Saturday, 12 May 2012

Flack And The Pimpleman

As said before Derek Flack is quite a character.

Reading through his statements is very entertaining. It’s like reading Mr Bean pretending to be Johnny English.

Two individuals that are, for obvious reasons, identical in build and physical appearances but very much opposed in character, efficiency and proficiency.

A lesson to be learned to all those that keep “profiling” people based solely on their looks to determine if they’re either Brits or second rated individuals.

English has style and class although he’s far from being a James Bond but once you introduce Bean you strip away all said qualities and arrive at a Derek Flack.

Also said before, there’s too much to debunk about what Mr Flack has said for just a single post. We’ve already called your attention to both his peculiar memory problem as well as his objectiveness in term of what he effectively does to occupy his time late mornings and early afternoons.

There’s more, so, so much more.

Today we’ll focus on Pimpleman.

Derek Flack is, as we know, the person that has, allegedly, been the closest to Pimpleman. We know that by his own words.

Let’s see what our friend Derek Flack has this to say about the individual he sees:

On Saturday 2007/05/05:
“… he observed an individual (about 1.70 tall, brunet appearing to be of Portuguese nationality, with a one day beard, thick short hair that at the back extended up to a shirt collar and wearing a solid yellow t-shirt) that was standing on a sidewalk corner looking (this being the reason he was suspicious of him) towards the apartment from where MADELINE would later disappear”

And on Sunday 2007/05/06
“Asked to characterize this individual, the deponent refers that he would be a Caucasian individual and dark complexion, of medium height, about 1.70 to 1.75 meters tall, appearing to be about 25 to 35 years old.

Wishes to add that the individual in question had quite dark coloured and quite thick hair, not bearing any fringe.

With regard to his clothing, adds that he cannot characterize it in detail, but assesses that he was wearing a light coloured T-shirt, and, possibly, yellow.

The respondent also wishes to clarify having been convinced that he was not one of the many tourists who usually frequent that location, given the respective built and physical appearance.”

Based on Derek Flack’s statement the following photofit was made:

But on that same day and during certainly the same statement on Sunday 2007/05/06 (most certainly after having particularly reflected on such incidences) he concludes that:
“the deponent refers not being certain to be able to recognize him, in case he should be confronted with his presence.”

This is reiterated, 3 days later, in which he surely reflected further on such incidences, on Wednesday 2007/05/09 when he says that:
“although he could not recognize the individual in question in a peremptory way (as, otherwise, had been consigned within the respective inquiry)”
“Still, enhancing that he’s unable to undertake any formal recognition (because reiterates not having able to view in detail the individual in question)”

So, Derek Flack is able to say the following about a person he was not able “to view in detail”:

- he’s a Caucasian individual

- he has a dark complexion / is a brunet appearing to be of Portuguese nationality

- he had a one day beard

- he was about 1.70 tall / he was medium height, about 1.70 to 1.75 meters tall

- he appeared to be about 25 to 35 years old.

- he had thick short hair that at the back extended up to a shirt collar / he had quite dark coloured and quite thick hair, not bearing any fringe.

- he was wearing a solid yellow t-shirt / he was wearing a light coloured T-shirt, possibly, yellow

- he was not one of the many tourists who usually frequent that location, given the respective built and physical appearance.

Can you imagine what he would have been able to tell us if he just had been able to see Pimpleman in detail?

But the question one should ask is: would he really have been able to see what he says he sees?

We know, or so he tells us, that there’s only about a foot of pure clean air between the two, so nothing would be obstructing his view, so why shouldn’t he?

If you look at sequence in the Mockumentary where Flack meets Pimpleman you notice a very interesting thing:

Flack’s observation of the Pimpleman is exactly the time it takes him to take three steps.

That takes about 1,5 seconds.

Now ask yourself the amount of information you can absorb in 1,5 seconds: complexion, hair colour, hair thickness, one day beard, fringes in front, collars at the back, age, height and the clear perception he wasn’t a tourist.

Add this to the fact that your brain is entertaining the thought that you’re finding odd that the man is staring fixedly and obsessively towards a white van that you've also just seen parked up the street behind you and which, for some inexplicable reason, you also decide to take notice of.

That cannot be the same brain that can’t remember which day it registered so much information in only 1,5 seconds, can it?

Mr Bean and Johnny English taking turns in observing and in registering the observed?

The next episode: Flack and the White Van. Others to follow.


  1. I dedicate this song to Derek Flack " Olha o Robot"
    because the man is a machine , a liars machine.

  2. Flack says very clearly NOT bearing a fringe. So what does the photo of the suspect show? A fringe!

  3. These people look at all of this as if it were a game. Something that it's alright to lie about. It's the life of a human being that they're offending! They show no morals and no conscience.

  4. Anon May 12, 2012 11:51:00 AM

    And "broadly speaking" he could be 56 years old...

  5. Madeleine Beth McCann would be 9 years old's a very sad my heart is divided between the sadness for Madeleine and the joy for all the preparations and work I have to do for tomorrow, the 13th, my son's 23rd birthday. It's a bitter-sweet day...
    God bless you Madeleine, dear child.

  6. The photo of the suspect also shows a one day beard and a thick hair touching the collar at back.
    And we have to add a detail, Mr. Derek remembers more things on the last statement then on the first. Another guy suffering a Mccannic disease that revive their memory over the time. They should all be collected by Alzheimer investigators, because they hold the clues to treat that disesase.
    The street he lives in PDL, hold the clues for many of the things that happened on that saga. How many dinners with Mccann's, the Hubbards, TS mother and some others, to adjust the song?

  7. The person in DF's photofit looks the opposite of what he's saying. To me he could be of any nationality but I'd think him Brit first before thinking he was Portuguese. He very precise about the hair. This man cannot be the same described by TS who is supposed to have short hair. Making them the same man like Edgar has done is lying as much as DF and TS.


    Rebekah Brookes, another one suffering a memory fail. She could not remember how much she payed the Mccann's for the serialization of their book. One million, half million? ....easy to forgot?
    She remind me Gerry when the questions is not comfortable. Like Gerry, she shows how she feels the quality of the chair .


    Interesting & probably connected with lies delivered by DF and TS. They all know each other. Are not independent witnesses. Are part of the crime, part of the cover up. On their review, PJ has enough new material to follow and frame all that characters.

  10. May 13, 2012 5:52:00 AM,

    I think the link you provided to Jill Havern's forum is imcomplete, I tried it and it did not work.

    I think this is right:

  11. 5:53, I think is the same link, but the most interesting post is from Jd on page one.
    That is the link for page one:

  12. really interesting the comments on Jill forum, about John Geraghty.
    He gave the church keys to the Mccann's.
    He stored the scenic after the Mccann's returned to Uk.
    One comment says that he lives near the Boavista Golf course and had a break in his house. A shower curtain disappeared. What a strange object to be taken by a robber.

  13. "Cameron is said to be preparing “night and day” for his appearance before Lord Justice Leveson, which had been expected in the next week or so.

    But sources say he will not now give evidence until next month after asking for more time to prepare..."
    About Cameron & Brooks at Lev Enq.

    That is absolutely unbelievable. The PM running away and hiding like a child. To prepare what? Lies to defend what can't be defended? To fool the country once again?
    Maybe now all the Mccann's gang and their games become exposed. I think their Fund was used by many evils to clean up some dirty money with a dubious origin. That business mans are not stupid to give such big amounts to a Fund that is settled to search a dead person. They got profites or was a way to make the money circulating to an off- shore destiny without being investigated and without raising suspicions or paying taxes.

  14. I recall one of the Tapas 9 woman was involved with PR as her job, presumably when they wrote out their time line they discussed contacting SKY knowing the power of the media. Recently Rebecca Brooks of News Int at the Levison Inquiry stated that News Int spoke daily to Blair, Brown and more recently Cameron.
    The power of the media to break or make MP's has never been so evident. She stated the Sun through its readership can influence marginal seats.
    With this in mind Cameron was pressured by the Sun to do this 'review' he thought it would be 'good for votes' and was thinking of nothing other than his political career as was Brown.
    Stephen Lawrence case has proven that the Met have corrupt individuals high up in their ranks, but through his parents sheer determination and after many years, those guilty were brought to justice.
    It could take many years for this case to be resolved and the truth to finally come out, at the moment the mccanns hide behind the powerful media, they sold their stories to News Int and in return News Int printed what the PR organisations employed by Mccanns asked.
    From the onset they were aware of the influence of the media, they have used this power to their benefit feeding their stories to the press and using the excuse of Portuguese secrecy laws to refuse to answer questions.

    This is all a conspiracy involving power and money and many are involved but eventually the truth will come out as it did with Stephen Lawrence and the mighty media will have a field day with the Mccanns.

    There is a case to answer decent police officers must be aware of the shame of SY a once powerful and respected police force and now reduced to the media's puppet.

  15. Another lady accusing the discomfort of the wagon she decide to jump on, after May 2007.
    Congratulations, Mr. Paulo Reis. We from Portugal, totally support your decision and the decisions of all bloggers that decide to fight and expose all that liars, manipulated by some forces connected with Mccann's.
    Now, I start believing that may one day the all saga will be exposed trough a true picture and not the one fabricated or 'flowerished' by the Murdoch disciples in the British tabloids. That's why the Mccann's are so quite and the announced booklet of Kate sticked on her old book, was hold down, waiting to see how the wave behaves.
    I think the time is for UNION. UNION from all blogs and bloggers who don't believe on the abduction. For all who believe there is many questions to be answered and a properly reconstruction to be done,the time is to stay togheter and help Portugal to achieve justice for a fragille little girl who came to Portugal to enjoy her days, not to end up like that- explored and ignored. In Portugal we use to say 'A uniao faz a forca'.
    Many things are being exposed on the last days.
    Sorry Textusa, but I didn't resist to post here the reply from Paulo Reis to mrs Olly, which I pick from MC blog (you can see the links on MC or Paulo Reis Blog):

    Fom: Paulo Reis
    To: Mr. and Mrs. Pollard,

    'About the “order” you “gave” me, demanding the immediate removal of the picture of Mrs. Mary Olli from my blog, my answer is short and clear: No!
    I will correct the reference to A1 Security, because you said that company is not based in Alhurin Grande. You think this information “has nothing to do with the case” of Madeleine McCann disappearance. That’s your opinion. I think this detail is worth mentioning. And I am the Editor of my blog.
    Anything else, please pay attention to the fact that none of you is a judge or sit in a Court, so any “orders” or demands made in such a way as you did, are completely worthless for me. If you want to “upgrade” your demands and send it through a Court, please be advised to get a lawyer with a good command of Portuguese and Chinese language.
    I am a permanent resident of Macau Special Administrative Region, in China. So, only the local courts have the legal power to give me “orders” similar to the one you emailed me. And Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages of Macau.
    Paulo Reis'

  16. I had a look at MC blog/ Paulo Reis answer regarding Mrs. OLLY.

    On the link regarding 'davidtoms-weddings', Marie Olly (I presume is the same lady) made a comment on 1/5/07.

    Did she not reported that she was in Morocco when she saw Madeleine but was not aware of her disappearence to contact the police? The way she announced that to the media, lead us to think she was there for some time, which includes the first day of May, and isolated of all chanels that could endorse her to any news.
    Hard to believe that a lady who was able to reach a website trough Internet to made a comment, was left out of all the news that were inundating all media across the world. Another fish caught by the mouth.

  17. A comment from a forum, in September 2007:

    'Here's the original post in full Tam and the link....

    Since the Morroco sighting has been brought back up by the McCanns, you might be interested in this:

    Mari Olli Pollard (45) - retired Social Worker and Raymond Pollard allege they have seen Madeleine in Morocco. They were on holiday there. They claimed they only knew about the abduction upon their return to Spain and immediately realised the significance of what they had seen. They do not tell Police they are from Leicester and have moved only recently to Spain.

    2. Raymond Pollard and Mari Olli lived in Groby, Leicestershire - about 7 minutes drive from the McCanns in Rothley. They now live near Malaga in Spain.

    3. Raymond Pollard seems to have run as Lib Dem candidate for Leicester County Council (2004/05). His brother is currently a Lib Dem MP as is similarly working for Leicester Council.

    4. A director of the Find Madeleine Fund is said to be be involved on Leicester Council.

    5. The Police allege that Raymond Pollard or Mari Olli Pollard DID NOT tell them that Raymond Pollard already knew Gerry's brother.

    6. The Pollards did not tell the Poilce that they were originally from Groby, In Leicester so near to the McCanns in Rothley (The Hospital Gerry works at is called Glenfield Hospital and it is on Groby Road - very close to the Groby area). ... c&start=15

    I don't know if it's true or not, but if it is....

    This is what I wanted to check. I thought the Pollard sighting people lived in Spain as well. I couldn't help but wonder, does this new Clara Torres know the Pollards. Wouldn't surprise me actually.ajandtam

    Clara Torres was the spnish witness who reported to see Madeleine being carried by a lady in Morocco. The child end up to be the daughter of a berberian family (very blond). But Clara Torres, was later reported, she sold interviews to many papers. What a business.

  18. Mari Olli can't say now, she was confused, mistaken and didn't say it.
    Here an interview with Mccann's style:*&v=0&a=0

  19. Mari Olli is now regretful of her involvement with the media (and the case)...well, as we say in portuguese, "tarde piaste..."(you chirped too late).
    Since her face and name are in the public domain, thanks to her interviews, how dares she demand Paulo Reis or anyone else to not use her photos?! I sense she was one of the "makings" of Metodo3...
    And it seems that she and her husband come from Leicester too, quite close to the McCanns place in fact, before moving to Spain.
    This case is indeed riddled with many strange Kate McCann herself put it :
    "One coincidence, two coincidences – maybe they’re still coincidences. Any more than that and it stops being coincidence."


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