Saturday, 7 May 2011

Front Row Seats

Textusa’s blog will be taking a break

There are two reasons for this. The first, personal, to attend to business matters, the other, is to sit and watch very attentively the spectacle that has already began around and about Kate McCann’s book.

We, in the blog, set our own rhythm and do not act in accordance with what others would wish us to do. And what the Black Hats pretend from this book is to throw out bait, in their own timing and initiative, around a pond and have fun watching us “running” after it like crazy.

If we were to act just like a dog running after a stick, we would by doing it, be missing a lot of essential information, wouldn’t we? We would only be looking at the “stick”, where it was flying towards, and where it would eventually fall, and then, to the Black Hats’ gleeful enjoyment we would bring it "back" by starting discuss among us all the “ifs-and-not-ifs” as well as all the “whys-and-why-nots” of those facts literally thrown in our direction.

You’ve now know that we call this “stick-throwing” by the clutter that it is, aimed simply to distract and to add yet more clutter to the already humungous existing pile of trash.

You also know that we here have called, on various occasions, their “clutter-bluff”.

Only this time we have to see beyond their usual tactics. We now have also to see how their tactics are implemented. We have to see why a particular “stick” is picked in detriment of others near it at a particular point of time and why the specific timing for its use, as well as what was the posture and attitude of the thrower, all his/her reactions displayed while watching us wasting our time.

And these essential pieces of information, simply cannot be missed.

Because of that, we have to watch the thrower as well as all those playing in the “throwing-team”. And the spectacle, as we've said, as already began. So we’ll sit back, and let ourselves be, for now, silent spectators. Not uninterested, just very attentive and watchful.

And you, but most importantly them, know how well we pay attention to detail. To every detail. This will give us the opportunity to hear what Kate McCann has to say in her forthcoming book and incorporate anything relevant in future posts.

Unlike a chosen few, we have not been given an advance copy, but comments on other sites, from people who have obviously been briefed, lead us to believe Kate will not be having a go at the day that Maddie disappeared from our eyes, for that, "obviously" would be irrelevant to jog any memory from someone about facts that could have happened on that that day.

What really is important for Kate, it seems, is all that happened in the days, weeks and months after.

That day is too painful for her to remember, it seems. And we here, believe her. And understand exactly why it's so painful to remember...

Instead, it seems, she will have a go at the Portuguese side of the investigation. We might even see some “biting of the hand that has just fed you” and maybe see that the Leicester Police will also come in for some criticism… Now, that would bring a smile to our faces…

And talking about biting, it seems also that Kate’s main target will be that of the performance of the dogs and their handler, evidence which this blog has found unnecessary to mention yet to prove that the McCanns & friends are lying.

But, let’s sit back and watch whatever the most famous Rothley Lass has to say about the canines and how they helped or hampered the search of the missing girl, when they appeared on the scene two and half months after she was last seen

We await some clarification about David Payne's visit to see the angelic trio, hope for an introduction to some of the other diners they chatted to that night at the Tapas and some explanation as to the couple who came to comfort Kate the night that Madeleine disappeared; the man who told her not to worry, because he had gone missing for ten days as a child.

 We also hope she will also clarify the roles of the three priests in our previous post, The Holy Trinity.

And of course, we do hope to see, finally, Dianne Webster’s pictures of one of those Tapas Bar dinners of 9 friends around a BIG ROUND TABLE.

In reality, we anticipate being disappointed in our expectations. However, the absence of information, as in the withheld statements in the PJ files, may be just as significant.

The Black Hats will benefit from the break, as they have so much monitoring to do and comments to make on other sites. They amuse and irritate us in turn, but their comments are a valuable source of information in their own way and often guide the direction we may choose to take ahead.

In the meantime, you are welcome to submit your comments on the said book. Although they may not appear for a while, we can look at your contributions and consider how they may assist us with future postings.

As usual, gratuitous insults will not be published as they add nothing to the debate and try, unfruitfully, to lower the tone of the blog.
Post Sriptum 11May11, the day before Kate’s Book is to be published (we hope).
Like watching a comedy and then blaming the plot for the laughter caused, I confess that I have to state in clear terms that I do not blame Kate McCann for all or any choking I’ve suffered the lately with popcorn I've brought to the spectacle.

And what a show it has been. I knew that I if read and ate popcorn at the same time, I had a recipe for disaster, and so was confirmed that the inevitable happened: I choked, more often than desired, I must admit. The only sad part is that a couple of laughs were mistaken as cough attacks by friends, but that is not that serious, is it?
Let us just say that we agree with Christopher Freind’s post on Joana’s blog, with the obvious exception that we don’t think there was ever NEGLIGENCE. The remainder of the article is correct and to the point, and merits public recognition.
But tomorrow we have the book. Another wonderful mistake made by these people, that history won't let it pass by.
Before we’re to dissect what it says (because, it seems, we finally have a clear, thought out description of the events from one of its main participants) let me just give you a slight help, if I may, when you do find the time to read it, and that is to tell you that the book is not directed at you.

You see, the book, from what I’ve been able to see, between the tears caused by the coughing, this book is to make clear to other Black Hats that they have to continue to "cough" up, or, somebody will indeed do just that, and "cough up". At least that is the threat.

You see, since Jim Gamble has gone MIA, the BH camp that has been slowly falling apart, showing that it was always made up of many factions, and all is now dependent on how desperate some people do appear to REALLY be to others.

I think the rope is getting thinner by the minute, and some people are REALLY starting to be tired up with all this...

The Black Hats have, by now, painfully realized that leaving things in the hands of narcissists is as sensible as agreeing to pay blackmailers.

Irrelevant of how much you pay, and how many times you do it, they’ll always come back for more.

Lastly, dear Kate, few people await your book with as much anxiety as we do. I REALLY want to see FINALLY the printed word, with YOUR NAME on it, so that you, and your side, will no longer be able to say that the “tabloids just write whatever they want to write”, while using the the tabloids for your convenience.

And when you and your side won’t be able to say that, the other Black Hats sides won’t too, and we've long understood how much you’re hating each other, a sentiment growing exponentially with time…

And all that will just be making a very enjoyable movie plot to follow, which we won't miss, comfortably seated in our front row, coughing, or not, all the popcorn we can get our hands on.


  1. Morning Text!
    A sound idea, to lay off for a while.

    Just looking at British Press just now gives you a clear impression of things to come: PJ are to blame, not having handed out to the McC's on their arrival a full list of all suspected paedofiles stretching back to the decades before 2007!

    And please, please, why does mother Kate see fit to so graphicly describe her infant being abused?

    Weren't the "Lolita" pictures horrid enough?

    Is it really necessary to introduce this type of teasing into the whole sorry affair, or is the book so dull it's judged to need some spicing up?

    Horrid images, horrid story, horrid all around.


  2. So, NOW she worries about the idea of Madeleine being in the hands of a paedo...WHAT happened to the "there's no evidence she has come to any harm"???
    Didn't she and her husband repeat that mantra over and over again? So, NOW they realize that being kidnapped by a paedophile is coming to harm?!

  3. Tex,
    Your article is very well put together, and you are quite right there is currently too much 'clutter' around for people to 'see the wood for the trees'.

    From what I've read about Kate's book it appears to be aimed at people who have been involved in abuse due to the graphic detail, aiming for the sympathy vote.

    Kate appears oblivious to the true opinions of the public, that she is responsible for the situation she now finds herself in, she is seen as a bad mother and a greedy controlling individual. The book should now lead to the re-opening of the case, if events are allowed to follow their natural course especially after this media blitz.
    Great forum Textusa et al love reading it everyday.

  4. Pelo o que aqui leio, noto que a .... nem sei como a designar... aquele ser abjecto agora descreve pornografia??????

    E que que o livro seja lido por Crianças? E, aqui, na página da feira do livro, aparece o livro em apoio escolar ??????

    MADELEINE | 9789892314075 | KATE McCANN
    Localização na Feira: C41

    Asco......... muito asco.

    eu, enojada.

  5. Textusa

    Yes - I agree with what you say. It is quite extraordinary how much furore has been started - but this is what they wanted.

    This pre-occupation the pasedophile sis very strange and why the graphic description of her visions of her daughter.

  6. No problems getting on the comments box, as reported on Joana Morais site! The book extracts are proving to be very telling.

  7. From the Telegraph article by By Cassandra Jardine.

    Where can we find this piece of information written ANYWHERE that the children were being left alone? What a ridiculous thing to say that whoever took dinner bookings would also write down the children were going to be left alone. This is pathetic journalism to the extent she could have been paid by team Mc to spread the latest theory.

    "Despite the fine-tooth comb applied to the evidence four years ago by the press, if not the police, fascinating new details emerge from her account. One that made me shudder was that the nine adults in the McCanns’ party block-booked the restaurant near their apartments because it was so close to their sleeping children. Very sensible. But anyone looking for an unattended child could have known this, because a thoughtless member of staff wrote down both the booking, and the reason for it, on a desk at the pool reception, where it could have been easily observed by a paedophile on the lookout for unattended children".

  8. Dear Text,

    As regards the falsified Tapas reservation pages we now know from the Good Book what happened:

    of course the originals were torn out, because they contained the stupid stupid information that the Tapas group were seated where they were because their children were to be left unattended for the whole week.

    And after the originals, with the stupid remarks written on them were gone, someone supplied the new ones, which we have all been dissecting for the past two months now.

    So, Text, you were right all along, and striking very close to an unpallatable truth: that the childneglect was premeditated by the perpetrators, that is was discussed amongst tham in advance, that it was announced to Mark Warner in advance, and that apparently for MW this was such a normal event that thy thought nothing of publishing the infamous seating plan openly, for all to see.

    Or did they?

    And where are the originals; with Kate to beef up her story, which she may well be called upon to do as soon as Mark Warners gets its act together and requests for hard evidence of their carelessness?

    And if with Kate; then who filled out the falsies?

    Curiouser and curiouser!

    Ill wonder so much sleep is lost at nights.



    But where does that leave poor Maddie?

  9. It is amazing watching the revelations Kate made on her book. Today, about Madeleine saying at breakfast" Why you didn't come yesterday when Sean and I cry?" Kate said, she and Gerry asked Madeleine when the cry happened, at the bath or in the bed? That means none of the two parents bath the childs, then somebody else have done it. Somebody was on the flat. They were not alone, is the only conclusion to take from her sliping words. Cannot be the abductor bathing the kids and if she or Gerry bath them, she must know that the hipothetic cry could not be related with bath.
    I believe, you are on the right track Textusa. No negligence, no dinner in the Tapas.

  10. Yes Textusa you are correct in your analysis as above posters have mentioned, you are ahead of the mccanns, whilst the rest of the internet is buzzing with what Kate said in her book etc etc, you have watched and listened as you do. You were so right about the neglect being invented and the odd seating in Tapas and booking sheets.
    We eagerly await your next post.
    Well done Textusa team.



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