Monday, 25 April 2011

Sailing Boat and Clocks

Once again, this blog finds itself under criticism, which, was we've shown before, we welcome, for knowing not to be the beholders of the truth, many times many readers have, and we hope will continue that to happen, enlightened and corrected us.

This time from a poster called “widowan” who wrote the following comment on MMF:  

“However IMO textusa seems to take 2 and 2 and get 16, then declares it is "logic" 

- I've seen this from him or her so many times, I'm sorry but this seems like bullsh*t to me. She builds a straw man based on conjecture then knocks that down and draws meaningless conclusions from her assessment. 

I don't see this big clue or conspiracy around someone doodling a flower, unless all other reservation sheets were reviewed and no doodles appeared elsewhere on other nights or on other papers in the reception area. 

I also don't see the handwriting change, apart from the l in Oldfield they look identical as to how the names are written. 

So it was boring? How sinister is that? how can one take the presence of a doodle - a flower which would have taken ten seconds to draw - and deduce that the paper was rewritten and the flower somehow there to indicate something about madeleine - being feminine? 

The handwriting is also feminine. The job of reservations desk is often held by a young woman. as far as being unprofessional - pah! You should see my notes from today's 2 hour meeting. I did a really good picture of a sailboat and several clocks, just imagine what textusa would make of those "clues".

How can one say reservations clearly could not be taken by phone as it would be clearly "unfair" to people who would not accept this unfair advantage offere to others ? Ridiculous. 

It's the way reservations are often taken where I come from, you phone them in. Reservation desk is a boring job and the doodle could be done at any time, nothing is researched here as to who took the reservations, whether by phone or in person, at the front desk - where the person has tons of time on their hands and the reservation sheet ready to hand - or at the Tapas itself. 

The Tapas 9 party made reservations at some point for every night after the first bad experience going to the Millennium and it appears as if the same person copied the same names down for several nights in a row as you would do - same order - same names - same writing - if someone made reservations for several nights, at the same time. 

Rewriting the same sentence or words over and over your handwriting does change slightly, possibly out of boring repetition and wishing Oldfield or whoever, Payne, would go away so you can continue to text your BFF or get on with other tasks. 

This is worthless as far as I'm concerned - I don't see what she is getting at or much if any logic behind her assumptions.”

Dear Widowan,

Say you “I don't see this big clue or conspiracy around someone doodling a flower, UNLESS all other reservation sheets were reviewed and no doodles appeared elsewhere on other nights”, so we all can, by LOGIC and LOGIC alone, assume that YOU DO then see it a as BIG CLUE or CONSPIRACY around someone doodling a flower.

You see, in ALL OTHER reservation sheets that we’ve been able to see, there are NO other doodles, so your own “UNLESS” excludes this NOT being a BIG CLUE or CONSPIRACY. All according to you.

And before you attempt to say that I’m cropping just some of your words out of context, because I’m leaving out that you also mention “other papers in the reception area”, let me just say that you, unwittingly, bring to light up a very IMPORTANT issue to this whole subject (albeit of little importance to the post that you criticize): THE RECEPTION.

What RECEPTION are you talking about? I know of only one, located around about 250 yards East of the Tapas Complex.

A reception would be the normal place where all bookings would take place done in a normal touristic facilities such as hotels. But we’ve already seen that the Mark Warner Ocean Club is far from being normal, and there’s no criticism in this statement, it’s just so because of its layout, far from normal, spread out all over PdL.

That’s why we’ve read from various reviews that the bookings for the various activities at the OC were done at The Mill.

This was/is done for practical and LOGICAL reasons as that’s the place where guests gather in the beginning of each day, for breakfast.

 If the RECEPTION which you mention is the one that everyone knows, the one down by the toddlers crèche, near the adults only pool, are you, by any chance, linking the “the other papers in the reception area” from there with the Tapas Booking Sheets (TBS)?

Because if you are, then you’re basically stating that “Tapas Reservation Book” (in whatever shape or form) went back and forth, DAILY, between the Tapas and the OC Reception. That’s a lot of yardage for any book. Even for a fairy tale one. Besides being ILLOGICAL and completely absurd, does go against the fact that Rachael begs for a table for Tapas AT TAPAS, as well as the strange but noted need for people to queue up AT TAPAS to get a table for dinner.

So, apparently the book did REMAIN AT TAPAS, meaning that there was absolutely no linkage between it, and whatever was being doodled down at the OC Reception, as the booking was done at TAPAS.

The fact that you bring up possible doodles, done about 250 yards away, for the most varied and VALID reasons, “on other reception papers” to validate your argumentation is as useful to achieve that objective as your own sailing boat and a lot of clocks: ABSOLUTELY NOT. Simply a distracting argument.

But that is if you’re referring to the OC Reception, right? You could, however be mentioning a RECEPTION at TAPAS? What RECEPTION? Where is it LOCATED? Why we’ve never heard about it? What “other reception papers” could one find there? Pool chair reservations? And who was supposed to man this supposed TAPAS RECEPTION? “The job of reservations desk is often held by a young woman”, besides being sexist and wrong, is too vague.

Do offer what you demand, and do supply names please. Who was the person, or persons, supposed to be at the “TAPAS RECEPTION”? If you’re able to answer this, you’ll be solving one of the biggest mysteries of this whole saga.

Should I stop asking questions or do you think I should continue as I have yet to be sufficiently LOGICAL for you to understand that what I’m basically saying is that there was NO RECEPTION at TAPAS?

I also don't see the handwriting change, apart from the l in Oldfield they look identical as to how the names are written.” If you cannot see the difference in the “f” in the same surname between what was written on May 1st and 2nd, with what was written on May 3rd, then you’re being WILLINGLY BLIND.

By the way, the different “l” to which you so attentively refer to is between May 1st and 2nd but is identical between May 2nd and 3rd., which is what matters as this last, is the day of the ONLY doodle on the TBSs.

And you remain to be willingly blind if you don’t notice the different “r” in Obrien, the different “n” all over, the evident different handwriting slant in Obrien, Mccann and Payne, just to say the most evident, as differences can also be seen in the various “a” and “e”

You seem overlook (I say more intentionally than not) that we’re before someone trying to imitate somebody else’s handwriting, so similarities ARE to be expected. The differences may be minor (which they aren’t) but are existent.

So unlike your capability to see, in this case, the differences in the handwritings, your statement “I also don't see the handwriting change” is crystal clear to us all.

Now let me thank you for saying “…and deduce that the paper was rewritten and the flower somehow there to indicate something about madeleine - being feminine? The handwriting is also feminine”. Coming from YOU it then becomes proved that it is of feminine authorship most of what is written in the TBSs of May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. If I had said so, you’d probably go and say that you'd know a million of young MALE teenagers that write like that and that I would have been over my head with assumptions. So, thank you, most earnestly.

And I thank you, once again, for your “…as far as being unprofessional - pah! You should see my notes from today's 2 hour meeting. I did a really good picture of a sailboat and several clocks, just imagine what textusa would make of those "clues".

Here, again, in your attempt to criticize me, you end up reinforcing my reasoning. First, I never said that doodles made anyone look unprofessional. What I said, and maintain, is that doodles make a PIECE OF PAPER look unprofessional. There’s a huge difference from what I said and what you attempt to imply I say.

And I did say that a doodle in a RESERVATION BOOK is inadequate and unrealistic, UNLESS the book would be located in a place or circumstances whereby the person responsible for it would find himself/herself inactive for a period of time.

I referred the only two LOGICAL situations that that would happen: waiting for a customer to decide whatever s/he wanted to book, or be seating in a nearby table waiting for “reservation latecomers”. Both highly unlikely but, nevertheless, both LOGICAL, so both considered. If you know any other, please feel free to enlighten us all.

But, it's about the doodling itself, that YOU CONFIRM what I said. I questioned that if there had been there time to doodle, why only a SINGLE doodle on that sheet of paper? You answer the question on the clearest terms coming from experience: “I did a really good picture of a sailboat and several clocks”. Notice the plural. I rest my case on this one, thanks to you.

Next you bring up the “RESERVATION BY PHONE”. “How can one say reservations clearly could not be taken by phone as it would be clearly "unfair" to people who would not accept this unfair advantage offere to others ? Ridiculous. It's the way reservations are often taken where I come from, you phone them in.

First, if you had the chance to book by phone, would you stand in a queue at 11 a.m to do so, instead of going to the beach or to some other fun family activity? Second, and pardon me to ask again, but what RECEPTION would one phone to? Third, yes, it would be unfair.

All you have to do is read the reviews on TravelAdvisor, and see how many people grump about how guests that booked through MW got preferential treatment over those that booked with Thomas Cook.

Now, you’re standing in line, in your flip-flops and beach towel, and when your turn comes, someone rings in and reserves the last table available. Would you just smile, accept you fate and try again the next day? Would that be YOUR LOGIC?

Reservation desk is a boring job and the doodle could be done at any time, nothing is researched here as to who took the reservations, whether by phone or in person, at the front desk - where the person has tons of time on their hands and the reservation sheet ready to hand - or at the Tapas itself.” As you accuse us of lack of research, please do answer the unanswered questions you raise to base your accusation upon: - who took the reservations? - were the reservations done by phone or in person? - were the reservations done at the front desk or at the Tapas itself? Don’t bother to answer the third question, for that was, unlike you adamantly state, researched. It was done at Tapas.

Unless you want to say that not only Rachael is lying as are also some of the OC Staff (remember the famous queue…).

But, by all means, DO ANSWER the first two! Your answers would be a great help and I, for one, will be eager to read them.

Then, for someone who accuses others of lack of research you go and say “The Tapas 9 party made reservations at some point for every night after the first bad experience going to the Millennium”.

It was not “at some point in time”. It was on Sunday, and that is very important, and it wasn’t the “T9”, but Rachael Manpilly.  

“…and it appears as if the same person copied the same names down for several nights in a row as you would do - same order - same names - same writing - if someone made reservations for several nights, at the same time. Rewriting the same sentence or words over and over your handwriting does change slightly, possibly out of boring repetition” is absolutely correct, except for the fact that that same person decides, out of the blue, to innovate when it came to brackets and made them all different.

Oh, and to change the handwriting on the TBS for May 3rd.

And doodle a flower there.  

“…and wishing Oldfield or whoever, Payne, would go away so you can continue to text your BFF or get on with other tasks.” together with “This is worthless as far as I'm concerned - I don't see what she is getting at or much if any logic behind her assumptions.” However stating that whoever wrote down the names had other tasks to do or had to text her BBF (?), are perfectly LOGICAL assumptions for you, aren’t they?

And I do wish to know what you're trying to get at by bringing Payne's name out of nowhere...

Lastly, let me end with your first paragraph. One thing is to disagree, which you’re absolutely entitled to, another is to be insulting with your “I'm sorry but this seems like bullsh*t to me”.

Don’t worry (as if I was that you were) I wasn’t offended. I just want to show the readers, through LOGIC, with what exact mindset you wrote your criticism, and understand its exact value.

But what you said something that I cannot let slide. It has to be pretty much clarified.

You say “However IMO textusa seems to take 2 and 2 and get 16, then declares it is "logic" - I've seen this from him or her so many times

Please do tell, under the penalty of false accusation, where and when have I stated that 2 and 2 was any different from 4, as you’ve seen this from me SO MANY TIMES.  

YOUR silence will be assumed by me as a recognition that your criticism is baseless, and meant only to deceive the readers of this blog.


  1. What a hypocrit person this widowan. Why not posting here if the subject about she/he was talking belongs to here? Which was the agenda behind that? I have an idea and did not go far from Yawn/insane being very uncomfortable with lies of Mrs Fenn. Now, another one or the same Insane in a new version shows to be not "confy" with lies strategically delivered to the police about the nights of the tapas 9. They need an alibi for the night of May 3 and for all nights because most probably part of the clue to solve the mystery lies on what the group used to do at night during the all holidays until madeleine died.

  2. No receptionist, either sitting at a desk or taking phone bookings, would take the name and room number of every guest at the same table. Only the party leader's name would be used. The restaurant is not interested who the party leader brings to dinner.

    The only reason I believe all T9 names were on those sheets was for an alibi and that those 9 people clearly identified.

    I agree with the first comment. Why was this criticism written on another forum?

    Textusa seems to be a threat to certain people and not even mentioned by some of them as if pretending this blog does not exist. Could this be that 'certain people' do not want to draw any attention to it?

  3. The criticism was on another forum because one of your minions posted a link to the article there.

    Your reply is even more nuts that the post which prompted Widowan to make her comment, and I seriously suggest you get some psychiatric help as the plot appears to have been well and truly lost.

    A quick aside to the loser who states that they wouldn't have needed to take everyone's names - that would be the case in an ordinary restaurant, where it would be a case of ''Table for Smith, 8 people, 8.30pm'' or whatever. The reason why all names were listed here is simply because they were on an inclusive package, so the reservation had to list all the adults for whom the booking applied, so this could then be appropriately charged. If you had just put a bit of thought into it, and of course not been obsessed with the false assumption that the Tapas wasn't included, you could have worked it out for yourself.

  4. With all due respect for the forum where Textusa obtained this comment, where, we get to see good and bad opinions about the various topics, this comment from widowan belongs here, as much as would belong there any criticism made here about the forum. The comment raises questions and makes judgments about facts raised by textusa. Widowan acts like a spinster badmouthing her neighbours within the walls her house, instead of saying to their face what her mind is.
    Textusa has done a brilliant job that has been underestimated. We all appreciate the way she’s exposing the events the way they really happened, in a logical manner that only an above average analytical mind can. For that, I think I speak for all, we’re very grateful to you Textusa for going out of your way to help the memory of a child. But what I wanted highlight is the other “community service” that Textusa has been doing: exposing people who pretend to be what they’re not. People who have infiltrated themselves with soft-spoken speeches and subtly contradicting what is evident, with phrases like “Yes, I think that the McCanns are guilty, but Textusa is taking it a little too far…”
    I’ve seen Textusa ask many here questions that remain answered, and we all know that each one of them has read here what they were asked, but none answer, and some we just stop hearing from them.
    These people have polluted many forums and blogs are responsible by chewing over and over what has already been chewed for many good people to have lost interest in this issue, and progressively letting those involved get away. Let’s be honest and see that if it wasn’t for Textusa, Mrs Fenn, the OC, and the Expats would have pinned this whole thing solely on the T9, but without anyone being able to prosecute because all were lies, as they claimed they were. And they claimed exactly that because it was they that created these lies!

  5. Anon. 11:40

    Can you not read your own comment, and see how ridiculous your words are? It must be the sweat in your own brow out that stops you to read what you write.

    “The reason why all names were listed here is simply because they were on an inclusive package, so the reservation had to list all the adults for whom the booking applied”. So according to you they had not an inclusive deal, as they had a really-super-inclusive-package deal! If they didn’t have dinner, they didn’t pay for it! Is that it? Because according to you, they HAD to HAVE their names listed so they could be charged. How far-fetched can one be?
    Get over it, it has been more than disproved your theory that Tapas was part of the inclusive deal.
    You say “that would be the case in an ordinary restaurant” and you REALLY do go out of your way to show that Tapas was anything but an “ordinary restaurant”.

  6. @ 11.02

    A quick aside to the loser"

    What exactly have I lost?

    I have worked in restaurants and bars and been on package holidays with friends and have never come across all names being taken for a table booking.
    The only thing the restaurant needs to know is how many people will be dining at what time and a contact name and number for one of the party.
    A group of people often all put in a fixed amount to cover the meal an tips if not inclusive. Again no need for all the names.

    Some package deals only give you a table number and don't even bother with a name, others have huge tables and people show a card before entering the restaurant to prove they are staying there then just sit where they choose. If any extras are to be charged the room card is presented again.

    Now can you give a sensible reason why all names would be necessary? It is only you who says the Tapas was included. The reviews from that time say the Mill was the only restaurant in the deal.

    Why are you so concerned about this post?

  7. Anon. 11:40
    Insulting people who propagate the message of this blog only reveals how desperate you people are to contain Textusa's words. Bad luck. From what I'm able to see, the negligence is widely questioned, as well as Mrs Fenn credibility, and the Tapas dinners assumed inexistent.

  8. Exactly, Anon 11:56, for each meal that they didn't have, they got a refund! That is one super-duper-deal!! No wonder the McCanns deny having had breakfast at the Mill although seen there by witnesses... it's all about the refunds!!! Clever lot these people are! MW get ready for my phone call, I want the exact same deal!!

  9. Anon @ 11:40, what a joke you become with your post. Did you realise the ridiculous explanation you gave? If the package was all included the meal was already payed, then what is the use of their names in a pre-booking? Only a number is important and that only to arrange the tables and the seats. Even for food, the number is useless because the tapas is a "la carte" then no need to estimate the number of clients, like they need in a buffet.
    Ok, you can say, the number could be important for drinks, but for that case the names should come at the end of the dinner with a different bill(different name/flat allocated to which consumption).
    It is amazing to see how easily the Pro-Mccann's fall on some stupid explanations to try to justify with excuses that did not make sense.
    No matter the degree of the restaurant, ordinary or not, for any restaurant what is important is the number of persons, not the name of who is coming. that's why when a group is dinning, the waiter ask you under which name the table was booked when you arrive at the restaurant.
    Interesting... why associating the surname Smith with an ordinary restaurant? By a strange coincidence, the Smiths are the big stone on Mccann's shoes. That celebrity/Vip illness that affects the mccann's and their supporters is amazing.
    I love ordinary restaurants where we go without booking anything to taste a very flavory and genuine food, served all day since the doors are open.

  10. They are shaking with fears. Let Kate release her book. I believe many attemptive judges in Portugal were already prepared to read it and spot more lies. Wonderful programes will show up on portuguese media with pertinent questions for Kate to answer. She and her group are trying hard to frightened Textusa and see if she can step back and stop exposing their big crimes. Even if few posted here, the blog is followed by thousands, just see the traffic box. That scares the mccann's, their lawyers and spin man- after all and after all their effort to manipulate information, the brains of millions could not be manipulated for so long. get real mccann's, carter-ruck. isabel duarte and mitchell, mccann's case is a lost case for your side. Who follows the truth did not give up without achieving it and exposing you. Not all justifies so dirty money. A child lost her life and become the symbol of all childs the justice forgot in some way.

  11. Textusa
    From Belgium.

    Your blog is reachable/readable from here.

    From Holland it no longer is.
    Neither is Joana's.
    Blacksmith bowed out some time ago.

    What is going on?

    Btw: try to doodle a boat and clocks like these


  12. The boats and clocks doodle is not a doodle, the clocks look like stamping as does the boat, maybe presented by someone in childrens education. A doodle grows from the subconscious, a bit like automatic drawing. Perfect lines, perspective etc do not exist. IMO the flower is part doodle to hide something under neath, its a cover up. My feeling is maddie was written underneath. The writing on the reservation sheets is large and childlike, a female teacher perhaps.IMO the sheets are false reservation sheets, but this is my opinion only. And yes I am qualified to interprete doodles etc. Thankyou Text for an interesting blog

  13. My interpretation of the doodle would be ' TIME is running out for a couple who want to escape into the wild blue yonder' hang on a second (excuse the pun) they've just brought a book out (perhaps they are trying to WIND me up )!!. I've got a yatch like that I brought it on 'tick'.
    Good on you Textusa good blog. Thanks xxx

  14. I'm Anon. 1:31,

    Sorry, my previous comment was to anon. 11:02 and not to 11:40.

    Some seems to be very worried with what Textusa was questioning. They have a good way to help themselves: Ask the police to reopen the case, in Portugal or UK and bring it to a court room. If you have been dining at the Tapas on that night, you have nothing to fear, just handover to the judges the alcohol bills, the Credit cards movements or the statements of your bank acc. It is so easy to clear your names that I don't understand why you have not done that step yet (That is valid for the Tapas 9 and for all other clients which names appear on the strange Tapas list. Or somebody abusively used your names without your permission? If so, why not sueing the OC?). Mccann's can teach you how to sue and they can extend their team of lawyers to help you. After all, is by doing that, they fool the public with an inuendos search that will last forever.
    The shameful Olga Craig went to PDL to write a pro article and it was from her words aswell, that we heard the mccann's associated with swinger when Madeleine disapeared. Is that what worries you, scared people, who so actively criticise Textusa? The possibility of been atraped by your lies and your passivity when the police was actively looking for serious witnesses and clues? You feared to be exposed as a swinger and a liar in a case that envolves the decease of a child? Be brave. Tell the truth to the police, the truth will hunt you forever if you don't share it with correct authorities.

  15. "... Here(the Church)is where Kate, especially, in the words of parish priest Father Haynes Hubbard, her Portuguese pastor and confidant..." (Confidant? interesting, was she not catholic? Why she bothered the Pope and the portuguese prayers in Fatima if she had a closest confidant to open her way to God? A confidant not catholic? The confidant did not open the way for the income of millions of Euros. For that she need to target the catholics in a catholic country with very friendly citizens, always with heart and hands open to help, even foreigners).

    "..."There are pictures of Madeleine in the church," Fr Hubbard says hesitantly... "But you can't see them, they are hidden. They are not on display. People were hurt and scarred by everything that was said and done and it has frightened them off."
    ( Disturbing, hidden pictures of Madeleine? Is there inside the church places where pictures could be hidden from the prayers? Why hiding pictures of Madeleine if the people of PDL love her so much, like if she was part of their family? What they don't like is the behavior of her parents. Who could get disturbed by the pictures of Madeleine? The Prayers? No!!! The priest, because he could be hunted by her soul/image in a place where he represents a way to talk to God and ask some justice for the little girl. Instead, he is helping the cover up. Have Kate confessed to him? Maybe. If so, the 48 questions left with no answers at the police station could been well answered at the priest desk. He was/is Kate confidant. That's what Olga says.
    Who frightened the people from PDL? Not Madeleine and not the portuguese police. Then, who is knocking at some doors to hurt and frightened people? The detectives? Carter-Ruck? Isabel Duarte? Mitchell? Kate and Gerry or freelancers as Brian Kennedy acting on their behalf?
    Your words MR. Hubbard are smelling very bad and showing again that Kate and Gerry are far from an innocent pair who has nothing to do with disappearence of their daughter. They have a lot more then 48 questions, to answer in Court. Mr Hubbard what you mean with "everything that was said and done"? DONE????).

    Extracts from the poor pro-article of Mccjournalist Olga Craig. A journalist was not supposed to be independent? Not in UK for a Mccannlist, but what she reveals about the Hubbards, is very interesting. The Mccann's have said and done something and if people were frightened is because there is no similarity between what they have said and what they have done. Thanks, is the confirmation of the lies.

  16. Portia,

    I have Holland as country where freedom of speech is absolutely respected, so I’m assuming that what is happening to you is an unintentional glitch. We’ve asked some of our Dutch friends to tell us if there’s a problem. We would be grateful if our readers in the Netherlands to confirm if the site is available there.

    If it happens to be an intentional attack, that would just make us feel honored and privileged knowing that our adversaries would dedicate so much time and resources against us.

    About the doodling agree with you. These drawings, which are done almost subconsciously, are usually of an unique theme. A person that draws flowers, just draws flowers, those that draw cubes, fill the paper with cubes, etc.

    To draw a sailing boat and clocks is highly unusual, and coming from who it comes, most unlikely. If I was responsible for a meeting, and had someone draw a boat, with the quality said by widowan, I would be far from pleased. Yes, I’ve run a lot of meetings where people doodled all around the table, but one thing is to doodle, the other is to get too artistic. It basically means that not entertaining their hands, but are fully concentrating on what they’re drawing, and not paying attention to you at all.

  17. Anon
    Apr 25, 2011 8:02:00 PM

    The boat and the clocks picture displayed is not a doodle, but a creation of mine to illustrate widowan's words. My apologies for misleading.


    Jane Tanner: A small lie but of great importance , the tapas did not come 'under the bracket'...The package deal was with the Millenium, breakfast and evening meal. A simple phone call to the Ocean club will confirm this as fact...

    4078 “And the holiday was all inclusive?”
    Reply “Yeah”.
    4078 “Does the Tapas come under that bracket?”
    Reply “Yeah, yeah, that’s, that’s did, yeah”.
    4078 “Right”.


    OK lets cut to the chase. If and I do not see how anyone can bear to read such trollop, but if anyone would care to check through Paynes rog. he clearly states the Mill was booked as 'inclusive' to the holiday , the reason they all had breakfast there every morning.

    Above is a snippet from Tanner, who tells a blatant lie when asked if the tapas was the all inclusive
    package deal. When you book an all inclusive holiday you do not have 'to book' the table it is booked for you which is why it is a package deal.duh

    Widowan is a good poster, American, who does not suffer fools gladly , she also likes to cut to the chase which is maybe why her response was rather short.

  19. The staff at the Mill had no time to doodle. There were only 25 members of staff to look after all the holidaymakers who had the inclusive package for breakfast and evening meals as well as evening entertainment.

    The Tapas had 20 members of staff to serve relatively few people at dinner and casual diners who were around the pool during the day.

    It was said in a review that MW guests had priority but doesn't sound like it at the Mill. At the Tapas the ratio is more than one member of staff for each customer if those 'booking' sheets are to be believed. The Mill must have many more customers per staff member so not even time for a couple of staff members to spend 30 minutes chatting in the kitchen like the Tapas staff.

  20. My Family can see the 2 blogs in Holland.


  21. Texusa,

    I feel you have hit on another raw nerve, posters are arguing with you for no apparent reason but to distract.

    You are focusing on the tapas area and this is where there is much conflicting statements, they are coming here to derail your discussion.

    You are very close to the truth Textusa and they feel threatened.

    We cannot believe payne (10.32) or any other of the tapas statements they are full of lies.

    That last night was a panic for the mccanns, now they have mitchell to oversee everything, but then it was just the mccanns, so we must again look over those last couple of evenings, because that is where the final piece of the jigsaw is, and I really do believe that Textusa has it.
    Well done to Textusa et al.

  22. exactly anon Apr.27 9:39,

    Mitchell cannot erase the lies and the "mistakes" they delivered to the police and to the public on the few hours and days after the girl been missing. Their appeals in TVs, specially the first, look so fake, so unatural. Who needs a written appeal to ask the world to check and look for her daughter? The tears, the pain, will come out trough the all body and under many ways, naturally. Nobody can control that pain if was real. It was so stupid the excuse later used to justify their cold behavior- the british culture, the police asking them to not show emotions. There is no such things if you just have lost one of your beloved childs. Your emotions will talk over the reason leaving you non functional. Unless, you can loss more important things for you- your other childs, your freedom, and you are certain that what happen to your child is irreversible. Then you build a story, no matter how fantastic it is, to excuse and protect youself, to relief your guilt and bring you to a normal life. And you start believing and adding more stories, more fantastic stories, lies if need, on your desperation to convince others, on your despeartion to make the others believing you. The Mccann's passed that stage almost immediately after Madeleine disappeared and were overtaked by the events they created. They lost the "stop point". What could be seen as a normal reaction, even if behind it there was a crime, at the early May 2007, after almost 4 years got another dimension and police/ public/judges have to see it as another crime. In fact, many crimes.
    We, the public, are accused by the pro, of villifying the Mccann's at the internet and paper comments. They seem to have a strategical blindness because what is really serious and according to my point of view another crime, is bringing the names and faces of innocent people to the front pages of the world newspapers, accused of being Paedos, Creepy children predators and at the end "THE SUSPECTS OF SNATCHING MADELEINE". That is really scare and serious, specially because they act with total impunnity, like if they are above the law. Having their child missing did not give to them such right.
    Definnetly, the investigation have to go back to what they first deliver to the police and the public. There, lie the clues to solve the mistery and Textusa is doing a brilliant work.
    Gerry, even before the GNR had seen the crime scene, delivered the information of Madeleine being abducted but when asked if he suspected somebody, if he had enemies who could done it, he answer "NO". Did he realise that his answer contradicts the information he delivered to the police? you can just be sure of your daughter being abducted if you strongly suspect somebody. If not, you have to have an open mind and put at the table many scenaries, including the 'wonder off' and the 'involvement of your husband/wife or one of your close friends'. Eliminating these close people from being suspects is per si a red light and the police cannot ignore it. Why? Why eliminating the people who have last seen the girl and bringing in people living in other countries, sometimes other continents?
    You will never make me believing your stories and I'm far away from being an expert police with more then 20 years of experience in high crime. I'm just a mother who cares about the safe and the life of my childs and other childs. Your daughter, Mccann's, deserves respect and justice and you don't need lawyers, Mitchell or a single Pound to gave her such rights. Just be a real mother/father.

  23. Anon @ 6.47 - very well said their whole story is based on a pack of lies, and now it's based on a 'pact of silence' controlled by Mitchell.

  24. Widowan stated ' 2 and 2 = 16' according to Textusa, but I found Textusa's theory about the stroller very plausible,the research that went into Textusa's observations were very clear and quite precise, also the big round table at Tapas, another point that Textusa picked up on.
    This site is good because is does not accept fact as fact, it analises details and when we review the details we can see the inaccuracies. What Textusa does is to make us think 'outside the box'!!

  25. A wonderful post from Dr.Roberts at Mccannfiles. He highlight the discrepancies between Gerry and Kate statements.

  26. "This site is good because is does not accept fact as fact, it analises details and when we review the details we can see the inaccuracies. What Textusa does is to make us think 'outside the box'!!

    Apr 29, 2011 8:49:00 PM"

    Yes, Anon! I agree ! It was what i feel since the beginning about Textusa Blog.

    Text must continue must work more and more until we can understand how " they worked to hide the ....+++++"

    A nice day to all;


  27. Anon., Apr 30, 2011 7:40:00 AM

    Thank you for mentioning the new article by Dr. M. Roberts. I love reading his posts, what a brilliant mind the gentleman has! I wonder who he is? Is Martin Roberts a "nom-de-guerre"? Can you imagine if he would get together with our other favorite brilliant brains(Textusa, Ironside, Dr. Sargento and Dr. Amaral) to dissect this case from top to bottom? They would cook up a storm!

  28. Eu fico muito agradecida e emocionada por Alguém aqui , o

    Apr 30, 2011 2:42:00 PM se ter lembrado /homenageado,

    por não esquecer :

    Ironside; Dr. Gonçalo Amaral; Dr. Paulo Sargento; Textusa e a Sua Equipa !

    Muito obrigada!


    Kate McCann banned the distribution of leaflets from the Madeleine Foundation in Rothley!!!
    Who died and made her God?! What gives her the right to prevent the people from Rothley to be informed???

  30. Bit off topic


    “Although it is possible the breakthrough may come from a British person reading the book, it is far more likely that someone in Portugal who picks up a copy may come forward with the missing piece of the jigsaw.”

    It is expected Kate will launch the book in London on May 12, Madeleine’s eighth birthday, and will again travel to Portugal the following week

    How will the people in Portugal react to this visit?

  31. "How will the people in Portugal react to this visit?"

    Better start stocking up on rotten eggs and tomatoes...
    Humm, tar-and-feathers would be nice too!

  32. In

    "McCanns getting ready for Tuesday... Official Find Madeleine Campaign - Facebook":

    "Original message from supporter:

    Sunday, 01 May 2011 at 02:55

    I wonder what to do on the 3.mai ? I wanna do something big for Madeleine!"


    "McCanns' response to suggestion:

    Sunday, 01 May 2011 at 11:37

    Helena, stay tuned. We are putting the final touches on something for Tuesday."

  33. “Although it is possible the breakthrough may come from a British person reading the book" ...finaly targeting the British? The tan creepy man has a british friend?
    Olegario the Sousa, the spokperson for PJ, said years ago: "The crime is all British". He was true. Kate is admiting it now. Come on Kate, hand to the police one of the missing pieces from the Jigsaw. Could be Madeleine blanket. You are so sure about where it went. You are so sure about Madeleine been taken by somebody that you must know who took her. That is the only conclusion we can read from your words. Inside your marriage and your close friends lie the missing pieces to solve the case.

  34. Helena is a portuguese name. Wonder what she means with "I wanna do something big for Madeleine". The stupid Mccann's quickly buyed the message as a supportive message. Who said that? Could be a portuguese lady mocking them since in Portugal, as a poster suggested, something big and appropriate to recieve them, in name of Madeleine, will be trowing tomatoes, eggs and smelly potatoes at their faces.
    You lost the plot Mccann's. On your attempt to grab monney and sympathy you cannot seat back anymore and watch the carriage before jumping on it. You are desperated. For me, Helena was a clever portuguese who trowed an attractive carrot on your land and you bite it. The carrot turn up to be poisonous and thats why become shinning out of context on your facebook. Mccannfiles has another amazing contribuition from another "called supporter" who did not deserve any response. She( I think is a she) was complaining about exposing kids, trough Internet, to strangers. She was advising them about the danger of that behavior. No answer. No thanks for the advise. She touched their "mouche", the nevralgic center of their businness- the sell of a child image( or children if at certain point we include the twins, because many times to pass their message they use the feelings and the, supposed words said by the twins).
    If that are supportive messages, I can understand Kate fears to show up in a live signature session for her book. She will end up eating the book word by word. A big event, in name of Madeleine, to remember her with respect and turn down her mum celebration of the new 'POUNDS/EURO/$, INCOME'.

  35. "KATE McCann has banned protesters from handing out controversial leaflets about daughter Madeleine's disappearance as she promotes her new book."

    Her new book? Where are the old books? When she published them? Is she a great author who deserves her book to be announced as the new book?

    "Kate Mccann has banned protesters"... Who gave her permission/power to do that? I think only police in special circumstances and under the special request of their superiors could do that. police only could do that if the behavior of the protesters could cause public disturbance in the streets and cause physical injures. The students protesters were not banned and Prince Charles even taste the feeling of the protesters in his car.
    Has Kate more power then Cameron and the Queen or again she overpassed the limit with total impunnity? When are this two parents called to a court to answer all the questions they are avoiding? WHO SIGNED THE AUTHORIZATION FOR KATE TO BAN OTHER BRITISH CITIZENS? IS UK A DEMOCRACY OR A BANANA REPUBLIC WITH EVERYBODY CREATING his OWN RULES?
    I believe if one of us try to ban something, we will face criminal charges for that. I want a small ban... I want to ban the advirtisements that were filling my Post Box, almost every day. Even with a sticker against, is a lost batle for me.
    But not everything is bad on Kates ban. Her behaviour was the best advertising campaign for MF leaflets. Almost everybody was curious to see the 50 questions that were scaring the Mccann's and making them to dance a 'ban show'.

  36. The Mc supporters continually remind us of the 'Streisand effect' so looks like they have achieved an own goal by saying K Mc has banned leaflets in Rothley.

    She would need a court injunction to do that.

    I think more than rotten eggs would be thrown at her if she does any interviews in the UK.

  37. Can you print this small text?

    For some reason I drop my attention on Caylee Anthony case and I couldn't ignore a few and pertinent similar aspects with Madeleine McCann case...
    Casey Anthony's parents hired their own private investigators to assist in the search/case. When they become main suspects. Casey, her lawyers, and her family maintain that she did not harm her child and that she is innocent of all charges.The case attracted a large amount of mainstream media attention, and was regularly the main topic of many talk shows and others. It has been featured on Fox's America's Most Wanted, NBC's Dateline, and ABC's 20/20.
    Casey Anthony's parents, Cindy and George, appeared on the Today show on October 22, 2008. They maintained their belief that Caylee was alive and would be found.

    Larry Garrison, president of SilverCreek Entertainment, was their spokesman until he resigned in November 2008, citing that he was leaving due to "the Anthony family's erratic behavior."

    Police found same traces (Human decomposition found was not specified.) Whether or not the decomposition is human is still unknown but was indicated as a possibility. DNA samples could not confirm whether the source was alive or dead.

    The only DNA testing by the FBI was limited to 752 base pairs out of 16,569 base pairs (less than 5% of the mitochondrial genome sequence).

    The documents also indicate that Cindy Anthony stated to them that a Winnie the Pooh blanket was missing from Caylee's bed. This type of blanket was found at the crime scene.

    An entry from Casey Anthony's diary was also released. The prosecution stated that Casey Anthony had written it in 2008 immediately after murdering her child.

    Does Kate write in a diary long before Madeleine vanished in the air or did she start it in PDL? It would be very important to know when did she has start to write it.

    The only thing that does not match: Casey Marie Anthony (born March 19, 1986), Caylee's mother, has been charged with the first degree murder of her daughter. She was first arrested on July 16, 2008, for giving false statements, neglect of a child, and obstruction of a criminal investigation with a request that she be held on a no bond status until Caylee Anthony was located. And Madeleine death could be a result of a tragic and domestic accident. However, concealing her body cause us doubts about the nature of her death if we follow the detectives thesis. At least until now we still have not ONE single evidence that was an intruder inside the apartment or any evidence was left in the window. But we do have Kate McCann finger prints on it.

    "Madeleine disappearance is an absolute mystery" - said Clarence, the couple's PR. Is it? - ask I.


  38. The book.

    The article also states the Mcs will be keeping a low profile. I bet they will! They need to avoid answering a lot of questions and facing the general public who do not believe a word they say. The longer this farce goes on just highlights how ridiculous their abduction theory is.

    "Extracts from the book will be serialised by newspapers from this weekend before the book is published on Madeleine’s eighth birthday".

    Read more:

  39. "Our hope is that it may prompt those who have relevant information to come forward and share it with our team." Gerry Mccann.

    Why sharing with their team and not with the official police? What is scaring them and so desperately they are looking for? They want to keep controlling information to manipulate what could be new and very important for the police.

    Mitchell saying they are not giving any interview regarding the day she disappeared or her birthday day, but they will give interviews to promote the book. Marketing, money, exploring the situation they leave their daughter. Off-course they will give interviews and if they can went in some type of mithosis, they even split in many halves to be giving interviews aqcross the world. They were always free and very energetic to fool people and get money reveniew. They were not free, just to search their daughter on the first hours, to do the reconstruction and to answer the questions posed by the official police.

  40. If by some chance, I came to know that I would find ( what a disgust!) that couple, I would wear only black.

    For the girl,

    for a Portuguese family;

    for Portuguese workers who were fired;

    for blog s´authors that have suffered all kinds of "accidents"

    as well as some journalists and psychologists.


  41. no no need to find++++++++ a picture with sky and stars ?

    I knew........ Madeleine is in the sky with more angels.

    Well.......... we know that ,but how ?

    Good luck Team !


  42. I hope someone calls Kate McCann's bluff and hands out some 50 reasons leaflets in Rothley. She cannot possibly have obtained an injunction preventing people from doing this, although I see there is a mention of her having consulted lawyers (as per usual!) So she is already spending more money on stopping people finding out the truth rather than putting every penny towards the search for her daughter. They are incapable of telling the truth about anything. As for the Facebook page, it appears to be a paedophile's paradise, as one of their "supporters" has pointed out to them.

  43. The mccanns have evaded justice because of their connections, now they ban the distribution of leaflets,this couple of criminals court the media with TV spin then bring out a book 'to help find the missing piece of the jigsaw' if this really was the case, the book would be free, they would do whatever to find their 'missing' daughter, people would not have to pay them, but they charge the gullible public money, as in the on-line store people are paying good money into a private company, that is not transparent about its accounts, they do nothing towards searching, the money raised is spent on PR and litigation.
    The case should now be re-opened, and the mccanns and their 'fund' fully invesitgated, this is not just about a child that has gone 'missing' it is about a worldwide fraud. There may not be enough evidence (but there is evidence) to charge the mccanns with whatever they did to Madeleine. There is surely enough evidence to charge them with fraud and fully investigate their financial dealings, the Madeleine case would then be a continuation after the fraud was investigated.

    Well done Textusa. Justice for Maddie.

  44. One thing I have noticed about the discussions on the net is that the pro mccann people usually appear abusive and rude when the logical facts of the case are presented to them, they go onto forums to disrupt the discussions, they have no answers, just obscenities. Which in itself speaks volumes about the Mccanns guilt and the type of person that supports them.

  45. when the book comes out, the police should re-investigate the Tapas 7 that will send shock waves around the group, and then call Kates bluff and get the case re-opened on the grounds that she is so desperate to find her daughter, eg complaining about lack of support from british/portguguese sources, having the write a book 'with a heavy heart', visiting Portugal for publicity stunts, arranging TV interviews, petition with 50,000 signitures. If they just did what she wants 're-open' the case it would please all the public that keep giving them money because they would feel something positive was being done (and so would we ).
    Now is the time to re-open the case and get to the bottom of what really happened to Madeleine. People should not still be giving Mccanns money four years later, they have amassed millions from the public.

  46. Really wonderful forum so enjoy reading all posts thank you to Textusa and her team xxx

  47. "One thing I have noticed about the discussions on the net is that the pro mccann people usually appear abusive and rude when the logical facts of the case are presented to them, they go onto forums to disrupt the discussions, they have no answers, just obscenities."

    May 2, 2011 9:54:00 PM

    So true and you must have also observed how they refuse to answer sensibly when challenged over their made up data that is presented as fact. There is one particular poster who has the most tangled, irrational arguments who always finalises his diatribe with 'and that is now a fact'.

    Desperate people, desperate measures.

    If this novel of K Mc ever sees the light of day it will be their downfall.

  48. Madeleine case need the effort of a brave and courageous journalist to help the police solving it. Police need permission to do some type of investigation and will be not easy to do it without reopen the investigation and have a massive media coverage. A good journalist has a nose to smell important paralel evidences that can be connected to the main case. A good journalist has ways to investigate the Fund and find the destiny of the money. Follow the money and you will get to the center of Maddie crime.
    The main investigation must be done in UK. There lies the most important pieces of the Jigsaw. PDL just come to that story due to a circumstancial accident. If they were not there on that fatidic May, 4 years ago, the little girl(or one of the other childs) will died another day in another place. The group use to travel together and probably do the same activities everywhere they went ( I'm not talking about negligence or leaving the childs to be checked every 15 minutes). Look at what is available about their previous holidays... they always choose Resorts where 'childcare' is available. They need that childcare to be free for adult activities. And it is really ridiculous the excuse they gave for the police to protect themselves, the Nannies and the OC- THEY DON'T WANT TO LEAVE THEIR CHILDS AT NIGHT UNDER THE CARE OF A STRANGER. Who is the stranger? a Nanny who spent(according to their own statements) almost all day with their kids at the creche? What a ridiculous excuse. What happened to Madeleine, happened when she was with adults( one or more). Was it an accident? Most probably yes, but the surrounds, the circumstances, the activities of the adults force them to conceal the all situation to protect themselves. By breaking the pact of silence, they all have important(vital) things to loose.
    Sometimes I even have doubts if the 5A is the real crime scene. the crime could happened in another place and the 5A settled to raise the alarm and fool the police. There is no evidences of Madeleine there. The only thing we know is the twins were there but not properly covered to spend there the full night. Most probably were brote in few minutes before the alarm and the avalanche of people who went inside the 5A after, helped unvoluntarly, the Mccann's to set and spread the chaos. The police had no time to search the all apartments in the OC during the night and early morning. And in the morning the British Embassador was already there trying to control the investigation. PJ had no free movements to search and check everything they wanted. The crime scene could be far from any of the Tapas flat. I have serious doubts if Madeleine ever entered the 5A alive, on that night.
    The investigation of PJ has thousands of volumes. They just release an appetizer to the public to show the contradictions of the all Tapas 9 and to raise public discussions. The most important evidences still under secrecy and should be so strong that in Lisbon court, investigators, prosecutors and Moita Flores were not affraid and had no fears to repeat that the abduction was impossible and the girl is dead.
    A good journalist must go to Rothley, Leicester. liverpool, etc.

  49. Anon 7.34 I completely agree with you, I pray a journalist will investigate this case, far too many people are involved in this cover up for it to stay a secret forever.
    RIP Maddie.

  50. I've booked some tables at restaurants but usually I just give my name and the number of people attending. I never had to tell the restaurant exactly who is coming by name. And since the tapas doesn’t seem to be included in the package why should they care if obrien was obrien or silva?!? and to do so night after night? Such resilient staff they have. Silly neglectful me would just say ‘table for 9 at 8pm please’ and I wouldn’t have an alibi.



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