Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Script for "McCanns on Oprah"


Wide shot, only Gerry and Kate. Kate while speaking moves as rehearsed. Gerry MUST maintain the look as if his doing a highly complicated mathematical calculus during the whole dialogue.  

Kate: The curtains that were drawn over, just wooooosh… flew open, and that’s when I saw that the shutter was wide open and the window was pushed right open…  

Oprah: And that was when you realized that Maddie had been abducted, right?  

Kate: No, y’know, it was when I heard, y'know, the laughter.  

Oprah: The laughter? 

Kate: Yeah, y’know, I started to hear somebody laughing, y’know, on top of the music in the background… y’know, it sounded like Vincent Price…  

Oprah: The Vincent Price?!?  

Audience woooooos in amazement.  

Kate: Well, yeah, y’know, could have been him, y'know, or could have been somebody else, y’know, with all those violins you couln’t exactly say who it was… 

 Quick close up on Oprah’s face, amazement.  

Oprah: Do you think Vincent Price abducted Maddie?  

Camera swing to Gerry. Kate’s hand is seen placed on his knee.  

Gerry: It certainly should have been something that the Portuguese police should have looked at, instead of losing precious moments accusing us absurdly. I can say that having read almost all the files, it’s a stone, like all others, we will NOT leave unturned until we find our lovely daughter.  

Camera back to Oprah  

Oprah: But knowing that Vincent Price is dead since 1993, do you think he abducted Maddie but as "Dracula"?  

Camera to Gerry, leaning forward.  

Gerry: There’s no evidence that Vincent Price is dead, but if he is, and now is "Dracula", I can tell, knowing our little Maddie, if he bit her neck and sucked her dry, she certainly gave him Hell…  


Audience laughs.  

Camera on Oprah in total amazement, eyes open, moves her mouth in a silent “wow”.  

Audience applaudes.  

Oprah: We'll be right back after this commercial break. Don't go away.  

Shot widens, until capturing whole studio with applauding audience. 


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