Friday, 20 September 2013

Paper Tigers

When we wrote, in our McCann vs McCann Libel Trial post, that we were surprised by the evident, almost aggressive and insulting, weakness of the McCann team that showed up in Lisbon to ask over a million euros from Gonçalo Amaral (GA), TV station TVI (TVI) and publisher Guerra & Paz (GP), we weren’t aware then of any word uttered by these witnesses inside the court room.

So when we were trying to recover from this initial surprise we were astonished by the totally unexpected extreme frailty piled on top of the already perceived and abovementioned weakness.

We said then that this McCann team, unexpectedly captained by Kate McCann, seemed like sending Tiny Tim to be clobbered senseless by a heavyweight boxer.

What we certainly didn’t expect was for this “Tiny Tim” not to know enough of boxing to not know that the right-hand glove goes on the right hand and the left-hand on the left and not have "put" them on the other way around as he did.

And much less did we expect that once the bell rung for the "1st round", in that period in which the boxers start to dance, test and provoke each other, that this “Tiny Tim” would start clobbering himself without even giving a chance for his opponent to get in one first.

It was that bad for team McCann.

We’ll excuse ourselves from describing how many times we found ourselves to be dumbfounded as the information from the trial transpired, coming from a positively surprising source: the Anne Guedes’ transcriptions.

If we counted on the mainstream Media to tell us what had happened inside that court room on those 2 days, we would still be waiting today.

In that same post we also said that, looking at this self-impaired team, we could only see one of two reasons for it to have shown up in Lisbon.

One, was to have come to lose with minimal damages possible or the other, to have come just for a sightseeing tour as the decision to come out from inside that court room would already have been decided outside it.

As a first impression, we must say that at this point in time, we think the McCann team adopted the first hypothesis but quickly changed, by incompetence and self-infliction, to the second.

The events haven’t happened long enough ago for us to make, in our opinion, an adequate assessment of them, however it seems that the team was legally ill-advised by Isabel Duarte (ID).

They came to lose because their whole case was built around the assumption that GA would cave in sometime before things came to court.

He didn’t cave in. They then went for the next option: buy him out.

He didn’t want to hear any of it, so they were left with the only two options left: face him in court and lose or drop the charges and desert.

Desertion would really look bad. Really.

After offering, as the offended party, the man, as the offending party, a deal and seeing him refuse it and after that also seeing him also refuse any sort of settlement as ordered to be attempted by the court in January, to now drop the charges could only be seen as fear of facing GA and an assumption that whatever he has said is true, a silent declaration of guilt of whatever GA’s book says they have done.

So dropping the case, although physically an option, in fact wasn’t an option at all now.

You could say that there as a third option, to delay.

However, GA has publicly assumed an attitude that renders that option useless and after the above said double refusal, the last as direct consequence of a court order, a delay would only cause further damage because it would only be the temporary patching up of a wound that will bleed anyway and the longer it takes to treat only makes the infection worse.

So they were left with the only option: to take the loss.

To take the loss is indeed optional but to take it with minimal damages requires tactics and competence and that’s where we think ID ill-advised the Black Hats.

What was the give away? ID’s statement at the entrance of the court on Day 1 about all being about personality rights.

There had to be a reason for ID to show up in court alleging something completely different from what we been told were the offenses ministered by the offending party, GA, against the offended one, the 5 McCanns: that GA’s book has hampered the investigation in the search for a live Maddie.

It was the first time we heard about personality rights being an issue. As much novelty as bringing up the book profits, which has absolutely no relevance or connection with this case.

So what was ID doing? In our opinion, containment.

We believe that ID headed for that court room solely with one idea: containment.

Containment away from discussing facts.

Allow discussions around personality rights or around hampering investigation or around psychological damages to the twins or around the distress caused to parents or around the book’s profit or around the beauty of a sunset, or around etc…

Anything but to allow facts to be discussed. Anything but discussing the content of that book.

Basically ID wanted the sessions to go as the following imaginary dialogue between a teacher and a pupil:

Pupil: Johnny has bullied me. He’s a bully. I want you to put him in detention.
Teacher: What happened?
P: He made me cry.
T: Why?
P: I don’t want to say.
T: Did he hurt you? Where?
P: I don’t want to say.
T: Did he threaten you?
P: I don’t want to say.
T: Did he threaten any of your friends?
P: I don’t want to say.
T: What did he do?!?
P: He made me cry.
T: How?!?
P: I don’t want to say.
T: I can’t put Johnny in detention if you don’t give me a reason to put him there!
P: Oh… ok, fine.

The pupil would go home and the bully wouldn’t get detention. Johnny had tried and had simply been unsuccessful.

But here is where we say that ID has revealed, in our opinion, her incompetence and uselessness: absolutely blundering risk assessment and total absence of objectivity and focus.

Sure, she had Tony Bennett’s (TB) case as an example to follow. What, you ask?

You see, TB went to court and was sentenced for breaching an agreement. The court showed absolutely no interest in knowing, in fact, it refused to know, how, why and under what circumstances TB agreed to what he agreed.

With TB the court contained the hearings to whether TB had breached or not to what he had agreed to. He had so he was found guilty and sentenced.

Without that containment we very much doubt that TB would have been sentenced. Carter-Ruck, as we saw, showed themselves to be mere paper tigers.

No containment, no sentence.

And that’s the exact kind of containment we think ID is looking for.

However, in the teacher/pupil analogy, the one accused of bullying wasn’t present to defend himself and without his presence the desired containment was easily achieved which would be compleyely different with GA, TVI and GP as they would be, as they were, present in the court room and able, as they were, to cross-examine.

It also seems that ID is not exactly a follower of the lessons learned theory.

If memory doesn’t fail us, she also fought for containment in the book injunction case, trying her best to force the discussion to be only about whether the book should be published or not.

Was she able to contain the discussion then? No.

The result? The allegation, without specifying which to the best of our knowledge, of the existence of unfollowed leads that remain, as far as we know, unfollowed to this day and the pathetic and very uncomfortable declaration from Gerry about the McCanns being available to reopen the case.

So she had, in our opinion, a decision to make: on one hand, TB’s breaching case in London, where the discussion had been contained and on the other, herself in Lisbon during the book injunction case, where the discussion wasn’t contained.

Where was the trial going to be? In Lisbon.

Who was going to be the lawyer? She was.

Even so, proceeded to go to court. Either one very erroneous risk assessment or the sheer impossibility to back down.

If ID did assess the risk correctly, then the whole bungle up can only be attributed to the narcissistic arrogance of her clients but in that case we believe that Gerry McCann wouldn’t miss the opportunity to be the first in line to show us his smile.

About the impossibility to back down, do keep in mind that this only happened after they offered a deal to GA, which by the way, as proved, was another completely erroneous risk assessment made as the gentleman had already shown an integrity above any and all reproach.

Instead of offering that deal, the right option would have been to drop the case before doing that.

But it wasn’t so and by offering the said deal the Black Hats began a disastrous campaign without the possibility to back down. Without relevant and significant shame, at least.

That’s how they found themselves in court with a desperate and almost certainly impossible tactic to follow.

But was that the worst of it? Of course not.

We have just described the “Tiny Tim in a boxing ring” scenario and not the “Tiny Tim beating himself up in a boxing ring” one.

This is where the ID shows, in our opinion, an absolute lack of objectivity and focus.

Nowhere can we see any form of logic in ID’s line of questioning as per the Anne Guedes’transcriptions.

Do look at the transcripts. Can you see any objectivity or focus in ID’s questions?

Where were the expected angles of personality rights and book profits questioning?

We know that only 5 witnesses were questioned on the first 2 days, the only ones we have detailed information about as we’re writing, but from them we can extrapolate quite a lot.

Hubbard says “the people who saw the documentary believed a man who stated he said the truth and to the question “Did they react badly to this extract?” she doesn’t know and she doesn't think they concluded anything from this paragraph.

Loach dives into fact, begging for it to be discussed by saying that she “thinks that the "nice, easy conclusion" explains the success of the book. There were many interviews and articles about the book, it was a kind of media tsunami. This upset and harmed more and more the McCanns. The documentary that claimed their daughter was dead and that they concealed the body created a lot of pain. It spread rapidly on the internet, with subtitles, millions of people watched it.”

Edgar confirms the looking for Maddie didn’t stop with the archiving dispatch by answering the question “Did the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) go on investigating after the case was filed?” with a clear yes and is asked “Did the interest of the public increase or decreased after the publication of the (Amaral) book?” when he only started working for the McCanns in October 2008, months after the book was published.

McBride to the question “Did you advise the McCanns about the reaction to the book?” says no and to the one “Have you read the book in a translation on the internet?” doesn't answer this question (note: later he will say he read the book without specifying where) but says he heard about the documentary and read a transcript of the documentary.

And we’re only talking about the accusation witnesses answering the accusation lawyer’s questions in Days 1 and 2.

From yesterday's witnesses, Day 3, we don't, naturally, yet have the trancriptions of what they said. We only have the information tweeted by Jerry Lawton, during the day and what some media reported at the end of the day.

But from what we know, the team's technique remains intact: walk in court on your own two feet and come out on stumps after shooting them away.

Alan Pike , who is not a qualified psychiatrist, has apparently come to court to show us all how unstable Kate is. A woman who, according to Pike, had suicidal tendencies because of Mr. Amaral's book being published.

This particular Kate's instability is well documented by herself in her own book: "I remember slumping on one of the dining chairs in the apartment, looking out through the window over the sea. I had an overwhelming urge to swim out across the ocean, as hard and as fast as I could; to swim and swim and swim until I was so far out and so exhausted I could just allow the water to pull me under and relieve me of this torment. I wasn’t keeping that desire to myself, either. I was shouting it out to anyone who happened to be in the room. Both this urge and the expression of it were, I suppose, an outlet for the crucifying anguish.
I also felt a compulsion to run up to the top of the Rocha Negra. Somehow, inflicting physical pain on myself seemed to be the only possible way of escaping my internal pain."

Unless she can sit in Rothley and look "out through the window over the sea" this passage refers clearly to a period in which Mr Amaral was still heading the investigation, so before writing his book and publishing it.

By the way, just out of curiosity, this passage is followed by one where she speaks about visions of a dead Maddie: "The other truly awful manifestation of what I was feeling was a macabre slideshow of vivid pictures in my brain that taunted me relentlessly. I was crying out that I could see Madeleine lying, cold and mottled, on a big grey stone slab."
To attribute Kate's alleged suicidal tendencies, which were adamantly denied publicly by Clarence Mitchell, in any way to Mr. Amaral is, to say the least, abusive.

Pike isn't qualified to assess suicidal state. He should have referred Kate to a psychiatrist if he is right in his opinion. She has never said she sought help for suicidal thoughts 

Pike's playing the emotional card to gather sympathy, simply backfired.

Then we have Alipio Ribeiro who walks in and apparently says he has nothing to say. He hasn't read the book or seen the documentary. So why was he summoned in the first place? Bizarre.

Witnesses are not called in by alphabetical or random order. First are the accusation witnesses, in the order established by the accusation lawyer or legal team, and then the defense ones, so it's logical to assume that Mr. Ribeiro must have been called in by ID. 

The almost cruel spectacle of watching “Tiny Tim” clobbering himself up.

These were ID's witnesses, she should know what she was going to ask and what were supposed to be the answers to her questions as well as to those from the defense lawyers.

The only ones that escape this masochistic show are Trickey from Day 2 and Claudia Nogueira of Day 3. Of the latter we can't provide an adequate opinion yet on what she has said as we lack the details.

Trickey does conclude as fact what the court is exactly deliberating upon, whether or not the book hindered the search, when he states “He is concerned that the twins will believe that the book hindered finding Madeleine.

Trickey only expressed his opinion, and opinion, unless backed up by data, isn't valid.

There never was an empirical way to test the impact or lack of impact of the book. Even a psychiatrist saying the McCann’s were mental wrecks, it couldn't be linked to this book specifically.

Many other reasons, in which the book could be included or not, could be responsible for that mental affliction.

We don't have any other detail about Day 3 witness, PR expert Claudia Nogueira, other than she saying that 2.2 million people, half of TV viewing audience, watched TVI's documentary in Portugal.

We're yet to know how many people watched, in Portugal, the Mockumentary, and see explained to the court the reasons as to why they would believe the one and not the other, or why they couldn't make up their own minds on which version to believe in. 

Anyhow we will have to wait for the Anne Guedes transcripts of Day 3 witnesses, Alan Pike, Alipio Ribeiro and Claudia Nogueira, and see what they did say in court.

But back to ID’s questioning.

Where was the linearity of reason, the preparedness required on the part of the accusation? It seemed lost in a maze right from the start.

Any decent lawyer knows the answers required when asking questions. They never ask a question they don't know the answer or, at least, they may not know the exact answers they will get but they do, or should, ask questions to get the answers they want.

ID’s questions simply invited a don't know response, which isn’t exactly what one wants to hear from any witness much less from one that one has summoned.

She needed to prove GA's book was fiction or malicious first. If that isn't proved, then impact on McCann’s is irrelevant and indemonstrable.

They were there to lose but at least they should let the opponent do the job. Knowing that one is to lose beforehand does make one to be nonchalant about it... but there's a certain limit to that, isn't there?

From where we stand, ID has revealed herself this far as much a paper tiger as Carter-Ruck in TB’s breaching trial.

And when it came the time for the opponent to hit, it seemed that “Tiny Tim” took a dive… literally head first directly and intentionally into the adversary’s fists, even if he tried to hide them behind his back!

No wonder that the first we thing we heard from ID after having knowledge of the court "recess" due to the judge's personal problems was that she it was proposed to the court that witnesses submit written statements, to avoid the inconvenience of travelling all the way from UK and then finding out the judge has personal problems.

First of all, the said request infers that judges having personal problems and interrupting court sessions are a common and recurring occurrences in Portuguese courts

Second, even if that absurdity was the case, hasn't anyone heard of testimonies via video-conference?

Written satements besides assuring that witnesses can't be cross-examined, would allow the lot to get their act together, something they seemed to incapable of achieving inside the court room.

About the defense teams, we do think that the opponents did try to "hide their fists behind their backs" by leaving the witnesses statements to stand without poking around for explanations.

This way, in the summing up they just have to repeat what witnesses said, leaving them no opportunity to backtrack.

We’ve seen some comments asking why lawyers didn't give witnesses a harder time, but they didn't need to. To a question like "Did you punch the victim?" the answer of "Yes", is pretty much sufficient.

All this resulted in a spectacle so cringingly poor that although we have no reason to believe that the judge may have been linked in any way to the hypothesis 2 (the game being played outside the court room), we wouldn't put it past us, although speculating with a very reasonable amount of logic, that those extra 15 minutes that were asked in the beginning of that never to happen afternoon session, were simply to continue the ongoing efforts started much earlier to find the right person to call and tell her that she had a problem, a personal one.

A time-out to give ID and her team some time to get their act together. But as we said, this is pure speculation.

One note about the mainstream Media. We really thought that the judge allowed the media in the court room. By the silence and lack of news, it seems that the media weren't informed of this decision...

A decision through which the judge, unwittingly, made the media show their real face when it comes to this issue.

They could be there to report but didn’t and aren’t. Why?

The media seems to think that a more than a million euro libel case involving one of the mediatic events of the XXI Century is not sufficiently newsworthy.

It seems that libel cases of more than a million euro involving citizens of two countries are just another one of those common and recurring occurrences in Portuguese courts, so not that much of interest to the general public.

Last week, on Thursday 12th, the media gave a sign of life as of late morning, led by Martin Brunt and his Sky News. The rest of the press soon followed as if they were waiting for a sign of permission  to be able to report the matter.

The issue made the evening news that day.

But on the next day, Friday 13th, it seems that the court "recess" was extended to the media. As of that day afternoon we have had no more news.

Yesterday, not even Martin Brunt and his Sky News, the day the trial was supposed to have resumed.

Today, unsurpsrisingly, we have at least 2 UK newspapers inaccurate headline news saying Kate was suicidal and even talking about a car crash which we haven't the faintest idea about.

Saying that Mr Amaral accused them of disposing of Maddie following a car crash. That just describes the trial itself.

Final note, as it had to be, is about David Edgar, the star of the Mockumentary, in which there’s the following dialogue:

DE: “..if we had found that Kate and Gerry were involved we would hand over to the authorities
Reporter: “Did you find anything?” 
DE: “No… (silence) ...nothing… (prolonged silence) ...not a shred of evidence that they were involved.”

Now we know why:

Guerra & Paz – Did you have access to the criminal process? 
David Edgar answers that he read parts of the files in the translation that the McCanns asked to be done.


  1. Did Susan Healy testify? In written form or otherwise?
    It seems logical that after an interruption things would resume as they were and the witness that was to follow was Kate's mother.
    Where was she yesterday?

  2. Pike isn't even a qualified counsellor it seems. He isn't registered. And certainly not psychologist.
    Evidence on mental state is worthless

  3. Quer a mãe dela, quer a irmã e o primo acabaram, convenientemente, por não serem ouvidos.

    A ID falou em depoimentos escritos MAS provavelmente o Tribunal não os aceitaria. Penso que vem na sic notícias, primeiro dia ou qq coisa do género.

    Até agora, o AR e o MG " recusaram" testemunhar...

  4. Anti-McCann' websites plotted to kidnap one of Madeleine's siblings 'to find out what they knew about her disappearance', court hears

    "Mr Wright, husband of Kate McCann's cousin Anne-Marie, told the court the theories in Mr Amaral's book gave conspiracy theorists on anti-Mccann Internet forums 'focus' because he had been in charge of the botched investigation into Madeleine's disappearance.

    He said: 'There were several examples of them inciting forum members to abduct one of the twins as they felt they would be able to throw some light on what may have happened.

    'On one of the Internet forums, called The 3 Arguidos, there was an Internet conversation in great length where a member was suggesting that someone should abduct Sean or Amelie because they may be able to get information out of them that would confirm Mr Amaral's theories.'

    Is this true?!...
    Dirty, very much dirty game!!!

    1. Why didn't anyone ask him for proof about that? Lying is a frequent affliction in the McCann extended family.

  5. Anon Sep 20, 2013, 6:57:00 PM

    You ask a question followed by a comment assuming an affirmative response to it before even getting one.

    If someone threatened the safety and well-being of the twins, that's a police matter, so, if true, I'm sure the police are dealing with it due to its seriousness and hopefully those responsible will face the consequences of their acts.

    This blog is all about people facing the cnsequences for acts they were responsible for.

    If it isn't true, we can always put it in the same bin as the car crash.

    1. Não assumi nada, Textusa.
      Limitei-me a reproduzir uma parte da notícia, completamente indignada com a orientação que estão a pretender dar às audições.
      Perguntei se era verdade porque, de facto, desconheço tal situação, nunca tinha ouvido tal, pois é aqui que venho; mas, mesmo sendo verdade, não é da responsabilidade do Dr. Amaral.
      O que tem ele a ver com os demónios e loucuras que inundam as mentes de alguns?
      Olhei para estes argumentos como fazendo parte de uma jogada e, se assim for, considerei-a suja, muito suja, mesmo.
      Só isso!

    2. Anon Sep 20, 2013, 8:19:00 PM

      My sincere apologies then.

      I took your question as if "is it true they threatened to kidnap the twins?" and that the "dirty games" referred to that same threat.

      Read your comment wrong. My apologies once again.

    3. You don´t have to apologise, Textusa.
      Nowadays, most of us are living difficult times and our anger, indignation and impotency given the problems we have to face can sometimes, influence our reasoning and the way we interpret unknown persons words.
      That´s a sick one,this world we are living in.
      I know it´s difficult to distinguish "o trigo do joio" in such a threatening society/blog/subject ...
      I´m here because I want and need to know the Truth whatever it is.

    4. Anon Sep 20, 2013, 10:30:00 PM

      Thank you for your understanding.

      We sometimes are hyper vigilant about comments because blogs can be taken over by seemingly supportive participants who either promote allegations like the McCanns murdered Maddie, introduce clutter, divert discussions or incite readers to take matters into their own hands.

      The blog then becomes subject to the sort of accusations levelled by Michael Wright. What better way of silencing your opponents who are fighting for justice?

      Thank you for your comments and nice to know we have your support.

  6. I'm having to pinch myself during this libel trial, just as Alice in wonderland.
    It's surreal- the whole Mc saga is surreal and I've never come across a case like it in my life

  7. The McCanns attitude defies gravity! They appeared at LI complaining about press intrusion then they invite the ‘media circus’ predicted in Portugal into the court room when the were offered to option not to. Unbelievable!

  8. What about push a button K8 ?

  9. If anyone in any blog or forum (anti, as they call whoever won't accept their abduction mantra) would have come up with a plot, an incitement to have the twins kidnapped it would have been all over the british rags, the "pink one" (Clarence Mitchell) would have made sure of it! I never heard any suggestion of such a thing before...any of you have?
    Just another "witness" with a big mouth and a big imagination, not to say another big liar!

  10. "On one of the Internet forums, called The 3 Arguidos, there was an Internet conversation in great length where a member was suggesting that someone should abduct Sean or Amelie because they may be able to get information out of them that would confirm Mr Amaral's theories.
    Mr Wright, who helped monitor Internet activity on missing Madeleine for the couple..."

    If Wright monitored this I hope he produced the print out in court.

  11. Textusa readers. This is what the Black Hats are using to back up the claim in court by Wright that 3Arguidos plotted to kidnap the McCann twins.

    I see a lot of stupidity and some taking of justice into own hands by heckling and jeering.

    I see no ref to the twins.

    Exhibit A:

    Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:45 pm

    Firstly I want to praise those individuals who hecled Gerry McCann in Luz over the weekend. We are with you one and all.

    It now falls for the people of Britain to heckle and jeer Kate and Gerry McCann at every opportunity, whenever you see them.

    Neighbours and locals in Rothley, employees of Glenfield and other hospitals, people who simply see them on their excursions to Leicester, Louborough, Leeds, Livepool, Glasgow and elsewhere, whisper or shout but make your anger known.

    I am not suggesting anyone hits Gerry, not at this stage anyway, but jeers, hissing, calls of “tell the truth” are perfectly legitimate. I would also suggest this treatment to all members of the Tapas 7, John McCann, Jon Corner and, reluctantly Ma and Pa Healy.

    Needless to say, Clarence and his wife (yes, he is married) are also fair game

    We need to expose these criminals. Let’s begin by making their lives misery.”

    Exhibit B:

    Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 3:42 pm

    Susan, it is clear you have grave reservations about Kate’s version of events. Please talk to your daughter. She has the power to bring this entire charade to an end within minutes and yu are one of the few people who can ensure that this tragic story is concluded in that way. At the moment Kate feels she is in a ‘lose – lose’ situation with no one to talk to. Gerry is so thick he can barely spell sensitivity never mind show it. And remember, Gerry is the man who got your faughter into this mess in the first place.

    You clearly love Kate and want to believe what she is telling you but there comes a point when you have to consider whether your understandable desire to protect your only child is exacerbating her mental health condition and paradoxically increasing the likelihood of her premature death.

    One death was enough. No one wants to see another. Especially here at 3Arguidos.

    Think the unthinkable. Do the right thing.”

    Exhibit C:

    “Re: Kate and Gerry McCann’s fundraising page
    cherryblossom Yoday at 01:56 am

    just pr

    i am sure meither them want 300 quid into their million pound book fund or are bothered in giving to anyone else jus pr – selfish gits hope they run out of breath and collapse and die LOL”

    Shame on the UK media that are spinning about a alleged plot to kidnap the twins.

    Lying under oath in court is perjury, a criminal act.

  12. Also from a BH blog:

    "Whatever your conspiracy, the 3 Arguidos and ultimately Bennett and his Foundation catered for it. Out of this thick and heady soup of ignorance came the “alleged facts” that finally made it into the various “Reasons” books and pamphlets that the Foundation later went onto to litter across the country.

    Even before the mighty fall of the 3 Arguidos following infighting among the moderators, threats were beginning to bubble to the surface of the site. Suggestions of wanting to kidnap the McCann twins in an effort to make “Kate talk”. Another suggestion was to have someone do surveillance on Gerry McCann to identify the best place he could be confronted out of public view and assaulted.

    It was from these very dangerous glimpses of extreme violence towards the McCann family that the self appointed ‘McCann Assasin’ (sic) rose to prominence along with his motley crew. By this time, it wasn’t just the McCann family that were being targeted, Clarence Mitchell, the family spokesman and his children were now to come under the scrutiny of the Assasins and singled out for retribution. Meanwhile the moderators of the site quietly sat back and did nothing to stop the escalating threats of violence."

    What "Suggestions of wanting to kidnap the McCann twins in an effort to make “Kate talk”?!?

  13. Just to refresh the memory of some that come here snooping:

    "Re: PeterMac – all things to all men
    by Wednesday
    Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:17 pm

    “dcb2 wrote:I would prefer textusa to be wiped off the internet.”

    Only The Internet?"

  14. The Mccann saga proves beyond doubt that there are very powerful people supporting them. IMO the Ocean Club was used as a cover by a swinging set for their sexual gratification. Mark Warner’s appeared a respectable holiday village; the families leaving UK for Ocean Club with their children looked like respectable adults. Once on holiday these adults left their c children all day to the care of Mark Warner it was used for its babysitting facilities enabling the adults their ‘own time ‘for the duration of their holiday, hence only one baby monitor for the entire group. Probably some very high profile type’s celebrities, Politian’s also involved in the swinging. Madeleine died in 5a whether it was an accident or not the dogs and the Mccanns behaviour has confirmed is. As soon as the swinging set realised what an impact the Childs death would mean to their swinging set, with police investigations, exposure, questioning, media, scandal, reputations lost, there were quick exits arranged for those that didn’t want to be named the wheels were spun into motion for the cover-up hence Kate’s ‘they’ve taken her’ the cobbled together abductor story from the tapas group that made no sense whatsoever. They had to have outside help. Madeleine’s body removed and long gone whilst they were dining. The DNA in the car and on Kate’s clothes could have come from holding Madeleine after she died and the clothing being placed into the wardrobe and the boot of the car .Murat’s hastily booked trip to UK. These people are all involved one way or another. The Adult Club would have been knowledge to a select few most of the staff would go about their day to day chores unaware of what else was happening, so this staff was dismissed. At present in the UK news many celebrities and high profile people are being investigated concerning sex allegations. Gerry‘s unbelievable arrogance in interviews available on youtube is apparent and Kate once too frightened and uncomfortable to look into the camera knows she and her husband are well protected. If they were innocent why employ a spin doctor or the most expensive lawyers. The public are sick of the greedy manipulating Mccanns and this latest case follows the usual Mccann path Kate leaking news of her suicidal tendencies playing the victim attempting to gain sympathy from a female judge. The Mccann spin machine is once again in overdrive. They have used everything from money to religion to keep themselves from being investigated until those at the top of this scandal are exposed it will go on and on, there will be more court cases and in all probability they will win this case even though it is so weak and laughable that is the power of evil and corruptness. Someone needs to grow a backbone and stop this media hype it’s disgusting that a child’s life has been so materially exploited by two scheming parents who because of their connections would have been investigated years ago.

    1. "(...)They have used everything from money to religion to keep themselves from being investigated until those at the top of this scandal are exposed it will go on and on, there will be more court cases and in all probability they will win this case even though it is so weak and laughable that is the power of evil and corruptness. Someone needs to grow a backbone and stop this media hype it’s disgusting that a child’s life has been so materially exploited by two scheming parents who because of their connections would have been investigated years ago."

  15. Wright stated in court there was a plot on 3A forum to kidnap the twins and he was visited by North Yorkshire police because he reported it to them. This morning the red tops (tabloids) are reporting this and as McCanns wanted the hearing in an open court they allowed reporting.
    So not only have they proved their appearance at the Leveson Inquiry was disingenuous they have exposed the twins to more publicity and fear which is exactly what they are in court for stop GA’s book causing them stress and harm.
    Those poor children, not only told a monster stole their sister while they were left alone, their mother is suicidal and now they were potential kidnap victims.
    I’d like to see the response of the police force who were supposed to have taken this report and the documented proof that Wright supplied to them.

  16. This isn't about linking the book to anything. It's about getting headlines in UK. Disgusting.

  17. Crisis counsellor Alan Pike tells court Gerry left his work to look after Kate following publication of Amaral book
    If Gerry left work to look after Kate and Kate says in the Mockumentary she left work to look after the twins, where is the money coming from to pay the bills?


    Alan Pike's statement

  19. I'm sorry but I couldn't help but laugh when I read this:

    "GP – Do you know if the fact of being made an arguido was related to the suspicion of some crime?
    AP says he knows some facts, they weren't surprised.

    GP – What is the difference with the book?
    AP doesn't understand.

    GP repeats her question.
    AP – They were surprised with the book because the final Report said they were innocent.

    GP – Have you read the final report?
    AP says "no".

    GP – How do you know then what its conclusions are?
    AP says the McCanns told him."

    No. The transcripts MUST be forged. This can't be real. It just can't.

  20. I hope those medical responsible people in UK are made aware of this statement and how serious it is. This is like allowing a cartoonist to architectural evaluations in a court of law just because he draws:

    "SO – You said psychology was one of the elements comprising your degree, does this allow you to give evaluation of psychological situations?
    AP says "yes". The Social Science degree he has permits it."

  21. "GP – What exactly is your profession?
    AP answer he is a Crisis Counsellor.

    GP asks whether he is a psychologist?
    AP says he has some competences in psychology (psychology was one of the elements in his degree).

    GP asks again "are you a psychologist?"
    AP says no."

  22. Pike says he got the book from K, so how did he know where others could find it?
    A degree in a subject is not sufficient to assess. You need a professional qualification and registration.
    On Jill Havern someone checked and not even on BCAP register for counsellors.

  23. You were spot on when you said that the trial would be a shambles for the McCs...


    "But the McCanns' spokesman was forced to deny that Mrs McCann was suicidal after the magazine headlined the article: "Kate's mother fears she will kill herself."

    Clarence Mitchell said: "It is beyond offensive to suggest Kate is suicidal. She is not."

    "beyond offensive"...ooops! Alan Pyke told the court Kate was suicidal after the publication of Mr. Amaral's book! How dare he?! Didn't Kate feel outraged?! She should's "beyond offensive", isn't it...?
    Or is it not...? who lies, Kate or Mitchell...?

    I hope the defense lawyers are aware of this, oh how I wish they would ask Kate to explain...

  25. Why are the Mcs allowed such freedom to spout off this verbal rubbish when there are so many suspicions surrounding the parents involvement in their daughters disappearance. They are turning this courtcase into another of their media circuses, trying to overshadow facts with their own spin about kidnappings and suicides and more importantly confusion. The case is becomming 'confused' they are creating the image of Kate the poor little victim being tormented and suicidal using the media to influence the public and trying to paint Sr Amaral as the 'baddie', they should be held in contempt of court. Wasn't the Levison enquiry all about press intrusion and how Gerry fronted the campaign for tighter controls over what the press print and here they are leaking none stories to the press via their PR team. There is something very, very wrong going on here and it needs dealing with. How can two suspects demand one million euros from a police officer who wrote about the facts of the case. They were suspects and in most people's mind are guilty now they expect to be handed more money having spent how many millions on none searches? how much more money is going to be thrown at this pair, they never did any searching for Madeleine. Court cases mean easy money for the Mcs. If this judge finds in their favour then she is as corrupt as the Mcs. I cannot bear seeing their smug and ugly faces in newspapers always going on about how they need more money. Their on-line store is still running they now have buttons for the public to select to donate specific amounts of money !!! this whole sorry saga makes me feel sick and ashamed to be British with such a lack of respect and justice. This case shows that if you are middle class and know the right people different rules apply, if the Mcs had been living on benefits they would have been locked up years ago. Disgusting and disgraceful corrupt justice system.

    1. We, the people, are allowing it.

  26. This blog is very significant in finding the truth already over 500,000 views how many times have Kate and Gerry visited - they can silence the tabloids but thank goodness we have the internet that cannot be silenced. Textusa and others telling us how it really is - thank you Textusa and sisters. Justice for Madeleine.

  27. É triste ver como a justiça portuguesa permite tanta fantochada. Quem está a pagar as despesas do tribunal que tornam possivel o desenrolar desta paupérrima comédia? São outra vez os contribuintes portugueses?
    Esta gentinha, além de insultar a memória de uma criança, que só por mero acaso ( parece) lhes pertenceu, insulta todo um país.
    O positivo de tudo isto é que estão a incriminar-se ainda mais e a descredibilizar definitivamente, a versão que apresentaram à PJ.
    Se a Kate teve tendencias suicidas, é ridiculo, e no minimo perigoso para a defesa dela, atribui-las ao livro. Então foi mais desesperante o livro do que o desaparecimento da filha?
    Logo após o desaparecimento da filha teve ânimo para chamar os media, passear pela Europa numa campanha de angariação de fundos, dar entrevistas e gargalhadas à porta da igreja no dia em que a filha faria 4 anos. E foi só um ano depois que lhe veio a tendência suicida. Que conveniente .... Pois eu acho que a tendencia suicida nasceu no escritório da advogada desesperada, que sabe que a cada nova audiência tem a causa cada vez mais perdida. Até já se esqueceu que há uns anos Mitchell, quando questionado sobre o assunto, disse ser mentira. Na altura, com os ventos que corriam, convinha negar. Agora, perante os ventos que corremm, convém afirmar. Que concluir? Que a PJ estava provavelmente certa quando suspeitou das condições psicológicas de Kate na altura dos acontecimentos e por isso pediu os registos médicos da mãe e da criança?
    Quanto ao primo MW, seria bom que explicasse ao tribunal porque foi registado como segundo condutor do Scenic e que motivos apresentou no emprego para poder passar tanto tempo em Portugal com os primos? Que garantias ele teve de que a criança não ia aparecer rapidamente, para pedir ferias ou uma licença e poder ficar na PDL? Que eu saiba, primo não é parentesco que dê direito a alguma condição especial para se ausentar do emprego. Algo o moveu e não deve ter estado na PDL a perder férias e dinheiro. O problema desta gente, é acharem que o público é todo estúpido e que eles são " reis inquestionaveis".


    Alipio Ribeiro's testimony


    Joao Melchior Gomes' testimony

  30. Alipio Ribeiro testified via video conference, so, no reason for Kate's mother and sister-in-law and any other witnesses from the UK not to be heard, no need for written testimonies, as Isabel Duarte seems to want.

  31. "The judge (Maria Emília de Melo e Castro) is now asking

    MC – Therefore the content of the DVD doesn't include all the files?
    Melchior Gomes says that files relating to sex offenders and those involved in sex related crimes were suppressed.

    MC – Can we conclude therefore that, except for the identity of certain persons who were ruled out, a complete copy of the PJ files was released to the public?
    Melchior Gomes hesitates a few seconds and answers "yes"."

    Again, spot on Textusa:

  32. "ID (Isabel Duarte) – Are the facts mentioned in his book (Amarals) and in the documentary part of the investigation?
    MG says he didn't read the book nor did he watch the documentary.

    A momentary silence envelops the court room. ID then states that, if that is the case then she will refer to the PJ Files 2587-2602 (Vol X) dated 10 SEP 2007 (Report by Inspector Tavares de
    Almeida). She doesn't have a copy of the documents however and neither does the Judge. The Court clerk hurriedly exits the Court in an attempt to find them."

    And the accusation is asking for 1,250,000€ compensation !!!

  33. "ID asks whether MG is aware of any developments subsequent to the release of the AG Report which could have led to the reopening of the case.
    MG says no new element emerged which the Public Ministry was aware of. There was information received but it was found to be irrelevant to the case. That was the situation at least up until November 2010, when he retired."

    Wasn't supposed for Isabel Duarte to have informed PJ about the unfollowed leads of the PJfiles she so much boasted about during the book injunction trial?!?
    She informed them and they threw it into the nearest bin or she didn't?

  34. Melchior Gomes seems to have caused quite a stir in court! ID very badly prepared. She made the mistake of asking questions which she had no idea what the answer would be. She's rubbish.

  35. ID bite a poisonous carrot on the day she accepted that case. She is going to sink with it just before being retired. It is all about money. Money from the Fund must be falling on her account like rain. Paying the lady stage on that poor circus. That is the way these parents search their daughter, feeding lawyers and witnesses with the money they ask to search the girl.
    Where are the horrific pictures ID claimed to see at the desk of PJ in Portimão? Did she helped recovering any of those children? Another lie delivered to the microphones of the media directly from her mouth. The all bunch lost all credibility. And the portuguese still paying that game.
    Mccann's must be sued by the portuguese citizens, for all the anguish they created on the portuguese mothers with their fake abduction and cor all the bad publicity, without factual fundament, they spread around the world, regarding Portugal, PJ and the tourists who visit the Algarve. 1,250M Euros, it is not enough to pay all the damages.

  36. "GP says that the final Report states that there is no evidence, neither positive nor negative. Can you speak about the speculations concerning the case?
    AP says there was much human interest in this case. Everybody had an opinion about it. He says it's like when there's a football match (note: a similar comparison in Ms Stilwell's statement on 20.09.13)"

    Just read this again. I think Pike makes here a very interesting comparison. Are the people that really love football wrong about what is going on in the football world? Talking about everything: the good and the bad. No because they follow football because they're deeply interested in it. The same happens with us. We are really interested and passionate about what happened that night in Portugal. And because of it we can tell what is good and what is bad very quickly. Not as quickly as Textusa but that's why we all read her and why her blog has so many readers.
    Congratulations to the team on your half a million mark!


    Sorry, a bit off-topic, but well worth reading! Another gem from John Blacksmith.


    Claudia Nogueira's testimony


    From Anne Guedes:

    Reply #22 on: September 21, 2013, 01:51:20 AM »

    “I don't know how to thank you for being so grateful.

    There are boring part when they dictate their request one after the other in the terrible juridical language. That's when the journalists leave the court room and start writing their articles on their laptop. They're pretty busy, the one who works for 4 newspapers was next to me this morning and I saw him take notes, it seems he has some skill in Spanish because he was taking some notes in Portuguese !

    The lawyers take notes, the judge too (a "well made head" as Montaigne would say). But they only take note of matter on which they will react.
    According to what I understood the evidence gathered through testimonies will be analysed by the court and sorted out (all lines are defined and Isabel Duarte announces in the beginning which lines she will ask the witness to give evidence on). What's off topic will not be considered.


    Becoming crazy Fridays down at the court!.. LOL

  40. From Cláudia Nogueira's testimony:

    (SO is Santos Oliveira, mr. Amaral's lawyer)

    SO – How did you work on the news?
    CN says she translated the British news in Portuguese and adapted it for the Portuguese public and the Portuguese culture. This was her job.

    She "adapted" the news!!! In the best pre-revolution (25th April), salazarian dictatorship ways!!! A Mitchell wannabe, this Claudia Nogueira, a spinn-doctor's apprentice...?!


    In 2009, Salvador da Cunha, head of Lift Consulting, is the representative of the PR Company at the book injunction trial.

    In 2013, it's Claudia Nogueira that gives her face (as a friend as noted by the judge) for the couple and has to say this about leaving Lift:
    "ID – Why did you leave Lift Consulting?
    CN answers that the media pressure was too great and that her work in support of the McCanns was very difficult. They were very worn down."

    The McCanns a liability to Lift Consulting? It seems so.


    Michael Wright Testimony

  43. Just read MW testimony.
    Who needs notes to remember what their feelings were?
    Judge doesn't seem interested in 3a alleged threat, but MW has started freedom of info requests to police from bloggers - an own goal.
    The alleged threat can't be linked in any way to what GA did.
    MW sighs so obviously not happy with the way things are going.
    He waffles on facts.
    Another witness ill prepared

  44. You always ask permission to refer to notes. And if it is factual info on dates which are hard to memorise. You need to give a copy of what you use to judge and lawyers.
    That's the point of being a witness. You tell the truth as you know it, without a script because anyone could provide you with a script to repeat in court.
    Good for the judge for stopping him

  45. In MW’ statement he says he wasn’t in PdL ‘at that time’ meaning 3rd may. It’s an odd thing to say anyway as it would be obvious if he wasn’t

  46. Who goes to court to accuse a newspaper of something and doesn't take a hard copy with him?
    Who goes to court to accuse a blog/forum and doesn't take printscreens with them?
    They should be in the claim in the first place!!
    And in K's book!! What better way to let the public know how harassed they were and how criiminally threatened they were too. Instead we have an absolutely gross and needless description of Maddie's infantile genitalia and all about their sex life!!!


    7 anos do SOL: Sete casos de Justiça - Vida - Sol

    Maddie: Raptada ou morta?

    Um ano e dois meses depois do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann (3 de Maio de 2007), com duas mil diligências e mil interrogatórios feitos, o Ministério Público (MP) arquivou o inquérito por falta de provas de “qualquer crime” pelos arguidos: Robert Murat e os pais da menor, Gerry e Kate McCann, suspeitos de homicídio negligente. Maddie, de três anos, desapareceu do Ocean Club, na praia da Luz, onde passava férias com os pais e os irmãos gémeos. Cães pisteiros farejaram odores a cadáver no quarto e roupas da família e o inspector da Polícia Judiciária (PJ), Gonçalo Amaral, escreveu um livro em que acusa os pais de terem ocultado o cadáver depois da morte acidental da filha. A Polícia inglesa reabriu este ano a investigação.


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