Saturday, 17 March 2012

"For English Eyes Only"

We know that anything related to Maddie is not in the least bit comical.

Unfortunately, it seems that the McCanns think otherwise. They seem think that they're Hollywood stars and that this whole thing is just a movie, and they have the main roles. Or at least they thought so back in 2009 when they made their stupid mockumentary.

In it, there are a lot of movie references. It’s quite natural because they did have to fill it up the time with something other than  whatever would help solve the mystery of their daughter’s disappearance.

Put yourself in their position. You, to make a “statement of innocence” have to make a movie about a mystery that you know perfectly there’s absolutely nothing mysterious about it. What do you do?

You create an indescribable something that, fortunately for all, only served to incriminate you, as the “sworn” statement it does represent, as it was made, AFTER you translated and read, attentively, the PJ Files.

What I would like to show you today, is how much a farce, that farce really was:.

In the above video, the unorthodoxy brilliant Monty Python’s demand, among other things, for a machine that makes a “PING” sound.

Something of absolutely no value, but that sure looks good on film.

Now look at the one of the boards that appears in the “Mockumentary”, in what is supposed to be “Edgar’s & Co Control Room”:

Can you "hear" the PING?

Here it is, very distinctly audible:


If they're the only two that could've written that up on the board, and who’re also the only ones supposed to be reading it, why do they have to remind each other, in writing, that all is just “APPROXIMATE”?

And what kind of margin of error are we talking about? One hour, or just five minutes?

Did they have a team of hundreds of other agents that we didn't know about on the field that could've read the board and get the wrong idea about what’s written on it?

Something of absolutely no value, but it sure does look good on film! A PING-MACHINE!

The Portuguese have a saying, that whenever you want to powder something up with something absolutely false, but it makes things look prettier that goes by “Só para Inglês ver”.

Translated is “For English eyes only”.

In the case of the popular saying, the word “English” is a generalization for “VIPs” (the choice of nationality goes back to the “unbalanced” alliance between Portugal and UK, as we've referred in a post quite a while ago), and the idea behind it, is to, through pretence, to fool a VIP.

To show what you don’t have as if you had it, to make the VIP think that it’s yours.

For example, a typical “for-English-eyes-only” situation is to receive a visitor with your the best tablecloth on the table, pretending that it’s always there, hiding the fact that you’ve just put it there and will take it away the moment the visitor leaves.

So, in that particular phrase, the Portuguese use the word “English” figuratively, as it’s not actually really the English that are intended to be fooled.

However, it seems, when the English use the Portuguese “para Inglês ver” phrase, it’s really, really the English that they really want to fool!

Post Scriptum: We'll be taking a blogging pause because of other commitments, and to observe what happens to GAs books and continue to follow the "review(s)".

Meanwhile, we'll leave you a teaser. What proof, beyond any doubt, do we have that Kate McCann reads Textusa, our blog?


  1. Maybe the things will turn over soon. The new reaction from ID to Paulo Sargento reply, shows the lady is going out of control. Again she shows the dark side of her education proving 'holding an high degree means nothing when you are forced to land on your basics. Your true face always show up when you are in troubles'. She, and her clients are really in troubles, no matter how hard the British authorities tried to make a review for 'english eyes' appear like if it was a proper one, following the manuals of criminology. Allocating 37 people and wasting 2.2 millions Euros means nothing on the true face of that case. If we look attentively to what happen on the last weeks, we see SY killing their reputation when they came up with the idea of a computorized reconstruction. Never, ever that solution was proposed by any credible police in the world, when the characters are alive and easy to be called by a reconstruction ( I would like to remind that people cannot refuse to do a reconstruction requested by the police. If they refuse, they keep themselves immediately under very bad shoes- become strong suspects). Just remember the last disappearence in Spain with the judge controlling in person the reconstruction steps of the last movements of the brothers from Huelva, claimed by the father. Enough to prove the father lied.
    With the computorized reconstruction, SY is mocking themselves as competent polices and is insulting the British taxpayers with amount of money they spend in reading and assimilating what was read and assimilated already by many investigators, including some from SY. To help kill their reputation, comes Pedro do Carmo from the top of PJ. While the public was thinking that PJ just arrives to the review, Pedro do Carmo says they are involved since one year ago. Worse then that, he says, after one year, nothing new, no new leads, no new suspects. Means, from their review, the case remain the same, the suspects are the same, the conclusion is the same- the girl is dead and somebody concealled the body. PJ was not able to locate the body and clear understand how thye girl died because the investigation was suddenly shelved and who should cooperate with police, refused to do it. That is what we should read between the words of Pedro do Carmo, if we are not stupid or accommitted by fears.
    On top of that, in UK the wind is changing. Yesterday, a judge got fed up of Vale Azevedo and said yes to the extradiction. Soon, others will get fed up of the Mccann's and the way they abuse and insult the public and the police from many countries. Their time must be over.

  2. Por maior que seja a margem de erro, nao conseguem encaixar os controis que dizem ter feito e deixar tempo e espaco de manobra suficientes para o raptor sair e abandonar o campo de visao, com uma crianca em silencio, transportada numa posicao tao incomoda, deixando para tras, mais duas criancas tambem estas em silencio. A rua, o comprimento da rua e a natureza do seu pavimento, aniquilam qualquer margem de erro. E o que da, construir mentiras que ate podem ser possiveis no papel, mas morrem cedo quando transpostas para a realidade.
    Vamos ver se o homenzinho do computador da SY vai ser capaz de desaparecer da rua antes de chegar algum dos 'chatos' vindos do Tapas. A SY deve andar exausta a ver de que material tem de fazer o raptor para o tornar rapido, leve e invisivel. Eu ca so vejo um e vem directo do 'ghostbusters'.
    Isto ja para nao falar nos flip-flops de Tanner que vao ter de ser tipo chinelo de quarto, de tecido, para obedecerem ao criterio do silencio e Jez e Gerry que vao ter de ser cegos.
    Interessante, no registo de eventos do mocumentario, Jeremy Wilkins aparece como Jez. Nao denota isto uma relacao de demasiada proximidade que o elimina logo como testemunha independente? Nem os criterios mais basicos, eles conseguiram seguir para credibilizarem o que estavam a fazer. Prova bem a competencia dos detectives privados e como tem sido bem suado o salario que recebem. Uma vergonha...

  3. The whitewash is not looking good for the Mccann's and their lawyers.

    From Joana Morais Blog, one of her latest comments:

    'Read as well: Oporto police handed Madeleine review - Portugal News
    «Sources close to the case in Portugal have told The Portugal News that they support the Portuguese review in that they hope it will conclude “an investigation which was ended while still in its infancy.”»

  4. I might be wrong, but that handwritting on that phrase in red looks very similar to the handwritting in the two lists(timetables) written on the cover of Madeleine's activity book on the night of the 3rd May. In McCannFiles it says those were written down by O'Brien and it was him who handed those over to the police, but maybe it wasn't him at all who wrote them...Gerry, perhaps?

    See here and compare: down the page till you find it, about the middle of the page)


    Here we go again!
    It was so predictable, after a long period of silence and people start wondering about it, they always come up with something in response...

  6. I have another photo:

    UPDATE...Kate McCann is told of new group asking for case to be re-opened

    and , one more from today also:

  7. the update : The link is very large)

  8. I wish a very nice day! Good morning.



  11. The investigation of the Spanish M3 could be irrelevant but their participation on the case is not. That issue should be investigated because maybe will help the police to understand why the Mccann's and their friends took some decisions in some moments of the investigation.
    M3 payed Marcos Aragao Correia, who came to the case just to persecute GA using a old case, already solved.
    The searches on Arade Dam were just "for English eyes" to fool the public and try to fool the police( I don't believe , he got any success on that department).


    Have a look at the video( interview of Joseph Moura).

    Joseph Moura, saying Jane Tanner lied. The time framing gave by the group to the police doesn't allow all the events they claimed, to fit. Doesn't allow an abductor to fit.
    The timeline, wasn't what SY is looking deeply? If they come with a different conclusion then that one already debunked and explainned by many investigators in the pass, SY will become the latest and the best joke from Britain. Or by interviewing again the Tapas 7, they will allow them to change the previous statements and give a new version of the events, 5 years later. Peraphs, a version written by SY after doing the virtual reconstruction, with all time matching perfectly? If they allow any change, we can conclude, corruption is in the air, inside SY. If so... how many times that corruption happen in the pass? How many cases followed the same methode?

    Thanks Joana Morais, without the hard work from people like you, Textusa, Mccannfiles and Pamalan, many information will have been destroyed or missed, by now.

  13. 'Why your face can't lie: The uncontrolable tell-tale signs of deceit in high-stakes deceptions'- Daily mail

    Is SY looking at the face expressions?

  14. O processo de lavagem continua com shampoo a ser aplicado em varias frentes. Os advogados desdobram-se em tempos de Antena onde Podem ( RA) e cartas resposta com insultos e recadinhos( ID) enquanto a lift consulting ensaboa na Lusa, passando informacao incorrecta. Com isso o jornal Publico ja traz uma foto de Gerry com a seguinte legenda " o Casal esteve em Lisboa em 2010 para reabrirem o processo".
    Boa Publico, nao podias ter feito melhor em prol da tua reputacao como jornal e do teu "cash" diario. Mais um jornal que vou deixar de comprar porque esta vergado a interesses.
    Quando foi que eles vieram a Lisboa para reabrirem o processo? Em 2010? Waw..... Onde andava o jornal que a altura nao noticiou isto? Se a memoria nao me trai, o Casalito veio a Lisboa para se reunir com os advogados num hotel de luxo e delinearem a queixa contra o livro de GA.
    E ainda nos querem fazer acreditar que nao ha dinheiro do Fundo a circular nas maos de quem permite que desinformacao desta saia a rua.
    So por curiosidade, noticia hoje varia imprensa inglesa, a saida em Liberdade de Karen Mathews a meio da Pena. Ja fizeram um lifting a senhora para mudar de imagem e vai provavelmente morar para um lugar bem diferente daquele em que cometeu o crime. Tem a imagem completamente queimada pela imprensa inglesa que a Classificou de tudo.
    Cometeu um crime. Pagou por ele e nao fez desaparecer para sempre, a filha. Para mim, ha poucas diferencas entre esta Mae e os papa McCann. E as que ha pendem negativamente para o lado do Casal. Cometeram Mais crimes " consumados" desde que a filha desapareceu, do que esta pobre de espirito que tambem quis arranjar algum dinheiro, copiando-os e tendo Kate como inspiracao. Ate arranjou um Cuddle Cat, esquecendo-se de um importante pormenor, Shannon ja nao estava em idade de usar Cuddle cats.

  15. Para quem quiser ver com os próprios olhos e pasmar:

    Legenda da foto: "o casal esteve em Lisboa em 2010 para reabrirem o processo" !!!!!!??????

    Esta é muito boa! Jornalismo ao melhor estilo "made in UK"!
    E repare-se, é só e unicamente a legenda da foto, no texto NÃO HÁ qualquer referência ao assunto, nenhum desenvolvimento, pois claro, não poderia haver, é uma flagrante mentira e o jornal não ousou ir mais longe...mas o que lá colocou, subrepticiamente, já é suficiente para "mostrar serviço" aos Lifts desta vida e fazer "estragos".
    Para quem não está bem informado sobre a REALIDADE da saga McCann, aquilo lê-se de passagem , não se liga muito, não se pensa nisso nem se questiona, mas fica lá, no fundo da memória, no subconsciente, e, mais tarde, quando lerem sobre ou ouvirem falar sobre a estranha atitude do casal em nunca ter usado o seu direito de pedir a reabertura do processo, então, lá vem a lembrança..."não, eles pediram, pediram sim senhor, eu li no jornal, foi em 2010, vieram cá de propósito e tudo, a malvada da justiça portuguesa é que não quis..."
    ...e pronto, "estrago" feito, missão cumprida, não é, Lift e Cª?
    "All in a day's work!"


    Ah, yes! I read this also as meaning - if we got the times slightly wrong so that "guests/events don't match" here is the reason - see we even put it in our own reconstruction!

    Backfilling, every eventuality is/has been covered as CM said "anything the Police find can be explained" right! Everyone's on board - everyone is covered.

  17. Anon @ 11:29,

    they are so ridiculous and so fake that they don't even realize that they need a a big margin of errors to allow all the events delivered, to fit. The margin needs to be so huge that will fall on the time the Tapas 7 were recorded in CCTV of the cafe Paraiso. They are fishes trapped by their own mouths. This makes me wonder why SY is proposing a virtual reconstruction- for a pathetic whitewash or to confront them with impossibility of their fates? Not even a computer, filled with all flying super heroes can put the Spider man or the Super man flying troug that window with a child, while a bunch of 7 crocks (8 with Jez W) were in the street trying to disrupt the flight.
    For who has time, I strongly recommend the last post from Dr. Martin Roberts at Mccannfiles. Like Textusa, he is a very intelligent person who can see important details that can't be dismissed.
    From Kates book and her dellirium about the message left on the notebook of the pool waiters( about their Tapas booking and the the childs left alone). She claimed, the message was left open, for guests, workers and visitors to see( waw, suffering from the same problem of enlarging the margin, at this time, the margin of potential abductors). But what puzzles is... How she managed to read such message? Was it in english ( written by portuguese waiters, since the workers were portuguese) for her to understand? Or was written in portuguese? If so... how she managed to read the message and keep it on her memory, taking in attention how struggled she was 2 days later when she read in front of the TVs their first appeal to the abductor? Who don't remember the way she said ' por favor devolva a nossa menina?' Easy to understand, she trainned that sentence.
    I believe, at moment, her book could be used as one more piece of evidence against them.

  18. Hi Tex , the footage por fin has surfaced. The hairdresser talking about the McCanns in Chaplins on Tuesday evening. Dani xx


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