Saturday, 14 May 2011

CONTROL Calling Maddie, Over...

As one of our readers pointed out, according to The Sun a “Labour peer” has branded the Met Maddie case review a waste of money.

The “Labour peer” is none other than Lord Harris, a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority.

No10 has hit back saying that it was “made "a request, not a direction" for a review.

The Met confirmed, through Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson that it “was asked, not told, to provide expertise”.

If I were the PM, I knew what I would do. I would contact CONTROL and dispatch at once Agents 86 (Maxwell Smart) and 99 right down to the Algarve, where Edgar has spotted the lair where the KAOS HQ is located, and free Maddie to the glory of all.

Even a world respected and renown institution such as the Scotland Yard, had to be dragged into this mess…


  1. There are already conflicting stories about the Met and Portuguese police not knowing anything about this review then we get it's led by the Portuguese to they alone have the right to investigate.

    I thought the Mcs would be dancing in the streets after hearing this news but all we get from them is "it's a step in the right direction". What do they want exactly? Obviously not the Portuguese to re-open the case that is certain.

    If they are showing signs of not being too happy about the Net review then maybe they are anticipating it may go against them. My concern was the announcement had various functions. Possibly the first on the agenda was to shut these odious people up, then to cover up any involvement of people who would be 'embarrassed' if the truth came out.

    I'd like to know what they intend to review and why it could take many years. Can we presume that there is no expectation of 'finding' Maddie in the foreseeable future?

    It's probably presumed that the public will now sit back and let them get on with it and the whole affair will fade into obscurity.

    Well, it won't!


    GA fala e diz.....(vídeo) e transcrição em inglês num blog "perto de si "

    Por outro lado, adianto que o 2º livro sobre o caso já está
    terminado !


  3. The U.K. is being R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S. and made a F.O.O.L. of.

  4. Ms Jones (a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority and the London Assembly)is not happy about the Met police tying up men and resources.

    “It is ludicrous. This could take years and will cost millions. It is very unusual for police to step in like this and it is not an appropriate use of police resources.”

    The fund has burned through £3M and now a further £3.5M to be allocated must make this the most expensive missing person case ever. All without one shred of evidence of an abduction.

    It would be far cheaper for the UK tax payer if the Tapas 9 were given 1st class flights and luxury accommodation in Portugal so they could do a full reconstruction and K McCann could answer those questions.

    I doubt the book will raise much revenue but even that should be donated to the authorities. Or maybe the McCanns are putting that to one side to pay Mr Amaral's costs?

    I keep thinking of the saying 'be careful what you wish for' and wonder if the McCanns are thinking the same now.

    How do they extricate themselves from co-operating in this review if they are asked. I can't believe the Met police will allow themselves to be seen as 'bumbling sandwich munchers' who cannot find any new evidence.

  5. Anon May 15 2011 11.34 AM

    Agree with your post entirely.

    £3.5 million as opposed to the price of a First Class Stamp. It will go down as the most expensive "request for a review" ever.

    The only thing I would doubt is that will they will have no problem extricating themselves from co-operating - their protection will be assured as it always has.

  6. David Cameron should have requested the re-opening of the case from Portugal and been kept up to date with the progress.
    The Portuguese were hampered in the original investigation but they are certainly not 'bumbling detectives' they should be given full co-operation from the British Police with regard to records of the mccanns etc.
    There is no need for this review to cost 3.5 million that is ridiculous.
    We are all aware of the duplicity of the mccanns, they should be made aware that royalies from the book sale should go towards the proper investigation. They expect the public to pay for everything, not once have they put their hands in their pockets, they could have downsized their property and raised funds, what happened to all the previous money donated to the fund and the 'on-line' store money.
    The mccanns financial situation should be thoroughly investigated, for some reason editors and journalists seem afraid to print anything negative about them, which I find quite baffling under the circumstances.

  7. Kate, the Liar, using her book and the Media to pass a sensistive message to the OC workers: Shut-up and be quite or you will be dragged in, not because you helped covering up our backs but because you helped the abductor and the abduction to happen.
    Which other conclusion can we imply from her new ????REVELATION??? about "booking the Tapas dinner at the Swimming pool and informing them about the Kids being alone in the flat at night? The message was already picked up by some in UK who defend the reconstruction of the night but highlighted the existence of a note in the Register book, at the OC, where a worker write that the kids were alone.
    For me is totally new that information. Coming from the fingers of a Liar, I read it with MANY, MANY?????? Specially when the so Called British experts said that PJ dismissed such note. If the note has the same accuracy as the Tapas dinner list, I can imagine who could be the author of the note. Most probably, who could use it now for her own profite.
    That is the payment, Kate can offer to the OC workers, who helped them. "Be quite, You know we know, you were involved in covering us. We can change the truth and put you exactely in the middle of the Vulcano."
    The game is reaching an hot point. Cameron request could have a double face. PJ can keep their dignity and say to Mr. cameron "stop the interferences and just handover to us the information we need and we request and was hold in Uk. We know how to solve this. The picture was quite clear. Stop the Circus".
    I really want to buy and read the new Amaral book, to see if he says something about the fresh revelations from Kate. For me, the most important revelation I have seen in the Sun serialization, was Kate and gerry asking madeleine if she and Sean cried on the bath or on the bed( about the crying epysode at breakfast). A 3 years old did not bath herself. To make such question, means somebody( not the parents) was bathing the kids that night. Then they were not alone night after night, like they said to the police.

  8. The mccanns invented the neglegence to cover for what really happened to Madeleine.
    The tapas dinners and all the inconsistencies need investigating, who was where etc.
    Why did Payne need to visit Kate early evening, he was going to see her later than evening at dinner, so why the extra visit?
    When Gerry made the excuse that he had hurt his foot whilst playing tennis and did not play that afternoon what did he really do was that why Payne went to see him later on tennis courts.
    There are so many lies amongst this group they should all be made to do a reconstruction then the police would see Jane Tanner's 'abductor' for what it is pure fabrication, like all of their stories just lies and more lies,and now we have the fairytale book of lies.

  9. I wonder if Ben Needham's family will get the same support.

  10. When you get an hour to spare this is a 'must watch' programme.

    Not available in my area (Portugal).

  12. The mccanns wanted the government to do nothing then they could play the sympathy card saying no one is interested, no police force is looking for madeleine, we asked but no one responded and now we need your money urgently etc, but Cameron has intervened I do not think Mccanns are happy about this next we could have the official re-opening it is moving closer, not everybody is corrupt in the police force and now we will see results. I know some people are sceptical about this review but I believe its going to prove the mccanns guilt, because the mccanns through their greed of money have made madeleine iconic.
    Justice for Maddie.


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