Friday, 19 June 2009

Where there's money, there's a mole


  1. Bom dia Textusa,

    Como sou ABSOLUTAMENTE CONTRA condenações sem julgamento( ainda por cima decididas sem direito ao contraditório ) e porque a fotografia constante neste artigo me parece, desculpe a opinião OBSCENA, agradeço que elimine a minha inscrição nos
    " followers " deste blog, ou me diga como o posso fazer.
    Obrigada .

    Maria C.Lopes

  2. Respect your opinion.

    We are all condemning the McCs without trial, are we not?

    I did not put the picture up lightly.

    DL is a mole. Not sure if he is a voluntary one or a manipulated one. He has damaged seriously the truth, by, from now on, raising needless doubts about all of us.

    Not to say in creating breeches between us all.

    DL is free to defend himself through his blog. If I'm convinced that I am wrong, as with the McCanns, I will be the first to apologize. I've checked his blog and have seen no counter-argumentation.

    I tried to remove you, but could not. only block you. That is my option, which I refuse to do.

    Best regards

  3. In Zeitgast they say the Global Elite rule by Divide and Conquer.
    One can see it in Iran now and Iraq is already divided and conquered.
    Duarte and many others have had a pivotal role in misinformation and separation from the truth.


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