Friday, 11 March 2011

Respectful Pause

This blog will, as of now, temporarily cease all activity, in respect to all the victims of the dreadful events that have happened today in Japan. We ask you to join us in directing all our prayers to all those in need in these extreme difficult times. This blog offers its space to help in whatever capacity it has, however small it may be. People of Japan, you’re in our hearts and prayers.
If you seek or have information, please do use Google Person Finder, a tool made available by Google for horrific scenarios such as these.


A life is a life, and yesterday many were lost in Japan. Fortunately (as if such word can be used under such circumstances) the death toll, apparently in the thousands, is not anywhere near those occurred in Indonesia in 2004, which was in hundreds of thousands.

Do thank the mercifulness of whatever Entity you may believe oversees all of us, or, if you're not a believer, in the clemency shown by nature in this case.

The link posted above remains will obviously remain for use, and we should, as we must, help Japan back to restoration.

And one way to help, is to do our share in the continuance of life, and show that albeit adversity, we must continue in respect for those who lost their lives, and for the sake of us all, from the individual, up to all the societies of which his is society is a part of. Japan, our hearts will always continue to remain with you.


  1. It's a terrible, terrible tragedy. Your gesture should be followed, I believe that many bloggers have already done what you have and correctly so, and all create, drop by drop, a tsunami of gigantic proportions of human solidarity that Japan so much needs now.

  2. God bless the people of Japan at this devastating time.

  3. These 'freaks' of nature create such heartache and sorry, yet they are becoming more and more common. God bless all those affected.

  4. My thoughts also go out to those in Japan- my adopted people - so much in my heart.


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