Saturday, 26 February 2011

A Warning from a Friend (via mail)

Dear Textusa 

I often visit your blog to read the latest information on the mccanns ( I never bother to write their name in capital letters), and this time everything, the whole page, is blocked by someone advertising a domain name, someone sabotaging your page!! 

Hope this returns back to normal soon for your sake and ours! as reading the information often gives one a better picture of the little game these people are playing. 

Kind Regards,
My comment: My friends, all efforts against this blog are more telling than ALL words we may here ever write.

Update on 28Feb: 

Some readers have reported, offline, that the blog appears as normal as it has always has, and according to them, there's been no hacking to the blog.

The information that confirms what this reader has told us is from the MMF, where, apparently in some people's PC's a frog (apparentky a software program called ICECUP) appears. 

Some have even suggested that we take off any reference to hacking issues in case anyone is put off from posting. 

We trust our readers, we trust on their willingness to find the truth and on their willingness to cooperate with us in our efforts to find it. 

Besides that, Insane has made one of her typical comments, this one too good to let it pass by, so, exceptionally, 

I've published it here.


  1. I'm not good with computers/Internet but since Insane start posting regularly and insulting Textusa, I noticed a strange behaviour on the comments window and I highlighted that. A virus or a hacker? Textusa really touch the nerve of that person.

  2. In my experience when people attempt to sabotage things its usually because they are 'worried' about them, or in competition with them. I find your blog truthful and we can express ourselves, so if someone is trying to 'sabotage' it, it because you have perhaps 'hit a raw nerve' or 'get too close to the truth.

    Carry on the great work Tex

  3. Costuma dizer-se que os gatos quando estao 'encurralados' batem com a cabeca nas paredes. A reaccao que um/a certo/a bloger tem demonstrado aqui, e a de um animal encurralado.

  4. I dear Insane,
    You fill my day with posts you endorsed to some bloggers here. Desperation my dear. Nobody stops your posts, they are fully available at the trash can( where they really belong) and you still running away from all posts that connect you with Kate or the Mccann's. You really waste a lot of your time getting angry with something that 'according to you, have nothing to do with you'. You lie, my dear. If what we defend here did not touch your life, you will make your point of view without insults and without exposing yourself. You run on the mud, caught by your own words.
    You know, you have seen other mothers, other people in holidays in PDL and Algarve, Fiona was not dressed to go or come back from the beach. And she don't have to. After all, the weather was miserable that week for... beach or water sports. God and the nature could not be manipulated and they never lie.
    Even a Posh knows which clothes are suitable for a beach with babies. Fiona's were not. She was ready to go somewhere, maybe with who is absent on the picture. She seems to be more close to that couple then to the others. My dear, who follow Kate to Lisbon and stayed with her when Gerry came back? Why Kate need to stay with Fiona? Why they insist in treating Kate like a menthal ill unnable to answer questions without asking the permission from her husband, unnable to stay alone in Portugal. What was Fiona controling and why?
    What have you to tell us, dear insane, about the Chaplins (bar), the Hubbards and the guy who hand the keys from the Church? What kind of businness were going on inside the Church?

  5. No peace to rest dear Kate and Gerry- The first suspect on Rui Pedro murder was arrested, 13 years after. PJ went back to the first 48th hours after he being missing, trough a reconstruction of the last events AND THE FIRST SUSPECT, WHO REMAINED THE ONLY ONE, DURING THOSE 13 YEARS WAS CHARGED WITH MURDER.
    Kate, you can write millions of books, play trillions of movies... that will just enlarge the amount of people who will be aware of your lies. You will remain the FIRST SUSPECT.... CHARGED WITH MURDER SOON OR LATER. Nobody can change the destinny. THE FACTS are TALKING.

  6. Another great post from Dr. Martin Roberts at Mccannfiles- "SO, TALK ME THROUGH IT"

    Don't bump your head dear, Insane, more people believe "who stated for the police, regarding Madeleine issue, lies and still lying".

  7. Anon 4.47 - great post I never thought about her clothes not being suitable for the beach but you are right, not the sort of clothes for sitting in the damp sand!! I wonder if Fiona put Payne up to lying about visiting Kate, because it definitely is a lie, Madeleine was probably already dead by then.
    Also Gerry was supposed to have been playing tennis for hours on 3rd, but if he was so worried about Kate he would not have played for so long he himself would have checked on her.
    All those deleted phone messages on their mobiles, they are so guilty why does someone not take charge and re-investigate this case.

  8. Morning, brain donors.

    I see you have all had your daily allocation of paranoia pills.

    Here's a question for you - how come the police in Portugal didn't cotton on to any of this, eh? They were actually there, took statements from the Tapas bar workers and many holidaymakers - yet they seem to have believed them, when they said the McCanns dined in the Tapas. After all, they also had the reservation sheets and access to the bills for additional drinks which had been rung through - but you prefer to believe Textusa's version based on her claims about the table in a restaurant she has never seen, and a load of half-baked claptrap about the restaurant not being open for business at all.

    Now she has turned her rabid attentions to the choice of clothing Fiona Payne adopted for a visit to the beach with her children. They look like perfectly normal holiday clothes to me, but then I am still in possession of my marbles.

    So what Textusa is really telling you, her merry bunch of thickos, is that the PJ and Sr Amaral got it all wrong. They went to that restaurant, spoke to all the staff and took their statements, and never once realised that they were being had. Then they did the same with the holidaymakers - and were had by all of them. And of course don't forget that Mrs Fenn must have taken them for a load of idiots too, if Textusa is to be believed.

    Now she is telling you that the PJ are too thick to realise that although the tapas group were dressed for a stroll on the beach with the kids, Fiona seems to have turned up dressed for the Hunt Ball, or perhaps a night at the opera. Perhaps they didn't realise because, to them, a summer skirt and top seems perfectly appropriate garb for the beach.

    I see Textusa has already had to backtrack on this once - believe me, she will cling on like a drowning woman to a piece of flotsam to the remaining shreds of her lunatic theory

    Oh incidentally - did Textusa mention that prior to the statements being taken from the tapas workers, the PJ had actually gone to the restaurant the day after Madeleine's disappearance, and taken a brief statement from the staff who were there, contacted by phone the ones who weren't? Their versions of events did not change between then and when they gave their formal statements. But were Textusa to be correct, they had all been contacted, as had all the holidaymakers and all leant on to give the same version of events. Namely that they observed the McCanns and their friends dining at the Tapas.

    Well isn't that amazing? Not even 24 hours had gone by, and already Mark Warners were involved in a huge cover up, and had all the workers and guests singing from the same hymn sheet. And the police never realised.

    Now can you understand how utterly ridiculous Textusa's claims are? Not only do they require the swiftly organised co-operation of a large number of workers, who would all go on to sing from the same hymn sheet, but also the complete agreement of every holidaymaker who had dined there too - amazingly organised overnight by the MW staff. When they weren't out all night searching for Maddy, of course. And all to help a group of people to whom they had no previous connection (Awaits usual thicko response - ''how do you know they weren't connected?'')Oh, and a police force who were too thick to get it

    Because if you can't, it really does illustrate why I refer to you all as brain donors.

  9. Aqui, alguém afirma que a P.J. e o Coordenador fizeram tudo mal !

    Espantoso ! Amazing !

    Eles cumpriram o que lhes foi exigido pela circunstância de um desaparecimento . Mas, à medida que avançavam , encontraram mais hipóteses , as quais jamais foram colocadas de parte. A seguir temos sa tristes ingerências de tudo que tinha dinheiro e poder político. Não deixaram que a Investigação chegasse a bom termo.

    Há muitos factos desconhecidos do público e, não vejo onde vem mal ao mundo que esta Equipa neste Blog tente pensar e analisar, criar hipóteses e confirmar.

    Parece é que tal como a Investigação da P.J. de Portimão assustou e assusta, também esta investigação aqui, assusta cada vez mais.
    Há blogueres com opiniões diferentes e não me parece que estejam a ser atacados.

    Bom, uns foram : a Gazeta do P.Reis e as ameaças a J.Morais. Mas têm mantido um certo afastamento.

    Agora, procuram que isso aconteça aqui ? Só pode ser motivado pelo terror da verdade à luz do dia.

    Não sabia que era proibido pensar:


    Nem é proibido pensar, nem é proibido escrever sobre uma Investigação.

    Gostava que GA aqui viesse ler . Poderei estar enganada mas talvez ele aprecie quem continue o que lhe foi proibido acabar.

    Boa sorte e muita paciência para Text. e Equipa.

    (GA e toda a Equipa também é constantemente atacada , ainda hoje, passados 4 anos )

  10. Anon at 10.26; firstly I would like to say we feel Textusa does a very good job here she is very analytical in her research.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing and as we all know now, the Mccanns are heavily involved in the disappearance of their daughter.

    Due to the secrecy laws in Portugal the Mccanns were able to manipulate this by claiming they were not allowed to speak about the investigation, but they fed the media the abduction theory which sold newspapers. Sadly at this point something should have been done, Portugese police were aware of facts we were not, we were told shutters were jemmied, when they were not, we did not about Kate and Gerry deleting phone messages. Indescrepancies in statements, we knew nothing of what was really happening, in fact the Mccanns had the time to put forward their ridiculous theory and NO OTHER theory was ever presented to us. Now we know different.

    With all these loose ends the British Police and Portuguese police could request the re-opening of the case. What pride can they take in their jobs when justice is never done and people are shouting out for the case to be re-opened.

    Look at the injustice the Mccanns have heaped on Sr Amarel because he dared to speak the truth, the mccanns are pure evil they even denied their daughter a proper burial.

  11. Anon 4.47 - If the Mccanns were innocent why did they ever need to start the 'fighting fund' not the sort of behaviour you would expect from innocent, distraught parents is it.

  12. Insane,

    When you ask "did Textusa mention that prior to the statements being taken from the tapas workers, the PJ had actually gone to the restaurant the day after Madeleine's disappearance, and taken a brief statement from the staff who were there, contacted by phone the ones who weren't?" I'm supposing that you're talking about 4 or 5 people of the Tapas Bar, that, by coincidence "parrot" that the Tapas were a group of "about 8 or 9"? And that in this little group is Mr Salcedas?

    So ell isn't that amazing? That you find difficult to have in less than 24 hours, 4 or 5 Mark Warners workers at Tapas involved in a cover up, (and not all workers and guests in those first 24 hours)and singing from the same hymn sheet?

    Oh, Mrs Fenn's first 24 hours went up to late August, after the The Sun interviewed her.

    Do not distort facts. It's causing the opposite effect you wish to achieve. The insulting also.

  13. Tex, have you considered that these "friendly warnings" are just a "friendly" way of scaring people away from your blog? These people are capable of everything.

  14. Insane (and all other offensive posters),

    I regret to inform you that trash can is now full and that you haven't got the time, or will, to keep emptying it.

    Any second wasted with you is a minute wasted.

    Using this blog to advance your own case is pointless when you have what appears to be a secret blog.

    Suggest you open it up to the public and continue with the swearing and name calling there.

    Obviously, spending so much time and energy on a blog written by intellectually less-gifted people cannot be good for your mental health and we make this decision with their welfare at heart.

    Civilised posters with relevant questions and suggestions still welcome.

    The Bronte-Cohen Sisters


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