Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Back Home

Just to say that we’re back. Holiday season is over.

Hope yours was as deliciously sinful as mine. This time of year to is usually spent in tying up the knots of the loose ends from the old one, and to throw out brand new fishing nets into that sea of opportunity that life has always to be.

So time is as scarce a resource as it has always been. As you might imagine, blogging was far from my mind all these days, so, if you expected me to open 2011 with a real eye-opener, I’m afraid I’ll disappoint you.

After all I’m only human, and only now will I start to realign my brain to think of these things also.

Same with with the other Bronte-Cohen sisters.

I also hope that you, like me, took an instant during this Christmas to think, for just a moment or two, about what we written here. As I said, my mind was OFF this issue, but, on Christmas Night, I did confirm that you just don’t seat 9 people around any table.

On ours, we had 11 people, on a rather long table, round at both ends. Only two more people than those at Tapas.

What a remarkable table it would be if this was a repeated feat five nights straight, I thought to myself.

Remarkable indeed. If it was round, then it would be UNFORGETTABLE.

Then came the New Year, and this time we were 12 people, eight adults, two teenagers and two youngsters.

At around about 10/10:30, after dinner and a good round of drinks, and on the pinnacle of joking (that point of a drunken evening when anything said is just absolutely hilarious and laughter is unshamefully abused of) I found myself, just for a moment again, noticing how rowdy can be a party of eight, especially when they’re partying.

Now, if we had people around us, then we would be THE GROUP.

And, if by any chance we would be sitting around an enormous ROUND table, then we would THE TABLE.

And if we did it for five nights in a row, then guess what we would then be? You've nailed it: UNFORGETTABLE.

These were the two moments I let my mind wonder back here.

I do hope that you found such similar moments, and if you didn't, you may now look back and understand how right I am.

Even if only that meant that you, like me, were fortunate enough to spend these special moments with a group of people you love and you feel loved by.

We're now in 2011. We shall now go back to our “writing” boards. With no hurry, as we have one certainty: Maddie won’t be found before May 12th.

Not even if they START to follow up the leads Isabel Duarte so enthusiastically referred to about a year ago, and have yet to be fruitful, in any way, shape or form.

Imagine how unprofitable it would be for Kate if Edgar was to FINALLY find the PdL Lair, where Maddie has allegedly held for the past one thousand, three hundred and forty-two days, so he’s best left doing what he’s apparently been doing: harassing the inhabitants of a quaint little fishing village that one day had the misfortune to be right in the middle of a man-made tornado.


  1. Glad you are back Tex - Happy New Year.
    During the christmas holidays we have read about the CCTV, thorough forensics and tireless research the British police have employed trying to track down the killer of Jo Yeates - I can't help but feel if they had given the same support to the Portugese police this case would have been solved years ago. They had their suspicions about the mccanns, as we now know they had, the case should have been allowed to reach its obvious conclusion. Sadly mccanns were given the benefit of the doubt, released mis-information to the media, and amassed a fortune that enabled them to employ reputation preserving lawyers that kept them out of court. Hopefully this year the truth will out and they will face justice. RIP Maddie.

  2. Aleluia, aleluia,(sorry, portuguese word, don't know the correct english spell for this) the holiday season has ended! Well, there's the Kings' day, Dia de Reis, to come yet...
    I'm not a Christmas person, would glady ignore the whole thing if I could or my family "allowed" me to, and, this year, to make things even more unbearable for me, I HAD TO DO WITHOUT THIS BLOG! It has become my daily addiction, a daily visit(or several a day) to Textusa's is a must do!
    So glad you're back!
    Lovely to read about your happy gatherings on Christmas and New Year, and about the sitting arrangements...I too know from experience of how difficult it can be to sit comfortably a somewhat large party of people. I have a round table that extends to an oval shape when fully opened and still, in some years, when I had 10 or more guests, it was a bit of a struggle to accomodate all, sometimes the kitchen table came to the rescue, "added" on one end. Lots of noise, "pass me this, pass me that", "who's for more wine", children fussing over the food, etc., etc.! As you've said, quite UNFORGETABLE(and sometimes unbearable too, made me want to be miles away, lol!)!

    Large parties of people sitting around a table, enjoying their food and wine, telling jokes, speaking across the table to one another...oh yes, unforgetable indeed! At least for those around, who might have expected to enjoy a nice quiet meal in a cosy little Tapas Bar...one might think that some of those inconvenienced guests would have commented about the "loud" group of doctors, but no, no one did...weird, isn't it...?

    Happy 2011 to the Bronte-Cohen Sisters (wow, what lovely powerful names!), and to Ironside in particular!

  3. Happy New year Textusa. Os empregados do Tapas tinham de andar de patins para servirem os clientes a volta da mesa inesquecivel. Nao teriam duvidas sobre quem estaria ou nao estaria na mesa.
    E de que material seria feita a mesa? de plastico, de madeira? Com tamanha dimensao tinha de ser feita de encomenda e por isso nao podia ser de plastico. So podia ser de madeira. Imaginem o peso da mesa.... Inesquecivel para os empregados do Tapas que a tinham carregado para servir um grupinho de ingleses.
    Se quisermos apimentar ainda mais a coisa, podemos pegar nas palavras do grupo que disse terem marcado o restaurante com antecedencia para terem mesa, tamanha era a afluencia de clientes. Havia por certo outros grupos, igualmente grandes que tambem quereriam a mesa. Um verdadeiro pesadelo para os empregados e a gerencia que, sabe-se la seguindo qual criterio, deu sempre a mesa aos Mccann. Foram sempre os primeiros a marca-la. Ate ja imagino o stress tos Tapas 9, todos os dias a terem de acordar cedo para marcarem atempadamente a mesa. E agora imaginem a conversa a volta da mesa... so podia ser aos gritos para todos se fazerem ouvir. Inesquecivel para o resto dos clientes.
    Que as ferias destes fulanos foram tudo menos ferias, e bem verdade.

  4. I found very interesting information about the R. Scenic and some possible sights of Gerry mccann in different villas/flats then the one rented by them. Source: Pamalan and Headline news sites.

    Witness Statement: John Brown ( he rented the car before the Mccann's):

    "I went to Portugal to play golf. I flew from Luton Airport, London to Faro, Portugal Airport on May 8th 2007. I went with my wife B*** B***, Michael WRIGHT ( was that guy the cousin of Kate who become the second driver of the same car in August?) a friend and his wife S*** W****
    It was a golfing holiday over four different courses. We all stayed with a friend out in the country. It was a villa belonging to D**** B*****. I have known him for 15 years. It is his privately owned villa
    I booked the hire car online via the Easy Jet web page.... I booked it with two named drivers, myself and Michael WRIGHT. We both drove the car I hired at different times throughout the holiday."
    Now related with Mccann's/ R. Scenic:
    "The Scenic was rented on 27 May with an additional driver, Cameron, and, at the end of August, Wright( Kate Cousin) was added to the contract. It was returned to the rental offices on 23 September by an unnamed person described as six-foot, short grey hair, 60-65 years, whose signature on the delivery note is illegible( Who was that guy?).The odometer on return was 14,443 km; it had been 3,114 at the start, so the vehicle had travelled 11,229km. [NOTE: Arithmetically, that should read 11,329km].( If we consider that during some of this period the mccann's were away travelling in Europe and USA, the car increase a lot the KMs. To go where and with who?).

    "- With respect to possible sightings of the father at two buildings near/next to the Luz cemetery (a pink coloured block of apartments at a site opposite the Luz cemetery, we can inform you that this an establishment called ?St James Portuguesa Lda, lots 1 and 2), various apartments were available in those buildings; it could not be ascertained which, if any, apartment may have been of interest."
    "- As concerns the information provided by F***** J**** with regard to a sighting of the McCanns at a residence called Vila d?Arte, in the Melody Urbanisation in Espiche, during the month of July, it was possible to determine which residence this was and that the building is the permanent residence of some citizens from NL or the UK for the past 4 or 5 years.

    - As regards the sighting itself which occurred at 20.30 ? 20.45 on dates that it was not possible to determine more than that this was in July of the current year and that the couple and their two youngest children were transported in small car, that the witness thought to be a dark coloured Citroen C3 or Renault Clio." (Then they rented the R. Scenic but use another car to take the twins with them? The credit cards of many people are very important for the investigation).

    It is interesting also to see that most of that properties belong to Deutch people living in Amsterdam. Mccann's lived there, have friends there, urge to fly to amsterdam during their Europe trip and was from Amsterdam( a deutch paper) that came the letter to entertain the police with a body search in a wildland .

  5. AH! AH! Mccann's delaying the launch of their book in UK. The Royal weeding is damaging the advertisement of their business.
    Which other books will be delayed because of that?
    That behaviour says all about what was/is the search of their daughter- MONEY, CASHING IN-
    Since will be launched on May 12, I hope some papers post side by side with book, the Picture they took outside PDL church, on May 12, 2007, when their daughter was supposed to turn 4 years old and she was missing just for a week. What a lovely picture showing how happy are the Mccann's with their first millions in the Fund.
    I will send the links of that picture to all papers I can. I hope many people do the same.

  6. The Mccann's think they are more or so important then the future King of England. If the Royal family let that charade go on, the Mccann's will end up as the users of B. Palace in the near future.
    Kate already said in the pass that she was the new Lady Di.
    Because of them, UK will become the joke of the world.

  7. A fellow guest at the resort said he understood the McCanns and crew booked not one but two tables in the Tapas Bar on the evening of May the 3rd.

    The guest who was not named was more than a little put out about the ease with which the McCanns and their party had managed to secure not one but two tables. "It was very unusual to be able to book any tables at The Tapas Bar in the evening as they were set aside on priority for guests on full board". The McCanns and their friends were on half board.

    It is of course possible that as one of the guests who chose to dine in the Tapas Bar with the McCanns and their friends that evening was an extremely well connected influencial and monied financier, the McCanns might well have received preferential treatment.

  8. TTW4,

    We at this blog, have come to the conclusion that there were no Tapas dinners, so ahy information concerning this, is considered clutter.

    However, clutter, is not trash. It's important, once clarified that it is clutter, to understand why it was there. For example, to understand why this person you say, says what he/she says.

    Unfortunately, as appears to be the case, if a guest "is not named", its because it's not on PJ Files.

    Is it possible to indicate where you got the quote, so we can understand the context in which it was made?

  9. ttw4 glad to see you back!


  10. Do we know when the sighting at the St James apartments occurred?


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