Tuesday, 12 October 2010

White & Silence

Some people make the common mistake of associating the concept of White with the one of Silence, whereas they are the exact opposite.  

White is the sum of all colors, whist silence is the absence of sound.

One is everything, the other nothing, both magnificent in their magnitude.

However a correct association can be made between these two concepts, as their commonality lies in the infinite interpretations of their applicability, so a common message can be extracted from both.  

Silence is as explicit as the white of an untouched canvas it can mean a lot or simply mean nothing. And this infinite vastness of meaning is what binds these two together.

A white unpainted canvas is but a womb waiting for the delimitation of color to give it meaning; to be brought to life.

As it is, all white, due to its infinite accumulation of colors that are impossible to distinguish from, represents only emptiness.

What is whole, because it’s limitless, is nothing, so what has been limited becomes then something. Important is then to understand the various boundaries and limitations of each messages, both sent and received, to be able to grasp its full meaning and intent.

Let’s look at sound. Like a stone, a said word can never be taken back.

The infinite possibility of silence has been limited by being molded into that particular, specific word, making it, as I said before, an unchangeable something.  

Silence, although infinite in its possibilities, can however be different as per each one of its origins. For example, a silence from a foe is as different as night is from day than one coming from a friend. A silence from a foe can mean many things, such as defeat, tactical rethinking or pouncing repositioning. From a friend, it can represent his pain or our abandonment, or neither, or both, or anything our imagination spawns, from unwillingness to impossibility.

It’s of human nature to come up with worst case scenarios that, at best, involve only tragedies, so the silence from a friend is unquestionably the harshest of silences, the harshest of realities.

But we’re not talking about friends here, we’re talking about Jim Gamble, so, at best also, we may, possibly, just be talking about FWDIF (Friend with Direct Interest in the Friendship).

Some argue that the first “F” of the acronym should be read as Fiend instead of Friend, but that is a whole different topic altogether. The words coming from a FWDIF, or commonly known as “friend”, may be almost as harsh as the silence of a friend, for ONLY ours ears can hear what has EXACTLY been said and EXACTLY has not been.

And what is not been said says much more than that that was.  

Silence in-between sounds, much like the white in reading in-between lines, subjective nonetheless. Like Gamble’s presence today at the Home Affairs Committee at the House of Commons today.

A FWIFD just telling Jim that it wants to listen to him. Is it a last effort from the System to make government change its mind? Is it the System telling Jim that he has become a collateral victim of higher interests? Or is it a just show of loyalty in a desperate plea for silence from someone terrified by what Jim knows? Who knows?

But if the words from a FWIFD may be subjective, a silence is not. It is the only silence that leaves nothing for the imagination. It means, very, very clearly “I’m just waiting to see on which side of the fence the rooster will fall”.

If it falls on one side, then barbeque it is, if on the other, we’re in for a saving in alarm clock expenditure. Important, is that that particular kind of silence considers, ALWAYS, the possibility of a barbeque.

This just to say that I’ve found VERY interesting the awkward detachment of the tabloid “The Sun” that has NOT reported anything after Oct 6th about Mr. Jim Gamble’s resignation saga.

And even then, you had to search really hard. Not even to express the indignation of a Mr. and Mrs. McCann of Rothley.

And it seems that Gamble’s FWIFD are diminishing by the day (thank you TC for the link). Teriyaki sauce, anyone?


  1. Boas!

    O que me ocorre dizer, perante este texto, é que os brancos são sempre diferentes e quanto ao silêncio pode ser incrívelmente pacificador mas também ser pesado e sinal de perigo.

    Já aqui foi dito, por Textusa, penso ser melhor esperar pelo que aí , de mau, poderá vir.

    Ou de bom.

    Os S.S. andam a oferecer emprego. Há vagas.


  2. Para os S.S.



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