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Although I now believe neglect was simulated. My theory, because it can never be more, left a large hole. The independent witness statement of Mrs.Pamela Fenn, who heard a child Tues.May 1st crying for much longer than one hour, screaming daddy,daddy. 

For a time,I worked with Animal Rescue and we had many,many dogs. We laughed in the mornings as one dog would start to bark and within moments they were all barking. We called it 'The Dawn Chorus' 

I have also sat in the warm sunshine after a mornings shopping, in a local bar, eating tapas. I have watched mothers with their young children struggle to try and feed them all at the same time. One will become a little impatient and start to cry, soon, they would all be crying. 

Madeleine: Spent one christmas with her Grandmother ,Gerrys mum ,Mrs McCann said of her grandaughter 'That girl could pull a tantrum. If anyone had tried to take her she would have screamed her head off. She would have had to be drugged' 

Dr.K.Gaspar said: Madeleine went off with the Paynes so that Kate and Gerry may spend time with the twins

Madeleine : A star chart in Rothley. Madeleine would receive a star for everynight she stayed in bed and did not disturb her parents. 

Gerry: However said Madeleine would come to our room because the twins would wake her ? Madeleine it seems had a sleep problem . 

Maddie had her own room in Rothley but now she was sleeping with the twins and would have disturbed them, not only them but ALL the children if they were together. 

 Madeleine sedated and while she slept the twins were taken to be with the rest of the children. Madeleine it seems was not sedated enough on Tues May 1st, she woke and found herself truly alone. 

There was no mum and dad, no brother or sister , she was terrified and she screamed and screamed. 

This for me explains why Mrs.Fenn only heard one child, the twins were safe elsewhere. For a very long time I had thought the McCanns came up with the story 'Why did you not come when we were crying' to cover for Mrs Fenn and what she had heard. I then realised they possibly did not know at the time of their statements. Mrs Fenn herself said I did not tell the Mccanns so as not to upset them

Kate in her witness statement said she covered the twins with open weave blankets before leaving the apartment. I now realise the purpose of the statement . 

Kate had far more important things on her mind than a childs cries. When you think of twins , you think of both. Mention Amelie, you think of Sean. Mention Sean ,you think of Amelie. 

Kates words 'Why did you not come when me and SEAN were crying'. Kate, once more pushing the NEGLECT. 

When what Kate Healy was really saying, by her very words, she had placed the twins BACK in the apartment. 

Kate forgot one thing the 'BLANKETS'..GNR noticed there was no bedding in the cots.



    'The timing of the smear'....

    ...caused great embarrassment for PJ and Paulo Rebelo who at the time was in England inteviewing the tapas.

    Anna Rosa and her side kick Nacho here in Spain have a lot to answer.

  2. Kates words


    The twins were laid down on their backs, covered with open weave blankets. She says that she doesn’t know if the children were in the same positions when they left the apartment.

  3. One has got to love your love for detail.

    Your thesis of "intentional" negligence opens up a whole new Pandora's box.

    A really dark one.

  4. Hello and a nice day to all!

    I will trie with my bad english and,of course because that, only a few words.

    I read theMadeleine´s lonelyness and I feel again so sad? triste,triste,triste because a litlle girl spend the nights ALONE! What a pain!
    Poor baby Madeleine; because to me , they are so cude,a litlle person yet, but baby.

    Reading the Text ´s comment upssss, a new Pandora´s box and worst than we thought!

    What a family! A Child need emotional protection since she was born and they think only the twins?

    And she went to P. ´s home? Oh,God!

    The Grand Mother......

    And Mad die all the time without a good support? ALONE?

    What for? MY GOD!



    Mccanns are lying.


    Just a little girl




    McCanns paid for mortgage with Fund money




    Ask the dogs Jerry


    IVF Treatment is very expensive. The McCanns sure got their money back .


    Kate Healy and how easy she lies. I hope her parents are proud of their one and only daughter.


    Madeleine 'Giving them her tuppence worth'


    Jerry Mccann talks with Paxman


    Behind the mask


    Help re open the case


    A very special day for Hollie and Anne Greig

  19. Madeleine Online Store. Holiday Pack 1 and Vests: Out of Stock.


    I think nobody is buying these things, so I don't understand 'out of stock'. Why not delete? I guess another lie (spin), suggesting good selling items.
    If I'm wrong, I wonder when these things are delivered from stock again.



  21. When questioned about May 1st the night Mrs Fenn heard a child crying
    it seems the checks were more frequent.


    She thinks they went to the flat four times: Gerry twice and she twice. Approx. 9, 9:30, 10, and 10:30PM.

    She also claims Russell did not go to dinner that night. Someone took his dinner to the apartment. Which apartment she does not say. This gives us one night that someone is away from table.Russell O'Brian...claiming a sick child.

  22. Hi M.NL I believe the reason they are now 'out of stock' is because on their Star Studded night they were auctioned off. Money, money , money...


    Spanish Interview

  24. hola! if they did sedate her,why would they take the twins to other appartment? sorry,don´t gei it!

    Claudia from Germany

  25. Is it possible the twins saw what happened to Madeleine?
    Maybe that's the reason why they sedated the twins, to be sure they kept on sleeping in a 'strange' place. In this way they also could remove Madeleine unhindered.
    I don't believe MO, I think he didn't see the twins that night.

  26. Hi Anon, and yes I have been thinking about that too..Diane Webster has tried her hardest to stay close to the her she has only lied a little bit.

    If you read her PJ statement not Leicester they are a corrupt police force and the statements are of no value.

    Dianne says when she arrived she believes Matt and Gerry were not at the restaurant when asked to clarify IF she saw either in the street she says NO....Gerry we know was at the apartment, we have Jez to thank for this information.

    I now believe Matt was in the Paynes apartment with all children.

    The baby monitor was for Madeleine. It makes no sense to have a monitor and baby sitter...but if Madeleine was not with the other children then the monitor could ONLY be for her.

    Once more explaining Dianne was listening to the monitor and would have now when the twins had been returned..her statement true 'Ientered the apartment and saw Kate and the twins in their cots...The fact that she found it necessary to mention the twins is proof enough...Why would anyone not think the twins would NOT be in their cots. Dianne PUSHES the point. Thats what matters.

  27. Hola Claudia, Madeleine was the eldest and also hard to settle. I am trying to work out what I think may have happened. I am sure that ALL children were together but Madeleine would not sleep so she was sedated.We know the noise she made from Mrs Fenn on May 1st...The baby monitor was for Madeleine but the group must have been too far away for it to work which is why they did not hear Madeleine and her screams. I think the twins were also sedated but only for that one night (and yes maybe because they had witnessed what had happened to Madeleine)...if as I now think one of the group were with the children each one needed to sedate a child...Beds, there were a lot of beds in Paynes apartment, plus a cot lent to them by McCanns. I need to think somemore. Fiona said something in her PJ statement that makes me doubt she knew the twins had been sedated.


    Yvonne Warren Mitchel...this statement may be of use...Because Kate told this SS worker Madeleine had been abducted by a couple????

    Yvonne thought she recognised David Payne...and did David Payne recognise Yvonne Mitchell? he pulled Kate away and told her not to talk to her???

  29. Observations and thoughts from one of the first GNR Officers on the scene.


    Volume 12

    Page 226

    Snippets from Statement made by José Maria Batista Roque, GNR Officer about the events of the night of the 3rd May.

    During the search he did not find anything strange apart from the bedclothes on Madeleine’s bed, which were too tidy, it appeared that she had been picked up of had left the bed with great care. There was a mark on the sheet that appeared to be made by a child’s body.

    After the search, he noticed a situation that seemed unusual to him, when at a determined moment, the girl’s parents kneeled down on the floor of their bedroom and placed their heads on the bed, crying. He did not notice any comments or expression from them, just crying. Upon leaving from the main reception the father also knelt down, placing his head on the floor and crying. He did not hear the father say anything.

    He never heard the parents ask to see a priest.

    He found the parents to be nervous and anxious, he did not see any tears from either of them although they produced noises identical to crying. He did not feel that this was an abduction, although this was the line indicated by the father.

  30. Reply Fiona
    “At some point in the evening I was aware that, I think it was really the late hours of the morning, that, erm, I think, was it Rachael who had contacted SKY. Bit I think at that point it was just, we just felt nothing was happening and, you know, you’re just desperate wondering what to do. And I think I was aware that at some point, I think SKY News it was or BBC, one or the other, had been called by a member of our group”.

  31. Fiona Payne about Kate:

    "... she kept going into the twins, she kept putting her hands on the twins to check they were breathing, she was very much concerned in checking that they were okay. ...."

  32. Where the dogs marked

    Among the great number of items and locations that were inspected, the dogs marked the following locations and items:

    1. Apartment 5 A, Ocean Club resort, the place from where the child disappeared
    1.1. Cadaver odour detection dog:

    * master bedroom, in a corner, by the wardrobe
    * living room, behind the sofa, by the side window

    1.2. Blood dog:

    * living room behind the sofa, by the side window (exactly the same spot that had been signalled by the cadaver dog);

    2. Front garden of apartment 5A:
    2.1. Cadaver odour detection dog:

    * one of the flower beds (the dog handler commented on the “lightness” of the odour)

    3. Apartments where the rest of the group were staying:

    * NOTHING was detected by the dogs

    4. McCanns’ present residence (at that time):

    * NOTHING was detected in the house by any of the dogs

    5. In Aldeia da Luz village:

    * NOTHING was detected by any of the dogs

    6. McCann family’s clothes and belongings:
    6.1. Cadaver odour detection dog:

    * two pieces of clothing belonging to Kate McCann
    * one piece of clothing belonging to Madeleine
    * Madeleine’s soft toy
    * the cadaver odour was detected when the toy was still inside the residence (the McCanns’, at that date)
    * it was confirmed under out of the house conditions

    7. The vehicle that was used by the McCann family:
    7.1. Cadaver odour detection dog:

    * marked the car key
    * marked the inside of the car boot

    7.2. Blood dog:

    * marked the car key
    * marked the inside of the car boot

    8. Car that was used by a family friend that was staying in the same resort, on some of the same days :

    * nothing was detected by any of the dogs

    9. All the cars that were used by arguido Robert Murat and the people that are close to him:

    * nothing was detected by any of the dogs.

    (In a total of 10 cars the cadaver dog and the blood dog only marked the car of the McCann family, rented on the 27th of May!!!)

    The locations and items that were marked and signalled by the blood dog are being subject to forensic exams, part of which are already concluded.

    Not less relevant is the refinement of the results that point towards Madeleine’s DNA as being present in apartment 5A, behind the sofa, a spot that was marked by the cadaver and the blood dog. In every place marked by the blood dog, the laboratory confirmed that DNA was present.

  33. Rebelo and PJ...They were almost there... ... claim.html

    7 kids were left in McCann flat By ONLINE REPORTERS

    Published: 10 Oct 2007
    POLICE in Portugal piled fresh torment on Madeleine McCann’s parents yesterday by claiming SIX other kids were with her the night she disappeared.
    The bizarre theory – that the couple’s friends left their own children in the fateful holiday apartment to go out – emerged as the country’s No2 cop took over the case of the missing four-year-old.

    Grim ... Gerry yesterday
    Last night Maddie’s gaunt-looking mum Kate and husband Gerry slammed the latest slur on their version of events as “utter rubbish”.

    The two doctors, both 39, insist their two-year-old twins Amelie and Sean were the only other children sleeping in the rented flat when Maddie vanished.

    The news comes as friends of Kate have argued today that the fact she refused to leave Portugal, despite pleas from husband Gerry and friends, is further proof she is telling the truth.

    Even though she knew public opinion in Portugal was turning against them, Kate felt emotionally attached to the area and wanted to stay.

    Friends argue that someone with something to hide would not have behaved in the same way.

    But police sources reportedly told Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas they had "significant evidence" that seven of the eight children in the group had been in the McCanns' apartment.

    Reports suggest they did not give an explanation as to where the eighth child was.

    And the newspaper also claims that Maddie and twins Sean and Amelie were sedated.


    Brian Healy Kates dad talking about sedation

  35. Interesting point it has always been a little niggle as to why the other children were not heard by Mrs Fenn, I thought too: perhaps they were all sedated, but Madeleine woke up, but the worry displayed by Kate on the night of the third (checking their breathing etc) could indicate: that was the ONLY night the twins were sedated and being so young she was rightly worried about the possible effects on them? It seems a very strong possibility that the twins were not in the room on the night of the 1st as you suggest and does indeed explain the intensity of the crying heard by Mrs Fenn!
    Would this also explain why the cleaner stated she saw one of the cots in the parents room on the morning of the 2nd?

    The more we look at this case the more and more worrying the apparent level of their deception is!


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