Friday, 19 March 2010


On the subject of the McCanns I do not have all the answers. That's not for lack of trying. Most days I am like everyone else anxious and interested to find the truth about Madeleine, to be found hunched over my keyboard with mouse at the ready and fumbling, fumbling in the dark. Here it is I hope and I pray I will at some point in time bump into the light switch and not fall down the cellar stairs.

If this all sounds a bit too much like 'Dragons and Dungeons' then that is because it is. Make no mistake about it the McCann case is fraught with intrigue, duplicity, and devilsh devious ways. Anyone even remotely familiar with the case, as most of the blog community now appears to be, knows that it is these features that shine out like a lightouse, warning off all those lest they approach too near.

There are others who for reasons best known only to them alone can no more avoid the call of the light than a moth can avoid the enchantment of the flame. These others seek fullfillment too, that is undeniable, but for them that fullfillment is destined only to arrive at terrible cost.

If you spy the light then you can be said to be at least halfway there. How you then choose to act will determine many outcomes one of which will be the inevitable consequence that your decision has resolved must be.

The moth must eventually perish, the more cautious will survive for a while at least, such is the way of the world. The light offers us all a glimmer of hope and a way forward, but we should all remain vigilant that the light remains constant lest one day we espy it has become a flame.


  1. Like moths to a flame. Wherever I am or wherever I go,music is my life. I associate everything with music. Your first post TTW4 reminds of this piece, so apt, so religious and so full of betrayal.

    Those who use religion, mock those who truly believe,must surely one day pay the price.

    The tapas 9 and 'their pact of silence'


    Yorkshire post


    West Yorkshire Police....are they moving in?...follow the trail.


    Where is she


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