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Is Kate McCann a Liar?

Kate McCann, in her book, about the beach trip, has the following to say:

“In the afternoon Gerry and I decided to take the children down to the beach. To be honest, I think they’d have been just as happy to go back to their clubs, but we wanted to do something slightly different with them, just the five of us. We borrowed a double buggy from Mark Warner to make the walk easier for Sean and Amelie. The weather wasn’t great: in fact, on the beach it started to rain. A bit of rain is not something that bothers a Scotsman like Gerry, but Sean and Amelie didn’t like the feel of the wet sand and insisted, in the way two-year-olds do, on being carried.

Our trip to the beach wasn’t exactly a roaring success and the kids certainly weren’t thanking us for it. Still, we made the best of it, and the suggestion of ice-creams soon brought smiles to three little faces. The children and I sat down on a bench and Gerry went off to fetch them. The shop was only about 25 feet away, yet when he called to me asking me to give him a hand with the five ice-creams he was paying for, I was momentarily torn. Would the children be OK on the bench while I nipped over? I hurried across, watching them all the time.

How could I balk at leaving the kids to run a few yards for ice-creams and feel comfortable with the child-checking arrangement we had at dinner? I haven’t ever been able to rationalize this discrepancy in judgement to my own satisfaction. Perhaps in my subconscious the prospect of three active children squabbling, hurting themselves or being hurt by somebody else in a public place in the middle of the afternoon rang more alarm bells than three sleeping children, safely tucked up in bed, being checked on regularly. If the fear of abduction had ever entered my head it would have been in the former situation.

Having polished off her ice-cream, Madeleine asked if she could go back to Mini Club now, please. So much for extra family time! Before heading up the road, we stopped at a shop on the corner of Rua da Praia and Avenida dos Pescadores, one of several open-air, market-style stalls, as Gerry needed a pair of sunglasses. A couple of the women who worked there were sitting by the stall, admiring and making a fuss of the children, who responded quite happily. These ladies were warm and friendly, this is the kind of thing that happens every day, especially in southern European countries, and I only remember it at all because of what subsequently happened.

You may be wondering not only what relevance all these minute details might have to anything, but also how I can recall them so distinctly and how accurate my recollections can possibly be. The answer is that, within a couple of days, every single apparently inconsequential thing that happened on that holiday would become vitally important, and Gerry and I would soon be painstakingly trying to extract from our brains every tiny incident, no matter how small, that might have been significant. Armed with notebook, pen and dated photographs, I would be challenging myself to piece together as comprehensive an outline of the sequence of events as I could. The regular routines of the week helped to make any deviations from them stand out and undoubtedly made this easier.”

One HAS to note that this book was written after what is described as a painstaking effort to recollect ALL details, including the minute ones.

This means that anything that has contradicted the book after May 2011, namely UK Crimewatch, can’t be excused with a “…now that you bring that up, I now remember that…”.

“Every single apparently inconsequential thing” was considered. Kate’s words, not ours.

We know that Kate McCann reads this blog. We have proved it.

So it came as no surprise, knowing that after she had read our Dr. Gerry McCann is a Liar post, she would recollect this trip to the beach with the family by starting with them already being there.

Not a word about how and where they passed to get there.

We will not question the availability of a double buggy/single buggies on the part of Ocean Club besides saying that in terms of quality v price, it’s simply unbeatable.

Free wine, day crèches, night crèche, one really posh esplanade to dine, Quiz Nights exclusive to Tapas (remember you had to queue up to get a cover), a small fleet of mini-vans and respective drivers to take guests to Slide & Splash water park and the concern to cater for that not very common customer who has shown up with twin toddlers and no buggies.

But we will wonder why, if there was a buggy available to borrow, why was it not used for that torturous trip to the Millenium on the first night.

So, in case we are to believe Kate, for this return trip we have then two adults, one controlling a 4 year old and the other pushing the twins on double buggy; or if we are to believe Gerry, we will have instead the same two adults, each pushing a buggy with a twin and the control of the 4 year old is shared between them.

Surrealistic scenarios but not as surrealistic as not knowing which to (not) believe.

We have the departure point, “we stopped at a shop on the corner of Rua da Praia and Avenida dos Pescadores, one of several open-air, market-style stalls of Rua da Praia and Avenida dos Pescadores as Gerry needed a pair of sunglasses on a day that “the weather wasn’t great: in fact, on the beach it started to rain and that made the beach sand wet, reason why the twins insisted on being carried.

"Sunglass-corner" isn’t exactly a corner but more of an open area near our well known Paraíso restaurant.

From there, the intention was, we suppose, to head for the crèche to drop off Maddie and then drop the twins at the kids club at Tapas.

So after Gerry bought his sunglasses they went to the crèche by “heading up the road”. And that's all the detail we're given.

It's like they were just "teletransported" to the beach and then "teletransported" to the crèche.

You see, “heading up the road”, isn't exactly that straightforward. If it was, we wouldn't be writing this post.

Let’s, for argument’s sake, ignore reality. Let’s suppose just for a minute that this doesn’t exist:

By supposing that Rua da Boa Pesca is not a dead-end, which it is, then we can “accept” that the McCanns used it on their trip to the beach.

We’re just supposing to be true what Gerry has said about where they walked although we know for a fact it isn’t.

With that supposition, the McCanns have two options to go from "sunglass-corner" (A) to the crèche (B).

They either retrace their steps, via red route, or go all the way up Rua da Praia and then turn left, the purple route.

The distances are basically the same, and as foreigners to town as they were, it’s possible that they thought that the purple route was more direct. Perfectly acceptable.

But let’s look at Rua da Praia as the McCanns would have seen it, using Goggle Maps street view.

Remember that the McCanns walk up this road under one of the following circumstances:

Gerry and Kate, one pushing the twins in a double buggy and the other holding 4 yr old Maddie by the hand (Kate's version);

- Gerry and Kate, each pushing a single buggy with a twin and 4 yr old Maddie on her own (Gerry's version).

Having those various options in mind, let's then go up Rua da Praia:

Rather traumatic experience don't you think?

Not seeing much space for a double buggy and it appears to be the sort of street where a 4 yr old would have to be on a very short leash.

Not saying impossible, just saying it's difficult. And potentially risky.

Gerry and Kate4 yr old Maddie and 2 toddlers in a double buggy or on 2 single buggies up a narrow street with a narrow sidewalk on the right, the left sidewalk blocked with cars and traffic coming from behind.

Let's go down Rua da Praia and confirm how narrow and car-cluttered it is:

Don't know about you but walking up that street with 1 kid + 2 toddlers in 1 double buggy (or on 2 single buggies) only if one REALLY has no other option.

As we said, from "sunglass-corner" one might think that going up Rua da Praia might be the most direct way to the crèche but there's that little thing called reality.

Reality determines, or at least recommends what one should or not do.

After walking up Rua da Praia, via green route, to point A, reality strongly recommends avoiding Rua da Praia, as from there one can easily see how narrow and car-cluttered it is from the crossing onwards.

Two options, one is to continue with the purple route.

The other is to look to one's left and see a completely unobstructed and traffic-free street that links up with where one has just passed and knows that's completely unobstructed and traffic-free.

Which one would you instinctively choose?

We think the words "unobstructed" and "traffic-free" would play relevant roles in the decision.

Apparently they didn't with the McCanns. They, apparently again, choose to continue via purple route as that's what Kate's "heading up the road" implies.

Does this prove that Kate is lying?

No, of course not.

First, there's no law that forbids people from doing stupid things. And even if there was one, people could still do them, they would only have to face the legal consequences afterwards.

For us it seems pretty stupid to go up Rua da Praia in such circumstances and having, apparently, a better option.

But the McCanns decided what they decided.

Plus, we know for a fact that the route via Rua da Boa Pesca (red route) doesn't exist, so it basically leaves the McCanns with either choosing to go forwards and face a traumatic experience, or go back all the way to near the church and then go all the way up Rua Direita to the crèche.

So unlike we stated about Gerry McCann lying about what he has said about the trip to the beach, a similar statement cannot be made about what Kate has said.

Although she does mentions Rua da Praia there's nothing else to indicate that it was that the road they used.

The expression "heading up the road" is sufficiently vague and imprecise, and if one is to take it literally, in Luz, from the beach, almost any route ends up being that.

And as we said, it's not an impossible task. Just a difficult one and one only faces difficulties when one has to. Common sense determines otherwise.

But remember this detailed account is told under what Kate has set as background: "You may be wondering not only what relevance all these minute details might have to anything, but also how I can recall them so distinctly and how accurate my recollections can possibly be. The answer is that, within a couple of days, every single apparently inconsequential thing that happened on that holiday would become vitally important, and Gerry and I would soon be painstakingly trying to extract from our brains every tiny incident, no matter how small, that might have been significant."

Every tiny incident was important, says Kate.

So it's quite baffling to have heard both Kate and Gerry moan and whine (moaning and whining confirmed by their T7 friends) about their hellish trip to the Millenium because of how cumbersome the twins had become and not hear a single tiny complaint about the experience of going up the Rua da Praia.

Note differences of both width of road and amount of traffic between the two situations.

And yet no complaints. Not a single one.

Note that Kate recollects the minute detail of  "A couple of the women who worked there were sitting by the stall, admiring and making a fuss of the children, who responded quite happily. These ladies were warm and friendly, this is the kind of thing that happens every day, especially in southern European countries, and I only remember it at all because of what subsequently happened" but doesn't say a word about the certain spectacle, that could have called unwanted attention to Maddie, that this family surely put on going up that narrow, car-cluttered road with a 4 yr old girl and 2 toddlers in a double buggy.

By the way, we do find hard to believe such friendliness and fuss with the children of a family who stopped to buy sunglasses when “the weather wasn’t great: in fact, on the beach it started to rain”.

In fact, we find it hard to believe that anyone was selling anything in open-air, market-style stalls is such weather. They are Latin and not “Scotsman like Gerry”. Rain keeps clients away.

But that is indeed a minute and insignificant detail. What is significant is not a word about their adventure in Rua da Praia.

Has Kate lied or was it all just one forgettable traumatic experience?

Or the truth of this particular story is that the beach trip never existed and this passage of the book is Kate just trying to cover-up, 4 years later, for her husband's disastrous description of it, when he didn't realise that Rua da Boa Pesca is, and was, a cul-de-sac in his statement back in May 2007?

No one would call “sunshine-corner as a corner. Market-stalls at the beach. or market-stalls near Paraíso would be the normal way to identify that particular location of PdL if one needed to do so.

She identifies it as a corner so she can say the name of the streets out loud. Why? Because that's what this episode is all about: place them where they have an excuse to go up Rua da Praia.

We had already proven Rua da Boa Pesca as a cul-de-sac and showed how Rua da Praia (after going down Rua Francisco Gentil Martins) was ridiculous to use to go to the beach but the McCanns are "forced" to have use it under the penalty of having passed by PdL Church.

Take away the route back via PdL Church and the fact that the route via Rua da Boa Pesca doesn't exist, the McCanns only have Rua da Praia left.

So they buy sunglasses on a open air market-stall in the rain where two ladies are sitting and are very nice to the children.

What a lovely picture.

It's a picture indeed, if it's lovely or not, we leave up to our readers to decide.

Do note that Kate says heading up the street and not heading back up the street” as one would normally do if one is going back the way one has come from.

Post Scriptum:

About routes to beach, last night we received the following comment:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Dr. Gerry McCann is a Liar (Update)":

Is it possible that the route taken by G could lead to any paths that don't show on google street scene?
Looks like a dead end to me too.

Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 7 Nov 2013 18:53:00

Dear Anon,

In terms of going from Apartment 5A, or Tapas area, to the beach, we have determined 3 possible routes: red, orange and purple.

In order of use:

Orange, it’s the nanny path, from crèche to the beach as shown in our Dr. Gerry McCann is a Liar post. It would be natural for customers checking-in to be told at the reception that this route would be the best one to take. However it requires familiarity with the area as from apartment 5A to the crèche area is through villas and after this the knowledge of a small pathway at the end of nameless street in front of Ocean Club reception is required.

Purple, it’s similar to the orange route up until the crèche, and then continues on Rua Direita and turns right on Rua da Praia all the way to beach. For those not familiar with the orange route’s small pathway, this would be the most direct way to reach  “sunglass-corner”, right in the middle of the beach. It’s inconvenience? The fact that Rua da Praia is narrow and car-cluttered as shown in this post. Recommended for single individuals, not recommended for families with baby buggies or with small children

Red, the long way around, passing by PdL’s church. Although longest, is the safest for young children. Recommended for families with baby buggies or with small children.

Gerry McCann by saying that they passed by the supermarket (B) automatically eliminates both orange and purple routes, as to link up to these (red dashed line) is not to be “directly ahead” as he has stated.

It's quite clear that the fact they didn't use a small path, a detail that would have been referred as the “supermarket” one was, to get to the beach proves there wasn't any available from the cul-de-sac that Rua da Boa Pesca is:

Post Post-Scriptum

Mercedes has called to our attention yet another coincidence in this case.

Only this time it works against one liar, Gerry McCann, and against another suspected liar, Kate McCann.

Gerry says in his May 10 2007 statement: “Pertaining to the routine, on Tuesday there was a slight change given that after lunch, at 13h30, he and KATE decided to take the three children to Praia da Luz, having gone on foot, taking only the twins in baby carriages. They all left by the main door due to the carriages, went around to the right, down the street of the supermarket and went to the beach along a road directly ahead.”

Four years later, almost to the day, in 2011, Kate says in her book, “In the afternoon Gerry and I decided to take the children down to the beach.” confirming that it was in the afternoon indeed.

This is Maddie’s crêche activity roster:

As can be seen, the créche did an Ice-cream trip that afternoon from 2.30 till 3.30, immediately followed by a Build a city Beach play 3.30 - 4.30, returning to the crèche for just another half an hour.

So, by sheer coincidence, the McCann family had an ice-cream at the same time and vicinity as all the children from the crèche!

They were all at the beach eating ice-cream! How is that for a coincidence?

This, however, begs many questions.

What did Maddie want to return to? An empty crèche? If so, why?

Didn’t they see the children and the crèche personnel right in front of them and easily conclude that what Maddie was asking for wasn't right?

Why didn't they mention they saw they see the children and the crèche personnel at the beach?

Probably they wouldn't recognise the children (weren't there other T7 children too?) but by then they would have been visually familiar with the crèche's nannies, wouldn't they? So why not leave Maddie with them right there and then as she was so eager to go?

Also why don’t the McCanns refer that when they arrived at the crèche they found it empty?

Just another example how only truth fits to fact.

Thank you Mercedes!

Post Post Post-Scriptum

We received the following comment that, due to its content, we decided not to publish but rather incorporate it into the post:

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Is Kate McCann a Liar?"

Jellyfish sheet for May 1st 
14.30 Twins signed in by K
17.20 Twins signed out by K

14.30 M in but no signature
No time or signature for out 

Why would K write this when she knows it's easy to check? And she had access to the files. 
If the kids were back for 2.30, then they all had to go to the beach, have ice creams, buy sunglasses and get back within an hour.
Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 10 Nov 2013 06:34:00"

Dear Anon,

Thank you so for your comment.

Let's first, for the sake of all readers, put up the images of what you speak of:

From Maddie’s crêche activity roster:

This means as you say, going down to the beach, play on wet sand (this one you didn't mention but, if we are to believe in Kate, somewhere during this beach trip the twins were carried), have ice creams, buy sunglasses and head back up the road all within an hour.

The activity you didn't mention, the family playing in the wet sand, is filled with a lot of little time wasters such as taking shoes off and putting them back on and cleaning off the sand.

But apparently all was done within an hour. Now that is making the most of time spent together! And do it in a hurry.

We will disregard that Maddie goes to beach, plays in the sand, polishes off an ice-cream and then wants to get back to the kids club so that she can polish off another ice-cream and then play, again, in the sand at the beach

Now we understand why she wanted to get back. She wanted a repeat! What a smart little girl she was.

What really confuses us is how Maddie and the twins are dropped off at the same time, in two different locations, especially taking into account that if they had come via Rua da Praia the whole family arrives together there, and that includes the twins who would have to have been dropped off later at their club

Note that both Maddie and the Twins are the first ones in both clubs for that afternoon. No other kid arrives before them.

Today we will not get into any other content of these sheets that is unrelated to the beach trip. Much can be said, and probably will be, but the mistakes are so pathetic and infantile that they almost take away the will to write.

As we said in a comment, the importance of the crèche sheets is that they are further proof of the direct involvement of Ocean Club and its staff in the cover-up. 

But we must make an extra note about Mark Warner and their crèche outings, related with our Post Post-Scriptum and that is the fact that the crèche ice.cream and beach trip on that Tuesday afternoon goes unnoticed by the McCann family.

In Portugal, like in any other country, crèche trips outside facilities have strict rules.

Like having kids holding onto something (Sammy Snake) while walking in a crocodile.

The use of this object is confirmed by nanny Catriona Baker when on May 10 2007 the "nanny route" (orange route of this post's PS) to the beach was retraced.

"3. she was always in front with the children behind linked together in a "sammy snake" (the object being to form a snake so that the children stayed together in Indian file);"

Or wearing something that quickly identifies them as being part of a group such as high visibility jackets and hats:

The other thing MW do is put a wristband on the kids like they do at music festivals:

MW trips away from the creche would be quite a memorable sight, however it’s never mentioned by any witnesses that crèche kids were often seen out and about.

On this site, on Aug 21 2007, poster osheashols has to say this:

"We visited this resort 1 year ago and we were thoroughly disappointed. We have been to M.W resorts before, but this one seemed to be a last minute alternative when they changed the resorts. All the apartments are really spread out, so we had to walk about half a mile uphill for breakfast and dinner to where meals were served. Then take the kids down to a different building for childcare, then go and do our activity, return to get kids(uphill) etc , etc. We were shattered by the end of it and we are quite fit!)The kids clubs were ok although they are about a 15 min walk from the beach, so all the kids had to be paraded through the streets for beach activity. They also had to be taken out about 100 yardsoffshore to use some of the equipment and there was no pontoon to put them on.( not really applicable for your child though)."

Maybe beach trips only happened in summer and the "abduction storywriter" just hijacked the idea.

One reason that we haven't yet said for this beach trip to have been concocted is an obvious one: the only way to be able to say McCann family had been observed by an abductor is for the family to prove they spent time outside.

Most likely reason for the tennis (Discrepancy 03 - The Shoes) and pool (Discrepancy 04 - The Reflection) photos to exist as they are necessary to show this.

What a fantastic post this has become.


  1. To do the reconstruction of this trip is very simple. Only Gerry and Kate need to be present.

  2. One thing that escapes me in reading this is why would want Maddie to return to the kids club. And why didn’t Kate oppose this idea.
    A 4yr old doesn’t have that many social skills and its life gravitates around mom and dad. It’s true that if very sociable, can wander off with a strange adult but I don’t see a 4 yr old wanting to go anywhere. At that age they don’t bond with other children. They interact and play with one another but it’s not like they miss each other when the play is over.
    Wasn’t this supposed to be a family outing? If they went to the beach, had fun in the sand, ate ice-creams and bought the pair of sunglasses, then what time was it when the family arrived at the crèche to leave Maddie and when was it that the McCanns picked her up that afternoon. Would that give time for Kate and Gerry to do anything at all? 11111
    But what confuses me is if this is an afternoon with the family, it should have been spent with the family. Maddie wanting to go back is like her articulated question “Mommy, why didn’t you come for me last night when I was crying?”
    She was 4 years old! They make her sound like she had the maturity of a 7 or 8 years old!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hannah Bowler,

      You have a lot of catching up to do. If you read previous posts, you'll see we don't believe in neglect or children left crying.

    3. Unpublished Hannah Bowler at 2 Mar 2015, 05:09:00 and 05:24:00

      Your efforts to bring over the negligence debate to the blog are useless. Please take it elsewhere.

      Thank you.

  3. As much as I believe that something untoward happened to MM I am afraid you are taking the phrase "Heading up the Road" too literally. It's an issue of UK versus US English and regional variations within the UK. I live in Lincolnshire, next to Leicestershire where the Ms live. If I were to go into the town from where I live, I'd say to someone that I was 'going up town' or 'going up the shops' - even if topographically 'town' was in effect 'downhill'.

    Likewise, if I were in a holiday apartment for example and was going out to get some bread, and my partner asked where the bread shop was, I'd say "it's only up the road". It could actually be in any direction, up or downhill and up to probably half a mile away via a twisty route. But she would know what I meant.

    I think on this occasion, with respect, you are inadvertently leading readers 'up the garden path' as we say.

    1. Anonymous 8 Nov 2013 16:15:00

      The question, a secondary one because the post is NOT about a single expression, is not whether Kate said "heading UP the road" or "heading DOWN the road" but that she didn't say "heading BACK up the road" or "heading BACK down the road".

      If we are to make a literal dialect reading of the expression, like you seem to want, then "up the road" would mean nearness. To what is she referring then? The crèche? It's location, relatively to "sunglass-corner", doesn't exactly configure to us "to be nearby" does it?

      Is your comment implying that we're abusively extrapolating that they have to go via Rua da Praia just because Kate says "heading up the road" she means going uphill, thus, ?

      Please read again our words and see that we say IF one is to read those words LITERALLY, then...

      We're have explicitly said that we don't know if they went, or not, up Rua da Praia on their return trip.

      What's important is how Kate describes (or not) the outbound journey from the apartment or the inbound journey returning.

      The question that we like to see answered is: IF they didn't return via Rua da Praia, then what route did they use?

      You seem to agree with us that going up Rua da Praia is not the most expected path for a family with a small kid and double-buggy.

      We would like to hear your opinion about it.

      Lastly, we don't lead our readers anywhere. We write for people who can think for themselves and agree with us where they think they should and disagree with us for the exact same reasons.

    2. Apologies if you thought I was being critical - I was trying to be helpful. I'm very much in the 'something is definitely not right here' camp and was only suggesting that it was perhaps not such a significant expression.

      I agree that if she said "before heading BACK up the road" that would indicate a return the same way they came. But 'heading up the road' is more of a concept - a bit like one would say 'let's hit the road' meaning 'let's set off'.

      I have relatives who live on the outskirts of London. If they go to the West End (central London) for a meal or theatre visit they will say they are 'going up to town' - but it's neither uphill, nor a town that they are going to.

      Likewise, Rua da Praia may not be the expected route, but once started on it they may have continued on it because an Englishman (a) won't admit he is lost or has taken a wrong turning (b) absolutely won't ask for directions or concede he has chosen the poorer route and (c) will walk on water if that's what it takes to prove to someone else that he was right all along - even if he wasn't. It's in the psyche!

      And that's before we even get into the differences between an Englishman and a Scot.

      And apologies again for my last paragraph. That was intended to be flippant in as much as we say 'to be led up the garden path' whereas I believe in the US it is 'led down the garden path'. Neither of which have any relevance to uphill or down hill.

      Having said all that, if I were writing that sentence, I'd just have written 'Before heading back'. I agree she is trying to put down markers in everything she writes.

    3. Kate is from Liverpool, isn't she? Then if she would use any "regional expressions" I guess it would be the ones from the Liverpool area, not the ones from Leicester (she still has some of the liverpudlian accent, doesn't she?). Unless she had been living in Leicester for many, many years, I don't think she would pick up that region's expressions over her native ones. I experience that with my mother everyday, she is from the northeast of Portugal, and she has lived in Lisbon for some years, but yet she always uses the popular expressions of her native province ! (together with the characterisitc accent, lots of fun mocking her, sorry Mum...)

    4. I.m Scottish and "up the road" can just mean going home not always uphill

    5. Marie-Claire Cheneau,

      The "up the road" in this case was not used to say she was returning to the apartment (home) but to supposedly take Maddie and the twins back to their respective physically separate crèches.

  4. For Kate to make a point about sunglasses, something to us that seems irrelevant must be significant could be something to do with that photo of Gerry in his sunglasses by the pool with Maddie and one of the twins! Her book reads like somebody desperately filling pages with words and 'clutter'. double buggies can be a nightmare, some mums plan their route to ensure the pavements are wide enough to accomodate the buggy.

    This is a well structured post of yours Textusa and I agree with your points, Kate through her book changes facts to re-arrange events, similar to Gerry lying about the wallet and the sick passenger on the plane that he attended, all lies done to distract.
    I also notice how Kate dresses down and dresses up depending upon the interview and purpose of the interview if its to plead their innocence and ask for more money or the Lisbon court case its always the scruffy hair and clothes look, if its to meet or be interviewed by Lorraine Kelly or Oprah its dressed up looking glam with good hair, Kate is a good actress but her guilt gives her away and over the years we have become used to her 'acting' and know what to expect from such a devious person.
    The Mccanns should be in prison and the greatest crime is that they are still free to waffle their myth mongering.

    1. I also find strange her making apoint in her book about how she felt unsure to leave the children alone on that bench on the beach for a few seconds while she walked 25 feet to help Gerry with the ice-creams! Even if the children were always under her sight! How does this excessive worry match with leaving the kids alone and out of sight every night?! I think this was introduced to reinforce the idea of how she indeed is a responsible mother, and that she cares about the well being and safety of the children, to brush away the criticismo of the public who sees her as a self-centered shallow woman. Why would Gerry go to get the ice-creams on his own? Wouldn't it be more logic and practical if they all went together to the ice-cream stall and give each child their respective ice-cream, or at least give Maddie hers, as she was more capable of holding her ice-cream without dropping it, and Kate and Gerry hold the twins ones?

    2. also,how did she hold the twins icecreams AND push the pushchair at the same time? im a single mother of several small children and taking 3 small kids to the beach is so stressful.What really convinces me that they were never there is that those kids would have been FILTHY by the time they got up to the kids club.Sand,icecream,soaking wet clothes and muddy shoes.Can you see Kate? queen of the matching handbag and earrings dropping her kids directly at the crèche covered in sand,icecream and wet dirty clothes? and do the staff recollect them arriving in that state?No! image is everything to narcissists,and narcissists they are. no way would they drop the kids off in that state.

    3. pre-schoolers are incapable of eating icecream tidily,it would have been all over them the buggy and also the parents if they were carrying them at one point. What also seems strange to me is kids that don't like the beach,mine have to be dragged home screaming, and kids that are in a strange country and know NOONE yet would rather spend their time at a childcare facility with total strangers than hang out with their parents at the beach.

    4. another thing I missed, looking at maddies afternoon crèche schedule,the crèche went on an ice cream trip 2.30pm to 3.30pm,then build a city beach play 3.30pm to 4.30pm. Correct me if im mistaken, but weren't the icecream stand and the beach in the same area?meaning that the crèche group were ALREADY at the beach? and shouldn't kate and family have SEEN the group down there if they were there too? also, if they dropped the kids at the crèche at 3pm,and the crèche were ALREADY at the beach then who did they leave her with if her chilcare was on an outing?

  5. Its all very strange, the entire story, from start to finish. nothing they say sounds truthfull, you can allways pick out the lies and contradictions of each other, its like they didn't have enough time when they wrote everything down on MM colouring book to get all the facts correct. IMO this is nothing short of a cover up lie after lie after lie, and all about them?? this poor child still cant be found what ever happened to her.!!!

    1. All you need to do is look at the PJ missing phone records of the McCann's from the 1 May 2007 to the 3 of May, Kate was in the apartment at the time when the neighbor could hear Maddie cry daddy Kate's phone calls were noted at 10 15 pm from their apartment and that was on the 2nd of May, There is also a big discrepancy with kate and gerry's story with the aerobics teacher that was suppose to of been at the tappes bar on the 2nd of May which was actually on the 1 of May when kate got up-set with Gerry's flirtation with the woman? You will also note that Gerry did not answer his phone calls for at least several hours possibly helping kate with disposing Madeleine's body on the 2nd of May so the actual abduction did not happen on the 3rd of May and that is how they had time removing the little girls body?

  6. Is Kate McCann really Kate McCann? Is Gerry McCann really Gerry McCann?
    Don't want to start a myth but I haven't heard these two utter a truthful word up to now. I don't think we can trust them when they say who they are!!!!!
    Many movies and many TV series will be based on all this.

    1. Something like "The Truman show"...? "The McCann show"!

  7. It's 50 years ago this month since Kennedy was assasinated and conspiracy and mystery still surrounds that event. In the 60's people relied on the press to present facts it was easier to cover up a conspiracy, but still 50years later questions are being asked.

    2007 the Mccann circus all spin and misinformation. Kates book and Crimewatch full of spin and PR with the intention to deceive. The Mccanns cannot publicily accept 6 years later that Madeleine is dead because that would be the end of the donations, so for the sake of the fraudulent fund paying litigation cases sueing anyone that dares to question their unbelieveable version of events they must keep the belief alive that Madeleine is indeed still alive. This would work perfectly if we had to rely on the compliance of a weak british media silenced into printing only pro mccann propaganda, a sympathetic 'family man 'Cameron giving the green light and 5 million pounds plus of tax payers money for a i(none)nvestigation and all the other PR tactics that have become so familiar to us. With the internet and freedom of information the lie is questioned before it starts to spread. We all see the lies and deceit for what they are, see we are being silenced by 'no comments' allowed. Misleading books and all the other misinformation, but unlike Kennedy we know it is a lie and could not have happened how they claim.

    So where does this leave the Mccanns surely their legacy to their twins and the tapas friends legacy to their children has become one of distrust and deceitful parenting. They will forever question why their parents behaved in such a disgraceful irresponsible manner putting their own needs above those of a 3 year old child, it's all here on the internet pj files, rogatory interviews, Youtube interviews, so many websites questioning the Mccanns version of events to which there is not one shred of evidence, their continuing stream of fantasy abductors will be here for future generations to read and digest for years to come and once the rot starts it destroys relationships now and in the future. The silence of the Tapas friends since Crimewash has suggested their guilt in this messy money making reputation saving saga. Jane Tanner's sighting has been discredited and she stayed silent, the timings hastily written in a childs book have been proven wrong, and they all stayed silent. Amaral is in court because he was right.

  8. " A bit of rain is not something that bothers a Scotsman like Gerry, but Sean and Amelie didn’t like the feel of the wet sand and insisted, in the way two-year-olds do, on being carried."

    How the "feel of the wet sand" and the " insisted" on " being carried" matches with the twin buggy? And after the filosophy momentum regarding leaving or not leaving the kids on the bench? Why the bench if they could be safely on the buggy, or did she forgot the buggy few lines down on her literature? All that was to give room for the "mis en scene" of the musicien, the one who use to play on the streets of PDL and to who they tried to pin the abduction.

    1. Wow! Very well spotted! It would be a scene worth watching, them pushing an empty double buggy with one arm while carrying a child on the other...all this under the rain!

      Featuring: Gerry McCann, as Gene Kelly:

      "I'm pushin' an empty double buggy in the rain
      just pushin' an empty double buggy in the rain
      what a glorious feeling,
      I'm happy again
      I'm laughing at clouds.
      So dark up above,
      The sun's in my heart
      (and in my eyes, need a pair of cheap crappy sunglasses)
      And I'm ready for lies.

      Let the stormy clouds chase
      Everyone from the place
      (who's fool enough to go to the beach on a rainy day?)
      Come on with the rain
      I've a smile on my face
      ('cause I'm fooling everybody and gettin' away with it!)
      I walk down the streets of Luz
      With a happy refrain
      Just pushin',
      pushin' an empty double buggy in the rain
      Pushin' in the rain
      la ri la la ri la,
      I'm happy again!
      I'm pushin' an empty double buggy and carryin' the children in the rain!

      Pushin' and carryin' in the rain...

    2. Anonymous 9 Nov 2013 09:07:00

      We have to correct you. Must confess that we too were mislead with the twins' insistence on being carried.

      By referring to "wet sand", Kate implies that she and Gerry carried the twins over the beach. Why do so, escapes us.

      One usually does that when one is carrying a towel where the child can stand on without contact with the sand.

      "Wet sand" on a rainy day seems to indicate that no beach towels were taken or used, so why carry a two children over the sand?

      And when they did this, did they leave the buggy behind unattended?

      Anonymous 9 Nov 2013 00:30:00

      Thank you for picking that up! Obviously the twins would have had their ice-creams in the buggy.

      Logic says the whole family would go up to the ice-cream stall. One is able to carry 2 ice-creams. To carry three, even for a small distance, is hazardous.

      25 ft is under 10 yards, perfectly under one's direct action radius, a distance I wouldn't be worried about concerning a child outdoors in a traffic less environment.

    3. Anon 09:07:00, please don't trivialise serious issues.

    4. Anonymous 9 Nov 2013 00:30:00
      Gerry is all about Guitarman:
      Kate is all about covering up Gerry's mistake

      I'm not against the use of a song or poem to make a serious point. Sometimes very poignant points can be made. An ironic humour can be hard hitting.
      But totally against the mix of songs and silliness.

  9. How "they" all mix together (political promiscuity, dirty connections and hidden agendas):

    I believe it explains why "some" are more equal than others...and get different responses from the UK leaders:

    "Ben Needham Search Not Getting Same Resources As Madeleine McCann, Says MP Angela Smith"

    "Speaking during Prime Minister's Questions, she said: "Two years ago, the Prime Minister rightly agreed that extra resources should be made available to assist in the search for Madeleine McCann and yet, only months later, he turned down a similar request from Kerry Needham, my constituent, whose son Ben is still missing after 22 years.

    "Will the Prime Minister please think again and respond positively to my recent letter to him by making extra resources available to help a desperate mother to search for her son?"

    Replying, Cameron said: "This is an absolutely heartbreaking case - the whole country has followed it over the years."

    He promised to look carefully at Smith's letter, adding: "Obviously, it is important that the police make such decisions themselves. Governments should always stand by to help, which is what happened in the Madeleine McCann case, but I will look at what the Hon. Lady says and see what I can do."

    Clearly Murdoch's empire does not have an interest in Ben Needham's fate and his family's plea...not twisting Cameron's "balls" on this one case...

  10. Is Kate McCann a liar? ... Yes most definitely and if a poll was conducted the vast majority of people would agree that she is a liar amongst other things. The McCanns popularity has hit rock bottom with the general public. There is a lot of negativity felt towards the McCanns viewing on-line comments concerning how people feel about this couple of liars.

  11. Sorry to be off-topic but when can we expect one of SY's eminent arrests on this case? The suspense is killing me.

  12. The all buggy/ beach trip is a pure exercise of the pair imagination. It dies on many issues that experience made them facts:
    1- no buggies to be borrowed at the OC. If so, they will be part of the service provided by the resort and advertised on their site or the multiplus pictures of journalists after May 3, will pick the buggies whatever they were stored at the OC. I believe this is something that should be available at the entrance and if so, not to be borrowed, but to be rented because they are costly.
    In fact, as a mother of 4 spending almost all my summer holidays in various places in Algarve I dreamed with that service just to avoid having my luggage so packed. Never ever I went to a place where that service was available, no matter how cheap or costly was the place. That effort of the Mccann's to stupidly excuse police suspictions and fool who don't
    know the Algarve is amazing. That was PDL, a small fishing village in the Low season, not Disneyland in Paris.
    2- Our beautiful and terrible streets in Portugal did not help with high heels shoes or buggies. The pictures above show narrow streets packed with the cars. A couple with 3 small children, almost at the end of their holidays did not know the adversities of the streets? Where have they been? Specially, because according to their own words, they experienced them on he first night while going to Millennium restaurant.
    They belong to a group where all have small children and they seem to socialize so much
    with tennis lessons and quiz dinners, no one from the group spotted how dificult were the streets for buggies? With me, that pops up almost on all conversations with other parents.
    3- The poetic attempt to bring the street stalls and the ladies to that story, is amazing. I really doubt there was any street stall at that time of the year in PDL. In the summer, we use to see them on the way to the beaches, across to all portuguese towns near the sea, but in the low season with the weather described for that end of April/ beguinning of May.... I really doubt it. And why are that ladies not part of the PJ files? If they really existed, they will be very important witnesses for the police to trace the movements of Madeleine on her last day and find clues. And the Mccann's will be the first highligh requesting the police to interview that ladies. They passed unnoticed to the police and to all journalists.

  13. Cont:
    4- why did Maddie wanted to go back to the creche after the beach trip on a rainning day? Because they have to keep her there to match the faked creche records? How long was that particular afternoon to give room for all that? In April, days are short  and with the rain, unpleasant. If the sand and Gerry were wet, means Maddie was wet aswell ( or did they carried an umbrella on top of what they were carryng already? Giving ice-creams to wet children and letting them go to a creche, instead of giving them a warm bath? A did not sums well with B, leaving the all equation nonsensical.
    5- was not that, the day the creche scheddule a katamaran trip but Madeleine was not there? She was not available in the morning to join her friends on a fun trip at the beach, but was available to go with her parents in the afternoon and end her day in the creche, when most of her friends, for obviously reasons, must have already left it? What drives the decisions of that parents, regarding their children, is really amazing.
    6- the kids and the bench. Did I dream or the mother said that was raining? Wet bench and unatended small kids, no matter how far the mother gos or for how long. Even, when we are near them, a wet bench is always a dangerous thing.  That is the paraiso bar. There was benches inside or they were outside? And how many times of the week they went with Maddie to Paraiso for an Ice-cream? Was not she cought in a camera on another day? OH sure, that day, the camera was off because I believe they did not move the ice cream stall to another position and there is no records of Gerry getting the 5 ice-creams at paraiso. Why, again they left out of their defense a so important evidence, if was real? That will support more their defense then any statement or piece of literature on Kates book.

  14. We have now added a Post Post Scriptum to this post.

    Once again, thank you Mercedes.

  15. Notice there is no mention of tea time break in a very long afternoon at crèche. No time for a drink or toileting.
    My recent experience of girls when at nursery was teatime at 4. The kids were all very hungry by then.
    May not be relevant but a curious fact.

    1. Morning session is even longer.
      There's something not right about this timetable for small children.
      3 year olds would probably need a nap during these activities if there all day.
      This is a bogus schedule!


    "Rebecca says:
    29th June 2009

    We've stayed at the resort in Portugal for a week recently and loved it. Our son is two and attended the toddler club which he loved. We played tennis (badly!), windsurfed, kayaked and lazed by the pool whilst he was entertained and then in the afternoons either went to the beach or one of the many pools. Lots to do, apartments great, easy to get round THOUGH YOU WILL PROBABLY NEED A BUGGY as it is quite spread out, great food, evening creche available - we only used it once but some parents use it every night. They have a family sitting at meal times so we generally ate then but it was nice to have an adult only meal (though there were other kids around - would be nicer if it was totally kids free!). Staff were really nice, friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend."

    Sorry Rebecca, MW only has buggies for VIPs.

    1. ..."though there were other kids around - would be nicer if it was totally kids free!)."

      What's wrong with these people???!!!
      I wonder why they decide to have children at all, and why do they bother to go on "family" holidays?! It seems like they are still living in victorian times, "children are to be seen, not heard", a nuisance to be confined to creches and nannies, well away from under the parents feet!

  17. Yah Kate and Gerry, you borrowed OC buggies, that's why you appear carrying or walking with the twins by foot on the immediate days after Maddie disapeared. Several pictures on newspapers show that. The buggies appear long time after, when the millions transfered to the Fund made them a cheap tool.

  18. They are good "Lie coockers", using that ingredient "qb". The problem is when the cook did not help and keeps ruining the recipe.

    1. To our English speaking readers, "qb" is the Portuguese acronym to "quanto baste" which transalates into "just enough".

  19. Unpublished Anonymous at 10 Nov 2013 06:34:00

    Thank you for the comment!

    We haven't published it because we intend to make a Post Post Post-Scriptum wih it

  20. Check this from comment from MatteoVega:

    This trip was also difficult as we had a baby pram to navigate the journey with...

    1. Same link from Cinders 24:

      “Best holiday in years!”
      5 of 5 stars Reviewed 22 September 2013

      We stayed in the half board section of the Ocean Club, with meals in the Mill Restaurant. Wow! Buffet style on arrival day but after that fab a la carte meals, with homemade food which was fantastic! The apartment was amazing, with great sea and pool views and so relaxing (although being towards the end of season it was probably a lot quieter than during the school holidays!). The complex is spread out in 3 different areas - 2 family pools and 1 for adults only. The tennis was great (thanks Jake!) with 5 courts available. Luz itself is on the quieter side, but a nice village with a decent choice of restaurants and YOU MUST TRY THE ICE CREAMS FROM THE SHOP OPPOSITE THE CHURCH. Not many opportunities to try out your Portuguese, as everyone speaks English. Overall a great place to stay.

      Stayed September 2013, travelled as a couple"

      I wonder if McCanns used this one? Maybe not as Gerry didn’t know where the church was LOL!
      This got me thinking, an Ice-cream stall is not an easy thing to set up. Not common thing to sell by the beach in a stall. It's either sold in restaurants or ice-cream shops and not stalls.
      Where was the ice-cream stall that the McCanns say they used?


      We didn't have pushchairs to contend with so we were ok, but we did notice that people who did struggled with the cobbled pavements, which are like sheet ice when they are slightly wet.

  21. Observer page 9
    Met chief misled us over events at Hillsborough, say victims' families.
    Families want IPCC to investigate his account and his actions on that day.
    Hogan Howe says he had been confused when he said he made a statement to the Taylor Inquiry.. In May 1990.
    Paul Spearritt, younger brother of Adam who died said he was shocked by HH misleading statements.
    Worth trying to download the film Hillsborough on u tube to see full horror

    1. We couldn't trust the police 20 years ago and now we also have Plebgate. Hyphen - Howe, as some refer to him, defended the actions of the police officers involved, before any police inquiry started. Surely he should have stated that he would wait until investigations had been undertaken before saying anything?
      A government minister forced out of his post. What chance would an ordinary member of the public have, particularly a black person?

    2. And let's not forget Daniel Morgan murder, mired in police corruption, Stephen Lawrence murder, and undercover police spies forming sexual relationships with protesters. We need a new broom to sweep the stables clean.

  22. We have now published a Post Post Post-Scriptum (!!!) to current post.

    Cannot express in words our gratitude to you all.

  23. 'Five ice creams he was... PAYING FOR' and that's it. Gerry was actually 'paying' for something, this has such significance as he 'paid from his own pocket. Kate could have said ' Gerry carried five ice creams or Gerry needed assistance carrying five icecreams,' Since then the fund (other people's money) has paid for everything from ice creams,court cases, teeth whitening, expensive haridressers to five star hotels in Portugal I could go on but you get the gest of it.

    'The beach trip was not a roaring success' children will have fun whatever the weather conditions if all parties particiate and make it fun, it was an effort on the part of Kate and Gerry to make it fun this comment of Kate imples that they did not really want to be bothered as Madeleine wanted to ' go back to the kids club' she was bored with mum and dad making no effort.
    I've not read the rest of the post but can image it along these lines.

    Kate and Gerry McCann are a couple of selfish parents (for want of a better word) who have always put their own needs before their children's needs. They created a mythical Madeleine, a beautiful little princess that sold newspapers, they portrayed themselves as a couple of middle class (religious!!!) doctors (who could do no wrong) and invented an evil peado abductor (who 6 years later is still looking after Madeleine!!!). The story is utter claptrap. They should have been put away years ago, but this fairytale of crime amongst other issues has cost Cameron the next election. (David Cameron you need to have a close look at yourself you have been made a fool of and so has your Home Secretary running after the McCann publicity wagon).

    Buggies or no buggies, shutters jemmied or not jemmied, phone calls deleted, not one but TWO sniffer dogs, I could go on, but we all know this case inside out, we are just waiting for crunch time, and that cannot be too far in the future after the recent travesty of Crimewatch. ( David Cameron this is from the tax payers, STOP WASTING OUR MONEY on the McCanns we have hospitals and education policies that need addressing. As Primeminster that is what you are supposed to be doing, not chasing votes. The McCanns are now a laughing stock, the Lisbon ttrial has shown them as the deluded fools they are, paying CR tens of thousands of (our) £ for what!!
    PS. What about Ben Needham's mum she has been dignified throughout the McCann circus, how about helping her to find out what happenecd to her son, or the other families of genuine missing relatives. It is a foregone conclusion what happened to Madeleine considering ther evidence against her ever being found alive and the Tapas and McCanns appear protected and are above the law for whatever happened Madeleine (God rest her soul). Shame on those that could have done something ...but did nothing.

  24. The Anne Guedes transcriptions for Mário Sena Lopes has been published.

    For our registry, we have published it on our McCann v Amaral Libel Trial blog.

    You can read it here:

    We reiterate our gratefulness to Anne and her hard work. A citizen can make a difference.

    1. The transcription for Mario Sena Lopes has been updated.

      The above link is no longer valid. New link:

  25. A conta do twitter UK Justice forum desapareceu......

    Maria Pois

  26. The relevant parts of Kate's story are the moving of the event from Monday (check the creche sheets) to Tuesday and the fact that Gerry bought those sunglasses he wore on the last photo refuting all those that say it had been shot the day they arrived.

    Not some road they took or didn't take, which is completely irrelevant.

  27. I don't believe the" last photo" was in fact the last photo. The reflex on his glasses are not compatible with the environment. His glasses show a very sunny day for a factual unpleasant day with wind and clouds. Just see how the hats are on the kids head? Did they reflect the wind? No! Then the last photo was again a fabrication to put Madeleine there, but for me more significant....was to put the parents inside the resort and avoid any doubts from the police, about where have they been on the last day.

  28. I doubt very much if the trip to the beach actually happened and the McCanns have not shown that they can recall events correctly in their statements regarding their entry into 5a changing from the front door to the patio, shutters, windows, whooshing etc. So why should be believe anything they say.

    I have long said that The Last Photo was an amalgamation of images and said so in Stevo's discussion some time ago. When Textusa in her Post : ( ) confirmed that "sunglasses reflect horizontally and not vertically" it confirms to me that these were mentioned in the beach trip (sunglasses corner) prior to the last day for this very purpose. To show that they were bought before 'The Last Photo'. I have finally been able to show (to my satisfaction at least) that these sunglasses were photoshopped onto Gerry's face by explaining that they could have been latched over either the neck band or maybe a pocket when they were initially photographed hence the vertical reflection. By photoshopping them into 'The Last Photo' the reflection becomes vertical.

  29. The beach trip has nothing to do with sunglasses used in the "last photo".

    Both last photo and beach trips have their own separate and clear objectives.

    There's an overlap in their objectives: to show family time outside activity that didn't exist but is the only way they could have been observed.

    No one has ever questioned if Gerry McCann had, or didn't have, sunglasses during the holiday. Like Jane Tanner's jeans it's a natural object to have on holidays.

    The controversy about sunglasses related with last photo is about if they were photoshopped or not and not whether they were shopped or not.

    In the case of the beach trip there's the clear intention of bringing up Guitarman.

    1. Proving this Beach Trip could have been easily settled by now. Gerry went into a shop and came out with 5 Ice-creams, someone served him, was this witness ever questioned?

      Then Gerry purchased a pair of Sunglasses, did the friendly old Ladies ever get questioned?

      Then Gerry said this in his witness statement on the 10th May 2007. He said that at that place there was an individual playing latin music on a guitar, to whom he intended to give some coins, but having none at the time, he didn't. That the individual had a neglected and careless appearance, unshaven and somewhat raggedy. He was Caucasian, 175cm tall, thin, 70 to 75kg in weight, dark, short hair, almost shaven-headed with grey sides, and not wearing glasses. Wearing a light brown-coloured sports jacket, with a hood at the back, and dark denim trousers, not noticing the footwear. He said that he never behaved strangely, nor approached or looked at the children in an ostensive manner. Was this Man ever questioned? With such a good description from Gerry, he wouldn't have been very hard to find.

      I believe none of the above have been Questioned.

    2. And another thing, Gerry describes the individual playing Latin music on his guitar in such dept, but can't remember what Kate was wearing on the night Maddie vanished.

      Funny that.

  30. PdL - What a place. Why does anyone holiday there?
    It's populated by black heroin addicts, people who rob apartments, gypsies who steal scrap and wood, scruffy moustachioed lurers of children, bogus charity collectors, suspicious street musicians, men lurking near phone booths, glasses man lurking in stairwells, blond men suspiciously lurking outside apartments, soothing couples entering apartments without permission, mysterious gangs of cleaners, men taking photographs of children on beaches... And to top it all, you have to queue for a table booking.

    1. Anonymous 11 Nov 2013 12:22:00

      Maybe because you can always enjoy an ice-cream in the rain?

      And a dip in an icy pool on arrival always attracts a crowd.

    2. I like the Tapas fragile chairs and tables. They wobble nicely when cutting thick grilled steaks spilling the drinks all about! It's fun for the whole family!

    3. And how about the number of men seen carrying little blond girls in the street in the middle of the night?

  31. I'm sure there were sunglasses for sale at Baptista's

  32. Exactely Textusa. I fully agree with you. All that exercise of the couple with a trip beach was to give room for the " mis en scene" of the musicien, the guitarmen. And the most important part of that exercise was the ice cream momentum with the kids left on their own on a wet bench. If not, how could the guitarmen had a chance to see the children and MOST IMPORTANT.... see how the parents were detached from their children facilitating the action of a stranger?
    It is really amazing, the way the Mccann's tried to fool people while passing an idea of being the most idiots in the world, adding stupid decisions one after the other. Means, reallity was so compromising that they were forced to fictional supidity to avoid and geopardise the truth.
    With the weather as was described for that April week, any parent will keep their children indoor. But indoor, there was no chance for a stranger to see them.
    The guitarman was brought to the saga due to his physical appearance and because whatever was the person involved with the Mccann's on that exercise, that person knows that the musicien use to play there. Must be an expat living in PDL. But again, they were caught by the details.
    Just an apart- the silence of Correio da Manhã regarding the follow up of the story of the death Cape Verdean. They delivered the spin "qb". AND THE ENORMOUS INCOMPETENCE OF SY, WHO AFTER MANY WEEKS FAILED TO CATCH ANY SUSPECT AND ARREST ANYONE RELATED WITH THE E-Fits.

    Well done Textusa.


    The three above links show how the local people of Brighton are non too pleased with the prospect of having Mitchell as their conservative candidate, some of the comments are very interesting especially concerning his fat cheque payments from the fraudulent fund.

    Is his new position in addition to being the Mccanns mouthpiece ?

  34. Its not normal for parents not to take loads of photos of their kids on holiday,especially on the beach. You capture each moment.

    1. Exactly!
      It was their ONLY outing! Maddie was "kidnapped" on Thursday, so unless they had something planned for Friday then was their only planned family outing to town! No question that a camera would have been taken along. The same Kate that was so delighted to see her daughter pick up tennis balls that she went specifically back to the apartment to take a picture of Maddie doesn't take a camera with her, that same day, to the ONLY trip they do as a family on their holiday in Portugal? Anyone that has gone on holiday in Luz has their picture taken at the beach. It's a spectacular sight and it's exactly for these situations that cameras were invented. The whole trip is bogus.

  35. Why is Mitchell the candidate for Brighton? Is it because Brighton is the british version of the Algarve? The guy seems addicted to towns linked with the sea. Or are they trying to use the sea as a vehicle to bring something from abroad and a facilitater guy in high position is a must? Sorry, not trying to feed any conspiracy idea, but that guy in Brighton makes non sense. Was he born there?
    Why not Leicester, to be close to his VIP clients?

  36. Mitchell said 'send your money in an envelope marked Kate and Gerry' and he is a proven liar reading some of the comments on those links he acted for a benefit cheat. It appears all the people the McCanns surrounded themselves with were dodgey from the PI's to their PR teams. Kate's book is full of misinformation and its the little details that once they are put together give the bigger picture, like Textusa has pointed out in her post about the wet sand and the sunglasses at first these details seem small but they mislead the reader with false information. All these people are liars their intention is to cause confusion.

  37. "The Sun" bringuing back Gary Cooper and her visions of " childs burglar" in PDL.
    Paedos down, gypsies down, immigrants down....come the time for drug addicted and guys with a odd figure. All checked and dismissed by PJ in 2007, but who cares, since they can still selling papers and entertaining the crowds, it is ok.
    What is serious relevant is the amazing memory of all this witnesses and their ability to pick small detais in a stressful situation.
    Being under the pressure of being almost harmed by a stranger but neverthless that, manage to have enough eye catch to spot his accomplice, who was trying to pass
    unnoticed, is for a genius. That, is what all that witnesses appear to our eyes- they were genius to spot some strange feelings, but failed a convincent detail from the supposed criminal. No clothes description, no particular signs on the face, which I believe is the first part of a strange we look at, if they come to talk to us with a weird attempt.

    And we still waiting for the eminent arrest of the e-fit criminal, by Redwood team. Where is he? At his office enjoying millions of Pounds in cup teas?
    What a shame... And nobody in UK stand up or steps forward to question all the behavior of that guys, including the newpapers, who waste trees by publishing misinformation?
    The Creepy guys were all investigated in 2007 and dismissed. Stop bringuing this ghosts back to life. We want news about the arrest of the Crimewatch e-fit. They claimed, they received thousands phone calls. I believe, all with interest. Then, where are the movements of the police to investigate this calls and arrest the guy? Or the calls were again unpleasant for the Mccann's and must be kept under the carpet for the coming years?

  38. Wonderful Textusa.... Your investigative eyes, spotted the intentions of who is working against justice and doing everything to misinform the public, always ahead.
    Your post about the beach trip( guitarman) and quickly the "Sun" coming out with the Creepy guys and the merveillous witnesses. No doubts, team Mccann read your blog and know that more important then the number of comments you get in your posts, is the number of readers that pass to your blog and have acess to accurate information.
    Soon the guitarman will have his glorious moment under the mouth of Mccann's witnesses, trough the usual vehicles, the Macc newspapers.
    Who is really creepy, is Gary Cooper... I will need some white wine fluts before paying any attention to that lady and to what she has to deliver regarding Madeleine issue.


    Prison officer sacked and five others warned for sick Madeleine McCann joke on drunken weekend

    A prison officer has been sacked after he was snapped on Facebook with “We have Madeleine McCann” scrawled on his shirt.

    The photo, taken on a drunken weekend with colleagues, was on the social network site for two months before the jail found out.

    A sickened staff member ­eventually alerted governor Kenny Brown who disciplined six guards over the incident.

    The sacked officer, who has not been named, was photographed in a prison issue shirt with the sick claim written in pen on his back.

    Three officers with him escaped with a slap on the wrist while two more were given written warnings.

    A source at Wandsworth jail in South West London said yesterday: “If I was Madeleine’s father I would want to know about this disgusting act.”

    A prison service spokesman said: “Disciplinary action has been taken.”


      Prison officer sacked and four others disciplined after Madeleine McCann T-shirt stunt

      A prison officer has been sacked and four others disciplined after photos of them wearing T-shirts saying ‘We Have Madeleine McCann’ during a drunken night out were posted on Facebook.

      They were among at least seven staff on a ‘boys’ weekend’ when the images were taken.

      The pictures were on Facebook for two months before being brought to the attention of their bosses at Wandsworth Prison, London.

      But a colleague told Metro it was ‘despicable’ that some involved in the incident were still working at the jail. He said: ‘It makes me sick to think just because they work for the prison service that they should get away with this disrespectful behaviour.

      ‘If I was the mother or father of Madeleine McCann I would want to know about this.’

      The incident happened when the officers were ‘very drunk’ on a weekend away, he claimed.

      The officer said printing slogans on Prison Service T-shirts about Madeleine, who went missing in Portugal in 2007, was a ‘disgusting act’. One senior officer has been dismissed, another remains suspended and three others received final written warnings.

      Their code of conduct makes it a disciplinary offence to bring the prison service into disrepute through social media.

      A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: ‘Appropriate disciplinary action has been taken following an incident concerning a number of prison officers outside of working hours and away from the prison.’


      They were on Facebook for TWO MONTHS! This weekend was much before this latest hype on the case.
      Maddie is so shameful that it has become both a Haloween theme costume and a taboo topic.
      From wikipedia: A taboo is a vehement prohibition of an action based on the belief that such behavior is either too sacred or too accursed for ordinary individuals to undertake, under threat of supernatural punishment.


    2. Please correct your expression "Maddie is so shameful" otherwise we will have to remove your comment.

      Thank you

    3. Anonymous 12 Nov 2013 10:43:00

      We're supposing you're Anonymous 12 Nov 2013 09:43:00.

      Thank you for the clarification.

      We find extremely distasteful any humour using any victims, and especially child victims, and so should be considered taboo.

      The punishment in this case is adequate in our opinion. It just lacked opportunity as it's not understandable that the pictures stayed up in FB for 2 months, it seems, and no one did anything about them.

      Better later than never. And that is applicable, obviously, to all related with Maddie's death cover-up.

  40. Taking into account that SY's "Crazy October" (or, if you like, the SY's Neverending-now-at-£6M-Extravagance-Bonanza) has smothered down to the trickle of having tabloids taking turns in bumping the issue up until the libel trial sentence, we are back to our weekly postings, in principle and without commitment, on Fridays.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  41. Sorry Textusa!!!
    Didn't mean the way it came out!! I meant Maddie, the subject NOT Maddie, the little girl!! How could i ever say that about her?!?
    I was so angry when writing that I wrote it that way. Sorry !
    The word "Maddie" is, unfortunately associated with what I said: a ridiculed theme or a taboo subject. Do I agree with either? NO!
    Please delete my previous comment if you feel that is best.
    Please accept my apologies.

  42. sickpedia always existed. Since the first year, 2007, about the mcCase.

    But today is 12 November and 19 is the Trial again. So, UK "press" need a McParty to sold and make money using the Little Girl.

    The usual. Profits about.....

  43. Isn't Rua da Praia the street where TS went to the supermarket, Alisuper - visible in the images, to buy some candy when walking her 2 dogs?

    1. Yes it is.

      And it seems not to be the best place to leave two dogs outside while shopping.

      Thank you for your comment.

    2. Our post on the subject:

      We misplaced Alisuper. We put it at the crossing, when in fact it is further up.

      It doesn't alter anything but apologies to our readers are in order.

  44. PdL - where families take it in turn to vomit each night, dog packs pursue and bite joggers, guests fall off catamarans, damage tendons playing tennis, have shaving accidents and stagger around apartments bleeding, domestic appliances need repair, shutters jam, baby monitors won't function at restaurants, travel cots can't be assembled.. sounds like THE VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED.

  45. If the weather was not that great and the sand wet why would gerry be wanting to buy sunglasses? Is Kate saying that Gerry had no sumglasses so the photo of him by the pool was taken after this event? Why would the kids club go to the beach on such a windy wet day how miserable for the children. How many children were in this club. It was out of season in May the evenings are dark and cold. Many holiday complexes close certain facilities due to lack of holiday makers, shortages of staff early in the season. I see no reason why the Tapas bar would serve dinners in the evening it would be impracticable. I do not think there were any dinners in Tapas the guests may have congregated there, had a cigarette but definitely no eating, staff would be needed in restaurants. Kates book is full of lies she introduces characters like Guitar man to plant ideas. Strip away all the clutter and what is left ? A scared group of swingers frantically covering for each other, afraid of what their friends, employers and relatives would say if it was made public and so started the blaming game with ficticious abductors grabbing headlines, same mccann tactics being used now to block out what is happening in the Lisbon trial. Such selfish people RIP Maddie x

  46. O update do CM na desinformação que foi debitando é o noticiar da sanção aplicada aos guardas prisionais que num momento de profundo mau gosto e irresponsabilidade, resolveram brincar com o destino de Maddie.
    O que me choca, não são as punições aplicadas porque foram merecidas, mas o desequilibrio nas respostas dadas a quem comete crimes ligeiros quando comparadas com a total impunidade para quem cometeu crimes maiores, como mentir à policia, alimentar falsos avistamentos, financiar um fundo para procurar uma criança que sabem estar morta e trazer para as paginas dos jornais fotografias de hipotéticos suspeitos, que sabem estar inocentes.
    Este desiquilibrio, é verdadeiramente chocante.
    Continuamos a espera de ver o CM informar-nos sobre a caça e prisão do suspeito descrito pelo retrato robot da crimewatch. Ou será que se esqueceram que está um team gigantesco da SY e mais uns ajudantes da PJ, com um orçamento de milhares de libras, a trabalhar para caçar o homem. E andam agora preocupados em punir um grupo de bebados que num momento infeliz de puro mau gosto resolveram gozar com uma situação. E porque é que gozaram? Muito provavelmente, por verem a atitude desrespeitosa dos pais e das autoridades inglesas, perante uma criança que já todos perceberam, está morta e quem tem de dizer o que lhe aconteceu, é quem passou com ela o ultimo dia e as ultimas horas.
    Sem duvida que vai haver mais situações de mau gosto... Muito por culpa dos pais e da sua máquina de desinformação. Às vezes, a maneira mais fácil que há de protestar contra uma situação, é ridiculariza-la e bébado é genuino, não mente. Mas claro as autoridades inglesas vão preferir punir levianos em vez de julgar criminosos e enquanto assim for, haverá lugar para mais e mais levianos.


  47. Recycled news prior to libel hearing
    Gail Cooper's Scruffyman

    Gail Cooper's Scruffyman sighting was investigated by PJ and discounted, as were as her inconsistent accounts, which were discredited in the final summary report.
    I remember she said he smelled of onions or garlic! Not a Brit then?
    But he spoke English. Then he was identified as local pig farmer Marques, said by a press report to be a convicted drug dealer.
    Interesting that Cooper's friends were said to be staying at an apartment, as I recall directly, above 5a. Another coincidence? I'm looking for the reference. Maybe someone else has it?

    1. Anonymous 13 Nov 2013 09:26:00

      Thank you!

      Indeed food for thought!

      Hope to get back to you on this with a full post. But please give us time as our plate is full at the moment.

  48. There is no coincidences on that case. 6 years of reading almost everything about that case leave me with a strong feeling that the main business of that Resort was allowing adult activities such the swing, and not normal holidays with beach and sport. Then, almost all people who book holidays there, until May 2007, where people who know the purpose of the Resort and who were looking for such type of holidays. Not only the pile of tourists who shared the week with the Mccann's. Then, no surprise that they all work to avoid a deep investigation on the Resort and on what lead the accident to happen. Any wrong or condemnable behaviour ( even if swing is not a crime) related with the guests in the Resort and proved to be consistent and usual for the Resort, will affect everybody that have holidayed there. Gary Cooper plays on the same team as Mrs Fenn. If they could, they will incriminate only the Mccann's and get over. But is hard to pin the crime only to a pair who had access to so much money easily and hired powerful spinmans and lawyers.
    Holidaymakers framed the Mccann's at the beguinning and now are being framed by their lawyers. The all group is condemned to dance the same tango, until somebody breaks and spill the beans.

    1. Anonymous 13 Nov 2013 10:12:00

      We wouldn’t say, as you do, “that the main business of that Resort was allowing adult activities such the swing, and not normal holidays with beach and sport.”

      PdL’s Oceon Club’s main business is, and was in 2007, to cater for “ordinary" holidays with beach and sport.

      The many reviews in Trip Advisor are very clear about that.

      But every business has its yearly ups and downs and that is particularly acute in the touristic business. Summer months are high season for beach resorts and winter months for skiing ones.

      In their respective low seasons all businesses seek to diversify and find new areas within their main scope of activity.

      In Portugal, most touristic businesses turn, during the autumn, winter and spring months, to the most obvious activity that is able to bring in revenue: golf.

      That’s why in Portugal the golf low season is during the summer month as tourists, during them, go there for the sun, the beach and the overall Portuguese hospitality.

      PdL’s privileged location (near Lagos but discreet) made it perfect for those seeking “alternative lifestyles” such as swinging.

      So, we suppose, instead of betting on the golf market, or at least on it exclusively, the OC betted on the swinging one for their low season. A pure business decision.

      Don't forget that normality, like beauty, is always in the eye of the beholder.

      Thank you for your comment.

  49. The Cooper sighting/s have the hands of the totally discredited Metodo 3 all over them. They were involved in producing photofits, whilst a police investigation was ongoing. The PJ recognised it for what it was.- a distraction. And it's being used for the same purpose now.
    The press are wasting our time with recycled rubbish. The purpose of it all, of course.


    "Three-year investigation by Scotland Yard concludes Gareth Williams probably died as a result of tragic accident"

    The guy found dead and padlocked in a bag ....the inquiry finding!!!! No-one else was involved!!!! I thought Mc case was crazy but this?????
    I suppose the wording about him being alone when he died might well be a get out card that technically could be true.
    Strange that his DNA and fingerprints were not found on the padlock......was he supposed to have died with his gloves on???? As for the keys being under his body.....well....what can one say? A logical person might say there was a second set of keys ....but hey....what would we know!
    Even Houdini couldn’t have managed that one. I’m shocked and horrified that we are supposed to believe this. How effing insulting! I’m furious!!!
    Scotland Yard is building itself a very nice reputation!!
    This one took three years. Expect something like this next May when Mc case is also three years.

    1. Maybe change its name to Scotland Yarn?

    2. Really incredible! Not even Harry Houdini was able to lock himself in when doing his shows, he needed an assistant to close the locks after he went inside the contraptions. If this managed to do what the police says he did, oh boy, he was better than the great Houdini !

  51. Imagine ! The e fits in....... Spain or Scotland! Please, open the link.

    How to profit about a missing, really missing boy. And the mcEfits .

  52. IMO Those that support the BH and the SY non investigation, must really detest your blog Textusa because you tell it how it is, and you tell it how we see it. What you are saying and stating is what we are forebidden from saying. CR stop us from having an opinion, they silence us...... so until justice is served and the Mccanns and their friends are put away...thank you Textusa for your analytical mind, for your observations and most of all for making your website available for everybody.... how can the Mccanns win this case with so much duplicity on their part.

  53. Just wanted say T - we love you !!!

  54. One month ago we were promised by Scotalnd Yard, in a joint effort with BBC, "someone's head on a silver platter" but a month later that "someone" is still out there, illusive and cunning as ever.

    We think adequate to echo Jim Gambles words on that same day.

    He reassures us that the police will not give up and we believe him.

    As to give up on something one has first to engage, it's impossible for SY to give up on Maddie.


    This is not the time to criticise parenting or policing, it is time to pause and consider the developments in the case.

    Jim Gamble, Monday 14 October 2013 17.30 BST
    Jump to comments (175)

    A social worker once told me that when faced with a highly emotive child protection situation, the most important thing is having the presence of mind to pause. As Kipling put it, to "keep your head when all about you/ Are losing theirs." Pausing to plan a response in a crisis is critical.

    When Madeleine McCann went missing in 2007, police in Portugal were faced with a difficult and highly charged scenario, no doubt made more complex by parental anxiety, along with language and cultural differences. As those first few hours disappeared in confusion and miscommunication, valuable minutes will have been lost. As hours turned to days there was little sense of pause, planning or direction, but no shortage of offers to help. There wasn't a policing agency in the UK that did not want to do all that it could to assist in the search for the little girl, whose picture was embedded in the public's conscience.

    As the months rolled by with no sign of Madeleine, for a period of time her parents became aguidos, suspects, in the investigation. The only unusual thing about that was that it did not happen earlier; investigators always clear the ground beneath their feet and in doing this you look at the parents.

    Many people have opinions about Kate and Gerry McCann. The rights and wrongs of their meal at the tapas bar and their approach to checking on the children. I am of the view that there but for the grace of God go I. For those perfect parents who have never left their children for a moment, think on this: if that was a lapse, they have paid a terrible price for it and they are still living the nightmare. No one but the person who took Madeleine is to blame for what has happened to her.

    Others ask why all the attention for one child when so many go missing? They confuse children pushed or pulled from their homes in the UK by unhappy circumstances, sexual predators and so-called friends, with cases like Madeleine and Ben Needham. In the first instance the majority of those who go missing in the UK return home within 72 hours. They need greater attention, more resources and focus but their circumstances are different. Cases like Ben Needham and Madeleine, missing and suspected abducted abroad, are thankfully rare.


  55. (cont.)

    As the Metropolitan police investigation begins to gather pace, we have heard of new persons of interest, thousands of lines of inquiry, including highly valuable telecoms data and, critically, a much-improved working relationship with their Portuguese colleagues. All of that must be welcomed and while there will come a point to reflect on why some of this has taken so long, this is not that time.

    Whether you were in Praia De Luz in May 2007 or not, you might hold the key, that piece of information which identifies a person or event, possibly even a phone number. Pause for a moment and consider the significant developments the police are sharing. Listen to the new timeline and look at the efit images. Someone out there knows, or has harboured suspicions, in either case now is the time to come forward.

    The person or people responsible have an uncomfortable week ahead. They probably thought they had weathered the storm but it's time for them to start looking over their shoulder again. Thanks to her parents' persistent campaigning, the search for Madeleine goes on."

  56. Textusa, I thought I ought to inform you of what happened to my computer when I tried to open the site posted by Anonymous13 Nov 2013 20:34:00,:

    "Imagine ! The e fits in....... Spain or Scotland! Please, open the link."

    "How to profit about a missing, really missing boy. And the mcEfits ."

    As I copied and pasted the web address and clicked to open, my computer just "froze" completely, a message of error came on the screen and also the warning that opening the contents of that link could harm my computer. Of course, I immediately tried to cancel it, but as I said my computer was frozen, it accepted no commands at all, and I only managed to shut it down by removing the battery (it's a laptop). I don't know if it is only about my computer, I mean, some malfunction on my computer and not related to that site at all, but it was a strange coincidence, my computer has always worked fine...and now that I think of it, it is a bit strange that "urge" to "please, open the link" I'm not sure of what caused the problem and I don't want to falsely accuse anyone of posting links with the intent of causing harm to others' computers I leave it up to you whether to publish my comment or not.

    Thank you,


  57. Textusa,
    I'm Roseanne, the one who wrote the message about the problems experienced with the link in the comment of Anonymous13 Nov 20:34:00,
    I went to the newspaper site ( and searched for that article, this is the correct link:

    Interestingly, the article is from Nacho Abad, the name rang a bell...well, because we was previously involved in some polemics with the PJ about the source of the "famous" story of Madeleine asking Kate "why didn't you come when Sean and I cried last night?"

    (once again, maybe this is a "not for publishing" comment, you decide, please. Thank you)


  58. Censored comment:

    “Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Is Kate McCann a Liar?":
    Ben Needham and Maddie Mccann are two totally differant situation Ben Needham was not left for hours and hours day after day night after night like little Maddie.
    Ben Needham was left with his grandparents while his mother went to work when she was not at work she spent time with her child the Mccanns left the kids in the morning collected the kids at lunch time and there they go back in the creche till teatime and after tea a little play and then so to bed.

    The mccanns must have spent all of 25 hrs on the FAMILY holiday that is good parenting dont you think.
    Get MCCANNS BACK TO PORTUGAL stop wasting money on the Mccanns all those people that think the Mccanns were right in their parenting skills are the people that other people have raised their kids bacause the needed the lime light eg Lorraine Kelly and all the other so called influential people.
    Let the real police do the job they get paid for not the yes men to the goverment and the money people
    Ben needhans mum and kate mccann different as chalk and cheese one with money and one without but which one was bringing their little one up with love and happiness all you have to do is wait a few years and see the outcome of the mccann twins.
    David CAMMERON get your (censored) and help a mother who needs it oh sorry i forgot you and your wife are that use to being without your kids you forgot where you left your daughter i wonder if that is what the Mccanns did.

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 14 Nov 2013 13:43:00"



    Microsoft translator to any language.

    Nacho Garbage since 2008


    Kate McCann reveals she's "exhausted" as renewed hope of finding daughter Madeleine means she can't sleep.

    Kate McCann has told how the renewed hunt for missing daughter Madeleine has given her renewed hope, but also left her exhausted.

    And the 45-year-old gave an emotional insight into the horrific traumas of being the parent of a lost child.

    Kate said the pain was so unbearable, “all you really want to do is disappear yourself”.

    The former GP told how she has endured a “tricky couple of months” and apologised for being “a bit sleep-deprived” when she spoke at a Missing People charity fundraising gala.

    Kate said: “What many people don’t know is the impact that a child going missing has on you, your family and all those who know your child. You need to know that all that can be done is being done and you need to know that the world hasn’t given up.”

    Police have reopened their inquiry into Madeleine’s ­disappearance from her holiday apartment at Praia da Luz in May 2007, shortly before her fourth birthday.

    A Crimewatch appeal last month resulted in an ­overwhelming response.

    At the gala in London Kate, who is an ambassador for Missing People – a group led by Jo Youle – said: “The highs are when you think there is news. And the lows… the dread of knowing what happened and the dread of not knowing what happened.”

    But despite her and husband Gerry’s anguish, Kate spoke of her delight that a billboard campaign she launched has helped find 100 missing people.

    She said: “It’s a truly amazing achievement.”

    Kate told how every five minutes a child goes missing in the UK.

    She added: “Thankfully the majority are found within 24 hours but a significant number are not. And so for these parents the pain continues, the agonising days and nights without news.”

    Personal note: please look at the map and gallery in the article. It's hilarious!!!

    1. Anonymous 15 Nov 2013 08:24:00

      Thank you for your heads up.

      So they put the Stroller not passing the Smith sighting location but have him go all the way round to pass Dolphins and Kelly's...

      Picture #2, the Smith Stroller route goes nowhere near the tennis courts. The route avoids COMPLETELY Rua da Escola Primaria! Has him going down Rua da Primeiro de Maio, and going in and out of a parking lot there(why?). One has to wonder how did the Smiths see 2-face where UK Crimewatch says they did. Mirror explicitly contradicting SY/BBC?

      Picture #3, what busy shops and what bus stop? What is their relevance to the case?

      Picture #4, these stairs are in Rua da Escola Primaria (where Mirror says he doesn't pass) and not in Rua da Calheta as shown. We said that these stairs were the "last resort" the Stroller had to avoid the Smith family (it's about 20 yards before he crossed with Smith's son, the first of the 3 "Smith crossings" he had). Just picture a grown man with a child in his arms trying to hide there...

    2. Can anyone tell me where was pic 3 taken?

    3. Anonymous 15 Nov 2013 09:08:00

      I would also like to know. Thank you for your comment.

    4. Missing People helped to find 100 children.
      Not ONE is named. Missing from where? Why? What age?
      Runaways, custody disputes...? We just don't know.
      No fanfare of publicity as a child is found.
      Or would that mean publicity for the actual finders of the children.
      Police, Social Services..?

    5. Anonymous 15 Nov 2013 11:04:00

      According to Kate there are 105,120 missing children a year in the UK.

      If 90% return, that makes 10,512 who don't.

      If 99% return, that makes 1,051 who don't.

      People just say numbers without thinking.


    "Police tried to spy on Cambridge students, secret footage shows
    Officer is filmed attempting to persuade activist in his 20s to become informant targeting 'student-union type stuff' "

    Undercover police target students
    Police sought to launch a secret operation to spy on political activities of students at Cambridge University.
    One of the targets was Unite against Fascism.

    North Korea could learn something from the UK

  63. Dear kate Mccann its allways you you you i i i for once just once think about you little girl what is happening to her if you truly believe she is alive how is she being treated what pain and anquish is Madeliene going through but no its all about you.
    Dont come up with that load of bull i cannot sleep you poor poor women you are a sad women in more ways than one .
    You know what happend to your daughter let her rest now just for god sake stop your moaning its not got you anywhere in the last six years and will not get you anywhere now

    Gerry even in my opinion is as bad as you how long do you think he will cling on to you when the truth comes out he will drop you like a bag of spuds if he hasnt already.
    So get your house in order you may think you have got a way so far but mark my words the other children will resent you forever you will end up your days a sad and lonely old woman so keep on bleeting all you want noone really cares.
    you may go down in history for all the wrong reasons a selfish vile arrogant pathetic exuse of a mother

    1. Totally agree.Waiting now for the flurry of media distractions to be unveiled when libel trial resumes.


    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Is Kate McCann a Liar?":

    No matter the theories of protected or not. The simple fact of the matter is that this is a complete fiasco even Holllywood couldn't have written the script. They have neglected their offspring and got away with it, for the moment, I hope because they are middle class doctors with an agenda for fame, wealth and whatever. It is absolutely scandalous that such people can represent the UK and make a complete mockery of the system. They have also made a complete mockert of the government, Scotland Yard and the press. In my eyes those three establishments will never ever be credible in my eyes anymore and I am referring especially to Scotland Yard. There have been cases of child so called abduction that have been resolved in France in less than six months, in Portugal GA nearly had it nailed but for some reason it couldn't be done... The Mc's making out that the Portugese incompetent bunch of only good for being waiters was tht their opinion of them.? Cadaver dog has never made a mistake but for GM not scientifically proven. Then why did KM say that she had assisted 6 deaths before going to Portugal and bringing cuddle cuat with her to her job . If they think that the dogs qre of no use why justify with her 6 deaths that could account for the cadavar dog's findings. Utter hogwash and yes I hope that the MCc's read this but doubt if it will touch them at all they are so full of themselves.

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 20 Nov 2013 17:42:00


      Textusa has left a new comment on your post "Is Kate McCann a Liar?":

      Anonymous 20 Nov 2013 17:42:00

      Thank you for such a heratfelt comment.

      We have to correct you on something. Our blog is a firm believer that there was no negligence with the T9 children.

      Negligence was instilled because it's the ONLY scenario that allows an abduction.

      The T9 children, together with other children present in PdL, were always taken care of. Never were they abandoned in apartments on their own.

      Good point about dogs. According to the McCanns the dogs were able to smell the scent of a body that didn't touch those clothes, unless wherever Kate worked as a GP (we wonder under what circumstances a GP has contact with a corpse) allow for their doctors to contact physically bodies without any sort of disposable protective clothing.

      Posted by Textusa to Textusa at 20 Nov 2013 18:08:00


    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Is Kate McCann a Liar?":

    In reply to your comment about Missing Peopel. It has always intrigued me why they post the people missing and if you need to have ay more information you have to pay. I have always found that very strange. Here in France we have a site which is totally freeand gives every detail. I am very sceptical of that Missing People site.

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 20 Nov 2013 18:07:00

  66. Kate's book 'Madeleine' was written she said for her children, and as such she would have to lie to throw the children (when grown) off the scent of discovering their parents guilt the part they played in/directly in the disappearance of their sister Madeleine. Of course Kate McCann said she has written the book for all three children, Amelie Sean, Madeleine - but she knows Madeleine, her first born child will never read it!

    The book is simply Kate and Gerry McCann 'getting in first' with their version before their children Sean and Amelie reach an age where they will ask and search for answers.

    There will be a copy available to these kids the moment the McCanns feel the 'right moment' has arrived. And before that time, they will have had their heads filled about the 'evil Dr Amaral.' however age inappropriate, or just plain inappropriate that is - that will not have stopped the McCanns filling the children's heads with their lies. In fact, it is crucial to them, that they do!

    Almost everything in the book is written by way of covering up what really happened to this little girl. Unashamedly, Kate McCann (and Gerry McCann as he knew what the content of this book was to be) have put in print what they considered was some sort of proof of their innocence, or at least, a story, to contradict the facts and of course speculation and criticism of their appalling neglect of their children - Kate McCann tries to show that she is/was a good mother - a caring thoughtful mother who put her children's safety first, before all else - her little drama over the ice-creams testament to this.

    This never happened - if ice-creams were to be had, quite simply push the twins int he buggy over to where Gerry stood with ice-creams. And dare I say it, a grown man who could not carry 5 ice-cream cornets - nonsense! Cornets for little tiny toddlers would be tiny too. McCann would not be purchasing huge ice-creams for little kids. And not as though they were going to melt and drip in that short distance back to Kate, and in the rain, unlike in the blistering heat of a summer's day when we see exactly that happening at beach resorts!


  67. But to the buggy - double/single!

    Twin buggies to my knowledge come in two styles - side by side, or the ones favoured most by parents (even in countries where the roads and pavements are so much wider than those of Praia da Luz in Portugual) where the seats of the buggy are 'one behind the other' making the buggy less wide and easier to negotiate through streets, shops etc.

    In Portugal, I would wonder at Mark Warner offering 'side by side' double buggies, knowing that the narrow streets and pavements would make use of this type, difficult. Any buggy, single or double difficult in narrow cobbled streets/pavements, where there is parked vehicles also - but a 'side by side' double buggy - seems extraordinary that anyone would wish to attempt that!

    Did any of the tapas group take a buggy with them?

    I ask as I believe Madeleine was the eldest of all of the children, that some of the other couples had two children, all very young - and often parents with very young children, when the children's ages are not a huge difference apart - say a 1 and a 2 year old, the two year old still requiring to be in a buggy - the parents purchase a double buggy. Double buggies not strictly for twin children.

    I wonder if any of the other tapas parents, those with two very young children - Did any of them take along a double buggy (or any buggy) which the McCanns may have borrowed?

    I saw also somewhere a picture of Gerry McCann pushing a double buggy in PDL? Presumably after Madeleine disappeared. A side by side buggy. Why would they continue with this type if they were to stay in PDL for as long as they did, when it clearly was such a cumbersome thing to have?

    But more curious, is that the buggy was completely covered by a rain cover where only the feet of the children could be seen. Extraordinary in a warm summer for the children to be 'suffocated' in this way? Most unusual for a raincover for a buggy not to have the clear section for the children inside to see out, and for the parents to be able to 'see-in?'

    As to Kate McCann saying they headed 'back up the road' or whatever phrase she used, I agree with the contributor who said that this does not necessarily mean she/they headed in an upward direction. Equally I appreciate the point you were making - the McCanns for persons who were at the time Kate McCann wrote the book, recalling every minute detail, didn't give any real detail as to their journey to or from the beach, other than a pathetic attempt to prove in some way that she was a good mother -the ice-cream tale. Which failed miserably, as, if she was so worried about the welfare of her children, she would not have left them (sitting on a bench was it and not in the buggy?) it would take only a moment for a child (and there were three here) to go off (under a bus) or head to the water.

    If all three children had done so, headed their separate ways into a dangerous situation - only two parents, but three kids - Which of the kids do the McCann couple choose, which two of the three children do they decide to save from a dangerous situation? Which one, gets left to continue their escape straight to danger? How would they decide?

    This nonsense by Kate McCann proves, not that she was a mother looking out for the safety of her children, but that, her and Gerry McCann, were the most neglectful, thoughtless parents on the planet with not a clue as how to keep three little toddlers safe - or that they are simply great fat liars!

  68. So im an ex MW creche worker...not from PDL never worked there. However that summer creche workers from PDL who were involved in the goings on with Maddie were transferred out off that resort very swiftly after all the goings on and to a totally different country to continue work in the same job role, i know this as they came to my resort in Greece. All of them were traumatized by what happened, they didnt say a word about what happened but just said how affected they girl hit the booze hard and one left as everything that happened was too much for her to deal with. The girls must of been the ones who looked after the other tapas members children as well as the one who looked after maddie and the one who said she was first on scene and heard kate screaming.
    I would never like to accuse them or even think of them being involved in the case. I was friends with these girls and they werw good at their jobs and brilliant with childre . However one of them.. CP is already accused of lying...given two seperate accounts of what happened as i read on the McCanns files page. So now im left wondering.
    I can safely state as well the familys that came.on holiday, big time snobs and celebs we used to get werent interested in spending a minute more than they had to with their children. They were in creche every availible minute which yeah kept me in a job but left me feeling sad for the children who were being palmed off and had probably not many memories of being with their parents on the holiday. So thats just an insight i could go on but some people dont deserve children having my own on the way now i can honestly say i wont be palming my child/ren off to strange people in strange foriegn lands...i could rant forever but i wont its just simply to tell people how most familys were on these holidays and in my eyes rhe McCanns strike me as this type of shoddy parents and a whole lot more..wrong uns!!!!
    The horrible truth will be outed one day until then Maddie is always in my thoughts.

  69. With respect, we have no way of verifying what is said.

    We thank Anonymous14 Jul 2014 15:32:00 but readers will have to decide for themselves.

  70. This whole discussion about the route they took to and from the beach is based on an untruth. Boa Pesca is a cul de sac with no route through it for cars BUT THERE IS A GAP IN THE WALL WHERE IT JOINS WITH RUA DE PRAIA WITH TWO STEPS LEADING DOWN. Lots of people including us who have holidayed in the are for 30 years, use this route regularly to walk from the Rua Direita to the beach. From this gap in the wall you cross over Rua De Praia and go through the short alleyway beside the Beach Apartments and you are on the promenade. This is the quickest route from the McCanns appartment to the beach. Perhaps people should not make uninformed comments about the roads and pathways in the area if they have never visited Luz There are lots of unmarked paths and cut throughs in Luz which are not on a map. Only local knowledge will give the correct picture. Luz is a charming holiday resort - we have been visiting for 30 years.

    1. Anonymous 31 Jul 2014 18:22:00,

      You forgot to mention the route that was used by nannies to take the kids from crèche to the beach. It's in pictures on the files. We didn't consider that route as we took for certain that strangers to town,you know those without "local knowledge" like the McCann family who didn't - allegedly - know where the church was, would know of.

      Are you suggesting the McCann family knew of this short-cut?

      By the way, we don't see how this changes the difficulty of the path between the point Kate is and the crèche.

    2. Anonymous 31 Jul 2014 18:22:00,

      Fred has asked me to ask you this: "so you prefer for Praia da Luz to be known worldwide as a town where children are abducted than one where there's adult swinging?"

      I thought it quite pertinent.

  71. Gerry has said Madeleine was taken by a paedopohile. but that there is no proof she has actually come to any harm. Does this mean he does not regard the ways of a paedophile as wrong?

    1. Anonymous 22 Aug 2014 12:47:00,

      Any living human being regards the ways of a paedo as absolutely despicable.

      Your comment seems to imply that Gerry would not regard these ways as such because he would be one.

      As we said any living human being regards the ways of a paedo as absolutely despicable and that includes paedos.

      We fail to find any credible indication to say that Gerry McCann (or David Payne) are paedos.

      We are absolutely convinced that Maddie’s death had absolutely nothing to do with paedophilia.

    2. I fully agree here, also my point of view.

    3. Amazing how Gerry was able to know who could of been responsible taking their precious little girl? the woman who was in the above apartment to the McCann's had heard Gerry shouting ''someone has taken a little girl'' the same woman who had reported that she could here the children crying for hours down stairs. As what the investigators has said all along there was NEVER any evidence of an abduction from that apartment and no damage to the window shutters only Kate's finger prints???

  72. The whole idea of the McCann's get the SY to keep looking, and I'm sure with some Government help, is to show the World, look we are innocent, and to keep the fund going.

  73. The only reason Kate wrote the diary, and the book Madeleine, is so she can revise and remember all the lies she's told over the years. If she's hoping to convince the twins of their innocence I think she's deluded!! The twins will no doubt do their own research, and no way will they take their parent's word as gospel especially after coming across sites such as this. I think Kate & Jerry are in for a rough ride when the twins reach adulthood there'll be many awkward questions put to them that they won't be able to um and arr over.

    Thank you for an excellent blog Textusa, an education for the masses!!!

  74. Was a buggy used to transport Marty's body? Was she dumped in the water, hidden or handed off to someone? I'm most upset about the cadaver dogs sniffing out death and blood behind the sofa which Gerry told the police he'd had to push up against the wall because the kids wouldn't stop jumping off the back of it. Also in the closet in the shelf.


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