Saturday, 23 May 2009

Amaral's Verdict - My Humble Opinion (2)

Just learned the facts by which Gonçalo Amaral was condemned.

Endorsing the report that stated that injuries resulting from a fall on the stairs, LOGIC (that cruel illusion by which some dumbasses like myself live by) says that if there was TORTURE, there was no fall, thus, the report is fake.

In that case, whoever wrote it, lied.

My opinion is that she was beaten up in prison by the other inmates, and she said that she did fall from the stairs to avoid being beaten further, and that the inspector knew that fact and wrote the report knowing he was writing a false statement.

But this is a personal opinion, and Justice should not be fuelled or fooled by them.

Only by FACT, within a reasonable doubt, as I’ve explained before.

But now I ask what FACTS proved, within reasonable doubt, that Gonçalo Amaral KNEW the report was fake?

Because there was TORTURE so he had to know?

Did any of the inspectors came on record “Yes, I told Dr. Amaral that I was lying in the report, and specifically asked him to endorse it”?

Let’s just for arguments sake suppose that there was the absurd TORTURE within the PJ’s facilities. Couldn’t the 3 inspectors beat the hell out of her, and then wrote a report, hand it to their boss, who, upon reading it, signed it because he trusted men who didn’t deserve his trust?

Where are the FACTS?

Why is it assumed by the Court that Gonçalo Amaral is lying when he says that he believes to be truthful whatever is written in a report?

Wasn’t he sworn in? Or is it simply because that so many have come to lie in the Portuguese Courts of Law and remaining unpunished for that fact, that it’s assumed that whoever is being questioned will naturally lie?

Gonçalo Amaral can only be PROFESSIONALLY responsible if that report proved to be fake. A disciplinary punishment should have taken place. But a CRIMINAL one? One what basis?!?

For me, it says a lot about the will and want that existed in having a conviction.

And, with ALL that will and want, ALL that you got him for was that, then the man is really uncorrupt.

Which is one of the many things that weren’t anticipated, by the McCanns, their friends, the friends of their friends, and the friends of these latter who profit from or fear them. DURA LEX SED LEX, with a few minor exceptions, here and there…

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  1. Muito bom,muito bem!
    Nada com pensar claro.Isso ajuda(me).



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