Monday, 11 October 2010

Thank You, UK

As you know, I consider Mr. Jim Gamble a pivotal character in the Maddie McCann Saga.

 I believe he played a significant role in the protection, or better said, cover-up of all the events that occurred between April 28th and May 3rd, 2007.

I also believe that he intervened directly in the “role-playing” on the evening and night of May 3rd, 2007, date that marks the beginning of various criminal acts undertaken by some British citizens, and surely some Portuguese, in PdL, in Lisbon and various places all over the UK.

Sensitive and powerful places, but also in some "posh" or "wanna-be-posh" neighborhoods...

With his “resignation” (that unexpectedly, for Gamble, became a resignation) and with the upcoming Operation Ore Court Hearings (the latest I heard, postponed to Nov 12th) this blog will obviously center its attention to this gentleman.

The fall of this man, will not turn the tables over immediately, but I have an idea that for some people out there their survival instincts are making them try NEW clothing for sizing.

We all know what happens to old rags... or to people who just won't, or can't, keep up with fashion.

The overall criticism of Gamble’s performance in his job is quite adamant and CLEAR. Either the UK, using his supporter’s terminology, is populated by paedophiles or it is then by VERY SANE and VERY WELL EDUCATED people that are showing the System that things just are not exactly what they are because the System says they are, but because they simply are.

And when they aren’t, they aren’t. Like Jim Gamble isn't the hero the System has tried to make him, for we know, not only he's NOT an hero, he's the stuff that makes anyone a hero for catching him.

People are votes, no one better than politicians to know that. Let's be realistic and say that we know that votes can, and will, always be oriented by opinion manipulation and crowds are, and will, always be politician's favorite victim for fools, but from what I’ve witnessed this far, it's that the UK is showing that there’s a limit in all that, and that that limit has, and is, to be respected.

Either Jim will go or May will. Jim has got a lot of powerful friends, who, as expected, have reacted, rather flimsily I may add, which means he’s either packing up at this moment, or his personal stuff will be flying out of his ex-office’s window, but against Jim is one the most powerful of all: YOU.

No, the McCanns will not be arrested on the day after he falls, but, if we keep on putting on pressure that day is now feasible (it become on Oct 5th, 2007).

And on that day, we will have reached one enormous victory, not only for Justice, but for Mankind itself, which in the future many will thank us for having stood our ground with determination and resilience.

In the picture the man is wearing a poppy. This post is to show that man that THAT poppy has a meaning, a purpose and a heritage, and for people like him to wear it is to insult all those whose sacrifice gave it its such treasured meaning.
An image sent by Maria, who I, and all those seeking Justice, so much thank for her tireless efforts:



    ( Some old news but in Sept 2007....only 20% if that, thought the McCanns were not involved. I believe this figure remains today and the McCanns know it."

    Roy Whiting killer of Sarah Payne now related to McCanns and Gamble....ever increasing circles....ALL paedophiles together.

    Roy Whiting was released after abducting a young girl BUT NOT thought of as a paedophile.

    Many asking the same question in above link...Sarah is being used but she cannot see it...

    Gamble does not care about children it is all about power....

    To read, to re read and to think about.

    We must help each other,


    How You all can see some links.

  2. And now........... like usual i will made a almost copy and paste.

    Thank You!

  3. he (J.G.) and the couple also:

    can see the image with a poppy

  4. The tide is turning. No longer 20% but now 68% agree M died in the apartment according to this poll.

  5. Reading Sarahs says they made appeals day after day...

    The McCanns made one appeal on the 4th after that ALL interviews were explaining the abduction...

    do you not find this odd?


  6. No need, Text! Is not need . We fight all together. That is all.


  7. do not forget:

    Aurora La Lys.

  8. TotallyConfused11 Oct 2010, 21:03:00

    I hate to be a 'downer' but do people know the real 'story' of Saint Sara Payne in the death of her child Sarah? The truth is far from her 'spin'.

    May I also take this chance to say that one of Gamble's biggest supporters calls herself Shy Kennan. I know the real story of Shy. I have in the past put it in the public domain and she constantly threatens to sue anyone who doesn't tow her version of events- she has never come after me once she found out my source for refuting her story. She does love calling me 'the paedo loving yankee bird' and even went to the trouble of getting a caracature of me put on her website. I apparently even was worthy of a mention in a book she wrote.

    Gamble's fan club is becoming smaller and less credible by the hour.

    Even with all the other shit in my life, at least exposing them gives me a reason (other than my love of my children) to wake up in the morning.


    And for anyone who wants me to do so- I am happy to expose all my life failures.

  9. The false and Hypocrit Mccann's wi
    th Poppy's. Like the green and yellow ribbons and the Cuddle Cat, the poppy's were used to feed their business campaign. Madeleine trademark and their desperate need of money.
    They insult any person who really use the poppy with an honest and sincere mean.
    Gamble was on the Maddie saga, since the beginning. Remember to who the Mccann's asked tourists in PDL to sent the pictures they may have? Not to PJ or to British oficial police... To crimewatch and the CEOP. What could be the use of that pictures under the hands of such organizations? Not the rescue or protection of Madeleine, but the protection of any paedo in the pictures and the most important- tracking down the Smiths or any other unconvenient witness.
    Another day, another bell sounding that what happened in PDL could be far from a domestic accident.


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