Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The Employees

(Nov, 4th 2008)

I once stated that as of a certain day, a little over 3 months after the publication in Portugal of Mr. Amaral’s book about Madeleine and an eternity before the promised subsequent the libel suit promised by Mr. Mitchell in the name of Kate and Gerry McCann, only three kind of people still believed, truly, in this couple’s innocence in their daughter demise: the mentally impaired, the illiterate and those that are to be hurt if what is known to have happened is known, officially, to have happened.

A little time has passed, and of these, the first group doesn’t care, unfortunately for them, and the second, as word gets around, is diminishing by the day.

These two groups constitute what I call the Believers.

Of the third, that I named the Hurtful, I stand to be corrected in putting them together with the Believers.

As La Palice wouldn’t be able to say it better even if he tried, he who knows who is guilty is unable to believe in his innocence.

Can justify the action, defend possible reasons, but never believe.

They sure, though, can pretend. And that's what the Hurtful do. Or try to do.

Not convincing anyone, much less themselves.

Within the Hurtful, there’s a sub-group to be noted, the McCanners.

Those who know with total certainty who exactly is guilty and of what. Most of the Hurtful also do know. But they haven’t, amongst themselves, any material witnesses of Madeleine’s last breath. The McCanners do.

The Hurtful, especially the ones other than the McCanners, cannot afford being in the spotlight.

Basically to avoid the same effect as sunlight would have on vampires. I remind you that these people are a very, very powerful.

So much so that they pushed this situation totally out of control, especially theirs.

And they are now desperately managing the damage. Irreparable damage was caused. One day I’ll theorize on who makes up this group and why I recognize that it will be humungous task to bring this issue up into broad daylight, although not an impossible one.

The important thing for them is that today the “sea” of press is calm, and whatever happens below the surface happens there, and there must remain.

Before you get mixed up with the names, groups and sub-groups, let me summarize.

I have, up to now, described two of the major groups that I think are involved in this sordid affair. On one hand, the Believers, made up of the impaired plus the illiterate, and on the other the Hurtful, which include, but is not limited to, the McCanners.

I will now bring forth the third group, the Defenders. This group is made up of all that defend against all and any logic that the McCann’s are innocent.

We can exclude from this group the Believers, as the impaired are exactly that and the illiterate have no significant means of communication.

The Hurtful are part of the Defenders, but are in minority.

The vast number is common people like you and me, with the exception that, apparently, they have a thicker skull. They are simply adverse to logic, and allergic to the truth.

At least those that act without any financial compensation for their acts.

They are the biggest slice of the Defendants, but, by far, aren’t its key members.

The Hurtful, powerful within the internationally recognized borders are totally helpless on the internet. They can control the servers in the UK. But Argentina, just as an example, is a little too far. And they do remember the Falklands.

And, obviously, it’s impossible to control the US servers.

And this inability of controlling the electronic word as they do the written one (the average person living in the UK doesn’t have, and doesn’t want, access to the papers of Argentina and the US, just to use the same examples) brings him to down to levels of powerlessness that they are not used to.

But money can buy you many things. One of which is people. So, they hire “warriors” supposedly able to fight here on equal terms. The Mercenaries, a sub-group of the Defendants.

The ethically chaste for the morally doubtful.

Not withholding logic nor truth their maneuver space is limited to disruption. Like Knights of the Apocalypse.

Everybody knows that it takes some time to tidy up a shelf, but only a couple of seconds to pull it out, turn it and drop the contents on the floor. That simple. Havoc is easy. Easier if there is no logic or construct.

Intimidating and being intimidating like bullies in a school playground. Bullying is one of the two ways to go about their intent. Insult, threats and ridiculing.

But the bullying doesn’t stop there. It’s also done by inverse psychology. Through victimization. Claiming personal persecution or accusing vehemently biased intolerance.

All just to make others afraid and self-conscious, thus impeding them from voicing their opinions freely. And so, silence is kept. And, for these people, silence is golden.

Literally. Their salary depends on it.

The other way, is much more subtle, and that is to distort the truth. To mold it a bit by bit until it becomes unrecognizable. Like insisting that you had a flat tire on a trip when you didn’t have one. You politely try to explain that that never happened. Not surprisingly the next comment is already about how you bandaged your hand that you hurt while changing the tire.

And before you know it you have inadvertently got yourself into an animated discussion about the various types and forms of bandaging, all based on an inexistent flat tire that you no longer remember that you didn’t have in the first place.

If I added a detail here, another one there, my husband would be Brad Pitt. But he isn’t, is he?

Here I was honestly hoping that a Mercenary would jump in and prove that yes, I was stealing Angelina’s man every night, albeit that ugly wart that he has on his nose. My husband, not Brad.

What? I have other things seen being defended much a ridiculer argument. And a gal is entitled to dream.

If I am to distort the truth, well, basically I will distort it to my convenience.

So, Fred, please let there be no raise of an eyebrow if I call you Brad tonight. And if I get good help from a friendly Mercenary, you will also believe you are!

But the Mercenaries are unable to do their job alone. They do have the resources, but there too many battlefronts where the fight is to be taken to. Not a single enemy is allowed to pass. They need numbers, like the Nazis with the collaborationists. Volunteers for their devilish intent.

The recruitment is explained in the most basic of mass-psychology books. Like the use of the media to propagate the most basic inflammatory values such as racism and national pride.

Woefully supporting the disgraceful victims, the us, and pointing hard fingers to the disgraced aggressors, the them.

Anger generated by anger. Simple formula. Proven results, time and time again. I call them the Employees.

For whatever reason, ready to be used by a will higher than theirs. Aware or unaware, they are being employed by others in the fulfillment of their intent.

Why do they do it? I haven’t the faintest.

Maybe they feel attracted to the power one feels when one works with the powerful, not realizing that they are working for them. That false sensation of belonging to a group that couldn’t care less about you. Like when you desperately tried to belong to the most popular group I high school, but ended up just doing their errants. You walked proud, but under a chorus of sneers. From all sides of the ball park. The bullies and the bullied. You were simply the fool.

Maybe it’s because they got themselves caught in lie, and now cannot simply get out of it. The natural human reaction to refuse being ridiculous. Nobody likes to make a fool of him or herself. To recognize that one was not able to comprehend the information available and, because of it, made a misjudgment is an enormous thing to ask any human being.

Once in a lie, the tendency is to stick to it, in the hope that others will be convinced somewhere along the line, not realizing that it’s just an aggravation of the initial problem.

Whatever it is, it escapes me. And any reasonable mind. Especially when one remembers Madeleine.

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