Friday, 16 November 2018

Swinging tablecloth

1. Introduction

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. That is absolutely true.

But sometimes those thousand words have a meaning greater than usual. Sometimes an image can crack a case, even a high profile one like Maddie McCann.

We believe that the picture above is such a case. We have called this picture up to now, the Frog’s BRT. As it’s much more than that, we shall call it the Tapas posh esplanade photo.

2. The differences of furniture

On Nov 1 2018, Mr Salmon tweeted this:
Ben Salmon‏ @Tealtraum
Spoke to photographer Alberto Paredes this morning. His photos of Tapas restaurant (see Alamy) were taken in September 2007 #McCann
3:49 am - 1 Nov 2018

We showed the photos the tweet was referring to and they clearly showed the esplanade with different furniture than seen in the Tapas posh esplanade photo.

As we know Mr Salmon’s tweet had 3 reactions, one of which was from the Frog:
Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
Replying to @Tealtraum
Oh dear- 4 months after the event. Haven't you noticed the table cloths are a different size to the ones in the earlier photo? (You are so going to regret getting involved in this (3 x crying with laughter emoticon)
6:33 am - 1 Nov 2018

From the Frog’s reaction, it seems that she’s implying that the evident change in furniture between the 2 photos is due to some refurbishment having happened: “Oh dear- 4 months after the event. Haven't you noticed the table cloths are a different size to the ones in the earlier photo?”

Just then, the Frog moved the goalposts of this supposed refurbishment. Back in October she spoke of a refurbishment around 2010, years after the picture was taken.

When all this began, to justify why the photo was from 2007 and not from 2013, the Frog then said:
Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
Replying to @jules1602x
It's in a sequence of photos taken in the first months. The photographer in the background also appears in other early photos. The Tapas Bar was refurb'ed in around 2010 iirc & the open area was closed in...
11:16 AM - 21 Oct 2018

3. Refurbishment – months not years

On Oct 21, the Frog is saying: photo taken in first few months, refurbishment years after. Very clear.

When she tweeted the above, the Frog had only tweeted the photo from our blog, the cropped one from a low-quality picture that appeared in the CMTV documentary. She hadn’t yet presented the higher quality version of the photo that she would later show us all.

We showed the picture she used which came from our post “The proof Ocean Club reads Textusa”.

We will also overlook Frog’s blatant deceptiveness about the open area having been closed in as no open area has been closed in.

When reacting to the surfacing of the Alberto Paredes’ photo, taken in September, the Frog apparently acknowledges that the refurbishment took place before then. No longer in 2010. Or was it done in 2007 and again in 2010? But if so, why say posh photo taken in the first few months when in those precise months, a refurbishment had happened.

Nothing like putting wheels under the goalposts so they can be moved around.

We would say that it would be ridiculous to even think that any holiday resort would do any refurbishment during the holiday season – between June and September – and equally ridiculous to think it would do it in May when all hell was breaking lose in Praia da Luz.

But let’s imagine that the said refurbishment did take place in Tapas between May and September 2007 however ridiculous that may seem.

But one cannot abandon the ridiculousness that jumps out when looking at the 2 images. An upgrade, by definition, has the objective to make things better. If indeed there had been a refurbishment between May and September, then in Tapas it had the opposite effect: transforming things for the worse. Guests who came in May had the opportunity to enjoy a better Tapas than those who arrived in August.

This following tweet exchange represents this absurdity quite well:
Marykate‏ @mcstravick_mac
Replying to @jules1602x @FragrantFrog
But that’s not the the ocean club....I’ve been there... their cafe at the side of the pool is designed for eating chips and pizza in your swimmers not 3 course meals
11:15 pm - 30 Oct 2018

00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🎃 🧛‍♀️ 🧙‍♀️ 🧟‍♀️ 🎃‏ @jules1602x
Replying to @mcstravick_mac @FragrantFrog
It was modernised after 2007...
11:58 pm - 30 Oct 2018

Marykate‏ @mcstravick_mac
Replying to @jules1602x @FragrantFrog
Lol so it was a fancy a la carte restaurant before they made it a slippery wooden table pizza corner
9:30 am - 31 Oct 2018

Jules, who holds THE secret agrees that the refurbishment was after 2007 and not between May and September 2007. Goalposts moving so fast they are getting dizzy. Good they have wheels.

On 4 Nov 2018, 12:19:00 we published a comment that we censored. Here it is uncensored:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Frog's BRT":
Why would anyone put small round tables together to be “cosy” when square tables would provide a bigger surface area?
If they could put enough square tables together, for 9, with space for another, why the need for a special table to be brought in for the next nights?
Presumably left there for 4 nights, in its skirted glory.
But then the other smaller tables had skirts on May 4, so maybe they had to be decorated to match.
And so many for so few customers.
But by September, early evening, they had all disappeared. Like a Cinderella story, the glass coach reverted to being a pumpkin.
It can’t be argued this was evening furniture as GA’s book photos were taken when it was dark.
When JT was asked about “mackling” tables together, she only needed to say the tables weren’t put together, one big table was produced.
Simply put, “We put some small tables together on the first night, but after that, the tapas produced a big, round table”
Instead, she rambles on.
As the other side now seem to be doing.
Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 4 Nov 2018, 11:52:00

What we censored above was “But by September, early evening, they had all disappeared. Like a Cinderella story, the glass coach reverted to being a pumpkin.” We didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

4. Refurbishment – a day, not months

The goalposts for the Tapas refurbishment would need with urgency some anti-seasick pills because it seems the 2007 refurbishment didn’t take place between May and September but between May 4 and May 5 2007.

Who says that? The Frog, that’s who. Here where she says that when continuing to show a somewhat disturbing obsession for tablecloths:
Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
Replying to @Anvil161Anvil16 @algarvnewswatch
Here's a Sky News picture from 5/5/07. You can clearly see a round table with the tablecloth inside the bar.....
2:34 pm - 31 Oct 2018

Do note that Mr Len Port is tagged on this tweet. This is the picture attached to the tweet:

The picture has quite a decent resolution which when enlarged one can see through the plastic and see not one but 3 tablecloths:

Remember, it’s the Frog who says that it was taken on May 5.

Let’s compare this image with the May 4 esplanade and the one in September:

When compared with the May 4 esplanade it can clearly be seen that the group of tables nearest to the bar (yellow) are no longer there. Also missing is the table in the foreground (red).

When compared with the one in September, it seems that the May 5 esplanade matches much more closely than it does the day before:

Please do take into consideration the time lapses between images. In one there’s a difference of 24 hours while in the other there’s 4 months between them. There are greater differences in the shorter interval than in the other.

If one was to believe that the difference of furniture was due to refurbishment then one has to believe that the Ocean Club decided to do away with the posh look the Tapas had on the day all hell was breaking lose.

Maddie disappeared on Thursday, the news broke on Friday and at the end of that day (May 4) and on the next (May 5) media came in droves. The media mayhem begins and the Ocean Club apparently decides to refurbish Tapas from posh to tacky. Does that make any sense? No, of course it doesn’t.

The only logical explanation is that if the photo was indeed taken on May 4, it is of the esplanade set up for an event before it took place.

A one-time function that was planned for that day that required different furniture than the Tapas had.

5. Why not?

When considering the possibility of an event on May 4 2007 at Tapas, just a hundred yards from where Maddie had just disappeared the night before, the first and instinctive reaction is – as ours was – that’s absurd! No way would there be a party on the 4th, only an idiot would think of trying to push such a preposterous idea!

But the question that one should ask is, why not?

Why would there not be an event on May 4 2007 at Tapas?

And very quickly one comes to the conclusion that there was absolutely no reason not to have an event there on that day if one had been planned. And as events don’t just pop up, if there was one on that day it was because it was planned in advance.

A scenario whereby the Tapas esplanade was reserved before Maddie disappeared is reasonable as there is absolutely nothing that goes against it. And if that was the case, then nothing is there to say that it didn’t happen.

One must ask if a close relative of a wedding planner had passed away on the eve of a wedding that s/he had planned, would the wedding get called off? No, it wouldn’t.

No matter how much the tragedy would affect the planner’s life, things would continue as planned because the bride, groom and guests are uninvolved and are due the right for the show to really literally go on.

So if, say, the Portimão Poodle Patrons had for whatever reason reserved the Tapas to hold an event on May 4, that event would go one regardless of the fact of Maddie having disappeared. The most the little girl’s disappearance would affect it would be that it would probably be the main talking point of the guests.

As would be expected, the Tapas esplanade life continued after Maddie disappeared. So, if there was an event planned for the 4th, then it would have gone ahead as planned.

The only disruption to Tapas that Maddie’s disappearance would cause would be the minutes lost by each member of the staff to answer questions by the PJ. The PJ had literally hundreds of people to question, so they wouldn’t keep anyone for more than a few minutes.

Staff losing a few minutes would not put the event in question, nothing to stop it from taking place.

And if it happened that any member of the staff had by chance seen anything that the PJ considered relevant enough for that person to go to Portimão, then s/he would simply be replaced and the event continue as planned.

If one was planned, there’s no reason for there not to have been an event on May 4 at Tapas.

There’s no reason for the Tapas posh esplanade photo not to have been taken on that day before the event took place.

6. When was the photo taken?

We will explain during this post the reason why we think the photo was taken on May 4 but the question is not about that but about what time of day the photo was taken.

The photographer is taking the picture facing West.

This means that for the wall of the bar on the left side of the picture to be bathed by sunlight, it had to be morning.

That shadow, the shadow of the canopy and the shadow of the legs of the chair in the low left-hand corner of the photo tells us that the Sun was relatively high so we would say the photo was taken between 10 and 11 am on Friday May 4 2007.

7. Lunch or dinner?

Establishing that the photo was taken in the morning, the next question one must ask is was the event to take place for lunch or dinner?

One can immediately set aside the Tennis dinner as the reason for that set-up as that dinner was reserved for 12 and the set-up we see anticipates many more people. And there’s no table for 12.

Not being for the Tennis dinner reserved for that night, then that would mean the set-up was for a lunch function.

But we have to be consistent. We know the tennis dinner is fictitious and the event is real. So, it isn’t the tennis dinner that will tell us whether the event was set up for lunch or for dinner.

Waiter Nuno Bernardo says this:

“He works in the Tapas restaurant where he is a waiter and serves meals on the terrace and at the tables.

He adds that during the day this commercial space serves more as a pool bar serving light snacks and drinks to the guests that frequent the space.”

Is it minimally plausible that this would be the normal set-up for a pool side-bar to serve “light snacks and drinks” during lunch time? We don’t think so. We would say that the table skirts would be to be an exaggerated overdressing of tables considering what the pool-side and pool-using dress code is.

Would tablecloths be set on the tables if they were meant for dinner? Risking getting them dirty during the day, especially during lunch? We don’t think so.

The fact is that picture was taken in the morning and that in the morning it had this posh set-up.

Not wanting to be dogmatic, it all points to having been arranged for a function at lunch time and because it was a special event, other guests would be asked not to use the bar or even be asked not to use the premises that day, unless invited.

A special function that had requirements that the Tapas everyday furniture didn’t satisfy. From the picture one can immediately see 3: rough wooden table tops, table-skirts and tablecloths. Not saying that Tapas didn’t have tablecloths, but it would be likely for it not to for those round rough-wood tops. The tablecloths could have come from the Mill or they could have been supplied by whoever supplied the tops.

This to say that this picture proves absolutely nothing about what was “usual” in Tapas because, besides the chairs, nothing it shows was usual there.

To say that the Tapas group sat at any of the tables shown is ridiculous and shows despair. The big round table that is seen, is not even a table but a big round rough-wood top placed there that day for that function.

8. Objective of the posh photo

Literally every single photo, without exception, tells us why they were taken. Every photo has a reason to have been taken.

Even those taken by accident tell us that they were… accidentally taken.

We ask the reader to look at every single picture they have and see in each one what was intended that it captured. Be it a selfie, a landscape, a building, something of a trip to be remembered, whatever the subject there is a subject. A camera works like a gun, it is pointed and fired. It may be used as a precision rifle, and its target is clear and focused or as shotgun, dispersing lead broadly.

The purpose doesn’t have to be complex or planned. A flower that one sees and likes and just photographs for no other reason than to capture that beauty. But that’s the reason. There’s always a reason.

So, what purpose is behind this photograph? Why was it taken?

Was it for publicity purposes?

No, the lifted tablecloth and the people who appear in it tells us that it wasn’t the case.

The tablecloth wouldn’t be lifted and the photographer would ask politely Mr Len Port and the staff to step away for just a moment and they would certainly understand.

And if the staff were to appear, and it was for publicity purposes, they would be interacting either with someone, a guest or someone posing as a guest, or with the photographer.

The fact that no one in that photo is in a pose but just caught in a moment of their lives, shows that the objective was not to use it for publicity. Mr Len Port looking away from the esplanade, reinforces the idea that the photo was taken without the photographer intending to produce a visually appealing photo.

Saying that a gush of wind would justify the folded back tablecloth makes no sense because, again as with asking people to step aside, the photographer would have to just take 2 steps forward and put the tablecloth right, step back and take the picture.

If there was wind, then the photographer would just ask a member of the staff to clamp the tablecloth in place.

None of other photos or live TV coverage of that day shows any hint of windy conditions, photo also shows the clip removed and tablecloth then folded back. If windy, the clip wouldn’t have been removed.

After all it wasn’t a moment or an expression that needed to be captured. We’re talking about inanimate objects so no hurry to take the picture. Only when things were as the photographer desired would the picture be taken.

And that’s the point, the things were as the photographer desired. The tablecloth was lifted because the photographer wanted it lifted and those people being present didn’t affect in anyway the purpose intended.

In fact, when if we look at the picture that was aired in the CMTV documentary, which captures more than the one tweeted by the Frog, one can see on the left 2 other men, reinforcing the idea that the photographer was not concerned about who appeared in the photo.

And that’s because the intent of the picture was to capture the set-up of the esplanade. Just that. To show how it looked when all rough-wood round tops, table-skirts and tablecloths were in place on it.

Why was the tablecloth lifted? To show what the tables were made of.

This picture is clearly what we call “logistic memory”. To be kept and used to show how to set up the esplanade this way for similar future events. That simple.

The only variation regarding future events would only be the number of rough-wood tops, table-skirts and tablecloths that would be needed depending on the variation of the number of guests between this event and what those were to have.

To have an image for the Tapas staff to show them what exactly is intended when they are told to set up the esplanade for such a kind of event. That’s why the entire esplanade is captured and why the presence of people is irrelevant to the objective of the picture.

The fact that someone felt the need to take such a picture tells us 2 things immediately: that this was the first time such a thing was organised and there was reason to believe other similar events were expected to take place in the future.

In the morning of May 4 there was indeed a big round table in the Tapas esplanade. Only it was not the BRT the T9 say they used during the week. The big round table in the photo only entered the premises in the morning of May 4 and on May 5 it wasn’t there.

Its top made of rough wood and this contradicts JBLIttlemore and Jules:
J B Littlemore‏ @JBLittlemore
Replying to @jules1602x
Sounds classy ; ) No formica there then? So was the photographer willing to discus the photograph of the BRT with you? #Mccann
2:38 pm - 9 Oct 2018

Special Agent Jules... 🕵️‍♀️‏ @jules1602x
Replying to @JBLittlemore
He probably thought I was off my trolley..
I felt a right brucey asking...
But he was very helpful yes... :)
2:44 pm - 9 Oct 2018

Not formica but rough wood as temporary.

The table shown by Brunt as the BRT does not have a rough wood top:

Damned facts always getting in the way of those trying to deceive…

This picture doesn’t in any way prove the existence of the BRT as Frog ridiculously attempts. It just proves that at a certain point in time, the Tapas esplanade was set up with round rough-wood tops on the existing tables for a function. One of the round tops bigger than the others. That’s fact.

Presumably for a lunch on May 4 but that is subjective, while the above isn’t.

Another subjective assumption is to say the biggest round rough-wood top would be the main table of the event.

9. The importance of Neil Berry’s interview

If there had really been an event planned on May 4, wouldn’t we have known? We think we certainly would.

We have images from SIC of the morning of May 4 that were aired on the 20H00 news that night. We know that it is in the morning in the exact same way we determined it was in the posh pictures. In this case, the entrance of the Tapas area appears bathed by sunlight, and as it faces to the East, the images were filmed in the morning.

So, if Tapas had been swarming with guests that lunch or afternoon, wouldn’t they be moved out of sheer curiosity to see what was being filmed and would be caught by the cameras, like many residents and guests were?

Screengrabs from this webpage (scroll down to find the video):

No one appears to be dressed for such an occasion in the images.

We also have Neil Berry being interviewed on the tennis courts. If the esplanade was filled with people, would that location be chosen? Why? There’s no way to avoid the esplanade to go to the tennis courts. So why barge in on an event with a man in shorts and T-shirt just to film him there when he could be filmed outside?

We are certain no event took place. But that doesn’t mean things weren’t set up for one. No one warned the Tapas staff that the event was cancelled before things were being set-up. The information that it was cancelled came after it was.

Perfectly natural and acceptable. Maddie had disappeared the night before. The storyline was being constructed, in rough strokes as expected. That was the priority then, the construction of the narrative to allow abduction.

If there was an event planned for the next day in Tapas, it was set in motion and the esplanade was made ready for it. No reason for it not to be.

If Tapas was filled with people on the esplanade, would Neil Berry give an interview to the TV on the tennis courts that day? We believe the TV crews would stay away from the Tapas premises especially taking into account that there’s no way to avoid the esplanade to get to the courts.

If said event was taking place, it would be expected for the film crews to respect the event, the organisers and the participants. They would have nothing to do with Maddie’s disappearance so why disturb them. Neil Berry’s interview is a clear indication that the esplanade was not being used by people that day for an event.

10. Order to dismantle

The fact of the event having not gone ahead, doesn’t invalidate the fact that it was set up.

There are 2 strong clues that it was.

The first is a truck parked at the entrance of the Tapas entrance. To unload or load items. By the angle of the shadows, we would say to unload as it seems early morning.

The other is the image of the bar filmed from the outside the tennis courts. One can see through the bar and on the other side, on the esplanade there seems to be a white object, and now knowing what we know, most likely a table covered with a tablecloth. Quite a big one.

It does look like the Tapas esplanade was set up that morning.

If no one was warned not to set things up, certainly someone gave the order to take it all down and put things the way they were before.

So, it’s likely that the Tapas posh esplanade picture was taken for internal use, for “logistic memory” as we said, when the Tapas staff was told to dismantle.

A picture that had nothing to with Maddie’s disappearance, for internal use only. A picture that was never meant to be publicly published.

For some reason it didn’t see the light of day for 6 and a half years, 2,388 days to be specific, in the CMTV documentary. How it found its way there remains a mystery. The other mystery is how it also found its way to the Frog’s hands.

11. Why not, not?

Once one understands the purpose of the picture, it’s then relevant to start to pose the questions which will show its true relevance to the case. And the first one is: why didn’t the event take place?

As we saw, if it had been the Portimão Poodle Patrons that had reserved the space for an event that day, it would have taken place. As it would have if it had been any other entity reserving the space. But the event didn’t go on. Why?

Only a group of people who collectively thought that it was best the event did not to take place because of what happened to Maddie would have cancelled.

A group of people who collectively could, in a moment’s notice be contacted and told not appear at Tapas, a group made up of people who were easily and quickly reachable to be informed that there would not be an event. People who were in Praia da Luz that week.

The cancellation of that event and Maddie’s disappearance are interrelated. One got cancelled because of the other.

Because the Tapas esplanade was indeed set-up, it means all was cancelled on that day. A literally last-minute cancellation. And for some reason it got cancelled and that reason could only have been Maddie.

A group of people who felt that because of what had happened to Maddie it was best for them not to be seen participating in an event, or, as is most likely, not even being seen in Luz where they were not supposed to be.

A group of people in Luz who once they were informed that the event had been cancelled, also knew they had to pretend that there hadn’t even been one planned.

See where this is going?

Need we say more? It certainly wasn’t the Portimão Poodle Patrons, an association we have just invented, that reserved the space.

Nor was it a group of guests who found themselves by chance that week at Luz, who started to get along, so well that they decided to end the week by reserving the Tapas and having rough-wood round table tops and table-skirts brought in.

No, this was a highly coordinated group of people who were together in Luz for a reason. A group that decided to set up an event for lunch-time on Friday. On very posh tables. Frilly and all that.

A hint, wasn’t the week of the Tapas group to end on Saturday?

So, if one wanted to throw a farewell party, wouldn’t Friday lunch be just the day? If the main activities of said week took place at night, wouldn’t a lunch be just perfect for that purpose? Just saying.

12. The Tapas 9 and the Tapas posh esplanade picture

Once understood that the tablecloth was turned back on purpose, one can very easily make a mistake which will make one miss completely the importance of the photo: throw into the equation the Tapas 9.

We have witnessed that mistake being made from comments/questions.

Could they be trying to show that there was indeed a BRT? Could the tablecloth have been turned back to convey the idea that there was indeed wind and so support Kate’s whoosh, clunk?

We have already said in a comment that when the picture was taken there was no BRT issue, so no need to prove that there was one.

A reason why we have renamed the picture from Frog’s BRT to Tapas posh esplanade, is because the picture has nothing to do with the McCanns and the other T7.

When we use the acronym BRT, it is to refer to the table used by the McCanns. The table that appears in that picture was in place only for a few hours. Came in on May 4 and left that same day. The T9 never saw it, much less sat around it.

When the picture was taken most likely the first Tapas statement hadn’t even begun in Portimão and the only details known then about the dinners would be that the group allegedly dined at Tapas all week and allegedly checked on their children. That around 22H00 Kate got up, walked to the apartment and realised that Maddie had disappeared.

This is what the Tapas staff had to tell the PJ on May 4:

JERONIMO TOMAS RODRIGUES SALCEDAS says “He did not notice if from the group of British citizens (in number 8 or 9) that yesterday dined in restaurant (which was partly made up of the parents of the missing [child]), someone left [absented themself] during such dinner”

SVETLANA STARIKOVA VITORINO says “yesterday, one individual, purportedly the father of the missing, left the dinner table where a group of friends (in number 8 or 9), for about 30 minutes. After having returned, a woman whom she believed to be his wife, also left the table”

JOAQUIM JOSE MOREIRA BATISTA says “Of the group of 8/9 British citizens who dined at the restaurant last night, as usual, of which the parents of missing were part (he didn't know them) he noticed that two individuals left the table, of the male gender.”

RICARDO ALEXANDRE DA LUZ OLIVEIRA says “Of the group of 8/9 British citizens who dined at that restaurant yesterday, like they usually did, which was partly made up of the parents of the missing (he did not know them) he noticed that absent from the table, for about 15 minutes, [was] a man (tall, little more than thirty years of age, normal physical stature, white complexion and hair color light brown);”

MIGUEL SALCEDAS COELHO says “He did not know the missing or her parents, he knew only that they were part of a group of British citizens who usually dined there”

JOELSON FABIO SOARES SANTOS LUCIO says “As he works in the pantry, he never goes to the area where are the tables, so he saw nothing”

Basically, all they said was that it was “a group of 8/9 British citizens” and that sometimes some of them got up, left and returned. Nothing more. As if they had been told to say that they only remembered these two strong basic ideas.

No shape of table, nor where they sat. Very generic and in no way a reason to raise suspicion. Perfectly plausible and reasonable to join up 4 of the small square tables available and sit 9 around it.

Besides the event being cancelled because of them, there is no connection between the T9 and the Tapas posh esplanade picture.

13. The Tapas posh esplanade picture and SIC

If the picture was already extremely relevant to understand the scope, number and the importance of the people who quickly closed ranks even though they had absolutely nothing to do with what had happened to Maddie, there is one fact that demonstrates all: the SIC video of that day that aired on May 4 2007 at 20H00.

We’ve become so accustomed to NOT seeing the inside of the Tapas esplanade, to seeing it being hidden from all of us, to seeing it NOT being filmed, that the most important detail of this posh esplanade picture saga almost escaped us when it was right in front of us.

If the BRT was not a problem, as it wasn’t then, and if there was no storyline to be followed, as there wasn’t then, then why didn’t the SIC TV crew film the inside of the esplanade?

Note, it films the window of the apartment, it films the back stairs of the apartment, the 5A window, the view of the apartment, the back alley (where Mr Len Port appears), the entrance of Tapas and it even films the playground and Neil Berry on the tennis courts, but to show “where the parents were last night”, the TV crew goes outside the Tapas complex, around the block to the other side and from the outside the complex they film the Tapas bar from the opposite side of the esplanade:


The Neil Berry interview shows that they had access to the inside of the premises, so why not film the esplanade and show the viewpoint the group had to the apartment from there?

The TV crew runs away from the esplanade as though it was a source of the plague!

Before there was any BRT controversy the SIC TV crew knew, or was told, that the esplanade was not to be filmed.

Why? Because the esplanade was set up as we see it in the Tapas posh esplanade picture: for the event on Friday at lunchtime.

Someone felt that filming that esplanade the way it was posh, would compromise the presence of the VIPs in Luz being known.

On May 4 in the morning, the SIC TV crew was persuaded to not film the esplanade.

14. Why May 4?

We think that from the above, we have shown quite clearly why we think the photo was taken on May 4.

But to add to all of the above, we also have 2 tweets from the Frog showing us that it was so.

One, in which she tweets to Mr Len Port and the other where she informs Jules and Mr Salmon that she has done so:

Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
@algarvnewswatch Hello, Mr Port. Sorry to trouble you but please are you able to confirm that this photo, which I believe shows you in the background, was taken in the Ocean Club Luz Tapas Bar on 4/5/07?
10:47 AM - 31 Oct 2018

Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
Replying to @jules1602x @Tealtraum
I've tweeted Len Port asking him if he can confirm the date that pic was taken was 4/5/07. There's another one showing round tables with tablecloths taken 5/5/07 by Sky news. Don't know how much more proof Tex needs...says someone whowuzthere
2:09 PM - 31 Oct 2018

One only asks another person if they remember something that has happened 11 and half years earlier if there was something remarkable to be remembered.

Tables on an esplanade are not something memorable. Unless they, on that day, looked totally different from all other days.

The Frog is trusting that Mr Len Port will remember how posh the esplanade looked that day and will remember that it was on the day after Maddie disappeared.

That he will remember that he never again saw the Tapas esplanade looking like that again.

15. The BRT and the abduction

Today no one speaks of abduction. In fact, there are people who find those who supposedly still believe in it to be nutters and totally uncouth:
00Sade 🕵️‍♀️‏ @SadeElisha86
00Sade 🕵️‍♀️Retweeted David Baddiel
I agree! Can you believe there are still people in 2018 who believe she was abducted? Nutters! And very hateful too, so uncouth. #mccann
00Sade 🕵️‍♀️added,
David Baddiel@Baddie
Replying to @libshitz
Because if you click on it you will see just reams of intense hatred and conspiracy theory fuckwittage.
10:57 am - 13 Nov 2018
2:20 pm - 13 Nov 2018

Very true. Only someone uncouth can still believe in Maddie’s abduction these days.

But those of us who lived through the initial years of the case, remember well how the exact same tactics that were used by the abduction apologists are now being used by the BRT apologists.

Remember how they shouted what nonsense it was to think that there had been no abduction? How they insulted us about how unfair and unjust we were being to the parents and that we were all off our rockers if we thought they were lying?

Did it work? Did their hysteria make us believe more or less in the abduction? It confirmed there was no abduction.

In much the same way, the more they protest about the BRT, the more they come up with different versions of it, the more they try to ridicule our opinions, the more they confirm we are right.

Facts are facts, and facts don’t get shouted down.

The biggest difference was that the abduction-apologists had their stories well-coordinated while the BRT apologists just keep digging their holes deeper and deeper.

Even well-coordinated, the abduction didn’t survive time and truth. All that bullying for nothing.

So, what are the odds the BRT apologists will have in being able to sell their story? Very much against them. That’s why fewer and fewer have come out to defend it.

That’s why our critics have become silent. Even when they speak they say nothing because they only spew anger and anger is one having nothing to say and just makes noise.

16. Conclusion

Joining all the dots above, it’s clear that the esplanade was set up for an event on May 4. The event got cancelled because Maddie had died the evening before.

Although its clear from the picture that food had not been served yet, we are certain that Strawberry vodkas and watercress and egg salads were certainly on the menu, to paraphrase Kate’s book.

When one looks at the picture, what one is seeing is the closing of the swinger’s regatta, that ended up only being half of a dress rehearsal and never to be premiered.

When one looks at that table, the main table of the event, the one being ridiculously made out to be the fictional BRT, it was real. It has 7 chairs around it.

Speculating, and considering that one of the chairs of the main table would be for the host, the other 6 chairs could well represent the number of the really important people who 2 nations are still covering for after all these years.

The fact that someone thought best to have a “logistic memory” of the event, tells us this was the first, supposedly of many others to follow. The Maddie case most likely has killed that promising future so we would say it never happened again.

Hopefully the reader can now understand that the picture not only proves there was no BRT during the week, as it also proves that the events happened under the control of people way above and beyond the Tapas 9 paygrade.


    Ben Salmon‏ @Tealtraum
    Replying to @CarlaSpade
    Here's the most unexpected tweet you saw coming tonight, Carla. @FragrantFrog I found your photo via reverse image search. I dont label you a troll, I know you as someone with a polar opposite opinion who talks to me respectfully. On level. How did you find that pic? #McCann
    3:39 pm - 15 Nov 2018


    Mr Salmon, coming once again, to the Frog’s recue.

    Is just overlooking a minor detail. He found indeed the picture in a website of FLASH a Portuguese ‘Hola’ style magazine belonging to the Correio da Manhã group.

    But to find it (do remember Mr Salmon you only found it on a second try), Mr Salmon has to have an original. You had Frog’s original, what original did the Frog have?

    She could have used the image from our blog, as she used one from this post on her first tweet (or did she reverse search this one as well?). But then why search for what one already has?

    When we used that photo in our post years back, there was nothing on the internet when googling photos related to Tapas, Praia da Luz or McCanns. We have searched thoroughly for any early Tapas photos which might have been on previous publicity shots.

    It was not on Alamy or any other agency photos. We have already said that it caught us by surprise when we first saw it in the CMTV documentary in November 2013. The Flash images were uploaded in May 2017. And your first return was not the Frog’s image. You only found it after we called your attention to that fact.

    Frog, have you forgotten that you said Mr Salmon had spoiled your fun? That supposedly it was through reverse search that you found the photo that you had in front of you?

    Why are you having problems in saying from where you got it?

    Desiree L Wiggins‏ @DesireeLWiggin1
    Replying to @PollyGraph69 @EricaCantona7 and 2 others
    Just sticking with the rogatories, I thought it was odd that Rachael was asked if they were swingers. Her response was rather passive IMO. I can't remember if it was her 2007 or 2008 statement? I don't think any of the rest were asked the same question. #McCann
    4:38 am - 16 Nov 2018

    00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
    Replying to @DesireeLWiggin1 @PollyGraph69 and 2 others
    7:17 am - 16 Nov 2018”

    [The picture attached to the tweet above, says the following:
    “4078 “Okay. Is there anything else that you need to speak about”?
    Reply “Erm no I don’t think so, don’t think anything else is”.
    4078 “What about your personal opinions Jane”?
    Reply “Yeah erm, well obviously I, I mean I was almost gonna say this at the very, very end of anything but I just, I’d just really like to say to the Portuguese Police you know, I think there’s been a lot said but from a, you know we’re not a bunch of swingers that went out there for a swinging holiday, I can’t think of anything to be worse to be honest but yeah, we didn’t go out there on a swingers holiday to dump our kids in the kids club while we got pissed and shagged each other you know, that’s not what we did, there’s, there’s one week of the year, the other fifty one weeks of the year, with the kids all the time. In terms of our family, Russell’s, you know every spare moment’s with…”
    This is an extract from Jane Tanner’s rogatory]


    Interesting is that Jules has deleted the tweet below, in which she had attached the same picture, before tweeting just the picture:
    “00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x 10m10 minutes ago
    Replying to @DesireeLWiggin1 @PollyGraph69 and 3 others
    She wasn't asked.. Jane brought it up in her rogatory because something had been said previous by the Portuguese... #McCann
    7:13 am - 16 Nov 2018”

    Why delete the reference, quite correct, that it was mentioned by the Portuguese, or to be more specific, by Barra da Costa and by the Portuguese who lived near St Phunurius?

    Or as Jane Tanner says above: “I think there’s been a lot said…”.

      00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
      Replying to @DesireeLWiggin1 @PollyGraph69 and 3 others
      I think Jane mentioned it because a Portuguese newspaper had mentioned it previously.. No biggie..
      8:17 am - 16 Nov 2018


      Yep no biggie…, but when the cops ask her “Is there anything else that you need to speak about?” she feels she NEEDS to ramble on about something that is supposedly “no biggie” and but that Jane herself says “I think there’s been a lot said…”

  3. We hope readers have understood how Brunt’s BRT and Frog’s BRT contradict each other.

    Were there 2 BRTs at Tapas? One out of wood and the other with a rough-wood top? Really?

    Would people queue up for a restaurant that had such multitude of furniture? A huge table with a rough wood top with a table skirt and tablecloths (to hide the rough wood) together with another huge table of wood?

  4. It would seem that @DesireeLWiggin1 wasn’t totally off-mark when she mentions Rachael and swinging.

    Please read what she has to say in her statement of May 15 2007:

    “When asked what the relation between the group was she says that all the men and Fiona are doctors and a friendship had built up between them because at one stage or another, they had worked together. In spite of not living in the same town they would meet up.
    Fiona and David Payne are the closest to the McCann family.
    It is the second time that they have been on holiday with these friends. In September 2006, they went for a week to the island of Zakynthos in Greece. However, neither the McCann family nor Diane Webster went.
    When asked she says that all the couples have been together for various years (between 8 and 12 years). They all have stable relationships. She does not know whether any female or male members of the group have had any other relationships between them, other than the current.
    She does not have any knowledge of whether any members has a parallel relationship with any other members of the group.
    When asked, she says that there is no friction or conflict between those that make up the group as they are in total harmony as regards the kind of holidays they take, they all have good jobs and identical levels of living as well as having the children in common, whom they all have to look after and they try as hard as possible to do everything together.
    She says that in terms of harmony and friendship the group is very close.
    When asked about the characteristics of the other couples, she says that they are all persons of normal considered behaviour, and has nothing to point out.”


    What is a “parallel relationship”?

    Why would any of the members of the group know about the intimate life of the other couples of the group?

    And why were the police asking questions about the intimacy of the members of the group?

    1. It seems to us that the PJ were investigating the relationship between the couples of the group.



    Polícia inglesa já sabe o que aconteceu à pequena Maddie e vai revelar tudo em breve

    Os agentes da 'Operação Grange', que investigam o caso Maddie, estiveram em Portugal em segredo em 2017 e dizem ter descoberto o que aconteceu à menina.

    Por João Bénard Garcia | 16 de novembro de 2018 às 13:52

    A polícia inglesa conseguiu mais um financiamento estatal de 172 mil euros para seguir pistas altamente confidenciais que garante ter sobre o desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann, a menina de 4 anos que desapareceu em maio de 2007 na praia da Luz, no Algarve.

    Os investigadores acreditam que agora é que vão desvendar o mistério do desaparecimento de Maddie depois de terem realizado, em 2017, várias visitas mantidas em segredo a Portugal. Os agentes britânicos que têm nas mãos a documentação da 'Operação Grange' (todo o processo do desaparecimento de Maddie) acreditam estar perto de resolver o mistério, em especial depois de terem analisado as cerca de 40 mil folhas de documentação arquivada pela polícia portuguesa.

    Este novo pedido de dinheiro para a investigação que, em 11 anos, já custou cerca de 13 milhões de euros, ou seja, mais de um milhão de euros por ano, foi "cuidadosamente considerado", segundo avançou então fonte do Ministério do Interior britânico e, pelos vistos, foi autorizado e concedido. Têm até março de 2019 para concluir com sucesso a investigação.

    Os pais de Maddie, Katie e Gerry McCann, sempre defenderam que a filha está viva. A ser verdade, a rapariga inglesa terá agora 15 anos de idade.

    A estranha contratação do porta-voz do governo inglês

    O processo de desaparecimento de Maddie esteve sempre envolto num imenso sigilo e ganhou contornos de assunto de estado, nomeadamente quando o casal McCann contratou Clarence Mitchell, o porta-voz do então primeiro-ministro britânico Gordon Brown. Além de Clarence Mitchell ter conseguido afastar o inspetor-chefe Olegário Sousa de ser o rosto das informações oficiais, ele terá ajudado o casal McCann a ocultar informações da investigação e a atenuar a "relação turbulenta" entre Kate e Gerry McCann e as autoridades policiais portuguesas e do Reino Unido, sempre devido a desconfianças e fugas de informação.

    1. Translation:


      English police already knows what happened to little Maddie and will reveal everything soon.

      The Operation Grange officers investigating the Maddie case were in Portugal in secrecy in 2017 and say they have discovered what happened to the girl.

      By João Bénard Garcia | November 16, 2018 at 13:52

      The English police was able to get another state funding of 172,000 euros to follow highly confidential clues they guarantee to have about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the 4-year-old girl who disappeared in May 2007 in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve.

      The investigators believe that now is when they are going to unravel the mystery of Maddie's disappearance after having made, in 2017, several visits kept in secret to Portugal. The British agents who have in their hands the documentation of 'Operation Grange' (the whole process of Maddie's disappearance) believe they are close to solving the mystery, especially after analysing the about 40,000 pages of documentation archived by the Portuguese police.

      This new request for money request for the investigation, which, in 11 years, has already cost about 13 million euros, or more than 1 million euros per year, was "carefully considered", according to what a source of the British Home Office advanced and, it seems, was authorized and granted. They have until March 2019 to complete successfully the investigation.

      Maddie's parents, Katie and Gerry McCann, have always defended that the daughter is alive. If it’s true, the English girl is now 15 years old.

      The strange hiring of the spokesman of the English government

      The process of Maddie's disappearance process was always shrouded in immense secrecy and gained the status of state-affair, namely when the McCanns hired Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman of then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Besides Clarence Mitchell having managed to oust Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa from being the face of the official information, he supposedly has helped the McCann hide information from the investigation and to mitigate the "turbulent relationship" between Kate and Gerry McCann and the Portuguese and the UK police authorities, always due to mistrust and information leaks.

  6. The Frog has replied, or sort of:
    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @Anvil161Anvil16
    No, just tablecloths flapping in the breeze.
    11:44 am - 16 Nov 2018


    Flapping like the (ridiculous) refurbishments?

    1. Flapping cloths or flapping curtains, both mythical events.

  7. Thanks for a great post, Textusa. Fascinating and spot on as far as I'm concerned. (Always thought the picture of Brunt's BRT was taken during a power-cut!) Can we look forward to more on Mr Freud's role in the proceedings? Kind regards.

  8. I think the fog is beginning to clear; Clement Freud's son is married to Rupert Murdoch's daughter. Now the media coverage makes sense!!! (Will be obvious to you, Textusa, and others, but a revelation to me.) Is it possible he wasn't a paedophile but a swinger and "patsied" off as a paedo to support the abduction theory? Best wishes.

    1. Anonymous 17 Nov 2018, 00:45:00,

      If we were asked, we would say that Freud was a sexual predator. Or as is said in Portugal, a man who would try to have sex even with a broomstick with skirt.

      He was accused of having sex with a 16 yr old, while in his forties, which earned him the paedo epithet. However much one may disagree with it or find it disgusting in states where the age of consent is 16, like Portugal for example, this, if it happened there with consent, wouldn’t be a crime as the age of consent is 16. If it happened there without consent, it would be rape and not paedophilia.

      We remind that the 16 yr old said she took her pyjamas with her so she knew she was going to spend the night with that middle-age man alone with him in his house.

      About him having been patsied off, we gave our opinion in our post “Freud and Maddie”:

      Freud’s son is no longer with Murdoch’s daughter.

      Clarence Mitchell no longer works for Freud Communications.

      Bell Pottinger no longer exists.

      Nothing stays the same. Time is the enemy for the hoax.

    2. Apologies - I hadn't checked my info was up to date. I agree that nothing but the facts stay the same. I really enjoyed reading your "swinging tablecloth" post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight. Best wishes.

  9. Being simple what are the greater implications of this? In simple terms.

    1. Su,

      In simple terms:

      - Tapas dinners:

      It proves there were no Tapas dinners, as it proves there was no BRT.

      - Hoax:

      There was an event and because Maddie disappeared, it was cancelled, things dismantled and made to be that it wasn’t planned. Why? We say because there were people in Luz who were not supposed to be there and that a wide collective of people closed ranks and made sure that their presence there was kept a secret. A state-secret.

      If there were local links, then it’s possible the McCanns were assisted in disposing of Maddie’s body and a there was reason for helping them.

      Note, above we have not said anything about swinging. In some way the cancellation of the event that was to be held at Tapas on May 4 and Maddie’s disappearance are interlinked.

      It’s up to those defending the different theories to see if the above fit into their theories.

      Those who believe that Maddie was a victim of paedo, must then find plausible that the Ocean Club was hosting a party for paedos and that there were local links willing to help the paedos dispose of Maddie’s body. If they do, their theory remains valid.

      We suggest that it was a VIP swinger’s party. A thank you from the Ocean Club for what their presence represented economically for the resort and the area. A thank you that never happened. And we believe that to defend THEIR reputation, and the reputation of the influential and powerful present, would be willing to help dispose Maddie’s body.

      But that’s just our opinion from the facts above. Others can have, as we have said, different opinions from them. What they can’t do is have different facts, or, in case the facts don’t fit into their theories, pretend that the facts don’t exist. They do.

  10. Hi Textusa

    Strawberry Vodka here. Thank you for withholding my previous comments, all respect to you.

    Of course I read this post with great interest. I had never noted the set-up/strike- down details on the 3rd/4th May.

    As you know I have also noted the food references in KM's book and wondered what they actually referred to and exactly why they were included in regard (only) to Freud. To blackmail, to inform to mislead, to distract? About what exactly? One can of course google these references with regard to slang but it is still not entirely clear what are meant to describe. Maybe nothing at all, just food?

    One thing I would like to ask - I have read that the tapas booking sheets were doctored for that whole week to hide the names of the real customers. If the Tapas 7 never dined there (as no BRT) and the Tapas was, for the rest of the week a regular bar serving regular meals - why the need for the (possible) doctoring of the booking sheets? Are you saying it was because the customers of the 'regatta' planned for the 3rd also booked the Tapas in the week and as they were not supposed to be in Luz at all their names had to be cloaked?

    As always my post contains my ideas only and do not represent material fact!

    Anyway fantastic work, something to think about indeed!

    1. Strawberry Vodka,

      Thank you,

      We would say that the food refs were just to show how important, posh and influential Freud was. To show how altruist the rich and powerful were being. How the altruistic rich and powerful knew the McCanns couldn’t have done anything wrong…

      You are confusing sheets, the ones doctored to hide names were the guest reservation sheets.

      The Tapas reservation sheets were made up to help create the illusion that the dinners did take place at Tapas.

    Karen Lowe Sanders‏ @EricaCantona7
    Replying to @barragirl49 @DesireeLWiggin1 and 7 others
    There did seem to be a lot of professionals there that week, that really you would think could afford a better class of apartment, they did seem pretty basic, unless they were there for the activities package ( tennis etc , not swinging laughing emoticon)
    3:41 am - 17 Nov 2018


    Who hasn’t heard of the famous Praia da Luz tennis? The rich and the famous flock there just to play the game!

    In fact, it’s an open secret in Luz that they have built golf courses around the Luz, so people could entertain themselves while waiting in line to be able to play tennis as the Ocean Club only has 5 courts available!

    The rich are so enthralled by the possibility of playing in Luz, that even though they can “afford a better class of apartment” they chose a lesser class of apartments for their holidays. Because of tennis!

    Funny we don’t see that many names on the tennis sheets. But that certainly can be explained as easily as the BRT can. NOT.

  12. I remember saying a long time ago on some forum or other 'when you read the statements made regarding Madeleine Mc Cann case, if you substitute the word swinging for the word tennis, then you wont be far wrong!"

    I honestly think that all involved were told to use the word tennis instead of swinging. So when asked to describe what they did on a particular day, they would automatically substitute tennis for any time they were swinging (or participating in any adult lifestyle activities).

    Thanks for a wonderful post Textusa

  13. From "FB Anon":

    "Don't know if t helps but I've been rereading Bridget O'Donnell's article (puff piece) in the Guardian from Dec. 2007. She says this about Weds 3rd May : "We had booked a table for two at Tapas and were placed next to the Doctors' regular table. One by one, they started to arrive. The men came first. Gerry McCann started chatting across to Jes about tennis. Gerry was outgoing, a wisecracker, but considerate and kind, and he invited us to join them. We discussed the children. He told us they were leaving theirs sleeping in the apartments. While they chatted on, I ruminated on the pros and cons of this. I admired them, in a way, for not being paranoid parents, but I decided that our apartment was too far off even to contemplate it. Our baby was too young and I would worry about them waking up.
    My phone rang as our food arrived; our baby had woken up. I walked the round trip to collect him from the kiddie club, then back to the restaurant. He kept crying and eventually we left our meal unfinished and walked back again to the club to fetch our sleeping daughter. Jes carried her home in a blanket."
    A couple of things stand out; she says they, her and Jes, joined the T9 for dinner. That means that the BRT now has to seat 11 to accommodate them as well. Could the BRT get any bigger?? Also, according to the Tapas booking sheets, she and Jes booked the table for 7.30 and the T9 had a table for 8.30. If the T9 started to arrive from 8.30 onwards, that means that the 2 of them were sat there for at least an hour before THEIR food arrived as she says "my phone rang as our food arrived", which was after they'd joined the T9. That's some pretty slow service considering there were only 6 people in the Tapas at 7.30 allegedly! Talking of replacing 'tennis' with 'swinging', it gives new meaning to this from B O'D "Then Gerry stood up and began showing Kate his new tennis stroke.""

    1. FB Anon,

      Thank you!

      Indeed! The "and he invited us to join them" leaves no doubt the BRT was big enough to sit 11!

      Please note that the Wilkins order food at the same time they know their kid is being taken care of!

      As we showed in our post “Luz’s secret service”

      Lyndsay Johnson, the MW Childcare Manager says:

      “Further refers that from 19H30 the crèche of the resort provides a complementary [as in additional] service "of dinner" (sic) which ends at 23H30, being that it has an additional cost, still the parents can request another service of "babysitting" that doesn't have a fixed schedule, being agreed between the parents and the deponent.”

      If they paid, the service was up to 23H30.

      If they didn’t pay, the Wilkins could have agreed to a schedule, which means they could well have coordinated to pick up their kids after their meal was finished. Babysitting is not interrupted because a child cried. That’s what the babysitters are there for, to take care of those things.

      Queued up in the morning, waited for an hour, joined the T9 and are ignored by the group (none of the T9 remember this joining), and then end up leaving their meals unfinished because MW nannies were incompetent!

  14. Anonymous 17 Nov 2018, 16:13:00 and FB Anon,

    About tennis meaning swinging.

    The blog disagrees that it does mean that the words are interrelated. If not for anything else the ratio of guests at the time in the resort (even only counting those we know of) to the 5 courts available would mean that one would play tennis hardly ever during the week.

    Tennis is an excuse. Because Luz has very little to offer. Not belittling the town, as its main attraction is the beach and that is a huge attraction. Take away the beach and Luz has nothing else to offer, nor should it have.

    So, to explain what they did with their time they had come up with something. For example, a time of the day they spent have an afternoon drink at Kelly’s. That is not swinging but as they were supposed to be confined to Tapas. If they played a round of golf (clearly any mobility problems were solved by Ocean Club/mark Warner) then tennis it was. If they went to Sagres, tennis again.

    Tennis was swinging (as that time had to justified as well) but not only swinging. It was the excuse to justify time.

    Why tennis? As the beach was out of season, there were only 2 activities they could be doing that didn’t need a car: tennis and jogging.

    Both were used as an excuse. People overlook that they said they jogged as well.

    1. What about water sports? Jane went sailing with the Naylors, a couple she hadn’t met before.
      Russ, David and Matt claimed to do water sports and one fell into the water.
      Then there’s the greyscale photo of 2 men in wetsuits.
      All from their own words of course.
      Not exactly reliable.
      There were watesports instructors on staff list, although they weren’t interviewed.

    2. Anonymous 17 Nov 2018, 19:20:00,

      Thank you for pointing that out!

    3. If they went to Sagres, or for a round of golf etc - how did they get there? Did they hire a car? If so, did the hire car company alter the records? If they used tennis as an excuse for any activities 'offsite' then were they ferried around or did they actually hire a car...just wondering what your views are

    4. Anonymous 17 Nov 2018, 21:39:00,

      Apologies for the late reply.

      That week was not what they said it was. That week was whatever 2 states, at their highest level, agreed to hide.

      So, hiding whatever needed to be hidden, was hidden. If rental records needed to be hidden, they were hidden.

      Was there a need to hide the rentals?

      Not seeing why.

      Why would the PJ check every rental that happened in the Algarve? Did the abductor ask for a rental car to abduct when he rented it?

      Besides the Scenic, the PJ looked into the Sagresman’s car but that was because it was pointed out to them by Nuno Lourenço. Reason why that particular vehicle became case related.

      All other rentals that may now may turn out to be case related were not picked up by the PJ’s radar, nor they had to.

      Not every Strawberry Vodka served that year was related to the Maddie case, so saying that the PJ looked into every Strawberry Vodka that was served in 2007 is just ridiculous. Strawberry Vodkas, watercress and egg salads and rental cars.

      We are certain if a real and thorough investigation is to be done to understand the reason for the hoax, a lot of surprises will be found and a lot of “innocent” people will be implicated.

      We would say if one was hosting VIPs, and relevant enough for one to be throwing a farewell/thank you party for them, one would assure that all involved guests in the weekly event had their mobility problems solved.

  15. “Apparently, this restaurant, a canopied outdoor addition to the bar, catered for only up to fifteen diners in the evenings, and reservations could not be made until the morning of the day in question.”
    Kate McCann, in “madeleine”, pg 52

    Now that we have a full image of the Tapas restaurant, did it really cater for only 15?

    Just chairs, there are over 30.

    And there are tables that can sit 4 that only have 2 chairs, like the one nearest the camera behind the pole.

    Linda Lee MA‏ @lindale70139487
    Replying to @CarlaSpade @DesireeLWiggin1 and 5 others
    Whats wrong with a bit of swinging???? this case I sense is darker...and involves money..and lots of it..and a high accolade for Gerald...
    6:33 am - 17 Nov 2018

    Elaine Strachan‏ @strackers74
    Replying to @lindale70139487 @CarlaSpade and 5 others
    I think Carla believes it wasn't the swinging that was the issue, its a well known VIP that may have been exposed if that got out. #McCann
    6:59 am - 17 Nov 2018

    MacMurphey‏ @HilaryDean15
    Replying to @strackers74 @lindale70139487 and 6 others
    Nobody actually gives a fuck.
    7:25 am - 17 Nov 2018

    MacMurphey‏ @HilaryDean15
    Replying to @strackers74 @lindale70139487 and 6 others
    If what got out? Consensual sex? #godforbid
    7:22 am - 17 Nov 2018

    Elaine Strachan‏ @strackers74
    Replying to @HilaryDean15 @lindale70139487 and 6 others
    The VIP partaking in it. Moron.
    2:49 pm - 17 Nov 2018

    MacMurphey‏ @HilaryDean15
    Replying to @strackers74 @lindale70139487 and 6 others
    Hahahaha and have we all decided who the phantom VIP is yet you vile accusers?
    4:06 pm - 17 Nov 2018


    The 2 positions that’s impossible to reconcile and the permanent give-away of all those who are doing their best to stop the connection between swinging and the Maddie case:

    Saying “Nobody actually gives a fuck” together with saying “you vile accusers”. One can’t have it both ways. But they try, oh, how hard they do try.

    MacMurphey‏ @HilaryDean15
    Replying to @strackers74 @lindale70139487 and 6 others
    Hahahaha and have we all decided who the phantom VIP is yet you vile accusers?
    4:06 pm - 17 Nov 2018

    Karen Lowe Sanders‏ @EricaCantona7
    Replying to @HilaryDean15 @strackers74 and 6 others
    Was he a swinging VIP?
    1:58 am - 18 Nov 2018

    Elaine Strachan‏ @strackers74
    Replying to @EricaCantona7 @HilaryDean15 and 6 others
    No he was there to put out the sushi (wondering emoticon)
    2:52 am - 18 Nov 2018


    Question: Was he a swinging VIP?

    Answer: Yes.

    The question is why Bell Pottinger and Patricia Moon’s outfit were there before M went missing. Not to protect a group of paedos.

    1. Anonymous 18 Nov 2018, 12:53:00,

      Indeed. Maybe because VIPs were playing tennis in Luz? You know, the ones who looked like they could afford better apartments but opted for Ocean Club.

      Bringing article over to the blog:

      Mark Warner hires Bell Pottinger

      May 09, 2007

      Mark Warner, the holiday company at the centre of the Portuguese kidnap story, is using the Bell Pottinger Group for help with the crisis

      Head of issues and crisis management Alex Woolfall is on location in Portugal and reports directly to MD ¬David Hopkins.

      Mark Warner brought in Resonate on a generic brief a week before three-year-old Madeleine McCann was kidnapped from its Portuguese resort in Praia da Luz. MD Michael Froh¬lich then referred the firm to his parent company’s crisis specialist.

      Frohlich and Resonate dir¬ector Tricia Moon are helping liaise with the British Consulate in Portugal, the Portuguese Police and the Portuguese and UK media.

      They are working with staff at Mark Warner’s Kensington headquarters.


    Just bringing over what we think is relevant of this article:

    “Fresh hope for Kate and Gerry McCann as they meet with Scotland Yard detectives to discuss two vital new leads in the search for daughter Madeleine
    - The Operation Grange team told the parents in a meeting they had two leads
    - (…)
    - The Home Office said it would grant £150,000 to keep the investigation going

    By Tracey Kandohla And James Murray For Mailonline
    Published: 12:12 GMT, 18 November 2018 | Updated: 12:12 GMT, 18 November 2018

    Police have told the parents of Madeleine McCann that they are 'hopeful' for a result as they pursue two vital new leads.

    The Operation Grange team, who had been thought to be focusing on just one, told Kate and Gerry during a meeting thought to be at their Leicestershire home, that they had 'two specific and active' lines of inquiry.


    A Whitehall source said: 'Metropolitan Police officers had a sit-down meeting with Madeleine's parents to tell them exactly where they were with their inquiries.

    'They informed them they had two specific and active leads that still needed to be chased and that although the investigation was taking longer than they initially thought officers said they were confident and hopeful they could get a result.'

    Police refuse to make public any clues about the suspects they are determined to track down for fear of them going to ground.


    Previously police confirmed they believed the blonde child was snatched by a paedophile gang who may have smuggled her over the border or grabbed during a botched burglary at the holiday complex.

    They have also been keen to identify a woman in purple seen hanging around the holiday flat.

    A senior Government source added: 'Police seeking special grant funding have needed to justify exactly what the money would be spent on, who they are chasing and why.

    'They have had to outline their intended work in full detail and careful consideration has been given but we cannot divulge any aspects of that while there is an ongoing operation.'

    Police advised the McCann's there was still 'important work left to be done' as they requested extra funding, allaying the family's fears that the London force's seven-and-a-half year investigation could be shelved.

    The Yard had applied for renewed funding in September but the Home Office only confirmed last Tuesday that it had been approved, as revealed by MailOnline.

    Maddie's parents, however, had been told weeks ago by police that they expected the grant to be made.



    A reaction to the Flash article.

    Two leads… Gerry and Kate?

    Apparently they are being heard by the Met but not as suspects, so it doesn’t jeopardise any future prosecutions in Portugal. Coordinating meetings as to what is to happen when?

    Important: “allaying the family's fears that the London force's seven-and-a-half year investigation could be shelved”.

    1. Blacksmith’s crystal ball has been rather cloudy recently.
      The media and the Mcmouthpiece are back in action.
      But it seems to confirm OG has been in contact with them.
      McFadden has said more about her conversation with Mark D. Apparently he’s not interested in threats by the Mcs.
      Why can’t Blacksmith or U.K. media speak to him and clarify the situation?

    2. Anonymous 18 Nov 2018, 16:37:00,
      Madeleine CaseTweets🌐‏ @McCannCaseTweet
      Replying to @ProfilerPatB @K9Truth @SoniaPoulton
      “We are not interested in the McCanns and their lawsuits, I’m interested in finding out what happened to Madeleine” I was told that verbatim by detective at Scotland Yard To that comment I answered “I want the truth, I believe in you” OP Grange answer: “we want the truth”
      4:51 PM - 16 Nov 2018


      It seems Mark D is quite the blabbermouth.

      And his bosses obviously don’t mind that he speaks to someone who has no professional links to the case, and who just repeatedly spills all over social media what was said in those conversations.

      Scared of leaving the house now. May be hit by a low-flying unicorn.

      About Blacksmith, please go easy on the man. He’s just now finding out Kate lied, so he’s 11 years behind the rest of us. Do give him time to catch up.

      Madeleine CaseTweets🌐‏ @McCannCaseTweet
      Madeleine CaseTweets
      🌐 Retweeted Lee Meadow
      Scotland Yard made it very clear to me they are working in silence and are not commenting to anyone on the case. #McCann
      Madeleine CaseTweets
      🌐 added,
      Lee Meadow @Meadowuk
      Replying to @McCannCaseTweet
      There has been no need for any comment, that's two things this week, 1 Funding 2 Update of investigation\MET visit to #mccann$ (if true?) So what really is happening here, this tittle-tattle really isn't helping either the TM or the MET. Yet it comes from the usual BF source!
      11:50 AM - 18 Nov 2018
      11:56 AM - 18 Nov 2018


      A contradiction in terms, surely?

    4. And just for the record:
      Madeleine CaseTweets🌐‏ @McCannCaseTweet
      From my source at Scotland Yard in direct phone call:
      Any news about any leads in Madeleine #McCann case are not coming from us.
      I then said McCanns spokesperson has offered ongoing running commentary ....
      Grange detective again reiterated that it’s not coming from Grange
      11:45 AM - 18 Nov 2018

    5. Her latest attention seeking claim is that her friend works at "Flash" and is a mate of the guy who wrote the piece you posted the other day. She can't help herself. The usual numpties were thrilled.

  20. Hi Textusa ,go onto mobile twitter and look at the tweets of the lick spittle gang.Where most tweeters tweet using from iPhone ,their tweets are from web client.Strange.

    1. Anonymous 18 Nov 2018, 18:04:00,

      Apologise but we don't have the knowledge to know if that means anything. Not sure what you are trying to say...

  21. NT has abandoned the book club due to lack of interest ��
    Tumbleweed is rolling in the streets in that city…

    1. Anonymous 18 Nov 2018, 18:41:00,

      What we have been told is that Blacksmith is advertising in NT’s blog and getting comments there to what Blacksmith’s has written in his blog.

      From THE book club of the Maddie case to a mailbox. Tapas syndrome? Upgrading from posh to tacky?

      But if you are interested in reading NT, you can read him here:

      They are both him.

  22. Can the reader see the EXTREME importance to the case of the following tweet exchange?
    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @jules1602x @Andreamariapre2 and 2 others
    The PJ were never given the opportunity to lay a finger on Kate. #mccann
    7:39 am - 18 Nov 2018

    00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
    FollowFollow @jules1602x
    Replying to @FragrantFrog @Andreamariapre2 and 2 others
    I don't get the defending of a child abusing, child murdering vile beast Frog.. That's all.. GA played no part in any beating.. Irrelevant.. #McCann
    7:45 am - 18 Nov 2018

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @jules1602x @Andreamariapre2 and 2 others
    You need to understand that there was absolutely no evidence to support the murder scenario put forward by the PJ. Joana's blood was not found anywhere & both Joao & Leonor were beaten. Amaral had no need to lie if nothing happened. #mccann
    7:51 am - 18 Nov 2018

    Carolina‏ @AguiaV
    Replying to @FragrantFrog @jules1602x and 3 others
    Go tell your story to the judges, they will have a good laugh.
    7:55 am - 18 Nov 2018

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @AguiaV @jules1602x and 3 others
    But Amaral WAS convicted, wasn't he? Who is looking for Joana?
    7:56 am - 18 Nov 2018

    00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
    Replying to @FragrantFrog @AguiaV and 3 others
    So were the Ciprianos for child murder.. They were convicted in a court of law.. If GA's conviction is secure then so is the child murderers.. You can't have it both ways Frog...
    9:23 am - 18 Nov 2018

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @jules1602x @AguiaV and 3 others
    2 separate court cases & judges, Jules. Can you find any acknowledged miscarriages of justice at all in Portuguese criminal law?
    9:45 am - 18 Nov 2018


    The above plus this tweet:
    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @Anvil161Anvil16
    How about we discuss Amaral & "I can make your child disappear, Ana [Joana Cipriano?]" ?
    10:34 am - 18 Nov 2018

    1. About the EXTREME importance of the tweet exchange above, let’s just start by saying what is not important, which is to call to the attention of this to all those who sided with the Frog on the ‘BRT battle’.

      By chatting and joking with Frog, they did it with someone who clearly hates and defames Mr Amaral.

      Mr Amaral is not perfect, he’s a human being like the rest of us. The blog has pointed out where we disagree with him but have always said that under the circumstances the man was simply outstanding.

      He was kicked off the investigation, so saying he knew all is just being unfair to the man. He was on his way to knowing it all and was kicked off the investigation not because of that but because he clearly showed he wouldn’t be persuaded to stop. He had to go and was relieved of his duties. Way before the point of being able to know it all.

      One thing is to criticise his conclusions that he withdrew with what he knew of the case, another is to criticise him on a case that was successfully prosecuted by the Portuguese Justice system, the Joana Cipriano case.

      The Frog accuses the Portuguese Justice system of total incompetence. Firstly, says the Frog, they convicted Leonor Cipriano and her brother without any evidence. Then in a trial to determine if Leonor Cipriano had confessed under torture to killing her daughter, the Frog says that after that was proved, meaning a miscarriage of justice in the first trial, the Portuguese Justice system did absolutely nothing about it, they just let her remain in prison.

      We would say that the Frog, following JBLIttlemore’s school of thought, has a very poor opinion of the Portuguese courts.

      To be very clear, the Court gave as proved that Leonor Cipriano was a victim of physical violence inside the facilities of the PJ. It was not able to prove who carried out that violence nor what that violence aimed to achieve.

      We fully respect the court’s decision but we would like to remind readers that this trial took place with the Portuguese Lawyer’s Order taking the side of Leonor Cipriano, something we hadn’t seen before nor have seen afterwards.

      This to say that IF the torture was linked to any confession, then the fact that Leonor Cipriano wasn’t released immediately afterwards would reflect very poorly on that Order for not voicing a demand for that to happen.

      Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer was silent about that, so was the Lawyer’s Order. Meaning that according to the court there was no relationship between the violence and her conviction in the first trial.

      But reading her tweets, the Frog clearly implies that Mr Amaral is a torturer. She clearly hates the man.

      And here is where the tweet exchange is of EXTREME importance to the case: the Tapas posh esplanade photo AKA the Frog’s BRT.

      We remind readers that photo first saw the light of day in 2013, in a CMTV documentary.

      The documentary was, supposedly, done by the Portuguese to convey Mr Amaral’s point of view on the case, so assumedly as biased in his favour as the 2009 Mockumentary had been for the McCanns. Both were explicitly biased.

      The CMTV documentary was clearly to defend Mr Amaral and to point a finger at the McCanns. Supposedly a 100% Portuguese production without any British interference.

      But this year, the Frog has produced a higher quality photograph that showed more than the image we could see in the CMTV documentary. That meant that neither Frog’s photo nor the documentary one were the original image.
      But the question we have raised is how did that image find its way to the Frog’s hands. She, supposedly, had nothing to do with the CMTV production.

      Now read the tweets above. How could someone who hates and defames Mr Amaral the way the Frog does, be given a copy of that photo. A photo taken on May 4 2007 and that no one saw until 2013, then no one mentioned it again until now.

      We ask the readers to take a moment to reflect what that implies. For example, how truly friendly to Mr Amaral were some of those who participated in the CMTV documentary.

    2. Also worth thinking:

      If the other side was able to infiltrate this close to Mr Amaral, then where else have they done the same?

      On the investigation(s)?

      On the internet?

    3. Do you mean Frog’s FIRST photo wasn’t original image - the one she showed earlier - but doc and higher resolution image were originals?

    4. Anonymous 19 Nov 2018, 11:55:00,

      There was THE photo, we believe to have been taken by the Ocean Club staff.

      CMTV cropped out the bottom bit for better visual reasons and they lowered the quality of pic that is what we call the CMTV photo

      Frog cropped out the left and a bit on top. That's the Frog picture.

      We showed this in this image from our post “The Frog’s BRT”:

    5. Textusa,
      Ok - I understand what you mean.
      Both Frog and TV cropped it, for different reasons, but both held the original high res, un-cropped version.
      The original was given to TV company by the Judas and Frog also had a copy.

    6. The Frog has replied:
      Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
      @ Textusa
      Not Joana.
      Ana Bras - and don't say it never happened.
      9:39 am - 19 Nov 2018


      What have we said that didn’t happen?

      We did a Google search on “Ana” (very common first name), “Brás” (not that uncommon surname), “Gonçalo Amaral” and “PJ” and couldn’t find anything. Probably our fault.

      Could you give us a link connecting your Ana Brás to Gonçalo Amaral so that we can give an opinion?

      Thank you.

  23. We would like readers to revisit the posts where we question the Tapas dinners. One way we did it was to question the Tapas reservation sheets.

    But before we wrote those posts, we started with this one:

    The idea that Tapas held Quiz Nights is just absurd. Just another try to make a tacky place into a popular place that it never was.

    1. No-one would hold Quiz Nights whilst diners were busy eating, it's just all completely made up to suit the abduction assertion. In fact, I doubt any of the storyline is true.

    2. Quiz nights are not at all posh but to encourage customers to come to this pub rather than a rival pub, or on a night which is normally quiet, to get business. They’re very competitive and attract people who form teams to compete in whichever pub has a QN. Tapas did not have any rival pub nearby to compete with.

    3. Do not publish Anonymous at 20 Nov 2018, 16:22:00

      Why would Tapas be competing for clients if the guests had to queue up to have the privilege of dining there? Turn more people away?

      And only Mark Warner guests were allowed to reserve?

      The person you linked up is clearly a pro, and will say like NT, that Praia da Luz was a hub of night activity when it wasn’t so he's as much to be believed as the abduction theory he so much defends.

  24. I am confused about the "Tapas posh esplanade photo"... The Frog's BRT picture looks identical to a picture found on the Flash PT website, allegedly uploaded in May 2017:$2017_05_02_20_34_06_55219_im_636293547420989821.png

    as you already acknowledged in a previous comment, Textusa 1 Nov 2018, 11:05:00, in response to Ben Salmon.

    I fail to understand why you rule out that the Frog simply found that picture searching the internet (or was directed to it by someone who searched the internet). I must be missing something...

    To see if it would be easy to find that picture, I just did a Google image search using your screengrab from the CMTV 2013 documentary as a target (

    Google images returned twelve URLs, the first three of which directly link to the Flash high-res picture:

    So it seems to me that anyone who would have attempted a similar search after May 2017 would have stood a good chance to find the "posh esplanade photo"... Perhaps naive from me, so please point me to where I am wrong. Or has the Frog produced another picture? Hopefully, I am not your only reader struggling with this issue.

    I am also still not clear why the Frog tried to use the photo against the blog (desperation? Kamikaze attack?) but that's a completely different question.


    1. NotFrog,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The answer to your question we think lies in these words form you: “So it seems to me that anyone who would have attempted a similar search after May 2017 would have stood a good chance to find the "posh esplanade photo"...”

      Why would anyone attempt such a similar search unless the question of how the question of the photo was first raised?

      We, like you (and we trust many other readers) did a reverse search and it’s not, as Mr Salmon says, rocket science.

      We like you “just did a Google image search using your screengrab from the CMTV 2013 documentary as a target”.

      Why do a reverse search of that picture when one already has that picture? That’s the difference between our starting point and the Frog’s.

      We (us, you and Mr Salmon) had the CMTV screengrab to start with and wanted to see how hard it would be to find the high-quality one. We have a reason for doing that. The Frog didn’t.

      The Frog had a picture of the posh esplanade photo in front of her and decided to do a reverse search to find a posh esplanade photo? Why?

      That is solving the mystery working backwards from the solution. Very easy, anyone can do it. What is hard is to solve a mystery without knowing the solution.

      It’s like the story of the mechanic who charged £20 for the tightening of a single screw to solve a car’s problem. The customer is outraged because he feels that £20 was way too much for such a simple action that he could have done himself. The mechanic then tells the customer that he’s not paying for the tightening of the screw, but for the fact the mechanic knew which screw was to tighten.

      Once one knows what screw it was to tighten, then one can indeed say one could have done it oneself and £20 does seem like extorsion. One simply forgets that the mechanic’s starting point was to first at the engine and its multitude of screws. That starting point is completely different from looking at the engine knowing which screw is the “naughty” one.

      Even if the Frog could have found the Flash photo after May 2017, then why did she first tweet a low-quality photo taken our blog both on Jan 27 and Sept 24 this year?

      Between January and September the Frog seems to have been satisfied with the quality of the photo she picked up from our blog. Only on Oct 21 does she produce the high-quality one:

      But there’s a certainty: in 2013 nobody could find this high-resolution photo on the internet. Not us, not the Frog, not anyone.

      Isn’t the point that CMTV had the original in 2013? One nobody could find? One as we have shown in the post was for Ocean Club’s internal use.

      Somebody gave it to CMTV. Knowing that it didn’t show the Tapas as it was in it’s daily use but because it showed a big round table in the background.

      Which the Frog recently decided to use it as proof of the existence of the BRT and it backfired, helping us prove once and for all that it never existed.

      Hope to have answered your questions.

    2. Whoever found original photo had to read Flash magazine to know where to find the original photo on the internet?
      Or had to be told by someone who read Flash?
      Just searching for tapas photos didn’t produce it. One had to be more specific in using search terms?
      Surely using your screen grab will NOW produce those images from Flash because the blog has drawn attention to it - and mentioned it by name, so when it’s googled Flash now appears?
      When I tried all sorts of searches for tapas bar in the past, the only image that came up was from your post plus others I had already seen.
      The Flash photo never appeared.
      If I’d known about a magazine named Flash having the photo, maybe using search term after 2017 would have found it.

    3. I guess I was asking this because if I was protecting the hoax, I would really not want that particular photo to end up in Textusa's hands, would I?

      The fact that no one has ever tried to use it against you, not even after the CMTV show, speaks for itself.

      Well, no one until recently... But if whoever tipped the Frog about the photo is a friend of the hoax then, I would say, the hoax barely needs enemies.

      Someone out there must be quite upset.


    4. NotFrog,

      Someone out there is indeed very upset. So upset that they have even threatened to close the blog in the next 24 hours.

      And they have been upset for a while now. The attacks against us recently (up to the posts, then suddenly they stopped as if they didn’t want any attention drawn to us) increased. That’s why we said:

      ““Our ship is set on course for the BRT and that’s where we will be heading. We will not be distracted by this [a Sun’s article]. By this or by the recent stepping up of attacks against us.”

      So you can paint your face bright fuchsia, put on a tutu and dance the can-can while holding a sign saying “Textusa, PLEASE throw rotten tomatoes at me” that we won’t be distracted.”

      They brought out all their big guns to attack us. They did put on tutus and danced the can-can on trampolines. They attacked all they thought we had as sensitive subjects. All to distract us from the BRT, but to no avail.

      Don’t know If you noticed but even our common “friend” came out of the woodwork to lie blatantly in an effort to capture our attention. That also didn’t work.

      The good thing is that it allowed us to see what ammo they still hold and it’s not that impressive. A shadow of what it was back in the early days.

      Anyway, we’ll see if the blog survives the next 24 hours.

    5. You are so close they don't know what to do for ammunition. Could it be in addition the mention of the 'parallel relationship' that may exist in the group is causing the mc team schtuck and pain ?

      Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
      Replying to @jules1602x
      He [Blacksmith] thinks he's right. That's his opinion, which he is entitled to, but it will cost him dearly when he's proven wrong.
      Looks like The Spade has finally shufvelled off.
      Is your friend back with her cheating fella?
      5:04 pm - 19 Nov 2018
      00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
      Replying to @FragrantFrog
      Cost him dearly..? You're funny Frog.. :)
      Yes, the daft bint her..😒
      11:21 pm - 19 Nov 2018


      Anonymous 20 Nov 2018, 19:55:00,

      Is this what you mean?

      This thread started with a tweet on the #mccann:

      However, Frog’s tweet above is the 8th reply and in none of the replies is the #mccann used, so, as we are not on Twitter, we don’t know if the tweets above qualify as being on the # or not.

      If they are, then it’s a message to someone. Whoever is to receive it, will have read it and taken the appropriate conclusions.

      If they aren’t then it’s a personal issue and the only relevant conclusion to take away from it is that it confirms the close friendship between the Frog the abduction apologist and Mr Amaral hater and Jules, the supposed anti.

      Either way, infidelity is a personal issue and should not be discussed publicly.

    7. Hello, I'm 19:55. We seem to arrive at the same conclusion no matter how we approach the subject. They're having their own little power struggles, hidden threats and a cheater in their midst the disappointed face says it all their is certainly disapproval there, has it something to do with swinging and swopping so they fight it tooth and nail but to us a face to deny anything like it they were told what happens with swingers stays with the swingers, what a story of wealthy VIPs involved and their 11 year struggle to stay anonymous and to keep their secrets hidden. Someone would love to 'break it open'? It will show up sooner or later we'll know who they are. I have wild guesses and play with their messages even as their many names are supposed to confuse the bad pennies are loud. Keep up the pressure, Sisters. Love to read your posts.

    8. Anonymous 21 Nov 2018, 07:39:00,

      To be a common friend, unrelated to the case, seems unlikely as such a question would have been put via DM and not publicly. The intent is to clearly take a jab at someone publicly.

      We don’t believe this to be an attack between “fellow-swingers” because we can’t see where’s the gain in attacking one of them. Even the swingers who have a heavy conscience about how Maddie’s memory has been disrespected, about how Mr Amaral and his family were mistreated and about how hundreds of thousands were conned out of their money just because they were goodhearted, we’re not seeing the usefulness of launching a personal attack directed at another swinger.

      Even if such swingers are willing to forfeit their own reputations in favour of the truth existed, the whole secrecy is not about their reputation but of the reputation of the powerful that are being protected.

      Like the Tapas staff do, they know they only have the option remain silent as those who have the power to break the silence are the ones who have shown they won’t and these can only be threatened by the equally powerful. The powerful do not threaten each other via Twitter and much less using unimportant people there. This is sick but is just a “little fish” game.

      There’s the possibility, which seems to be the most likely, that this personal attack is directed at someone within the Lick-Spittle gang.

      One only threatens when one feels threatened, so this could be the Frog, after the posh esplanade picture blunder, shaking off pressure coming from within the gang and bringing over to the public to show she knows something that is this personal about one of them.

      A message of leave me alone or else. Blackmail. And as it involves the personal lives of others (not only the one of the alleged cheater) it just shows how low and disgusting the Frog is willing to go to defend her interests or the interests of those she “represents” on the internet.

      As we have said, walking with lions doesn’t make one a lion but simply lion food available at an arm’s length to the real lions. The food goes down either with dignity or howling and screaming disgusting all those around it. But in the end of the day, lions are lions and food is just food.

      Whatever it is, this public attack shouldn’t ever have happened. It only shows the true colours of those involved in this evident blackmail – the same people involved in the failed attempt to convince that there was no BRT.

      We will have no part in personal attacks. Whoever is the target, personal attacks are simply despicable.

    9. No trust in any of them especially as you have now showed their double standards. Thank you.

  25. Do you have any posts, please, on the bar next to the Tapas? Is it more enclosed and more comfortable? I wonder if so, whether any time was spent there rather than the Tapas. Just a thought. Thank you, Tex.

    1. Wistle,

      Not sure what bar you are referring to. If the one in the Tapas premises, then it's part of the Tapas restaurant.

      We are not aware of any bar that could be said was near Tapas.

  26. I'm thinking of the solid looking building next to the Tapas restaurant - on one of the photos of the esplanade it shows some low level black seating with tables and glass doors or tall windows. I was under the impression there was another area that looks slightly more comfortable and relaxed. I am obviously mistaken ... I know you have been there so have knowledge of the layout. Is the Tapas bar area separated from the restaurant or do they flow one from another? Sorry Tex, I am trying to visualise it. Thank you.

    1. Wistle,

      The two men wearing a yellow polo shirt are standing at the entrance of the bar.

      This is the bar that supports the esplanade, not the bar that can be seen on the left of the picture.

      As it is a pool-side bar, so to be used in the summer, the inside is quite small and we believe hardly used as both the esplanade and the chairs just outside it do provide enough shadow to be perfectly comfortable to sit outside.

      As it’s an integral part of Tapas, all flows. It’s quite a small space overall.

  27. I see - for some reason I had thought the bar area is bigger than it actually is. Many thanks for taking the time to explain. Best wishes.

  28. Unpublished Strawberry Vodka at 20 Nov 2018, 09:38:00

    We have been debating all morning about whether we should publish your comment. We have decided not to.

    On one hand, it shows how low the Frog has gone to denigrate Mr Amaral. Readers on visiting the site you linked would see that for their own eyes, after all a page where one can read comments from Vee8 (Nessling), Sabot, Catkins and Rosiepops speaks for itself, but on the other we don’t want to add to malicious gossip about Mr Amaral as that would give it credibility.

    The gossip has to do with his personal life and that should be respected. It’s quite the disgusting irony to watch people who don’t have a low limit they will stoop to save their reputations from the damage they would suffer if outed as swingers, attempting to smear in this loathsome way Mr Amaral’s personal life.

    Interesting to see the passive silence on this subject by those who followed the Frog like a Pied Piper during the BRT Battle they lost, some of whom filled their mouths with his name at the time.

    1. Strawberry Vodka,

      We inform you that your comment came in with your Blogger ID. Not sure if you want that to be revealed.

  29. Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @CarlaSpade
    1. Ask Joana Morais. Or Sophia. Or the owner of the bar in Praia da Rocha who had to kick him out for brawling.
    2. You've seen the photo. If you dispute it, where's YOUR proof? Eh?
    3:49 pm - 19 Nov 2018

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    FollowFollow @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @CarlaSpade
    I've provided a photo probably taken on 4/5/07. Now where's your photo showing the table wasn't in situ during the previous 3 nights?
    Regarding Ana - I'm not your clerk. Do your own research. Try Google. You may even help Textusa.
    4:01 pm - 19 Nov 2018


    Oh, so NOW it’s only PROBABLY taken on May 4?

    Why the change of certainty? Where has the unlikelihood of Mr Len Port wearing same polo-shirt on the same day? Why the effort to show that Mr Len Port’s polo shirt’s sleeves reached hi elbows to “prove” that photo was on May 4?

    Is it because NOW it’s inconvenient that the photo was indeed taken on May 4 as we showed? How interesting. And telling.

    By the way, it’s Sofia, not Sophia.

    About Ana Brás, from what we have been able to find out reveals much more about you than it does about Mr Amaral.

    BTW, thank you for helping get one step closer in confirming the identification of the Judas. However, even without your help, adding the pieces together, it could only have been one person. But your help is always welcome as the present post confirms.

    Please do continue.

    1. Frog to Carla
      “I’m not your clerk, do your own research”
      Where have we heard that before on twitter!

    2. Anonymous 20 Nov 2018, 13:48:00,

      If you are implying that the Frog is NT, we will have to disagree.

      Basically, when they lack arguments they all resort to the same language.

    3. I don’t believe GA stories but even if he was a maverick who behaved badly, the decisions/opinions about the case were taken at a more senior level, based on the work and evidence of more than one officer, including the DCCB unit.
      Winston Churchill got drunk during war years but managed to lead.
      It’s about the facts of the case and not his life.
      It’s getting very nasty.

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @CarlaSpade
    What do you want me to say? There is proof of what I said. You have no proof of swinging because it just didn't happen - rather like saying the BRT didn't exist when it clearly did.
    3:36 pm - 19 Nov 2018


    According to the Frog’s logic, if the BRT didn’t exist (as we have showed it didn’t) then there was swinging.

    It’s not us saying, it’s the Frog.

    00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
    The #BRT definitely existed.. A truck being outside the OC on the 4th May 07 is not proof that it was brought in on that day.. Also, the lifting of the cloth is on the wrong table.. #McCann
    4:01 pm - 19 Nov 2018


    Seriously?? The lifting of the cloth of the table in the foreground is not of the cloth of the table in the background?? Really? How did you figure that one out?

  32. Continuing the revision of the posts where we have questioned the Tapas dinners, we recommenr readers revisit this post:

    QUESTION: What are exactly the sheets that we’ve come to know as Reservation Sheets?
    a) Reservation Sheets
    b) Statistical sheets
    c) Presence Sheets
    d) None of the above

    ANSWER: d)

    Note, we don’t mention the BRT in this 2011 post. Saying that we question the Tapas dinners based solely on the fact that the BRT did not exist – and it didn’t exist – is false.

  33. By 'not on Twitter', do you mean you don't publicly? Or don't have an account?

    Quite clearly you are on Twitter an awful lot, monitoring certain accounts and whatnot.


    1. Nick,

      How about you answering the questions about the proof you have the McCanns were seen in Kelly's as you have claimed and whether you agree that the McCanns had their breakfast the Mill?

      We continue to wait patiently for your replies.

  34. Early May isn't usually a busy period in Luz. No school holidays. Unlikely that any restaurant would refuse a booking then.

    luiz carlos moreno‏ @morenoluizcarlo
    Replying to @ZaneZeleti @JillyCL and
    9:35 AM - 21 Nov 2018


    So, if we understand correctly, Operation Grange is run by 3 Officers plus Mark Draycott, who apparently has assumed the job of being Operation Grange’s Spokesman for Social Media?

    This Mark D from OG certainly does appear to speak freely about the case with lots of people who are on Twitter and who have no problem to mention his name and his conversations publicly.

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @CarlaSpade @EuropeIncorrect
    Here's the thing, Carla.
    U+Tex believe:-
    1. Someone (close to GA) gave me the photo.
    2. That I was in Luz on 4/5/07
    3. That I have seen the BRT.
    You believe me in the same way you believe all the things Amaral said yet you disbelieve everything T9/Tapas staff said re 3/5, yes?
    3:43 pm - 21 Nov 2018


    Speaking for the blog:

    “1. Someone (close to GA) gave me the photo.”

    Yes, that’s right. And so close to him that it’s disgusting. As disgusting as you defending daughter-murderer Leonor Cipriano and accusing Mr Amaral of any wrongdoing in that case including in that accusation implicitly that he approved and promoted torture.

    “2. That I was in Luz on 4/5/07”

    We will leave that answered, shall we? Let’s be very clear and say that we believe that you were in Luz on 3/5/07, the day we believe Maddie took her last breath.

    “3. That I have seen the BRT.”

    Wrong, we believe that you never saw the BRT because the BRT never existed. You couldn’t have seen it even if you wanted.

    About whether you have seen or not with your own eyes the big round table that can be seen in the background of the posh esplanade pic, we will leave that unanswered as well.

    “You believe me in the same way you believe all the things Amaral said yet you disbelieve everything T9/Tapas staff said re 3/5, yes?”

    We can’t quite understand what you are trying to say above but we think we can say that:
    - We don’t believe in you. We know you are defending specific interests so telling the difference between when you lie and when you are being truthful is quite easy;
    - Why limit to 3/5 as to the what we disbelieve everything the T9/Tapas staff said? Please also include what they have said re the other days.

  37. Continuing to revisit the Tapas reservation sheet posts:

    QUESTION: What is it that isn’t on the Tapas Bar Sheets that should have been but is when it shouldn’t have been?

    ANSWER: Continuity.

    Because when things are done routinely there’s always a certain continuity in procedures but even in things done routinely every single day, the uniqueness of what happens on a day always appears expressed.

    When these 2 “always” are missing, then something is not right.

  38. If that is true (that Frog was in Luz on 3/5/7) and suspect you are right, what a character is the frog. He (and I think it is a he) likes to play games and shows zero respect for Madeleine Mc Cann. He is almost enjoying this. What a disgrace for a human being. Just another of the guests of the OC that week... I do not think he is part of the TAPAS 9 group. Intrigues me though to wonder who this character is.

  39. Frog playing games:
    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @FragrantFrog @CarlaSpade
    Read v. carefully as I will say this only once:- I got the photo from Google. Reverse image threw up Flash! Many photos from supplements do not reach the internet but this one was in a sequence of early days photos. No mystery = no Judas. I was not in Luz in May 2007......cont
    10:23 am - 22 Nov 2018
    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @FragrantFrog @CarlaSpade
    now, do you see how easily you were duped into believing what you wanted to believe? Just imagine the power of belief Amaral could instil in readers using the written word, despite him not being there in the aftermath. Oh & Tex -very quick to think there was a Judas, weren't you?
    10:27 am - 22 Nov 2018


    A little bit late. Please see our reply above at Textusa19 Nov 2018, 18:47:00

    “but this one was in a sequence of early days photos”. Please tweet the other photos of this sequence.

    The Frog being as credible as when trying to convince that the posh esplanade picture showed the esplanade for its every day use as the pool-side bar that it is and ridiculously moving the goalposts, like she did with the refurbishment (first years, then months and then it was on the next day).

    By the way Frog, you first tweeted the high-resolution picture on Oct 21:

    Mr Salmon tweets the reverse search find picture on Oct 31: (12:51 PM - 31 Oct 2018) (1:37 PM - 31 Oct 2018)

    On Nov 1 the Frog reacted to Mr Salmon’s tweets with the following (our caps):
    “Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @Tealtraum
    OH DEAR- 4 MONTHS AFTER THE EVENT. Haven't you noticed the table cloths are a different size to the ones in the earlier photo? (You are so going to regret getting involved in this (3 x crying laughing emoticon))
    6:33 am - 1 Nov 2018”

    Just before Mr Salmon tweeted, the Frog had tweeted this:
    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @Anvil161Anvil16 @algarvnewswatch
    Here's a Sky News picture from 5/5/07. You can clearly see a round table with the tablecloth inside the bar.....
    2:34 pm - 31 Oct 2018

    Between Mr Salmon’s tweets and and the Frog’s reaction his tweets.

    Clearly the tablecloths on May 5 were much more similar to what Mr Salmon had tweeted (so photo of September) than she had for the day before with the posh esplanade pic.

    So why, speak of months in “OH DEAR- 4 MONTHS AFTER THE EVENT”?

    The Frog has forgotten that she has said EVENT. What event Frog? It the posh esplanade picture showed the everyday use, to what event are you referring to?

    About the Judas, it was far from jumping to conclusions. Remember when you said that you had proved the photo was on May 4 and we said you hadn’t, it was us who proved that (making you go into “probably-mode”)?

    Well, we may surprise you with the Judas question one of these days. Just to show that we didn’t just jump to a conclusion.

    1. By the way Frog, aren't you feeling a little abandoned in this BRT battle?

      Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
      Replying to @FragrantFrog @CarlaSpade
      For Textusa I'd hate for you to falsely accuse someone based on what you believe.....&,no, I don't feel abandoned as I'm not in any gang. I'm a solo operator. Based on Sky video & the BRT photo, I am satisfied pic was taken a.m on 4/5 & the tables were dressed for eve. tennis do.
      11:38 am - 22 Nov 2018


      All that for 12 people? Of which 9 had used, supposedly, ONLY 1 table for the entire week and now get the right to have the all other tables dressed up for them?

      Could you please indicate what table is there for 12? Do use your big round table as reference.

      About false accusations based on beliefs, are you speaking about what you have accused Mr Amaral?

    3. And "THE EVENT" was the Tapas dinner?? Really?

      Looking at the posh esplanade picture and on knowing it was taken in September you went and thought: "hey, that was 4 months after the tennis dinner!". Really?

      A dinner that never took place. Really?

      Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
      Replying to @FragrantFrog @CarlaSpade
      For Textusa I suggest u go thru statements to see how many did play tennis that week - and don't forget the T Cook & J Markson guests. Amaral's debts/behaviour/conviction are all documented so any accusations about him are hardly without foundation-but I was referring 2 ur Judas
      12:14 pm - 22 Nov 2018


      Are you saying this is forged?

      Because if it isn’t, it’s only for 12 PAX. Quite clear. 9 of them were the T9.

      Are you suggesting that Mark Warner, T. Cook and J Markson had separate reservation books for Tapas dinners and tennis?

      If so (not even going to comment the absurdity of that) then why aren’t they in the files?

      Still waiting for you to tell us where is the table for 12.

      00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
      Replying to @FragrantFrog @CarlaSpade
      Is this still going on... (3 x sleeping emoticon)
      12:24 pm - 22 Nov 2018

      Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
      Replying to @jules1602x @CarlaSpade
      Yep...I've fessed up to where I got the photo from (Google) & they don't believe me. A perfect example of how people believe what they want to believe rather than plain facts.
      12:27 pm - 22 Nov 2018

      00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
      Replying to @FragrantFrog @CarlaSpade
      I wouldn't have fessed up.. Just looked.. When they say abandoned they mean everyone's bored to tears really.. Why don't they just leave it at they don't believe there was a BRT, we do and everyone else couldn't give a shit... (skeptical emoticon)
      12:35 pm - 22 Nov 2018


      They believe it, so why speak about it? I wonder if JBLIttlemore agrees that the opinion of “we” stands up in a court of law. Probably does.

      Frog, you know who could solve this? Jules. She could just publish her secret, you know, the one where she spoke with the photographer and felt quite brucey when doing that?

      All she had to do is just show the world what she showed JBLittlemore, EricaCantona7 and Sallyinspire1.

      Oh, wait… she can’t. You’re her secret.

      Quoting ourselves from this post:

      “The biggest difference was that the abduction-apologists had their stories well-coordinated while the BRT apologists just keep digging their holes deeper and deeper.”

      Quite cringing.

    6. Let’s get this straight:
      Frog now says the tables were set up on May 4 for the “tennis dinner” event.
      This was for 12, according to the booking sheet for Friday.
      Kate’s book says only 15 people could be booked and that’s why guests had to queue in the morning to book places, but the” tennis dinner” tables were for at least 30 people.
      The group claimed to eat around a big, round table, which wasn’t there in the September photos. Nor were the other tables with skirts.
      The “tennis dinner” tables must have been there for the previous days, in spite of the tapas only serving snacks and drinks during the day. With the risk of them being messed up by the kids eating there during the day.

      Or is she saying they were only set up for the “event” on Friday?

      Now she’s claiming she found the photo this year, in Flash magazine.
      A photo that nobody else was able to find at the time of the documentary in 2013. A photo only published by Flash in May 2017, presumably because it was the 10th anniversary of M’s disappearance?
      But until Flash was mentioned by Ben Salmon, Frog didn’t mention the magazine as the source.
      Nor did Jules, who continues to back Frog to the hilt, in spite of Frog’s hatred of GA and her tweets promoting nasty gossip about him. Not just about him, but other people obviously known to Jules and supposedly on the same side as her.
      Jules is finding this debate boring and won’t divulge the name/s of the photographer/s she spoke to, because she doesn’t want them inundated with requests for information.
      Or, she does know the name of the Frog tapas photographer and has a good reason not to reveal him?
      Please correct if this is not an accurate summary of what’s been said - although it’s a summary of an incoherent story, so difficult to assemble.
      Long may the friendship of Frog and Jules continue, as it may cause some of the supporters of the gang to question their judgement.
      I suspect they may have been friends for some time.

  40. Jules has replied:



    All this work to prove a point!

    But after claiming that she has THE proof, THE secret that will show the world the BRT exists, after having talked to not 1, not 2 but 3 photographers and after sharing this proof with 3 people online that we know of, she won’t share it. Go figure.

    Of the tweets above only one matters:
    00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
    4.. Anyone with a tiny bit of intelligence can see the pic The pic Frog posted was from a magazine dated in October this year... Want proof Tex.. ? Here you go love.. No 'Judas' you WUM.. #McCann
    2:06 am - 23 Nov 2018

    The picture attached is of the article published Oct 5, 2018.

    It’s about Maddie, it’s from Flash magazine but where’s the connection to the posh esplanade picture?

    You should read the Frog better, Jules. She alleges she did a reverse search (when having what she pretended to find to do the reverse search with). She didn’t say she came across an article where the picture was.

    You putting up a link to an article from Flash about Maddie quite fails to prove the point from where the Frog got the picture… but does dig your hole deeper.

    1. Jules made a mistake with the October Flash.
      The posh photo was in May 2017.
      Ben S found that. And then Frog started to mention Flash.
      The 3 people Jules shared her info with, about identity of the photographer, haven’t endorsed her claim, as far as I know?
      Why hasn’t she included NT or Blacksmith in that group? Blacksmith seems to hold her in high regard.

    2. he is too busy labeling anonymous NT posters as Textusa-ites. Quite how " only dealing in facts" as he claims to be got to this conclusion is beyond me. Scraping the bottom of the barrell with their lies

    3. Anonymous 23 Nov 2018, 10:26:00,

      The picture is also in this article although not the high-definition one that Frog tweeted.

      There are 3 photo rolls and 1 video. On the bottom photo roll, photo 13/13 is the posh photo. But it doesn’t open up to a higher definition photo.

      But even if screengrabbed it would have the caption of “foto 13/13”.

      Just proves that when Jules has the information, she doesn’t hesitate a minute in putting it out there. Only THE secret, she keeps it for herself. A secret so secret that not even JBLittlemore, EricaCantona7 and Sallyinspire1 would ever dare to break rank!

      So, if we are to put this article into their storyline and for the reverse search theory to be valid, the Frog has a full picture of the esplanade from the blog (she tweeted a picture from the same post on Jan 27 and Sept 24) and finds this article on Oct 5.

      Screengrabs the photo and now has 2 pictures of the esplanade. But for some reason is not satisfied and decides to do a reverse search to get a third version of the same picture and tweet that one on Oct 21.

      Then only after Mr Salmon tweets on Oct 31 saying he did a reverse search, does she start to reveal where she got the photo. It was like Mr Salmon had finally given her an excuse:
      Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
      Replying to @jules1602x @Tealtraum
      Ben's spoiled the revelation about the source of the photo. If they can't find something on Google, then what value their other research? Makes you wonder why long-sleeved Smithman child doesn't attract the same level of scepticism...are you OK btw?
      3:47 pm - 31 Oct 2018

      But even then, even though she told Mr Salmon that he had spoiled the revelation, she continued to be reluctant until yesterday to say that it had simply been, or so she says, from a reverse search of a photo she had in the first place. Now, it seems she had 2 of them!

      Note, between the tweet spoiled the revelation tweet and yesterday, does the Frog mention reverse search to explain where she got the photo. Until yesterday.

      Then she says she only revealed it because we threatened to out the Judas. Why? If there is no Judas, then we will be making a fool of ourselves and if she thinks what she did is going to deter us, then she has just made a significant effort to pass on the chance of gloating over us.

    4. While we were writing our reply at 23 Nov 2018, 11:05:00, Jules replied with this:
      Here you go..
      No lies here.. No 'Judas' .. No holes dug by moi.. No special 'friendship'
      All in the public domain.. Pic can be found under the video with GA..
      Article dated October 2018.. Get it now..?
      No need to apologise you WUM..
      #research #McCann
      2:32 am - 23 Nov 2018


      1. Proving that when Jules has the information, she puts out. Immediately.

      2. Proving our point. There it is the “foto 13/13” on the screengrab (and the red circle we didn't mention above):

    5. I'm struggling to follow the debate here at the moment, but no worries, I just wanted to point out that you can download that Tapas photo without any captions, as shown here$2017_05_02_20_34_06_55219_im_636293547420989821.png

      Unsure where that would leave us though

    6. Our mistake, the photo can be copied and saved, without the "foto 13/13" and without the red circle.

      However, it is not the size and definition of the one tweeted by the Frog on Oct 21.

      Still, allegedly, 3 photos of the posh picture: from our blog, this one, and the one tweeted on Oct 21 (supposedly the one reverse searched, and the one that really matters).

      This makes the reverse thing to be completely absurd. One supposedly has a very reasonable quality picture and goes and does a reverse search to find another? Really?

    7. Anonymous 23 Nov 2018, 11:20:00,

      Replies crossed.

    8. Thanks, beginning to understand where this is going now. Can we see the photos side by side anywhere?

    9. From our blog:

      From Frog’s Oct 21 tweet:

      From your comment (Flash Oct 5):$2017_05_02_20_34_06_55219_im_636293547420989821.png

      Which happens to be the same as the photo Mr Salmon captured from Flash magazine of May 5 2017, and which the Frog recognised that he had spoiled the revelation:$2017_05_02_20_34_06_55219_im_636293547420989821.png

    10. I see Jules and Frog continue the teamwork. There’s not even a suggestion that Jules questions Frog’s motives.
      Where are the others? Why aren’t they joining in?

    11. Great, thanks again. It's mad what Frog is trying to do with this!

      11:46 Anon, it's blatant isn't it? Maybe they're twins or something

    12. The Frog and Jules have just tried their best to get Judas off the hook. If they can convince people that the photo was found on the internet by chance, then no need for there to have been the Judas.

      Why hasn’t the abduction convinced anyone, and now it’s quite absurd to even think it?

      Because those who tell fibs forget that fibs become facts and facts need explaining. The fib becomes automatically a fact to those whose mission is to deceive. They have to defend the fib as fact otherwise the fib will be a fib.

      The abduction fibs did not add up and we soon, some quicker than others, were able to pick up that it was all just a tragic and disrespectful fib.

      Same with all that involves the Tapas dinners. All fibs because when added up they cannot be facts. And because they aren’t facts, then all is an entire fib.

      And then the same with the Frog and the BRT. She keeps forgetting that every fib she has told is supposed to be a fact. Let’s just look quickly at some.

      By saying she obtained the image by reverse searching, it works against her. Because it rules out having found it by chance. If she had said she had stumbled on it, the best we could do was to be sceptical but that could be a perfectly reasonable scenario, as for example, we found the Alberto Paredes photos by chance, following search terms for the Tapas bar.

      Why did we search for it? Because the BRT was back on the table and Jules was boasting that she had spoken with the photographer, so we checked the internet to see if we had missed something.

      After we found it, we didn’t do any reverse search to find it again. Why would we?

      Chance ruled out by the Frog, we have the sequencing. “It's in a sequence of photos taken in the first months” (Oct 21) has now become “but this one was in a sequence of early days photos” (Nov 22). What sequencing? When one presents a photo of the esplanade, and says that it’s in a sequence of photos, it is meant to be in a sequence relating to the Tapas. Not miscellaneous photos (some of Maddie so taken before she disappeared) numbered without any logic in a photo roll.

      Then there’s the dating of the photo. Finding the photo does not reveal the date it was taken. As we said in the post, the first reaction is to not believe that it was on the next day after Maddie disappeared. Mr Len Port’s presence does not determine that, as we have said. It’s the adding up the various details (the truck, the cancellation, the lifting of the cloth, the fact that SIC did not film the esplanade, etc) that makes us certain that it was taken on the 4th.

      What matters to be pointed out in terms of date, is that the Frog also moved the goalposts. First there was an unusual certainty from the Frog that it was on that day, and when we proved that it was that certainty became a “probably”.

      This lack of transparency makes it clear that the process of getting to the photo was not straightforward. Too much wiggling. Finding a photo on the internet is quite a simple process. And providing the link to where one found it is as equally simple.

      But is it important that someone gave the Frog the photo or gave her the link to the Flash article?

      No, when we speak of a Judas, we are not referring to the Frog. If we believe that the Ocean Club is a stakeholder in the hoax and if we believe that the Frog was in Luz at the time of Maddie’s disappearance, the connection between both cannot be defined as betrayal but rather as one of allegiance. Natural and expected. Nothing new, nothing relevant.

      What we have said is that the link between the CMTV and the Frog reveals a Judas. And that Judas is towards Mr Amaral not the Frog.

      The relevant question to ask is why did CMTV get a hold of a picture taken in 2007 for a 2013 documentary? The fact that the photo does appear in 2017 uploaded on a Flash website is in our opinion because the magazine is property of the owners of the TV station.

      The Judas is between the Ocean Club and CMTV and not between the Frog and who told her where she could find the photo.

    13. When will we publish the Judas post? We don’t know.

      The importance of proving there was a CMTV Judas pales in comparison with what we have shown in this post.

      So, for now, we don’t want this post to lose the relevance it has by publishing a new one.

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @FragrantFrog @CarlaSpade
    For Textusa I'd hate for you to falsely accuse someone based on what you believe.....&,no, I don't feel abandoned as I'm not in any gang. I'm a solo operator. Based on Sky video & the BRT photo, I am satisfied pic was taken a.m on 4/5 & the tables were dressed for eve. tennis do.
    11:38 am - 22 Nov 2018

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @jules1602x @CarlaSpade
    I fessed up because Tex is getting nasty about someone he/she thinks has given me the photo. I'd hate for someone to be unjustly accused without a scrap of evidence (it must be a Portuguese trait) as who knows what could ensue. :(
    12:39 pm - 22 Nov 2018

    00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
    Replying to @FragrantFrog @CarlaSpade
    I know yea.. I mean the thought of someone being named as a Judas on a blog.. Exclusive shit.. :)
    12:45 pm - 22 Nov 2018


    It seems some people are really worried about us writing a post about the Judas… how interesting.

    Andy Fish‏ @AndyFish19
    Replying to @CaroleShooter @DaveHallCoLtd and 4 others
    Just to add, if this WAS a cover-up conspiracy (Even though I think it WAS initially when Brown got duped), then later on they wouldn't have sent those excellent but pesky dogs in!
    Or they certainly would make sure that NO video footage of it was released ever!
    1:26 am - 23 Nov 2018


    Very interesting point.

    And yet, people accept both the Gaspar statements that were sent to Portugal under request (why?) and that the Lolita/Make-up photo that was released in a Jon Corner video to celebrate the 2010 anniversary (why?) all point to paedo.

    Go figure.

    DaveHall‏ @DaveHallCoLtd
    Replying to @EricaCantona7
    That is the problem with WALLS OF TEXT. Immediately intimidating. And every blog was the same. All could have been said in one paragraph. The BRT theory could only ever be just be one indicator that the Tapas 9 where somewhere else bewteen 9-10pm. That is it!! #mccann
    4:45 am - 23 Nov 2018



    “The BRT theory could only ever be just be one indicator that the Tapas 9 where somewhere else bewteen 9-10pm”

    Nick/Anon (your co-commentator at NT) believes they were at Kelly’s. Where do you believe they were?

    Oh and the “it” in your “That is it!!” only means that the Tapas staff have lied when they said they were there every single day “bewteen 9-10pm”.

    1. And quickly someone comes and tries to set things ‘straight’ again. Note that neither the Frog or Jules are tagged:
      Replying to @EricaCantona7 @DaveHallCoLtd
      #McCann #Tapas7 #TapasBar If you look at the size & spacing of the chairs, the large round table on the right of the photo is more than big enough to comfortably seat 8-9 people to eat. Photo #13
      5:10 am - 23 Nov 2018


      Seat 8-9?? Wouldn’t it be rather 9-10 (to include Quiz Mistress)

      Or hasn’t it been established that it sat 11 to include the Wilkins?

      Were the table-skirts taken into account to determine your 8 or 9? Because trying to pass the posh esplanade as the everyday one it's just being ridiculous.

    2. JillyCL has repeatedly slagged off this blog and says she never reads it - she has no desire to read it, apparently. Yet, quite suddenly, she has become very alert - even chipping in her views on the BRT (whilst calling the blog 'bonkers'). One wonders as to this sudden peak of interest? Could it be that she knows others dined in the Tapas bar and not the McCann troupe, except for one night only - the night that Maddie disappeared? And why would this concern her? What kind of gathering was it; how many people could fit their legs under the BRT and who played MC for this merry band of tennis players?

  44. From "FB Anon":

    "Not about the BRT /photos but I've just seen this exchange on Twitter:
    Debby Lee Perry @PollyGraph69
    The #mccann s children were definently not neglected, they had nannies & babysitters, they just had to say they left them on their own for the abduction to happen.
    1 reply . 3 retweets 10 likes Reply 1 Retweet 3 Like 10 Direct message

    Karen Lowe Sanders ‏EricaCantona7@ 8h8 hours ago
    Who were the nannies and babysitters and why didn’t they come forward though ? #mccann
    2 replies . 0 retweets 1 like Reply 2 Retweet Like 1 Direct message

    Lee Meadow @Meadowuk 3h3 hours ago
    Come forward to do what? They were not asked to babysit in the evenings whilst the McCanns ate out. There are statements from the Nannies regarding the day time activities. And one or two specifically named by MSM & interviewed. But MW shipped all them out of PDL. #mccann
    1 reply . 0 retweets 0 likes Reply 1 Retweet Like Direct message

    Karen Lowe Sanders @EricaCantona7
    Replying to @Meadowuk @PollyGraph69
    Come forward to say they had in fact babysat even tho the #mccann s said they hadn't.

    What is more interesting is why a trained children's nanny, Catriona Baker whose job it is to look after and care for children, would actively support the McCanns who have admitted to being negligent. Not only has she backed up their story, she has befriended them and been to visit the McCanns at their home in Rothley. Now why would a nanny, who NT described as a "trained child educator" befriend two child abusing parents?"

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @FragrantFrog @CarlaSpade
    For Textusa I'd hate for you to falsely accuse someone based on what you believe.....&,no, I don't feel abandoned as I'm not in any gang. I'm a solo operator. Based on Sky video & the BRT photo, I am satisfied pic was taken a.m on 4/5 & the tables were dressed for eve. tennis do.
    11:38 am - 22 Nov 2018


    If the Frog is satisfied that “pic was taken a.m on 4/5 & the tables were dressed for eve. tennis do” doesn’t that invalidate what she’s trying to prove with the photo?

    If what we see is the esplanade dressed for a “tennis do” then it is DIFFERENT from what it was all other previous evenings, isn’t that so?

    1. .. and the Tapas out of bounds for the guests for lunch and snacks and high tea for the children ... it would be a shame for those tablecloths to get covered in spilt drinks and ketchup..

  46. What is the antonym of denigrate? Laud? Boost?

    We think this post is very apt for the moment:

  47. Thanks for highlighting and reminding us of the Cinderella-of-luz post which was and still is very interesting and informative. Have just re-read and remember commenting on the post at the time - a whole 2 years ago...
    Cant believe this is still going on... cant believe I am still here reading and understanding what happened back in 2007. If the case affects me and interests me so much, I cannot imagine how it is for those who were there and trying so diligently to cover up the truth. It ,must eat away at them - at least I am not personally affected and can turn my head to other things. Once the truth emerges then many people will sleep more easily. They may think they are better off trying to hide the truth but I am 100% certain they will be mentally better off when the truth has emerged.

    The Ponce of Dubai‏ @The_Truth_II
    Replying to @jules1602x
    14 bottles of wine consumed. That over one per person if every one was a drinker?.some may have had 2 in a very short time. We can assume that they were pissed #mccann
    3:34 am - 23 Nov 2018

    00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
    FollowFollow @jules1602x
    Replying to @The_Truth_II
    Their Tapas bills were one of the highest.. If i remember correctly they had free wine with their meals too...
    9:33 pm - 23 Nov 2018


    Wasn’t the dinners supposed to be all inclusive?

    The reason why they HAD to have dinner at Tapas (or at the Millenium the other Ocean Club restaurant) and couldn’t go dine somewhere else in Luz?

    What’s this Tapas bill then? Where is it in the PJ Files? Can people just invent? Of course they can, the dinners are invented.

    About the liquid consumption… there are very interesting conclusions that one may come to, as we will show in replies to this comment.

    1. Notwithstanding that they are meaningless (because there’s are prices or brands mentioned and there is no allocation of consumption to guests), the alcohol consumption registered on the Tapas reservation sheets cannot be linked to the T9 because this registry continues after the group stopped going there.

      So at best, it can only represent a statistical study of consumption of liquids of guests per night at Tapas. Why? If they were genuine, and they aren’t, the reader’s guest would be as good as ours.

      Let’s see the Tapas liquid consumption by day:

      May 1 (25 people)
      1 Sangria Quiz Show + 1
      6 White
      10 Red + 1

      That makes 19 alcohol units (white, red and sangria) for 25 people. Sounds reasonable, under a unit (0.75) per person. Knowing how much beer is consumed in a typical pub night, we would say it is below the expected but will say, it’s reasonable.

      What doesn’t sound reasonable is to have 2 sangrias linked to the Quiz Night. Why? A sangria is what a couple drinks in an evening with a summer meal. Stereotyping the Brits as heavy drinkers, 2 sangrias per couple.

      The question is why single out this drink to the Quiz Night? The couple (or 2 couples) who drank it were playing the game as all others, so the wine should be included as well.

      Was it the prize? Besides thinking that’s rather cheap a prize to offer for a restaurant that requires queueing up in the morning to dine there, why 2? Either there’s only one prize, or there are 3. Never seen being awarded prizes for 1st and second place, without there being a third, as podiums do have 3 places, sometimes 4 if the ground level is also considered. Never only 1st and 2nd place.

      Was it the one sangria THE prize (wow!) and the other one ordered outside the competition? Why then put a “+” sign? It was either related to the competition and the questions then continues to be why 2, or it isn’t and only what sangria consumed mattered and the “Quiz Night” should be left out.

      Please do pay attention to the consumption of sangria for the next nights, especially for May 6, Sunday, the following Quiz Night at Tapas. Allegedly.

      Why no waters? Why no juices? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

      Why no beer? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

      Why no sodas? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

    2. May 2 (26 people)
      7 Waters 1.5L
      7 Red
      4 White

      11 alcohol units in a total of 18 liquid units. Liquid consumption quite low even with water but can be considered reasonable.

      Why no sangria? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

      Why no juices? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

      Why no beer? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

      Why no sodas? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

    3. May 3 (26 people – 28 minus the Balus, who at the last minute opted for take-away with the Berrys)
      8 White
      6 Red
      9 Water

      14 alcohol units in a total of 23 liquid units. Liquid consumption reasonable even if a bit low for what would be expected for British tourists but one has to take into account that the night for 9 of these people (the T9 was cut short early) and the Carpenters by their own words left early.

      Why no sangria? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

      Why no juices? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

      Why no beer? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

      Why no sodas? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

    4. May 6 (16 people) – we have skipped May 4, leaving it for last.
      6 White (wine)
      5 Red
      7 Waters 1.5L

      No mention of Quiz Night. Why, if that was mentioned on May 1?

      Why say “White” means wine? Everyone knows what the white means, as one knows what the red means as well. It’s like the Tapas staff were doing this for the first time….

      11 alcohol units in a total of 18 liquid units. More than one unit of liquid per person.

      Here it must be said that a normal bottle of wine serves 0.75.

      In restaurants it’s VERY RARE to see, as we see at Tapas, for 1.5L bottle waters to be served. It’s a question of profit. There are 4 water bottle sizes in Portugal: 0.2, 0.33, 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5.

      When one orders a large (grande) bottle in a restaurant, the normal is for it to be a 0.5. If it’s a 1.0, then the waiter will call the attention to that fact as it will be expected the customer will pay for water that will not be consumed. So usually water is served in 0.2 or 0.33 bottles. The more bottles (same water) the customer consumes the bigger the profit.

      The 1.5L are supermarket waters. For home consumption. Never seen a restaurant serve a 1.5L water bottle. It’s big, it’s ugly and throws the profit margin down. Just seeing the “1.5L” water bottles mentioned one can see immediately that something is wrong.

      But what matters is that 1 water bottle is the equivalent of 2 bottles of wine. That translates that 16 people consumed, allegedly, 25 units of liquid, 14 of which was water. Is this credible?

      Why no sangria? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

      Why no juices? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

      Why no beer? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

      Why no sodas? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

    5. May 7 (27 people)
      7 White wine
      6 Red wine
      8 Water 1.5L

      13 alcohol units in a total of 21 liquid units. Or in reality, 29 liquid units of which 16 are water.

      Again, more than one unit of liquid per person. Again, an exaggerated consumption of water.

      Why no sangria? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

      Why no juices? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

      Why no beer? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

      Why no sodas? Not reasonable for there not to have been.

    6. Lastly, the most interesting day if this drinking absurdity:
      May 4 (3 people)
      4 Red
      9 White
      4 Water
      2 Juices

      13 alcohol units in a total of 19 liquid units (and we’re considering 1 water = 1 drinking unit).

      That makes 6.33 liquid units per person. Yes, read again.

      If one makes the water to be 1.5L bottles it would make 7.7 liquid units per person! 5.75 litres per person!

      On the reservation sheet:
      - Berry 4 Pax (Take away)
      - Hynd 3 Pax
      - Tennis Mark Warner 12 Pax (Cancelled)

      On this day, after the consumption above one must say that the fact there was no sangria, no juices, no beer and no sodas was totally reasonable!

      The Hynds were not looking for a restaurant but for a water-hole!

    7. ...and there are people who still say they believe the Tapas dinners existed.

      We know they just saying what they have to say and not what they do believe.

      We will wait for Jules to show us the Tapas9 Tapas bill.

      Maybe ask NT to give her a restaurant receipt so she can attach to one of her tweets. Not from Miami this time, it has to be from Praia da Luz.

    8. Jules has replied:
      00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
      Tex love.. You only had to ask & not write a 5,000 word paragraph.. Calm down.. Here you go..
      5:52 am - 24 Nov 2018



      You seem to fail to understand the concept of “all inclusive”. There isn’t to be a Tapas bill unless wine was charged separately but you say “they had free wine with their meals too...”.

      So, according to you, there was no bill. They paid all related with bed, breakfast and dinner upfront when they paid for the trip. As dinner was at Tapas, there would be no bill.

      What you have presented is the Ocean Club booking sheets. The costs expressed should be all that was consumed outside the all inclusive package. So, nothing to do with dinners.

      Plus, of the liquids consumed that are registered in the Tapas reservation sheets, which ones were consumed by the T9 and of these, where’s the breakdown between the various T9 families (McCanns, Paynes, O’Briens and Oldfileds)?

      But let’s imagine the amounts expressed are that of the wine (which you said was free):

      The analysis is based on the following documents:

      So the tab on a daily basis is the following

      McCann – 242€ (pg 617), 242€ (pg 621), 242€ (pg 625) – they consumed a lot of wine up to Tuesday, really a lot, and then between these days, they didn’t. Is that credible? No, it isn’t so don’t try to push this as the McCann Tapas bill.

      O’Brien – 105€ (pg 617), 105€ (pg 621), 105€ (pg 625) – they consumed a lot of wine up to Tuesday, however less than half the McCanns did, and then between these days, they didn’t. Is that credible? No, it isn’t so don’t try to push this as the Payne Tapas bill.

      Payne – 117€ (pg 617), 162€ (pg 621), 162€ (pg 625) – they consumed a lot of wine up to Tuesday when they consumed 45€ and then Wednesday and Thursday they consumed nothing. Is that credible? No, it isn’t so don’t try to push this as the Payne Tapas bill.

      Oldfield – 21€ (pg 617), 26€ (pg 621), 31€ (pg 625) – the only family keeping a steady consumption after Tuesday of 5€. Prices in Portugal are cheap but not that cheap. Is that credible? No, it isn’t so don’t try to push this as the Oldfield Tapas bill.

      We continue to wait for you to show the Tapas bill you spoke of.

      Noticed you avoided commenting on our analysis of the liquid consumption (not only of the T9) that is registered in the Tapas reservation sheets.

      About the amounts expressed in the Guest reservation sheets, they don’t add up, another evidence that they have been tampered with:

    9. Latest from Jules:
      00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
      Tex.. I've no idea what you're going on about with your measures and your no juices.. However, you asked for Tapas bills not from Miami.. So I linked the files.. It's not my problem you don't believe it love.. #McCann
      10:47 am - 24 Nov 2018

      [Picture attached to the tweet above says the following:
      “People who tend to think they are always right are either borderline personality disorder, narcissist, or both. It is there ego’s reaction to fear of being exposed, they can’t even be honest with themselves, they actually believe they are right because they filter the facts that they are willing to perceive.”]


      We couldn’t agree more. Next time do look up what it means to project.

      All our comments above are case related with except where we mentioned the receipt from Miami. Then we were taking a jab about a receipt that appeared on the #McCann, so it could be said it was case related:

      All the rest is case related:
      - the fact the T9 have said they were in an all-inclusive package;
      - the Tapas bill that Jules has mentioned but that doesn’t exist;
      - the consumption of drinks that is registered in each of the Tapas reservation sheets, which Ponce of Dubai mentioned;
      - the amounts that appear in the Ocean Club guest reservation sheets.

      The fact that Jules has diverted to make it personal says all.

      By the way, and running the risk of sounding like NT who so likes to correct what people write, but with so many ‘they’ in the text attached, we can’t resist to point out that it’s “their egos” and not “there egos”.


      Although not addressed to the blog, this seems to be the reply to the above from Jules:
      00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
      Nottextusa isn't Walker though.. So you're chatting shit.. I couldn't give a toss what you think of me.. You're irrelevant... #McCann
      1:25 pm - 24 Nov 2018

    11. Jules has provided sheets with totals for bills of other OC guests.
      But this isn’t what she was asked for. These are totals for bills, not bills themselves.

    See 12.37
    Len Port
    Confirms it was next day, 4th

    1. Anonymous 24 Nov 2018, 16:01:00,

      Thank you.

      We agree that the photo he presents is consistent with where he's standing in the posh picture.

      Pity he didn't take a picture of the BRT after the table-skirts and rough-wood round tops were taken away.

    xxMicheLLeSxxCSIx 🔎 🧐 👁️‍ 🗨️ 💯‏ @xxSiLverdoexx
    Replying to @TheBunnyReturns @jules1602x
    I've never known anything like it it's beyond obsessive it's....I'm not sure if there's even a word for it? The fact that one of textusa's fave books is S&S is very telling, they say on their bioTruth told by 1 or by a 1, 000 is the truth. Yet Amaral's book isn't there...
    7:23 am - 24 Nov 2018



    Please quote us where we have said the S&S book is one of our “fave books”.

    Thank you.

    1. On a previous tweet Silverdoe posted the following pic of Textusa’s Blogger profile.

      “About me:
      Industry: Government
      Occupation: Opinating
      Introduction: To win a battle with an army of 1 is truly gratifying. To win the war with such an army, is sublime.
      Interests: Truth told by 1 or by 1,000 is the truth.
      Favorite movies: C4 Mockumentary – 2009 BBC UK Crimewatch – 2013
      Favorite books: Vanished – Danny Collins Madeleine – Kate McCann Looking for Madeleine – Anthony Summers & Robbyn Swan”

      No need to reply Silverdoe, no need to reply.

    2. We recommend Silverdoe read the following posts to see what we think of Summers & Swan:

      And do try and discover what sarcasm is.

    3. And to be clear, for what industry we each work for, what are our occupations, what are our interests, what are our favourite movies and books is all personal information that we don't share publicly.

      "To win a battle with an army of 1 is truly gratifying. To win the war with such an army, is sublime" that is true, something we 3 share.

  51. Those numbers refer to bottles, not units

    1. Anonymous 24 Nov 2018, 17:11:00,

      Sangria is not served in bottles,

      Juices can be served in glasses or in 0.33 cans or 0.33 or 0.2 bottles.

      Wine is usually served in 0.75 bottles but can be served in 1L bottles.

      All have in common being liquid. That's why we standardized all into calling "liquid units".

      Hope it helps.

    2. The numbers refer to bottles, not units, not drinks. You clearly referred to alcohol units. At least have the good grace to make a correction. The drinks listed were included in their tariff; I'm sure the staff knew which to provide.
      Could you correct your mistakes please.

    3. Anonymous 24 Nov 2018, 20:19:00,

      "The drinks listed were included in their tariff; I'm sure the staff knew which to provide. I'm sure the staff knew which to provide."

      So it was a verbal receipt! LOLOLOLOL

      Sir, this bottle costs XXX, please memorize it so that you don't complain when we charge for it, together with all the other bottles which price you have certainly memorized up to now. Since you started your visit. May I serve?

      Do continue.

      BTW, your obsession for our corrections reveals who you are. But as we said, do continue.

    00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
    Replying to @Harebell22 @FragrantFrog
    A typo apparently.. I've no idea why Frog posted a pic of the BRT.. But definetly for different reasons as to why I did.. Tex just can't handle the fact I contacted a photographer.. :)
    1:53 pm - 24 Nov 2018


    A photographer? Wasn’t it supposed to be 3 photographerS? One of them Alberto Paredes? Why can’t you follow a VERY simple storyline?

    Looking4U2‏ @nowayjomo
    Replying to @CarlaSpade
    Would appear it WAS very popular and people would queue. Wrong again Carla, fancy! #mccann
    2:39 pm - 24 Nov 2018

    The picture attached to the tweet says the following:
    “These creche facilities were next to the poolside Tapas restaurant where Madeleine's parents were eating when she disappeared.
    Madeleine and the younger twins Amelie and Sean were sleeping at the McCanns' apartment overlooking the swimming at the main hub of the resort. [highlight] Around that pool was the Tapas bar which was in high demand every night [/highlight]. Most guests went to the buffet at the Ocean Club's Millennium restaurant, a 10-minute walk away from the McCanns' apartment. But eager guests would queue from 9am to book one of the limited number of tables at the Tapas bar, which served barbecued fish and meat dishes to order. Both restaurants were included in the price of the holiday.
    The McCanns' choice to leave their children at the flat and make regular checks is surprising given the alternatives. In their defence, they may have been expecting, as advertised in Mark Warner brochures, a 'listening service' Start told us that the service had been discontinued because the apartments were too spread out. The resort, however, offered a baby-sitting service for 15 euros (£10) an hour, which was staffed by a member of the daytime nursery teams, or a 'dining out club'. This involved parents dropping off children at the crèche where they would be supervised watching videos until they went to sleep. Parents would then return before 11.30 to scoop up their sleepy offspring.
    I can imagine the McCanns' dilemma. The 'dining out club' was more than a five-minute walk from mere the McCanns stayed along cobbled streets or a winding pedestrian path through the apartments. It's not far - it worked brilliantly for us on most nights - but it would have felt much further if you had to ferry thee children there and back (and hope they were still asleep after doing so). Plus parents were required to wait until children under two, which includes the McCanns' twins, were asleep. We talked to parents who said this was enough to put them off the option.”


    After the Amaral hater and abduction apologist Frog, we have Nowayjomo coming out.

    “Cobbled streets”? Where?

    And do people remember where they heard something very, very similar to the following this year?

    “In their defence…
    We talked to parents who said this was enough to put them off the option”

    A hint: it came from a pretendy anti. No, 2 pretendy antis. Or 3 pretendy antis but the third one is so invisible that s/he should almost not be counted.

  54. DO NOT PUBLISH DO NOT PUBLISH identified reader at 25 Nov 2018, 10:55:00

    We haven’t because we don’t have the knowledge to do it or even to interpret such data…

    00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
    Why would Diane Websters photos be in the files.. Were they relevant to Madeleine.. ? Was it compulsory in May O7 to prove there was a massive table in the Tapas, to prove some blog wrong in 2018.. You keep saying I'm disgusting Carla and I'll keep proving you wrong.. #McCann
    3:17 pm - 24 Nov 2018
    00The Jules... 🕵️‍♀️ 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸 🐌 🌸‏ @jules1602x
    Replying to @CarlaSpade
    How do you know she didn't hand them over.. ? Would Madeleine have been on them for them to be relevant...? I'm not saying she did as I don't know but you're saying as fact she didn't..
    3:32 pm - 24 Nov 2018


    In Portuguese:

    A Verdade da Mentira, Capítulo 11, pg 129:

    “Tínhamos já solicitado as fotografias das férias de todos os intervenientes, e em cima da mesa da sala é vísivel uma pequena máquina digital.
    - Está aqui uma máquina digital… precisamos destas fotos.
    - Gostava de saber, documentalmente, o que se passou naquele jantar, como se distriburam pela mesa, o que beberam e comeram, quem estava próximo, como estavam vestidos, todos os pormenores podem ser relevantes…”

    In English

    The Truth of the Lie, Chapter 11, pg 129:

    "We had already requested for the holiday photographs of all the participants, and a small digital camera is visible on the living room table.
    - Here's a digital camera ... we need these photos.
    - I would like to know, documentarily, what happened at that dinner, how they distributed themselves around the table, what they drank and ate, who was nearby, how they were dressed, all the details may be relevant... "

    Jules continues to keep a 100% track record of blundering, misleading and being very economical with the truth. Even when trying to prove what other people say about her.

    1. We remind readers that we asked Kate McCann, before she published her book, to include in it Dianne Webster's photos:

      She didn't, as we all know.

  56. Using the Frog’s logic to prove there was a BRT, there are unicorns.

    Here’s the proof, a picture of one:

  57. About the latest Maddie news, the nonsense about her having wandering alone, the blog has decided to echo as little of it as possible.

    We think that Martin Brunt – who we, as our readers know, consider to be not exactly reliable – sums the nonsense quite well in the Sky News article:

    “This theory assumes that Madeleine, who was nearly four, would have been able to open the curtains, slide open the patio door and then shut the curtains and door behind her. And that she opened and shut the garden gate to the road.”

    Brunt has forgotten there was also a child protection gate at the top of the stairs, which this amazingly precocious 4 yr old would have to open and close.

    To push such nonsense, can either show despair – coming up with absurd scenarios like the BRT apologist have lately been doing – or wanting to reinforce the idea of how ridiculous the affair has become and embarrass government for keeping it open.

    1. Or as BS has pointed out in his latest blog - we are being prepared for the fact that stranger abduction never happened.

      Quelle Surprise!

      Strawberry Vodka
      (All in my own opinion of course)

      Madeleine CaseTweets🌐‏ @McCannCaseTweet
      Replying to @DailyMailUK
      I have a message given to me personally by Detective at center of Operation Grange @metpoliceuk
      “We ARE NOT TALKING to the media or anyone about LEADS..anything being printed it is NOT from US”
      OP Grange detective also said they will address public themselves when ready
      10:08 AM - 25 Nov 2018


      We wonder what Blacksmith will think of this tweet, now that for ONCE (as if) in his life he let his guard down and has accepted as FACT what the media had to say about the wandering Maddie, which, according to him, is the Met saying that there was no abduction…

    3. McFadden & Blacksmith are mates, aren't they? That's the impression she gives anyway. At any rate I've never once seen him take ezception to her constant lies which give all antis a bad name. Funny that eh?

  58. Continuing to revisit why we question the Tapas dinners:

    Question: How important is routine to a Brit tourist in PdL?
    Answer: Of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE. To the point of synchronizing their activities, be it leisure or be it meals, with those of other tourists, apparently complete strangers to one another, so that the intervals between the undertakings of said activities remain strictly fixed and enforced.

    Interesting how one of the days in the Tapas reservation sheet is duplicated in another sheet of paper of an alleged visit (which we have shown to be absurd) to a water park located 25 minutes from Lagos, so 35 minutes from Luz.

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @jules1602x @AguiaV and 3 others
    They wouldn't have released either of them even if Joana [Cipriano] turned up alive. Must be harrowing when a judge declares you have been tortured but increases your sentence because you can't identify your attackers. If nothing happened, why did Amaral need to lie?
    9:37 am - 19 Nov 2018


    This is the person, together with Jules took the helm of the BRT apology.

    An Amaral hater, an abduction apologist and a dog disser.

    Now, joins JBLittlemore in disdaining the Portuguese Justice System: according to the Frog, if Joana Cipriano appeared alive, the system would continue to keep Leonor and João Cipriano and her brother in jail.

    Plus, says the Frog, the system aggravated Leonor’s sentence because she was unable to identify who tortured her.

    We’ll let this sink in.

    InEz ShOoTa!‏ @CaroleShooter
    If you claim gerry is Smithman will you lease at least attempt to answer why he didn't reek of cadaver? If you can't explain then maybe you should think again. #mccann
    2:03 AM - 26 Nov 2018

    JillyCL ☮️‏ @JillyCL
    Replying to @CaroleShooter
    For the life of me, I really don't understand what you're doing or what you hope to achieve.
    2:07 AM - 26 Nov 2018

    InEz ShOoTa!‏ @CaroleShooter
    Replying to @JillyCL
    Do you know why gerry didn't reek of cadaver? #mccann
    2:08 AM - 26 Nov 2018

    JillyCL ☮️‏ @JillyCL
    Replying to @CaroleShooter
    Sorry, I'm busy watching paint dry. 😉
    2:11 AM - 26 Nov 2018

    InEz ShOoTa!‏ @CaroleShooter
    Replying to @JillyCL
    I can't believe you won't give a straight answer. You of all people I trusted to be able to set me straight with facts. #mccann
    2:12 AM - 26 Nov 2018

    Elaine Strachan‏ @strackers74
    Replying to @CaroleShooter @JillyCL
    Maybe he wasn't carrying Madeleine at the time of the Smith sighting. It may have been Ella, just a possibility but one which I think is worthy of at least considering. #McCann
    3:03 AM - 26 Nov 2018

    InEz ShOoTa!‏ @CaroleShooter
    Replying to @strackers74 @JillyCL
    Me too.
    3:04 AM - 26 Nov 2018


    We consider the question to be very relevant.

    Even though Elaine Strachan gives a reason, which at first benefits our theory that the Smith sighting was intentional and that Gerry was indeed carrying a live child wanting to be seen to materialise the abductor, the fact that he was carrying a live child is not the reason, in our opinion, that accounts for the fact that Eddie did not have signal any of Gerry’s clothes.

    The reason was, in our opinion, that Eddie just never sniffed the clothes that Gerry wore that night. We believe those clothes were put in the blue bag that disappeared that night.

    Even though we do believe that Gerry was carrying a live child in the Smith sighting, we also believe that he carried a dead Maddie to Murat’s property before that (thus the cadaver scent in the backyard). That means the clothes he was wearing would have cadaver scent on them and Eddie would have signalled them if they were sufficiently contaminated, which we would say, they probably were.

    So, the fact that Gerry was carrying a live child at the Smith sighting does not rule out that his clothes would be contaminated and the fact that Eddie does not signal any of Gerry’s clothing does not rule out that he was in contact with the body that night.

    1. The thread to the question we have answered above continued:
      InEz ShOoTa!‏ @CaroleShooter
      So asking valid questions is just not acceptable unless some others give their permission. You all know what my reaction to that will be. Pmsl. #mccann
      3:55 am - 26 Nov 2018

      JillyCL ☮️‏ @JillyCL
      Replying to @CaroleShooter
      Nobody is stopping you or expecting you to seek permission but neither should you stop people giving their opinion on what they see as absurd and ridiculous . #Pantomime #McCann
      4:01 am - 26 Nov 2018

      InEz ShOoTa!‏ @CaroleShooter
      Replying to @JillyCL
      What is ridiculous about what I say and what gives you the authority when you can't tell me why gerry didn't reek of cadaver? #mccann
      4:05 am - 26 Nov 2018

      JillyCL ☮️‏ @JillyCL
      Replying to @CaroleShooter
      If you want a fight, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong house. Try next door but one.
      (balance emoticon) Justice for Maddie (flower emoticon), aged 3
      4:10 am - 26 Nov 2018

      InEz ShOoTa!‏ @CaroleShooter
      Replying to @JillyCL
      I didn't accost you so think again. I'll be the one to decide where I air my views not someone who is no wiser than myself on these matters. Thanks ;-) Good distraction there though Jilly, trying to deflect me from talking about who reeked of cadaver and who didn't. #mccann
      4:14 am - 26 Nov 2018

      JillyCL ☮️‏ @JillyCL
      Replying to @CaroleShooter
      Oh, FFS. I'm out of this bedlam, I've got an oven that needs cleaning. #McCann
      4:16 am - 26 Nov 2018


      Interesting to read Mr Thompson’s intervention in this thread, where he shouts CaroleShooter down after having said this:
      00Bugsy‏ @TheBunnyReturns
      Replying to @Tealtraum @PollyGraph69 and 5 others
      Exactly that. I've seen, as you have, people being shouted down, and treated like idiots if they believe the kids were left. It's not on. Half of the time, those who behave like that (not just with that theory), are only parroting what another has indoctrinated. #McCann
      9:22 am - 25 Nov 2018

  61. Now that it seems some corners are desperately trying to promote negligence, we refer readers back to our comment at 24 Nov 2018, 23:39:00 where we said this:

    “And do people remember where they heard something very, very similar to the following this year?

    “In their defence…
    We talked to parents who said this was enough to put them off the option”

    A hint: it came from a pretendy anti. No, 2 pretendy antis. Or 3 pretendy antis but the third one is so invisible that s/he should almost not be counted.”

    Did the reader noticed where negligence is well highlighted in Poulton’s video?

    Transcribing as of 03:37:

    Poulton voice off: In the 10 years since Madeleine became the world’s most famous missing person, observers then and now objected to what they deemed as neglect at the hands of the holidaying adults, for while the adults socialised during dinner, their young children were left unattended in their holiday flats, with, we are told, half-hourly check-ins on the sleeping children
    This, they told the police, had been going on for 4 nights prior to Madeleine being reported missing by her mum Kate McCann.
    The McCann family and friends were quick to deny any accusations in neglect, describing their actions “well within bounds of responsible parenting”.
    This was Gerry McCann’s sister just 2 days after Madeleine was reported missing:

    Philomena McCann: The childcare facilities, you're leaving people with other folk that you don't know. Gerry and Kate are in a clear line of sight of their kids, they regularly go across to check, maybe if the kids have been disturbed or crying or anything. To suggest in any possible way that Kate and Gerry are negligible pare... negligent pare... negligent parents, sorry, is just abhorrent to all of us. They love their family, they would never willingly, knowingly or in any way neglect them.

    Poulton voice over: Others disagreed but perhaps this woman back in the McCanns village in Leicester captured that mood best:

    Leicester resident: I think the McCanns are hypocrites and the people of Rothley are hypocrites…

    Unidentified reporter: Why so?

    Leicester resident voice over: Why, because at the end of the day, if it was people on council estates we’d get our children taken off us. They’re doctors, they should show an example. They went on holiday, they got a big house, they’ve got money… at the end of the day, why didn’t they pay for babysitting facilities or take a nanny with them? They wanted to go on holiday with the children, they shouldn’t go out and leave them.

    Unidentified reporter: So do you think if this was you, you’d be in jail by now?

    Leicester resident: I probably would’ve and I’ve rung Social Services up and Peter McAntee from social services in Leicester said if it was my children they’d be placed on the ‘at risk’ register and taken away. Why not the McCanns?

    Poulton voice over: Working in mainstream media in England I discovered that many of my colleagues also left young children in hotel rooms and apartments while on holiday.

    For me it went someway to explain and some of the sympathetic tone that columnists used when describing the McCann dilemma…


    “Working in mainstream media in England I discovered that many of my colleagues also left young children in hotel rooms and apartments while on holiday”

    Poulton, is stating very clearly that the British do leave their children alone in apartments while on holiday.

    We didn’t see anyone protesting then about this on this video so much acclaimed in certain quarters of the internet. This video had the collaboration of Mr Thompson and Cheryl Moncrieffe.

    Those who have spent their energies stating that no British leaves their children alone in apartments to go out to dinner are not aware of what, according to Sonia Poulton, many mainstream media journalists apparently do.

    Why limit this practice only to journalists? Why not just say it’s a British thing? If we are to believe Sonia Poulton, Mr Thompson and Cheryl Moncrieffe, then there’s no reason not to.

    1. The documentary does not show dogs. Does not speak of the Smith sighting.

      Note that Sonia Poulton doesn’t commit herself to negligence but rather burdens the shoulders of “observers then and now” that judgement:
      “Observers then and now objected to what they deemed as neglect at the hands of the holidaying adults, for while the adults socialised during dinner, their young children were left unattended in their holiday flats, with, we are told, half-hourly check-ins on the sleeping children.”

      And then says, it’s what British journos do…

      She doesn’t show the dogs or speaks of the Smiths but squeezes in the participation of an unidentified “Leicester resident” who spreads a very thick layer of negligence on the McCanns.

    2. From "FB Anon":

      “Nanny Catriona Baker is another one to add to the list of those trying to 'normalise' neglect. According to an article in the Telegraph from April 2017: "The abduction occurred in May 2007 when the three-year-old was sleeping in the family's apartment with her siblings, twins Amelie and Sean.
      At the time, her parents were eating dinner with friends at a restaurant around 40 yards away, something the former nanny (Catriona Baker) described as COMPLETELY NORMAL in the resort. "

      There has been a lot of arguing over neglect vs no neglect on twitter recently. Those that argue for neglect say that if the nannies DID look after the children, why didn't they say so? But if the children WERE neglected, why didn't the nannies speak out about it? Why did no-one report the T9 at the time? The nannies must have known that the parents were using them during the day but not in the evening. If you believe Kate McCann, she alerted the Tapas staff to the fact that they were neglecting the children, but the Tapas staff were all fine with that were they? So fine with it that they wrote it in the reservation book and left it at reception for all to see. The McCanns told Bridget O’Donnell, when they all sat together at their 11 seater table, that they were neglecting their children. Instead of B O'D and partner Jez Wilkins being horrified, they apparently ADMIRED the McCanns for doing so. Why have the Tapas staff, nannies, Mark Warner, the Ocean Club and the other holiday makers in PdL at the time, not to mention the UK MSM and UK government, all collectively decided that leaving your children unattended for 4 nights in a row, is just fine as every British parent does it? Anyone would think they were trying to cover something up!”

  62. Silverdoe has said she has found the BRT in the files:
    xxMicheLLeSxxCSIx 🔎 🧐 👁️‍ 🗨️ 💯‏ @xxSiLverdoexx
    I'll just pop this here. People can make their own minds up (Please ignore the tree and look to the far right ;) ) what do you see? From before the 3rd I believe, Payne's holiday photos.. … … #mccann
    6:51 am - 26 Nov 2018

    [Attached is a cropped and enlarged part of this picture from the files: ]

    xxMicheLLeSxxCSIx 🔎 🧐 👁️‍ 🗨️ 💯‏ @xxSiLverdoexx
    One a bit lighter just in case.....
    6:53 am - 26 Nov 2018

    Steve Francis‏ @_555_steve
    Replying to @xxSiLverdoexx
    I have literally no idea what this is showing???
    6:54 am - 26 Nov 2018

    xxMicheLLeSxxCSIx 🔎 🧐 👁️‍ 🗨️ 💯‏ @xxSiLverdoexx
    Replying to @_555_steve
    To the far right, a big round table. Someone has been saying for months it doesn't exist in the tapas bar, that is a big round table and the tapas bar
    6:56 am - 26 Nov 2018

    Steve Francis‏ @_555_steve
    Replying to @xxSiLverdoexx
    No really sure how a table in a restaurant is a smoking gun?
    6:56 am - 26 Nov 2018

    xxMicheLLeSxxCSIx 🔎 🧐 👁️‍ 🗨️ 💯‏ @xxSiLverdoexx
    Replying to @_555_steve
    To one who's pinned their whole theory on it, it will :)
    6:58 am - 26 Nov 2018

    rambojambo‏ @rambojambo9
    Replying to @xxSiLverdoexx
    lol. was that crash the sound of textusa's blog shutting down? as if 😂
    7:34 am - 26 Nov 2018

    xxMicheLLeSxxCSIx 🔎 🧐 👁️‍ 🗨️ 💯‏ @xxSiLverdoexx
    Replying to @rambojambo9
    lol I highly doubt it I'm sure there will be a thousand page essay for all to enjoy later :)
    7:36 am - 26 Nov 2018

    1. 1. That is the wrong end of the esplanade. The BRT is supposed to be on the other side.

      2. That is not the Frog’s BRT, so you are contradicting the Frog.

      3. The table you are referring to is the table most on the left, of the tables we have signalled with arrows, a round table but not the BRT:

      4. Looking at the picture above and the one you now attached you have provided nothing the Frog had already not provided before.

      5. The table you are now showing is the table we have signalled with the green dots on this picture. It only sits 4 comfortably. Possibly 5. Not a BRT:

      It’s fascinating you even thinking that you could find a picture of the BRT in the Files. If there was one don’t you think NT or the Frog would have rubbed our faces with it by now?

      So this gloating is quite cringeworthy:
      xxMicheLLeSxxCSIx 🔎 🧐 👁️‍ 🗨️ 💯‏ @xxSiLverdoexx
      Replying to @DaveHallCoLtd @ZaneZeleti and 2 others
      LMAO nooooooo I've told you and Ben, no more round bloody tables, did you see my table pic today btw?
      11:03 am - 26 Nov 2018

      DaveHall‏ @DaveHallCoLtd
      Replying to @xxSiLverdoexx @ZaneZeleti and 2 others
      I did see your pic, actually. And I know what it looked like to me! Well spotted.
      11:04 am - 26 Nov 2018

      xxMicheLLeSxxCSIx 🔎 🧐 👁️‍ 🗨️ 💯‏ @xxSiLverdoexx
      Replying to @DaveHallCoLtd @ZaneZeleti and 2 others
      You know me Mr H, not stubborn at all! lol I was determined :)
      11:05 am - 26 Nov 2018


      You are so “determined” that we believe that if the Lick-Spittle gang told you this was a unicorn, you would believe it to be:

      xxMicheLLeSxxCSIx 🔎 🧐 👁️‍ 🗨️ 💯‏ @xxSiLverdoexx
      Replying to @_555_steve
      To one who's pinned their whole theory on it, it will :)
      6:58 am - 26 Nov 2018


      No, we haven't pinned a whole theory on it.

      For example do you honestly believe that 3 people drank 4 bottles of red wine, 9 bottles of white wine, 4 bottles of water and 2 juices in one night?

      If you believe in what the files say, you must. That's what the files say the Hynd family drank on May 4.

      xxMicheLLeSxxCSIx 🔎 🧐 👁️‍ 🗨️ 💯‏ @xxSiLverdoexx
      Replying to @SadeElisha86 @PollyGraph69
      Ah right, so what does it mean when textusa recommends someone not to believe the PJ files? The PJ files that are crucial?
      I'm so bloody confused!
      Well Sade, disagree with me all you want, anyone can, I'd never accuse you definitely of being a shill at all!
      11:36 am - 26 Nov 2018


      It means we are asking you to read. That’s all.

      xxMicheLLeSxxCSIx 🔎 🧐 👁️‍ 🗨️ 💯‏ @xxSiLverdoexx
      No you are asking us to not believe the PJ files, that's truly worrying textusa, and you had the cheek to call others who dispute things within the files as fake?
      Shame on you, the BRT is there. You truly are a worrying person whomever you are - Is it worth it?
      I hope so. #mccann
      11:51 am - 26 Nov 2018


      You can’t say we haven’t given you the right to respond. We will leave for others to judge for themselves what we have both said.

      By the way, the files don’t lie. That doesn’t mean they aren’t filled with lies. Lies said by those who said them.

      xxMicheLLeSxxCSIx 🔎 🧐 👁️‍ 🗨️ 💯‏ @xxSiLverdoexx
      Replying to @SadeElisha86 @PollyGraph69
      And neither do you Sade, you guys accepted me into this mad twitter wonderful family from the off, no questions asked, shame not everyone does. Oh, I found a BRT in the files, in Payne's pics before the 3rd, now we're not to believe the files, apparently :) x
      11:43 am - 26 Nov 2018


      Bringing this over so readers understand Siverdoe’s motivation.

      Paraphrasing the words of your mentor: It doesn't matter how many times the Lick-Spittle gang gathers in a circle, link hands, and chant the words "it’s the BRT, it’s the BRT" It won't MAKE it true. :)

      But do continue. They more you and your people fight it the more it makes people believe us. So, thank you.

    6. This Silverdoe tweet of Payne's photo, apparently taken before the 3rd, would seem to be suggesting it shows the brt. But I am only seeing 3 chairs (2 on the left, possibly 1 on the right). So where are all the chairs? If dinner arrangements were the same most of that week, would daytime clientele really require moving tables hither and thither? Why would a huge 8+ table be moved from one end to the other, just to seat 3 people?

    7. Good for you letting us make up our own minds, Michelle. I've made up mine, and there's no way on earth that's a big enough table to seat 10 people!

      I've also made up my mind on your mad blogs, that you're completely unable to come to any sane conclusion based on the PJ Files. I'll stick with this great blog which has been documenting the facts for years!

  63. From NT:
    • AnneGuedes25 November 2018 at 22:30
    Did SY look carefully for rabbits and rabbit-holes in PdL ? Did it pass their minds that Madeleine found herself suddenly falling down a very deep well, unable to scream ?

    john blacksmith26 November 2018 at 15:00
    Here's another today.

    I'm assuming most of the regular people here want to know about these as they appear, which is why I link them. If I get the impression that it's seen as using the site to plug my own stuff rather than sharing it, then away they'll go.
    Not Textusa26 November 2018 at 16:37
    Link away, John. If you didn’t, I would link to them anyway. I have been ridiculously busy the last couple of weeks, but will be commenting later, as I think this is a rather pivotal moment.

    NT has become a billboard for the insane, a cuckoo’s nest.

    1. Anonymous 26 Nov 2018, 21:14:00,

      Thank you!

      "as I think this is a rather pivotal moment."


      It does explain the peak in activity that we have witnessed lately and quite suddenly. Makes total sense.

  64. "1. That is the wrong end of the esplanade. The BRT is supposed to be on the other side."

    What fresh madness is this? Where are you claiming they were sitting? Because as far as I can see, that picture shows exactly where they were sat

    1. Anonymous 26 Nov 2018, 21:14:00,

      Please compare where Silverdoe suggests the BRT is, on the East side, nearest to the Tapas reception:

      And where Gerry McCann says it was in the 2009 Mockumentary, on the West side, nearest the bar, furthest away from the Tapas reception:

      If that is the same side of the esplanade to you, then please join Silverdoe so you both can you’re your eyes checked.

    2. Are you nuts?
      You can tell where it is from the position of the swimming pool in the foreground

  65. From “FB Anon”:

    “Silverdoe is convinced the DP photos were taken before the 3rd- where has she got the date from? I can’t see it on anything....
    They are holiday photos from Payne on the files, so seem they were taken before the 3 but could they not have been taken after that? it’s just that DP’s photos look a bit strange as holiday snaps with most of them taken in or around the apartment. I’m wondering if they took a few photos after the event to try & show it was a normal family holiday....
    It still doesn’t make that 4-seater table big enough to seat 11 whatever the date!! 😁”

    1. I was thinking exactly the same last night! Some of DP photos are strange.
      One of his daughter, appearing to be trying to open patio doors has always struck me as odd. As if to prove a child might be able to open the doors?
      The date of those photos should be checked by those investigating the case.

    2. FB Anon,

      We think you have opened a Pandora’s Box here.

      As we have proved (in fact it was the photo itself that proved it with that absurd reflection) that the ‘Last Photo’ was doctored, then all possibilities are open.

      If the Mark Warner/Ocean Club was being indoctrinated, if the Tapas reservation sheets and crèche sheets were being created and if the guest reservation lists were being doctored, what could the remainder Tapas be also doing to help?

      One thing they could be doing would be to take photos with the same purpose as the Last Photo was doctored: create a family time that never happened. No need to doctor photos as unlike with the McCanns, all family members were present.

      It would be interesting a forensic analysis of the pictures. Done by experts to rule out the possibility that the photos were taken after Maddie’s disappearance.

      This photo shows a newspaper, so we imagine that it would be possible to quickly date it via the original:

      Before the usual suspects jump on us, we are not stating that the pictures were taken after Maddie disappeared, we are simply saying that what FB Anon has raised is a possibility and it would be something we think investigators should pay close attention.

    3. To add to DP photos questions:
      Who is the man, not one of 4 men in tapas group, who appears in balcony photos and in one showing beach area? He has a full face and thick hair.

    4. Anonymous 27 Nov 2018, 12:23:00,

      Can you please provide links?

      Thank you-

    5. Just had a look through DP's holiday photos. Yes it is strange to have photos taken at the apartment only. If you go to a resort in Portugal then you would expect the photos to be of the beach, the kid's club activities, new friends, children in new and different locations. Very odd to have so few photos taken only at the apartment. Worth looking into most definitely. Its not just odd it is absurd really.


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