Sunday, 6 June 2010

It Happened Once...

And it will happen again.

This is Mr. Joran van der Sloot happily celebrating the fact that there WAS no evidence whatsoever to implicate him in Natalee Halloway’s death:

This is the McCann couple celebrating the fact that there WOULD BE no evidence whatsoever to implicate them in Maddie McCann’s death:
These WERE the headlines after Mr. Joran van der Sloot’s arrest:

THIS space reserved for the headlines that ARE to be after the McCann’s arrest:

It has happened once… it WILL happen again.



    Every moment recorded comes back to haunt him.

    Here Joran is tired of False Allegationsa and being called a LIAR he throws a glass of wine into the hosts face.

    Yes moments like this show the true person.

    English Sub Titles...

  2. Thank You again Text and Iron.

    The best photo to me it is the arrest, the face.CAUGHT!

    I will see now the video.

    The best!


  3. Ufffffff !

    " Father's involvement in the case
    "According to Aruba's chief prosecutor, one of the Kalpoe brothers told investigators that Paulus advised that without a body, the police would have no case."
    **** A quem já ouvi isto?**** "

    In portuguese,sorry:

    alem dos homícidios sobre Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramírez (PERUANA) e Natalee Ann Holloway (USA)

    desconfia-se que fazia tráfico de seres humanos.
    o criminoso na wikipédia:



    Peru não ficou parado! Lutou pela Sua Cidadã.

  4. There were those who used to post that Natalie was a slag, and her mother a money-grubbing trickster. How times change.
    One day you will have to face the truth too Textusa, but I don't suppose for a moment you will. Just like you won't print this. No-one expects people like you to apologise, after all you are incapable of realising the enormity of what you do.

  5. Anon 11:27, I’m publishing your crap right here, not because og your infantile "just like you won't print this", but so that ALL, including those who, quite correctly so, do not want to read whatever you people write and I deposit in the Trash Can, see how really deep low into human manure your kind is capable to scavenge. Hyenas and vultures are hygienic animals compared to you.

    As usual, no backing up of your statement that “there were those who used to post that Natalie was a slag”. Vilifying one’s sexual behavior is the easiest path, one you people are so used to use. When I say that the Tapas were a swinging group, I’m characterizing it, not criticizing it. There might be some people who may have called Natalee that and others that may do the same about Stephany. Yes, they probably went for a one-night stand. As millions do every single night on this planet. For some that may be sinful, but certainly does not deserve death. So keep your morally-distorted comments to yourself.

    Never heard of a Missing Natalee Fund or do I remember her mother claiming for money. I remember well her pushing the Aruba’s Governement to have Justice served. That I rememember.

    I do know of one mother (and whole family) who is “a money-grubbing trickster”. The same mother who won’t move a straw to have the case re-opened by the Portuguese authorities. Saying she is going to, that, she’s done plenty, but actually doing it? The problem being, I believe, that she believes that the police won’t follow the guidelines set by them. And that is how Justice works for you: criminals should tell the police how they should investigate.

    About your idle threat… you faltered there, you idiot. First you threaten and then say you suppose I won’t see the truth. Let me tell you that there’s a parity here: I want to face the truth JUST AS MUCH, if not more, as you don’t want me to face it.

    Anon, do not mistake this as the initiation of a dialogue, because it isn’t. If you wish to back up your statements with sources, I will gladly publish it here. Any other filth is destined to where it belongs.

    To all, NO response to this anon will be published here.


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