Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Rumours or Wishful Thinking?

I post this just as I’ve received it:  

Have you seen this on Chaos Raptors

They really believe in their own powers... what a bunch of PRATTS...  

"This week saw the Textusa blog closed down. To date no explanation has been made as to why this other popular hate site was removed. Rumours, for that’s all they are appear to suggest that the blogger concerned was told, in no uncertain terms that the material published was libellous. 

Anyone who actually visited the site would be more than aware that it started with libellous material and then went downhill fast into a void of criminality."



  1. See? They followed you on your holidays: "and then went downhill fast into a void"

    They know that you've been to a waterpark or some other funpark where there's a rollercoaster!

    Isn't interesting how the word "libel" pops so easy out of these people's mouth? Nice analogy, it reminds of those completely valueless who seeked the "protective" wings of bullies in school to enforce their will on others.

    Insignificant samples of human beings.

    Please continue strong!

  2. Some say "take care of the poor in spirit" but take care of the kaos chaos raptor, please, no patience for those unfortunates paranoid.

  3. Bem.......... estavam mesmo desejosos que este Blog super pensador e inteligente desaparecesse.

    Devem estar cá com uma sede........... se pudessem faziam com os outros.Arrestavam bens.

    Cheios de medo.

    Oh, chaos raptor vai e usa o google tradutor.

  4. they're very excited. Did they take the blue pill? Or isolation is a terrible situation is what they feel?

    Marilee Beth

  5. Gosto especialmente dos desenhos. Principalmente do bull.............a negro.........

  6. Are of type robots, the C.Raptor.

    Probably they were to abduct. P.J. must to know that.


  7. Show_Them_To_Me_1.wmv

    to C.raptor obcessed........ .

  8. Textusa (and Ironside) please take a moment to understand these people. Seriously. Mentally disabled people mean no harm and should deserve only y(our) pity.

  9. Thinking of Ironside: laughter IS the best medicine.

    This should make her laugh!

  10. Well, they really haven't got much of their own to write about, have they? Madeleine McCann was abducted because Kate and Gerry McCann say she was. What else can they say, when everything else points to the McCanns' involvement, rather than exonerating them? So, when they catch a whiff of something unexplained, they go into overdrive with their fantasies: what has Debbie Butler done with the money?; where's Fishie?; we saw this on the MM forum etc etc.
    Chaos? Not even a storm in the proverbial teacup!

  11. The posts and responses on that chaosraptors site seem more than a little libellous to me. There also seems to be a paucity of rational thought processes emanating from most of the flock. Even the attempted insults are pretty inane.

    Would it be considered libellous if someone called them dimwits?

  12. Nevertheless a nucleus of truth: this POPULAR site.
    So, rumours of wishful thinking.

  13. Thank you all for your support.

    What these dimwits (I'll share the Court bench with you Doc) don't realize is that they're just fuelling a loop that only makes them losers, bit by bit.

    Let me explain. We state facts and deduce, using Official documents and logic. As the Black hats "haven't got much of their own to write about" as AnnaEsse says, they get angry. Fuming angry.

    Once fuming angry they limit themselves to what they're able to do and start to insult us just for the sake of insult (this, like all things that bring pleasure or anxiety relief, can become and does become addictive, and some just lose all reasonability and become maliciously lunatics, but I'll write about these one of these days).

    In turn, their insults instead of making us angry, just make us more resolute in finding the truth.

    The more of the truth we find the angrier them become, the bigger the insult, the greater our determination. See the loop created by them that only make them LOSERS?

    So, I would like to thank all those that have taken a minute to insult us, either here or in some dark corner of the internet, for having done so. You help us keep our morale high, and look for those little "hidden" details with so much more enthusiasm.

    All due to you. Thank you.

    Oh, by the way... you turning on Ironside in this particular moment of her life, just makes researching about you, so, so, soooo much more fun. And, I'm not alone here, believe me (and I know you believe every single word here written). Have I thanked you yet? I have? Do let me thank you again.

  14. What mean's "Chaos"? Disaster, desorganization, entropy, end of the line, control lost, anarchy, Lucifer, Panic, Paranoid...
    If we add Raptor, the joke will be complete. A ridiculous name for a Blog where ridiculous things were defended most of the time in the most ridiculous way. Laughable.

    They remember me very Popular sentences used in Portugal to classify a kind of typical persons in the society:

    -"O corno e sempre o ultimo a saber"
    -"Os burros acreditam em tudo o que se lhes diz"
    -" Quem com ferros fere, com ferros sera ferido"
    -" Nao ha pior cego do que aquele que nao quer ver"
    -"Nao ha Bem que dure sempre nem Mentira que sempre perdure"
    -"Pela boca morre o peixe"
    -"A mentira tem perna curta"
    -"Mais depressa se apanha um mentiroso do que um coxo"
    -"O velho e o onzeneiro sao sempre os que caem primeiro"
    -"A mentira nao cria raizes"

    Laughable this C. Raptors. Go to Google translate and find what you mean in portuguese. In middle time give us a single evidence to support Madeleine abduction. Did you believe in Santa surrounded by 8 Tooth fairy's?

  15. oh dear,how embaraced the chaos raptors must be feeling now,i know i would be, jumping the gun like that.

  16. Interview with Pedro Namora about Casa Pia and the Portuguese Justice:

  17. Where is the effort of the Mccann's to meet the Pope in UK? Madeleine still missing. Mccann's are so Hypocrit and who believe on them is suffering from a stupid blindness. Wake-Up guys. They don't want God or any official police looking for their girl. Very, very interesting parents. Very, very interesting catholics.


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