Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Friends Reunited

Another helping of baloney from The Sun by Antonella Lazerri. Very indigestible and unappetising too.
“ Inside the twisted minds of the Madeleine McCann child snatchers” 30.5.12. 

Former top British cop Ian Horrocks states that Madeleine wasn't taken by a paedophile or lone monster, but a childless couple who had been planning to take her during the week. He says the couple were probably well educated and English speaking and that Madeleine could be disguised a as a boy and living in Brazil.
At this point, I felt like doing a John McEnroe and screaming “ Man, you cannot be serious!” 
Has she been brought up as a boy during all her time with this couple? Presumably home-schooled to protect her secret identity. What are they going to do with a girl on the brink of puberty?
Did the Brazilian couple come to Praia da Luz to abduct a child by popping in to the entrance area to look at the Tapas booking, (which we have yet to see hard evidence of) ? How did they get her back to Brazil; overland initially, as they had no passport for her, but then how to fly her out of whichever country? Wouldn't she be making a fuss on the plane, shouting “ I want my mummy”?
How would they explain her sudden arrival to friends and family; a distressed and disorientated child? It's yet more baloney we are expected to swallow without choking.

What of Ian Horrocks, the “respected kidnap investigator”? I presume this is the same person. 

Ian, like many of the others at BGP had a successful 30 year career within London's Metropolitan Police, prior to moving to the private sector in 2007.
Ian is an accredited senior investigator for homicide, as well as having experience in high value and multinational fraud and counter terrorism. For the last five years of his service he was team leader on one of the Specialist Crime Directorate's Kidnap and Specialist investigations teams.
Following his retirement he was the European Director for a business security and risk consultancy based in Hong Kong. He has since been involved in the provision of security advice and guidance to international corporations and high net worth individuals as well as crisis management and business continuity.” 

Kidnap is one of the strings to his bow. What about the alleged plot to kidnap Victoria Beckham in 2002? The alleged plot was discovered by an undercover team from The News of the World, with the infamous Mazher Mahmood in the lead role. DI Ian Horrocks congratulated NoW. 
“You've done a fantastic job taking on dangerous criminals.
Except that the trial collapsed because the so -called dangerous criminal, Florim Gashi, described as a serial fantasist, had been paid by NoW. Lawyers at the time had expressed concerns that NoW coverage could jeopardise a fair trial. Cynics suggested that the timing of the police raid, just a few hours before the NoW deadline was just too good to be true.
It seems Horrock's congratulations were misplaced.

Then we have the murder of Jill Dando, presenter of the TV programme Crimewatch, Ian Horrocks worked with Andy Redwood and Hamish Campbell (the latter two being members of the Maddie Review Team). Barry George was investigated and arrested by this police team. He was imprisoned in 2001 only to be released on appeal in 2008.
Rather than the original police team accepting they had got the wrong man and that Jill Dando's killer is still at large, they made it clear they did not accept this was the case. Commander Simon Foy (now in charge of the Review) expressed disappointment at the verdict.

We hear a lot about bungling Portuguese cops, but the UK appears to have some too. 

“Cayman Islands: The Met's Caribbean connection” Paul Peachey The Independent 1.5.12. 
Scotland Yard's bungled anti-corruption operation could now result in the publication of documents that could rock the tax haven. 
The Inquiry, named Operation Tempura and its offshoot, Operation Cealt, was overseen by Yates of the Yard in 2007, with the case spiralling into a multi million pund inquiry into claims of improper links between police and press. The operation was halted in 2009 without any successful prosecutions, following the wrongful arrest of a senior judge.
There is to be a hearing in June, in London. If the case is not resolved, it will be heard in the Caymans, where Foreign office documents could be made public.
Who was involved in this operation? None other than BGP., apparently without a contract bid and in spite of one of its directors, Alan Cammidge ex CIB3 (Ghost Squad) being known to Yates and Martin Bridger, Met Chief Superintendent who was in overall charge. Questions were also asked about the expenditure incurred by BGP. Horrocks does not appear to have any direct involvement with this case, but the company certainly does. 

BGP Global Services - consultancy, training and investigative services to law enforcement agencies and industry professionals throughout the world.
Anti corruption airport and aviation security, covert investigation, financial investigations, prevention of information leakage, secure IT, bribery and corruption enquiries. 

Interesting how links between certain police officers occur, in relation to inquiries and News of the World. Horrocks' piece for The Sun predated the above article, but has now drawn attention to it and also to the fact that Lord Blencathra, David McClean, the Conservative peer is facing investigation over lobbying work on behalf of the islands. Nice one Ian !

So how much reliance should we put on Ian Horrock's opining that Madeleine has been taken by a childless couple? Not much.
One thing he did say which made sense, however, is that everyone, including the holiday group and witnesses should be re-interviewed. May we suggest particular attention is paid to the so- called Tapas dining witnesses, because, as we have made clear, we do not believe either dining or neglect occurred. The widespread acceptance of this myth has been one of the Mcanns' triumphs and has led down many a dead end of speculation as to how far they were from the apartment , what could they see/not see , were they a case of There but for the grace of God, implying the UK saw it as acceptable to leave children unattended and that most of us had done it.
If it could all be pinned on the T9 with no other involvement, it would have happened a long time ago.


  1. Can this "childless couple" theory be considered SY's 196th new lead, or is it part of the other 195?

  2. Ian had that idea after "passing" many "caipirinhas". A karma for who got the brain burned by the sun in Algarve and the throat flooded by wonderful drinks.
    This case has clearly two other type of characters apart the Tapas 9: the expats, guests and managers of the resort who helped with cover up and maybe some, more physical. And the pseudo- polices, pseudo- journalists, pseudo- lawyers, who jumped on the case looking for their moment of glory, their 5 minutes on the news, their names somewhere in a page of a paper. Clearly, a sign of a disturbed personality and an incompetent professional. Competent people stays away from stories like that to avoid killing their reputation. Madeleine was a freelancer job to all of that characters. They were payed to deliver such pieces of sh***** to the media. A prove, that they were not competent and their jobs actually don't give them enough work or salary to resist to Mitchell/ Mccann's temptation.
    If Ian worked on Dando case, he got in touch with Mitchell and this explains his contribution to Madeleine confusion. Payed to deliver what pleases the Mccann's and feed Murdoch papers. If he has grandchildren, must cover his face in shame because he was not defending one of the most basic rights Madeleine has- justice.

  3. I think the article should have had the title "Inside the twisted mind of Ian Horrock and his paymasters"

  4. A ausencia de evidencias que suportem o rapto da nisto- momentos de ilusao ou surtos psicoticos.
    Onde e que ele se tera inspirado para vir com a ideia de um casal da PDL para o Brazil levando tao estranha bagagem- o corpo de uma crianca? Deve ter sido na saga de Harry Potter, ja que para viajar de vassoura nao ha check- ins nem control de passportes.
    Gostei da perversidade do casal falar ingles. Inventem o que inventarem, uma realidade os amarra - o crime tem de ser ingles. Afinal os caes, na sua linguagem universal, assim concluiram.
    E conclui o douto investigador que testemunhas e turistas tem de ser novamente ouvidos. Entao e os que levaram o corpo para o Brazil? Que se saiba nao havia turistas vindos do Brazil na lista de hospedes, nem testemunhas. Tambem o que e que um casal vindo do Brazil vinha fazer a PDL? Raptar uma menina ou apanhar sol e mar, nao seria de certeza. Todas essas coisas ha de sobra no Brazil, sem ter que passar por chatices. Mas exigir que um ex- policia exibicionista saiba isso, e pedir demais. Pobre criatura que se expos ao ridiculo.

  5. This is very convenient, isn't it?
    It suits the McCanns mantra, "Madeleine is out there", alive and kicking, "there's no evidence she's come to any harm"...and that would most certainly not be the case if she was "taken by a paedophile or lone monster", would it? They need the public to believe she might still be alive and well and "findable", therefore keeping the donations coming into the "fund", and what better way to achieve that than to have Madeleine abducted by a childless couple, who would be treating her like a princess (or a prince, since she's living as a boy now...)?

  6. British Claire6 Jun 2012, 13:14:00

    Funny isn't it how these 'experts' can get into the twisted minds of the abductors before the abduction but are unable to use this same skill afterwards. Ian Horrocks knows they were watching all week, that they are childless, have likely disguised Madeleine as a boy and now live in Brazil (handy they chose such a huge country) yet he cannot now enter their twisted minds to give us any up-to-date useful information about what they are up to now. Go away and come back when you can be of use Ian Horrocks rather than theorising about past events...we can all do that!!

  7. The blog covered the murder of Daniel Morgan some time ago. Following the collapse of the trial of the alleged killer of Daniel Morgan,DCS Hamish Campbell expressed his regrets and admitted that police corruption had been a debilitating factor.
    Will he make sure that nothing gets in the way of justice in the current Review?
    It's not looking that way so far.

  8. Há aquele ditado " Diz-me com quem andas e eu dir-te-ei que és" .

    Tão amigos que eles são todos. Se se juntam é porque têm os mesmos valores tablóids.

    Que lá há maus investigadores também, já nós sabíamos porque a Família de Nicolas Bento não se calou e nem parou. E Nico Bento é apenas um dos portugueses que lá foram incriminados. Resta saber a verdade acerca dos outros.

    Quanto ao Barry George também ficou preso indevidamente. Mesmo se fosse um dia apenas já era um enorme erro.

    Há quem queira mostrar trabalho mas do fácil; daquele no qual não se trabalha. E, ainda metem os pés pelas mãos.

    Se eu vos disser que é a mediocridade que impera ninguém estranha certamente.
    A mediocridade domina pois o mau carácter é descarado e muito perigoso.

    Obrigada por mais este post que como todos os outros há que reler pois cada leitura desperta mais observações.

  9. Anon @5:46
    How can Hamish Campbell see that happen in the case of Morgan and then cover up in the Review?
    Jonathan Rees the PI who got off with the charge, worked for News International and was in business with Alex Marunchak, former Now editor.
    Marunchak hacked the e mails of army intelligence officer Ian Hurst who said at Leveson there was corruption at the very top of the Met.
    Corruption and the stench of decay. Makes any decent person sick !

  10. I should have said that Marunchak was accused of commissioning the hacking of Hurst's computer by Phillip Campbell Smith. Of course, Marunchak denies any of this.

  11. According to The Guardian, Gordon Brown will give evidence on the Leveson Inquiry, Monday the 11th.
    I request you all to write Mr. Jay to ask Brown why did he call the PJ in order to guarantee himself that Amaral was already dismissed of the investigation.

  12. Ian Horrock's suggestion of events, makes him fit the true description of a conspiracy theorist.


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