Monday, 9 April 2012

Silence Says So Much

In the previous post, Not Even Alice in Wonderland, we left out the simplest part of it, but as it was getting too long we decided to leave it for this one and that was to explain why, in our opinion, does Edgar show TS and her mom walking on the right-hand side of the street instead of in the left side where the PJ Files say TS says she was.

We’ve shown you the path TS imagined in her head was and on which she based her entire statement of her FIRST sighting of Pimpleman:

We've also shown you how that same path should've been when transposed to reality:

We have then two paths: a natural and realistic path (blue) and a desired (by the BHs) one (red):

Dave Edgar must have racked his brain and rehearsed the scene a thousand times and then a thousand times more, and kept coming up with the same answer that we showed you to be and that was that reality and imagination don’t match:

To have TS walk the red path, it is impossible for TS’s mom to not have seen the man straight ahead:

She could have said that she'd not taken in as much detail as her daughter did, but she would have had to acknowledge that she saw a man where her daughter says she saw one.

She wouldn’t have to go into too much detail, maybe just say that she was mainly focused on the dogs and that yes, she does vaguely remember that there was a man with a black jacket in that pathway when they crossed the street. But she would have to say that she saw the man.

But TS is adamant that her mom didn’t see the man.

And when her mom was asked, as I’m certain she was, she confirmed that. Where is that confirmation? In the same place as the statements from all those who were asked on those following days questions to which they answered they had nothing to say: it wasn’t registered.

So faced with an incontrovertible fact that it was impossible to replicate TS’s first sighting, what did Edgar decide to do?

Put the two on the right side of the street.

That way TS would be able to just walk by the 3.5 metres wide pathway, take a "peek" into it and be able to say with all reason, plausibility and simplicity that “the man seemed to be looking at the balcony of the ground floor apartment. He was wearing a black jacket leaning against the wall”, her exact words in the Mockumentary.

And pretend she didn't say the rest. Or at least no one is to mention she did, about this first sighting. Anything else can always be "excused" to have happened on the second sighting where she sees him completely unobstructed on the other side of the street.

That way, it’s clear because they showed and you saw it, that TS’s mom is completely oblivious to what her daughter says she saw.

This keeps the number of witnesses to one and only one.

This comes under that category that we keep warning you about: information presentation. Almost as important as the information itself, it's the way it's presented, if not even more important. Nowadays, information is basically "make believe". It's made up for you to believe, and you just have to believe in it.

The content? It either sells or it's convenient to those that it's convenient to please, otherwise it's nonexistent, even if it exists right before your commoner eyes.

It's the pinnacle of the Emperor's New Clothes, just before its climax. One has to wonders when will finally the child's voice be heard...   

This TS/TS’s mom episode is but another peculiarity existing in the Maddie Affair, which is a new version of that well known baby play “now I see you, now I don’t” whereupon one puts one’s hands in front of one’s eyes and pretends, to a baby's eyes, that by doing so one stops seeing reality.

In the Maddie Affair, it’s called “Now I see, now you don’t.” It consists of having two people, in the same time and place, where one sees all and the other sees absolutely nothing.

I know what you’re thinking. You think you’ve already seen Jane Tanner playing it with Gerry McCann and Jez Wilkins. No, they weren’t playing that game. They were playing "Know your place, Jane."

In Maddie’s “Now I see, now you don’t.” game, BOTH are in agreement. BOTH agree that one sees all and BOTH agree that the other sees nothing.

TS plays it with her mom. But there are more times when this game is played as you’ll see in a later post.

What’s the problem of having TS and mom on the right side of the street, instead of where it's said they are in the PJ Files? Hardly any. None in fact, if it weren't for bloggers like us.

If there’s something the BHs know for a fact it's that the vast majority of the population will never lay its eyes on the PJ Files.

Those who’ve actually just seen the files are but a speck of dust when compared to all those that saw the Mockumentary back in 2009, and start decreasing that number if you want to quantify those that actually have read them, or even parts of them.

It's the harsh reality, but one thing this blog is proud of NOT doing is to ignore reality, however harsh it may be.

So when Dave Edgar shows TS and her mom on the right hand side of the street BASED on the PJ Files, who’s to say otherwise? He could sell music sheets for bicycle parts that no one would know any better. Almost no one, that is.

Even if we go into the internet world of the “Maddie Affair”, where many abound to ensure that misinformation keeps being information, who’s to have said they noticed TS was on the wrong side of the street? Almost no one again.

We've said it, and it seems that no one noticed we did. Don't worry, we're not whining because we know those who matter did notice, so we're just speaking about the "mainstream" Maddie sites.

In the Maddie Affair, we have a similar phenomenon as with what is said about Caeser’s wife, who, we  remind you, not only has to be faithful but must also to appear to be, so many are the eyes that want to see  deceit.

In the Maddie Affair, for truth it's simply not sufficient to be true. It also must show repeatedly how truthful it really is, so many are the eyes that want to see deceit, and see that deceit remains deceiving and deceitful.

About TS being on the right side of the street it's important because it proves that there are at least two witnesses that LIE to make you to believe that there was a man in that pathway that day and hour.

TS, does so twice: in her statement in the PJ Files and by accepting the mockery made, by the changing of  street sides in the Mockumentary, of her own words.

Her mom does the same by being complicit and complacently silent to all.

And silence can say so much, can’t it?


  1. Nem sei e nem consigo adivinhar se a mãe e a filha estarão preocupadas. Porque devem pensar que são peças de xadrez mas com menos importância, digamos assim.

    Nem sei se elas têm consciência do que fizeram. Provavelmente desligaram-se do caso e o recado não chegou à família do significativo silêncio.

    Gostei do trocadilho, Text. Na verdade há , dos dois lados, quem leia apenas as poucas notícias e, como, por bom senso, não colocam os nomes, outro dia alguém tinha lido o seu post mas dizia não ter colocado nomes. Nomes que existem desde 2007. Mais vale tarde do que nunca: eu comecei a pesquisar mais com os Vossos posts. Mas, mesmo assim, há quem não leia ainda. E,são pro criança.

    I do not know and can not even guess whether the mother and daughter are worried. Why should think that they are chess pieces but with less importance, so to speak.

    I do not know if they are aware of what they did. Probably the case is turned off and the message did not reach the family of the significant silence.

    I liked the pun intended Text. Indeed there is, on both sides, only the few who read news and, for good sense, do not put the names the other day someone had read your post but have not put said names. Names that have been around since 2007. Better late than never: I began researching more with Thy posts. But even so, some people do not read yet. And, are pro child.

    About Edgar he was sent to home in silence. Can not speak about nothing .

  2. Portia,

    The witness TS was a minor at the time, as we've been careful to highlight more than once, as such the Textusa team has decided not to refer to her by her full name. Both in posts or in comments (the reason we're not publishing yours, and we hope you understand). We firmly believe that she's not responsible or accountable for any of her actions during that particular time of events.

  3. I agree, she was not accountable at the time, but after almost 5 years she must look inside her conscience and realize the girl still missing and in a practical way, completely ignored by her relatives.
    I never heard Kate or Gerry, saying they want their girl dead or alive, like other parents in same situation do. The Dead discourse doesn't exist for them, because damages their business( the money they need to keep paying lawyers ).
    I heard many times other parents of missing child's saying that the most difficult situation to dealt was the absence of the person and the absence of the body, because at least if they had the body they could have some closure and venerate their child's in a place where they know she/ he is. On the Mccann's equation that is an "X" that did not exist.
    Is it possible that TS and her mom never talked about Madeleine during this 5 years?
    How can they pass the Christmas occasion, the 12 of May or the first of November without remembering that little girl and realizing that even a simple flower she was prevented to have? I believe she is on their minds every day, haunting their lives, but the Mccann's keep coming or sending messages to remind why they need to keep silent.
    Remember Gerry in the Sweeden interview saying the negligence was a mutual fault from them and their friends? He make it clear always, that the bad things were to share with who they managed to drag into the case. I hope, he shares the money from the Fund in the same way.
    It is really amazing the way the Mccann's use and abuse who help them, making very clear that all wrong doings are to be shared, like if like that their responsibilities become diluted or erased. Under the same hypothetical negligence ( which I don't believe happened) no one of their friends lost a child and some even claimed to have a device to control the children. Apparently, if we look into their statements, only the Mccann's children were supervised by members of the group that night. There is no any statement talking about who went to the other flats to check the other children like they have done with Mccann's. The paynes, claimed the use of the device but what about the Others? And why Gerry checked is children but not the other children? And what about Kate, who just got bothered with her condition as a mother, around 10 O' clock? What a rubbish they delivered to the police since the first minute? The negligence and the checking panel.
    I think they suffered the same problem as Edgar when they tried to fit their imaginary checking with reality. They realized the time could not accommodate all the Checkings they delivered, only for the Mccann's children, imagine if they add Checkings to the other children? The night needs to be infinite. But in desperation they don't care. They think that With a little
    lucky the police will buy their time and pay no attention to the real time. Exactly the same menu applied many times in different situations- they deliver their nonsense lies thinking that no one has a brain to do simple exercises and will believe their tales. If somebody shows a brain they use their best weapon, their money to hire lawyers which favourite sport is sending letters and emails intimidating and trying to avoid put their feet in court. In fact, no memory of Carter- Ruck winning anything in court.
    TS and her mom must have their mouths well tied by that lawyers and the Mccann's.

  4. Lawyers intimidate people with their 'lawyer language' but eventually the truth always comes out,more and more cases are being reported in the news where high profile people have attempted to keep the truth hidden but it is the conscience of human nature that brings the truth out. Those individuals involved with Mccanns will be remembered as liars and cowards covering up the so obvious death of a child. This will be their legacy, shame on such cowards and the disgrace they bring their families.

    Todate not one decent human being with humanity and compassion involved in this grubby money making circus has come forward to speak the truth and clear their conscience. Money and self gratification was always more important to these people than the life of a child.

  5. TS mum had teach her daughter a very disgraceful lesson for her life. Not only a healthful and haunting secret to carry for the rest of her life, but also the " lie as a normal exercise to be used on a daily base". Who lies about a crime involving a fragile child, has no problems to lie other times regarding other situations. This, yes, is a kind of serious negligence in the education of a pre- teenager.
    Wonder if TS mum is a member of the parents association at ISA school or an active member of any of the organizations dealing with expat children in Algarve. Due to the time she is living in Portugal, there is a strong possibility to have her being a member of any association related to the School or the church. If so, she is really a bad example and has no authority to defend anything involving children, until she went to PJ to clarify her daughter lies.
    I believe the police dismiss her statement almost immediately after she delivered it because they have statements from other witnesses, related with same day and time, contradicting what TS said. She become irrelevant. Who bring her back to the main stage was Gerry and Edgar on their moccumentary. Since they use her as a witness to put a pimple man nobody saw, in a very convenient location, she and what she played in the Mocc... Become relevant. Not to give full existence to an imaginary abductor, but to understand why Gerry and his detective, need such lie. What that means? For me, here is one more new evidence, enough to reopen the case and bring all to court to clarify and reconstruct what they claim.
    On top of that, not only was strange that the group just reported the supervise done on Mccann's children, but I think, also the CCTV from Cafe Paraiso is colliding with the time they delivered to the police on their first statements regarding what they were doing that afternoon. When they delivered the statements they were not aware about being recorded in Cafe Paraiso and they were not aware that some day later the police will release both evidences to the public to be debunked. What a nightmare in Rothley and how amazing must be the review of SY- a lot of millions to achieve the same conclusion- the girl is dead and there is strong evidences of having the parents involved with cover up of their friends and some witnesses.


    The above link is well worth reading by us and SY !!!

  7. 90% de chumbos nos exames da Ordem comandada por Marinho Pinto e advogados com mais de 30 anos de experiencia a dizerem que reprovariam se se submetessem ao exame. E o Marinho? Que resultado teria?
    E muito feio eliminar deslealmente a concorrencia. Por aqui se ve que valores pautam a vida deste senhor. Quem e capaz de fazer uma sacanice destas, tambem se vende por outros interesses. Espero que os estudantes de direito nao se calem e exponham todos os podres deste senhor comecando pela intervencao suspeita no caso Joana e o testemunho igualmente suspeito no caso Maddie. Gostava que um jornalista com J maiusculo lhe perguntasse em directo na TV, que ligacao ha entre o testemuno dele e o facto da filha estar envolvida na defesa dos Mccann atraves do escritorio de Rogerio Alves/ID. Esta e a historia que ele tem de contar aos portugueses para deixar de fazer de nos palhacos, num circo que nao criamos.
    Ontem, fez mais um dos seus numeros ao desculpar os chumbos acusando as universidades que leccionam o curso de Direito, de incompetentes e pouco exigentes. Como 'bom travestido' tambem acusou o ex governo do amiguinho Socrates que agora ja nao lhe interessa, porque ja nao pode oferecer tachos.
    Ate estou a vontade para criticar este senhor porque tenho um irmao que fez Direito em Coimbra(Univ. Publica) e para entrar teve de ter media acima de 18,5. Como ele, todos os outros. Todos se inscreveram na Ordem e nunca foi facil o curso nem o acesso a Ordem. A nao ser no tempo de Marinho Pinto que a avaliar pela idade, tera feito parte das fornadas que entraram antes da revolucao quando havia centenas de vagas e poucos candidatos ( portanto as medias de entrada eram irrelevantes) ou dos que entraram no pos 25 de Abril fazendo o Servico Civico ou o pauperrimo Propedeutico. Se fosse da nova geracao, provavelmente nem numa universidade privada entrava mas sabe criticar e usar o poder que tem para destruir a carreira a dezenas de jovens que por si so ja se debatem com uma taxa de desemprego sem precedentes. Portanto isto e o Marinho a controlar a concorrencia e a sobrepor-se aos valores da democracia- Igualdade de Direitos, e coisa que ele nao reconhece, a nao ser em 3 cidadaos muito especiais:
    o casal Mccann e a Leonor Cipriano.
    Desculpem o meu desabafo que nao tem que ver directamente com o post deste Blog, mas indirectamente esta relacionado, na medida em que enquanto forem permitidas determinadas palhacadas em Portugal, quem tem ajustes a prestar com a justica, nao a teme nem respeita e o resultado sao mais uns milhoes de Euros gastos na revisao de um caso que ja todos sabemos o que falta fazer para o resolver. Ou sera qhe alguem tem duvidas que aos milhoes dados por Cameron acrescem outros milhares de Euros dados pelos portugueses? Os Inspectores do Porto nao trabalham gratuitamente e sao os portugueses que vem salarios reduzidos, ferias cortadas, empregos perdidos, escolas e hospitais a fecharem, salarios em atraso, que estao a pagar mais este numero de circo.
    Em democracia devia ser dado o direito ao contribuinte de indicar onde nao quer que os seus impostos sejam gastos. Os meus, quero-os fora do caso Maddie. Ja chega. O fundo, feito de dinheiro descaradamente roubado, que pague os salarios e as deligencias da PJ Porto. Se nao quem pagar, sujeitem-se a reconstituicao do dia 3 de Maio, requerida pela PJ. E a unica diligencia do caso Maddie que ainda aceito que seja paga pelos portugueses porque ficou pendente na investigacao que fizeram em 2007.
    O resto e um insulto a nossa inteligencia.

  8. Dave Edgar(and his "masters", and Channel 4) couldn't care less for the accuracy of the "mockdoc", he has clearly shown it by his comments when they were shooting the "Tanner walks ups the street and sees abductor scene" and Tanner and Gerry disagreed on which side of the street he and Wilkins were. From the transcript of the show:

    ..."In the 45 minutes that followed, there were two significant sightings of a man carrying a young girl. The first was by JT. She was looking in on her sick daughter, when she saw G returning from his check. He was talking to a friend, JW, at the side of the road. However, J(T) and G remember the scene differently.

    JT: So, I think you were about here. Cos, I think that you were standing like that and, J(W) was there, with his pram, pointing down that way. Cos, I think if you’d been looking at me, I would’ve said something, cos I would’ve said about, cos K had been moaning that you’d been gone a long time watching the football.

    G: I’m almost certain that when I came out, I came over and he was here and I was like that. That’s my memory of it, it’s like J(W) is 6’3” or something and looking up and then turning in, when I finished. That’s my memory of it.

    JT: Yeah. I mean, well we just …….


    JT: Ok, that’s fine.


    This case is full of inconsistencies, innacuracies, LIES, from all the participants, and still the authorities do nothing! In my modest opinion those inconsistencies alone are reason enough to reopen the investigation, they are so many and with such big implications to the case that they should be looked into in depth. The Tapas9 must be interrogated again, not by the MET, but by the PJ, and a reconstruction is essential!
    How can the authorities of BOTH countries turn a blind eye to all this and let the case stay archived and justice denied??? This makes me belive more and more that we will never see the end of this saga, Madeleine will never get justice! So sad...

  9. The girl, TS, says that her grand parents used to live in apartment 5A...were her grand parents Ruth McCann and her late husband...? So many weird coincidences in this sas story...

  10. Another BIG "alternative" presentation of events in the "mockumentary" was the non-use of the scenes filmed with the hired actress Lisa Canning, who would impersonate Kate McCann. A bid deal was made in the media about the hiring of the said actress, she was interviewed (sort of...she couldn't say much, she was not at liberty to speak, contractual restrictions...),it was mentioned how she had an uncanny resemblance to Kate, bla, bla, bla... and it came to nothing! Not one lousy little scene survived to tell the tale! What a waste of time and money, it all ended up on the floor of the editing room, and instead we are given Kate's reenactement of the slamming door and the whosh-whosh curtains in front of a door in Rothley!
    I bet that this was another ocasion in which "Dave Edgar must have racked his brain and rehearsed the scene a thousand times and then a thousand times more, and kept coming up with the same answer that we showed you to be and that was that reality and imagination don’t match"! It is impossible for things to have happened the way Kate said they've happened, but this time Edgar found no way around it, he just had to cut the whole scenes...he just had to give up!

  11. Isto faz-me ter uma certa pena do Edgar...... visto que dá muita importância ( uma importância conveniente aos mcs) ao testemunho de uma criança. Dava jeito !

    Well, i hope , when i say i feel pity about Mr Edgar , You all don´t misunderstood me lol.

  12. Nao tenha Pena anon 10, 8:06.

    O dito e muito bem Pago para um emprego cuja producao e zero. Em 5 anos, ajudou a montar as mentiras de um video pobre e de ma qualidade, mas deve ter tido um salario milionario. Ninguem, por mais falta de caracter que tenha, se sujeita a um papel tao sujo e arriscado sem pedir um bom salario.
    A reabertura deste caso tambem tem de passar por uma investigacao as actividades/ producao destes detectives. E por isso que eles estao a cada dia que passa, mais apagados. Assim nao se comprometem tanto e usarao este low profile para se defenderem quando o escandalo rebentar.

  13. MC has a fantastic video about JonBennet Ramsey ( the american beauty queen killed on christmas day 1996) in her Blog " Palavras Escritas".
    Very emotional. And the criminal(s) got away with the crime.
    Inevitable the comparison with Madeleine.


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