Friday, 18 November 2011

British Discrepancies

There seems to be lately a rather heated fuss in Britain about Blatter’s blunder on racism. 

It seems that, according to the Brit tabloids, in particular my favorite one, The Sun, the least humanity could do to this man was to cover him in barbeque sauce and throw him to the lions under jubilant roars of a “justful” crowd:

According to these papers, it seems, that racism should be treated in the harshest, most vehement manner possible. No holding back. For the foulest of crimes, the most violent of sentences.

But, if memory doesn’t fail me, I do remember one particular episode, from a Tony Parsons, in The Mirror, where various flattering adjectives were used to qualify individuals from another Country.

This article, unfortunately, cannot be read any longer in its original site (wonder why?) but, thanks to Joana’s blog, we can still read this piece of literary masterpiece:
"OH, UP YOURS, SENOR Tony Parsons 29/10/2007
Portugal's ambassador to Britain, Senor Antonio Santana Carlos, says that the Madeleine McCann case has seriously damaged relations between the two countries. Well, whose fault is that?
It is the fault of the spectacularly stupid, cruel Portuguese police. I have never much cared for the convention of calling cops "pigs" or "filth", but I am happy to make an exception. They have tried to cover their humiliation at coming nowhere close to finding that stolen child by fitting up her parents.
The decline in relations is also the fault of the appalling Portuguese media, happy to print any piece of poisonous trash spoon-fed to them by "police sources" treating the abduction of a small child as light entertainment.
And the Portuguese public must also take their share of the blame. The sight of locals jeering at Kate McCann as she went in for questioning made me feel as though these leering bumpkins were not from another country, but another planet.
And the good ambassador can also be blamed for the decline in relations.
When he should be exercising a little diplomacy, he huffs and he puffs about the McCanns' tragic decision to leave their children sleeping alone on the night Madeleine was stolen.
"In Portugal we have the concept of a nuclear family," sniffs Senor Carlos. "That the families all live together."
They made a mistake, ambassador. Their lives have been wrecked. That is punishment enough, without your asinine, unwanted comments.
And I would respectfully suggest that in future, if you can't say something constructive about the disappearance of little Madeleine, then you just keep your stupid, sardine-munching mouth shut."

For these words, we haven't heard any apologies, nor heard any demand FROM THE BRITISH MEDIA, tabloid or other, for one.

But for Blatter’s words we got an outright public outraged condemnation, including one from the Brit PM himself.
Oh, it must be that suggesting (stupidly I must add Mr Blatter) that racism could be resolved simply by a handshake is much, much more serious than using the following words towards a diplomat, an institution and an entire country: the spectacularly stupid, cruel Portuguese police I have never much cared for the convention of calling cops "pigs" or "filth", but I am happy to make an exception appalling Portuguese media the Portuguese public (…) leering bumpkins were not from another country, but another planet. without your asinine, unwanted comments just keep your stupid, sardine-munching mouth shut and other interesting wording...

To condemn Blatter's words and just be silent about Parson's opinion is just another one of those “acceptable” British discrepancies?
PS: To write Senor, instead of Senhor, when referring to a Portuguese male individual, just goes to show the author's high cultural level. For example, like not knowing how much sardines are appreciated by fellow Brit tourists.


  1. Nem sei que diga acerca disto.

    Lá " funcionam" para dentro; mas, quando " funcionam " para fora ...... são do pior e em todas as circunstâncias. Em todas. Claro, os do mau carácter.

    Pois, felizmente há lá gente boa.

    Os tablóides e os "escrevinhadores de notícias" mostram a mediocridade, a falsidade, a maldade, a falta de nível e vendem-se por dinheiro .

    O T. penso que levou um ralhete e retiraram aquilo para não gastarem dinheiro com os de fora.


  2. This just shows how embarrassing the whole McCann case is for Britain. It will just keep coming back to haunt the Nation. Something should be done once and for all, to stop this embarrassment!

  3. Shame for all those people. Their day is coming. Like Duarte Lima, the mccann's will be caught in a parallel case involving their fraudulent Fund. It is not possible to continue fooling people with the authorities acting with blindness. Because of that they publish a book to cover the fraud in the Fund and the "route of the money". The book is on itself another fraud, since what they advertised is not what they sell to their readers.
    They started their story with many lies and for some years they feed it with more lies. They applied the same recipe to their fraudulent Fund.... One fraud to cover another fraud.
    Now they are trying to jump on another wagon: forcing their entrance on the world of the phone hacking victims, get some money and fade forever. What a mistake... Justice and the public have an elephant memory... They will fall in a parallel story when they think they are already save.

  4. See how the mighty fall, Kate and Gerry it will soon be your turn..

  5. Not wanting to lower our standards we've decided to censor a comment from an Anon reader, posted today at 19:11, in which s/he expresses in very simple, precise and clear terms his/her opinion about the The Mirror reporter mentioned in this post:

    "Tony Parsons is a *****."

  6. Textusa,

    I must agree with Anon @ 19:11, although I can't for the life of me guess what the missing word is !!!!

  7. BPN close Duarte Lima Fund. When is the Mccann's Fund going to be fully investigated and closed?

  8. anon 9.10 exactly when is the fraudulent fund going to be fully investigated and closed.

  9. Great Comments on Martin B. blog at Sky News( about the Mccann's phone been hacked????). Voila just an example of some valid and interesting comments:

    ' Having picked on this case within days of the reported abduction of a 3 year old child........and all the hype that went with it ' 3 year old abducted by an international paedo ring 'possibly spirited away to Morocco'. It took a while for the seed of doubt to set in.
    If I remember correctly is took a whole 6 weeks for the names of the Tapas Group to be revealed, and then it was only because a Portuguese tabloid took it upon themselves to reveal what the knew.
    In contrast it took no time at all for the Tapas Group to set up a fund that 4 years down the line we can see served no other purpose than to amass dollars to fight any attempt by authorities to solve this case. My only interest in this case is my right to know what, if any, part the UK Government of the day played in preventing the Portuguese authorities investigating this case to the full'

    What are the Mccann's doing on that enquiry apart trying to fool more people and grab some money from the british tax payers? They had a business with british tabloids where both sides got profites. They sue only some papers when all papers published the same, including in Portugal and Spain. What was the criteria to choose just some papers to sue and not all? I can smell what was behind this and why the papers payed to them a huge amount without the involvement of a court. I will be not far from the truth if I think that an agreement was made that was very convennient for the Mccann's and the papers- the Mccann's feed the papers with true or false stories, doesn't matter, because any front page involving the name Madeleine is a warranty of success. Wasn't strange the amount of front pages with false sights and strong accusations To PJ, that came out almost immediately after the Mccann's recieved the money from the tabloids? Who were the sources of that news? As usual, a person close to the family or to the investigation. A very clever way to deal with that kind of news. A professional touch from their spoken person and their lawyers. After all, they are experts on that.
    I hope, somebody with balls ask Gerry very simple questions, because his case belongs to another trial, another court, in Portugal or UK, where his wife left vital questions unanswered and where the all group has a reconstruction in 'stand by' to be done.

  10. Anon @ 3.19 well said, it needs somebody to come forward and start challenging the Mccanns and their corrupt team of Lawyers, we've all had enough of Kate and Gerry playing the victim card, they are anything but victims, they are cruel and calculating and deserve to be locked up for All their crimes.
    RIP Madeleine and thank you Textusa for your well researched fantastic blog xx

  11. Sorry, off-topic, but worth reading:

    "Gerry McCann To Testify About Press Intrusion? Well, That Should Be Fun"


    To all British readers... all portuguese TV have video reports ( should be available on some blogs and on the site of the TVs) showing portuguese journalists trying to have interviews with Mccann's or film the surrounds of their mansion, after they went back to UK. The reportages were not allowed, and were not faked or manipulated news like the one in the british tabloids. The journalists were prevented to come close to Mccann's mansion. Their street was closed and under surveillance of Leicester police, not to controll or watch the Mccann's movement, but to control journalists and protect the privacy of the Mccann's. Tell me who is the other victim of the tabloids who had such protection and was treated like that?
    This Mccann's inside that enquiry, are a joke and they damage the credibility of the all enquiry. Again, who allow them to testify there ( and this is baddly serious because is related with authorities) is insulting the real victims.
    The Mccann's used the media on their own bennefit and due to that they were able to foool millions of honest people who transfered money to feed their Fund. They called the media and their 'poor Mccnnlists' when they wanted and sent them away according to their convenniencies. I strong believe, that Mccnnlists were there for something else then the eyes of the Mccann's or a 5 minutes with their names shinning in a paper. Their bank accounts and their life style needs to be investigated aswell. Antonella L. doesn't 'convences' me. Only a stupid person sticks on Mccann's story when the all world is questionning their version of the events. Unless, that stupid person get some real profites from that very suspicious support.
    The Mccann's should testify in another enquiries- Where went the money from the Fund? Why they wrote a book instead of reopenning the investigation and pass watever information they had to the legal authorities? Why they refused the reconstruction? Why they persecute the police who had just done his job in a properly way, no matter if he was having pressures from the top to bottom? What have done the private detectives during this 4 years? What was the real job of those detectives? Where they physically searched Madeleine?

  13. Anon. wrote:
    "Their street was closed and under surveillance of Leicester police, not to controll or watch the Mccann's movement, but to control journalists and protect the privacy of the Mccann's."

    Yes, quite right! One particular image from that protection to their house was the one of a Leicester plod with a bunch of flowers in the hand, all smiles, delivering it to the Mccanns front door!!! The same Leicester plods who DID NOT bother to secure the house and lives of Fiona Pilkington and her disabled daughter who were constantly harassed by local tugs! No time to assist and protect two innocent victims from their nighbors from hell, but plenty of time and manpower to stand guard to the McCanns "castle"! Mrs.

  14. WOW some brilliant posts today,please let this enquiry challenge their non stop "courting of the press", of course when even more £££££££££££££££££££££ ,s can be added to their fraudulent fund .BUT how low have they sunk in asking for finicial support in the Pat Browns legal case against them.they must have some very important friends in "high places"to get away with it all.STINKS !!!

  15. Thank you Textusa, I so enjoy reading all the interesting comments posted, so just who are the Mccanns? why are they so protected ? when this finally comes to court I think we will all be surprised at the extent of the involvement of top British aids in helping to cover up what is so obviously a crime against a child and a fraudulent fund set up to protect the guilty and pay for top notch lawyers, this fund never had any other purpose than to protect the Mccanns and stop them from facing justice.

    Well done Textusa, I log on everyday.

  16. Good morning to all, there are some interesting articles in McCannFiles about Kate Prout's murder:

  17. I received yesterday the latest book written by G Amaral. I Didn't read it yet but I had a quick look. If what I think is true, I have to congratulate G Amaral for his intelligence- not a single sentence dedicated to Madeleine. That is the best strategy to annoy the Mccann's and leave them hitting the wall.
    What? The police manage to write a book about abducted children and left maddie out of the book? Now, what are you going to say, Gerry , Kate and Mitchell, when your friends at the tabloids will give you 5 minutes to glow? A pile of insults and accusations against GA and PJ? I can see, you will go round and round, about the cover of the book. Fantastic choice, a cuddle cat. That is really the best symbol to associate with any child that becomes a victim of the evil world of some adults.
    She didn't belong to that book because she was not abducted.... That is the way the evidences grabbed by the police point to.

  18. "They say the possibility she has been murdered is stronger than ever.

    Although investigations at her Redhill Farm home finished a fortnight ago it is understood specialist sniffer dogs used in the search for missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann in Portugal have been used in the investigation and found evidence of Mrs Prout's death.

    Det Supt Neil Kelly said specialist dogs had been used but could not comment on what was found." in ( article available at Mccannfiles)

    Her husband admitted the murder after 4 years of refusing it. Police is searching the body at the farm. Dogs can talk and be very helpful in the resolution of high and complicate crimes. Are the dogs reliable or not, Gerry? " ask the dogs, Sandra".

  19. MC has also nice articles in Portuguese, on her blog "Palavras escritas". A summary of the strange behavior of the mccann's. Too strange for who claims innocence.

  20. Anon @ 1.28. Maybe the McCanns will sue Mr Amaral yet again. They want only one theory put out in the public domain and it's not like them to miss an opportunity to get meida atttention. I can't wait for the sham about to occur any minute at the Leveson Inquiry.

    we all remember the 'good marketing ploy' which would have been useless without the media.....oh ...and who did they phone immediately their child went missing, SKY news!

  21. Very interesting comments at Martin Brunt blog on Sky News.
    Who is commenting there show a lot of confidence and a good knowledge of the available PJ files.
    I can imagine high movements on the desks of the McCann lawyers trying to silence what is screaming from the entire world. I hope Martin stays stronger and Sky News, finally do something in favor of the children, not only Madeleine, but the all children who become victims of the nasty people that cross their lifes and instead of protecting them, harm them.
    It is a high step in the right direction, letting that comments to be published and raise the big audience. After all, those are people who voluntarily read the files, care about the destiny of the child, spare time to read what the police made available, without asking or waiting for a monetary revenue. Something the Mccann's have never done, if we consider the answer gave by Kate outside Lisbon Court: she admitted to a journalist not having read the files and due to that not knowing what was inside.
    Mccann's will regret their appetite for money. Was the money they could earn from that enquiry, what drives them there. Again, they open the door for the media, trying to use it on their own profit. If the media do a proper job now and refuse to be controlled or manipulated by two parents that refuse to help the police on the investigation of the disappearance of their daughter, MAYBE SOME TRUTH WILL COME OUT AND THE LITTLE GIRL COULD FINNALY BE RESPECTED AND HAVE A REST WITH SOME DIGNITY. She deserve it and on Mccann's case should be everything related to their daughter, not to them. If they become suspects and the media published nasty things, this is normal. What is not normal is not suspecting the parents. What they have done to stop that? Nothing, because they refuse to answer questions and do the reconstruction and they stop the investigation.
    Yes, they stop the investigation when they agree with case to be shelved. Any other parent will fight that decision and will do everything to keep the investigation going on.
    Their faces on TV cause nausea.


    watch live here -

  23. "2.27pm: Gerry says he cannot say for certain whether the Portuguese police were leaking but it is a reasonable assumption to make."- The Guardian

    Ah! Ah! The guy is complaining about the media making up stories and the police making them arguidos based on assumptions and he is now using assumptions to accuse the police of leaking. Even if there was leaks from the police, were from which police, the British or the Portuguese, since both were involved and sharing the same location? Interesting, he says leaking not invention. Means what was leaked was true, not an invention. That person is disgusting. The way he accuse the Portuguese police is in itself criminal and irresponsible.
    Wasn't amazing, he says their phones were not hacked? Fears to admit any hack because that will open the door for some revelations.
    They were the best targets to be under journalist surveillance. Their story sells well all over the world. Why, they so strongly refuse to be under that surveillance? What the Murdoch journalists discovered that was negotiated to be concealed? You are not confident, Gerry and Kate. And what is the point of walking hand by hand like lovebirds? Who are you trying to convince now with that love story?

  24. Just watched the Mccanns on the main news tonight moaning about the press!!!what a nerve these two have for four years they have drip fed the media rubbish news stories, sued the media, made money out of the media, the Sun serialised Kates fairytale book, talk about biting the hand that feeds them, its about time our media grew some balls and started printed the truth about the Mccanns.

  25. Estes dois( McCann) preparam-se para usar este inquerito contra a policia portuguesa e abrir uma investigacao a violacao do segredo de justica. E publico o estreito relacionamento deles com Stuart Prior e a PJ ja fez saber que tudo o que a Pj sabia era partilhado com a policia inglesa. Entao porque razao havia de ser a policia portuguesa a passar informacao a imprensa e nao a inglesa?
    Mais uma vez, estes dois a tentarem manipular a audiencia e o juri? Interessante o olhar controlador de Gerry sobre Kate sempre que ela fala. E para que e que serve a mao dele na perninha dela? Reparem no video disponivel no The Guardian. Esta ali o botao de control do depoimento de Kate? Porque tanto medo que ela deslize?
    O inquerito, no que respeita a estes dois parece mais uma palhacada para legitimar uma accao judicial contra a PJ. E o juri mordeu o isco com o The Guardian a fazer uma cobertura ao estilo The Sun. "Mudam as moscas mas a xxxxxx e a mesma". Pobre Maddie.

  26. Bom dia!

    Mais uma vez ,com o conluio dos Gov.s de Uk, as tácticas dos mcs foram validadas.

    Leveson ou o júri não morderam o isco: validaram!

  27. When is somebody in authority going to do the job that we tax payers pay them to do, and investigate the Mccanns and the fund and bring this circus to an end.

    Reading Gerrys Mccanns early blogs at Pamalam he was all about courting the media, doing interviews, fitting everybody in, hair cuts and photoshoots, nothing about going out and actually looking for their daughter, this case disgusts me how these two 'parents' have been able to make a very good living from their dead daughter and not one person in authority does anything about it.

    The Mccanns could ask for the case to be re-opened but they don't. The Leveson enquiry is going to cost the tax payer in excess of 8 million pounds, the SY investigation of 3.5 million, and the libel money paid into the Mccanns private bank account (The Madeleine Fund )from the media, money they have received from Hello magazine and from interviews, also their on-line store selling tacky trash, my God when will this madness end.

  28. If the Mccanns did not want the press intrusion why did they employ Clarence Mitchell as their spokesman with all his connections to the media, also if they felt as strongly as they ' Kate being mentally raped' why did they not complain to the Press Complaints Commission at the time. Why did they do an interview with Hello magazine, not exactly keeping a low profile or asking for privacy were they.


    The above links are the Mc's at the Leveson enquiry.

  30. Gerry McCann's statement.

  31. What is an arguido? This article shows how much the McCanns tried to convine the British public they are innocent. This makes clear why the PJ said they were a bit hasty making the McCanns arguidos, which from my search is iterprted as defendant,as they didn't have time to give them as false sense of security. Not because they didn't have enough eveidence.


  32. I'm listening to BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show and he's talking with Nina Myskow who appears to be accusing those people who have written to him criticising the McCanns as needing therapy. Poor woman has been taken in by all the media hype.
    Other listeners say the McCanns made a mistake and one even said people should read Kate's book to see the evidence that Maddie had been observed over days.

    Have ANY of these people read the PF Files? I would like to put that question to Ms Myskow in particular and she should have told listeners before she spouted off that she haa and because she doesn't believe what she has read so she prefers to believe the McCanns.

    If that is the case did she get her opinion from the media? If so then the McCanns can hardly claim the media represented them unfairly.

    BBC is so biased,


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