Thursday, 5 December 2013

Madiba, Thank You

This world, our world, has lost today an angel, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

The world’s greatest man has left us.

What a privilege it was to have breathed the same air he did.

He showed hatred, in all its colours, that the air is filled with love and is to be breathed by all equally.

We bow our heads. In respect. And to hide our tears.

Madiba, thank you so, so much.

"You have a limited time to stay on earth. You must try and use that period for the purpose of transforming your country into what you desire it to be"


  1. The perfect example of grace, dignity and generosity. If anyone had reasons to hate and seek revenge, that person was the great Madiba...instead, he showed the world the gift of true and complete forgiveness.
    My heartfelt condolences to the people of South Africa and to Mr. Mandela's family, to the lovely Mrs. Graça Machel Mandela in particular, a truly wonderful LADY.


  2. If anyone deserves to rest in peace, is this man.
    He was truly everyone's father.
    The world is so much poor today.

  3. We cannot help but to make a parallel between Mandela and the Maddie Affair.

    From August 5 1962 to Feb 11 1990, the Establishment, in Mandela’s case the South African Establishment, sold out the idea that this man was a monster.

    That society was better off with him behind bars because if he was released he would spit fire and spread venom and would only be stopped with a wooden stake through the heart.

    It took 10,052 days for the world see the truth and prove the Establishment wrong.

    How many days will it take for Maddie to see her truth outed?

    1. Yesterday, I was shocked to hear in the news that a government of my country, Portugal, back in 1987, when Mr. Cavaco Silva (currently the portuguese president) was the prime-minister, voted AGAINST the releasing of Mr.Mandela from prison !!! The same Mr. Cavaco that now had the hypocrisy of sending condolences for Mr. Mandela's death...Mr. Cavaco, who should take a lesson or two from the great Madiba, who only run for office ONCE , showing the world he was not interested in clinging to power, but only in serving his country while his country needed him!

  4. Just checked Wikipedia. Mandela was in power for just 5 years! He fought for something all his life and when time came he didn't let go: principles not power. What an example to current world leaders.
    He was the first to reject the idea of being a saint. He wasn't. He was once a radical. But wise enough to change his way. He taught everyone that with tenacity you can endure hard times and with intelligence you can find the best way to achieve your objectives.
    Was there a more powerful person than Mandela in the last 30 years? Only 5 years in office and an eternal legacy.

  5. Uma Inspiração. Parabéns Portugal por teres decretado 3 dias de Luto Nacional. Afinal Mandela, foi / é um cidadão do mundo.
    É um previligéio termos sido contemporâneos deste homem e na memória ficará sempre aquela imagem das duas mãos, a negra e a branca, a dele e a de Declerc, juntas e erguidas num sinal de harmonia e união, quando Mandela tinha saido da prisão e tinha motivos de sobra para estar revoltado.
    Pena que outros lideres não lhe tenham seguido o exemplo- ficaram-se pela pequenez de se deixarem seduzir pelo poder- tiranos, corruptos, oportunistas, sem caracter. Nào retiveram nada de Mandiba grandioso que nasceu tribal e se transformou num ícone de bondade e inteligência.


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