Sunday, 19 September 2010

Not Forsaken, Just NOT Farce-Taken… Again

I believe that the photos above represent one of the most difficult moments for the Vatican.

Informed by its Diplomatic Sevices that the "Maddie Abduction" was nothing but an Hoax, but pressured by a global enormous sympathy for the Rothley couple, the Pope was "forced" to be seen publicly “supporting” the plight of those that forced their presence before him.

He saved the face of the Vatican by receiving them outside, not inside like he would with any VIP, and for a very, very brief time.

Today, looking at the pictures, I think that when he blessed the Maddie picture, he prayed for her soul, and not, as was taken as at the time, for her speedy return home.

I would like to think that the visits this blog has received from the Vatican lately would have contributed to what I would like to have seen:


  1. If you look through Getty or the other image sites for the photos of the McCanns on the way to Rome it is clear that they are very angry with one another.

    The photo on the bottom left of your montage is very telling in close up. I'll dig for it, and post the link if I can find it.

    Kate, at least, is extremely uncomfortable IMO. Perhaps she actually does believe in God and knows that a deception on this high of a level is akin to a Judas' kiss.

    I am not sure what I see in the Pope's eyes as he looks at Kate in the upper right photo, but I doubt the man was fooled.

    Good article.

  2. There's emotion in Kate's expression. Grief, sorrow, I can't quite put my finger on it. But Gerry seems just like an actor in a play. His expression is compltely emotionless, he seeks nothing but to be photgraphed with the Pope. He's just posing for the cameras.

  3. Bom dia a Todos/as Boa Gente.

    Também sinto nessa foto antiga, dor na cara de uma mãe, embora negligenciadora e com outros problemas e comportamentos.

    Também acredito na dor transparecida na 1 ª " conferência" na Pdl. Dor essa que emocionou muitos; a mim também.

    Mas, rapidamente passaram a ser actores.

    E também sempre pensei que , pelo menos um deles, estaria ali para abençoar a alma de uma Menina, partida desta vida tão cedo.

    Infeliz Madeleine McCann.

  4. Nao resisto a trazer para aqui o que consta no livro "Por que adoptamos Maddie" de Luis de Castro( Jornalista e Coordenador do Telejornal da RTP), a proposito da viagem dos Mccann ao Vaticano (Pag 79-81):

    " O Papa vai receber o casal ingles. A noticia caiu nas redaccoes mas ja nao apanha ninguem desprevenido. E so mais uma etapa da campanha que tem vindo a ser desenvolvida por profissionais da comunicacao... Mitchell declara aos jornalistas que Sua Santidade tem acompanhado de perto o 'Caso Maddie' e que estara disposto a receber em audiencia Kate e Gerry, se eles assim o entenderem... da a perceber que a iniciativa tera partido do proprio Papa: 'Ja demos indicacoes ao Vaticano que a familia acolhera de bom grado tal audiencia.' Mas no dia seguinte, C. Mitchell emenda a mao: ' Foram feitos contactos por parte das autoridades catolicas em Inglaterra e por parte do embaixador britanico na Santa Se para que Gerry e Kate sejam recebidos em audiencia pelo Papa. Continua a haver conversacoes e esperamos por uma confirmacao oficial, mas a perspectiva e boa.'... Os Mccann em Roma e a oitava noticia do Telejornal. Na audiencia, Bento XVI fala durante 1 minuto com o casal, ao mesmo tempo que lhes coloca a mao direita sobre as deles. Aperta-as, enquanto Kate o olha nos olhos, pedindo-lhe que abencoe a fotografia da filha.... O Papa olha a foto durante 4 segundos antes de a benzer, volta a apertar-lhe as maos, e os 3, por momentos, tocam o peluche..... D. Januario Torgal Ferreira ( Bispo das Forcas Armadas e de Seguranca) tem uma visao muito clara sobre o aproveitamento que foi feito naqueles dias: ' A comunicacao social foi muito pouco exacta. Aquilo nao foi uma audiencia. O Papa tem uma aparicao publica todas as quartas-feiras e, quando e assim, pede-se a Casa Pontifica que Sua Santidade tenha uma atencao especial. E assim a frente ficam as pessoas que por algum motivo mereceram a confianca do Vaticano'. No entanto, o bispo diz ter ficado muito contente pelo testemunho e preocupacao de Bento XVI com os problemas de desumanidade, mas deixa uma pergunta: 'Se um dia isto sair ao contrario, que culpa e que o Papa tem?'

    Sorry Textusa for not translating this into english. It reveals a lot about how far Mitchell and the Mccann's take their Media manipulation. For me, the most important message I can see on that images, come from the clothes they are all wearing( including Mitchell). Grief clothes. Mccann's never wear clothes like that again, not even when they went to the Court in Lisbon. Their trip to the Vatican was Madeleine Virtual Funeral and if we add the little buterfly landing on Kate, the mission was accomplished.

  5. Finally, somebody shuts the trap of the McCanners whose only argument to deny that it was GM that the Smiths did see, was to say that it was absurd. Thank you Textusa and Ironside (praying for your speedy recovery) for bringing in almost every post novelty. A few months ago, although we all thought it was one of the Tapas, probably GM that was seen, you were practically insulted from all sides for even suggesting that it was GM with Tanner’s child. I’ve listened to you since when you first commented on Joana and will continue to do so. You’ve made myths fall, like the child neglect, which people still insist on. This is not the blog where one can learn what happened to Maddie, this is the only place, blog, TV, newspapers, etc, where one can learn that. I read you, and I think that Justice will be done. If not in the near future, later when people read your blog, people will see how little democratic was today’s so-called democracy.

  6. I feel I must post this link here from the Catholic online paper The Tablet. I just re-read it and found it so interesting. It is from June 16 2007, the last article that mentions them.

    I hope it works,louise h

  7. Anon at 9:48, Thanks for the link but
    'Hope, strength, courage'
    Are words used by everybody in Portugal to show 'sorry' to somebody when a relative died.
    The priest could use it with that mean's specially during the first mass after the sad passing away.

    Interesting is that when Mccann's went back to UK, their catholic faith seems to be locked in a drawer. The girl still missing and they are not visiting the church in Rothley that much. Their visit to the church in PDL was part of their media campaign to fool everybody and touch the hearts of millions of catholics who run to drop some Euros on their fraudulent Fund. The portuguese are known for their hospitality and their soft heart which never resists in front of a so touching story. The portuguese always help who ask their help on that circumstances. After fooling the portuguese, they quick bring the amount raised in to the Media- Millions of Euros in one week- to fool the rest of the world. It works until the time that everybody start using the brain instead of the heart.
    Now I endosse the same words to G. Amaral to stay strenght, no matter if silenced, on his way pursuing justice and the truth. One day will happen.


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