Saturday, 27 November 2010

Thank You!


  1. Interesting fact for you, Textusa.

    One of the problems involved in suing people for libel for things they have written on the internet is proving how many people viewed it.
    This resulted in a landmark case a few years ago, which established the principle that proof of publication (on the web) does not entitle the claimant to a presumption that the item in question has been read by significant numbers of people. The claimant has to be able to provide proof.

    You, in your arrogance and stupidity, just provided anyone wishing to sue you with the evidence they need.

    Well done! There will be many grateful people contacting their lawyers in the morning.

    Big, happy sigh.

  2. This blog has character and is objective. A little too cryptic maybe.

    Interesting to see that the US are your second source of readers, I certainly hope that this would really pick up there. This is just the kind of story the Americans love: death, sex and governmental lies!

    The UK being the vast majority noly confirms that this is a matter far from being over in Britain.

    McCanns you may think you can fool many for a long time, but you haven't fooled anyone at anytime.

  3. Yawn (10:33),

    Thank you for informing us that your people acknowledge that this blog is read by a significant number of people.

    About libel... well since you guys are allergic to content, as with Amaral you attacked only the sale of the book, carefully leaving out anything it said, I'm rather intrigued with what your "many grateful people" are going to sue me for.

    You know, when my kids said a foul word, I made them wash their mouths at once. As you people have made "libel" a foul word, so please do likewise, or are you going to sue me for ill-using a legal jargon?

    By the way, Yawn, you see that little rectangle with the blog's numbers, just below the litle flags? Do tell the "grateful" people's laywers that it's been there all the time.

  4. 10:33,
    among those "grateful peole" are by any chance Mr. Payne and Mr. Gerry McCann...? They stood conspicuously quiet till now...or...don't tell me, they've been waiting for Textusa's info on how many people visit and LOOOVE her site!
    Go back to bed, dear! It's Sunday, get some more sleep, you seem to need it badly...


    i can see that Textusa is more important than litle Madeleine.

    The searchs are more with "textusa" than Madeleine McCann. SO SAD!

    To me it´s meaning that Madeleine McCann is NO IMPORTANT to the proMcCanns ?

    SO SAD! So sad! SAD,SAD,SAD,SAD.............

    Madeleine McCann is very IMPORTANT to TEXTUSA and all that seek the JUSTICE TO MADELEINE MCCANN.

    We want Justice and the TRUTH,the REAL TRUTH; THE FACTS that the couple and friends make a big fight to not show the world what happenned.


    Textusa: You must continue fighting by all facts.

    WELL DONE. Congratulations, Text.


  6. Really..... the first comment...wil be from a fascist, or from a ditactor ? I can beleive..........

    Or a poor guy from " special team "?
    Or a poor boy with jumping hormones?

    I think You,Textusa, has more patience for these fools who currently have nothing to do. They should be studying or working.


  7. Have these people that are always with their libel threats no self-esteem?

    Can't they seem that with their moronic, stiupid, baseless counter-argumentation (and I'm not insulting, I'm just characterizing) if anything are making the remainder of us believe further that what Textusa is writing is right?

    Only guilty consciences react in such a violent manner, and stoop so low.

  8. Textusa, you have certainly got somebody VERY worried. I notice that it is not Yawn him/herself threatening to sue you so I would like to ask him/her who he represents? Have the McCanns elected you their spokesperson Yawn?

    As I have posted here then they will have to sue me as well. Anybody else care to join me as we are part of Textusa's family by offering our thoughts.
    AS Amaral won his case for freedom of speech then I can't see any problem.

    I would really welcome the Mcs trying to sue then they would have more than 48 questions to answer. The world would get to know they would be trying to shut us all up....and why.
    Bring it on! 80,000 people might be very happy to contribute towards any legal costs. The publicity for us 'disbelievers would be better than we could have asked for.

    Yawn, that was a poor attempt to scare Textusa, she has produced nothing but facts for us to consider.

  9. Hello yawn,

    behind your stupidity you reveal something very interesting:

    "One of the problems involved in suing people for libel for things they have written on the internet is proving how many people viewed it."

    "You, in your arrogance and stupidity, just provided anyone wishing to sue you with the evidence they need."

    "Well done! There will be many grateful people contacting their lawyers in the morning."

    Well done boy, you are just attesting what we know long ago: The Mccann's spend more time searching Blogs then searching their girl. And the Fund, appart being used to pay their personal issues, was spent in lawyers and useless PR teams. All working hard to keep their personal acc. very health and try to silence who don't sing their song. But you know, they forgot the most important rule in Human behaviour- You can buy the opinion of a group of individuals but you cannot change the opinion of a large group, unless you convince them by providing evidences and telling the truth. All the dictatorships failled because they paid little attention to the huge "little chain" that was moving behind them, under them, surrounding them.
    You, and XXXLLL Aunthy Phill prove where the Mccann's spend their time: Here, in the Net, searching some blogs to see what people are saying. And they had to hit the walls of their mansion many times. That was why Aunty Phill said that "they come with new ideas" to "stoll money" from the public- The book. Donations are not happening so frequently and this was due, not because people become less cooperative....but because people become more informed, more aware about the Fraud of the Century. Thanks to bloggers, thanks to the blogs and the internet, who play the roll that normally was played by accurate and independent newspapers. Mccann's were forced by the circumstances to shift from directly asking the donations, in to indirectly do the same, by selling a book that was just one more product on what their poor girl become, A PRODUCT to be USED, EXPLORED and ABUSED by WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING TO HELP HER OR RESPECT HER.
    Do you know now why, for us, the lawyers become part of the same bad smelly bouquet, as the Mccann's? They all live at the expenses of a little girl, then have no authority to sue who don't believe on them and just want the truth. Our opinion is free, individual and not imposed to anyone. If you and them don't like what is being clarified here, go somewhere else. "Get a Life".
    The portuguese judges already said that were the Mccann's who start the all circus by coming to the Media and delivering Clowns and jokes. Been in the stage is having this: The claps and the tomatos. A bad joke or a fake clown always deserve a backet of tomatos. With all respect the "real clowns" deserve.
    Today you and the Mccann's again hit the wall- UK, where they prevent a book to be published was the country which provide more readers to that blog. A lesson to some newspapers showing that their message was not passing. Reality could be exactly the opposite. Like the apple for Adam and Eve- More you Forbbiden, bigger is the Temptation.

  10. Oh no, Textusa.

    As you are well aware, I am neither a supporter of the McCanns or Mr Amaral.

    I'm afraid if you go around libelling INNOCENT witnesses, people who have not been suspected or accused of any crime, then you reap what you sow.

    How are you going to justify what you have done? You ought to start giving that some thought.

    I see that with your usual cowardice you have refused to publish my replies on the earlier post, and I dare say you won't have the balls to publish this one, either.

    It's a nasty little trick of yours to pretend that you think I am pro-McCann. You have always known I am not. Equally, you have always known I see right through you.

    Your readers who have also made comments about the honesty and veracity of certain witnesses to the process may like to consider that their comments are also libellous and that orders can be obtained to sue them too.

    People who are innocent bystanders, Textusa, do not deserve to have their honesty questioned by you and your collection of vicious bitches who post here. Something you should all have thought of before you made the comments you did.

    Do make sure you let your contributors know that they are responsible for the content of any libellous posts, won't you? It would be very unfair to let them carry the can for you.

    Bye now. It's been emotional. :-)

  11. Yawn, let me tell you why you’re not only a pro-McCann, as by your own words, I think you’re either a McCann, or someone that Textusa’s words is causing direcy damage.

    Your “As you are well aware” together with the hilarious “It's a nasty little trick of yours to pretend that you think I am pro-McCann. You have always known I am not." is the usual McCann technique by which something is something because they say it is.They say there was an abduction, so, there was an abduction, end of discussion. McCann said it, it’s enough. You say Textusa is well aware, then Textusa is well aware.

    “Equally, you have always known I see right through you”, in your dreams, that is. THAT would be a wonderful Christmas gift Santa could bring you this year… you knowing what Textusa is up to next, wouldn’t it? From miles, miles away your fear stenches the air.

    “I am neither a supporter of the McCanns or Mr Amaral.” like every McCann's word about the absurd and infantile theory of abduction, your words and attitude prove that you're the exact opposite you claim to be. Textusa and Ironside, I could use many words to congratulate you, but I think Yawn has paid you the highest compliment you could have: your opponent’s fear.

  12. Agora temos um ou uma paranóica? Um/uma obcessivo-compulsivo/a?

    Mas temos que aturar estas coisas destes neuróticos, seja o anon de Nov 28, 2010 3:16:00 PM.

    Ou então está desempregado ou foi arredado de alguma ordem.

    Agora virou-se para aqui ?

    Investiga mas é . Colabora com a Justiça de Pt e de Uk. Mas da séria.

    Leva realmente a Justiça de Portugal a voltar atrás e a reabrir o processo para que a Investigação seja levada desde o início até ao fim.



  13. Yawn,
    "Your readers who have also made comments about the honesty and veracity of certain witnesses to the process may like to consider that their comments are also libellous and that orders can be obtained to sue them too".

    When you learn to spell libelous then maybe we will take you seriously. More to the point I said before 'bring it on'! Do you intend to bring a claim about ME to court?
    You didn't answer my previous question that I asked if you are a representative pf the McCanns, you don't have to like them or even believe their version of events as all lawyers have to do on occasion.

    I doubt you represent Mrs F?
    Don't you get it???? This is a challenge to all these doubtful witness statements to confirm or dent what has been said. Their silence is astounding!
    If you do represent her then please do tell is how she feels about what has been said here.

    And please don't call me a bitch, that is slander! I may have to sue you!

    It's laughable!

  14. Anon 4:27 (unpublished)

    Never hate or loath your foe, never allow him to steer you off reason. If you allow him that, then he can claim victory. I hope you understand why I've not published your comment.

  15. Good point about spelling-Yawn is certainly not a lawyer!

  16. Bem.

    Que se passa aqui ?

    Quem anda a brincar com um assunto tão sério que é o do DEVER de NOS DAREM a VERDADE acerca do que aconteceu a Madeleine.

    Mas o tal ou a tal anda a brincar com o que aconteceu à Pequenina ?

    Mas isso é tão feio !

    Tudo isso é medo ?

  17. Padre Pacheco may not keep a secret like this Kate! Is too heavy for a saint.

    This is not a Hippocrates deal, this is about life and death...

    Careful! line is too tight!

  18. What are you affraid yawn?

    Something is disturbing your business. You are not a pro or an anti, according to your own words. Then you are the one. One of them.
    The book is really disturbing the sleep of a well known pair in Rothley. Aunty Phill with her big mouth delivered more information then what was supposed to: The Mccann's signed a jackpot contract convinced that the stupid public will buy their pile of lies on the same way that delivered Euros in their Fund, on the first week. WHAT IF THE PUBLIC turn away from the shelves where the book will be disposed? Who is going to compensate the publisher? Who they are going to sue?
    The wonderful tabloids were doing a great job by helping the Mccann's to digg their own grave. Wonder how long THE SUN will wait, if the investigation was reopenned and the Truth known, to sue the Mccann's, ask their money back and stamp the Mccann's with some adjectives they use so well.
    The winter is amazing for us but very heavy in Rothley. In my warm place I'm having your posts Yawn with a cup of tea and delicious biscuits. I'm enjoying your worries and having a nice dream about Kate reading her book Madeleine, to the twins -Once upon a time there was a poor little girl that was used and abused...........

  19. Our worried friend remind me another wizard who suddenly fade, maybe hidding in a hole in Madeira Island. Get a break boy before you got swallowed by your illusions. Contacting lawyers in a Sunday morning is a typical behaviour from a couple who don't waste a foot to search their daughter, but run faster to look for money. Isabel Duarte and Carter- Suck are working on Sunday? Or are you saying that they become so close to the Mccann's that they are now, part of their friends? BTW, where is Pinky Mitchell? The lie machine has no fuell to drive his businness. Money, money, my dear.

  20. Yawn, the fact that you loath Textusa the most, says loads about Textusa

  21. Anon @8.11

    How true!
    If Textusa was so wrong then Yawn would cry with laughter. S/he would give a very good explanation why her theory is wrong and the facts to prove it. But hat do we get? Name calling and threats that 'somebody' is going to get us (the bitches)!

    What is your investment in this Yawn? Is it if the McCanns are exposed something else bigger than them will be exposed too?

  22. There is a very simple question.

    If everyone who visits Textusa's blog was asked why they took an interest in Maddy I'm sure most would say because the parents did not seem honest and act like parents of an abducted child. Why say abducted? Why not kidnapped? Why did they never say they were waiting for a ransom note?

    How many of us asked ourselves how we would react to something so terrible and then thought....not like the McCanns?

    Libel? No! Just people expressing their opinions of the facts presented from the police files.

    The McCanns wanted publicity and they have got it. They want the case reviewed...people like us are constantly reviewing the information just as they are. Do they want the case re-opened? NO WAY!

    I only wish someone could get them on TV to say they are now putting in an official request to the PJ through their lawyer to RE-OPEN the case.
    It will never happen. It's not a stone to be unturned's the boulder.

    Sheer madness that we have to witness this farce and it it must be hell on earth for these two just waiting for that stone to be unturned or the 'key' to be produced.

    Every day brings this case closer to finality and while families like the Textusas keep looking for justice it will happen sooner rather than later.

  23. I think the purpose of todays blog should have been to congratulate Textusa for the excellent and very hard work and not to be taken up by comments to someone who has crept from under a stone.

    Well done Tex keep up the good work, everything falling into place.

  24. Amusing to watch your frantic attempts to link me to the McCanns or their friends. Sorry to disappoint, but I have no connection to them, their friends or associates, Ditto Mr Amaral and his.

    Maybe this will make you think twice before you write the things you do, all of you. You appear to believe the end justifies the means. It doesn't, not that you have, in any case, any positive result to show for all the fiction you have written on here.

    Textusa, you cannot say you were not warned. You were told months ago that the untruths you were spreading on this site were being conveyed to the people who were the subject of them. You had the option to stop, but you didn't. You were also warned about your ridiculous disclaimer, which illustrates very well that you have a full understanding of the law, but choose to flout it.

    You really should be contacting those sites who are linking to you and warning them. You see, you have attempted to disseminate the information as widely as possible. That wasn't very clever of you.

    As for the person who appears to think I should debunk Textusa's theory, you really have completely missed the point, haven't you?

    It's Textusa's insane theory which is at the root of this. She herself states that it doesn't fit with the evidence, so she has to 'force' it. This indicates that she knows it to be untrue, and yet persists in the falsehood.

    When she started to make false accusations against witnesses and innocent bystanders she was warned that this could get her into trouble and that details were being passed to the people involved. She could have stopped then, but she chose not to, preferring to allow you all to land yourselves in it too.

    This is what you don't seem to understand - this isn't the McCanns 'running scared' or however you like to imagine. Rather it is Textusa's casual disregard for the wellbeing, reputation and feelings of those she chooses to accuse without evidence. I suggest you each review your own contributions to the site

    Anyway, I must move on, lots to do.

  25. I think we’re before an historic moment. A first time a collective threat has been made, and you’re the victm.

    For the last three posts, starting with the one where I quoted the individual, I’ve allowed Yawn’s comments.

    We all know what is there to expect from there.

    However, today, and do believe it’s the first time I’ve seen it, a collective threats to the readers of a blog has been made.

    You, as of this moment, are an outlaw, an outcast, someone so evil that deserves that legal action is brought against you.

    Every comment in this blog will be watched, checked, its IP verified, and the commentator will have to respond for libel.

    I’ve seen before, and in blogs of other than about Maddie, direct or indirect threats to bloggers. Never have I seen the insane threat to all their readers.

    Today, I’m proud, I’ve made history.

    Textusa is the first blog where they’ve literally tried to scare, with legal threats, it’s readers.

    And the only way they can get to you? By your comments… so, be afraid, don’t comment. Better yet, wipe out your IP so that the little flag of your country doesn’t show.

    That way, you can read this blog, stealthily, sinfully, for here is the pit of darkness where only demons and ogres (you choose what befits you, I’m a demon type of gal) lurk…

    Be scared, be afraid… go away. DO NOT READ THIS. No, not the blog, this comment. You did? Boy, oh, boy are you in trouble now.

  26. Look at this way, Tex you no longer have to say you're sorry when we all meet in Court, we've been warned like yourself, so we're in it together!

    What next? That they'll monitor our browser and whenever Textusa is typed the computer will blow up?

  27. Very well spotted anon @ 9:59,

    The Ransom. Why they never offer a Ransom to who abducted their daughter? Their Fund had been very health for quite long time. Why attract with money, dubious detectives, PR guys and guru lawyers?
    A top Spoke mam from the British government, must be used with delicate issues. Must know how to deal and attract perverteds with a generous amount of money. The recover of their girl doesn't deserve the "waste" of millions of pounds and Euros from the Fund that has her name?
    That pair of parents really smell as vomit. Everything they do is for them. How ridiculous become the beautiful song they stole from Brian Adams, on her saga. Must be " EVERYTHING I DO IS NOT FOR YOU".
    They seems so ridiculous on their appeals:

    " por favor devolva a nossa menina"
    " We like to appeal to who has Madeleine... to a family, a friend, a neighbour, to contact the police or our team, or leave the girl in a church or in a safe place where she can be found"
    " Please help us to look for Madeleine( Donations)"

    No any one of that appeals has an offer behind. The sacrifice must be from others, not from them. They don't love their girl at the point that the money could be used to recover her in the most normal way- The RANSOM.
    Poor twins. they will be used one day as the next products: the twins of madeleine. How they coop, what they feel, etc. Another book, another movie.

  28. I hope the wikileaks grab information about Maddie case and expose it on their site to challenge who prevent a little child to achieve justice.

  29. What a rubbish Yawn at 8:09,

    If you are not one of the Mccann's or one of the witnesses discredit by the investigation ( remark that I said by the investigation and not by textusa) THEN YOU ARE A VERY STUPID PERSON, PROPOSING TO WASTE YOUR TIME AND YOUR MONEY IN A COURT WITH LAWYERS. What move you? What worrie's you?
    Justice in portugal is known by her turtle speed, slow, slow, slow. That means years in court to libel Textusa and the readers of that blog. Unless you have something very serious to lost ( your Physical freedom or a big amount of money) I don't understand your threats, your wate of time and words.
    You could be not a Mccann, but you are somebody very scared by what could be revealed next. We know, it starts with a single crime against a little child and then become a cocktail of crimes with many involved. This did not worrie only the Mccann's and their friends. it worries many secondary characters. Go, hire Isabel Duarte. I can't wait to see her, outside portugal courts, giving such laughable interviews about that case. Now will be " The readers of the blogs are damaging the search of Madeleine". Well, since I'm seating here posting... I'm not searching Madeleine. What about you little boy, have you already done your search for today? Or there is nothing to search, at least with naked eyes?

  30. Hi to the family. More determined than ever to keep going. Bullying and misogyny is like domestic violence. Never be intimidated into silence. I hope this information is being conveyed to "them". Surely that's the point?

  31. The story of Madeleine McCann was interesting when it first hit the headlines, but it is no longer interesting to the overwhelming majority of people. To put it bluntly, it is only interesting to the people who are accused of killing her and the people they pay to deny it.

  32. Anon @9.35

    You said exactly what I was going to say!
    Why is Yawn getting so steamed up about something that hasn't even been said about him/her?
    Is Yawn going tale-telling to the people whose 'statements' we are questioning? Is s/he knocking on their doors, e-mailing them or phoning them? If so s/he has had contact with these people before....was Yawn in Portugal and taking statements at the time of the event? Was Yawn....and this is not libelous because it's a question...coercing people in PdL to make a 'statement'?

    I can see the readers here are far too smart to believe that they can be traced so WHOM? Who is going to spend money tracing us 'bitches' I think was the term Yawn used for us.

    Yawn is desperate.....for a reason...I think I may have guessed it!!!!
    It's not us who have anything to fear!

  33. Another brilliant, well researched article Textusa - thank you we read your articles everyday - justice for madeleine, keep up the good work.

  34. ..."was Yawn in Portugal and taking statements at the time of the event? Was Yawn....and this is not libelous because it's a question...coercing people in PdL to make a 'statement'?"

    Well, there was (and still is)someone in PDL who pestered one of the Oc. Club's workers trying to get into that worker's house, see her laptop, very insistant on the
    fact that K. McCann wanted to talk to her. I think there's a video available in Youtube about it.
    And who was that "someone"...? Mrs. vicar Hubbard...

  35. Yawn, Why not?

    .Could be a member of the incompetent Leycester police who went to PDL not to look for Madeleine but to help perverting all the investigation.

    .Could be Little Stuart.

    .Could be Marcos Aragao Correia.

    .Could be a cheap "ear & Mouth" for Isabel Duarte or Carter Ruck.

    .Could be one of the Tapas.

    .Could be a Mccann ( not necessary Kate or Gerry).

    .Could be "The Hubbards".

    .Could be Murat, Malinka Or Murat Girlfriend( Why not? This 3 feet well his description of not being A pro-mccann or a pro-amaral).

    .Could be any of the troubled witnesses.

    .Could be part of the gang of the Fake Detectives.

    .Could be a desperate member of the Fund.

    .Could be one of the poor skilled british journalists. A Freelancer payed to fabricate news without doing a bit of homework. A guy that went to PDL to have nice weather, nice meals, wonderful beers and wine. The articles where already written and ready before arriving, to suit the agenda of the papers editors. Was laughable, the British journalists with dogs trying to find Madeleine's body when a letter was sent to a deutch newspaper. They really have problems to understand and bord the limits.

    .Something we know: Yawn is not one of us, posters or Bloggers anonymous or not, that have nothing to do with what hapenned in PDL or on the days, weeks, months, years, after. He/she have something to lost.
    We come to the saga, like trillions in the World, directly invited by Kate, Gerry and Mitchell, trough our TV screens, to search Madeleine. Searching is what we are doing. sorry, if what we found did not fit their agenda and did not help the money running free and easy in the Fund. This is what scare them- Without money, they will be not able to keep the lie alive forever and is already too late to do a Uturn and fade. Everywhere they go, everybody know them. Even childs will be able to recognise them and highligt the truth- THEY REMAIN THE FIRST SUSPECTS ON THE DISAPPEARENCE OF THEIR DAUGHTER.
    Portugal is ponderating the reopenning of Camarate case, 30 years after. The wikileaks site is groing in power everyday. Madeleine was assumed, by UK Home Office, being a State Secret and because of that, members of the British police were forbbiden to testify in Court during the trial regarding Amaral book.
    The guys involved in Madeleine saga, have a lot to fear.
    Come on Yawn, keep posting, insulting us, threatning us. We love to read what you are not saying. One day you slip on the skin of the bananas that you are so kindly delivering.

  36. Parabéns T., que tenhas muitos mais 80.000. Feliz Natal! beijinhos J.


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