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I tagged some information on the end of my last post without thinking it through.

The dates are of interest as there seems to have been a sudden flurry of activity between the Mccanns , their backer Brian Kennedy and Robert Murat the time this bag was alleged to have been found.

It would appear the bag and its contents were pure fabrication , they are not in the Police files and no mention of them in Dr.Amarals book.

Therefore can be only one reason this story was released and that was to threaten, or silence someone.

Jane Tanner, why did she lie? Why was she chosen when she makes such a bad job of it ?. I can think of ONLY one reason and that is her deep love for her partner, Russell O’ Brian.

Did Russell O’ Brian out of some misguided loyalty decide to help his friend Gerry Mccann....?

The bag alleged to have been found containing Madeleines DNA, was reported by the press...November 3rd 2007

The story that two of the Tapas wanted to change their statements was reported.....November llth 2007

Robert Murat , his mother, Brian Kennedy,his lawyer Edward Smethurst and Murats lawyer Francisco Pagarete met at Burgau on ........Wednesday November 13th 2007.

The Tapas 9 ALL met at Rothley Court Manor .......Saturday November 16th

Maddie DNA clue in airport bag Traces found on fleece and stained jeans 
By Dominic Herbert, 03/11/2007 

A BAG of clothes containing DNA linked to Madeleine McCann has been found dumped by a road in Portugal. 

The white carrier bag was discovered in a layby two weeks ago near Faro airport, the News of the World can reveal. 

Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry McCann have learned the bag contained a blue fleece jacket and a pair of adult jeans with traces of DNA that contained "moderate" links to the missing four-year-old. 

There was also a SHOWER CURTAIN inside.

Madeleine: Changes in evidence from Tapas Nine could 'dramatically change investigation' 
09 November 2007 

Changes in the evidence of two of the so-called Tapas Nine could "dramatically change" the Madeleine McCann investigation, it was claimed yesterday. 

The pair who allegedly want to correct their version of events were named yesterday in a Portuguese newspaper as Russell O'Brian and his partner Jane Tanner . 

Miss Tanner has given a key account of seeing a man carrying a child away from the McCanns' apartment. Both her and Dr O'Brian deny that they have contacted police to change their statements........ 

Once again JANE TANNER and WHY it is so important to her that you know she did not have JEANS with her when MADELEINE disappeared.

She is not asked what clothing she wore on that night, but volunteers the information. And goes on to explain she was wearing one of RUSSELS fleeces.

QUOTE I remember I was wearing, because it was cold, I’d got Russell’s big, I’d borrowed one of his, erm, fleeces, so I’d got a big sort of fleece, it probably came down to about here, but then I’d got flip-flops on and cropped trousers, because I’d only got, I didn’t take jeans, I know I didn’t take jeans on holiday, and then. 

The fabricated article of the bag found along the road to FARO airport and its list of contents are of no importance...just the two items are relevant above the reporter Dominic Herberts name. MADDIE DNA: TRACES FOUND ON FLEECE AND STAINED JEANS.

The Missing blue bag...... does it contain the FLEECE and JEANS ? ‘ and if so, who has it and where is it ?

.....AND if a good friend helped you in a bad situation, why would you keep it to use as a weapon against him?


  1. Good thinking, Ironside. Very good...

  2. Around that time was reported also a towell in an isolated place and one of the Tapas ( a man ) and Gerry activate the antene of their mobile phones near an isolate place.

    About the bag and that towell, Amaral said in a TV program that was all fabricated. Who fabricated such news and for what? The Mccann's to frame their friends and to try to pass to the public again the idea of an abduction. Mccann's had a secret meeting with the rest of the Tapas and their spin man in a Hotel near Rothley. Was that meeting to pass the message to their friends that if somebody decide to break the pact will be in serious trouble?

  3. So, was a bag found or not? I'm confused! But something scared the c**p out of the Tapas group. But this was six months later, which means it was there waiting to be found all that time, or not? And where would this report come from if not true? Very interesting.

    One thing I'm not sure about is what evening was DP meant to have gone to check on Kate at 5a, when she was dressed in a towel after having had a shower? Was it the
    3rd? The reason I'm asking is that on the PJ files released of their statements, Kate says that on that evening she had a bath at 8pm. Why would you need to have a bath two hours after having had a shower? It's not as if there was a heatwave in the Algarve at that time of year. But perhaps I've got that all wrong.


  4. Hi Textusa, Hope you're having a good holiday and well done on your excellent research and Ironside on your brilliant articles. I have just read the article about the bag etc being found on 3rd November and I think this 'imaginary' bag is a distraction. The child named 'baby grace' who was washed ashore in a plastic container in Galveston Oct 2007 fits perfectly Madeleines description, right down to the flashing lights on the trainers, if you read the nanny statement the clothes are identical, read the information on-line about baby grace also the age 2 to 3 years, blonde hair. She was found 29th October ( a couple of days before the bag episode) at the time nobody knew who she was but the media were quick to state it was not Madeleine. I know they say they found her parents but are we to believe all we read, look at the Dr David Kelly case for example - lies. Same as Madeleine all lies and cover up. I reckon Baby Grace was Madeleine washed in by the tide they said she died of a fractured skull.

  5. Hi Ironside

    Have been pondering over your latest post - you may have mentioned these things before so my apologies if I am merely repeating them - but what you have said makes me wonder about:

    The FOI answers TB received regarding "an on-going investigation" (I have posted on another site that I wonder if we are reading in this that the Police are doing an investigation - whereas this may just mean 'the McCanns' investigation')

    How the Tapas 9 are behaving and are they/do they think they are being monitored.

    Do they meet as frequently as before and have they taken holidays together again.

    Do they have any contact with each other and if not, then why not - as they supposedly are all friends. Does this indicate guilt or innocence or a natural defence against media reporting.

    If they are "all in it together" your post could mean that they think they are being monitored and have to give "messages" to each other surreptitiously.

    Is it possible for 9 individuals to function under this sort of stress (if they are operating some sort of silence pact) in carrying out their daily life/work etc.

    Surely if there is some sort of "pact" and they are all covering each other - this house will crumble. It's a gamble too far - don't you think ?


  6. Iron,

    Another spot on article!

    The famous missing blue bag hasn’t, after all, just dissolved itself the purest of thin air as many have demonstrated to allegedly have happened on the evening of the 3rd.

    Nor, as logic demands, it didn’t serve to carry any body anywhere. Its purpose, quite obvious, was to serve to store any incriminating materiel that was used served to clean up the mess that just happened.

    Yes, its utter rubbish that it was found anywhere near any airport and that it was white (two weeks lying around?!?). What is important is that this is directly from one McCann's Propaganda Directorate, in this case, the NOTW, and what it states, that it was full of stuff filled with possible traces of Maddie’s DNA (which in this case, is now miraculously valid to link up with the child).

    But the stuff revealed by NOTW is linkable to whom? The parents? Not a chance.

    This is a “disciplining” article. Take Murat out of the equation, and who else is left on the hot seat? The O’Briens of course. Russel missing most of the night, and Jane went to check Maddie AFTER Gerry.

    Jane, who is the ONLY person who saw the abductor. Jane who pointed this out ONLY to Gerry, and in a completely absurd sense of opportunity.

    Jane who was the one that pointed, MISTANKINGLY, but CONCIOUSLY, Murat.

    Now, imagine that clothing, belonging to any of the O’Briens, with traces of Maddie DNA, can be produced.

    Then, suddenly, the saintly McCanns find themselves to have befriended a couple of evil murderers who just killed their child that night and have fooled them and the world all this time… how terrible, terrible…

    And what defense do the O’Briens have? Saying the truth? Now?!? When Jane’s jeans are full of Maddie’ blood? When she was the biggest liar?

    If I were Jane, I would even find a forensic expert that would demonstrate how allergic to denim she mysteriously became after February/April 2007, and the doctor ordered for her not to wear jeans ever again.

    What about the Gerry’s beige trousers? Oh, those are in the bag too. I believe that that bag is now very, very well kept.

    And yes, now it’s white. It just isn’t, or was, anywhere the Faro airport.

    SM, brilliant point. Will check it out. It’s as reasonable as the never ending tennis initial lecture.

    About the post on the Tapas, oh, how has that “Restaurant” screamed so many things into so many “deaf ears” is a wonder... I would even say that there are so many things screaming so much evidence, that one day, Britain will remember these times as one of it's darkest periods in history.

    Ironside, you’re the greatest.

  7. With no offence meant if the above anon was sincere about the Baby Grace theory, however, the McCanns have been known to plant absolutely ridiculous "conspiracy theories" in an attempt to make logical people looking into the case appear to be less than logical.

    The child found was not Maddie.

    In contrast, the "jeans" post is very insightful.

    In terms of the pack of silence. Yes, they are all afraid to speak and it is due to connections the McCanns had long before they went to Portugal. Intimidated into silence is more likely the case than a "willingness" to participate in the cover up to Madeleine's death, the fraudulent Fund and the hiding of her corpse.

    The McCanns WILL face justice and it will be sooner rather than later.

  8. Iron and Tex you're always there and I thank you. I hope you always will be. It's a long road sometimes, but we've still got a hell of a journey left. There's a lot of fighting to be done yet.

  9. Inspector Teresa Almeida dismissed the Faro bag as a media speculation in her correspondence with Interpol

  10. Inspector Teresa Almeida dismissed the Faro bag as a media speculation in her correspondence with Interpol

  11. This 'Exclusive' was given to the News of The World...I think this reporter should be brought in and questioned as to who gave him the story.( althoughwe ALL know who gave him the story).the reporter has involved in his article Birmingham FSS.

    There was a bit of a spat on twitter a couple of days ago with a reporter from this rag..he claims they have never told lies about the Mccann story..I sent him this article have not heard from him since.

  12. Apologies for double post above. JT's phone calls on 3/5 20.30. and 4/5 9.04 said to be to Charlotte Gorrod, who also owned a property in PDL.Why did James Gorrod use address of 12 Knox House Putney SW15, to rent his car when he lived in Exeter.How could these couples claim they didn't know the other was in the resort beforehand?

  13. The Exeter connection...yes there seems to be one.

  14. Just picked this up from another site. has all the files including all mediastements interviews with kate and gerry and sundry tapas 7 pals, transcript of the panorama program (with that you have to watch as in the transcript they say tanner says they carried whereas in the actual programme tanner says "I carried" which got everyone immediate attention.

  15. I think Jane has this memory embeded in her brain, like a coffe stain on a pink dress, it cannot be removed.

    Whether she picked up a dead Madeleine from the floor to embrace her or pass her to her partner O'Brian we shall never know, but the pieces are beginning to fit. That IMAGE slipped out during her Panorama debut.

    Jane YOU said it, YOU did it and now we ALL know.

  16. @leicspolice NOT #McCann related YET

    Left on twitter


    Cadaver dogs..digging where dogs show signs of interest.

    They should have contacted McCann first and not waste their time.


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