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Vultures circling

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1. Introduction

As we have shown in our past 2 posts, Kate has recently decided that Madeleine is likely to be in the Praia da Luz area. We have stated the reasons why we think she has said that.

However, a vociferous and prolific twitter supporter seems to agree wholeheartedly that she really means what she says.

The abductor is a Portuguese paedophile, according to Mr Twitter.

Not only that, but the authorities and the vile residents of PdL have hidden sex crimes to protect their tourist industry!

Thanks to Scotland Yard, he says, these crimes have been uncovered.

Residents of Praia da Luz, do you see vultures circling overhead?  How do you feel about this slur on your community?

2. Kate McCann & the Algarvian paedo

Returning to our post “Paradise Lost?”, Bill Henderson, former consul, told Kate of a meeting with tour operators in 2006, sharing their concerns about paedophile activity, but wanting this to be kept confidential because of possible repercussions for the trade.

Bill Henderson seemed remarkably lacking in curiosity or concern about what had allegedly occurred and didn’t consider the incidents relevant enough to come forward and make a statement to the PJ.

Kate, on pages 323/4 of her book, describes looking through the released PJ files. She must have had access to material not available to the general public because information about sex offenders was withheld.

“One of the most concerning and upsetting pieces of information to emerge quite early was the record of sexual crimes against children in the Algarve… I read of 5 cases of British children on holiday being sexually abused in their beds whilst their parents slept in another room. In 3 further incidents, children encountered an intruder in their bedrooms, who was presumably disturbed before he had chance to carry out an assault. I guess these were the reports that Bill Henderson, the British consul at the time of Madeleine’s abduction had told me about.

These incidents had occurred within an hour’s drive of Praia da Luz over the three years prior to Madeleine’s disappearance. The PJ had never mentioned any of them to us. In fact, I gathered from the files, some of them hadn’t even been recorded by the authorities at the time they were reported (evidently, they were not considered to be actual crimes). So they might never have come to light if the parents of these children hadn’t been brave enough to come forward to the British police after Madeleine was taken…  What these cases do demonstrate, however, is that British tourists in holiday accommodation were being targeted..” 

Kate says “some” of these attacks weren’t even recorded in the “files”, which we gather are the PJ Files. If “some” weren’t, then the others were. And if only “some” weren’t, means most were.

We fail to see any of these attacks registered in the PJ files.

Are they part of the pages that were removed from the files and placed in an Appendix still under the secrecy of justice?

As we showed in our “Debunking urban myths: the unpublished PJ Files”, it was written down the reason for every single page to have been removed.  The pages removed fell into the following 3 categories:

- Category A, relate to people identified during the inquiry whose possible link to the events is extremely unlikely (the most tenuous) and whose right to privacy would be infringed if their personal information were left on file (basically the 'pervy percy' list);

- Category B, relate to crimestopper data with respect to sightings, the TV program having guaranteed anonymity;

- Category C , relate to information from people - often criminals or having a criminal history - that was volunteered by them and they should not be put at risk for having come forward.

If the registry of these sexual assaults were ever in the Files and were removed from them, they would have to be in Category A. Let’s look at the details of the pages removed from this category:

“Taking into account the content of erudite dispatch of fls 4655/4657, and materialising, comes the MoPo (Ministério Público – Public Ministry) to make to Your Honour know the following:

A - In the inquiry there are passages that contain information that can contend with the right to private life of people, not only British citizens, about which there was not found the faintest hint of implication in the present files as presented:

Volume I
, fls. 211/212: reference to an individual with a past linked to crimes of a sexual nature against children.

Volume II

- Fls. 293/297: constitutes a list of individuals connected with the practice of sex crimes against minors and teenagers.
- Fls. 298/300: reference to an individual linked with the practice of acts of paedophilia and exhibitionism;
- Fls. 473/474: reference to an individual linked with the practice of acts of exhibitionism.

Volume III, fls. 754/757: information and bibliographic record of a citizen in connection with acts of paedophilia.

Volume V, fls. 1246/1254: list resulting from the search carried out in the PJ Database related to individuals of foreign nationality and linked with child sexual abuse and paedophilia.

Volume XV
- Fls. 4085/4100: reference to a Portuguese citizen having physical similarities to the e-fit, with a police record showing convictions for robbery, rape and kidnapping.
- Fls. 4102/4110: identification of an English individual having physical similarities to the e-fit.
- Fls. 4116/4127: diligences done with an individual referenced with the practice of one crime of sexual abuse against minors, with a police record and convictions for that same crime.

Volume XVI
, fls. 4130/4132: reference to a French citizen with physical similarities to the portrait e-fit.

Regarding the matter contained in the referred pages and for the reasons given, because it’s our understanding we believe that it should remain in the secrecy of justice, thus their removal, replacing them with a summary of what was contained there [in each removed page] and the constitution of an Appendix to remain in the custody of an entity considered competent for its keeping, with the single purpose of demonstrating its existence, in the terms expressed in Article 86 nº7 of the CPP.”

Is it plausible to believe that PJ would consider “the record of sexual crimes against children in the Algarve… I read of 5 cases of British children on holiday being sexually abused in their beds whilst their parents slept in another room” not having “the faintest hint of implication” to a case involving a girl allegedly abducted from her bedroom? We think it’s not.

Even if they were recorded, and they're not, in these removed pages, Kate wouldn’t be able to see them because they remain in the custody of the Portuguese Public Ministry under the secrecy of justice.

It couldn't have been from the PJ Files that Kate read about these sex attacks. She could be referring to the “Edgar Files”. These were the files shown to Kate by Dave Edgar as can be seen in the 2009 Mockumentary:

It can clearly be seen that a second statement from JW made in April 2007 is shown and there is no such statement in the PJ Files.

Also, it must have been from the “Edgar Files” that Kate has read what she says on page 56 of her book:

“It wasn’t until a year later, when I was combing through the Portuguese police files, that I discovered that the note requesting our block booking was written in a staff message book, which sat on a desk at the pool reception for most of the day. This book was by definition accessible to all staff and, albeit unintentionally, probably to guests and visitors, too. To my horror, I saw that, no doubt in all innocence and simply to explain why she was bending the rules a bit, the receptionist had added the reason for our request: we wanted to eat close to our apartments as we were leaving our young children alone there and checking on them intermittently.”

Kate is getting her files confused, There is no such “staff message book” with such a “note requesting our block booking” in the PJ Files. 

3. Scotland Yard & the Algarvian paedo
In our post “Blackmail”, we wrote about the alleged sex attacks in the Algarve and the role/act being played out by Scotland Yard in 2014. Not for a minute did we believe this was a serious attempt to solve the case as the result of some revelatory moment for Scotland Yard. The fact that Portugal was denied to right to screen Crimewatch was enough to convince us.

What we failed to do, however, was revisit old articles, as so much of this case is recycled and re-spun news. What Kate’s words do demonstrate to us is that Redwood and his team were highly unlikely to be investigating any cases, they had uncovered themselves.

Let’s first remind ourselves of the remit of Operation Grange in 2011.

“The focus of the review will be material held by 3 main stakeholders (and in the following order of primacy)

- The Portuguese Law Enforcement agencies

- The UK Enforcement agencies

- Other private investigation agencies/staff and organisations”

The removal of boxes from Metodo 3 offices in Spain must be related to the third category.   M3 get a positive comment from Kate in her book - although this was before the recent revelations of Peribanez and Tamarit and their allegations of fraud by M3.

4. Dave Edgar & the Algarvian paedo

Halligen gets a very negative review, as would be expected, but of Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley… not a single mention by name, unless this counts.

Page 284

“For the most part though, our experiences with independent investigators have been good. Our current tried and tested team has more or less been in place, with a few modifications, since October 2008. It is spearheaded by a former police officer with input from strategic advisers and specialists in various fields as required.”

There is no mention of the embarrassing Victoria Beckham look-alike episode in Barcelona; which Edgar failed to investigate other than in the most cursory fashion.

Scotland Yard, however, have a brief to investigate Edgar and Cowley and  Alpha Investigation Group (1). And therein may lie another clue to the Sex Offenders in the Algarve episode.

In the Belfast Telegraph of September 13 2009, “Madeleine McCann is in a secret lair” is said:

“And despite fresh leads taking his probe to Australia and Barcelona, the east Belfast man insists the golden-haired youngster is being held just 10 miles from where she was snatched in Praia da Luz two years ago.”

Edgar proposes 2 years before Operation Grange was put in place that Madeleine is being held in a dungeon or cellar, just 10 miles from where she was snatched, in a sprawling wilderness. Very specific, but based on what information?  

Andy Redwood’s introduction of  Crèche-Dad on Crimewatch undermines Edgar’s other assertion that Madeleine was taken by the man seen by Jane Tanner, seen carrying a little girl in a blanket. Dave says this in the article:

“Jane is a very reliable witness and there were other sightings of this man, who Jane saw carrying a little girl in a blanket, in the days leading up to the disappearance.”.

According to Redwood on Crimewatch, the man was taking his daughter home from the night crèche, albeit seen walking in a different direction to that which would be logical by someone coming from said crèche (Discrepancy 11 of our post “UK Crimewatch - Discrepancies II”).

Edgar also adds a touch of xenophobia by referring to the “lawless villages” in the area, as if the Algarve was the equivalent of the Wild West. No investigation would be complete without a negative inference directed towards the PJ.

He then gives two very different scenarios: a paedophile or a desperate family. So desperate they were willing to risk taking a child and then hiding her in a cellar!   Even daft Dave must have realised how absurd that must have seemed, so he elaborates on the paedophile angle.

“He added there were as many as nine child sex attacks in the area round Praia da Luz from 2005 to 2007 and the victims included British kids.

Some happened as close as 20 miles from Praia da Luz, and six of them were on girls between the ages of three and 10”.

5. Conclusion

When Redwood mentioned investigating sex attacks on girls, was this merely following the “leads” Scotland Yard found in the “Edgar Files”? If it was, then why hadn’t Edgar report these attacks to the PJ, if not already reported?

Scotland Yard announced their investigation into the sex attacks as if they had discovered this spree themselves. Someone on Twitter should stop being lazy and do some research.

Given Kate’s description of what she found in the files and Edgar’s investigation, did they really find anything that hadn’t been known up to 2009?

Mr Twitter will, of course, assert that they did. He knows it was a Portuguese Paedophile wot did it!

Scotland Yard circled Praia da Luz in 2014, in helicopters. Do the vultures now detect their prey in Praia da Luz? Mr Twitter and Kate are certainly pointing in that direction.

Our opinion, and we’re sure shared by many; it’s not a Portuguese paedophile in a lawless village the vultures should be circling.

They should instead circle some so called normal people, not paedophiles who don’t exist, of that small beach village in Portugal and many locations throughout the UK.

We have said up to now that there were only 2 options for the conclusions of Operation Grange. However, we have come to realise that there’s a third option. We will speak about that option next week.

(1) actually called Alphaig and dissolved in November 2011. Only Cowley’s name was given as a director. Edgar’s company we believe was Emerald Investigations Sept 2009- July 2014.

Post Scriptum 07Mar16:

Our post “Carman” explained how private forensic tests were allegedly done in the property of John Garaghty, someone who had been confused to be another man all these years.

This was followed by our “A Triumph of Tycoons” in which we showed how “Mr [Stephen] Winyard revealed he has already paid for DNA tests carried out on the Renault Scenic hire car used by the McCanns.”

Stephen Winyard was one of 3 tycoons which we referred to in that post. The other 2 were Sir Richard Branson and Brian Kennedy:

“The businessman agreed to offer an initial sum of £100,000 - a figure matched by Virgin tycoon Sir Richard Branson.

Double-glazing magnate Brian Kennedy is also donating money to help the McCanns clear their name.

Mr Winyard said the three were sharing the costs between them. "I think the McCanns are entitled to the best legal defence they can muster to refute these scurrilous allegations.”

In our post “Tide Change” we spoke again of Mr Winyard, this time because Kate McCann received an award with his name given by Missing People.

On this post we added a Post Scriptum because an Anonymous reader provide us with a link that took us to a swingers website page where a swinger asked the following: “A swinger, saying the following “Hi we are staying at stobo castle 19th feb looking for some company. Anyone around or can point us in the right direction? Cheers”

As we all know by now, Stobo Castle is owned by Stephen Winyard.

Today, we received another comment from another (or maybe the same one?) reader sending a link to an article from The Independent.

“Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Vultures circling":

Hi Textusa,

Not sure if you have seen this before but if you haven’t I think you will like it!


Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 7 Mar 2016, 13:47:00”

The link was to the September 7 1998 article from the Independent “Adultery, wife-swapping and the complicated sexual mores of today”.

In this article, these two paragraphs:

“And we could take as our text for worrying about it no less an authority than that Sixties marvel, Richard Branson himself. As his wife Joan says about him, the Virgin boss has always had weaknesses for "sticky cake and beautiful women" (with Bill Clinton it is, of course, the other way around).

In his autobiography Branson tells how he lost his first wife, Kristen, to the rock star Kevin Ayers, as the result of a wife-swapping party. Described, inevitably, in yesterday's Adultery News, the setting was his "romantic houseboat in London's Little Venice. Cushions were scattered on the floor. The scene was set for swapping and seduction." And, apparently, alliteration. Nevertheless, all readers of Adultery News now know to avoid houseboats with floor cushions.”

Like we did with our Post Scriptum on “Tide Change” post we will simply ask readers: what do you make of this?

On our part, an autobiography is always an autobiography.

To our Anon(s), thank you!


  1. PdL - What a place. Why does anyone holiday there?
    It's populated by black heroin addicts, people who rob apartments, gypsies who steal scrap and wood, scruffy moustachioed lurers of children, bogus charity collectors, suspicious street musicians, men lurking near phone booths, glasses man lurking in stairwells, blond men suspiciously lurking outside apartments, soothing couples entering apartments without permission, mysterious gangs of cleaners, men taking photographs of children on beaches... And to top it all, you have to queue for a table booking.
    Anonymous 11Nov 2013 12:22:00

  2. In Sandra Felguiera's interview, around 6 mins in she asks K about the files. No mention of finding sex offenders or attacks

  3. Tweeter is a known disruptor. Probably a shared account as time spent responding is inordinate against any adult who has their daily living to get on with.

  4. This confirms all my suspicions: SY have never acted independently on this case. They are not doing any sort of police work just following orders. What a waste of money.

  5. You refer to Crimewatch not being allowed a screening in Portugal. I can state, categorically, that Redwood promised the Crimewatch material to an RTE programme in Ireland, which was not his gift as it was owned by the BBC. The BBC itself resented being pulled into this/these promises by Redwood, and wouldn't allow their footage to be used, or edited. Instead Redwood did an interview in studio.

    1. Anonymous 4 Mar 2016, 13:43:00,

      Are you able to give any more details about BBC refusal to allow RTE to air Crimewatch?

      We find it amazing that it couldn't be aired in Portugal, given that SY were allegedly pursuing assaults against British girls in the Algarve.

    2. Not for publication at 8 Mar 2016, 11:13:00,

      Very helpful reply. Thank you very much.

      Your trust in us means a lot.

  6. Just one point, why did John hill say there was no sign of a break in if the OC wanted to participate in the cover up ?

    1. Anonymous 4 Mar 2016, 14:20:00,

      So we can answer your question appropriately could you please tell us what was the relationship between John Hill and the Ocean Club?

      We ask because he doesn't appear to be on their employee list:

      Any help from you would be great!

    2. of course, no problem.

      John hill, manager of the mark warner ocean club.

      Hope that helps and I hope the link works.


    4. Anonymous 4 Mar 2016, 14:47:00,

      Yes, that is a problem. No matter how much we trust the site, that is just a site saying that John Hill is the manager.

      "JOHN HILL
      JOHN HILL (Manager of the Mark Warner Ocean Club)
      the manager at the Mark Warner resort, John Hill, said there was no definite physical evidence that the girl had been abducted. "It's still questionable as to whether it's an abduction," he said. "We are hoping that Madeline is found as soon as possible and safe and well." Mr Hill said the police had been doing all they could. He said around 60 staff and guests at the complex had searched until 4.30am while police notified border police, Spanish police and airports. "There is a criminal investigator here in charge of the situation and around 20 officers but unfortunately there is still no information,"

      However, the documentation handed over by the Ocean Club to the PJ, in which all their employees are listed (even one in handwriting) John Hill is not in it.

      Officially he's not an Ocean Club employee.

      We continue not to know what the professional relationship is between Mr Hill and the Ocean Club.

    5. Anonymous 4 Mar 2016, 14:59:00,
      We acknowledged that in our "Tourism Diet" post:

      "John Hill says he “works in the Ocean Club since March 2006” and is identified in his statement as manager of the “Ocean Club - Praia da Luz - Lagos” and yet he doesn't appear on the Ocean Club staff list.

      Some witnesses refer to him being the MW manager in Luz. Yet he doesn't appear in the Mark Warner staff list.

      Anyone know why?

      Maybe for the same reason as why his wife, Donna Hill, doesn't appear in either list too. Donna who we remind readers, says on May 4 2007 that she is the MW Childcare coordinator."

      What you are telling us, we already knew.

      However you haven't answered our question, what is the professional link between John Hill and the Ocean Club?

    6. While we wait for you to answer our question, let us answer yours which was "why did John hill say there was no sign of a break in if the OC wanted to participate in the cover up ?"

      Well, we don't know what you are talking about.

      On the SIC report at 20:00 of May 4th, John Hill can be seen and heard saying the following 01:08 – 01:22 of the vídeo):

      “Nothing is missing in the apartment, one of the windows at the back here into the chidrens’ room was left ajar with a blind had been risen up where previously the window was closed and the blind was down.”

      Isn't that describing a break-in?

      Are you saying he later changes his mind about this? Why would he? He was one of the first on the scene, he certainly saw the window with the "blinds risen up"...

    7. It didn’t hit me before but why would Hill be manager of OC????? He doesn’t speak Portuguese and that must be a requirement for that role.

  7. Anonymous 4 Mar 2016, 15:03:00

    Your comment got caught up in the "debate" about John Hill. We have taken the liberty to delete it there and place it here:

    "Anonymous 4 Mar 2016, 15:03:00

    I haven't really understood what you are trying to say in this post. I'm an avid reader in your blog and certainly subscribe to your theory but other than feeling very disheartened today at what I've read, I probably have not understood the message.. my lack of brain not yours!
    So other than truth (or partial truth) or archive there is another feasible option for OG. That doesnt sound encouraging. If the vultures are back circling PdL re sex offenders then do you mean to say that OG is now fixated on finding closure with a dead body and putting it down to a paedophile attack? Please lift my spirits if you can..."

    1. Anonymous 4 Mar 2016, 15:03:00,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, we have seen a third option forming and growing some legs. Obviously it's neither archival or truth.

      We are currently working on detailing it and on debunking it.

      We can show something that will be in next week's post:

      "As we have repeatedly said, we think there are only 2 realistic options for the conclusion Operation Grange can come to: truth or archival.

      But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options. Obviously there are, but for us all of them have varying degrees of fantasy and some even go over the scale but are options nonetheless. An option may be ridiculous but is never stupid. Stupidity is an exclusive of those who chose to take ridiculous options."

      The idea of next week's post is to show how ridiculous other options outside truth or archival are.

      We remain optimistic.

    Mr Twitter argues about date Grime retired from police
    The answer here is August 2007

  9. It's all very true but Scotland Yard has to be credited for discovering that the paedo bandaged his feet!

  10. Why would John Hill be manager? A manager deals most with staff (great deal Portuguese) and suppliers (Portuguese). The resort manager was the Portuguese Silvia Baptista. She was called for questioning wasn't she?

  11. Hi Textusa, thank you for the latest post,it is quite remarkable that Mr and Mrs John,Donna Hill references of their roles at the Ocean Club Complex were altered so quickly after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann?
    Another point to consider is the mysterious Twitter blogger the same"Michael Walker" who was so helpful to the McCann family in their moment of support since Madeleine's reported disappearance 3 May 2007?
    Was that you on the beach near the rocks with Gerald, as per the photographs from the news papers, eh Michael,official scrutineer of the internet, paid from the "Find Madeleine Fund"?

    1. @13:59
      Do you mean the witness who lost his temper when the judge didn't let him read his notes written in greenink, sorry, green ink, during the trial?

  12. We inform readers that we have just added a Post Scriptum to current post, thanks to unpublished Anonymous 7 Mar 2016, 13:47:00, who we thank.

    1. Hi Textusa, I have just read the post scriptum,this is not proof of "Swinger Activity"as nontextusa would ascribe,but it has inclinations that Elite Members of Society do wish to partake in their own predlections of their choice and not wishing for it to be broadcast to the publics knowledge?

    2. Anonymous 8 Mar 2016, 12:20:00,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Like we did with the Post Scriptum of our post "Tide change", in which we made no allegation against Stephen Winyard, with this one we are also not making any allegation against Sir Richard Branson or anyone else.

      We have limited ourselves to publishing 2 paragraphs of an article.

      Our intention is for readers to ask and then answer their own questions.

  13. Well done Textusa there had to be a link between all these people who immediately jumped to the macs defense.

    I wonder if you also noticed that " rent a Bob" geldof who was linked to the gala for the presentation of Kate's missing people's award was one of the few names disclosed as having attended the Murdock marriage blessing

  14. Hi Textusa,there seems to be some collusion of knowledge between Resonate and Bell Pottinnger with regard to the access they were able to control photographic SD/CD discs, cards to the PJ Authorties with proof of three persons having knowledge,handling thsese items,one likes Green ink,"Ask the Dogs, Sandra and one who claimed to have arrived on the 5 May 2007 but was their as a PR man on the 4 May 2007?

  15. Do not publish at 10 Mar 2016, 18:04:00,

    He just seems to be an attention-seeker, possibly the same person who has a road freight transport business.


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