Friday, 15 June 2012

Great Readers Make Posts Great

When we wrote the post “New Career Opportunities” we were aware that we were writing an “eye-bleeding” post (as per BHs). If, by itself, the Maddie Affair is complex in terms of dot connecting, we had, to pass the message we wanted to in that post, to bring in Portuguese business and political issues apparently totally disconnected from Maddie, the blog’s “cover-page”.

It proved to be quite a challenge but you, our readers, proved fully the point of the post: why social-network readers are so worrisome to some to the point of them creating a business made up of people just to target them.

Your response was simply outstanding. The post we were worried about making eyes bleed was very successful and generated a great response. It has hit a chord.

From all the wonderful comments we think that three deserved to be a post by themselves:

"Anonymous said...

The press have been responsible for most of the misinformation that the Mccanns have wanted published. Rebecca Brooks of The Sun said they would print the photograph of the Home Secretary everyday in their newspapers until the Government requested a review into Madeleine’s ‘abduction’ bearing in mind The Sun also published on its front pages the open letter to David Cameron from the McCanns. The McCanns have proven to be a gold mine for News International selling newspapers Madeleine has been splashed across its front pages. Kate’s book was serialised only in The Sun, ‘heartbreaking’ photographs of the parents ‘grieving’, going to Church, jogging, taking part in fund runs along with the details of how the public could send donations in support of the parents sold newspapers it didn’t matter if the stories were true or false the main aim was to sell papers with ridiculous photo fits of pimple man and blanket man and countless other ‘non’ stories. Whatever happened to investigative journalism, do these journalists not have any pride in their work?

Financially the McCanns have come a long way since 2007 when they shared a budget holiday package with a bunch of friends, and their family had to provide monetary support so they could pay their mortgage, since then Gerry has jetted around Europe been photographed standing outside the White House, meeting the Pope, rubbing shoulders with celebrities, standing ovations at conferences, very expensive PR and litigation Companies employed by McCanns, does he actually work these days, financially how do they manage? It’s been 5 years since Madeleine vanished but the real searching never started. Money spent on litigation and trying to restore their reputations all those rather awkward questions remained unanswered Carter Ruck and Co are not working for free their monthly fees must be astronomical nobody can afford to sustain bills like that indefinitely and of course Gerry’s comment ‘that there is no evidence to prove Madeleine is dead’ ( so keep sending your money to us) but then there is no evidence to prove that she is alive either, in fact when one considers the sniffer dogs findings, the dubious company the McCanns kept on holiday, their downright arrogance towards the PJ why is nothing proper being done about solving this mystery and putting an end to the fraudulent fund and searches once and for all. There should be transparency with this fund after all it’s public money that has afforded the McCanns this lavish lifestyle.

If News International or indeed the media do have the power to make or break individuals, influence voters then this country has become a frightening place to live. A little pressure put in the right place ensures that criminals can remain free. This has to be wrong. David Cameron wrote to the McCanns as a ‘family man’, but recently the Cameron’s left their daughter in a pub each parent thought the child was with the other parent. How close is their relationship, did neither parent say goodbye to their partner, have we become nothing more than a country of celebrity worship, smiling for the camera (or news International) for those all important newspaper inches, ensuring good publicity a vote puller and not worrying about family life. David Cameron is definitely not a family man. He could have been a great man and requested a proper investigation and brought this ugly matter to a close, but instead he chose the easy option, the vote pleaser.

Jun 13, 2012 2:48:00 PM"

"Anonymous said...

Anon.Jun 13, 2012 2:48:00 PM

Unfortunately those of us who are not influenced by the media (especially the papers) are seeing what those who run our country (UK) are interested in - their Bank Accounts. For too long the people who work and pay taxes have been under the illusion that we have power because we vote.

Not at all!

Even the Leveson Inquiry although going some way to expose the corruption will do nothing to address this because we are led by propaganda and the majority of people will be led by the nose. When Forums started everyone discussed things and information regarding Madeleine was freely available. Now we see the effect of the "disrupters" exposed. This was bound to happen because we cannot be allowed to see what or who is really in charge of not only the truth but also the government.

Jun 13, 2012 5:36:00 PM"

"Anonymous said...

The Sun put pressure on Cameron to push for the review from the Home Office. In 2007 there was the media frenzy which the McCanns encouraged it is possible that The Sun or News International was putting pressure on the government back then for PR support for Kate and Gerry and Clarence who was known to the media gave up his job with the government to work for McCanns with the blessing of the government in return for favourable political news stories.

It kept Madeleine on the front pages and sold newspapers and the stories printed were only ever about the mysterious abductor nothing discriminating about Kate and Gerry. At that time the McCanns did have a lot of public support one of my friends purchased the rubber wristband and would become very argumentative if any of us questioned the McCanns innocence, but now she says she was a fool and was taken in by the spin and I can honestly say I do not know of one person who supports the McCanns or believes their abductor theory.

Public opinion has changed we have all seen through the lies, it can only be a matter of time before those protecting the McCanns accept the reality of this case.

Kate in her book graphically detailing Madeleine's body parts, Kate knows full well Madeleine will never read that book such references were totally unnecessary. She also made reference to the abductor sedating three children, calling the PJ a F***Tosser and discussing her and Gerry's sex life. These are not the writings of a distraught mother but those of someone desperate to sell a book and make even more money.

Jun 13, 2012 6:43:00 PM"

We’re left with an impossible task: to find a way to truly express our gratitude. The day someone invents such an expression, we’ll come back here and post it!

Meanwhile let us do what we can and condense it all into three heartfelt words: thank you all!


  1. Things that were aparently not connected, over the time look more and more connected.
    Today, another story that looks not connected but I look at it with a lot of ????, especially since GA talk about the 'witch hunt' done by the actual 'PJ bosses' to ex-PJs. I'm talking about Paulo Pereira Cristovao and the Circus around the crimes he is being accused. The all show, done by the TVs, is to please somebody. One day, we will discover who.
    By now, and without knowing if he is guilt or not, but taking in consideration that he could be, some points I don't like on all that Circus:
    1- Clearly, the poor show done by TVs is not proportional to the dimension of the crimes, if we consider that other committed more serious crimes and were protected from the media spotlights.
    2- Preventing him to entry or contact Sporting is ridiculous, if we consider that Paedos and who kill people, were send home with the only commitment of not leaving the place where they live without notifying the police.
    3- that is the one I really don't like and make me look at it with a pinch of salt, specially because the media pointed out very clear that the lawyer was nominated by Sporting- Rogerio Alves. That means, he did not choose his lawyer? If he committed a crime using/ or against Sporting, why should he have a defendant payed by the Sporting? I presume, if they nominate the lawyer, they pay it. What a bizarre circumstance, from my point of view. And Rogerio Alves, who so strongly defend the Mccann's, looks very Weak with PPC, almost knowing nothing about the case.
    Well... bells ringuing- PPC, was part of the team that together with GA, investigate the case of Joana Cipriano. He wrote the books 'A estrela de Joana' and 'A estrela de Maddie'. Rogerio Alves still one of the Mccann's lawyer in Portugal and strongly ( ridiculous sometimes) defend them without providing a single fact to support his words. Is now PPC lawyer.
    GA, in Julia Pinheiro program, talk about the way some of his ex-cpleagues are being hunted by the current PJ. Ricardo Paiva, is also part of the list.

  2. He was very clear at RTP with Judite de Sousa.

    Judite de Sousa (JS) aqui no estúdio , tenho Gonçalo Amaral , o antigo Inspector da Polícia Judiciária , que há cinco anos liderou as investigações no terreno quanto ao desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann. Muito boa noite,Gonçalo Amaral!

    GA: boa noite !

    JS: no Seu ponto de vista o que leva a Scotland Yard de repente, passado algum tempo, pedir à Polícia Judiciária que reabra o inquérito e a afirmar categoricamente que há 195 novas pistas para investigar?

  3. GA: Bom, temos que perceber o tempo , perceber o momento, ontem foi o dia 25 de Abril, é importante pois é o Dia da Liberdade , representa a Democracia em Portugal e vem alguém de uma potência estrangeira dizer assim: " reabram!" . É importante , estamos a poucos dias de comemorar o desaparecimento, o triste e trágico desaparecimento desta Criança e, estamos a um ano em que o grupo de trabalho começou a investigar . São milhões de libras ou milhares de libras, seja o valor que for e tem estado a ser questionado em Inglaterra sobre isso tudo .

  4. Dizer que têm 195, eu pergunto por que têm ainda 195, porque não têm só cinco?

    JS: Gonçalo Amaral como explica este número? 195 pistas de investigações ?

    GA: eu vou dizer-lhe. É assim , andamos ou eles andam a falar em avisamentos, em visões de videntes . Muita coisa produzida. Foi muita coisa produzida ao longo destes anos e bem produzida desses avisamentos e, portanto a polícia inglesa tem de remeter a bola para a Polícia Portuguesa e, nós ficamos com o ónus e com a despesa de investigar . É importante reabrir o processo, ninguém tenha dúvidas mas é reabrir o processo sem limitações, porque nos querem limitar .

  5. Para não repetir e causar erros, desculpem

  6. Annon @ 6.49 completely agree with you. At the time plenty was going on behind the scenes but now with the Leveson inquiry we see that the media was very much involved not just on a business level but also personal friendships especially Rebecca Brooks involvement with top officials. It makes me shudder to think this country is so influenced by a tabloid paper like the Sun. Slowly it is all unravelling and the truth is coming out, Cameron looked so uncomfortable at the Inquiry when asked how often he met with Rebecca Brooks socially and he couldn't remember but later in the day he recalled his wife had kept a diary (very convenient!) and he was able to recall how often they met.

    These people are all being found out for their lies and unsuitable friendships yet they still attempt to bluff their way through questions expecting us to believe them.

    The Mccanns are very quiet at the moment they could be waiting to see what happens to Brooks and her croonies if they are charged and found guilty, Brooks knows too much there must be many worried people waiting to see the outcome.

  7. I have the feeling that the Scotland Yard is much further with the revision than they are telling. They decided to keep their mouths shut in order to do their work well. I don't believe in the 195 leads. I believe that they don't have any other choice than to tell us this story.They need peace in order to work well. I believe that the McCanns and Tapas 7 will suddenly be brought to Alagarve, for the reconstruction.A judge will support the police request because they will go as witnesses.No lawyer will manage to avoid their departure.Besides, Brooks is in trouble now, she has no time to support the group.I would advise Tapas 7 to come forward with the truth before they go living behind bars, for perjury and for obstructing police work.It is possible that the Leveson Inquiry is changing things in the UK. Everybody is worried about himself, not about the McCanns.Protecting the McCanns again would mean a huge scandal in the UK, specially after the BBC Panorama told that the NOW and The Sun were behind Cameron's decision.Besides, Kate's book means the end of the story and that is why Brooks demanded Cameron to involve the Met in the case.She knew that after the book, no news would mean selling more papers.The whole issue is exhausted and it is now high time to bring the McCanns to justice.For 4 years Brooks used Kate and Gerry and now she betraded them.This betrayal will sell more papers in the future, but not as many as it happened before.The Sun will certainly concentrate themselves on the next golden mine.For the Sun the McCanns are past tense and they even did not publish about Kate's new version of her book.

    That is why I have all confidence in the future.The McCanns lost their power.

  8. Anon at 2.06 I too believe that the Mccanns will soon face justice, it has been slow in coming but your comment is how I feel and what I also want to believe.

  9. On the lunchtime news they were speaking about the Levison inquiry and said that Levison had hoped Cameron would take stronger action against the press but as he has not done so it would appear he does not want to fall out of favour with them. What a weak man he is.

    They are all involved in this together Murdoch, Brookes, Brown, Cameron and the Mccanns. The Mccanns provided the stories for Murdoch and he in turn put pressure on Brown and Cameron to ensure no charges were made against the Mccanns. Brown was involved with Socrates and then Amaral being removed all this happened because of the Murdoch connection. The Mccanns were able to get favours in return for selling papers and none of them wanted to upset the Sun or NOTW for fear of bad publicity and loss of votes. These two papers had the power to influence voters especially in areas where there was no a majority.

    One of the Tapas friends was involved in PR it was her job I recall. She would have known how important it was to immediately involve the media getting the abductor story on the front pages this could have been discussed the night they made up the time line she would have been aware of the power and influence of involving the media. The Mccanns were very quick to involve and invite the media. Clarence once worked with the media and had connections within the media as did Lori the reporter who first reported Robert Murat they were all media people working for Murdoch and helping Mccanns.

    Looking at how Levison has shown us politics and media work together it is all so obvious how this cover up started. SY should focus more on the Murdoch / Mccann connection that is their weak point and why they are so quiet at present.

  10. Este so Pode ter bebido uns bons copos de vinho do Porto antes do estudo, ou esta a contar para a estatistica, com um certo casalinho ingles que diz ter abandonado os filhos todas as noites durante uma semana.

    "Inglês diz que Portugal tem 'roda' para bebés"
    "Os dados não são verdadeiros. A chamada 'roda' já não existe desde 1867 no nosso país", afirma Dulce Rocha, do Instituto de Apoio à Criança.
    13:14 Sábado, 16 de junho de 2012

    "Kevin Browne, investigador britânico da Universidade de Nottingham que há dois anos estuda o abandono de crianças na União Europeia, coloca Portugal numa lista de onze países onde continua a ser possível para os pais deixar os bebés indesejados numa espécie de caixa semelhante à 'roda' usada na Idade Média.

    Além de Portugal, também a Itália, Alemanha, Áustria ou Bélgica são, segundo este investigador, países onde a 'roda' é ainda uma prática corrente.

    "Os dados não são verdadeiros. A chamada 'roda' já não existe desde 1867 no nosso país", afirma Dulce Rocha, do Instituto de Apoio à Criança.

    Um relatório da ONU revelou esta semana que em 12 anos, mais de 400 crianças europeias foram deixadas nesses dispositivos."


  11. Textusa,why ,at The Leverson Inquiry,did the names of Matthew Freud and his wife Elisabeth Murdoch ring huge bells for me,I,m sure the Macaans had dinner with them didn,t they? If so the plot thickens once more,talk about "friends in high places".How embarrassed was Cameron whenever his friend Rebbeca ,s name was mentioned LOL.I predicated squirming and he provided it big time.

  12. Textusa,I don,t know what I,m doing wrong to.night,so hope I can get my comment to you this time,which is,during The Leverson Inquiry,on Thursday,and the odd time Mr Cameron actually did remember spending time with his friend ,Rebecca,was also in the company of Matthew Freud and his wife Elisabeth Murdoch,who,if my memory serves me well,are the very same Freuds who "entertained " Mr & Mrs MaCaan quite some time ago,before we knew,but couldn,t prove the infamous pair had to be getting "help"from people with influence??? LOL

  13. June,16, 09.50hs

    thank you for commenting my comment.I hope the McCanns read them too although I think they knew already they were used by Brooks.Rebekah is as vicious as the McCanns are and they are learning their lesson.

  14. I know that you, Textusa and sisters believe that this Leveson inquiry is going to be a whitewash.
    I beg to differ however.
    Leveson and Jay could just become more corrupt legal officials in the sewers of British legality or they could step onto the podium and do something so momentous that for a very long time they will be remembered for doing something necessarily heroic.
    I just believe it is the nature of these times, that those that have not been born in a satanic bucket of slime and child abuse, will rise to their highest potential.
    I am seeing it all around me. People transforming themselves.
    I believe that there are a lot of people out there aware of the truth, silently bringing it forth.
    There is no way that the cover up will continue, but as I have maintained all along it is not just about Kate and Gerry facing justice, it is about everyone and I mean EVERYONE who has lied in this shameful debacle.
    And we know that all those everybody's is a very long list. And each one needs to have conclusive evidence detailing their lies and thus perjury.

    Everyday I light a candle for truth. Not just for Madeleine but for all who the elite would have perish for their advantage.

  15. Kate dined with Clement Freud, father of Matthew in Portugal, as that is in her book.
    Leveson was at a gathering with Elizabeth and Matthew Freud but declared this before the Inquiry. It was still questioned if this should have disqualified him from heading the Inquiry.
    Clarence Mitchell worked for Freuds' company at one point.
    Su, I hope this clarifies your questions.

  16. Thank you 11:46,I haven,t read "the" book,so don,t know what the relationship between Kate,Gerry & Clemant Freud is/was,or is it just the fact that ,Mitchell worked for Freud,that they were invited to the Freuds home in Portugal?If so ,he certainly can,t be accused of not doing everything in his power,when it came to helping the MaCaans meet people moving in "the right social circles",where you scratch my back and I,ll scratch yours,but why ???I suppose when that missing piece of the puzzle is found ,the lid will truly fly off the can of worms.


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