Friday, 22 May 2009

The Scapegoat

Quoting myself on May 10th about what kind of tricks the McCanns still had up their sleeve:

"The new suspect. Well, what can be said about this one? I confess I was surprised. The shamelessness, the sheer gall, the “we-take-you-for-an-idiot” attitude, really surprised me. 

I thought they were looking for what they most need: empathy. And they pull out a card like that. That only says that they have very, very few cards remaining and are scraping, desperately, the bottom of the barrel.


So, EVEN IF, cartoon-man was a pedophiliac that was stalking apartment 5A with the intention of kidnapping specifically Maddie, he didn’t do it. Why? Simply because Maddie was NOT abducted. 

For Maddie, unfortunately for her, those nearest that should have protected and cared her, got to her first, before any other, imaginary or otherwise, threat. (…) Another suspect? It’s been done."

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  1. Há outro: 1 que tem uma vi em cama de hospital,pobre,vida pobre e a precisarem de dinheiro.Então deve ser como nos filmes: arranjam 1 culpado fictício e moribundo,ou semi-moribundo,dão dinheiro à família para se governarem depois de ele ir para outra dimensão.A foto até vem com máscara de oxigénio,no queixo,para se ver bem a cara de "quem fez mal à Menina."
    É para vermos que não foi o davidpedofilo. Ou seja, " não foi o paidos do daviddedesviossexuais.

    Estou piurça.


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