Friday, 22 March 2013

Easter Break

It’s Easter time.

A time filled with meaning, both for the pagan and for the religious.

The days of this particular time of the year are exactly what they are independently of the diverse points of view. But it’s exactly each one’s point of view that makes these Easter days unique in meaning.

Above all it’s a time for reflection. And one tends to reflect after life teaches one a lesson.

After, for example, life teaches a media mogul that it wasn’t a wise decision to take under the wing a certain couple to make money out of going with the flow with the government mock-up.

The lesson? Politicians aren’t to be trusted as friendships with them can quickly turn into liability.

After, for example, life teaches a certain politicians that there aren’t such things as free Press rides. To ask one story teller to tell the story the way one wants it to be told basically means that in order to modify it, the story teller gets to know the whole original version and all its sordid details.

The lesson? Moguls aren’t to be trusted as friendships with them can quickly turn into liability.

As my grandmother used to say, one is stuck with the family fate has chosen but friends are ones one chooses and bad choices always have a price. About that you can ask all those that for whatever reason have let themselves to get entangled in the Maddie Affair.
Anyway, it’s Easter time, a time for a break. We'll be hunting Easter Eggs...

During that time we leave you with a recommendation: Barcelona.

Absolutely worth visiting. A city so filled with life. However please do some research before going as it’s so full of intertwining peculiarities, some of which astoundingly surprising.

Post Scriptum:

We "interrupt" our Easter break just to contribute for the publicity of this masterpiece by Rowan Atkinson and have it here archived for all to see and listen:

Insult is always humiliating to the one who insults. What is feared, and indeed it is, is not insult but the accurate description of fact.

Thank you, Rowan!


  1. Sempre que vejo este video " Barcelona" ocorrem-me 3 palavras:
    A força de duas vozes imponentes que conferem à música um poder extraordinário. Poder esse que prova que não hå comunhões improváveis. De facto, aqui o rock e a opera fizeram um casamento tão perfeito que a realidade suplantou tudo o que poderiamos imaginar.
    Um pouco como o caso Maddie. O problema é que neste, a força e o poder veio de uma opção tão primária e tão básica quanto a sua ancestralidade - as opções sexuais de um grupo que usou a pacatez da PDL para passar despercebido.

  2. Desculpem usar este espaço para libertar a minha indignação. È um insulto para todos os portugueses e para as vitimas das decisões deste senhor ( e Maddie foi uma delas, GA foi a outra) tê-lo na RTP, provavelmente a lavar a cara e a branquear os seus actos, pago pelos nossos impostos.
    Assim, se concordam assinem a Petição e divulguem-na:
    (Petição Recusamos a presença de José Sócrates como comentador da RTP)


  3. Naughty, naughty you will leave us itching to know about Barcelona and its "peculiarities" until you come back and expand on the subject!

    To #2,
    thank you, I will sign the petition, I can't stand the man!

  4. Eu concordo com ano 2! Completamente.


  5. Barcelona, não é a base da M3 que teve um raide policial sobre os seus documentos e mandatos de prisão para os seus dirigentes?
    Barcelona, não foi o sitio onde alguém plantou a visão de uma sósia de vitória Beckman que terá tido um desabafo público, num café da marina, sobre uma menina encomendada? Como se quem encomenda estas coisas fizesse desabafos em publico.
    Será tudo, apenas uma coincidência?

  6. Very wise words Textusa - thank you for your fantastic website and all the work you do in the name of justice. Well done sisters.


    Interesting. Desperation is a must on Mcc+ BH field.

  8. I do wonder how that speech by Lord Blackadder will wash with his good friend Clarkson?

  9. "Twitter post: 'Clarence Mitchell seen walking into Scotland Yard a few minutes ago' posted at 11.42 this morning. Can something be afoot?"
    Source: jill Forum

  10. The truth will always surface - no matter how others attempt to manipulate it!!
    God bless you Textusa you will be victorious, we must stay on this path eventually the truth will out.

  11. Anon #10,

    Thank you for your motivational words which are much appreciated!

    The truth is out. It only needs to be officially out. There are many that don't wish for that to ever happen, and I'm not talking about the obvious ones.

    About the "obvious" ones, we hope that they're now seeing that truth doesn't cause havoc. It will certainly cause acute discomfort for a while but it's something that will pass.

    The discomfort referred is due to their actions to smother truth and not about truth itself. Facts have long ago taken second place to following actions.

  12. Notícia de última hora:

    Leonor Cipriano condenada a mais 7 meses de prisão

    "A cumprir 16 anos de prisão pelo homicídio da filha, Joana, Leonor Cipriano foi condenada a mais sete meses de cadeia por falsas declarações."


  13. gemma,

    Thank you for the news.

    It explains why they didn't release immediately Leonor and her brother after having proved that the confessions were obtained under torture.

    I did not say "proved" but proved as that proof did serve to sentence people so I'm supposing it was sound, beyond reasonable doubt.

    I'm curious as to what will be the reaction to today's news. Will the sentences based on a liar's word still be upheld?

    I'm also curious to hear, if I ever will, the opinions of Isabel Duarte and Marcos Aragao Correia on this subject.

    My personal sentiment is that of sadness. Sadness to see confirmed yet again the mockery in which the Portuguese Justice System has become.

    The system that today considered proven that Cipriano lied is the same one that also considered as proven that Leonor was speaking the truth about being tortured.

    Same Leonor, same events, same system (different people but same system). The main difference? The media circus around it at the time of each decision.

    Maybe one day things will change. Today was step in that direction. Let's see if there's courage to continue the path.

  14. De acordo com a TVI24 Carlos Cruz apresentou-se às autoridades para cumprir pena de prisão. O mandato de condução à cadeia ainda não foi emitido mas o apresentador apresentou-se no Estabelecimento Prisional da Carregueira.

  15. Opertion Yewtree may seem a million miles away from operation Grange, but they are all connected. Currently in our media we have news of an 82 years old man who is worried about operation yewtree and his involvement being expose. Years ago his name would never have been freely available. Superinjunctions and the constant threat of litiation our press decline to print his name but it is freely available on-line, just one click away and all is revealed. This is how powerful the internet is, Gerry Mccann cannot contain the internet he would like to control what is written and published about him through his involvement with 'hacked off' but that is now beyond his reach and that is our power. Gerry Mccan and Carter Ruck cannot touch the internet we have freedom of speech and opinions and they cannot silence us, this is what keeps this case rolling on thanks to the internet it will never go away, click in so many sites, hundreds of them, close one down, and another crops up. Operation Grange may have been silenced through political means because but know the Mccanns are involved in the disappearance of their daughter, we must all fight for justice because that is what it is Justice freedom of speech, and our opinions. The Mccanns and their friends (who are not protected by expensive lawyers and do not have the funds to pay for such priviledges)) are involved and will eventually pay the price for their involvement because there are too many sites wanting justice and they will not go away until it is found. The Tapas people and their lies should face justice. Justice for Madeleine who was so badly let down by her 'parents' and their swinging 'friends' how they are lied, and their obvious lies how anybody can find support for parents and friends who treated a 3 years old baby so badly is beyond comprehension the Mccanns have manipulated the media and social networking sites through their connections but it is all coming is an end for the Mccanns as it always does in these sick and sad cases. RIP Maddie.
    When justice comes may it be swift. These disgusting people with no morals deserve no pity they all belong in the gutter.
    I thank you Textusa I along with many others read your blog daily your comments are fair, logical and balanced and echo the words of many that want justice for Madeleine Beth Mccann so badly let down by those that should have protected her, but they know no shame and instead made money and set up an internet site and a private limited company for their own gain from her memory. Little Angel Madeleine in a far better place far away from the Mccanns.

  16. Textusa, I am in UK someone else is in Portugal and someone else in China or whereever but worldwide we know the message and we all want the truth for Maddie our voice is in unison.We all want answers and the truth we are here until
    the end, until it is finished. WE ARE SISTERS UNITED!!

  17. Like Textusa (#13) I too would like to hear from Isabel Duarte and Aragão Correia in this matter of Leonor Cipriano getting 7 more months in jail for giving false statement in court(=liyng), but not only...I would like to know what Mr. Marinho Pinto has to say about the sentencing of his "protégée" Leonor...he was the one who exposed the (in)famous photos(photoshoped?) of Leonor with the face all black and blue in the newspaper we worked for as a "journalist"...

  18. Anon #16,

    Thank you. It's very rewarding to see expressed the feeling of sisterhood (or brotherhood) that we've always aimed the blog to have.

    As said before, the blog is not ours but yours. We're only the hands that have accepted the responsibility of expressing the voice of many.

    We fly in our very tight formation of 3 not out of any sense of exclusiveness but because it's the only reasonable way to sail in such tumultuous seas that, as Camoes said, have never been sailed before, to translate literally his "mares nunca dantes navegados".

  19. Our worldwide cry for justice.. wherever you are in the world you can reach us, together we will find justice.... Justice for Madeleine we are a click away together we will find you justice. Textusa and Sisters.

  20. The details of today's sentencing of Leonor Cipriano, in english:

  21. I do not speak Portuguese and google translate of the latest Cipriano news is difficult to understand in places. The McCann believers are saying on twitter that tbe article states the torture by police is proven, but I understood that line to refer to 2009 court decision, not this one. They are saying that LC is now a convicted perjurer simply because she can't identify which officers tortured her. I read the judgment as a simple one........she has lied abou her torture. And that her version of events is not accepted. I hope this means that G Amaral's conviction will be overturned. Someone fluent in Portuguese....please clarify the judgment, thank you !

  22. #21,
    Leonor was the only defendant on trial yesterday, the images shown on tv were from the trial in 2009. If I'm not mistaken, yesterday she was not even in the court room to hear her sentencing. But, in fact the many articles on the subject in yesterday's media were confusing, they all said the same regarding the sentences given to the PJ inspectors, it seems like they are all based(copied from) on one and the same article, maybe the one from LUSA, the portuguese news agency. In my opinion they were referring to the trial back in 2009, not this one on the 2nd April, but they put it in a way that might lead people to think the court confirmed the inspectors sentencings, which I don't think is the case.
    If the court rulled that Leonor lied about the agressions then the the PJ inspectors were wrongfully convicted...this is just my opinion, I have no legal knowledge, but it is common sense,right?

  23. They are not happy, in Rothley, with the latest developments on Leonor Cipriano lies. There is no way for the British pair to distance themselves from that evil mother. MAC do a good job by putting them exactly at the center of the main question while saying on the TVs that what was moving him was not only Leonor but a persecution on Amaral. And he got payed for that by M3 on the behalf of the Mccann's. "What goes around comes around"... One day the all stories surrounding the big story will be exposed and there will be no place for forgiveness and compassion regarding the all Tapas 9.

  24. Anon #21,

    Yesterday reporting just goes to show how the press plays with words:
    - in 2009 it was proved that there was torture
    - in 2013 it was proved Leonor lied
    What the reporting doesn't say is what effect the 2013 decision will have on the 2009 one.
    It clearly should overturn it. The system should do that by itself but nothing has been said about that. It seems like it's waiting for Amaral to take the initiative to clear the smear he was a victim of.

    Other two have followed Carlos Cruz.
    The Casa Pia only has 6 years head start on Maddie.

  26. rough translation

    So, should have happened another Maddie´s case 50 years ago.
    This only means that in UK there are many cases of child abuse.

    But now the spell turned against the sorcerer. In the UK perverseness is come to the light. But just arrest those over 80 or those who died.


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