Friday, 29 January 2010

IRONSIDE Response, Part II

Ironside has asked me on my thoughts about the possible re-use, by the McCanns of Mr. Hewlett.

First of all, I thought the bloke was a gonner by now. Had a friend who was diagnosed with the disease at about the same time, and unfortunately has left us quite a while ago. Not that I wish for Mr Hewlett to pass away, and hope that he’ll remain amongst us for many years to come.

But that’s to what I thought that the silence about him was all about.

He didn’t fulfill the preset requirements for stool-pigeon, and had passed away as anonymously as he had been before the McCanns invaded, in a completely inhuman and disrespectful way, his privacy.

It did escape me a thought or two that if that had been the case, of him passing away, that the same scum-press that had so vainly accused him, had now with the same vanity discarded him as useless and not even worth a mention. Fortunately he is alive.

We humans are blessed with the gift of life but not with the previledge of taking it. Many disagree with me on this.

Now about the McCanns using him again. Well, before explaining my rationale let me clarify that the McCanns have proved me wrong more than once. I’ve thought that they had a reasonable amount of intelligence, which, insistently, they’ve gone out of their way to prove me wrong.

To use Mr Hewlett, or any "Hewlett" as stool-pigeon is a VERY stupid idea. Even if he, or whoever, whispers is his last breath “I did Maddie in”.

One could be led to think that would be the only way out for all McCanns problems. Having someone confess and then go away without explaining the details.

Very pretty, with just one minor glitch. The explaining wouldn’t have to be done by the departed, but by the remaining characters of the play.

The reason for that is that until they pinpoint a “Hewlett”, we’re left around with an abductor, that could be you, me, or anybody else in this wide world (before some stupid moron starts to say that I’m admitting an abductor, let me clarify that I’m following the McCann line of thought of ramming down our throats that there was one, which as we all know, is completely ridiculous), whilst naming the abductor, or more important, officially recognizing him as THE abductor, is to narrow the storyline down to a single character.

This brings huge problems to the McCanns. I’ll give you just an example: the sweat it causes them just to hear the word “jemmied”.

As I said before, it’s not anyone that can take a fall. Details will start to appear that will contradict their version, placing them in a place somewhere between a wall and a hard place. To insist is stupid, to justify why they were “fooled” by the confessor is a very ungrateful and an exposing task.

With every sighting, they can go back and say that its unconfirmed. But with a confession, you have to say that you either believe that that person is guilty and WHY, or simply discard him.

Yes, Maddie’s body wouldn’t be found (it simply cannot for the same reason it disappeared), and a mistery would surround the whole thing. But ths mistery would mean that the “Hewlett’s” life would be scrutinized to the smallest detail, and that in turn would just make the contradictions pop-up like mushrooms.

Lest we forget, Lee Oswald was a designated stool-pigeon. He didn’t know, nor did he need to know. He just had to be at the right place at the right time and then be disposed of. A planned stool-pigeon, and even then things didn’t add up.

An unplanned one is a very, very stupid move. But they had me fooled once, so they can fool me again...

By the way, even if they came up with a slam-dunk one, they’d still have to overcome their biggest problem: explain how there was even an abductor.

Hope I made sense.


  1. Hi tex, perfect and thank you.

  2. God knows why anyone would want a convicted paedophile to remain alive for whatever reason, actually.

  3. Anon,

    God has many things to worry about right now, so please don’t distract him with whatever thoughts I might have and shouldn’t be having according to thy will.

    I don’t know if Mr Hewlett is convicted pedophile. I only have the word of the British tabloids and truthful is not ah adjective I would use to describe them. I’m not saying he isn’t, but if he was, then the key word here is “convicted”. He has faced justice and served his time. I may agree or disagree with the severity of said punishment, but as far as the tabloids said, he has completed his punishment. The one set by mankind.

    About wishing someone dead, let me tell you that I don’t play God, and, honestly, the postponing of the Divine Judgement for a few decades, is like doing so here for less than a minute. Eternity is quite a long time, and His will may seem tardy, but unavoidable.

    So, my anonymous friend, as far as Mr Hewlett is concerned, assuming that he is a convicted pedophile, I have no wish for his death.

    Nor do I wish for the death for pedophiles yet to convict. I just wish for their rightful punishment. Whichever name pops into your mind that is entirely your responsibility.

    A pedophile may never have my forgiveness, I’m not that grand. Nor can I forgive those that protect such criminals. And not wanting to pass judgement on God’s opinion on this, I do believe that He’s with me on this one.

  4. It would appear Euro Weekly News have been threatend by the Mccanns lawyers Carter Ruck for printing the thruth...This article has been withdrawn from their online edition. However, this very popular newspaper can be found in every hairdresser, bar ,cafe, restaurant and slipped through peoples doors...So in my opinion Carter Ruck have wasted their time.
    There is chatter in bars and cafes and expats are now on the Internet to find out more about David Payne and the wrorries of Dr.Katherine Gaspar...

    Here is the article..

    McCanns defend their action against detective

    Gerry McCann defended his legal action against a detective who led the investigation into his daughter's disappearence, saying his book had damaged the search for Madeleine. He spoke to reporters as he left a court in Lisbon on the second day of a hearing at which former police chief Gonçalo Amaral is attempting to overturn a ban on his book, which questions the McCanns' account of what happened to Madeleine.

    Gerry flew home after the second day of the trial and Kate was joined by Fiona Payne, a member of the so-called Tapas seven group of friends.

    However there have been worrying reports regarding her husband, David, who was also amongst the group. Dr. Katherine Zacharias Gaspar told Leicestershire Police on May, 16, 2007, [report was only sent to the PJ on 24 October 2007] that she and her husband were friends of the McCanns and went on holiday with them and the Paynes in September 2005. During this holiday an incident stuck in her mind.

    "I was sitting between Gerry and David and I think both were talking about Madeleine (...). I remember David saying something to Gerry about "she", meaning Madeleine 'would do this'. While he mentioned the word 'this', David was doing the action of sucking one of his fingers, pushing it in and out of his mouth, while with his other hand he was doing a circle around his nipple (...). I remember being shocked by that."

    Gerry also told reporters outside the court that there is 'absolutely no evidence' that Maddie is dead, after the testimonies of three members of the Portuguese Police expressed their suspicions of her death during the hearing.
    Too late Mccanns we all now know about the Information held back by Leicestershire Police.

    Very obvious why you want Goncalo Amarals book banned.


    Sick Buckets are fre with this article.

    This woman by the way left her children in an unlocked hotel room to go drinking.They were found screaming and lost on the landing.

  6. Hello Textusa, I am very sorry to hear of your friend's passing. I lost my Mom because of cancer just over a year ago. I want to thank you for writing such an interesting article about the use of Mr Hewlett by the Mc Canns and their 'team'. I fully expected them to use his death to point the finger of suspicion at him but as you say this could become a minefieldld for them. At the present time I think they are looking for anything that could help them out of the debacle they have got themselves into re the libel/ injunction case. Thanks again for a most interesting article. With all my very best wishes from MoondampRoses xxx


    petition to reopen the case


    This article is still standing and not been Carter rucked..this article states what is in Amarals book...

    Well ,almost everything.This article does not mention Dr.Gaspar and her witness statement about Payne and Mccann...

    Euro News weekly put their toe in the water about this statement and got their leg chewed off...there is mention of this statement in Amarals book...It seems the Mccanns are going after Amaral for this and this alone...there IS no other reason.

  9. Well, Iron, that is a compromising passage in Amaral's book, that might be the whole basis for all the official secrecy...


    Thanks Tex, I have been moving and a Shaking today. This is a very nice blog in a very beautiful part of Wales.


    Kruger is allowed to speak of Maddie being dead but not Amaral???

  12. Iron,

    I'll write later a post about this, but this is a very well run campaign by the McCs: linking the Maddie issue with loonies & crazy folk.

    The idea is to make "sane" and "normal" people think that the whole issue is an internal affair for the global mental hospital, thus not to be followed.

    Thanks for the link for the blog. Loved the candid and honest exposure of ideas. Nice.


    John on the 'Fund'


    Hi Tex, I think your readers will enjoy this.

  15. There is nothing sane and normal about giving the twins presents from their daughter who they claim is with a paedo...I cannot understand why Kates mother does not step in and stop this circus.

  16. Thanks for the limk about the turd.

    Pity for the lack of credibility of#12. It stains a spotless set of arguments.

  17. I have noticed something that may interest you. A Petition to re open the Madeleine McCann case...Now, everyone has signed and many have put reasons why they would like this re-opened.

    Kate not answering questions

    Not returning for the reconstruction

    They suspect the McCanns

    They believe Maddie is dead.

    All chuggiing along nicely ,,then suddenly I spotted that a couple of signatures have left some comments...They dared to put their toe in the water and mention the Gaspar statement VOILá..The Petition is closed.

    My thoughts and they are only mine if GA had not mentioned this in his book the Mccanns would not be going after him.

    There are other books, one in particular, where the author also ex PJ believes Madeleines body was thrown out to sea...McCanns are not sueing him.

    Imagine the reaction...a friend, who is not only also a Doctor, but a friend of McCanns and the Paynes gives a witness statement to police and her concerns about an event that happened between McCann and Payne involving Madeleine.

    A child is missing ....and a Doctor friend is suspicious of Payne...she even mentions she thinks he may be interested in looking at pictures of children.

    Bad enough, but then add to this that the statement from this Doctor was held back by Leicestershire Police....How damning would that be?

    This statement may have had an innocent explanation....But the fact that no one seems to know about it and the fact that Euro Weekly News had to remove this from their article leads me to one conclusion and it is not NEGLECT .

    David Payne the last one apart from the family to have seen Madeleine.

    The McCanns insist she is alive and with a Paedophile.

    Dr:Gaspar and her concerns.

    Social worker Yvonne Mitchell says that she thought she recognized Payne when she was speaking to the McCanns...It was David Payne that pulled Kate away from Yvonne...Could it be that david Payne ALSO recognised Yvonne Mitchell?

  18. Iron,

    In 1984 the truth is what Big Brother determined it to be.

    Fortunately, nor in 1948, nor in 1984 was the world connected by this phenomenon called internet.

    Some regimes control it. Others, although proclaiming freedom of speech and thought, wish they would to.

    This is the Battle of Maddie. To be remebered in the future. You and me are just two of many, many warriors who fight for what their believe in.


    Protected by the State...

    Read the comments and observe who has been informed and what has happened with this information. A big fat NOTHING:

  20. Something smells foul: the world

  21. It's not the world Tex. The world is a beautiful place. The sunset of early evening, a fullmoon. Stars so bright in a clear sky.
    Yesterday, I saw a sheep give birth to her lamb and watched the tenderness as she washed her first born. Spring will soon be here and all the wonders of new life.

    No, tis not the world ,but the evil that lives within. The human evil and yes your right it stinks.

  22. Hi Textusa. I have just this last week found your blog, and you have given me much to think about.

    With regard to you and Ironside's conversation above discussing Dr Payne, I wonder if you could mull over this thought of mine.

    In January there was a news article naming another David Payne who is a known paedophile living in Weymouth Dorset. The main point of the article being that Weymouth is a sea-side town, and obviousy has lots of families visiting to enjoy the beaches etc. Some commented that they thought it might be the media's way of bringing attention to the Dr Payne of the T7. Since this was reported after the court hearing and when more people became aware of The Gaspar Statements, I wondered whether it was used to cover for Dr. Payne. There was no real reason for reporting about him at that time as that was an already known fact, having been reported before and in local papers too. If anybody was to question whether the rumour had any truth to it, it could easily be said, especially Clarence 'No, people are confusing Dr.David Payne with the paedophile David Payne.'

    Just a very small matter, but this story is all about smoke and mirrors.

    oh and Ironside I am not stalking you honestly!lol. The maddie world is a small one, it seeems.

  23. Philo,

    Welcome to this "dark" corner of the "white side of the force"...

    Nice comment. I didn't see that possibility, but, in fact, it's there. If it was, a very nice move on their part.

    I remember just thinking how strange of a coincidence it all was, although David is a common name, the Payne bit isn’t.

    See if I can write a post over the weekend about how I see this whole trial thing in perspective to the tactics used by the scum.

    Welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy the ride.

  24. Hi Anti Philo I could not be stalked by a nicer person lol

    The first video is interesting...With regards to the children being taken .I know of an episode where this happened to my sisters next door neighbour. The parents are not allowed to see them or know where they are. The reason, it is best for the children...

    My mind is now boggling.

  25. Hi Anti excellent point they went further...They had his picture in the if to say..'See, it is not him'


    Yes, a brilliant move quite brilliant.

    However, google David Payne peadophile and you gout 'OUR' David.


    As suggested I looked up..The Charity..'Media Standard Trust'


    The SPINNER of fridges


    Thanks as always to Anna.


    Still the same Detective on the case. So just to be safe I think we should keep an eye on the timeline.


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