Friday, 31 May 2013

The Lady Vanishes

by May I

Baptista and Quiz Night
As we noted on a previous post, Danny Collin’s  book Vanished, the overlooked treasure we've recovered, was written in 2008; approximately a year after Madeleine disappeared and before the release of the PJ Files or Goncalo Amaral’s book.
Many events in this book bear little resemblance to the information contained in the PJ Files, which is surprising, as Collins states that “… during the book’s preparation, I informed Clarence Mitchell of its contents and conclusions and he promised to pass them on to the McCanns for comment.
He sets the scene on a sultry night:
A large round table held 9 revellers, all medical professionals with their partners (first inaccuracy) who were now enjoying an after-dinner quiz, organised by the Ocean Club aerobics teacher. Najova (sic) Chekaya. Waiter Jose Baptista thought it unusual that the loquacious British group should linger so long every night after dinner at the table they claimed as their own, talking and drinking local wine until after 10pm…..but tonight, finding tables would be no great problem, as only a few were taken up by the group’s fellow quiz competitors (who?) 
Thursday was 3rd May and the normally busy resort was still in low season that wouldn’t end until the advent of the official early summer on 25th of May. Besides, the group paid well for the best poolside table, consuming an average of 8 to 10 bottles of wine with and after their meals each night.
Jose noticed one of the men of the group from what he gleaned from conversation at the table to be doctors, raise a finger and indicate an empty wine bottle. He smiled in reply and nodded, crossing over to the wine rack against the wall of the adjoining restaurant.
That evening, the arrivals of the British party at the bar had been erratic ….with a worried Jane Tanner arriving later with her husband, before leaving almost immediately, to check on her sick daughter once again.
Gerry went back to check on the children within half an hour of arrival …soon after Jane Tanner’s return…. It was the turn of Mark Oldfield to rise and look at his wristwatch. He said something to the Scottish couple and a woman Jose assumed was his wife, before leaving the table to walk towards the Ocean Club apartments. (how did Jose know where he was going? who was the Scottish COUPLE?) to fulfil his shared obligation of looking after the group’s children.
Of the group who had holidayed in Greece the previous year and found their child watch system to work admirably with no need of in-house babysitters, only Dr David Payne and his attractive doctor wife Fiona weren’t called to take part in the routine, having invested in a radio baby monitor. (so they were already prepared to leave their children on this holiday too. How did Jose know this? Presumably he didn’t?)…..
Jose Baptista shook his head and clicked his tongue in disapproval as Dr Oldfield left the group… it was 9.38 pm. He often saw this man and his dark-haired wife during the day, sitting next to the pool with their two young daughters in the company with the Scottish couple and their own three children. (who are named and described)
It seemed to Jose that the children were always left alone at night. He had overheard club crèche staff remark that the late diners never took advantage of the crèche or on-site offer of babysitters…. one of the men would leave the table at approximately half – hour intervals that got increasingly more erratic as the evening progressed. Meanwhile, the little ones were left alone in the apartments for up to 3 hours. (he isn’t saying left unchecked for 3 hours, but checked with lessening regularity from half – hourly, to what exactly?)   
Jose Baptista thought about his own large family and the love lavished on his nephews and nieces by his sisters and brothers and their partners. (he must have shared this background with Collins)
The doctor with the difficult English accent, the one the group called Gerry (Jose must have spoken to Gerry) had taken his turn to visit the apartment earlier: 9.05 pm. If the group stayed drinking and talking to past 10 pm as was usual. (it seems Jose is familiar with the nightly routines, so bear in mind he has already made his statement to the PJ) Jose supposed Dr Gerry would follow the nightly ritual and his turn would come around again 30 minutes after Dr Oldfield returned."
Jose Baptista’s statement – Joaquim Jose Moreira Baptista- was taken on 6/5/07
His shift is from 16.00 - 24.00*
"When asked he says he clearly recalls the appearance of the girl’s parents, he does not know their names, together with a group of  English tourists who generally accompanied them, as for almost a week prior to the disappearance they would dine practically every day in the Tapas restaurant. On the occasions he saw the group dining at the restaurant, he never saw the children. He does not remember ever having seen Madeleine’s face, which only happened when he saw her photograph after the disappearance.   
During the dinner the men from the group would leave the table, returning a few minutes later. The witness says that he does not know where they went. These absences would last for about 15 minutes. He cannot say with what regularity these absences occurred…. Remembers these occurrences well as would often have to take a plate of food back…when he would find that the guest was not at the table when he came to serve the food.
He was in the kitchen between 22.00 and 22.30 when he was informed by a colleague that a client had entered the restaurant shouting."
* Tapas rota – Ze- Jose 
Off on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday  Thursday, Sunday- 16h/24h
This means he could only have observed the group on Wednesday and Thursday .
And what about Quiz Night and the aerobics teacher? Not a mention!

Goncalo Amaral’s book
We don’t know what clothes the McCann couple were wearing on the evening of May 3rd. At the start of the investigation we had requested all the photos and videos from that day and from the other days, but all we received were daytime photos; it was as if in the evenings and during the now famous “Tapas” , no photos had been taken despite the fact that some of the diners had cameras with them. The lack of night time photos was something we had never understood. Within the rogatory letter, we ask the English authorities to seize photos and videos taken throughout the holiday at the Ocean Club.   


  1. Please correct me but isn't this Baptista the one who was hired because he was the only one who spoke English?
    It seems he does speak the language often.
    Quite a versatile "poor Portuguese worker", hey?

  2. Linked in

    Probably he is a son of emigrants in UK since many, many years ago . Probably he lives (yet) Tonbridge, UK.

  3. He, he, he...the releasing of the police files to the public was a shock to many, I bet! What a devastating blow!

    And about Baptista's english language skills, well, if he completed the compulsory 9 years of schooling required in portuguese law had english lessons for at least 5 years. More, if he completed the 12th grade year. Most portuguese people under 30/40 years old who completed their grammar school do speak and understand some basic english.

    The waiter that is the son of imigrants in the UK is Jerónimo Salcedas, who is a cousin of another Tapas worker, Miguel Coelho:

  4. #1,
    I wrote the comment about the waiter Jerónimo Salcedas, I just forgot to mention in that comment that if any worker was hired for his fluency in the english language, then it would probably be J. Salcedas.

    Salcedas' PJ interview:
    (he says he has lived in England for the past 15 years)

    Salcedas' UK rogatory interview:
    (says he's been living in the Uk with his parents since he was 10)

    They live in Swindon, Bristol.

  5. What a brilliant work from your side Textusa.
    In my opinion some important conclusions need to be taken from what you are exposing:

    1- clearly somebody break the " justice secrecy" which is in itself a criminal action and one of the main fights of the actual Attorney general. From the dates highlighted, could not be PJ who break it. For many times the british media and the Mccann's tried to accuse PJ and GA of breaking the secrecy and leaking pieces of the investigstion to the Media. Danny C, by publishing that book on that date revealing parts that have similarity with the PJ files, shows that he had somebody with access to the investigstion who pass to him such information. The book is not pro-PJ, is a pro- Mccann book and he even mention that he sent it to CM for the Mccann's to analyse it.
    If the book was published, means the Mccann's gave a green light to the book.
    I just see one source for the leaks, the Mccann's or CM. Having that in mind, I pass to my next conclusions.
    2- José Ba(p)tista was dragged into that by the Mccann's or the Resort. What he said to the police was vague, clearly trying to not compromise himself but was done knowing that to the police he can't lie but he have to lie "qb". Which means, enough to satisfy the resort. Todos mentiram quanto baste para baralharem a policia e nào deixarem que se chegasse a conclusão alguma. Foi "dividir para reinar".
    3- José Ba(p)tista was "used" by the Mccann's and by DC trough the book. Now I have 2 questions:
    - was he really interviewed by DC to deliver that information? Or
    - was his name used by DC, knowing that JB was tide to the cover up by the main figures and cannot contradict whatever was saying under his name?
    Clearly JB and DC, need to be called to PJ office by the Attorney General or the ministery public to clarify the content of the book. And will be consequences for one of them or for both. After that CM and the Mccann's need to be called as well to clarify who leaked what to a third person who up to the day the girl disappeared, apparently had nothing to do with the tragic events.
    The snake starts to be revealed.

  6. Obrigada n.º3 pela correcção.

    De qualquer modo a morada que o B. com Pê ou sem Pê dá é uma de cá mas tudo indica que emigrou.

  7. escrito em 2008 , 1 ano depois e ANTES das informações portuguesas mais parece uma encomenda do Cor de Rosa, versão mccanniana.
    E O J. Batista com P ou sem P , filho de emigrantes portugueses em UK e lá residente, torna-se um personagem do livro.

    O timeline na capa do livro de Madeleine agora em forma de livro escrito por alguém que conhece o sub mundo do crime.

    Além disto tem o nível de escrita " romântica" igualado à prosa do James Murrary quando descreveu o RM.

    "Jose Baptista shook his head and clicked his tongue in disapproval as Dr Oldfield
    left the group… it was 9.38 pm. He often saw this man and his dark-haired wife
    during the day,

    Jose Baptista thought about his own large family and the love lavished on his
    nephews and nieces by his sisters and brothers and their partners. (he must have
    shared this background with Collins)"

    Quanto à falta de referência da parte da noite da rapariga muito favorecida ….. isso não era de todo conveniente. "Descuidar " as crianças seria uma coisa mas dar o ar de festival ( xxxual) às noites ou dias já não era assim tão conveniente.

    Como aqui começaram a analisar as inconsistências e mudanças nos depoimentos , vejamos quem vai ser escolhido nos tablóids de UK.

    Se dou o meu tom ligeiro a esta Vossa análise não é por mal. É uma defesa pessoal.

    Pois ao reler o último parágrafo do livro de GA e, de me lembrar de tudo o que os de lá fizeram e continuam a fazer , só posso sentir-me muito mal- como que doente.

  8. Claro que DC, CM, os Mccann e todos os envolvidos não sonhavam que um dia a PJ tornaria publica parte da investigação. Genial esta estratégia.
    Pensavam que só as mentiras deles íam perdurar como verdades irrefutáveis. A PJ estragou-lhes os planos e agora não podem apagar o que fizeram.

  9. The wages are higher in UK than in Portugal. A waiter earns a lot more in Britain than in Portugal. That's the reason Portuguese emigrate to Britain. Especially low qualified labour.
    Almost every Portuguese knows enough English to wait a table. Algarvians know the language well.
    Why "import" a low-qualified worker from Britain when there were loads of others, much cheaper, that could be hired locally?
    To me this Baptista knew well the guests from other similar events. Like the nanny Catriona Baker.

  10. Quiz Night was on the 3rd?!?

  11. Why was Collins privy to all this information when hundreds of reporters in Luz didn't know half of what he shows to have known then in his book?

  12. From what we read it looks like Portugal had a 6-star holiday hotel resort that was only discovered by the general public because Maddie disappeared!!!

  13. Another brilliant post by textusa team that shows how well integrated the OC Staff was in the cover-up! Keep on!

  14. To see that the Ocean Club is involved in the cover-up is pretty much straightforward. It's would be as ridiculous as saying Man United doesn't play soccer and that the soccer ball was there just by coincidence.
    What's intriguing and telling at the same time is that a story with so many holes, inconsistencies, lies, far-fetched coincidences has been able to be the official story for all these years and keeps the tied the hands of two countries, mainly those of the UK as Portugal seems to have washed their hands clean of this.
    Just imagine if they had been able to come up with a slightly more realistic story. Then we would never have known the truth. If with one that is completely absurd it's this difficult imagine what it would be like with one not so absurd, better thought out and involving slightly more intelligent and less narcissistic characters?
    But what was done can't be undone and I'm sure that's a thought that haunts many consciences in Praia da Luz to this day. In the Ocean Club and in many villas and apartments there.

  15. g, we thank you for what you've sent.

  16. How much clutter have we taken as fact because we assumed that the Tapas workers were saying the truth? TONS!!! The same with statements from guests!!
    Textusa, I must thank you for your continuing fight for the truth.
    As normally happens, I'm sure many will come to take credit for your work. I still remember how ridiculed you were in some forums for saying what everyone is now starting to say.
    You will be a hard pill to swallow in many throats.

  17. Incredible, isn't it, how with millions of pounds available from the reward not one of the poorly paid tapas or Mark Warner workers decided to jump ship? Not one of them thought ''why should I keep quiet for a group of people who are nothing to do with me, just so that it remains a secret that they were getting their leg over, when I could be sailing off into the sunset with 2 million quid? I'd never have to wait tables/clean rooms/sweat my balls off making videos for sky news/saying mass/being pope, again'' All those hundreds of people. Hundreds and hundreds of people. They must be kicking themselves, eh?

    Of course, you won't let them see this post, will you Textusa? Not when there is any danger they might think for themselves. Have to avoid that at all costs.

  18. #10,
    According to some sources it was either on the 1st May, Tuesday or on the 3rd May, Thursday.

    Ms. Chekaia, in her police testimony said she held Quizz nights on Sundays and Tuesdays, but 2 Daily Mail articles place Qizz night preciselly on the 3rd May, thus making Ms. Chekaia a witness to the events.

    For more information go here:

    A comment from McCann Files, made by the site's owner, Mr. Nigel, I believe:

    "Comment: This is an extremely important piece of information, as we had previously been led to believe that at 9.30pm, on the night of Madeleine's disappearance, Ms Chekaya had been invited to join the tapas table, by Gerry McCann, following completion of the quiz. Her police statement makes it quite clear that this was not the case. Consequently, she cannot corroborate, or provide an alibi for, any of the McCanns or their friends movements on the night of May 3rd."

  19. Anon #18,

    So we're to believe that the Quiz Mistress doesn't remember when the Quiz Night was?

    I would think that her statement would be the one that would count, not Collin's, Baptista's or from anyone else.

    This just further proves there were no Quiz Nights, which is absolutely logical as there were no T9 Tapas dinners.

  20. Insane #17

    First, we would advise you to get your act together. Please check before writing. You’ve already used this “reward receiving” argument.

    Please do pass your eyes once in a while over your script and do tidy up your notes. It’s unbecoming even for someone as you.

    Second, you first speak of “poorly paid tapas or Mark Warner workers” but then go on to, when referring to the possible people that could speak up and claim the reward, speak of “All those hundreds of people. Hundreds and hundreds of people.”

    We fully realize that the Ocean Club was indeed overstaffed for that particular time of the year but no need to exaggerate. We don’t think it had “All those hundreds of people. Hundreds and hundreds of people” of “poorly paid tapas or Mark Warner workers.

    The hundreds of people YOU spoke of and we confirmed would encompass T9, guests, Ocean Club staff (including, obviously, management), ex-Pats and many from the political, judicial and police worlds in the UK and Portugal.

    Many have more than the millions that are at stake with the reward, and those who don’t have that kind of wealth, can’t exactly speak as it would be very unbecoming of them to claim the reward.

    Mostly due to the fact that it would be very embarrassing to them and all for others to reveal how they knew the information in the first place.

    But even if they were as shameless as you, they still couldn’t claim the reward as you’ll wee in a minute.

    Besides your notes, also get your ideas together, otherwise we may think you’ve learned to write in the school in which Danny Collins did, which teaches one to contradict oneself, sometimes in the same paragraph like you just did.

    Now about the reward.

    Who was offering it? Or is offering, as I don’t really know, or care, if the offer is still standing… Let me tell you that it was (or are) exactly those that aren’t interested in hearing the truth.

    Those that committed the crime of obstructing justice are the ones offering the reward so it’s very unlikely, and understandable, that they’ll ever pay up whoever speaks up and really help solve the crime.

    But what was (or is) the reward for? For the LIVE return of Maddie.

    Who would get a reward for that?

    We do believe that out of all the “poorly paid tapas or Mark Warner workers” that know out happened to Maddie all of them know that their information won’t bring Maddie ALIVE.

    Your repeating that those present in PdL had nothing to do with each other with your persistence in remarks such as ''why should I keep quiet for a group of people who are nothing to do with me,” is as useless as your comments.

    Disregarding the fact that you insist in implying that Mark Warner hired slave labour with your repetitive xenophobic “poorly paid workers” we’re sure Martin Brunt and Sky News will be very pleased to read your opinion about his work in “sweat my balls off making videos for sky news”.

    Lastly, your delusion and detachment from any reason or reality is perfectly depicted by making a comparison between waiting tables, being a Sky News reporter, a Priest or, imagine, the Pope.

    Don’t think you’ll get the same air time in this post you did in the last post. We know you have to show work but it won’t be at the blog’s expense.

    We’ve published your pointless comment because it serves our purpose.

    We know you’re worried and understand why. But that’s between you and you former pals, nothing to do with us. And you never know if they become your pals again wit the speed things change in this “arena”…

  21. On this International Children's Day our heart goes out to all the missing children torn away from their loving families who fight day after day never losing the hope of finding them.

    One in particular comes to mind, Rui Pedro.

    Also on this day we remember and honour all those children who have left the living much too soon being defrauded of a life waiting for them.

    One in particular comes to mind, Madeleine McCann.

  22. The devil is in the detail ...' professionals eating dinner at a tapas bar' this simply does not happen.
    As Textusa has explained and has gone to great lengths to emphasize ...Professional people work very hard and when they have a holiday they are spoilt they want the best, they do not do evening dinner in a small tapas bar out of season next to an unlit swimming pool, there was no round table to accomodate thenm all, it really is not done. It's a lie they never had evening meals at a tapas bar.
    Today I read April Jones mother's impact statement in the papers it was so moving and I really felt for her, we have never had anything moving from Kate Mccann...absolutely nothing.
    So many people want justice for Madeleine so many websites questioning the mccanns, papers afraid or silenced by the mccanns and their money making machines. The mccanns are a disgrace I feel sickened by them and their actions towards Amaral and Bennett and others but I thank Textusa (who I read daily) Joanna Morais and the many others who want Justice for Madeleine the Mccanns cannot silence the internet (they try through the Leveson enquiry ) but the truth will come out one day.
    Keep up the good work Textusa ... we love you.

  23. Did Gerry fancy the quiz mistress and invited her over to his table to see if she would join them later for their adult activities?

    SY should focus their interviews on the quiz mistress and the nanny invited back to UK by the Mccann couple (why did Kate and Gerry invite the nanny from their holiday park back to the UK? who does that ?).
    Get the smaller people then you will catch the bigger people like the Tapas friends. The tapas friends will not say anything against the mccanns because they are all involved in the cover up and because they are too involved with each other as Clarence said 'they are all into each other' but waiters and OC staff MUST speak out then the re-opening process will go ahead and we will have closure ( and the Mccanns will have closure of their fraudulent fund).

  24. Text @ 21 - thank you for your message - we are encouraged and are supported by your blog and know Madeleine will receive the justice she deserves and her parents and tapas friends will also receive the justice they deserve.

  25. "Do not publish" Anon,

    Thanks for the info. We will use it to confirm who the latest witness speaking to the press may be referring to.

  26. Anon #23,

    It would be extremely difficult for Gerry to invite Quiz Mistress to a table that doesn't exist!

    The Quiz Nights at Tapas being as fictitious as the Big Round Table explains why her presence (and invitation to the T9 table) is only remembered by herself and Gerry.

    As the post shows, Baptista who seems to have a bout of memory refreshing and suddenly starts to remember so many details (that contradict not only what he has said as well as what many others did say also) doesn't recollect anything about the Quiz Night or the Quiz Mistress.

    Why did Najoua participate in this whole hoax, only she can say. We won't speculate.

  27. Scotland Yard should interview Najoua and other OC staff.We now know there no big table but we now want the interview!!

  28. Anon #27,


    The problem isn't who SY should interview. They know, and have known for a long time, exactly who they have to interview and in that list Najoua i included.

    The problem is the clear green light from the politicians that has yet to come to proceed officially with the interviews.

    We know it will ll be an act as all have been adequately interviewed but it would serve to out the truth finally.

    What we can do is maintain the pressure for that to happen and your comment is part of that effort. Thank you.

  29. Everyone is slowly coming round to what you've been saying all along. Politicians follow blogs and forums or have people do that for them. The Tony Bennett verdict was a shame and they know it. They have to salvage something. Politicians have to act before it becomes too great of a disaster. You were and are decisive, sisters!

  30. Insane @ 17,
    Your comment just deserves one question:
    Why the papers stop attracting potential witnesses with the reward if the girl still missing?

    - is it because they don't believe she is alive? Or
    - because they don't want to take any risk of having somebody uncovering part of the veil? Or

    You may know the answer.

  31. It's very interesting that the alleged airport shuttle bus video where the immediate focus is placed on Gerry's potty- mouthed petulance, has NOT been removed. Yet, countless others have.

    The obvious human instinct for most decent people, is to be appalled by the salty irascibility of the father's use of casual profanity in the company of naturally sensitive and vulnerable children.

    Yet we here silly noises and fake laugher!

    As many have already seen this video, the readers will know its a very short clip, I would suggest, intentionally so. The back seat of the vehicle is charcoal grey, yet, Fiona Payne and Dianne Webster's seats are pale grey.

    The girl in pink, Madeleine, is elevated higher than the twins, as is the girl squeezed up next to her, evidently the entire scene is blurry, but there are glaring anomalies nevertheless.

    Whoever is responsible for the production of this moving footage and many of the regular photographs, doesn't do hands and arms very well. In fact it could be argued that it is sloppy workmanship at best, and two fingers of undiluted arrogance up to the 'dim' unsuspecting public. Subjectively objective Insane's language style of course.

    DW and the two abovementioned infants are all holding the same plastic bags, containing the identical magazine, look at the hands of the children they are holding on with fingertips, it's not physically possible to do what this footage is forcing the viewer to believe.

    DW ate breakfast at the Millenniun according to her, for the first and only time on Wednesday the 2, May (because it was raining & no up with the larks, morning tennis).The question is, when did Dianne Webster arrive at Faro airport, and I reiterate, where's the evidence of the dear lady's RETURN flight details?
    Where's the proof that David Payne's mother-in-law entered Portugal on the 28, April 2007?

    As for the glorious Quiz nights, they never existed either, no three course meals at the Pop up restaurant happened, it's just a badly cobbled together script, synonyomous with a grade school play, or a Tapas booking sheet.

    Block capitals for TAPAS, capital R for restaurant, lower case estau, capital R followed by lower case, now who are the TWO Yin and Yang elements that write like that?

    As if we don't already know, lol!

    Thanks for everything Textusa, yours, a proud and easily conned (old) BINT x

  32. Notice how we're talking as if Najoua was Ocean Club staff!
    I don't know if she is, or isn't but the best to my knowledge is that she was a "freelancer" which OC outsourced for Quiz Night.
    I have heard that she was an aerobics teacher, but don't recollect that she taught that at OC.
    That would be another bizarre activity on the part of OC! It's very common for hotels to have gym rooms but aerobics class?!? I've heard of yoga ones but who goes on a week holiday to be taught gym classes?!? It would be acceptable for Najuoa to be a personal trainer responsible for the gym facilities but hardly think she would call herself an aerobics teacher then!
    Besides wasn't Chaplin's her main working place?
    The fact that we think of Najuoa as an OC staff just shows that there was a conundrum between the Brits present in Luz that week. I bet one interesting person to be interviewed would be Chaplin's owners and I also bet that Chaplin's credit receipts would provide very interesting info!

  33. I'm sorry but I think this is absolutely sick and degrading on the part of the parents, the tabloid and the readers that feed on this kind of news:

    Poor unfortunate girl. Had no respect when she was alive and has none now that she's gone. Even a pregnancy scan is now public.
    Talk about tasteless voyeuristic reporting. How low can you sink Britain?

  34. finally it's dawning on people that the Tapas dinners didn't exist. Without them the HOAX will crumble like a house of cards!
    I hope Downing street realizes that this can't be contained much longer!

  35. @32

    It’s not unusual to have an aerobics teacher round a pool, some do water-robics. It’s just that no-one knows where NC worked or why she would double up as quiz mistress. A quiz is normally hosted by the venue it’s held at. I don’t think she was a QM anywhere, maybe it’s title to disguise her real job?

  36. 35,

    Luz Ocean Club had 3 pools! 3 aerobics teachers? Why don't we read about her in any reviews?
    It's Mark Warner Ocean Club and not Ritz Ocean Club!!
    Agree that QM is a disguise for whatever she was doing there.

  37. Unpublished Anon at Jun 2, 2013, 5:12:00 PM,

    No, we also don't think that it's a coincidence.

    The various links surpass any possible mathematical calculation involving probabilities.

    I hope you understand why we're not publishing your comment which we obviously thank you for having made it.

  38. Textusa,

    Thought of bringing this over from JH Forum:

    "Round Table

    Post PeterMac on Sat Jun 01, 2013 8:24 am

    We did this a year ago

    The round table
    PeterMac on Sun 11 Nov 2012 - 16:27

    Copying this here, as I think it might be important
    It started with

    We can take it further.
    Imagine a round table with 9 chairs
    Push the chairs so the the front of the seats touch. This would be uncomfortably crowded, but no matter.
    Realistically this is the minimum circumference of our round table
    This is more or less how we sit to eat. Just look down at the front of your chair in relation to the desk you are sitting at.
    A dining chair, even an outdoor one is 50cm wide.
    So the circumference of the table must be 9 x 50 = 4.5m - nearly 15 feet
    This gives a diameter of 1.45m. ( or 4 ft 9")
    in other words about 5 feet in diameter.
    Then add the depth of the chairs, with the front of the seat level with the edge of the table we have to add 60 cm. On each side.
    So the effective size of the table with people is, at the very least, now 2.65m. (8 ft 9")
    Allow also that the people with their backs to the plastic "window" would not be touching it, and would need space behind them to push their chairs back when they got up so regularly, and we have an effective size for a round table of about 10 feet. 3m.
    The tapas bar under that plastic awning is not large.
    A table this big would be a serious inconvenience.
    It is in fact unlikely that a little bar with a small capacity would have such a table. Where do you store a 5 foot circular table for the rest of the year ?
    Three square ones pushed together as a long rectangle would be far easier to deal with.
    And much more likely.

    But we have been told that the table was round.

    Re: "Swan Lake Act 3" by Textusa
    tigger Today at 10:59
    The 'round table' conjures up some sort of Camelot scene. All the important people round one table, one for all and all for one.

    The Tapas nightly gathering myth is closely linked to the neglect - neither can exist without the other.
    Then Kate or Gerry said that they almost didn't get their table on the evening of the 3rd. But it was booked for the whole week wasn't it?
    Then there's also Chaplin's - which doesn't close as early as the Tapas. Which in fact has a 'Happy Hour' and didn't need booking.
    Then there's the enormous amount of to-ing and fro-ing and people being absent from the table for long periods. E.g. Kate was away from the table for a long period of time on the 1st.

    How did these people get any food inside them?"

    I still remember "Textusa Meltdown" when you first showed that the Big Round Table never existed.

    Time will prove that you were the only one who had the pulse on all this all along!

  39. #38,

    The McCanns lack of memory about the Tapas block booking...( in ITV's programme "Madeleine, one year on"- aired on April, 30th, 2008

    From McCann Files:

    "Case Study: Maddie Crying"

    "Gerry and Kate McCann are asked about their response when Madeleine allegedly told them on the morning of May 3 2007 that she and Sean had been crying the night before, when left alone."
    "Gerry McCann: I think the worst thing is, we, kind of, almost thought about not going and, errm... and did. We weren't sure we were going to get into the Tapas, (to Kate) remember? And, errm...

    Kate McCann: In fact, we were all...

    Gerry McCann: But, you know...

    Kate McCann: ...we were all going to go up to the Millennium again, that was... with the kids, which is what we did the first night. It was just, errm... it was just 'cause the walk was so long and we didn't have a buggy and the kids were tired by that time and I thought... we... we were... we did talk about going up to the Millennium that night."

    "Rachael Oldfield arranges the block booking for the Tapas restaurant at 20:30pm every night"

    Rachael Oldfield: "And then the evening, yes, so on, that, 'cause the Sunday night had worked well with us, sort of, eating dinner as adults and, you know, just going back to check on the children, errm... that... but at the Tapas, they said... they... you could only book in the morning; you couldn't, kind of, block book or anything like that. You had to, kind of, call them at, you know, eight or nine o’clock and say that you wanted a table for that night, errm... and because we were a big group of nine, errm... I begged and pleaded with them to let us book for the whole week, a table at eight thirty every night, errm..."

    Q: "When did you do that?"

    Rachael Oldfield: "Because otherwise..."

    Q: "No sorry, when?"

    Rachael Oldfield: "Oh, when? That was on the Monday morning, errm... because, you know, otherwise we... it would have just been really difficult to... well, have a... have dinner in peace and, errm... errr... "

    So, Rachel managed to get a block booking for the group at the Tapas on Monday morning, a booking that she had to humilliate herself for, by pleading and begging ( I'm picturing poor Rachel down on her knees, hands in prayer, in front of the Tapas manager, lol!), and yet those ungrateful McCanns were considering going to the Millenium again! Unless...silly old Rachel forgot to inform her pals, the McCanns, of her extraordinary feat, never achieved by any other Oc. Club's guest, of overcoming the need to rise with the larks every single morning to get a booking for diner at the Tapas!But she can't have forgotten because the McCanns did eat there on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
    (Now, don't you all jump on me, we all know by now that the Tapas diners never existed, but let's pretend they did!)
    So, why after all that moaning about how inconvenient and hard it was to make the long walk to the Millenium with tired grumpy kids in tow, why, oh why, would the McCanns ever
    consider going to the Mill again?! And preciselly on Thursday night, exactly the night Madeleine vanished!
    Poor Rachel, it must have felt like a slap in the face, after all her trouble to get them a table in a place that was "just like dinning in their own back garden"!

  40. Mais um avistamento ... É já tão cansativa, esta situação!...
    Porque não começam pelo princípio e olham para os pais e amigos com isenção e sem preconceitos?!... É uma perda de tempo e de dinheiro e revela uma enorme falta de vontade de esclarecer a situação e de chegar à verdade, seja ela qual for.
    Haja um Primeiro-Ministro, a sério, que governe os Ingleses e aja em conformidade com os "superiores interesses da criança", de todas as crianças do mundo, incluindo os seus próprios filhos ...
    Eles agradecerão!


    "Americana acredita ter visto Maddie McCann num restaurante nos EUA"

    É o mais recente alegado avistamento da menina britânica desaparecida do Algarve há seis anos. Uma mulher garante ter visto Madeleine McCann num restaurante.

    "Vi uma menina loura igual à Maddie. Nunca senti nada tão forte", relata a testemunha ao tablóide britânico The Sun.

    O restaurante em causa fica localizado na cidade de Montgomery, no estado de Maryland.

    Segundo a norte-americana, em declarações ao jornal, a menina estava acompanhada por uma mulher e dois homens, um deles "com sotaque estrangeiro".

    A testemunha garante ainda que viu Madeleine em 2009, dois anos após o seu desaparecimento de um aldeamento na Praia da Luz, no Algarve, mas as autoridades britânicas só agora, há cerca de dois meses, a terão contactado para dar o seu testemunho.

  41. Leiam os 40 comentários sobre a reciclagem deste avistamento, sempre tão tardio.....

  42. Brooks Coulson and newspaper executives due to give pleas at Southwark Crown Court today.
    Hacking and conspiracy charges.

  43. I see your drones are struggling now, Textusa. Even having to 'pretend' there were tapas dinners in order to have something to talk about. It's so funny.

    Incidentally, perhaps you can explain this

    Why would the people who invented the supposedly non-existent tapas dinners go to the trouble of inventing non-existent quiz nights too? And then get other witness to talk about them?

    This place is moribund. Job done.

  44. Insane,

    This post doesn't confirm dining. We did that with other posts.

    This post poses the question - why was Collins allowed to repeat this, after running it by Clarence Mitchell and McCanns?

    They should have been very precise about events of May 3rd. This alibi of NC for G's movements suited them at the time. What happened to change that?

    Was it NCs statement revealed in PJ files which didn't support Quiz Night on 3rd?

  45. What on earth are you on about?

    The only person who suggested that the quiz night was on the 3rd was Collins, presumably because he had read it in some tabloid rag which got it wrong.

    His entire book is put together from newspaper reports and his own poetic licence, and he didn't need the permission of the McCanns or Mitchell to publish any old rubbish that took his fancy.

    That's the problem when you rely on rubbish in newspapers. textusa

  46. Insane @ 43

    Everything in the post is undeniable fact, but no opinion. The conclusion to be drawn is obvious- witnesses embellished statements for various reasons, not realising the pj files would be released and CM fed info to Collins, unchallenged by Mcs.
    Collins level of detail shows he had privileged sources of information because no rag ever reported the details he does. He gets them all wrong but that's because he ans his sources didn't know all would be public.
    The embellishment is there. You saying it over and over that it isn't just shows how much bothered you are by it.

  47. Ridiculous nonsense

    The Mail featured an article about the quiz hostess, wrongly claiming the quiz was on the night Maddie disappeared. That's the source of Collins' nonsense claims

    Which statements do you claim have been ''embellished''? And before you answer, I'd think carefully. You are accusing people of perjury

  48. The Daily Mail had 2 (TWO) articles were the QUIZZ NIGHT was placed on the night of the 3rd May, not one but two articles! The same "mistake" TWICE !!! No wonder many call it the Daily FAIL, lol!

  49. Insane #43

    "This place is moribund. Job done"

    That really says all about your intent here doesn't it?
    You couldn't care less about what happened to Maddie. You job is to shut Textusa up. That's all you care about.
    It just shows that her voice is very inconvenient to you bosses!
    When will you get tired of making obviously ridiculous legal threats? At some point in time children stop believing in Santa so it's about time you grew up.
    We'll see who is in perjury when GA trial comes up.

  50. The Quiz Night had a twofold intention. The first to show that Tapas had movement. That it was as popular as Chaplin's. You needed to book before hand and it had Quiz Nights. And a grill. A really popular place... which it wasn't.
    The second reason was to provide an explanation as to why Kate slept in the kid's room the night before. On the bed that it was where Maddie had slept but it was more convenient to the story to be the other one that everyone can see that no one slept in it.

  51. @45

    "His entire book is put together from newspaper reports and his own poetic licence, and he didn't need the permission of the McCanns or Mitchell to publish any old rubbish that took his fancy."

    So "any old rubbish" is ok to print but not anything which may come somewhere near the Truth?

  52. Anon #51,

    Thank you for such an opportune comment!

    We just had to include it in our most recent post:


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