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Important (You) Notice

We think this should be given more visibility then it currently has in the comments box for the post Doing a TANNER. Please pardon the foul language, but we thought best to keep the comments as they were.

Comment from Insane at Aug 28, 2011 9:27:00 AM: ''And yet the dogs would beg to differ. Thats the fundamental problem and very crux of the matter , we don't believe a word the M say , there is no evidence of an abduction!. I am afraid, Gerry says is totally insufficient , the shutters were lie one day one and so it has continued ad nuseum for 4 years'' Christ, the stupidity. This has nothing to do with the dogs, or what the McCann's say, don't you understand that? Disbelieve the McCanns all you like - I do. But that does not give anyone on this blog the right to harass and libel members of the public who have done nothing wrong. You have no right, and it makes you just as bad as the McCanns. How would any of you idiots like it if your name came into the public domain because you were witness to a crime, and some mad bitch set up a site in which she called you a liar, and claimed you were actually involved in the crime you witnessed? Just ponder on that for a moment”

Comment from Insane at Aug 28, 2011 1:09:00 PM: '' ''Where in that is there a disbelief of the McCanns that you so much are claiming to divert the attention from the OC and guests?'' If you can translate that into English, I'll answer it Aug 28, 2011 12:14:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said... “ "Oh behave !! Is that seriously your evidence?" How long will it be until you say "Alright, we'll call it a draw"? Have you no sense of shame or decency?'' Where is your sense of shame or decency in accusing innocent witnesses of being involved in covering up the death of a child? I see no shame or decency on here - just an utter indifference to the rights or feelings of others. I notice no-one had the balls to answer my question about how you would feel if this was done to you - if you were a witness to a crime and some deranged cow on the internet accused you of being involved. You are all a complete disgrace.”  

Post Scriptum: Thank you Angelique for pointing this out to us.


  1. Final comment.

    Insane to Sina J and Sina J to Insane

    “I have often wondered what your motivations is - I guess you are just as thick as the others”.

    What has your conclusion of ‘thickness’ got to do with motivation to find the truth of what happened to Maddie?

    “Contributors to my blog - an intelligent bunch, it has to be said - see you and this blog for what you are. A group of witless liars intent on promoting yourselves at the expense of innocent people”.

    The mysterious blog no-one is allowed to see. What is the purpose of such a blog if not there to spread information to many people in the hope they hope will understand the available evidence and not accept misinformation?. A closed shop like union members with one objective? Textusa is a open blog and not afraid of discussion.

    “you are just too much of an egotist to admit you made a mistake”.

    On the contrary, Tetusa and Sina J have thanked readers who have pointed out errors and corrected them accordingly.

    “A group of witless liars intent on promoting yourselves at the expense of innocent people”.

    As we are known only to ourselves and offer a platform for many others how is it possible to promote ourselves?

    “Sadly, all of this gets posted to my blog, so my contributors can see what a fraud and a liar you are.”

    I think I speak for all of us when I say I am extremely pleased you do that. We do intend to reach the widest audience …unlike your ‘blog/closed shop’. I have tried ‘googling’ phrases you purport to have used from this blog and always get zero results apart from Textusa blog.

    “You started off with a theory of what happened to Madeleine, and have tried to construct a case around this. If anything doesn't fit with your central thesis, it is rejected or ignored”.

    Even C Mitchell says Maddie’s disappearance is a complete mystery and a theory but the whole point is to use the available evidence and opinions of the PJ, not just Snr Amaral, to reconstruct the likely scenario that happened on May 3rd. Any investigation starts as a theory or hypothesis.

    “If anything doesn't fit with your central thesis, it is rejected or ignored”

    Quite the opposite everything offered is considered and only rejected when it is totally incompatible with reality.

    “You and the other idiots who contribute to this blog are providing assistance to the McCanns”

    Name calling is not the way to put forward an argument. As for aiding the McCanns then the PJ files and the T9 statements in particular are doing the same as is Kate McCann’s book.

    “Textusa's central thesis is just that - a construct. It has no basis in truth whatsoever”

    Please give just one sentence of factual, truthful information with supporting evidence you have provided. You have not even said whether you believe the abduction theory and more to the point, what is your construct of what happened at OC if it differs from Textusa’a construct. Although I expect that is as secret as your blog.

    “The obsession with a table”

    The devil is in the detail.

    “Any laughable crap you post on here will be pulled to pieces on my place in any case”

    I really hope you do.

    “All the false claims you have made against innocent third parties have been logged and recorded so that they can be passed on at the relevant times”.

    Passed on to whom? The Leicester Police, PJ or SY? I hope all three. I’m sure they would all appreciate reams of anonymous comments that no doubt you will tell them are from nutcases, idiots and menopausal harpies. They can then take the matter very seriously.

    “I think you will find that when you are called to account”

    Nothing could please us more for someone in authority who could re-open the case to use the information on the blog.

    “Go and find something useful to do with your lives”

    Same to you.

  2. Sina : not yet a final comment... lol

    O Instituto de Medicina Tropical aconselha a vacina da raiva para os que " cerebral dysfunction, anxiety, insomnia, confusion, agitation, abnormal behavior, paranoia, terror, hallucinations, progressing to delirium "

    Onde estará quem escreveu tanto fel ?

    Where is the one who wrote so much bitterness? The insane?

    Signs and symptoms

  3. I think Insane should go to the Police and tell them what he knows. The sandcastle is falling and he's just further helped that. Evidently he knows a lot.
    He can't complain, Textusa did warn him that this is what happens to those who speak too much, same reason lawyers tell their clients to shut up.

  4. upsssssssss if " Insane should go to the Police and tell them what he knows " still happens a more mysterious death as those who helped the couple.

    The more human is a country without extradition, giving him shelter. But needed vaccines.

  5. mc : can not be a vaccines problem but, who knows:


    similar to

  6. I hope he didn't fade now. He is a " person of interest" and I start enjoying his insults...they become a compliment.
    Which correct register is he talking about and who are the two guests with same surname, having one dining there a week before? Newman or Hindy?
    Why he introduced the local residents to the discussion on the same sentence where he talks about management workers, guests, mrs. Fenn, Murat and his mum?
    Nobody talked on the comments or on the post about the local residents. Some of us said what the police said, they had the help of a third party to conceal the body which was commonly named Tapas 10. Some inspectors even believe there is an 11 and 12. Can be anyone in the resort or near, with access to the resort. He knows... Is what we can imply from his comments. He just react to some posts and acting like if there was more then one person reacting like him. In fact, it was always him. What a job, reacting to the comments of so many different people and almost immediately. He monitored the blog live. Is he not working or something is scaring him a lot?

  7. Very interesting posts at "Blacksmith bureau". A good one in "Mccannfiles" as well. Insane is attacking Textusa but he and the McCann's can't sleep. Their lies are being exposed by many intelligent people in the Internet, which become the first source for accurate information and freedom of expression. Police and journalists also follow what is going on in the Internet and I believe most of them know much more now, then when the case was shelved. McCann's secrets will be revealed with or without Carter- ruck insane letters.

  8. As far as we know, until now, all those other guests who were there at the time and who were interviewed/gave witness statements to the police were NOT witnesses to any crime... they DID NOT see Madeleine being abducted or "whatever", not one of them saw waht happened to her (or did they, Insane?), and yet...Insane comes up with this astounding notion:

    ..."if you were a witness to a crime and some deranged cow on the internet accused you of being involved."

    Well, if YOU WERE WITNESS TO A CRIME and choose to be silent about it then you most definetely ARE INVOLVED!!!You're an ACCESSORY to that crime!

  9. I've got to hand it to you. Your patience and resilience paid off.
    In light of this we have to question the motives of those that came here with the clear objective to disrupt. And we have to also understand why the silence about Textusa elsewhere. I see people here telling how other blogs have interesting articles, but I don't see there any mention about Textusa. Except Mc's blog and sometimes JM's. It seems like where Maddie is discussed that Textusa doesn't exist, but when Textusa is mentioned no one asks who she is because everyone that has an interest in Maddie's fate knows Textusa. She's ignored but she's known. Not talking about the BHs sites. For instance, why aren't these latest posts being discussed at MMF? The attitude of other bloggers is very strange when it comes to Textusa.

  10. Extrato da entrevista de Moita Flores ao DN na rubrica do "Made in Portugal" para os 31 dias do mes de Agosto:

    "O ex-inspector da PJ prefere falar pouco sobre o mediático caso do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann, mas acaba por "deixar cair" uma ou outra crítica: "Se tenho feito parte [da investigação] o primeiro exame do local não tinha acontecido como aconteceu".
    Faz no entanto questão de apontar os "condicionalismos" a que os inspectores responsáveis estiveram sujeitos. "Um investigador tem que ser por natureza um homem livre, não pode ter telefonemas em cima a dizer 'não faças isto' e 'não faças aquilo'. E quando esses telefonemas começam a chegar, constrangem a liberdade do polícia", afirma."

    Mais um testemunho da manipulacao. Que sera que aconteceu a pequena Maddie, para necessitar tanto empenho por parte de QUEM quis/ quer esconder
    a verdade? E que nao aplicaram o mesmo empenho para a procurarem, nem mesmo quando tinha acabado de desaparecer.

  11. Anon 11:03, MMF are the only ones which from my point of view have a theory to explain not what happened to Madeleine, but why the McCann's had a so high protection- the Freemanson's. They discuss everything that fits that idea. They assumed Madeleine is death, the parents are involved and they are trying to expose McCann's high supporters. Not the one who had played a roll in PDL on May 3, but the one(s) who let the fund going on untouched and the media totally manipulated and controlled.
    What is being discussed in Textusa blog is what happened to Madeleine. Where is the truth and why they delivered lies about the accounts of that particular night. I think both blogs are achieving something and hitting very nevralgic centers.
    The McCann's were forced to act by T. Benneth. His continuous exposure with his booklets and polemical attitude leave the McCann's without choice. But I think, that was what T. Benneth wants. McCann's are using the threats against him to scare other people and their strategy is not working. Many voices in the Internet are questioning this threats and exposing the McCann's.
    Textusa is not ignored by MMF. They are hitting a different subject.
    What is relevant to me is not what other blogs say about
    Textusa but why Insane tried to post some anti- Textusa comments on blogs where we know Textusa posts are welcomed , like Joana Morais. I follow Textusa comments since she posts on Joana morais blog, sometimes as a guest author, and was a very stupid decision from Insane to go there and try to check joana reaction or the reaction of her readers. He got what he deserves- a kick off and this leave him or her even more furious.

  12. The Telegraph - "Top 5 interview walkouts"

    Who is there? McCann's video interview to a Spanish TV, when Gerry lost the control. See the question made by the journalist: blood in the flat and Gerry and Kate being the last persons seeing Madeleine.

  13. Do you not think you might be reading too much into the wording of some of these posts? After all, anyone who gives a statement is a witness, it doesn't have to mean they were an eye-witness. It doesn't read to me the way you seem to be interpreting it at all.

  14. In the RTP video " The anatomy of a mystery" Sandra Felgueiras do a kind of reconstruction. The table where the T9 are seating is a rectangular table. She follow the story since the beginning. No big round table and looking to that rectangular table we can imagine how big needs to be a round table to accommodate all that people.
    Sandra said the dogs follow the scent of Madeleine from the 5A into another flat in the OC and that flat was used by a British couple who left the OC on the fatidic night. Before the alarm or after the alarm?
    When the McCann's went back to UK, the British diplomacy imposed a condition to the Portuguese authorities: The McCann's should fly without their luggages being checked at the airport. That is what happen. They fly from Faro without passing trough the check-in. This give more suspicions.... That decision was to protect the McCann's from the public eyes because 2 days before they became arguidos, or was to help them to take out of Portuguese soil some incriminating evidences? I remember when they arrived to UK the same protection was offered to the McCann's by British police who drop them at home and do the security of their house to avoid journalists. Why all that for 2 suspects?

  15. Anon 1:15
    I'm a Freemason, and I can tell you that the FM would never conduct collectively a cover-up. It's up to each person how to act individually, but that will always remain an individual responsibility. When in the name of the FM, the action has to have a reason, and that reason must be public (among fellow brothers). Never have I seen, nor do I think possible, for a crime to be protected. Nor am I seeing anyone risking to ask for such a protection. I have seen nepotism, and have done so myself, but that has got only to do with benefiting people we know. There were FMs in PDL as there are FM. But no FM in the name of the FM would ever protect someone responsible for the death of a little girl. Discussing that in a forum is as reasonable as discussing if the Sicilian Mafia is also helping the McCanns.

  16. "We've received another comment from Insane which we won't publish. It doesn't contain any foul language, but it's about Textusa being a conspiraloon, and I think we've had enough of that already. Insane, as expected, remains shameless but compelled to mark his disruptive presence in the blog. Any comment from Insane will only be published if the content contributes to the discussion and if it contains no insulting language."

  17. Aug 30, 2011 6:03:00 AM

    I thought the wording of that post was very precise so I read it as did other people. It was written like a personal message. The person who wrote it needs to tell the police what he or she knows.

  18. Anon Aug 30, 2011 6:03:00 AM, or should we say, Insane Aug 30, 2011 6:03:00 AM?

    Who you think you're fooling? "It doesn't read to me the way you seem to be interpreting it AT ALL."

    The WITNESSES that Insane (you) talks about are not WITNESSES. He says they are. There are no known statements from any of them in the PJ Files, which is very strange, but there aren't any. They've been called GUESTS, not WITNESSES.

    And don't even say that there are statements from OC Staff and Mrs Fenn, because Insane when presented with 3 pieces of evidence by myself, chose to dwindle ONLY on the S&S sheets where only GUESTS are mentioned.

    When you say "After all, anyone who gives a statement is a witness, it doesn't have to mean they were an eye-witness" are you trying to tell us that these WITNESSES knew what happened but didn't see the actual crime?

  19. Bom dia! A nice day to all, Good People !

    About DN and F.M. Flores interview i post a comment in newspaper:


    Dr. Moita Flores: além de desejar um bom dia quero dizer o que penso.

    1º- quanto ao exame do local penso que nada poderia ter feito, já que o dito foi altamente contaminado mas pelo grupo de ingleses envolvidos no caso;

    2ª prefere não falar. Diga antes que os Cidadãos portugueses e Amigos de GA estão proibidos de falar por ordem judicial do casal inglês, que tudo pode e consegue.

    GA; H. Carvalho ; P. Sargento e M.L. Goucha/TVI receberam ordem judicial para se manterem silenciados, caso contrário.... quem sabe se não teriam de " oferecer mais dinheiro aquele par de Uk.

    Duvido que este comentário seja publicado, pois a minha
    posição é a de estar ao lado dos injustiçados Cidadãos de Portugal.

    Now with googtranslish (lol)

    29.08.2011/09: 29

    Dr. Moita Flores, and wish a good day I mean what I think.

    1 - on the site survey I think he could do nothing, since the highly contaminated like was told by the BBritish group involved in the case ;

    2nd - I think You prefer not to talk. So, say that the Portuguese Citizens and Friends of GA are prohibited by court order to speak by sue from the English couple, that everything can and does.

    GA, H. Carvalho, P. Sargento and ML Goucha / TVI received a court order to remain muted, otherwise .... who knows if they would not "offer more money that pair of Uk.

    I doubt that this comment is posted, as my
    position is to stand alongside the wronged citizens of Portugal.

    Francisco Moita Flores, "o perfeito"

  20. Freemasonry = Medical Experimentation = Negligence = Tapas dinners = Abduction = CLUTTER

  21. I think Insane must be having a hard time down in his "blog" explaining himself to all his friends for such a scr*w up...

  22. British Claire

    We would like to thank you for your comment and suggestion. I hope you will understand why we decided not to publish.

    Insane could be easily "outed" if the adequate authorities put a real effort in discovering the truth, and that's where our efforts are concentrated.

  23. Anon 7:50, regarding the freemason. I'm not one of them but since some blogs start connecting the Maddie case with some of them I got some curiosity and start reading a bit about. I don't know if they act like individuals in a certain case but is common sense that the main behavior is to act like a group. They claim, they meet to discuss everything except politic and religion and they like to help people in the society. But to be a freemason you have to be invited by a member and have some pre-requisites.
    They don't protect the common public . What if who requests protection is a member? If the child died due an accident , they panic and decide to conceal it because they have other child's and what happen is irreversible? Helping a couple under this circumstance is different then help a criminal who kill his child. I' m not saying there is a relation, even because I believe their protection come from The duo mitchell/ carter - ruck and his connections then from anything else. In fact what changed the behavior of the media was the " enter" of Mitchell. But is very strange to see so many freemasons around that case, helping the McCann's. Gordon brown, Brian Kennedy, E. S., David Cameron, Carlos Pinto de Abreu and according to some forums, even some SY polices involved in the investigation are freemason? Why that people are supporting the McCann's if they were not cleared for what they have been suspects? They fool the British public by wrongly using the shelving of the case as a guilt clearance. They were not declared innocent. The Portuguese prosecutor made it clear, by not doing the reconstruction, they failed to prove their innocence and the Leicester police also refuse their request to access the secret files stating it is not clear they have no responsibility in the disappearance of their daughter. If the freemasons are being wrongly connected with this couple, by letting the things going on without clearly come to the media to clarify the situation and say they didn't support that couple and their behavior in any way, are damaging the reputation of the organization not only in UK, but around the world.
    Clarifying the situation is not sending letters from Carter-Ruck or threat who suspects there is connections. Clarifying, is going to TVS and give interviews to explain why these connections can't be considered. Leaving the innuendo going on is supporting the McCann's. This is exactly what they want. We shouldn't forget that on the other side there is a child who lost her life( police involved in the investigation has evidences supporting that) probably in a very stupid way since she didn't choose to go on that holidays and got damped everyday in a creche with people she don't know. What a stressful time for a little

  24. British Claire30 Aug 2011, 16:50:00

    Thank you Sina J. I understand why my comment is not published and I will continue to read, as I do every day, with much anticipation. Best wishes to you all.

  25. British Claire

    Thank you for your understanding and good wishes.It's pleasing to know you are such a regular reader and I hope we can provide you with interesting posts.

    As always there are things in the pipeline and maybe there are some issues you would like to bring up.

    We always welcome input from readers.

  26. I can imagine how furious is insane by not knowing this conversation between Sina J and Claire.

  27. Hi Textusa and sisters.
    Keep up the good work and let
    right be done.

  28. "Do you not think you might be reading too much into the wording of some of these posts?"

    Jane Tanner eat your heart out, you've got a serious competitor in doing TANNERS after TANNERS and the one always better than the one before.

    I know this has been said a thousand times, but I'll say it once more: I hope the police (SY & PJ) are reading this blog, and when the politicians finally "unleash" them, they can act swiftly!

  29. Shouldn't this be reported to the police?

    This person is saying that there are witnesses to a crime (and that this blog is saying that they're involved in that crime).

    He has to clarify exactly what crime is he talking about. The abduction? Did they see the abductor? Does he know that and he knows that these witnesses have been silent all this time? That is a crime in itself, of which all of them are guilty, including this individual.

    If it's not the abduction, then what? He speaks of a death of a girl, supposedly Maddie. Does he know she was killed? Does he know that these people know that Maddie was killed?

    He speaks clearly of the existence of a crime. He has to justify this. After all, we musn't ever forget that this is about the death of a little girl, a British citizen.

    This is very, very serious, and I think somebody should write to the authorities about this,

  30. 30...11:23,

    And if that person is the same Insane who his trying to trouble here since long ago, we should remember that when he starts posting here, he made the things very clear that he was not believing the McCann's, was not a McCann supporter. He thinks or know, they are involved.

  31. "I'm not here to enjoy myself". What did they do to that child before she died?

  32. Have you read that?

  33. Anon
    Aug 31, 2011 12:50:00 AM

    I do believe that the phrase is "We're.." and not "I'm.."

    We in this blog do not believe that Maddie was subject to anything horrid before her death, which we think happened accidentally.

    That phrase, we think, was said in a context of the importance of the gathering to where they were headed. Not wanting to implicate the FM, because I, like Anon Aug 30, 2011 7:50:00 AM, don't think it is involved, let me use it to exemplify. To get into the FM you have to be invited, and for that to happen, you have to pass a series of requisites. Once you're in, supposedly then doors do open for you.

    That phrase, said by Gerry, was in the context, we believe, that they had to make a nice impression, so that their integration into the group they were going to meet would go well, so as to guarantee that expectations would be met.

  34. I think a perfect example of 'doing a Tanner' is the way JT described the imaginary abductor was carrying the imaginary child.
    From the position was was supposed to be viewing the imaginary abduction a child being carried upright would have been completely blocked from her view.

    Quite apart from this the other Tannerism of this scenario is where and how she had to 'see' an abductor to bring one into the story. Her imaginary abductor had to walk in the direction he could put himself on view, rather than going in the direction to avoid being seen at all costs.

    Did JT make a unilateral decision to 'see' the abductor that had only just been mentioned and thereby spoiling the mystery the group were working up to?

    This had then to be woven into the story. She ruined alibis, any shred of credibility and the possibility of doing their version of a reconstruction.

    She messed up big time.

  35. I’m sorry, but I can’t help feeling that the comment made by Anon Aug 31, 2011 8:54:00 AM, is made by Insane.

    I may be unfair, but I think that it’s him trying desperately to correct his hand after the huge mistake he made.

    It’s polite, and it’s apparently from a White Hat, but it distracts the attention from Insane’s comments and brings nothing new. We all know what Jane Tanner did, and that’s why a “Tanner” is a Tanner, isn’t it?

    The comment distracts the attention towards who? One of the T9, when who is being questioned in the post (denounced by Insane) are all those but them!

    It speaks of a “group”, who? The T9. It speaks of “alibis, any shred of credibility and the possibility of doing their version of a reconstruction”. Jane Tanner’s statement has absolutely nothing to do with the OC, guests or ex-pats residents, so the alibis, credibility and version of reconstruction “shredded” are ONLY those of the T9.

    Why then the comment? This a distracting comment, and its only purpose is to draw our attention away from Insane’s mistake.

    We’ve been fooled by many wolves in sheep’s clothing, and we must denounce this kind of soft spoken, polite disruption of this an excellent source of truth.

  36. 11:29, 31,
    I don't know if the comment was made by Insane. Not surprised if he now keeps coming back in a more sweet manner to amend the damages he have done.
    I disagree your point of view when you says "Jane Tanner's statement has absolutely nothing to do with OC, guests or expat residents..." it is the opposite. She claimed the abductor was walking from the OC in the direction of Murats house. What's is that?
    Now, with what become known from Kate book and from all the misinformation deliberately delivered by team McCann during the most recent time of this 4 years, is quite clear they were trying to stick the abduction into somebody knowing the resort, having accessto it because they were guests, workers or local residents.
    4 years of their desperation to bring a strange to the scenery, were completely unproductive. They failed to remove the attention of the police from themselves. They have to work on another direction, on the direction were evidences could be found. They know who help them. Most probably who help them has not the same legal protection they have. Even, if who help them denounces the all crime, they think will be always the words of that person against their words. They are convinced, they will pass the torment with help of their lawyers . What they said during this 4 years? " nothing shows Madeleine had any hurt."..under their hands. If she has, must be under the hands of the abductor. " if she is dead, she is dead, but her parents have nothing to do with that", said Mitchell.
    They are clever and despicable enough to try to make their words a commitment. See the way they defend the abduction when several polices in the world, and the crime scene says was impossible. That's why the BH are shaking. The people they helped by just closing their eyes and their mouth, did not deserve such support. McCann's will let them down, and worse then that, they can buy witnesses to incriminate that people.
    Everything will work perfectly without Internet if we the" bitches or the cows" ( to use Insane words ) didn't ask many questions and the police did not release the files. There is always a grain of sand to disturb.
    I'm not completely convinced that Murat has nothing to do with cover up of that crime. But I'm well convinced the Tapas 9 have done everything they could to stick the abduction at him. Maybe because some know him or somebody from the resort knows well him. They were happy when the police made him arguido, even with Kate saying he had to pay for what he have done . They think, they were out of suspicion and Gerry was very nervous when journalists ask him if he knows Murat. It was like if the police take the attention out of them and some pertinent journalists wanted to bring it again.
    What puzzles me, was the meeting between Brian Kennedy, Murat and M3. Why that meeting with a suspect? Why BK get involved? After few months, Murat received a huge amount of money from British newspapers, again, no courts involved. On the same way as the McCann's. For me, that don't clear him or rebuild his image, that bring him exactely to the center of the all crime. Why he accepted that money without suing who defame him and without having a court to solve the problem? Seems, the business was profitable for a lot of people.

  37. Anon 1:20, I'm Anon 11:29

    I agree with everything you say. Only disagree when you say it's opposite that Tanner's statement involves other people outside the T9.

    Tanner's statement only involves Murat, AFTER she pointed her finger in his direction. Not because the abductor is walking towards his house. If she hadn't done that, we wouldn't even know that Murat existed. The dubious statements from him and his mother (e.g. hearing sirens nobody hears) seem to confirm that he's involved, but it's not Tanner's INITIAL statement that does that.

    And look, we're discussing Tanner and her statement, when we should be discussing Insane's words. That is what I tried to say he's trying to achieve. This is was much used in the 3A when a subject was uncomfortable, the BH on duty would slowly, but steadfastly, drive the subject away from it's initial direction until nobody remembered it or just lost track of what was being discussed.

    It's our duty to protect the Sisters' work.

    And I really don't think there's much to be discussed about the post, as Insane's incriminating words are very clear.

  38. Agree 11:29.
    since the beginning I had the feeling of Murat involved, even if he was at home and just show up in the OC next day. Only some of the Tapas 9 and a lady working at Tapas put him in the OC on the night Maddie disappeared. GNR didn't saw him and other residents knowing him, who went there also stated they didn't saw him. Very strange, why he didn't show up since the house is very close and the place was mess up with a lot of people searching Madeleine. The way he says the missing comes to his knowledge is very strange as well. TV channels and radios start issuing miss appeals almost immediately.
    Well spotted the sound of the sirens. Nobody reported it in PDL. only him and he had no good explanations for the phone calls he exchange with Malinka that night. Some papers reported also at beginning that he rented a car with excuse of helping the parents searching the little girl that was missing.
    He put himself in the middle of the problem with his mum looking for information with a stall and he trying to stay close to the investigation. Knowing him and his behavior, or not, Jane tried to use it very well, when she told the police, the man was walking in the direction of murat's house. Jane also didn't report it immediately to GNR. Only next day, probably after a meeting of the Tapas 9 and after being confronted with possibility of the police not buying their story due to the absence of evidences of a break in. The all story was changing hour after hour, trying to suit
    the evidences or the absence of them.
    No matter, if Murat was involved or not, the Tapas list, like the creche registers are very dubious and need a experienced eye to look at it. Whatever happen to Madeleine's body, was almost impossible not having an independent witness seeing something.

  39. In one of his comments, Insane refers to the "sadly departed Mrs. Fenn". I may be wrong - English is not my mother tongue - but it sounds a strange way to refer to somebody you presumably haven't even met.
    I would use such an expression to refer to somebody I knew, was part of my community, went to my church etc. Perhaps Insane's comments about witnessing etc. don't refer to him personally, but to somebody close to him i.e. Mrs. Fenn.

  40. Anon 1:20
    It seems that there were no independent witnesses. With Murat in the picture, confirming ex-pats as "witnesses to a crime", together with the OC Staff, any independent witness was either convinced or forced to stop being one.

  41. Textusa, you’re too late. People are no longer interested in Maddie. No, I’m not a BH and I wish I didn’t write what I just did because I do want to see Justice for that little girl.

    But I’m a realist, and the reality is that Maddie has lost its media importance, and as it is an embarrassment to the political circles, it isn’t likely that it will be one in the next few years.

    It will always be sensitive, in the sense that whenever Maddie is to be mentioned it will capture the eye of the public each time, but will only be mentioned when those involved will no longer be able to contain the damages, i.e. they’re either dead, been shelved or if it’s convenient to have a scandal brought up against them.

    This will be a case of Jack the Ripper. A timeless crime. In decades, your blog will be mentioned, and people will shake their heads about how it was possible to get away with such an evident crime. But that’s it. A shake of the head, nobody will be punished.

    I think you’ve cracked the case. From here onwards you can only confirm what you’ve set to prove and were able to. If you’re not the liar you say you are, any further detailing required would mean that you had to have been present (speaking of who did it, how… etc)

    I hope my words won’t dampen your enthusiasm, but I feel sad reading your blog, then getting up and seeing those responsible for such an enormous hoax, living their lives as if nothing has happened.

    One day society will praise adequately your efforts. I'm afraid that it won't be soon.

  42. 11:23,
    Unfortunately I tend to agree with you. That is McCann's wishes and they had work hardly during this 4 years to achieve this point. Now, they want to fade and live under the expenses of the Fund like if they are honest people and the money they have was honestly earned. They think if the the Fund become investigated one day, they will pass untouched because the incomes and outcomes of the Fund will be well mess-up with incomes from the book, by their lawyers. Will be hard to prove what belongs to where.
    All could be perfect if they had not touched many honest and innocent people on their run from justice. On that apparent dreaming story, they create many enemies. I hope, those enemies will not give up. Soon or later, their lies and all they have done will be exposed. Some of the enemies are journalists payed to say and write not what they feel or know, but what their editors ask them to write. Contrary to Kate, those journalists have word power and will not miss their opportunity of having a bestseller by writing a book about the side the McCann's and their PR team tried to conceal with misinformation. Will be a scandal... But this is what feed the history of the countries.
    In Portugal, I don't believe Amaral will give up. He is a cat " undorment" waiting for the best time to wake-up and contrary to the McCann's who already got their glory
    moment and from now, they just could go down, Amaral history was not wrote yet. He decide to leave PJ but is far from a retired man. He is getting is degree as a lawyer, to add to other degrees he already have. He is a clever guy, who knows and has enough patience to wait until justice could be served to Madeleine. For a good reason, he is so
    quite.... He have nothing to lost after winning the book injunction. The McCann's are the weak part on that battle. They don't know how much evidences/ witnesses have coming to the knowledge of Amaral during that time. How much evidences were informally delivered and kept in Portimao, waiting for the best moment.
    For UK, the case is a McCann case only. For Portugal, is a country case. All Portuguese want the case reopened and solved. They touched the name of the country and of all citizens.
    I read in a forum that Amaral V McCann's case will went on trial in Sept. Could be only speculation. Who knows? The Portuguese judicial system still on holidays and the McCann's did not return yet Amaral books, they illegally retain, adding one more crime to their cocktail.

  43. Anon
    Sep 1, 2011 11:23:00 AM

    Thank you for you comment. We haven't arrived neither early nor late because we don't have a schedule to meet nor a competition to be in.

    If anything, what you say only tells us that we have time to write things slowly and adequately, as they will only be read "seriously" (please readers, no offense meant) in the future.

    In the present, let me tell what I've already said, and that is I'm pretty much satisfied with the punishment that society has given these people, those that we already knew were involved and those that we're only now becoming aware.

    What is the life of the McCanns, living under permanent scorn of their peers? Being a celebrity without the correspondent resources? Is that a life?

    And all the others, why do you think many confess after many years of having done something? Because a guilty conscience really weighs tons, and that is one heavy burden to take, don't you think so?

    We act according to our consciences, and will keep, or not, writing according to them also.

  44. MADELEINE CALENDAR FOR 2012 ON SALE- THE SHAME NEVER ENDS....when we will have somebody with balls in UK to stop this Fraud? How many are living under that fraud? why they allow other children to be explored in such way... One give the saving money she had in a pig...schools involved in a fraud. If that people participated for free, the calendars should be free for who want them. In fact, who got the calendars was providing a benefit for the McCann's while advertising their daughter. Why selling things that other business offer for free because is a business advertisement? That is the fraud taken to the limit. Why nobody denounces that in UK?
    This is what they have on the site:

    "This website has been made in support of the Madeleine McCann search fund.
    To help with the ongoing cost of the search for Madeleine we have produced a calendar that is a non-profit fundraising idea especially designed to help not only raise money but also awareness.
    This unique Calendar features hundreds of generous hearted people depicted in overhead photographs. All the images in the calendar have Madeleine in mind.
    Over the months of organisation by local fund-raiser Julie Hancock hundreds of people from Staffordshire have contributed their time and professions FREE of charge in order to make the calendar a success. Photographer Joe Clews based in Norton le Moors, AM Access lifts at Heron Cross, Walsall Gala Synchronized Swimmers, locals at Baddeley Green WMC and Norton WMC plus hundreds of children from local schools, St Marys, Moorpark School and Year 5 of Norton Primary School, have all participated.
    Volunteers from the Fire and Rescue Services and for those without mention we wish to thank you also.

    Fundraising started early in July. The donations were given freely, from a young girl donating the contents of her piggy bank to local businesses and a pamper evening organised by Julie at Norton Working Men’s Club.
    Local businesses attended the pamper evening with donations for raffles and monetary donations for tables to sell their products at a reduced rate. All funds raised went towards the printing of the calendar. The calendars, printed by Rowtype Printers Milton, are on sale through this site for a donation of £10.

    All proceeds will go to the Madeleine McCann search fund."
    I'm absolutely sure, their book was a sale disater. They are back to public donations...exploring innocents.

  45. This calendar thing is just sick:

    BUT I thought that they weren't responding to people buying stuff at their site. An upper-nose typical McCann attitude disrespecting even those they were able to fool. I remember reading this somewhere, but I can't say for certain. If I'm wrong, please disregard this comment, but if this is true, and they're BACK on merchandizing, it can only mean that they feel forced to do this because funds are coming from NOWHERE else, right? If this is true, it just takes a little nausea off the thing, but it remains just totally disgusting.

  46. "This unique Calendar features hundreds of generous hearted people depicted in overhead photographs. All the images in the calendar have Madeleine in mind. "

    Who are those ridiculous people? Which search are they helping? Kates search that never happen, not even on the night of May Or the search of a body?
    The investigation says the girl is death. How that lady, Julie Hancock can use a so suspecting case to involve school child's and try to fool more people? All over the world, such activities are illegal and to be done need special authorizations. The McCann's and their supporters seems to be allowed to set all kind of business.
    Here is the new strategy... Selling things trough other websites. Why? To fool the public. To try to stop the critics.
    "All the images in the calendar have Madeleine on their
    minds". And how much they had on their pockets? Only the easy money drives people to do such ridiculous things.

  47. ..."hundreds of children from local schools, St Marys, Moorpark School and Year 5 of Norton Primary School, have all participated."

    Are all this children aware that the child they search is death and for the police that investigate the case, her parents are the main suspects? SICK, VERY SICK THE WAY THEY INVOLVE INNOCENTS and the strategies they use to do things and act like if they come from others.

  48. People who believe that Maddie is alive should be pressing the authorities to open the case instead of buying calendars and other sick memorabilia. If she's alive ENGAGE in finding her alive, you idiots. That means having PROPER people looking for her, and not sitting by watching her parents waste time on who is the best to look for her. Unless you believe that it's USELESS to look for her.

  49. Who is Julie Hancock? A quick search on the net bring me to a lady in charged of child's. A children care. If is the same person... Wonder how a children care got involved with two suspects who refused to do the police reconstruction and answer vital questions to help the rescue of their daughter.

  50. Amazing, while this people are exposing themselves in such ridiculous way an" selling their goods" to give money to the Fund... The owners of the Fund are flying in first class flights, staying in 5 star hotels and spending big amounts in lawyers which main job is preventing Madeleine to be found. OPEN YOUR EYES, NAIF PEOPLE....STOP FEEDING THIS WAY OF LIVING. Only the police can search/ found the girl but the McCann's don't want it. That's why they don't fill a form and reopen the case. The price to do that is just the cost of a stamp. That's why they become the most shameful parents in the world and one day their twins will realize that.

  51. Where is insane now? What is his opinion about the calendar? The McCann's making more money to persecute who they want. The BH are also on the list. How much they charge to leave their mouths closed?

  52. I have to be quick because it's too late for me to be on the computer.

    1 - I'm a person and am interested in knowing what happened to Maddie. I and all those who have heart. Here in this blog and spread the net;

    2 The issue that there is no news about the girl's development in the boycott of the press. They have orders to only write about the monsters of the parents;

    3rd them, the parents and the company, is disgusting.

    More and more disgusting. It is impossible they like the girl, the little girl.

    Specially to Text: xx; coffe; heart etc

  53. Anon Sep 1, 2011 7:48:00 PM

    Julie Hancock is a poster on the Official Find Madeleine Facebook page, who has posted about the calendar several times there.!/juemckool?sk=info

  54. Sept 1, 9:35,
    Why her name come associated with calendar? She is not only an ordinary poster. Now seems they are even using people who post on their Facebook. Or Julie Hancock ( the child care) and the one who posts on their Facebook are the same person? If that lady is the one in charged of taking care of child's, I think somebody need to have a close eye on that because who take care of child's, never for any reason should get involved with two parents suspected in the disappearance of a child, which crime still not solved. That is a very dangerous promiscuity.
    McCann's Fund needs to be investigated and frozen until all become very clear.

  55. About the calendars, I copy and paste two interesting comments from jillharvenforum:

    "ok folks lets get one thing straight here

    I only live about... well quite close to where that photo as taken and I can tell you all that not enough people turned up to spell maddys name out...another photoshop ...I know I was there not in the photo though"

    "Why this cause and not something else? This cause is close to the heart of fund raiser Julie Hancock.
    Based in Stoke on Trent Julie has been actively searching for Madeleine McCann shortly after she had gone missing. A chance encounter with a young girl on holiday, that Julie was convinced to be Madeleine McCann, has left Julie with a need to help in the search somehow"
    WELL...ANOTHER BH ? what is that " a chance encounter with a young girl on holiday, that Julie was convinced to be Madeleine McCann, has left Julie with a need to help in the search somehow". A SIGHTING NOT REPORTED TO THE MEDIA? how the McCann's miss that?

  56. Anon Sep 1, 2011 11:15:00 PM

    More details here:

  57. Anon Sep 1, 2011 11:53:00 PM

    From your link: "In a second photograph, they recreated the girl's distinctive right eye."

    What distinctive right eye? Hasn't Julie been updated that, according to her parents, Maddie didn't have a distinctive right eye?

    Daft woman, you're making people look for the wrong girl!!

  58. From the link above (Sept 1, 11:53):

    "Julie, aged 39, from Bagnall, believes she saw the child when she was on holiday in Spain, two weeks after she disappeared and ever since has been fund-raising for the search fund."

    Another BH, who managed to get involved with saga since the beginning. It is obvious, most of the sights were fabricated and payed by the Fund.
    2 days after the girl been missing, Aunt Phill ask a high school pupil to set a site and according to the boy, aunt Phill has a clear idea about what she wanted and were the parents who decide the products to sell.
    One week after the girl been missing the Fund was set and in few days reach thousands of euros.
    Two weeks after, the Fund was healthy and ready to be
    used. Sights of Madeleine and possible abductors, were growing like mushrooms to feed the media and distract the police and the public.
    What a lady, good heart Julie... after 4 years she didn't realize that everything is a fraud? She disturbed so many people to make the calendar and didn't spare one hour to read the files and get informed about what she was
    supporting? Shame on her.

  59. Back to the Tapas list and the files.
    Wasn't strange that not a single name reported on the lists gave an available statement to the police? I believe they were interviewed. Why the police release the files without releasing what that people have said to them?
    While not releasing that statements to the public eyes, the police is saying what is there is very important to solve the case. Has important clues and need to stay under secrecy. They release the lists to shake and scare the BHs.

  60. Anon 9:08
    I don't think they were heard at all.
    Remember those days? Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was pressing the police (PJ and GNR) to look for an abducted Maddie.

    The BHs were able to make us make the police focus solely on an threat external to the OC.

    In terms of OC, the police concentrated on the staff, and left out the tourists, trusting that since the case was all over the headlines, that if someone, from the guests had seen something strange they would come forward.

    for example, it apparently doesn't make sense that the guests that supposedly dined at Tapas on the night Maddie disappeared weren't heard. But if you put into context, it does. What added value could they bring? Confirm that the T9 were at dinner? That was not what was being confirmed. What was being confirmed was if there were any strangers lurking and that the bogus child-checking system was in place. And on both counts the "innocent" T9 and the "innocent" Staff statements were enough.

    Guests were then free to go back home.

    Another thing, to interview both guests and staff, would require an enormous amount of manpower, which was being used to search. Yes, it was a crime, and the life of a little girl was at stake, but one can hardly expect for all available police manpower to have been rushed to PDL just because Maddie disappeared, right?

    No, I think there are no statements from the guests, because there was no reason to be (today, we know that there was, but that's today). No secret hiding here. Besides, the reason for numbering the pages is to certify that whoever reads the process knows if it's complete or not. In this case, the missing pages are referred to as "missing pages". If you look at the process, in the early stages very few pages are missing.

  61. Anon Sep 1, 2011 11:53:00 PM

    Her "sighting" was one of the many such "sightings" reported to the police - it is in the PJ files, about two thirds of the way down this "assorted sightings" page:

  62. Anon 9:08:00

    Only now are we understanding how widespread was the involvemnet in PDL. And it boggles one's mind.

  63. Anon 10:45

    It looks like the whole of PDL lived in a sort of "Keeping up appearances" ( Unfortunately NOT a sitcom!

  64. Sep 2, 10:19,
    I disagree. That's is saying what the McCann's team want to heard, an incompetent police who leave vital clues without been checked.
    They interview everybody, including the tourists. At the time the pressure was coming only from the British diplomacy but experienced polices know well how to work with that. wasn't the work of the police or the lack of evidences that left the crime unsolved. Was the politics agenda... Their corruption and their despicable behavior.
    The police had the picture of the crime very early.
    Olegario de Sousa, PJ spoke-person said in a press conference: " the crime was all British. Whatever happened inside that flat was a terrible moment for who live it".
    Means the police knows, and the police knows when the things happened, Madeleine was not alone. If they had found the body, no any politic or PR machine could help the McCann's. Unfortunately, was the British diplomacy who, deliberated or not, helped the McCann's to conceal well the body. That's why now they deal so badly with who ask questions and want the case solved.

  65. Funny, I don't remember The Sun being this upset with the photos of Maddie with make-up on... I can't be because of the age difference, as this little girl is also 4. Maddie never reached that age. Double standards, or when it comes to the McCanns there are no standards at all? What is completely and obviously outrageous, with the McCanns it's acceptable. Like so many, many other things.

  66. I don't believe the guests were not interviewed. Is incorrect anon 10:19, when you say because that's require a lot of manpower and they are been used for the search. Who was in charged of the search was GNR, and rescue forces, all under the command of PJ . Was a huge amount of people and resources. The biggest in Portugal . This was since the first hours. Who do the interviews was PJ. And PJ also received people coming from Lisbon to help the team from Faro/Portimao. GNR have done just the first inquires.
    Goncalo Amaral said " to solve a crime, police had to grab all the information possible during the first 72 hours". They will not leave the guests without hearing them. For the police was quite clear, there was no strangers on the scenery. What happened lies on the group close to the child and who shared with them the place of the crime- the OC.
    Go back and look at the time taken by the police to release the "egg man" picture. Why all that time? Because Jane tanner was changing the description of the guy everyday? Non. Since she do the first change and the police had the chance to see in locus the light of the street the abductor
    Was dropped. PJ realized since the first minute, was a lie. The police just release that picture due to the media pressure and they admitted that to the Portuguese press. When Guilhermino Encarnacao gave the first press conference saying Pj was investigating an abduction, he was not confident. Was nervous. Later, pj admitted they were forced to say that without conviction because at the time all the evidences pointed to another direction and they were suspecting the parents and the people close to them. PJ even ask authorization to put a spy inside McCann's group( something very useful in many crimes) but this was refused by the head of PJ because he had no balls to battle the UK authorities.
    Believing that guests were not interviewed and were allowed to fly back is saying what the BH want to hear. An incompetent police.
    Everybody was heard and a lot of flats and houses were searched. It was that over- activity of the police, what scared the McCann's and force them to transfer the body to the car. They saw the police searching all houses. A witness says the police went to her flat at night, to search when her baby daughter was sleeping but she find it normal, because police had to look everywhere. The McCann's refused to leave PDL, in my opinion, due to 2 reasons: first they had the body to deal with. Second, they need to know the police activities to see how and where they could conceal the body and work against the time.
    The power was not balanced. Police need permission for all steps in the investigation and were followed by the media minute a minute. Remember how ridiculous become some British journalists when they were spotted hiring dogs to search the place reported in the crutch letter? They wanted to discover the body before the police. While the media was busy hunting the police and the police trying to work with description, the McCann's were free to do what they need mostly.

  67. Julie Hancock seems to have a business with calendars and donations. See the link below to see the type of calendars .....judge by yourselves. No surprise she got connected with McCann's.

  68. Sorry, at my post 1:10, should be Deutsch letter.

  69. Julie Hancock; calendars... so the money machine with

    Breama Barna aka Porn Starlet Agnes Minjeeta, modelling the latest line in Find Madeleine Clothing. You can find Breama on McCanns FACEBOOK.

    All equals.....


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