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Being Alive Is The Opposite Of Being Dead

We have determined, at this point, two important things about "The Stroller". 


The other is that he was carrying the child with the CLEAR INTENT OF BEING SEEN carrying a blond, barefooted four year old girl, dressed in pyjamas, and so provoke an encounter that had the objective to produce one or more witnesses who would be misleaded into thinking that Madeleine Beth McCann had just been abducted. 

These are two of the three intermediate objectives we proposed to achieve before advancing to the final one in the Smith Sighting Saga: to prove that "The Stroller" is none other than Dr. Gerry McCann

This post, and the others that will follow it, is then aimed to achieve the third intermediate objective: to prove that the carried girl was alive

 I’ll even add another detail to the objective: to prove that she was alive and sedated

For this, I’ll be breaking the theme into three parts. 

- First, this post, is to differentiate, physically, the dead from the live. Simplistically as possible, of course.

- Then, I intend to show how, and why, ANY adult carries a small sleeping toddler, under various circumstances. 

- Lastly, I intend to show how, and why, is a dead human body, namely that of a child, is transported. 

 The proving of the sedation, is about a paragraph long, so I’m still thinking if I’ll dedicate a post to such evident evidence. That’s the plan. But you know by now how fickle I am… Let’s then not waste any more time, and get the ball rolling. 

A Portuguese “socialite”, Lili Caneças, has, in Portugal where she’s known, been much scorned for having one day said that “being alive is the opposite of being dead”. This apparently obvious statement does encapsulate much more than it seems. 

There are, I’ve heard, ongoing discussions about what is the exact moment a person dies. A very good friend of mine has told me that the last thing to go is the hearing, so, on a loved one's deathbed one should continue to speak caring, loving words, as the loved one departs before our very own eyes. 

I certainly would like to go hearing such music. 

But it’s not the moment of death that I want to talk about today. I intend to discuss what is PHYSICALLY different from a dead body and one that is living, in a conscious state or not. 

In terms of conscientiousness I would say that someone can go from fully alert and conscientious, to being completely unconscious, like when under general anesthesia. 

The intermediate degrees in this scale would be to be drowsy, asleep or sedated. 

I’ll leave the comatose state out as in none of the Maddie’s scenarios is this condition referred anywhere by anyone, nor can I see any reason to be. 

The extremes of this redefined scale, full alertness and anesthesia, can be defined by OPPOSITE responses of the nervous system to stimuli. 

In the present case, I would like to concentrate on the stimulus originated by pain. The reaction to other different stimuli is identical as the nervous system is the same, the only one existing in a body. 

Pain, by the way, is nothing but an alert system. The nerves warn the brain that the body is being subject to danger, and the brain, in turn, or in response, makes the body react accordingly. Feeling tired is a painful state. If the body didn’t feel this tiredness, a runner could run himself to exhaustion and literally to death. 

We, when fully conscientious, feel and react to pain, while under anesthesia this “connection nerve-brain” is completely blocked, albeit temporarily, and the brain not receiving information, doesn’t react to it. 

But either conscious or fully unconscious, our blood never stops flowing. 

And that is the main PHYSICAL difference between being dead and being alive

The Chinese say that a dead body is one without energy. In a cadaver, the blood flow is inexistent, but in a living being, even if in coma, this flux continues uninterrupted. The heart beats, the blood flows. 

When the heart stops, irrigation of cells is stopped, and these start to loose their tonicity, their elasticity, their strength. All living cells die, and decomposition begins, which is, by the way, quite a "lively" process that we’ll talk about later on. Not on this post. When we will talk about cadaverine. 

Once the blood stops flowing, so does the energy that we’ve taken in stop reaching the cells intended to receive it. So rightful are the Chinese. 

Now let’s look how this energy is used when we’re alive and well. We keep ourselves upright due to a multiple chains of miracles, some call it factors, in this gigantically complex thing that we simplify by calling it a body. 

What a wonderful machine is the human body. Structured by the skeleton, its balance centered at the inner ear, but it’s our muscles, held together to the bones by ligaments, that give us the form we have. So the key element here is muscle

When we’re born, we haven’t enough muscular mass to be able to hold our head on our own. We grow, and so grows our muscular mass, but it’s a while before we have enough of it to enable us first to stand upright, then to walk, to run, to jump, etc. 

Once able to stand upright, the wonderment of balance happens. Make a voluntary movement such as the lifting of an arm, and just imagine all the calculus that would be required to determine the compensation needed due to the unbalancing just provoked and all necessary muscular reactions involved to compensate it... The body is continuously keeping its "balance status" information updated in a process that still today makes any computer green with envy. 

This then results in a miraculous myriad combination of contracting and distending of muscle that makes us continue upright. 

All involuntary, all instinctive. Nothing short of amazing is what a living human body is able to achieve millions of times a day. 

But loose the structure, by breaking a leg, or loose the balance, through excessive intake of alcohol, and what happens? Pray the ground is soft. 

Ask, if you enjoy being cruel, any athlete to stand up after he’s pulled a leg muscle. No structure, no balance, no muscle… and verticality is mission impossible. 

It’s clear the effect of death on structure: unless death occurs as consequence of body damage, it’s none. It’s also clear the effect of death on balance. Any which way one goes, balance is gone. But what is the effect of death on the muscle mass? 

Once stopped being oxygenated, the muscles close shop. That simple. 

When you’re unconscious, asleep, sedated or anesthetized, the blood irrigation continues. When you’re dead, it stops. 

So the muscle mass, that had helped or even been essential to the verticality of the human being, now produces the OPPOSITE effect. Not only doesn’t the muscle mass help, as it contributes, due to its natural weight, to make the body become even a greater victim of gravity. 

To understand, just go to your local butcher and pick up a boneless piece of meat. It will just droop on your hand. But that same piece of meat, when it was alive and irrigated, was an energized muscle filled with strength. 

It alone moved mass, lifted a leg, shook a head, or even made a whole body jump, but now it needs the same bone it mastered to keep the memory “alive”of the shape it once had. 

So, as Lili Caneças so rightfully said, and only the ignorant scorned, to be dead IS the OPPOSITE of being alive. 

 In a dead body, as all muscle has now become useless and soft, all of it would just drop off the body, by gravity, were it not for the ligaments tying them to the bones and for the skin that still maintains their shape.

They say it takes 60 muscles to make a frown and only 30 to smile. Add, say, 10 that don’t either smile or frown and subtract 20 that do both, you end up, when the body is dead, with 50 face muscles that are doing something other than you’re used to see them doing: just drooping. 

That’s why the face of someone who has passed away, although resembling the person we remember alive, looks completely different. A dead person just looks dead. Not asleep, not drugged. Stone cold dead. 

A drowsy, sleeping or a sedated body is not to be confused with a dead one. 

The first are alive, maintain muscle control. This may be diminished, in different degrees, by the received stimuli in the brain. It’s easy to understand that the further we are into unconsciousness, the less information is passed on to the brain. 

Proportionally, the head is the heaviest part of our body. Our neck muscles do miracles every single day of our lives. 

We’re all familiar with the comical head nodding of someone who, sitting, starts to fall asleep. In this instance, the nerves supposed to inform the brain that the neck muscles are straining, delay somewhat this transmission. This makes pain accumulate up to a point where the brain receives all this information at once and reacts accordingly, usually with an exaggerated upward snapping of the head. This immediately alleviates the pain, and so the head due to its weight, drops, restarting the muscle straining. The next cycle is shortened because the “pain” starting point of the muscles is already elevated, so the brain response is earlier…. 

This demonstrates, that although reacting slowly the brain maintains full control of the muscles of the body.

That’s the reason why a child adapts its head on the shoulder of an adult when full asleep, either by turning it or finding a more comfortable position. 

Under sedation, the body reacts similarly as in sleep, the main difference is that it’s temporarily is unable to wake up, whilst, when sleeping, if the pain is too great, one does wake up. 

In a dead body, trying to keep the head vertical is like trying to balance a pumpkin on top of a straw. The only support it has is the linkage between the spine and the skull, no structural help from the muscles. So the commonly seen “backward flopping” of the head in a dead human, or humanoid, body like in the picture below, when a gorilla holds her dead baby in front of her
A perfect example of this lack of muscular support of the neck to the head is a newborn baby. 

The structure is there, and the balance is irrelevant at this stage. What is lacking in muscle strength. If it’s not EXTERNALLY supported, it falls. Just like the head of a corpse. 

Just another reminder of the cycle of life, we end as we’ve begun. 

This post, as I said, was just for you to differentiate, physically, between being dead and being alive. Not spoken about the "The Stroller", that will come in later posts. 

But now you can understand at least one argument in proving that the carried girl was alive. Would "The Stroller" risk walking approximately 500 metres, and back, with a newborn’s uncontroled wobbling head on his shoulder? 

And head for a stairs?  

None of the three Smith witnesses stated that he was holding the child’s head:

THAT is something that would be noticed.


  1. A nice day and a super work .......

    Muito importante todas estas reflexões e raciocínios com suporte, já que estão todos baseados em evidências.

    Aqui não se brinca, trabalha-se com toda a seriedade.

    ( desculpem escrever em português).

    Muitos e muitos estarão AGRADECIDOS pelo Vosso trabalho.

  2. As you know my mouse is without cheese today...have a great day everyone and take care.

    The article explains so much. One thing you cannot argue with is 'The LOOK of Death'

  3. Since the dogs most certainly found traces of blood on the floor and even splattered all over the walls in the flat, I very much doubt that Gerry would have been carrying a body drenched in blood all over town.
    I suspect the body would have been immediately wrapped in plastic bags and kept hidden somewhere until such time as it could have been safely disposed of.

    The one Gerry was seen to carrying was a borrowed one.

    Have a great day too Ironside

  4. Wonderful Textusa.
    I agree with you. Like I stated before, I believe in a Body hide in a house on the first hours or day.
    Gerry went with an alive toddler sedated( was the only way to be sure that the girl did not decide to stand her head and ask questions to him or to somebody in public, damaging the plan). He want to be seen, this is why he choose a street which lead to a busy place ( bars, night-clubs, etc) which gave a high probability to cross with somebody. But he don't want to be recognised, this is why he avoided close contacts and don't want to be seen by a big group ( that increase the risk to be recognised or stopped by somebody). What went wrong with the plan was the size of the group, the police who suspect them and their fake abduction ( they noticed that immediately due to the questions the police pose to them) and the possibility of being recognised by some of the Smiths ( the moon and the street lights were not helpful) but due to the desperate circumstances he have to try his best to find an independent witness. He stop his promenade after meeting the Smiths and never reached the busy night. Come back. Everything with help of his friend O'Brien who were out of the table, more or less at the same time and gave a sensational excuse which include vomiting. I don't know if PJ find any traces of vomit on his flat( I believe this was checked since the workers stated that no spare bed sheets were requested). The main information still confidential for the great pain of the Mccann's.
    And a dead body not only decrease is muscular tonification, over the time become hard and impossible to manage his members to be adaptad to a container like a bag. Taking in account that a blue bag is missing.
    Of-course , Mccann's will dismissed the Smiths sight and never reported it to the police. They are a problem on their plan and instead of suiting a normal abduction, the Smiths sight suit a Faked abduction, suit PJ track and they will do everything to avoid it. There is no visions in any British tabloid about a man carrying a girl in Pyjama on the street used by the Smiths. This tell us all about the Smiths sight and the origin of the other sights reported in the British tabloids for 3 years. They think... we don't have a health brain.

  5. Just another note:
    Dogs don't lie and cannot be corrupted by the money from the Fund. The espensive, reliable and millionary ensured dogs, said that a cadaver matching 15 Madeleine DNA alleles in 19 was in the flat 5A. No any other family staying in the flat reported a relative missing. No any other person was reported dead or died in the flat. And we know... to hand a cadaver in a legal way, people need to follow legal steps which include polices and ambulances.
    The same dogs reported the same cadaver in the Renault Scenic and a child T-shirt. Forget the cuddle cat and Kate clothes. The flat 5A and the Renault Scenic with Tshirt were enough to any police in the world suspect the Mccann's and put them in preventive prison immediatly. All to protect the twins. No place to raise money fooling people or assalting Cancer raising Fund events.

    I believe, Textusa, your trash can will grow up quickly with few but very active anti's who will try to intimidate you and post rubbish, since you are touching hot points and make Kate screaming, jumping on her chair and almost eating her laptop.
    The truth can't be hide forever. One day will be exposed.


    I remember when this story broke...The Mail screamed Americas Maddie, until the spotlight went on those closest to the child that is. Haleigh was forgotten in England.

    Still as times gone by, they are alike, many lies from friends and family and everyone is waiting for the 'BIG' break when one of them confesses.

    Like Maddies case, I will not hold my breath.

  7. In Ireland, the Smiths are watching the BBC news, which is broadcasting the event. For them, it's a shock: that person, they recognise him. That way of carrying his child, that way of walking. From that moment, he is sure: the man they came across that night was Gerald McCann. Of that there is very little doubt.

  8. …regarding the various details which I observed in contact with the McCanns’ it is her opinion that they may be involved in the disappearance of Madeleine. She first found them aggressive. After she showed Madeleine’s parents her credentials, they also seemed strange. After this she was informed that there were no signs of a break-in in the apartment. Knowing that they are doctors she found it absolutely abnormal that they left their children alone at home. Associating this with her professional experience, which tells her that in 99.99 percent of cases of children’s disappearance, the parents or other family members are involved, she felt it her duty to inform the police of this.»
    — Yvonne Martin’s statement, 14-Nov-2007 Social Worker

  9. Many are confused and wonder if Gerry McCann would have the state of mind to creat an 'abduction scenario'. I think Fioana Payne answers the question for us.


    FP [Fiona Payne, best friend of Kate in the case]
    that’s why he’s good at his job, you know, he’s, he’s a very pragmatic person, in an emergency he’s the person you’d want to call on because he thinks straight and he thinks clearly Gerry can be, erm, he’s more able to, to sort of see through all that and just think, hang on what’s right for, what’s right, what’s going to get us further forward here,


    .......hang on what’s right for, what’s right, what’s going to get us further forward here,


    Just telling the Police your child had been abducted holds no grounds but a few witnesses seeing your barefoot child at the time the alarm was raised... now thats a whole new ball game.

  10. McCann insists his daughter was alive when taken from the apartment.Therefore 'The Stroller' would be carrying a living child. This would go against all Mccanns work if the Smiths had thought for one moment they were looking at a dead child.The FUND would have been in jeopardy. Lets face it, MONEY is what matters to the Mccanns far more than a dead daughter.

    Tanner seeing Mccann and Stroller at the same time is supposed to prove 'The Stroller' cannot be Mccann...

    How observant was Wilkins, did he notice later the Stroller and Mccann were wearing the same clothes?...just in case he did Kate changed in her statement May 4th...from Tanners beige pants to the stroller wearing Jeans. She gave this information freely without being asked.

  11. So, who was the Undertaker? Were the words Mccann said arriving back in England true? 'We played NO PART in the disappearance of our lovely daughter Madeleine.'

    No Mccann did not remove her from the flat but I think I know a man who did.

  12. One step forward for MAN kind...One step back for McCann kind...

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    The Bill will also:

    require claimants to provide evidence their reputation was damaged by an alleged libel before they can bring a case forward (they don’t have to do this at present) and make corporations prove financial damage before they can sue.
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    There is a great piece by Lord Lester on why he is doing this now here.

    And Simon Singh has written his thoughts on the bill here.

    Thanks to your support we’ve made the case that libel law reform is an issue politicians know they have to act on.

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    Help us keep the pressure on. Write to your MP asking them what the Government intends to do.


    Mike and Síle

    PS - for more details of the bill and complete coverage see

  13. Hi - I would like to tell you a relevant story. However, it might disturb some people so just a caution...Yes, alive is the opposite of dead. I know this as it is part of my life experience. When my brother was on a life-support machine in the hospital after being pushed to his dead from a 5 storey car park, I sat with him, touched his cold life-less hand and the doctor told me he was still alive at that moment (but it didn't feel that way to me) I was asked whether we should have the life-support machine switched off, and I had to make the decision as the rest of the family were unable (I was the only one still able to function that day)...about 2/3 days later when he was in his coffin I saw and touched him again, he looked asleep, he really did, as if he was just about to wake up or something. It was the most horrific part of my life and I am sorry to write it here, but I write it because I KNOW the difference between alive and dead, I've seen it, I've touched it.
    To me his facial features seemed exactly the if he were alive. Thats what I wanted to point out. Would someone else be able to tell that they were looking at a corpse or not??
    Textusa - if you don't want to publish my post because its disturbing then its up to you.

  14. Marty,

    Thank you for your comment. One thing that cannot be excluded in this very sensitive issue, is emotion.

    If your brother's corpse looked like, after 2/3 days, very mucjh like his alive self, and not knowing much detail, I can only say he was an exception, and that you may keep that as you last memory of him.

    However, you say that he was on a life support machine. This is an extrema case, where the muscle mass loses its characteristics, not due to lack of irrigation, but due to lack of exercise.

    Your last image of him alive, was that of a body barely alive, so and that was the mental picture you used when doing the comparison. In fact, not much alteration.

    Don't want to be crude here, also don't forget that the bodies are prepared by professionals for funerals, especially those with opne caskets, so as to reduce visual impact.

    But the main focus of this post was to clearly demosntrate that a dead body loses all cooperation it once had from its muscle mass.

    Thank you Marty

  15. To Marty :

    what You has done quite follow his brother was a huge and beautiful demonstration of love. You was the wings of love and comfort for him.


    ( with the help google translator)

  16. Em Portugues, com elevado respeito pelo sofrimento que a experiencia de Marty proporcionou:

    Penso que o caso do irmao de Marty, como o de muitos que falecem em hospitais nao pode ser comparado a outros falecimentos.
    Num hospital, especialmente quando alguem esta ligado a uma maquina, ha uma hidratacao permanente do corpo atraves do soro fisiologico alem da medicacao. O soro fisiologico mantem por algum tempo o volume das celulas( inchaco) e a medicacao retarda a decomposicao do corpo. Em conjunto melhoram a aparencia.
    ( Desculpem a falta de cedilhas e acentos)

  17. Marty,

    I apoligise if I seemed too cold and distanced. Your situation deserves the utmost sympathy, and I can only imagine the pain it brought you just to bring this issue up.

    Thank you for your availability in this whole process to discover the truth.

  18. During the first week of Madeleine's diappearance, Martin Brunt said that the shower curtain was missing from 5a. Then the blue bag disappeared as well.

    Has it never occurred to anyone that Madeleine could have been in the blue bag when the police were there and that the McCann's were trying to divert the GNR's attention away from the wardrobe by doing their kneeling and wailing scene.

    Also, the McCann's could have made the children sleep through any noise by giving the children travel sickness medication (if my g/daughter is given only a quarter dosage, she falls asleep and its difficult to wake her up) so if the McCann's had given them a double dose, they weren't likely to wake up.

    Maybe the bottle that was found had something in it that was not the same as the label stated.

  19. Gerry used terfenadine for his hay fever-it's in the files. Does he really suffer from hayfever?

  20. Anon 9:42,

    I'm a strong believer that Gerry was the one that took the body out of the flat. With one or two helpers.

    However, always interested in hearing different opinions. Care to explain?

  21. Marty, I never know the right words when talking to people about their loss. BUT I always know the right song. Marty this is for you....

  22. Gerry said that he had a stomach problem. At least that's what he said when explaining about some medication that was found.

    What was in the bottle? His medication or something else?

  23. The problem is McCann is a liar, his whole life is now a lie. May is the beginning for hayfever sufferers, we have seen Mccann through all the summer months in 2007 and I have never seen him with red swollen eyes...even after the loss of his daughter.

    I have friends who have hayfever and even with medication at certain times of the day their eyes stream...

    Does McCann have hayfever?..If he told me yes I would not believe him...if he told me answer would be the same.

  24. Anon 6.28...It says here Terfenadine is well tolerated by there we are they may have been given this drug to help them sleep.

    I believe the only night the twins were sedated was May 3rd...Madeleine is another matter.

  25. Marty,

    This blog’s exclusive and dedicated troll has, amongst the usual dribble, given its opinion about my answer(s) to your comment.

    Put its whole comment in the Trash Can. If you wish to reply to the troll, please do it there. If you wish to concur with it, which is your sovereign right, I’ll publish it here.

  26. Thanks to all for your kind words. Thanks Textusa and thank you Ironside.

    Those were valid points about preservation of the body. It didn't occur to me but you're right.

    re: resident troll, I'd rather not encourage them if possible but if they are saying something that I can reply to then go ahead.

    P.S. The reason I am still holding onto my beliefs about the McCann case is because I cannot stand injustice and where I 'feel' something is wrong I want to try and express that and work with it and find a solution and see if it's 'not just me' that thinks this stuff!!



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