Monday, 31 January 2011

When Nations Lie to Their Citizens

For some, the possibility for a WHOLE Nation’s Judicial System of a to be an active part of an HOAX is just not feasible.

To those, I would like to refresh their memory of a memorable episode of human history, in which this did happen, and it was not such a long time ago, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

This post is NOT about the assassination itself, but to illustrate that when the “Establishment” decides that its citizens are not worthy of handling the truth, it will stop at nothing to hide the truth from them.

Not even reason or common sense will be an obstacle.

So I ask you to please abstain from commenting about anything related with JFK, or with the characterization of a conspiracy behind the demise of the historical character. This blog is about the Maddie McCann Affair and will remain as such.

About JFK’s assassination, today it’s quite clear why the “single shooter” theory had to be the ONLY OFFICIAL version,

If just one other human being was involved, that would mean that some sort of conspiracy took place. The greater the number of it’s participants the greater the complexity of planning and execution. A lot of explaining to do when there was no want to give any sort explanation. It just HAD to be a lonesome act of a deranged individual.

To come up with its “single-shooter” thesis, the “Establishment” had the following limitations, which couldn’t be ignored:

First, the time, 6 to 8 seconds, which the vehicle was on the Dealy Plaza and remained as a possible target after that first shot.

Second, it was the fact that two shots were seen, by witnesses, having missed the Presidential car. This obviously meant that it was a third shot that killed JFK. Three shots that HAD to be explained.

Third, both the President and Governor Connally were physically wounded, and if two shots missed the car, then ONLY a SINGLE shot did all the damage on the bodies of these two individuals.

Fourth, the gun found, and filmed being found, was NOT an automatic rifle. It had to be MANUALLY reloaded.

These were the ingredients, and this was the recipe, according to Wikipedia:  

“According to the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee on Assassinations, as President Kennedy waved to the crowds on his right with his right arm upraised on the side of the limo, a shot entered his upper back, penetrated his neck, slightly damaged a spinal vertebra and the top of his right lung, exited his throat nearly centerline just beneath his Adam's apple, then nicked the left side of his suit tie knot. He then raised his elbows and clenched his fists in front of his face and neck, then leaned forward and towards his left (…). Governor Connally also reacted after the same bullet penetrated his back creating an oval entry wound, impacted and destroyed four inches of his right, fifth rib bone, exited his chest just below his right nipple creating a two-and-a-half inch oval sucking-air chest wound, then entered just above his right wrist, impacted and cleanly fractured his right wrist bone, exited just below the wrist at the inner side of his right palm, and entered his left inner thigh.”

If you want to entertain yourself with the all the intricate physical impossibilities of the “magical bullet” do go and read Wikipedia, but it doesn’t take a too bright mind to see immediately this thesis makes no sense at all

Let’s overlook the near physical impossibility to reload MANUALLY the rifle, fixate it to one’s shoulder to absorb the recoil, find the target and aim, in 6 to 8 seconds, not once, but twice to press the trigger to shoot thrice.

Let’s also overlook the odds required for someone who appears not to be a sharpshooter, after all he did miss, by yards, the first shot, and then misses the second shot, also by yards) to, under the pressure of having to fire against a disappearing target, have the luck of a hitting the target dead centre on the third shot.

Let’s suppose he got it right on the first shot, and then shot the other two just for fun’s sake. I want you to concentrate on the “magical bullet”, that, much like the McCann window, is completely impossible to have done what is said OFFICIALLY to have achieved.

Either the bullet had enough speed and the path going through the President’s body and would have been dead straight, regardless of bone found ahead, but then couldn’t have done all the zigzagging it seems to have done; or it was losing speed and did ricochet off the spine of the victim, but then wouldn’t have enough power to penetrate Connally’s body, much less end up in his leg after a grand tour around his body.

It either had the speed and couldn’t, or it didn’t have the speed and couldn’t also.

Simple and undeniable logic.

And once it’s blatantly false how it “entered” Connally’s body, any discussion involving what it did there, is futile, unnecessary and even ridiculous.

However, no matter how ridiculous it was, it stood as the OFFICIAL VERSION of FACT.

And as it was the OFFICIAL VERSION, it was (is?) the LEGITIMATE FACT of what happened.

False, but LEGITIMATE.

 The WHOLE AMERICAN JUDICIAL SYSTEM, for whatever reason, embarked on this farce.

And 20% of the Americans, it seems, believed it to be true: “The ten-month investigation of the Warren Commission of 1963–1964, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) of 1976–1979, and other government investigations concluded that the President was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was murdered by Jack Ruby before he could stand trial. This conclusion was initially met with support among the American public; however, polls conducted from 1966 to 2004 concluded approximately 80 percent of the American public have held beliefs contrary to these findings. “

Now, this was the assassination of the President of the world’s most powerful Nation about to embark on the unfortunate and EXPENSIVE Vietnam experience, which he supposedly opposed, so we can “understand” what was at stake.

But 44 years later, we seem to be witnessing a similar phenomenon. With an English couple on holiday. With friends. In a quaint little village in Portugal.

Back to the “magical bullet”, as I’ve said, it’s irrelevant to discuss what was said that the bullet did.

But the FACT that someone DID SAY it did what we know it didn't do deserves certainly an analysis.

And if that “someone” has the power to pronounce what is and what is not “LEGITIMATE FACT", than THAT analysis is no longer deserved, but MANDATORY.

Not on this forum, because, this, as was said, is about Maddie McCann’s death.

But a parallel can be established, besides the one already mentioned about the blatant interventions of entire National Judicial Systems, and that is what is RELEVANT to be discussed at this stage.

The whole discussion about if the McCanns, used here in broad sense, and getting broader by the day, “perhaps” did or not do it is OVER.

It's has been so repetitive that it has become tiresome to read about it (which is exactly what the Black Hats want you to feel). The McCanns “did it”.

But, likewise with the “magical bullet” we’ve been mislead by the OFFICIAL Judicial System on what the “McCann bullet” effectively did.

We know for certain that it wasn’t what they said they did.

So we have to uncover, and determine what that “McCann bullet” REALLY did do, and that can only be done by fully understanding what was the reason behind each lie.


  1. I do hope that the Madeleine case will be solved unlike Kennedy, Maralyn Munrowe and so many others that are always surrounded by conspiracies.
    The Maddie case is only 3 years old and quite obviously needs to be re-examined and re-opened. Perhaps there are people who regret what they initially said but are afraid to speak the truth for fear of the consequencies.
    The mccanns have a lot to answer to, and one day they will be brought to justice, sooner or later.
    Well done Textusa we are with you all the way. Justice for Maddie

  2. 'Abductors' like bullets, also seem to be able to go in different directions and take a strange trajectory to get to an end point!

    By comparison to the Kennedy cover-up the McCann cover up is a minor event.

    We have D notices and media black-outs as well as media distortion and bias so how does the general public form an opinion? The answer is to read all the available information and form a rational opinion on what is possible, what is distortion and what is feasible while taking into account who will be damaged by disclosure of the facts.

    There is conspiracy and there are conspiracy theories and in the McCann case the theories are offered to try to understand the conspiracy, as there obviously is one.

    The PJ files can be read and common sense tells us that people are lying in their statements because so many facts are contradicted and it's not because people see events differently which is the usual excuse. It's people changing their statements and often after referring to the statements of other witnesses. Jane Tanner is the worst offender and we can shout in anger when we read what she says but who listens? Who is able to challenge such nonsense?

    There was a huge fund of dollars to keep the Kennedy debacle from being challenged but the Mcfund is running dry so they can no longer afford to challenge the non-believers.

    If their book is ever published we will, no doubt, be offered even more clutter to send people off on another trail.

  3. Very well said Textusa.

    Let's focus ourselves on who did it, how was done, was a involuntary or premeditated action or was a consequence of a violent move;

    Who knew immediately and who was in the best position to offer a proper and fast help (this makes me think about an inside job/help).

    What was done after the accident. Where was she kept, was Gerry the guy who took her there or he just got out only once to have little walk and be seen with Jane's Tanner daughter in arms?

    And where is Madeleine last address. Did they brought her home or is she still there? There is a grave or did they use a crematory.

    Who's the man with a iron box of ashes that said "Now I'll take care of her, I'm the father, the mother..." or is just my imagination playing around with me....?

    We have not a single bloody idea of what we're going to discover here, but I can tell you in advance: IT'S DIRTY!

  4. The UK kills off investigations if it is politically expedient to do so. Guardian's David Leigh Feb 1st
    "In 2008, the OECD's bribery working party conducted a critical inspection of the UK, following the enforced closedown of criminal investigations against the arms company BAE under political pressure from Tony Blair.... The OECD is threatening to blacklist UK the light of continued lack of compliance with international law"

  5. Textusa

    Ah! You have done what I had hoped you would do. You have asked the dreaded question!

    Conspiracy ?

    It matters not how much we repeat and/or question what happened to Madeleine McCann - because the PEOPLE behind this conspiracy don't want it investigated.

    I don't think the issue is money either.

    No one has the power to unravel why no investigation will proceed. And I think it's obvious who they are.

  6. When it comes to Justice, as George Orwell said, ALL animals are equal, it just happens that some are MORE EQUAL than others.

  7. Anon
    Feb 1, 2011 12:33:00 PM

    Could you clarify, if you can your "Who's the man with a iron box of ashes that said "Now I'll take care of her, I'm the father, the mother..." or is just my imagination playing around with me....? " as its the first time I'm hearing it?

    These things tend to stick to one's mind, and if it's, as you say, just your imagination, we certainly do NOT want to linked with a "forum or blog myth" much less start one up.

  8. I don't believe in Conspiracy. Conspiracy is what Mitchell and the Mccann's wanted us to believe. That gave them some power, the power of being connected with people with power to protect them. For that, they use some blogs to defend that idea.
    Very convennient... Somebody spreading a conspiracy theory and their lawyers sending letters to threat people who almost smelled the truth. All working to scare blogs that don't buy the faked abduction and their connection with power.
    Regarding Portugal, is easy to understand why the case was shelved inside a huge innuendo. The portuguese politics and the Mccann's have the same enemy-PJ. Then, whatever can be used to discredit the work of that police is "wellcome". If to discredit it, they can use an external and parallel case, the politics will say "Thank You".
    Trough the mouths of VIP lawyers, Vip personalitys and politics, all connected with PS or PSD partys. Who are the bad guys in Freeport, Face Oculta, Casa Pia, Leonor Cipriano, etc?- THE INSPECTORS OF PJ, accused of fabricating proves, violation of the judicial secrecy, torture to the victims or the arguidos.
    The attentif public, long ago find the true picture behind all that cases. Mccann's were lucky by doing what they have done under that weather.
    The weather is instable and could change. The new generation is tired of so many lies. A shelved crime that remain with two main suspects after 4 years, is not a closed door. In fact is a semi-open and could be fully openned one day. Probably much sooner then what they are aspecting. let the book come out and be burnned in the streets or covered by dust and spider webs on the shop shelves. It is hard to hide the truth. Portugal is not the USA and the Mccann's are far from being important personalitys in UK. An ordinary group that went to PDL for cheap swing holidays, manage to fool the young C. Ronaldo and Beckman and many other personalitys with help of the Media. The Media that saw on the case an opportunity to save their summer with a novelle payed by their readers in real time. The girl, the victim?.... who cares? What is important, is the publicity and the easy cash that Madeleine representes for the Media of 5 continents.

  9. We should pay attention to some words that slip from the mouths of people who knows more then us and from the statement of the only witness I believe did not lie- Silvia Baptista.
    Mitchell on his last interviews came with a fantastic word- PLAN. Planned by a guy many weeks ahead, in the small PDL where all the residents know each other, were the amount of foreigners is low due to the season of the year. A plan to target a child who the guy don't even know if will ever appear in PDL and by very little chance will be a tennant of the 5A. In the middle of all that "X" and "Y" and "???" is the rat who tried hard before to discredit with ridiculous sentences, what the most significant the investigation bring to day light. The PLAN, a very interesting word slipering from Mitchell mouth in two interviews where is big purpose was to pass once again the vitimization of his employers and their businness- donations or buyers for their book.(CONT)

  10. CONT:
    On the other hand, we have Olegario de Sousa ( PJ Spoke Person) delivering to the Media when the Mccann's were on the way to be made arguidos, such sentences:" Whatever hapenned inside the 5A was dramatic for who live it" ( death was on top of the table) and he carry on with: " The crime was planned in UK. The all crime was english". Then, like Mitchell, Pj believes at some point that there was a PLAN. For Mitchell, done by a Egg man, a Creepy Man or the guy he tried hard to stick with crime, Hewlett. For PJ, done by who remain the only suspects in the crime-the arguidos, with their status leaft without being declared innocents.(CONT)

  11. CONT:

    On top of that, we have the statement of Silvia Baptista, the only witness I believe did not lie that night to the police.
    She arrives to the crime scene immediately after Kate raised the alarm and few minutes before GNR. She went to the crime scene and trough her statement we can imply that Gerry was all the time around her. She suspected the all story and pointed many interesting behaviour from Gerry, Kate and their friends on that night. But I want just to foccus on something that I find odd when it came first time to public knowledge- the 4 pictures of Madeleine, all the same, all printed in professional paper, postal card size , all delivered to GNR by Gerry hands when GNR arrived. I think those pictures are the same they delivered to the media with Madeleine angelical face and clear showing the coloboma.
    No matter where this pictures were printed, if from a Nanny printer or from UK, they were ready to be delivered to GNR when the alarm was raised. That bring all the saga in to a "BAG PLAN". Kate alarm must be planned and not the result of a coincidental and accidental check on the flat and the childs. G.A. wrote on his book how odd and well tide were the documents, the wallets, the Mccann's personal belongs inside the flat when GNR arrived. He provide pictures showing that. That pictures are one more point against the abduction theory. The abductor went on the flat, stole the girl, leaving her passport, which was easy to catch, behind. On the way, he had to fly ( with girl on his hands) over two baby cottes that were in the middle of the room making his job too hard.
    The 4 pictures with a professional touch showing one Madeleine much younger and much beautiful then she really was ( we can clear confirm that trough other normal pictures, for ex, the one where she was wearing a football kit). That photos could be manipulated in propose to captivate the public and to show a defect on her eye that could be so fake as her abduction.
    Madeleine could be far from the perfect child they want the public to believe. The stars on the fridge show hard nights. Kate diary show trouble relations with childs. Kate lost her mind or was everything planned before and done on the last day of their holidays? There was definetly a plan... from UK or from PDL. The alarm was raised as part of the plan. The 4 pictures and Madeleine activity book showing on the cover a timetable of events, were just some of the evidences to add to the forensic evidences scented by the dogs.

  12. I also never heard about the Iron Box with ashes inside. But don't surprise me if is true.
    Many people know much more then us. Many people know the truth but still wearing their coward suit, seating aside, letting the charade going on and the little girl being mocked by who fail completely to protect her rights when she was alive and since May 2007 until now.
    For a good reason she was made WOC.

  13. Anon
    Feb 1, 2011 12:33:00 PM

    I may be wrong but is this poster referring to Homer, The Iliad ?

  14. Brilliant site Tex - thanks for all your hard work.
    Justice for Maddie

  15. Answer to:"Who's the man with a iron box of ashes that said "Now I'll take care of her, I'm the father, the mother..." or is just my imagination playing around with me....?

    Long time ago I've tried to make a meeting about parents responsibilities regarding kids security. I Spanish woman told me that she had a dream about the little girl, she was laid down on a table and there was a man dressed like a priest with the above dialog... later she saw a man carrying a iron box maybe with ashes... well this was long ago, in fact was on 2007, much time before some start thinking in a crematory possibility. Sorry I confused you but that woman for some reason told me a few things that now make me more sense than in the past.

    Sorry... I'll keep this extras for myself in the future. I should only talk about facts. Sorry.

  16. I don't think there was a plan before Madeleine death. I think there was a plan designed in England to control damages. I just did linked the connections yet! Must be something big, you don't have Mitchell as an employee just because you want to... there's much here than we think! But remember, not that much.

    There are here two things that are not ok: too little time to arrange everything in the local. If they have internal help, the accident may has happened one day earlier (2nd May);

    Or they had no internal help, they just manage to jump difficulties as they came, one by one with a tremendous lucky and the accident may has happened one day earlier again...

    I thought about a crematory but truly was to much even for McCanns. There are no perfect crimes and she must still somewhere in Algarve or she is already in England.

    The worse problem for a think like this is that a secret is not a secret one there are more than one in this story. Here, they're too many hiding what has really happened ans people change, life makes people thinking differently as time went on, nothing is absolutely safe.

  17. I was on the news today(portuguese media) that a portuguese man who was living and working in Switzerland decided to come to Portugal and surrender himself to the police for a crime he commited 5 years ago. He had murdered another man and had concealed the body and no one ever suspected him. The victim, who has been in the "missing" list for the past 5 years, was his partner's ex-husband, but the lady still had some intimate "meetings" with the man and one day he caught them "in the act". In revenge he killed his rival and buried the body in some woodlands. It seems the woman witnessed the whole thing but remained silent.
    He went to live in Switzerland and could have gone as if nothing had happened, no one suspected him, the police was not looking for him, so, what made him
    come back and confess after 5 years? Apparently, a guilty conscience, a heavy heart...a burden that got heavier by the day.
    So, it can and does happen, people repent, they cannot keep up the farse any longer...hopefully it will also be the case for anyone among those involved in Madeleine's case.

  18. Why Mitchell came to that saga is quite clear. From the book "A culpa dos Mccann" wrote by Manuel Catarino, an important journalist from Correio da Manha, my translation(pag 22,23,24-port.edition):

    "Away from the mess,.... Alipio Ribeiro was dinning with friends in a Lisbon Restaurant ( night of May 3, 2007) 11:30 is official mobile( a number known by few people) rang on his pocket... at that time trough that number, only could be a serious case. He answer the call... on the other side was the British Ambassador in Lisbon, Jon Buck. The two mans did not know each other. The Diplomat told the National PJ director that a British girl with 4 years old was abducted from a resort in Algarve near Lagos- He offered all the colaboration from the British authorities....
    The British Ambassador knows well all the dark corridors of the British power. He had been the Director, in London, of the Media Monitoring Unit- a department not well known but very important for the British government: has antennas all over the world to hear, see, read and collect all the news that could be important for the British best interests.... People working there have an impressionant contact agenda, unique information .... that gave them power. When Maddie disappeared, the Director of that department was Clarence Mitchell- The man who the British government is going to send to Algarve to help the Mccann's".

    I think the Mccann's manage to foolish the British Ambassador who, without analising well the situation, contacted the British government in a hurry. The British government looking for some fresh air to calm down their errors in Iraq, look at that case as an opportunnity to reconciliate with public opinion and distract the attention of the Media from what was at the time their big problem- The Iraq Invasion. I believe, they believe on an abduction and were waiting for the abductor to ask a ramson that they can negociate with portuguese government as the front face of the investigation. Soon they realised that they were foolish by a group of doctors that lied in all statements but because they already settle a huge machine to help them, was too late to jump out. Will be again damages on the image of Tony Blair and his government- another Iraq, another irresponsible attitude from people with power. The solution was jumping on the wagon of the abduction, no matter if was a lie and try to controll everybody that tries to highlight the truth and present another version of the facts. Mccann's were lucky. They really need to pray for their luck.
    The way they raised the alarm and they foolish the British Ambassador, was planned. They spent more time setting that plan then preparing a consistent story to foolish the portuguese police. That can explain the unconsistencies on their statements. They all know the main lie but they failed the details. The police look into the details because that is what is important for an accurate investigation.
    Why J. Buck leave portugal? A serious, independent and good journalist should approach him for a big interview. Maybe we got some light from what he is going to say between lines. I believe he still regretting his irresponsible first decision. Because of it, a little girl still abused by who never care about her. And allot of innocent people was dragged in to the saga by the Mccann's with total impunnity. The same Mccann's who claim and try to threat blogs saying that they damage their image, don't care about the image of all the innocent suspects they already bring in to the front pages of the newspapers from all over the world, as ABDUCTORS, MONSTERS, ETC.

  19. Dear anon at Feb. 2,7:50,

    Without offending you, you remember me a certain bunch of poor journalists that publish some articles based on an "anonymous font", a "font related with investigation", an "unnamed font". And off course you remember me a special rat and his employers that come to the media to credibilise their lies and their fake sights with an " UNNAMED WITNESS".
    At least can you remember that spannish lady who had a very strange dream in 2007 and saw a very strange man carrying a box? Did you repport it to PJ? If not, I'm sorry but I have to add your post to the bag of the same people who came to that blog to distract and spread theories with only one objective- Trying to make us looking in a different direction. Most of us read the files, the books, the newspapers, follow the case since day one. Most of us got already the true picture about what hapenned to Madeleine and the only persons who could be involved. There is no perfect crimes, specially when they are done by amators and a lie will not survive forever, specially in a ERA where Internet connect people around the world in lifetime.

    What an irresponsible attitude: "I'll keep this extras for myself in the future". If you know something that could be important for the investigation, you must contact the police and talk about your suspictions. Is about the police to decide what is important to clarify and solve the case. All information is important until being correctly dismissed.
    We know, there is people living in PDL, in Algarve, In UK, in Neetherlands that know "facts" that could help the investigation. I believe that people follow that case with same interest as us who just got touched by the tragic destiny of a child, that in my case has the age of my son. The case really disturbed my nights at the early days and weeks, because at some point I gave up my doubts and think on the case as an abduction, even with some ???? and I can't imagine the pain of being the mother of an abducted child. I can't imagine my son under the hands of people who I don't know. I resurface my doubts and change my mind when I saw in a hotel in Albufeira, where I was having some holidays, one of the FINDMADELEINE BOXES looking for donations. The recepcionist of the Hotel told my family about the reaction of Gerry when he collect the boxes and there was little donations inside.
    I was very glad when I saw in the portuguese news ( Sol, Correio da Manha, etc) some articles regarding the donation boxes and the anty-feeling of all people who saw them.
    I realise how stupid I was when I cried touched by the drama that I was thinking Kate was living. I put myself under the same situation. Many mothers have done it. We cried.
    Anonymous people and the police were searching their daughter and THEY ARE SPENDING THEIR TIME SOCIALIZING WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS AN SPREADING THE BOXES TROUGH THE HOTELS IN ALGARVE. Money was their main issue. What a shame for who know important facts and did not repport them to the police. They are part of the cover-up and they don't respect the a basic right for all children- JUSTICE.

  20. Anon @ 6.05 - I agree with you I think a lot of people were innocently dragged into this saga especially within the government, Madeleine was on the news 24/7 in every single newspaper every day, celebrities were making appeals, cars had stickers - looking back it was all a very slick PR exercise to push the blame away from the mccanns and make people believe there was an abductor - but now we all know different we have the facts and we know Madeleine died in that apartment and her parents are involved.
    Thanks Tex for your brilliant research and the work that you put into it.

  21. Exactly anon 7.00 Gerry had time to go around the Algarve collecting money boxes but he never bothered to find the time to search for his daughter - these facts that are on the internet should be published in national newspapers these money boxes around the algarve were a disgrace I've read many people commenting about them on other sites but it is never reported in the newspapers or on the news and there are probably other money making schemes that we never knew about.
    This is not just about Maddie its about how two people have been able to manipulate a criminal investigation, make money , write a book and still nothing gets done.
    If people are aware of facts and have information about Mccanns they should come forward and say what they know they would help to put an end to this saga.
    Soon we will have the ridiculous book launch under another blaze of media publicity asking for more donations.

  22. The Donation Boxes were repported in Portuguese Media but that news, as many others, never manage to cross the UK borders.
    If Mccann's want a review of the investigation, those Boxes deserve a Chaptre. I'm really curious to see what Kate is writing about that issue. She will just ignore what almost all people living in Algarve or making holidays there, saw and disagree- THE BOXES TROUGH WHAT THEY START SELLING THEIR DAUGHTER'S DISGRACE. But I will not spend a coin to buy their pile of wasting trees.

  23. As the twins grow older they will start to ask questions and do their own research about what happened to Maddie, so the mccanns are going to have to keep this pretence up for the rest of their lives unless someone breaks their silence and comes forward to tell what really happened that night.
    IMO the guilt will become too great and all will be revealed by a minor player in this saga, but until that day arrives this group of people will search the internet and check newspapers to see what is being written about them and be forever looking over their shoulders, as for Kate and Gerry personally I think they cannot stand one another but are stuck with each other, so perhaps there is such a thing as Karma !!

  24. "Detectives do not believe the theory toddler Kiesha Abrahams was kidnapped from her Sydney home by an intruder."- Source: Mccannfiles

    "Kiesha's mother and stepfather reported her missing from their Mount Druitt home in Sydney's west six months ago on Tuesday.

    Detective Inspector Russell Oxford said blood found in the home matched Keisha's DNA but there was not enough to prove she'd been the victim of violence, ABC News reports.

    Mr Oxford said there was no trace of an intruder and police had almost ruled out the possibility she had been kidnapped.

    "We've almost ruled out an intruder theory because there is a lot of things that you would find difficult [to back up the claim] that in fact an intruder would break in to take a young child," he said.

    "Because you would have thought something would have been heard by the neighbours and even by the parents and the young child sleeping in the next bedroom."

    News Limited reported on Tuesday that police are preparing to tell the coroner they believe the six-year-old was murdered and that they have ruled out all other theories in relation to her disappearance."

    ( That remind me another story... in PDL)

  25. Thanks that the Australian police did not sent the samples of Keysha evidences to the FSS lab in UK.

  26. With the launch of mccanns forthcoming book they will obviously be asking for donations via newspapers and TV media - people who are not aware of the facts will give money in good faith but this is again defrauding the public.
    An examination of the fund, mccanns on-line store and taking part in charity runs and keeping the proceeds needs to be fully investigated. Mccanns fund should be made more transparent, the public should not be kept in the dark and fed media spin they should be informed of the full facts of the case. The money raised is spent on expensive lawyers and PR people.
    Mccanns have fraudulently manipulated Madeleines disappearance and their reluctance to co-operate and ask for the case to be re-opened speaks volumes. All the indescrepancies in statements need clarifying. They should be made suspects again along with the Tapas 7 and all told to co-operate and stop wasting police time.
    Surely via the fund which is very ongoing the case could be re-opened and properly investigated and the abduction would be known for what it is a fairy story that is making the mccanns very rich !!

  27. Feb 3, 2011 7:00:00 AM

    Police work with facts and evidence not with people that say that say that has contact with death world.

    And don't be so aggressive. I'm not a journalist. I don't know this woman and I don't know why she choose me.

    If you're so interested would you please try figure this out for me. What do you understand from:

    ¿Tú sabes donde estuvo el padre el día dos o la las dos de la tarde? Yo creo que el padre visitó a la niña dos veces seguidas en un corto plazo antes de la tragedia. Veo la niña encima de algo.

    Tienes razón, la tragedia fue en casa. Pero la caida no la veo muy clara. En la cabeza le pasó algo. El cuerpo lo veo en el suelo, pero no se donde.

    It's creepy, isn't it. Now prove that I do not have a nuts in the other side of the line. Shall I communicate this to the police? Based on what evidence? The only thing I can get from the above is that she believe the little girl has died one day earlier? Has she? How could we know for sure?

    I have more of this but what shall I really do with it? Yeah, I thought so...

  28. I anon. Feb 4, 10:44,

    You should call the police and tell what you are telling here ( if you are not a Pro who came here to mock a little girl and her tragic destination). It is about the police to evaluate what you are telling and maybe that lady that you speak about has some interest for the police or the case. Or are you trying to bring here a surrealist story from a clairvoyant?
    Sorry to disagree, but a police investigation it is not based only on "facts and evidence". If so, Jane Tanner will be not a master piece in the all manipulation and the Smiths will not be that part of the investigation which the Mccann's want to avoid by many ways. What people say's is very important. That's why all the investigations have witness and what they say is very important for any judge.
    When are people who know important steps, going to get courage and break the mirror? The limbo where they live it is a mirror that cannot shine forever. I don't know how they can rest at night knowing that a little girl was handed like a piece of litter. Most of the animals were treated with more dignity, even after death.
    Jo Yeates parents sent a message, via the Media for the Mccann's saying that they were lucky because at least they were able to buried their daughter. Looks like a pro-Mccann message, but I think we can read also another message- Even that right, the right of having a Funeral, the Mccann's prevented to Madeleine.


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