Friday, 29 May 2009

We shan’t forget nor let you forget.

I know you kinda busy, looking for Maddie an' all, so you didn't even realize that time flies, and May is already over...

Please don't let the same thing happen to June, ok?

A suggestion: would be quite a neat birthday present for Gerry, wouldn't?

I think it would.


  1. You are disgusting, as is your whole blog.

    1. Hmm...the whole blog is disgusting,to think that then you must have read the whole thing. Funny that!

  2. anon:it is your opinion.Not mine and not to many others.

    We appreciate a lot our Text and his/her Blog.
    She/He thinks very well,write super well.
    It is important to read,to think,to understand.
    Who can not to see what is happening had a brain blindness.
    Have a nice day.

  3. You too are disgusting.

  4. You are right ....... We live in a disgusting world....

  5. Let's get this straight.

    This blog is about doing the best I can to bring those who killed and concealed Maddie's body be brought to Justice.

    It's an "opinion" blog, based on convictions. Some things are fact, other deduction. All based on a clear conviction that I wish someone would convince me to alter.

    Anybody who feels disgusted by the doing of someone with the abovesaid objective is only an added incentivation to continue.

    Your disgust is taken as the highest of compliments. As an reasonably educated human being, I thank all who compliment me.

    Thank you for your disgust.

  6. From You,Text:"Let's get this straight."

    Da minha parte,aceito não responder a quem ataca ou critica,assim só com poucas palavras,sem raciocínios.

    Fui eu,M., quem respondeu em portinglês, ao críticocurto-tudojuntosim. Mea culpa.

  7. I know how to tell one anon, from another, M.

    Your comments are always welcome, as your language is one that is understood by all: sincerity.

    Thank you

  8. So,I thank You about your answer to me.


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