Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Flower that wasn't meant to Blossom in May

A Tribute to Maddie from .....  

"A Reminiscence"  

"And though thy transient life is o'er  
'Tis sweet to think that thou hast been"

An extract from a poem by Anne Bronte.

To any reader who reads the poem in its entirety, it was written about a dear friend of Anne Bronte's.

 In no way are we suggesting that the poem refers to the resting place of Madeleine.


  1. Madeleine may no longer be with us, but her memory will live on, she will not be forgotten, there are so many people wanting justice for Madeleine that it will be forthcoming as this is not just an injustice to a child there is also the fraudulent fund and subsequent cover ups and lies from numerous individuals.
    RIP Maddie today you should have been opening your birthday presents you are in our hearts and we will never forget you. May the truth be known soon be known.
    God bless xx

  2. Madeleine Beth Mccann - a life cut short by self serving individuals more concerned about preserving their reputations than doing the right thing.

    'The truth is like oil, it always comes to the surface'....RIP Maddie

  3. Por Ti, Madeleine, que em Maio de 2007 perdeste a Tua Vida, muitos beijinhos e, onde estás, estás agora em segurança.

    Lamento muito tudo o que se passou Contigo!

    Hoje, é o Teu triste dia e, por isso não vou falar de quem sabes.

    Só espero que tenhas conseguido alcançar a PAZ.

  4. A fitting tribute to a little girl whose name will go down in history. She will never be forgotten and not just by those close to her.

  5. A beautiful composition that Kate could use to be the hard cover of her book.... if she had any sense of 'good look' and sensibility. Instead she choose a word ' Madeleine' without pictures, for a book she want everybody to believe is to search her daughter.
    Poor Madeleine. How much money did you help your mum to cash in? I hope, from where you are, you direct every possible buyer out of the shelves where the book is going to be exposed. Your mum did not want you to be found. She just loves the product you represent.

  6. Looking at this tribute makes it so clear why K McCann's book would not be released today, the anniversary of the day Maddie went 'missing'. It would be acknowledging something more.

    The royal wedding is no longer in the news so why wait until the 12th?

    But there again......why would the McCanns say the the proceeds from the book could fund the search for another two years? That sounds like an admission there is no chance of finding Maddie.

    This will not go on for another two years so maybe the book was meant to be their parting shot. Because it won't raise funds then the Mc can say they can no longer afford to keep searching so an excuse to fade away from publicity?

  7. The tribute from Kate on her Findmadeleine:

    " 2011 has been an incredibly busy year so far. Every year since Madeleine was taken has been, but this one, particularly so.

    Between January and March we held 3 fundraising events – 'Bags of Hope for Madeleine' - at the National Space Centre in Leicester, the Crypt in the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral and the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow. Despite the time and effort required in organising these evenings, all three were very positive. As well as the money raised...." (MONEY, MONEY, ALWAYS MONEY)
    and she carry on: "...The main project this year has been writing my book.... We hope and pray that it will bring us the result we long for....(MONEY, MONEY, MONEY)
    Continues:" We would like to reiterate our gratitude to all of our supporters for not forgetting... Your continued kindness and backing could help us..." ( Money, Money, Money)

    That is the main message we can imply from your tribute to your daughter,during this 4 years. You can nominate who help you grabbing money. You can name every place you went to fill your pockets. You are not able to nominate or name a single place you physical went to search your daughter or ask an official police to do it. Did you realise that only official polices send by top authorities (a judge, a prosecutor, a court, etc) could search and loccate your daughter? I really want you to explain how your detectives are going to enter any public or private property to search? What is the way? Which authority is going to issue an authorization? Did you realise that behind your campaign you are promoting another crime-Invasion of properties? Your detectives can't search anything. Your campaign is a fraud, a lie. Stop fooling the public. Your all job during this 4 years was fooling and stoling money to pay lawyers and Mitchell. I don't even believe you payed a coin to your detectives. Their names are being used as a smoke cloud to help you achieve your goal- Money. Money to pay lawyers who help you not reopening the case and Mitchell who help you spread your lies and act like if you are pretending to reopen the case, when behind scenes you do everything to avoid reopening it. Your detectives can't search anything and them and Mitchell know it. This case is not like a wife who ask their services to follow her husband or vice-versa. On Madeleine crime they are useless. You are using them to fool the public and stole money from honest people who were not aware of that fact.
    You claim 50000 signatures in your Petition. What a number. Was that number not enough to reopen the investigation? Yes. A quarter of that number will be enough in any country. Then, why you still seating and using your facebook and your tabloids to spread your big LIE:
    " The need for a review by the authorities of Madeleine's case remains, and our desire to achieve this unwavering. This is a stone which definitely needs to be turned for Madeleine ". WHAT IS PREVENTING YOU FROM TURNING THE STONE? As usual, the Petition is also fake and you cannot hand anything to any authority without being at risk of being accused of another crime.

    It is really a shame, Kate, your tribute for Madeleine today. Thanks you are not giving interviews because you will not resist to publicise your book and pass the main message- GIVE US YOUR MONEY TO feed our campaign of DESRESPECTING THE DIGNITY OF OUR CHILD and 'masking' the real crimes.

  8. O que ressalta na imprensa portuguesa sobre este caso, esta manha:
    Alem do unico artigo que me parece interessante no Correio da Manha (maddie registada 3 meses depois de nascer) mas que ainda nao li por nao estar disponivel on-line, a distribuicao em massa(via agencia Lusa) da publicidade gratuita ao livro de Kate pelos jornais portugueses. Neste artigo, uma frase ressalta e ecoa, espero que por muito tempo nos ouvidos dos portugueses, o tempo suficiente para afastar todos os portugueses das prateleiras onde o livro possa estar a venda: "Em nota enviada pela assessoria de imprensa em Portugal..." O QUE? ASSESSORIA DE IMPRENSA EM PORTUGAL? Desde quando os pais inocentes de uma crianca desaparecida precisam de uma assessoria de imprensa? E para isso que serve o dinheiro do Fundo? E para pagar a toda esta gentinha que o livro das mentiras vai estar a venda em Portugal? Facamos uma onda, uma corrente de protesto contra o livro. FNAC, BERTRAND e outras livrarias, recusem a promocao de um livro feito de mentiras e do "QUEIMAR A IMAGEM DE PORTUGAL". Ela que engane e minta aos ingleses que se deixarem enganar. Em Portugal, roubar mais dinheiro aos portugueses, NAO! Ja foi a investigacao mais cara que tivemos e eles recusaram-se a fazer a reconstituicao do crime e a responder a perguntas vitais. Se a Kate tem algo a dizer sobre a verdade que va a esquadra mais proxima, a Procuradoria Geral da Republica ou a PJ de Portimao prestar declaracoes. Em Portugal so um gesto merece respeito- A rebertura da investigacao sem recusas ou interferencias.
    A Agencia Lusa nao havia de fazer publicidade gratuita sem deixar nela uma rasteira. Assessoria de Imprensa... e esta, hemmm? como diria o saudoso Fernando Peca.

  9. Yet another mystery about Madeleine...in today's Correio da Manhã(portuguese paper) there's an article claiming that the McCanns took 3 months to register Madeleine after she was born. I have not had the chance to read the full article, as it still is not available online and I haven't been out to buy the paper, but this is what's online:


    Pais não registaram Maddie à nascença
    Foi registada três meses depois de nascer e festejava o aniversário numa terceira data"

    Parents did not register Maddie at birth.
    She was registered 3 months after being born and her birthday was celebrated at a third date"

    A THIRD date?! She was born one day, registered on another, so it should be on a second date...? What't this all about???

    This case gets weirder and weirder...

  10. Pais não registaram Maddie à nascença

    Foi registada três meses depois de nascer e festejava o aniversário numa terceira data

  11. r.i.p Madeleine.x I read on Dr Martin Roberts blog that the McCanns didn't register Madeleine's birth until she was three months old,when by law a birth should be registered within fourty two days.

  12. Regsarding the article about Maddie been registered 3 months after born, PJ said that Kate and Gerry never explain to them why.

    The question is very simple: WHY? Is it the answer, very complicate? That news kill your book in Portugal, Kate. Who is the courageous british paper who is going to publish this news in UK? Is there a good journalist to investigate the pass of that little girl? I believe her medical records could hold important information to fill the jigsaw.
    What a strange behavior for parents who just had their first baby and was so hard to concieve her (they had to do IVF). Normally parents get so excited with their first baby that they become over protective and want to do everything in a properly way and on proper time. But I'm talking about normal parents, not such kind of pseudo-projects.

  13. Joana Morais has the article from Correio da Manha( Maddie registered 3 months later) translated on her blog. Very interesting. The information was handed to PJ 15 days after the girl went missing. The parents never explained the reasons. At the time, the investigators had the impression that Madeleine was having learning disability.
    She was born in March, registered in June and her passport shows 12 May as her birthday date.
    As a poster already said, that case is getting weird over the time. This is why they don't want the investigation reopened. The Petition is a excuse to be used by their lawyers to try to access the information that still under secrecy. They will play with media to pass the idea of the portuguese police being the bad guys if they refuse to release information to them.
    Isabel Duarte observation regarding the shocked pictures she had seen in Portimao office was already a try to see if PJ reacts and release something new. The police knows well the rats they are dealing with. Vital information will be delivered to the portuguese media. The game just starts. Mccann's watch your end.
    I want to see Kate face in Lisbon, on 23 May, to release her book. All comments in all portuguese papers were against. People ready to show up wearing black in memory of Madeleine. People don't believe a single word coming from her mouth. People believe on the police version- Madeleine died on May 2007.

  14. To whom may concern:

    My sincere condolences


  15. The photo of Maddie at the bottom of the photo is the same face, same angle, same hair blowing across her face as the 'last photo' of her by the pool.

    Photoshop a hat on her and the twisted body on that last photo makes sense.

    I don't think this poor little girl looked very well as she she got older, so is that why images of her as a younger child are the ones in the media?

  16. RIP little Madeleine, you deserved so much more.....
    Thank you Textusa et al

  17. Gente boa é destruída;

    gentinha do pior tem tudo e faz o que quer.


  18. Textusa

    Beautiful montage - very fitting for Madeleine.

    We will not forget her and we will continue to fight for justice for her - for as long as it takes.

    Be at peace Madeleine.

  19. Desculpem mas o artigo do Correio da Manha gerou em mim uma certa confusao. Ainda nao percebi se e um artigo com carater informativo ou se foi lancado de proposito para gerar confusao. Depois de o ter lido varias vezes fica a duvida se e pro ou anti-Mccann.
    Foi claramente escrito com o intuito de passar a mensagem de que quem forneceu a informacao ao jornal foi a PJ. Mas entao de onde vem a data de nascimento 12 de Marco? E que a certidao de nascimento tem 12 de Maio tal como o passaporte, e de 12 de Maio a 5 de Junho vai mais ou menos 1 mes, nao 3 meses. Ou o jornal tem mais documentos/ informacao que nao passou para o publico ou ha aqui um jogo que nao entendo. Ou melhor, se entendo, pretende deixar mal a PJ.
    Partindo da Lusa vem a informacao que o casalinho tem assessores de imprensa em portugal. Nao estao a ser pagos para estarem sentados atras de uma secretaria nas datas consideradas oportunas. E ontem era uma data oportuna.
    So faltava agora os jornais portugueses entrarem no jogo sujo dos Mccann para serem falados e publicitados a custa de noticias que me parecem charadas. Se a data 12 de Marco nao existe e foi um erro, todo o artigo e um bluff e dali so fica a ideia que eu ja tinha-Madeleine com um problema de saude que lhe reduzia algumas faculdades. Entao seria isto que o jornal deveria explorar mandando jornalistas de investigacao a Inglaterra a procura de dados que tragam alguma luz sobre o passado de Madeleine. Tudo indica que nao deve ter sido muito bom. De repente veio-me a memoria o papel no frigorifico de Rothley com as estrelas e o comentario apressado da avo e da tia a dizer que era uma crianca alegre e saudavel.
    Sinceramente, espero que Paulo Marcelino e o correio da manha nao sejam mais uns no universo tabloide dos mccann.

  20. As quedas são os acidentes mais frequentes nas crianças, sendo a terceira causa de morte acidental.

    A lesão traumática intracraniana é a lesão mais frequente.

    Uma média de cerca de 9 crianças e jovens, sofrem diariamente uma queda com consequências graves.

    A casa e a escola são os locais mais frequentes dos acidentes sendo que as janelas e varandas e escadas são onde a maior parte das quedas acontece.

    É a conclusão de um estudo da Associação para a Promoção da Segurança Infantil (APSI)

  21. God bless you Madeleine now your tears and suffering are over and may all those guilty be brought to justice.

  22. Esta meia esclarecida a minha confusao com o artigo do Correio da Manha. O artigo diz que a policia de Leicester enviou um documento a PJ, 15 dias apos o desaparecimento, com a informacao de 12 de Marco de 2003 como sendo a data de nascimento de Madeleine. O artigo nao diz que o documento enviado e uma certidao de nascimento, mas presumo que sera um documento legal e oficial. Se ha uma certidao de nascimento datada de 12 de Maio e um documento fornecido pela policia com data de 12 de Marco, entao um deles tem de ser falso. Nao estou a ver que interesse teria a policia de Leicester em enviar no inicio da investigacao um documento falso.
    Questionados sobre este assunto no seu Facebook, os Mccann responderam secamente que o jornal se enganou nas datas. Uma resposta muito pobre para um assunto tao delicado e serio e nenhuma intencao de processar o jornal. Mitchell tambem esta calado a espera que o vento passe e a poeira tombe.
    O passado de Madeleine merece uma investigacao cuidada. E nele que estao importantes chaves para resolver o seu desaparecimento.

  23. If K Mc's novel is supposed to jog memories then what better day to release it than 3rd May. She would stand more chance of people thinking back to that day 4 years ago than the date chosen.

    It would also be free on the internet to reach as many people as possible if it was a genuine attempt to get information. I'm expecting to hear it contains K's whinging about how bad the Portuguese police were and how sad she is feeling etc etc so nothing that hasn't already been said over the years.

    It's cynical and most unpleasant to think this is a money making scam. From the feedback on book forums the pre-sale is not going at all well. She will be lucky if she makes enough profit to keep the PIs going for a couple of weeks not the 2 YEARS she is hoping for.

    I wonder what the next publicity stunt will be?

  24. From McCanns web site

    Original message from supporter:

    Dear you. Have you got any new tracks about the disappearance? I'm in Norway and it is not so much talk about this disappearance longer unfortunately.

    Hope it goes well with the family ♥

    Response from the McCanns:

    Hanne, unfortunately, there is no police force actively looking for our daughter. We are hoping with the petition (link is to your left), we can get the UK government to put a police force on the search/investigation. Also, with our book coming out on the 12th, we are hoping someone will remember something and that vital clue can lead to Madeleine.

    What they don't say:

    We could actually ask the reopening of the police files and ask a review of the process through our lawyer but it would be a dangerous move for us because we may have the "arguido" status back on us and police might force us to do a reconstitution. I don't even want to think about that. No.No.

    Another question:

    What about the private investigator? Are they no longer looking?

    Response from the McCanns:

    Rhian, we still have our private investigators working on the case, but the vital piece to the puzzle is still missing. It's hard work going through thousands of tips. We have some of the best in their field looking for Madeleine, but we are also missing vital information that the Portuguese police have not handed over to our investigation team. The Portuguese police gave-up on Madeleine back in 2008; when they shelved the case. We are not kept up to date on any new information they may receive either. That's why it's important we have an independent review of everything in the files and any info that is missing is gathered and added to the puzzle to figure out where our daughter is.

    What they don't say:

    If fact what we really want is to put our hands on vital information that the Portuguese police have not handed over to our investigation team. And supply this information to our lawyers in order to work on it to make sure that we are much, much more away from jail than 4 years ago. Please do not forget to buy our book. Top lawyers cost us a fortune. Thank you.

  25. Anon. May 5, 2:57,

    Wonderful piece you drag into here from Mccann's web. Thanks.

    "Hanne, unfortunately, there is no police force actively looking for our daughter". THEN WHERE WENT THE MONEY FROM THE FUND? Donations were asked over 4 years with excuse to be used by their detectives(presented to the world as top ex-polices from the MI5 with large experience in searching/rescuing missing persons- even if they fail to show a single example to prove such success). Trough Mccann's mouth came the confirmation of our suspictions- they never search their daughter. The search was always used as an excuse to fool people and enlarge their bank account with money given by honest people. The money was to pay lawyers, Mitchell and their press publicists. Agencia Lusa, in Portugal, confirmed they have publicists in Portugal who sent to Lusa the note about Kate book, last May 3, to be spread to all portuguese media. Which other parents of a missing child have such employees and why they need them? We know and they know, only official polices under the request of PJ can search Madeleine and legally go inside public or private properties to rescue her alive, or find her remains. Then, the private detectives in that case were useless, they are used to do other things that need also to be investigated. Who is behind the sights and some suspictious witnesses? Why people who have nothing to do with Madeleine case(no matter if they had a criminal record) have been dragged by this people to the case with their faces and names all over the papers? Who is behind that? Only who can directly and imediately have some profit, is behind that. I can just think on Mccann's themselves to publicise their business and keep their story alive in the media. They just step back after the New zealand police show them that they were not happy to be involved on their game. Mccann's get scared. After 4 years is not anymore easy to fool some authorities.

    " we are also missing vital information that the Portuguese police have not handed over to our investigation team" AH, AH, THAT IS THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THE PETITION. Not to reopen the investigation, just to be used by their lawyers to try to access what is undesecrecy in the investigation. Was a joint investigation (Portugal/UK), then whatever was in the files was a result of what the police of both countries agree. Who is going to review? Their useless team of detectives? The British authorities reviewing their own investigstion? PJ?
    Come on Mccann's, stop fooling the public. The Petition like your Fund, is just a bluff to enlarge the crimes you are involved.
    Maybe the British authorities can explain to the public why 15 alleles in 19 matching Madeleine DNA in a blood sample recovered from under the tiles of the 5A were not enough to bring them to court and force them to do the reconstruction. Maybe the British authorities can answer where went the samples and the lab results from Madeleine hair recovered from the Renault Scenic. PJ always claimed the results were not sent back to Portugal and the samples were picked and handed in good condition by a top team of CSI. Where are they?


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