Saturday, 8 May 2010


Listen to the lapsus linguae from our friend Gerry McCann at minute 12:30...

"'...but not as bad as the night we found her...."

which the reporter wrongly translates to Spanish as (my translation of the translated) "...the night she disappeared..."  

Ironside alerted me to this, via mail, this morning.

Our reader KK, from whom I quoted the title of this post, also.

To both, my gratitude.

On a first impression, it's my opinion that his brain must have jolted to the moment he first saw her dead...

Update: Roseanne, a faithful reader, informed us that Christina also spotted this and commented this fact on Mercedes’ blog. The more that contribute in helping get this information out there, the better. Thank you Roseanne and Christina.


  1. This narrows the timeline somewhat....

  2. "A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it. The truth is the truth even if nobody believes it." ~ David Stevens

  3. Yes, how weird, isn't it? A freudian slip of the tongue perhaps. Someone by the name of Chistine was the first to point this out in Mercedes blog "Hasta que se sepa la verdad". I listened to it several times and he clearly says "we found her" and nothing more, no other word follows. It's like he left the sentence unfinished (..."we found her missing"), but I doubt it, because there is no hesitation or dragging of the speech afterwards. If I had to guess what word was on Gerry's mind and never got said, I think it was DEAD, ..."we found her dead".
    It reminds me of a video were Kate is holding Amelie's pijamas before the reporters and says "these are ACTUALLY the pijamas Maddie was wearing"( the same pijamas she's supposed to be wearing when she was taken, but that incredibly, somehow Kate holds them in her hands before the media!). It got translated as "these are actually LIKE the pijamas Maddie..."!
    In both cases no reporter picks up on this lapses, no one asks for clarification, and those are not minor mistakes, they challenge and modifie the entire meaning of what's being said, they are a contradiction. And yet, those got translated in the "right" way, the way it was logically meant to be, it's almost like the reporters hear what they were expecting to hear, but not listening to what's actually being said.
    Sorry, I'm afraid I'm not able to put my thoughts in a more clear way, it's so despairing not to master the english language more deeply in order to convey all my thoughts and feelings.

    I wish all a nice weekend,


  4. At last! An article highlighting this! Been trying to tell people for two days (but not picked up hardly) in bad Spanish on Mercedes blog and on JM blog, where Nige agreed.

    As I just said on a previous post here, PJ/Goncalo Amaral need/s to get the uncut, timed original to prove no words were cut. After all, that is what they will say.

    That's why it's good they are continually interviewed, regardless of the attitude of the interviewers. They ARE massive liars, and will keep proving it.

  5. Roseanne - hello! I recognise your name from Mercedes blog. Your English is perfect, but my Spanish is too Googleese to make the point properly and I was having a lot of trouble posting due to computer issues.

    I agree with you totally.

  6. Roseanne, Amelie backed up the pyjamas...she said Maddies...this is what concerns me the most did the twins witness something. They were NOT Amelies pyjamas becasue Amelie said so. From out of the mouths of babes. Your English is fantastic by the way.

  7. Thank you, Ironside and Christina, for your compliments on my english (blush, blush). I'm portuguese, but have taken an english course at the Lisbon British Institute, many years ago. I'm a bit rusty though, lack of practice...
    I understand spanish perfectly and I'm also able to speak some, but writing in spanish that's another, I post in english in Mercedes blog.
    I remember that the pijamas thing was discussed in Joana Morais, many spotted it, pitty the media did not or wanted not! And yes, I too read something about Amelie saying "Maddies jammies"! As you say, "from the mouths of babies"...

    Thank you Ironside and Textusa for all your work, you're both brilliant minds! Oh, what envy, poor little me, sometimes I struggle to follow your reasoning, but it's a wonderful exercise and challenge for my dormant "housewife" grey cells,lol!



  8. Chris and Roseanne...Mercedes has direct contact with Quatro I will mail her and see if we can do something with this footage.

  9. This may sound daft but could it be the McCanns subconciously want to confess something,Gerry looks especially stressed in this interview and the one with Sandra Fuilgeras,it's just a thought.

  10. Remember earlier on this year 2010 when the McC's were in Portugal for the hearing. Remember KM put out on her website that the open window could have been a red herring. Well how can she possibly now say that when in the article below Clarence Mitchell, the McCann spokesperson states:

    Speaking to RTE's 'Prime Time', Clarence Mitchell said she could "easily" have been kidnapped by an abductor who did not leave the trail of a break-in.

    However, in the early part of the hunt, friends and family members told journalists that the shutter on the apartment where the McCanns were staying had been broken.

    Mr Mitchell made his comments when questioned by a 'Prime Time' team in a report on the disappearance to be screened tomorrow. "There was no evidence of a break-in," said Mr Mitchell.

    "I'm not going into the detail, but I can say that Kate and Gerry are firmly of the view that somebody got into the apartment and took Madeleine out the window as their means of escape, and to do that they did not necessarily have to tamper with anything. They got out of the window fairly easily."

    Full article here:

    and here with video from 13.10 secs onwards he says the above comment stated in the Irish Independent:

    So how on earth can KM state in 2010 that the window could have been a red herring?


  11. Zodiac. just because she says so.

    Isn't that enough for you? It seems to be for the British Authorities, concerning a British Citizen.


    As we have Mccann who lies with as many teeth in his mouth.I thought we may as well wheel on the wife to hear her version.

  13. Anon @8.17....The Mccanns cannot confess because of the Fund..I think in time people would understand their panic and maybe even understand in a strange sort of way. BUT they have taken money from small children and the elderly to pay their mortgage and what other else has taken their fancy.

    Richard Branson and many other celebs have been used..the Mccanns would be villified and Fraud carries a much longer jail term than hiding your daughters corpse.


    Kate McCann to attend service for victims, along with Prince Charles...


    Colin Suttontakes over in the Hunt for our Maddie


    This link has been sent to three departments at Kingston Hospital to please pass on to Dr.Mattew Oldfield. I would imagine the link WILL be read by staff members also.

    "In both cases no reporter picks up on this lapses, no one asks for clarification, and those are not minor mistakes, they challenge and modifie the entire meaning of what's being said, they are a contradiction. And yet, those got translated in the "right" way, the way it was logically meant to be, it's almost like the reporters hear what they were expecting to hear, but not listening to what's actually being said."
    Can you send an email to all UK papers with that video telling this? Everyone needs to know about it! Mccanns are liars!
    XO Claudia from Germany

  18. Claudia good morning...when you have a moment will you please e.mail Maria...she has a message for you...and yes I will send this to all newspapers but first we have to make sure it was not clipped.

  19. Hello again all

    Yes, Ironside, I hope you can do this. If the original version shows no cuts, then I don't know how anyone can argue against it. There appears to be no tailing off. It looked to be a complete sentence.

    And I agree, Claudia - translations are being done on what is expected to be heard. Will read the links above
    and the new entry.

    Roseanne - there must be a very high level of teaching at that Institute! Excellent!

    All the best and many thanks again to you all here (and Mercedes and others on her blog, and Claudia).


  20. PS Wow - I just saw the very nice added credit. Thank you so much!



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