would allow them to sweep the building for clues

    British cops searching for Madeleine McCann are set to send sniffer dogs into a shop where a suspect was seen with a young child on the night the three-year-old vanished.

    And detectives are prepared to fight for a Portuguese court order which would allow them to sweep the building for clues.

    But Met officers in the Algarve hope the business owner will open his doors to their search dogs, rather than launch a long court battle.

    There were a number of sightings of a man seen carrying a child towards the beach away from the holiday apartments were Madeleine’s family were staying in Praia da Luz in 2007.

    Now detectives are looking at a particular building, believed to be along the same route, where a new witness has said they saw a suspect going inside with a girl.

    It is understood the new information has been gathered by detectives working on Operation Grange, the UK probe into Madeleine’s disappearance.

    The exact location and nature of the shop business has not been revealed.

    But up to a dozen UK officers from Operation Grange are still in Portugal today , together with two sniffer dogs.

    The team arrived early today at the Portuguese police headquarters in Faro where it is understood they are discussing the next stage of their investigation with local detectives.

    Portuguese TV station SIC broke the news of the shop search.

    Their report said: “Other work is still to be confirmed, including searches in a commercial premises in Praia da Luz where someone is said to have seen a man with a child similar to Madeleine entering around the time of her disappearance, a procedure which may require judicial authorisation unless approved by the owner of the premises.”

    UK police have been in Portugal since Tuesday, helping with the interviews of four suspects and 11 witnesses.

    They have all denied any involvement.

    Portuguese police are convinced the men are innocent.

    And today the Mirror told how Portugal’s former Home Secretary launched an astonishing attack on the UK police hunt for Madeleine McCann.

    Rui Pereira claimed Portuguese police had been “used and abused” and ordered to work for the British.

    He has blasted the operation, calling it ‘absurd’ and claiming Portuguese authorities have been ‘subservient’ to the UK.

    And he said his country’s police officers had been used as “outsource workers”.

    A Portuguese source close to the investigation has also claimed that this week’s operation had taken the investigation no further forward.

    He said: “We’re back where we were seven years ago.”

    All four men who were interviewed this week are being treated as “persons of special interest” or arguidos.

    They were invited to be interviewed but there have been no arrests.

    Last month UK police with sniffer dogs searched three areas of scrubland close to where Madeleine was last seen.

    1. SY demanding to take sniffer dog into a shop, a live child 7 years ago and they expect to find a trail. They are completely barking mad!!!
      And to think they can overrule the Portuguese authorities? Not only mad but bad and dangerous to know, as the saying goes

    2. The dogs have gone from being unreliable to miraculous!

    3. Of course, the first thing after abduction is to go shopping, probably for clothes to change the PJs.
      Why didn't that occur to me??!!

    4. Sorry, silly me. The child he took shopping was dead, after he panicked during the burglary, so the cadaver dog may be able to pick up the trail!
      Why am I so stupid?!!

    5. Anon 16:52

      Please don't mock SY's work. To come up with that one store SY had to sift through all stores that were open at 10 pm in Praia da Luz. I think there were more than 3,000 of them! To narrow down to a single one wasn't easy job!!! Well done our boys in blue! Continue to make us proud!

    6. .... 3,000 stores???? I don't think there are 3,000 stores in any large city in England. Praia da Luz is a small holiday place. I would doubt there would even be 300.
      But this might turn out to be a good lead - especially if the store has a large freezer.

    7. I was using irony!!!! Playing with the 3000 calls that SY said they had to sift through!
      300 in Luz?! My point would be if there was even 1!!
      Besides restaurants and bars what would have been open in the low season at 10 pm on a Thursday night in such a small place? Nothing. Maybe pharmacy if on 24 hour duty service and gas stations. Nothing else would be open!!
      SY is just inventing as they go along.
      Sitting back waiting for them tell us it was little green men. I'm sure that will be thesis soon.

  26. Thanks Textusa for that lengthy post, It's so confusing to get your head round isn't it? I suppose my annoyance comes from years of reading various forums, newspapers, and television reports that turn out not to be true, for example, I think a good while back Martin Brunt (I think that was the reporters name) said he expected K McCann to be charged with the accidental death of Madeleine!! since then there's been nothing implicating the parent's whatsoever, just ridiculous leads that lead to nowhere but the McCann's door.

    I appreciate your time in replying to my post, and hope one day there will be some justice for Madeleine, and whoever was responsible for her disappearance will be brought to book.


    Back to square one
    by Brendan de Beer, in News · 03-07-2014 14:43:00 · 0 Comments

    After eight days of scrubland searches in Praia da Luz, British detectives admitted upon their return to the UK that “no evidence relating to Madeleine McCann had been identified.” With questioning in the Faro’s Polícia Judiciária police headquarters having drawn to a close, sources close to the case told The Portugal News: “Unfortunately we are nowhere nearer to solving the case than we were seven years ago” though it appears the investigation is far from over.
    Back to square one

    Sources explained this week that no new operations have been scheduled in the search for Madeleine McCann. This comes after the largest ever overseas deployment undertaken by British police last month in Praia da Luz, followed by a series of interviews conducted in Faro this week.
    But British police did indicate that new lines of inquiry could be pursued in the coming months.
    Metropolitan Police said in June that in addition to the activities which have now taken place “further requests are being compiled and will be submitted in due course.”
    British police further explained that there was still “a substantial amount of work yet to be completed in the coming months.”
    To date, Portuguese authorities have received four International Letters of Request.
    On Tuesday and Wednesday, Portuguese detectives posed a series of questions to four suspects and 11 witnesses at the request of Scotland Yard, with British detectives sitting in during these interviews.
    The stepfather of one of the suspects told reporters outside the police station his stepson had been faced with a total of 253 questions.
    All 15 persons of interest left the Faro PJ headquarters without any charges or restrictions being placed upon them.
    British police also brought two tracker dogs to Portugal, which sources close to the case had told The Portugal News could possibly be used in the search of a specific car, but this line of inquiry did not materialise.
    Following the questioning which took place in Faro this week, the Attorney-General’s office in Lisbon sent a statement to The Portugal News reiterating the country’s strict secrecy laws which govern ongoing investigations.
    “In the context of judicial cooperation requested by the English authorities, the investigation has been pursued as planned according to the respective responsible parties. We reaffirm that the content of the requests made by the British authorities is confidential and the Attorney General’s Office will not make any comments on the matter” the statement read.
    Faro PJ police director Mota Carmo was not present at any stage during this latest phase of the investigation, police sources confirmed.
    Questioned over whether relations between the two police forces have become strained over the past few months, sources here said: “Portuguese police have provided total support of British detectives as is requested by law and will continue to do so in the future.”

  28. Eu acho que toda a gente na Grã-Bretanha devia fazer um teste anti-drogas. Está tudo drogado.

  29. Dim(wood) of the Yard!!

    1. Dim: (solo)
      If I were not in the CID
      Something else I'd like to be
      If I were not in the CID
      A window cleaner, me!
      With a rub-a-dub-dub and a scrub-a-dub-dub
      And a rub-a-dub all day long
      With a rub-a-dub-dub and a scrub-a-dub-dub
      I'd sing this merry song!

      Dim: (with the rest of the court)
      If I were not in the CID
      Something else I'd like to be
      If I were not in the CID
      A window cleaner, me!
      With a rub-a-dub-dub and a scrub-a-dub-dub
      And a rub-a-dub all day long
      With a rub-a-dub-dub and a scrub-a-dub-dub
      I'd sing this merry song!

      Counsel: (Solo)
      If I were not before the bar
      Something else I'd like to be
      If I were not a barr-is-ter
      An engine driver me!
      With a chuffchuffchuff
      (Stops abruptly)

  30. At least now no one can say you're being ridiculous when you say all of Ocean Club is involved in protecting a couple they didn't know. All of Scotland Yard is doing the same thing.

  31. Sorry, it's off-topic, but iIve just found this blog, through Mr. Nigel's Mccann Files:

    Very interesting reading, mostly about the fund money, and where the NOW reward money ended up...

  32. We have updated our post with a Post Scriptum with the photos published by Joana Morais in her post:

  33. I'm surprised PJ didn't correct SY if they were wrong about provenance of sofa.
    Let's say it did belong to either RM or Malinka, then the next step is to ask where these hairs were sent to, if they exist. If to FSS, they don't appear as being identified from a sofa. But, are any hairs specified from a particular location?
    Lowe rules out some hair as M's on colour alone!! Mad, because in my family, individual blondes have different colours of blonde and even some red hairs, and it may be bleached in the sun.
    I think this gave him a reason not to test it further. These hairs were probably destroyed as it says in files.
    So unless Portugal have some sofa hairs for comparison, how can SY state this?
    Unless it's a bluff to scare.and we know Crechedad is a bluff.

    1. And, judging from Madeleine's many photos made public, her hair colour seems to change a lot...I wonder if Kate used to sometimes bleach Madeleine's hair, with chamomile or lemon juice, for instance? A forensics expert analyzing hair samples just by looking at the colour of the samples, wow, some expert! Not even testing it for hair dye!

    2. Anonymous 6 Jul 2014 11:06:00,

      It’s a question of interference, of not interfering.

      In a request made by rogatory letter the police force asked to make the questions to the various witnesses/arguidos, in this instance PJ, is not in the full possession of facts that have led to those questions and so should not make any sort of judgement on the matter of fact being asked.

      It all may just come down to questioning tactics or it may be because the requesting police force, in the case SY, may have evidence the requested one, PJ, is not aware of nor does it have to be.

      PJ simply cannot interfere or make any judgement about the content of the questions.

      If SY says they have hairs from Malinka’s couch that have very similar DNA to Maddie’s, PJ has to accept that as fact and read the questions as they are written (or not read them at all if not authorised).

      As we have said in a previous comment, PJ’s role is to guarantee rights within its jurisdiction. That’s it.

      It’s up to the Public Ministry to authorise always, we think, taking into account the rights of those involved.

      For example, refusing to have a person’s car inspected by dogs is not saying that the Public Ministry SY is wrong about that possible collection of evidence but only an assessment made by the judge if there are sufficient grounds to “harass” the owner of the vehicle. If it thinks there aren't then he won’t allow. A person’s rights cannot be jeopardised without sufficient reason.

      If SY has said they have those hairs then it will be a sufficient reason to question Malinka. Irrelevant of whether those hairs exist or not (as you know, we don’t think they do).

      But another question is legitimately raised and we haven’t seen anyone asking it and it seems quite relevant for the case: can PJ use any of what it has heard in these days for its own process?

      In our opinion it can’t.

      PJ cannot listen to itself or any others speaking. It assures the rights were kept and hands over the answers but like a priest in confession it cannot use any of the information.

      So if it this is a way of SY attempting to make PJ aware of some evidence they have, it’s going around the wrong way as it has absolutely no legal value.

    3. Textusa yesterday on JM blogspot someone suggested that the evidence used to support the searchs and interviews came from the private investigators work (the 1 surpressed for 5 years). Do you think this is possible, do you think that prehaps they obtained these hairs illegaly during the course of their work.

    4. Anonymous 7 Jul 2014 12:29:00,

      “Illegally” is the key word. Once that is agreed upon very little else matters and once that is proven its illegality, it’s criminal.

      Let’s entertain, for a minute, as real the possibility of “the evidence used to support the searches and interviews came from the private investigators work (the 1 suppressed for 5 years)”.

      Let’s divide the possibility you brought over (we thank you for having done so) into 2: the searches and the interviews, these in our opinion much more serious than the first.

      About the searches having been based on suppressed PI work. That would mean PI agencies were able to do the work that neither PJ nor SY were able to. Even with almost limitless resources made available to them.

      It’s as if people were more ready to talk to PIs rather than to the police. Or to the findmadeleine hotline.

      Evidence collected by PI’s have absolutely no legal value in any country. They may find such evidence, indeed, and hand it over the respective country’s adequate and legitimate police force and then, and only then, it becomes legal evidence.

      In cases of the searches, according to what we have been told and not denied, they were based on the sighting of a British woman tourist who says she saw a man on a mobile holding a girl near that area and later saw him leave it.

      Let’s imagine that this sighting was real and that it was only reported to PIs.

      When was it reported to them?

      If it was 5 years ago and they informed the authorities, more specifically SY, only now, 5 years later, that suppression says a lot about their professional integrity which would be none.

      If they passed the information 5 years ago to SY then one has to question why this wasn’t passed on immediately to PJ. It could have been considered as sufficient new evidence to justify the reopening of the process earlier. Apparently it justified the expenditure of hundreds of thousands of pound of British taxpayer’s money.

      We have heard, from Times that the UK Crimewatch Smithman e-fits were in the possession of the McCanns as early as 2008. They were suppressed for 5 years.

      Suppressed by who?

      We still have to find out when was SY aware of them. Who and when handed them over to SY. Under what circumstances?

      It’s no longer sufficient to say it could have only been after 2011 as we now know SY has actively participated in the case as early as May 2007. For all we know, these e-fits can have been in the possession of SY from the moment they were made.

      It’s important to clarify when, where and how has SY the e-fits they showed in October 2013 in UK Crimewatch.

      Same thing with the British woman tourist. When and by who was she heard and if not by SY when was the Met informed of this testimony?

      If she was by SY where was she heard and when? If by PIs when was SY informed and under what circumstances?


    5. (cont.)

      All this is interesting, and we dare say relevant, to know but what is important to know is why PJ wasn’t informed of this testimony until May 2014, if it was informed at all.

      If it was informed before and apparently decided to do nothing about it (it didn’t offer any credibility) why did SY go ahead with the circus?

      It would be like me forcing you to have a water fountain in the middle of your living room just because I think it would look nice there and because I think you should have one. The fact that you don’t like water fountains, that you don’t think living rooms should have water fountains and that the living room is yours would all be overlooked. I decided you should have one between your couch and your plasma TV, so I would buy you one and place it there.

      But let’s look at the more serious problem: the interviews. And of the interviews, about the one that really matters: Sergey Malinka.

      Let’s imagine the PIs were the ones who collected the hairs. Where and when did that happen?

      Were they retrieved in a sort of James Bond style operation into Malinka’s house? A furtive entrance?

      Or was it, as we have already asked, by placing a 24/7/365.25 surveillance on Malinka and when seeing him exit his place with a couch followed him to the see where he dumped it and collected the hairs there?

      In the first case, a blatant illegality (and we would be really grateful there was no 4 yr old girl inside Malinka’s apartment during this burglary as she would have probably have been killed there and then) in the second an absurdity.

      We won’t raise the possibility of PIs going into PJ garage and collecting the hairs there. We are being absurd but there are limits to absurdity.

      In both cases, illegal entrance of residence and surveillance on Malinka, how would PIs have determined that the DNA was similar to Maddie?

      Do you know any PI agency with such forensic analysis capability? We don’t.

      And even if they had such capability then against what did they compare the hair DNA with?

      Or did SY receive the hairs from PI, tested them for DNA and didn’t tell anything to PJ until the beginning of this month?

      Hairs obtained illegally?

    6. Textusa thankyou for your very comprehensive reply. Of course it all makes sense the way yiu spell it out and i think its all getting rather scary now


    Just 875 yards from where Madeleine McCann disappeared – an abandoned well that police failed to search

    Ex-Scotland Yard detective urges police to search scrubland used by gypsies
    Hidden from the nearby road, the well drops 30ft down to 12ft-deep water
    Mail on Sunday revealed a prime suspect may have worked at a water treatment plant just 220 yards from the well

    By Andrew Young In Praia Da Luz, Portugal

    Published: 21:01 GMT, 5 July 2014 | Updated: 14:21 GMT, 6 July 2014

    1. Anonymousv7 Jul 2014 10:05:00,

      This article is interesting for 2 reasons.

      First it brings Euclides Monteiro back into the picture. It seems tables have turned on this man. First, UK didn't want him to be suspect of anything but now they are really insisting he is a person of interest like desperately saying "look, we agree he's involved!!!".

      Second, didn't SY cover the area of this well when they analysed every single foot of it from the satellite images and conclude that it wasn't of interest? Are Roy Ramm and John O'Connor, two former Scotland Yard commanders, saying, explicitly that SY analysts are incompetent?

  35. Just a word about tomorrow’s session of the Lisbon Trial.

    One thing must be said about the McCanns and that is that they are coherently consistent.

    Clockwork reliable in not being able to do anything right.

    Right from the start they showed an exceptional capability to do the wrong thing every single time.

    Kate should have remained seated at Tapas but had to go to the apartment, for example.

    Gerry shouldn’t have forced the contact with the Smiths when holding Jane Tanner’s daughter and should have gone up the stairs to his left instead of mingling with the crowd ahead. The Smiths would have seen him and the encounter wouldn’t have been so transparently on purpose.

    They shouldn’t have published the book, they did.

    They shouldn’t have asked for Mr Amaral’s book to be banned. They did.

    Kate shouldn’t have published her book. She did.

    They shouldn’t have sued Mr Amaral for damages caused to the investigation and to themselves. They did.

    In this trial they shouldn’t have asked Mr Amaral to come to an agreement. They did.

    They shouldn’t have asked to speak and they did.

    What Mr Amaral has to say on the 10th pales in importance compared with what will be said tomorrow by the couple.

    Put yourself in their shoes.

    They will be speaking knowing that each and every word they utter will not be taken seriously. Each tear, and we believe there will many tomorrow, will be seen by all for the transparent hypocrisy it is.

    But most important of all, they will be speaking lying and false words that they will know history will REGISTER and will one day judge.

    Much, much worse than having rotten tomatoes thrown while on stage it will be the reviews done in the future of all the mockery that will be played tomorrow. They will be taking each step into that courthouse knowing images are being collected for future use against them.

    So, just a word of advice for the McCanns. Do use your best Sunday suits to court because the images and words from tomorrow will be used for a long, long time.

    We wouldn’t be surprised if Mr Amaral’s lawyer will not be present tomorrow. It seems he doesn’t want to risk any contact with the McCanns and their legal team and his presence is not required tomorrow.

    1. Well, it seems that we were wrong in the possibility raised of Mr Amaral's lawyer not being present. He is.

  36. Textusa, forgot to say they they shouldn't have represented Maddie in the trial without a Court order and they did.


    Not wearing their best Sunday clothes, I'm afraid.


    McCanns in Lisbon for libel hearing

    Kate and Gerry McCann are in Lisbon today to make personal statements in the Palace of Justice at the trial of the former chief detective Gonçalo Amaral who is being sued for libel.

    The McCanns are expected to lay out their objections to Mr Amaral’s book, A Verdade da Mentira (The Truth of the Lie).

    The trial is now entering its closing phase. The civil action began in 2009 and has been adjourned several times. The Judge, Maria Emília Melo e Castro, suspended it in January last year so that the two sides could try to reach an out-of-court settlement. They failed to do so.

    The McCanns will be hoping there is no repeat of previous unexpected suspensions, include one last month when Mr Amaral informed the court half an hour before proceedings were scheduled to start that he had sacked his lawyer.

    Today’s session is expected to be devoted to concluding statements by the McCann couple and their lawyer, Dr Isabel Soares.

    The new lawyer for Mr Amaral, Dr. Miguel Cruz Rodrigues, and those of his publisher and the makers and presenters of a TV documentary based on the book, are expected to lay out their closing arguments on Thursday.

    No verdict is expected until the autumn, after the court returns from summer recess.


  39. Kay Burley @KayBurley · 7m

    Kate #McCann tells a court that her young son asked her about allegations by a former Portuguese police chief that she killed her daughter

    1. Kay Burley @KayBurley · 42 seg

      Kate #McCann tells court: "Sean asked me in October 'Mr Amaral said you killed Madeleine'. I just said that he said a lot of silly things,"

      Kay Burley @KayBurley · 1 min

      Kate #McCann: Tells the portuguese libel case son Sean heard about Amaral's allegations on the radio while travelling on the school bus

    2. Kay Burley @KayBurley · 27 seg

      Latest here on Kate #McCann's court appearance:

    3. Kay Burley @KayBurley · 32 seg

      PA correction on Kate #McCann: "Sean asked me in October 'Mr Amaral said you HID Madeleine'. substituting 'hid' for 'killed'!!

  40. Just heard GA's lawyer outside the court on TVI. I liked him.
    Said the couple could not speak of social destruction because they had various celebrities supporting them, attended public dinners and Gerry even spoke before the British parliament so it doesn't make sense to allege social destruction
    Also said that it's GA who is being persecuted because the book only says what is in the files and for that reason the Portuguese state should have also been sued and it isn't.



    By Press Association

    Published: 10:30 GMT, 8 July 2014 | Updated: 10:30 GMT, 8 July 2014

    Kate McCann told a court today that her young son asked her about allegations by a former Portuguese police chief that she killed her daughter Madeleine.

    Mrs McCann was delivering a personal statement at Lisbon's Palace of Justice in the libel case brought by her and husband Gerry against Goncalo Amaral over claims he made in a book about their role in the disappearance of their daughter from the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve in 2007.

    She told the court her son Sean heard about Amaral's allegations on the radio while travelling on the school bus.

    "Sean asked me in October 'Mr Amaral said you killed Madeleine'. I just said that he said a lot of silly things," she said.

    Sean and his twin sister Amelie were aged two when Madeleine, who was nearly four, went missing

  42. How many criminals have 8/9 yr old children? Let's release them all because their children have asked questions about heir crimes!!!
    Next sentenced to be handed down to the next criminal: I sentence you to 25 years in jail or until your children ask you about your crimes whichever comes first.


    Delayed the closing arguments in the case against Goncalo Amaral

    Ligia Verissimo Jul 08, 2014 13:59 / Updated on Jul 08, 2014, 14:18

    Closing arguments were delayed in the civil lawsuit trial that opposes the McCann couple against Gonçalo Amaral. Maddie's parents ask for € 1.2 million in damages.. The family claims the protection of rights and guarantees freedom and accuses former Inspector of Judicial Police defamatory statements.

    The hearing is taking place at the Palace of Justice in Lisbon. This Tuesday the mother and the father of the girl who disappeared in Praia da Luz in May 2007 were heard.

    Transcript of the video:

    “Anchor - Closing arguments were delayed in the civil lawsuit trial that opposes the McCann couple against Gonçalo Amaral. Maddie's parents ask for one million two hundred thousand euros in damages. The family claims for the protection of rights and freedoms and accuses the former PJ inspector of defamatory statements. The audience is taking place in the Justice Palace Lisbon.

    During the morning, the father and the mother of the child who disappeared in Praia da Luz in May 2007 were heard.

    Ligia, good afternoon, what did Kate and Gerry McCann say in that session and why have the allegations been postponed?”

    “Ligia Verissimo - Good afternoon, they were postponed because the McCann couple wants to know exactly how much, both the former inspector of the Judiciary and the editor, profited from the book and so the court ordered… will ask the Customs and Tax Authority to inform, precisely, the court. Therefore it is necessary that the document arrives, it is required it is distributed to the parties and that they look into the matter, and it is known that the editor at least, does not agree with this request and therefore… however the judicial vacations will come between. The judge also warned the court to the fact that from 1 September the reform of the judicial map will occur, the judicial reorganization, therefore it will be very unlikely before September, October when these closing arguments will happen.

    So as you well said, this morning was dedicated only to hear the father and the mother of Madeleine McCann. They were very consistent in their testimony. Both of them say they are not against freedom of expression, but what is at issue here is a case of defamation. They say they were devastated and shocked by the publication of the book and above all maintain that the book put in question the continuation of the investigation because it was read by many people who could have known more information and as the argument in the book was that the girl may be dead, did not advance.

    The lawyer of Gonçalo Amaral's, who has a new lawyer, in the last session he dismissed the one who accompanied him in this process over many months, came here to say that what is happening here is a case of persecution of the former inspector because other books were published and defamation processes were put just against Gonçalo Amaral, that the investigation was not put into question and if the McCanns had anything to complain about what is in the book, they continue to maintain that what is in the book is just the result of the investigation that was opened, then they were to the Portuguese state, which they didn’t.”


    1. "they were postponed because the McCann couple wants to know exactly how much, both the former inspector of the Judiciary and the editor, profited from the book and so the court ordered… will ask the Customs and Tax Authority to inform, precisely, the court. Therefore it is necessary that the document arrives, it is required it is distributed to the parties and that they look into the matter, and it is known that the editor at least, does not agree with this request and therefore… however the judicial vacations will come between. The judge also warned the court to the fact that from 1 September the reform of the judicial map will occur, the judicial reorganization, therefore it will be very unlikely before September, October when these closing arguments will happen."




    2. "They say they were devastated and shocked by the publication of the book and above all maintain that the book put in question the continuation of the investigation because it was read by many people who could have known more information and as the argument in the book was that the girl may be dead, did not advance." sure did take them a while to develop all that devastation and shock...the book was published on the 24th July 2008 and they only took action against Mr. Amaral in May 2009...somehow they managed to cope, waiting to see how many copies were sold...and how much money there would be for grabs!
      I hope Mr. Amaral's new lawyer will bring this up in court, that it took them almost a year to feel really, really, really "devastated and shocked"!!!

  44. (cont)

    “Gerry McCann - Anybody who has someone missing and someone says you hid your own daughter’s body and you faked an abduction, when that child is still missing and we’re doing everything in our power to find her, I think that would be absolutely shocking for any family.

    I also said in court, Sean and Amelie are really, really well but obviously they are not immune to the media. They hear things, they go to school, they hear the radio, they hear the theories, and Sean has obviously asked Kate explicitly why does Mr Amaral say you hid Madeleine.”

    “Miguel Cruz Rodrigues - A person is not a socially destitute when it has the support of so many people, public figures, when it presents itself in dinners with thousands of people, in support… ... when it comes ... the author even spoke in the British Parliament. Tell me how is it possible in these circumstances to speak of social destruction?”

    “Ligia Verissimo - So Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer says he does not agree with this process, obvious anyway, and will also think if he somehow can make the former inspector to come here and speak, because initially the court found that neither party could speak but only the McCanns appealed to the Court of Appeal of that decision, the Court of Appeal gave them reason, and only because of that they spoke here today. The former inspector did not speak, we do not know if it will happen or not, it will very difficult for it to happen as it’s a case, in short, that has been tried, but ultimately there are still many loose ends in this process that is already 5 years in the Portuguese courts”

    1. "Sean and Amelie are really, really well but obviously they are not immune to the media. They hear things, they go to school, they hear the radio, they hear the theories, and Sean has obviously asked Kate explicitly why does Mr Amaral say you hid Madeleine.”"


    2. They hear the, no tv in the McCann household then...poor kids, they must be living a very grey life!

  45. I don't believe a word of what K says. Ask most adults I know who GA is and they have no idea..

  46. IMO the Mccanns have kept people silent with 'gagging orders' making it difficult to tell the truth through fear of being sent to jail or losing their jobs. Newspapers have been silenced with superinjunctions - Mccanns have paid lawyers vast sums of money from their fund to keep those that could speak out silent about the parents involvement in Madeleines disappearance. When this ridiculous saga is exposedfor the scam it is there will be a rush of people wanting to 'sell their story' could this be the reason Gerry supported Levison?
    Rolf Harris and other top celebrities, MP's and the like use the power of money to silence the press. It is public money that has prevented the Mccanns from facing justice and now they are chasing £million from Amaral to pay greedy lawyers to feed the media more lies, but eventually they will be found out and the truth will be known. At present abuse cases dating back to the 70's with MP's are being investigated, sometimes it takes years before the truth comes out. These people wrongly assumed that after 40 more years they were safe from prosecution for their crimes, how wrong they were.The Mccanns have made everything too public and too global for them ever to be able to 'sweep it under the carpet' and one day they too will face justice.


    Vídeo: Você na TV: Gonçalo Amaral em tribunal com processo Maddie Mccan


    Well I thought I'd seen it all from the McCanns, but dear me, the figure Kate cast in front of the judge today was even more pitiful than that she cuts on Lorraine Kelly's sofa each year. What was most striking though was the sheer lack of thought behind each and every answer she gave. Asked by the judge whether she had ever suffered from depression, the answer she gave was no, but then went on to waffle on about how depression can come in many forms, I'm guessing a lack of cash in her rear pocket couldn't be diagnosed officially as depression, much to her dismay. Kate was quiet in her responses but flashed the forlorn look over to the clearly unimpressed judge.
    As a witness for the prosecution goes she was hardly man of the match. Asked about the how the book had affected Sean and Amelie, Kate mentioned the fact that child psychologist, Dave Trickey, had advised them to answer any questions the children might have. Asked if either of the twins had queried anything, Kate stated that Sean had asked if they killed Madeleine, when given the answer she said he just moved on, followed by her trademark curl of the lips. Wow! Just like Kate and Gerry did when Madeleine asked why they didn't come when her and Sean were crying 7 years ago. Kate also mentioned the fact that the McCanns have an internet media monitoring unit. No surprises there hotlips, though nice of you to confirm it to those who have been tormented by your "friends" for speaking the truth about your heinous past.
    As you would expect both Kate and Gerry were evasive of the truth, for instance when asked about the effects of the book, Kate mentioned that social media and internet groups had followed and believed Goncalo Amaral's book. What Kate wasn't expecting was the follow up question, were these groups around prior to the book, or after......................struggling to find words Kate was forced to admit that the groups were around prior to the book, although in her own words the book "added fuel to the fire" heaven forfend!! Before Kate left her position, and could finally head off to being her stony faced self again, the judge asked a big question, how did the effect of the book compare to losing your daughter. This is a vitally important question, remember the official line from the McCanns at the start of the proceeding was that it was far worse. Now faced with the question, Kate changed the official line to a new improved line "it compounded the pain" Following the questions Kate stood up moved to the back of the court moved her way down the pew to were I was sat, had a change of heart turned and bailed out the back door. At that point it was time for a break.
    After a short interval we went upstairs to the courtroom once again, this time it was the turn of Gerry. As we know Gerry likes to act the big man, full of bravado and self importance, and today was no different. He talked confidently, he talked clearly, and he lied. He was asked much the same questions as Kate was, only his answers were slightly different. Yes he was more forceful and assured with his responses, but as far as substance and argument of point goes he was as wishy washy as his partner in crime. Gerry too was asked if the groups on the internet were around before Amaral's book, he replied he wasn't sure. I almost did a real life lol! We're talking about a man who is a control freak to a the point of obsession. Of course old flat head knew the groups were around before the book, just like the official PJ files were around before the book. The very same police files the book was based on.


  49. (cont.)

    Gerry mentioned that Sean had asked why Mr Amaral had said that they had hidden Madeleine's body............I bet the answer they gave wasn't "well your mummy's clothes were covered in the scent of a human corpse, we lied through our teeth about the factors that led to Madeleine's disappearance, and set about a life of lie upon lie, hidden truth upon hidden truth and slanderous accusations of our own. The judge asked Gerry what impact Goncalo's book had had on the perception of public opinion as to the involvement of the McCanns with regards to Madeleine's disappearance, you couldn't make Gerry's response up. He , full of smarm and smugness, declared that he couldn't be sure as he didn't know what the public opinion was before the book. He was also asked how losing his daughter compared pain wise to the damage the book did. His response? A diversion to say the least, when he stated that the two things happened at different times, and therefore couldn't be compared. Digging more holes than Scotland Yard there Gerry me old fruit! This show isn't over yet though, Gerry was asked if he ever had a loss of appetite or suffered insomnia due to the contents of the book, yes came the reply "but it wasn't permanent"
    At the end of Gerry's time in the hot seat, and in his infinite arrogance, Gerry set about an attempt to discuss his favourite subject the dogs. This part of the proceedings was an absolute wonderment to watch. Gerry claimed that the dogs didn't find any blood, then despite the judge telling him to be quiet he carried on, desperately trying to put across his lie. It was at this point the judge , with a wry smile waved a backhand at Gerry and told him to be quiet, interrupted his every utterance, before asking him if he was a specialist on the dogs, and then reminding Gerry that he wasn't here to state things he was here to answer her questions in her court..... IT'S A BULLSEYE!!!
    Today belonged solely to Goncalo Amaral, who entered the court apprehensive, and left full of life and confidence. The final day was due to be on Thursday, but the McCanns, without thought for Goncalo, and whether he would have to organise child minders caused yet another postponement, due to them requesting Goncalo's financial records as well as those of the producer of the documentary, the publishers of the book and TVI, the tv station that broadcast the documentary, but it isn't about the money hey? Yeah right.

    From Ben Thompson on Facebook Justice for Madeleine

    1. Just brilliant!!!
      Thank you Textusa for sharing.


    Police Alerts UK & News reports added 3 new photos.
    Kate's looking a wee bit stressed there ! ‪#‎McCann‬ ‪#‎uk‬

    Cop claimed McCanns hid Maddie's body in a freezer and then in a hire car

    Struggling to cope with the unbearable anguish of having a missing child was hard enough for Kate and Gerry McCann to bear.

    But to be then accused of being involved in the death of their daughter Madeleine and covering it up came like a crushing blow to the couple.

    And yesterday the pair told how ­allegations made in a book by disgraced Portuguese ­detective Goncalo Amaral left them “crushed and ­devastated”.

    Kate said the policeman’s claims left her unable to sleep at night and are hampering the hunt for Madeleine, who vanished from the family’s Algarve holiday apartment in 2007.

    And the 46-year-old former GP told a court she believed Amaral’s book, The Truth of the Lie, had turned the ­Portuguese people against the couple.

    Kate also revealed the policeman’s smears had reached the ears of their nine-year-old son who asked her: “Mr Amaral said you hid Madeleine, didn’t he?” She was asked by judge Maria de Melo e Castro about claims she and 45-year-old Gerry dumped Madeleine’s body after she was accidentally killed in their Praia da Luz apartment.

    Kate branded the allegation “far-fetched” and added: “It was about Madeleine being killed and us having moved the body and then storing her in a freezer and then transporting the body in a hire car several weeks later.

    Goncalo Amaral..... Photo

    “We were so desperate to find Madeleine and I just felt it was destroying our chances.”

    Asked how she felt when she first read Amaral’s book, she replied: “I was ­devastated. It made me feel quite desperate because of injustice I felt towards my daughter and our family.

    “It was very painful to read and I felt sad for Madeleine and I also felt anxious and fearful because of the damage I felt it was doing in Portugal.

    “For example, he insists Madeleine was dead. He also essentially accuses myself and my husband of being somehow involved in her disappearance and of faking an abduction. Throughout the book he consistently smears myself and my husband.”

    Kate and Gerry are suing Amaral for libel, claiming his book and interviews on TV and radio are wrecking their bid to find their daughter, who was three when she vanished.

    Kate said: “I think Mr Amaral’s book had most impact in ‪#‎Portugal‬. It was read by hundreds of thousands of people and this has been fortified by multiple media interviews. If they believed what he said, that Madeleine was dead, or that we were involved, they would not look for Madeleine and they would not come forward with information.”


  51. (cont.)

    Asked about a 2009 ­Portuguese TV documentary, based on the book, Kate said: “To be honest it felt even worse with regards to the potential power and damage. I felt the documentary was Mr Amaral being even more insistent.

    “For me that intensified the pain because of the injustice and anxiety about the damage this could cause to the search. We were working so hard, we were flat out, drained, doing ­everything in our power to try and find Madeleine. It was hard enough in itself but when your efforts are being crushed in this way, it intensifies the pain.”

    Kate told the hearing in Lisbon she felt anxious about returning to Portugal where she believes locals are now ­suspicious of her and her husband.

    She said: “I still feel, and this is supported by what friends and ­associates have told us, that in Portugal the majority of people are against us. It also makes me feel uneasy and uncomfortable when I come to Portugal because I think people are thinking bad things about us.

    “There were many, many nights where I was unable to sleep because I was too upset and crying too much. This pain and emotion was caused by what Mr Amaral was doing.”

    Asked about how Sean and his twin sister Amelie have been coping with the ­relentless bad publicity, Kate replied: “They know Mr Amaral has written a book and about the documentary. Sean asked me in October, ‘Mr Amaral said you hid Madeleine, didn’t he?’ I just said, ‘He did, he said a lot of silly things.’”

    Kate, of Rothley, Leics, told of a group in Britain called the Madeleine Foundation, which promotes Mr Amaral’s claims. She said: “They posted leaflets in our village reinforcing Mr Amaral’s theories just as the children were about to go to school.”

    Kate spoke for 55 minutes before making way for Gerry. He told the court: “The book is an affront to me, my wife, my family and the people who believe in us. The ­documentary is even worse. It starts off that Madeleine is dead, that there is no ­abduction and essentially claims myself, my wife and our friends are liars and would be so cold and ruthless as to hide our ­daughter’s body rather than try to help her should something have happened.

    “When the file was closed it was made clear there was no evidence Madeleine was dead and no evidence Kate and I were responsible for hiding her body.”

    Kate and Gerry flew back home last night. A decision in the case is not expected until later this year.

  52. Gerry told to shut up.
    Kate says they monitor Internet.
    Comments on the internet are very sceptical about radio prog!!
    Kate's evidence worthless hearsay. Unless she can prove on a certain date and time that X radio station had a bulletin about GA. And state school bus transport doesn't have radios on buses, normally. Driver needs to concentrate on what children are doing.
    And UK news very rarely say anything that reflects badly on McCanns.
    It's a load of rubbish.

  53. Just watched this video at Justice for Madeleine (FB)

    McMinute: Why did Gerry's sister expect Kate to be charged with accidental death?

    1. Philomena McCann and her big mouth...made bigger and bigger by the many times she's put her foot in it...she's been "wooshed", never seen or heard of brother Gerry and the Pink One must have made sure she vanished from the radar! Too much of a liability!


    Juíza quer ver lucros do livro de Gonçalo Amaral

    Kate e Gerry McCann dizem ter esperança em encontrar a filha Maddie viva, sete anos depois


    Autoridade Tributária obrigada a dar informação fiscal sobre Gonçalo Amaral aos McCann

    Por:João C. Rodrigues

    O casal McCann vai contar com a ajuda do Fisco para comprovar que Gonçalo Amaral, ex-coordenador da PJ que investigou o desaparecimento de Maddie, em 2007, no Algarve, teve lucros com o livro ‘Maddie - A Verdade da Mentira’. A decisão foi tomada ontem, num despacho da juíza da 1ª Vara Cível de Lisboa, que está a julgar o pedido de indemnização de 1,2 milhões de euros por difamação.

    "Que se enderece novo ofício da Autoridade Tributária, a autorizar a instituição a disponibilizar a informação fiscal solicitada. Deve ser obtida com dispensa de confidencialidade e é essencial ao esclarecimento de eventuais proventos que tenham decorrido da conduta em análise", leu ontem a juíza. Só a editora Guerra e Paz se opôs.

    A medida significa que o processo irá ficar parado durante o verão. A audiência final de julgamento – sentença – só será marcada depois de o tribunal receber a informação do Fisco.

    Na sessão de ontem, Kate e Gerry McCann relataram em tribunal a forma como a publicação do livro afetou a família. "Devastados, angustiados e chocados" foram as palavras usadas. A defesa de Gonçalo Amaral questiona porque razão só a obra ‘A Verdade da Mentira’ foi alvo de processo quando houve mais livros publicados.

    1. Mas que perda de tempo (muito conveniente...)! Então essa informação toda não foi já recolhida por altura da acção de injunção do livro?!

    2. Receio que, definitivamente, o Establishment tenha "promulgado" o despacho final.
      Lamentável, sem dúvida, haver alguém que pensa assim contribuir para um mundo melhor.
      Bem haja Textusa pelo trabalho que vem desenvolvendo. Boas férias com muita saúde e Paz.



    Libel trial McCann v Goncalo Amaral - Day 12 - Kate McCann's deposition 08 July 2014


    On the last hearing session

    Palácio de Justiça, 8th of July 2014

    "Intervenient parts
    Judge Maria Emília de Melo e Castro presiding the trial
    Dr. Miguel Rodrigues for Gonçalo Amaral, the book author
    Dr. Fátima de Oliveira Esteves for Guerra e Paz, the book publishers of ‘Maddie, A Verdade da Mentira’
    Dr. Miguel Coroadinha for TVI, the Portuguese TV channel that broadcast the documentary ‘Maddie, What lies beneath the Truth’
    Dr. Henrique Costa Pinto for Valentim de Carvalho [VC] Filmes who produced the documentary and DVD copies with the same documentary that were never sold
    Dr. Isabel Duarte for the McCann couple and their children, the claimants

    What follows is the recount of what happened yesterday at court, to the best of my knowledge and short handwritten notes. "

  57. This has gotten serious again.

    We urge again for people to STOP using the terms LIBEL or DEFAMATION when referring to the ongoing trial McCann v Amaral trial in Lisbon.

    Yes, it may just seem a question of semantics but it is a very IMPORTANT one.

    By calling it LIBEL or DEFAMATION you’re not only helping the McCanns as you are, in our opinion VERY SERIOUSLY, harming Mr Amaral’s defence.

    Please call it for what it is: DAMAGES trial. That is what the McCanns are asking for: financial compensation for DAMAGES caused to the searching of Madeleine McCann and for the ones caused to the McCann family.

    Note, also IMPORTANT, it is not for damages to the INVESTIGATION but to the SEARCHING.

    Very simple:

    - DAMAGES instead of LIBEL or DEFAMATION.

    The difference? HUGE

  58. Kate is questioned by the judge about her name, is she McCann or Healy, Kate says she uses her maiden name, Healy. I wonder why the judge asked, maybe she is named (and signed her name as) Kate McCann in the libel case application, and that, along with the inclusion of Madeleine's name (a ward of court, not a ward of the parents) in the documents, is another illegality...Kate's passport (an official ID document) names her as Kate Marie Healy, not Kate McCann! If and whenever she uses/signs herself as Kate McCann she is using a false name...which brings me to the creche records, back in 2007, always ( except for one time) signed Kate McCann...I also remember reading somewhere that she commented she was always Kate Healy, that she only became Kate McCann after Madeleine's disappearance, because of the media (maybe she mentioned this in her book?). Well, the creche records were from before Madeleine was gone and before the media...
    It's like the Madeleine or Maddie "thing":

    "My consolation is that on the cover he calls her Maddie, the name that the media have invented. We never called her anything like that."

    Expresso interview, Kate talks about 'The Truth of the Lie' by Gonçalo Amaral, published 06 September 2008

    Immediately denied by the many examples of them using the name Maddie long before:
    Madeleine or Maddie?

    What's with the names, Kate?! You've seem to have a problem with getting names right...


    1. Thank you for your comment.

      We are doing our best to stop a very damaging misinformation campaign that is currently taking place.

      We would ask you not to use expressions like "the libel case application". There is no LIBEL case.

      Understand you meant no harm and we are perfectly aware that it its use has become ingrained in all, making this fight so much harder.

      Hope you understnad this comment.

    2. Thank you Textusa, I assure I had no bad intention...I just didn't know what the exact name of this case against Mr. Amaral is, they want monetary compensation for "moral" damages, so they claim, I don't know how that is named in portuguese legal language.

      Thank you for all your good work! (You're not having much of a break, sorry, we just can't live without you, can we...?)

    3. Anonymous 10 Jul 2014 11:55:00,

      We know you didn't. We have made the same mistake in the past. Apologise for using you as example.

      About the break... it seems they reserved quite a few surprises for after we decided to go on hols. :)

  59. JFrom Kate's testimony to the court:

    "Judge – What is the Madeleine Foundation?
    KMC explains that it's a group of people who essentially promotes theories up to the point of trying to manipulate people in their village.
    Judge – What relation is there between this group and the book?
    KMC says there is none, but they invited Gonçalo Amaral. She thinks that he didn't go.
    Judge – This group was created because of the book?
    KMC – No, it existed before the book was published. She says that obviously the book strengthened them.

    Isabel Duarte says she wants KMC to speak of the threats. The judge asks from who, from where, but as Isabel Duarte doesn't known the judge rejects this question because it is not within the scope of the trial."

    Is it just me, or isn't Isabel Duarte shooting herself (and her clients) in the foot here?!
    Why bring up the "threats" and then shame herself by having to admit she has no idea of what those threats are?!



    “As I drove down the hill to Luz this morning the anti Met graffiti had been whitewashed away (see before and after pics)

    Says it all really, doesn't it?”

  61. Clarence Mitchell, a former advisor to the English government, has been their PR controller of information. During an interview to Sky News he is told that a certain criminologist theorised that Maddie’s abduction had probably taken place in an unplanned manner, that Maddie had wandered out of the apartment looking for her parents and a paedophile had passed by at the time and took her, Mitchell says an interesting thing: [sic] "that didn’t happen, that’s ludicrous, Kate knows it, she knows that didn’t happen".
    So if none of them were there when 'it' happened, how does she 'know' this is not what happened? And more importantly this infers that she 'knows' what happened.

  62. 900K! One last leg left to go until the first million!!! :))))))

  63. Slightly off topic but are the McCann couple definitely man and wife and married. I only ask as she is often referred to by her maiden name and not her married name, seems a little odd to me!
    The British press are hardly reporting on this court case with Amaral it appears to have been kept out of the papers yet again.
    The few occasions it is mentioned on TV the couple look very uncomfortable with each other, maybe the cracks are beginning to appear in their ridiculous story of abductors and paedophiles and they are realising it can only be a matter of time before something is done about this obnoxious couple and their never ending quest for money. Their version of events does not make any sense and they tailored it as their 'story' unfolded hence all the discrepancies, its pure rubbish.
    Public opinion has definitely turned against Kate and Gerry no longer are they the 'poor parents of abducted Madeleine' but we see them for what they are greedy and manipulative and hiding before Carter Ruck.

    Well done Textusa you have exposed so much about this case thanks for all your work. xx

    1. Anonymous 12 Jul 2014 10:48:00,

      Their marriage is a publicly available record which has been checked out. Also it's quite usual in UK for women to use their maiden name after marriage.

    2. It is not usual is for someone who seems to be so adamant of being/naming herself as Kate Healy, as she has stated before the court, and who does NOT have the surname McCann in any official ID document (example: passport), to sign her name as Kate MCCANN over and over again in the creche records...only one time did she sign as Kate Healy! If she chose not to take her husband's surname when she got married, every time she names herself or signs as Kate McCann she is using a FALSE name, an "alias"!

  64. It is possible that the OC staff signed Kate McCann in the crèche records, they would have assumed her name was Mrs McCann and so she has had to continue with the pretence of Healy/McCann.
    If they did sign her out it would suggest their involvement in this sorry saga, and she is covering for them otherwise why would she jeopardise so much by using an illegal name?

  65. I would like to say this about the comments saying K used ilegal name:
    It's NOT illegal. Many women use their maiden name for professional purposes.
    Signing the crèche sheet as McCann may have been done by someone else, but suggesting she's doing something illegal by varying between McCann and Healy is wrong.
    Why is this commenter so obsessed with implying she's not married to G?
    Seems like a distraction technique.
    What is the point of implying they lied about such an easily checked fact?

  66. ** 660 arrests in paedophile inquiry **
    Hundreds of suspected paedophiles, including doctors and teachers, are held as part of six-month operation led by the National Crime Agency.
    < >

  67. The surname or illegal, there's something weird about it, at least when it comes to the creche attendance records...every day she signs as McCann, except on the 2nd May, where she signs BOTH ways, McCann at "time in" and Healy at "time out"! Why the sudden change of surname? A "change of heart" thing...? Maybe she fell out with Gerry between 14.45 and 17.30 and it was a subconscious representation of her feelings at the moment?

  68. EXCLUSIVE: Maddie witness overheard sinister comment about disposing of a body

    A BRITISH woman has told Scotland Yard detectives seeking Madeleine McCann that she overheard a conversation in which a man said: “Why did you bring her here? Now we will have to dispose of the body.”
    The potential key witness has been interviewed several times in Britain and used to live almost opposite apartment 5a of the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz on the Algarve, from where Madeleine, three, was taken on May 3, 2007.

    The Sunday Express understands the comment was heard several hundred yards from the Ocean Club in a residential area towards the seafront.

    The woman gave an interview to Portuguese detectives 13 days after the disappearance but the report on the informal interview does not mention her overhearing a conversation about disposing of a body.

    However, in April 2008 the woman made a further statement in which she recounted hearing the astonishing comment, saying she heard it days after the abduction. She also claimed that the owner of a pub in Luz was called by a woman shortly after the disappearance who said she had overheard the comment about getting rid of a body.

    The Sunday Express understands the owner of the bar has been interviewed but cannot recall the conversation.

    The woman has since returned to Britain with her child and is living in the Home Counties.

    When contacted by the Sunday Express, the woman, who we are choosing not to name to safeguard the investigation, said: “I do not want to say anything.”

    Last month Scotland Yard detectives shadowed three searches of wasteland near the Ocean Club but no obvious clues were found.

    Some materials gathered in the search were sent for forensic examination but officers were not hopeful of a breakthrough in the investigation.


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